After still being up all night long (talking about me for a bit, hehe,) Janelle and Kaysar run sprints back and forth in the backyard at about 9AM. They do this for about ten mins and then get very tired from it. Then they start doing jumping jacks, lifting weights etc. They talk about the BB6 people going on a skiing trip in Vail, Colorado. They go inside and see that still, everyone is sleeping. Janelle notices that there are no good snacks to eat. She asks Kaysar why he never came to Miami and he says because it was weird between them after her breakup with Michael. They change into swimsuits and then hang out by the pool. Howie comes out and says hi, but then decides to go back to bed. Danielle gets up. After a while, Janelle goes to take a bath in the HoH room.

At about noon, James, Danielle, George, Janelle, Mike and Erika are all in the kitchen eating and cooking. Kaysar and Marcellas are both laying down elsewhere. The kitchen group discusses that it’s weird that they haven’t voted yet. Diane feels Dizzy and nauseous and Will recommends she eats a protein shake. Danielle is called to the Diary Room.

At about 1PM, Mike, George, Diane, Will, Erika and James lay down or sit in the living room. Diane is still sick. Erika tells BB that they need to be taken off Slop. They laugh about how much Howie eats, and the girls say they don’t like him sleeping in the red room with them. George talks about his weight loss. Apparently they’re on inside lockdown, they think something weird is happening. George mentions that he didn’t snore last night, but Will doesn’t agree. Diane and Mike talk about a job that Mike offered Diane at a restaurant. George is called to the Diary Room and Will quickly complains about George wasting protein shakes. Will talks about how in college, he had both his ears pierced. Will is called the to Diary Room. Danielle joins and they talk about 80’s fashion, then 90’s grunge fashion. Then they talk about how active they were as kids. James says he stole a slide from a park to make a skateboard ramp. The lockdown is over, and James checks but see’s that nothing changed and then comes back. They talk about drugs. Danielle and James have never done any. Will plans on doing LSD when he’s 80. Marcellas joins. Mike tells Marcellas about Howie’s sex talk last night. Marcellas complains about his stomach. They play a movie game. Marcellas is called to the diary room, then returns and Diane is called. Diane comes out and mentions that they’re not voting today. She says it’s going to be a live vote. James mentions that BB told them that America wouldn’t’ be voting for an eviction, so it couldn’t be America’s Choice.

Diane talks to Howie and George about how Janelle made the game personal, and she offered Howie 1000 dollars and a grope if she had his vote. James backs her up says the nominations were dumb. Howie talks about how he loves big butts, and Diane says that he’s weird but she likes him.

Janelle gets the HoH camera around 3 PM. Howie, Janelle and Kaysar are in the HoH room. Janelle says she wants a picture of the Sov 6. Kaysar says that we’re all here (James isn’t). Marcellas arrives.

Mike and Will are in the bug room considering to vote off Erika, but decide not to. They decide if they keep their word, they’ll be safe next week. If one of them tells the other that they forgot their flip flops, that means to vote out Erika. Diane joins and they discuss maybe changing the vote.

Mike, James, George and Will are in the kitchen. Will asks George to only use a half packet for the protein shakes, and George says okay! Will and Mike go to the storage room and decide to still vote Diane out.

Kaysar goes around the house, taking various pictures. Kaysar, Howie, James and Janelle go into the HoH room to take a picture. James didn’t look too happy! Kaysar kept setting the timer and then jumping into the picture, but keeping on doing it too late. They talk about someone coming back. They don’t want that. They think that someone will be coming back tomorrow and be on the block with Diane and Erika. They decide to vote out whoever comes back in (if that does happen).

Will and Diane talk about the voting in the red room. They think there’s a twist, since usually you don’t vote live until sequester. Diane complains that it’s hard to get votes because Erika has lots of friends in the house. She decides not to campaign anymore. Will leaves.

Mike and Will talk about a possible twist for tomorrow.

Janelle and Erika play chess at about 3:45 PM. Janelle tells Erika that Diane is still campaigning and that they think there’s gonna be a twist.

Basically, the whole house is convinced that there will be a huge twist on the live show.

Erika and Danielle go to the living room and talk. They wonder why Diane would know that they weren’t voting, since she’s a nominee. They talk about how Danielle was “Livit” (livid) after Alison got on The Amazing Race. They talk about Unan1mous. Danielle points out that it was only 12 days and that they could do that standing on their head.

George says that he wishes a woman in the house got a yeast infection so that he could make slop bread (that’s sick!). Kaysar and Howie try to help him come up with a new slop recipe.

Janelle looks for her Ugg sandles, which she left by the red room bed, which was also by where Diane was packing.

Danielle and Marcellas talk about the week’s events. They keep complaining about the nominations, and Marcellas mentions that Janelle said Diane was safe. Danielle wonders is the Sov6 had an alliance with Chill Town. Marcellas says he would nominate Howie and George if he got HoH, and tell Howie he was a pawn. Marcellas says he won’t put Janelle and Kaysar up because he’s afraid of the retaliation. Danielle said she won’t put Will and Mike up since the Sov6 had three chances to. If Danielle wins HoH, she plans on keeping her door locked. Howie joins them. They confirm that there was no voting today. They think that the live show will have an eviction, an HoH competition and then another eviction.

Diane tries to get Howie’s vote, but doesn’t seem to suceed. He then goes and cleans all the windows.

Danielle and James go in the kitchen to make a salmon. George tries drinking olive oil, and hates it. Will eats pickles dipped in honey mustard.

James, Danielle, Marcellas and Howie hang out outside. Marcellas questions why he is in the house. Pretty much nothing went on in the house at this time. Until….

At about 7:30 Will and Howie decide to shave their bodies. Howie asks is Will is going after him. Will says no. Will jokes that they should make a shaving alliance with him, Howie, Mike and Janelle. Howie consideres it. Will tells Howie to get Mike in here so Howie can shave Mike’s butt. Danielle joins to help with the shaving.

Later on, most the Hgs speculate on the Thrusday twist. Howie moons Janelle and Janelle thinks that his butt is white a flat. They discuss that maybe they’ll be offered money to leave the house. They try to figure out how much money they’ve already earned, and Janelle gets it wrong so James calls her a dumbass. They think it’s weird that Danielle has been called to the Diary Room 4 times already.

An inside lockdown is called for Wednesday and all day Thursday is called. The Hgs get suspicious.

Erika and Marcellas chat in the redroom. They both liked Janelle in season 6 but are disappointed by her.

Howie and Mike talk about the power of veto. Howie tells Mike that he did a good job.

In the backyard, George cleans, Mike and Howie lift weights. Danielle, Diane and Marcellas talk. Diane thinks that Janelle is being a huge bitch.

The lockdown has now started. Howie shares George’s back. Other Hgs watch. Howie goes on to shave his hands, arms, FUPA, and pretty much his entire body. Janelle walks in and asks what the hell is going on? Then George shaves Howie.

James tries to tell Diane to campaign to stay, but Diane decides it’s a lost cause. Howie joins them and they talk about Diane’s boobs and about how she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Diane leaves to get her clothes. James and Howie discuss Janelle’s nominations. Howie defends them. Diane comes back and offers Howie him to touch her boobs and butt for his vote. Diane leaves and once again, James says Janelle’s nominations were dumb. He says that Kaysar and Janelle must be working with Will and Mike. Howie says he wants to save the season 6 alliance. They leave to eat.

The Hgs get wine and 3 decks of cards at about 9:30.

Howie eats cookie dough in the kitchen and James calls him fat.

Will, Erika and Janelle hang out, flirting. They notice that Will has grey hair. They continue taking about places to live, life, and relationships. Kaysar and Boogie join.

Later on, Marcellas and Janelle hang out in the HoH room. Janelle wants liposuction when she gets out.

Danielle, James, Kaysar and Will talk about dreams. Danielle then talks about Janelle calling her a weak player.

Diane plays checkers with George, trying to get his vote.

Later on, Will and Kaysar talk on the couches. It seems like they have a secret alliance that no one else knows about. Will says that he will try to get Mike not to nominate Kaysar, but he can’t promise the other Sovs. Janelle joins. Everyone is hungry and it seems that they’re not getting much food. They talk about this year being harder because there’s less people you hate. Kaysar leaves to pray. Janelle and Will talk about depression. They think most the houseguests are depressed. They then talk about the big brother fans, and how they try to contact them. They both want to change all the clocks in the house, then wake up the houseguests and trick them. At about 8:45 AM BBT, all houseguest were asleep.