Danielle is up for the day. She is finding clothes to wear in the dark. She and Erika(who slept in the bed close to Danielle’s bed)are whispering. It is hard to hear them, but it sounded like Erika told Danielle “Don’t worry it will work out” and Danielle replies, “I hope so.”
Danielle tells Erika that Janelle and Will were up until 5:00a.m. Erika says “Oh my God!”
Boogie wakes up and is listening to his music with the headphones on.
James wakes up and joins Erika and Danielle talking. He wastes no time talking about Janelle.
James “I wonder if we'll have America's Choice today? Gee, if she's America's choice, I wonder who the Producer's choice will be...”
The 3 of them talk about the producers validating the veto competition…then flames.
James goes to the back yard and seems very angry still, just sitting there.
Erika and Danielle doing the daily grooming in the bathroom.


Danielle comes outside to join James. James is doing his laundry.
Danielle gets right down to business and asks “So if she stays, who is she going after Chill Town?”
James “Yeah, and Erika. She hates Erika.”
James comments that she (Janelle) has lost 4 or 5 votes over this fiasco. (The veto competition)
He says if he goes to the jury house, he will make sure Marcellas doesn’t vote for her, but Howie will vote for her because he (Howie) is a moron.
James says Janelle is not lucky, she is a cheater.
He says that is all he going to do in sequester is try to get people to vote against her in final two. That is all he is going to work on, he says.
He goes on to tell Danielle that Janelle cheated last season also.
James: She wrote the number twice. (in season 6)
Danielle: She said she couldn't erase it, and it makes sense because the board was upside down...
James: BULLSHIT! The Nerds had a valid complaint!
He goes on complaining a bit, but it is really repetitive so I won’t bother repeating all of his complaints again.

Danielle asks James if he knows who Boogie will put up. James says it will be George.
James says he hopes and he is trying to work Boogie to put George up instead of Erika.
James says his speech Thursday night(Eviction live show) that he will say to the other houseguests that this is the biggest decision they have to make, between him(James) and the dishwasher. Danielle tells him not to say that.
Danielle asks him if Janelle will vote to keep James and he says no because she has been trying to get rid of him since week 1.
James tells Danielle that except for Howie and Diane he has been responsible for every eviction so far.
Danielle “Here’s what Erika thinks; She thinks that Chill Town is going to kick you out and keep Chicken George”
They both have a good laugh at this and say that Erika doesn’t know what is going on.
Danielle tells James he has to win HOH.
James “ I know, I know. But it’s going to be name 11 small towns in Minneapolis!!”
Danielle corrects him “Minnesota”
James says he has Danielle and Will’s vote guaranteed. It will be a tie and Boogie (being HOH) will have to break the tie. He says Boogie will keep him (James).
BB announces that the houseguests are not allowed to discuss their diary room sessions. James replies “Yeah, but you can cheat at competitions”
This was after Danielle told the diary room last night that she refused to talk about the veto competition.
James “My phone call on Thursday (if he is evicted) night will be to an entertainment Lawyer…” We go to flames when he says that.

James and Danielle go inside. With Erika now and talk about a huge roach in the kitchen.
James says he sleeps next to a roach. (Meaning Janelle)

Boogie gets up and comes downstairs. He asks if Will is up yet.
Danielle tells him no. She says she woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and he (Will) was up with Janelle.


Boogie, Danielle, and Erika are outside on the couch. They discuss Vegas. Sundays are industry nights. Hardly any tourists there on Sundays.
Danielle talks about her parents and the type of music she likes. They go on to playing movie games.
George is up now.

Danielle asks Boogie if he has decided who to put up. She tells him that George HAS to go!
James and Will are there now and Erika has left.
James once again goes on about Janelle cheating in the competition. He now says that Janelle kicked him. Boogie says he hasn’t even thought about the replacement yet. James and Danielle both push for George to go up. Danielle says they need to keep targets in the game (Erika) for Janelle to go after incase she wins HOH. Danielle says that George supports Erika and Janelle in this game so they need to get him out.
Will says that if Erika wins HOH she will put Janelle up.
Danielle insistent that they get rid of George.
Boogie and Will talk about how Janelle doesn’t trust them anymore.
Boogie does not commit to putting up George.


Will goes inside. Janelle comes out where Boogie, James, and Danielle are at.
Danielle says “Good morning Janelle” Janelle replies back. Then there is a bit of uncomfortable silence. Finally James gets up to leave and says “I may as well get skin cancer in Mexico, I am not going to get it here” He goes inside and repeats to Will what he just said. No one comments.

Janelle , Boogie, and Will are in the back yard now and they are laughing about how they have the others convinced that Janelle is going after Chill Town. They talk about James and his complaining and being mad at Janelle. Will “Let him do what he does best…Whine!!”
Boogie says he will go to Erika and have her promise that if he doesn’t put her up she has to vote James out. He will tell her that he is afraid of James because he is the only one that can beat Boogie at competitions. Will tells Boogie that he needs to go to George and tell him that he is safe, but he (George) needs to keep his mouth shut about it.
Boogie says Erika may throw the next HOH, Janelle disagrees.
Will says the beauty of it is that if Danielle wins HOH, she will put up Erika and Janelle thinking that Chill Town will vote Erika out, when in fact they would vote Erika out.
Will says they just need to get rid of James this week because he is driving Will crazy.
They go on to discuss James’ whining and complaining again. Will says “It’s pathetic!”
Janie - Do you think James will talk to me before he gets evicted.
Will - Oh he will because this morning I told him not to ignore you. Just ***** him, don't worry about him. Is that really a concern of yours? You're so cute. Does that really bother you?
Janie - Well, kind of because I thought he was my friend.
Will - You are such an interesting person to me because (talks about card game)
Will - you are like a hard ass, but then you are very sensitive about things. Does that make sense? You are very sensitive about friendships but are a badass about competitions.
Janie - Yeah, I know.
Danielle comes out to play cards with them.


Danielle and Will are in the back yard. Danielle says besides strategy, and alliances there is a lot of luck involved. She says she isn’t good at competitions, she is good at thinking. She is upset still at George. Danielle says she isn’t vengeful but does what people don’t expect. She says she told George he is on her hit list. She says that she told George he is coming after HER boys, and she isn’t going to take that. She also tells Will that she doesn’t want anyone to Forrest Gump their way through to the finals. (About George)

Boogie and George are talking about tonight’s show and what it will be about; what they will show. They think it will show Howie yelling at George. Boogie thinks Howie was so angry; he couldn’t talk to Julie properly. They then talk and laugh about the veto competition. Boogie says he needs to chill out today; he’s been too stressed out.

Mean while in the back yard, Will leaves Danielle to go inside. When he does Danielle says to herself (or for our benefit) “Sometimes you've got to make your enemies your friends to stay in this house.”

Boogie joins Danielle outside. They both claim to like Howie, but they are glad he is gone. They go on to talk about his harassing actions. Boogie doesn’t think Howie gets much action (sex), Danielle disagrees. Boogie says Erika should have gone to the diary room and told them “to get that f’ing gorilla in check”
Will joins them and they tell him what they think. Will thinks Howie does “get ass” but he is afraid of the commitment, he is afraid to say that because the stripper broke his heart a few years ago, because Howie is a big good looking guy, Howie used to have a good job. This continues. Boogie has a very bad opinion and expresses it crudely. Danielle and Will somewhat better opinion and better way to express themselves. Boogie is obviously very bitter about what Howie did when he left. (Ed. Note. I have also noticed that Boogie has seemed very bitter and offended towards Howie since America voted Howie “life of the party” over Boogie)

Janelle and George are chatting. Janelle tells George that she feels like she has done all of the work and the others are reaping the benefits. George says yes, good point. She says she just wants to go on a vacation with her mom. They discuss what will probably be on tonight’s show.
Janelle “I can’t believe I fought with a 30 year old man over a doll! I am so embarrassed!”
This starts George off laughing; they both are.
George tells Janelle that she has people in this house on the verge of cracking and completely losing their minds. George says that it has been a crazy week. He says she has been through a lot and just enjoy her veto. He tells her to just let James cool down and to just stay away from him (James) for a few days.

Will and Boogie are in the HOH room. Boogie wants Will to talk to Danielle about getting James out without getting Danielle mad. They want to have this discussion with her on Tuesday.

Meanwhile Danielle and George are chatting. They discuss America’s favorite, season 3, wrap party, and season 6. Danielle says she knows she isn’t loved because she took out Kaysar. Danielle talks about Jason, Amy and Alison were good at competitions. Roddy and how she needed to get him out season 3. Danielle misses Nakomis and Diane.

Danielle is by herself in the back yard. She is placing cards down saying “HOH…. Veto”
Then she says “Maybe I should take Janelle to final two”. She is in her thinking mode.
Danielle makes her way up to HOH. She is the only one there. She just walks around muttering things to herself. We can hear her say, “I have to make a deal with Janelle”

Will had gone to the diary room to ask for a Monopoly game. When he comes out he says that “she” told him she was entertained because she got to look at Will all day. He said to her "well it's easy for you because you're manning the camera alone on a Sunday so you can sit back and masturbate all you…. –FLAMES.
When we come back from flames Will is blowing up a beach ball, Danielle is doing her hair and George is bobbing his head (dancing) to 50 cent!

Danielle is on the backyard, walking around the pool. Will goes back into the diary room saying, “Hey I have a couple of other thoughts” before his mic is turned off. James is now getting up from bed. James goes into the storage room, looking as though he grabbed something to eat, then heads outside.
Will comes out of the diary room again and says he is very close to getting them something to do. He tells Boogie to go in there and say something, to help him out.
Will “The girl working' in there is addicted to coke too, it's great!”

Back outside James tells Danielle that he isn’t going to wear his mic because he isn’t part of this show. BB tells him to put on his mic, so he heads inside.
James “Where is America’s choice?”(Janelle)
Danielle tells him she is in bed.
Will mentions that he is trying to get BB to give them something to do.
James complains “I don’t wanna play basketball, I can play basketball when I am outside. You want to give me something to do? Then lets have a fair veto competition with no cheaters! I can play basketball in sequester! Why should I play so you can get footage of me? Fuck that!”
No one responds to him.
James is in the kitchen mixing up hamburger in a bowl. He still seems angry.
Will comes in and tries to talk with James, but all James seems to want to talk about is the veto competition.
Will tries to go into the diary room again to get something for them to do, but he says BB kicked him out of the diary room.
He is kicking his beach ball around the living room and some how ended up kicking himself in the leg and falls down holding it like it really hurt.

BB tells James to move his mic. He tells them he is too busy right now with the hamburger. Will tells him he will do it but James says he will in a moment, but he doesn’t do it.
James once again starts talking about the veto competition and Danielle tells him “There is nothing you can do. I want you to just let it go. There is nothing you can do.”
He tells her he should have gotten a copy of his contract. James says he will be destroyed in the editing and Janelle will be the princess.
James continues that the situation (with veto) is pissing off some of the greatest players of BB. They’ve now got beef with 5 people. (He thinks himself, Danielle, Boogie, Will, and Erika are angry about the veto competition). He says they (BB) are not being fair with the competitions and people do not have faith in the game.
Danielle changes the subject to George and how she told him don’t mess with “Mother Doom’s boys” She wants George gone.
James - One of my concerns also is that I don't want my alliance deciding that I'm too pissed off now to keep in the game.
Danielle “ I just want you to relax. We’ve got this”
Danielle says she needs a beer. James tells her that she can’t solve their problems with alcohol. Danielle says she doesn’t care; she wants a beer.
She asks James if he thinks Janelle will vote to keep him and he says he doesn’t know.
He doesn’t know about Erika either. James mentions that he doesn’t think Erika’s site has as many hits as his website does. They continue to talk about fans and the Internet.
Boogie joins them.
James wonders if Dr. Zack will be there by midnight and Danielle replies probably not.
James asks so what happens if someone wants to DOR Friday night. Boogie assures James you can DOR at anytime.
Danielle and Boogie seem to be irritated by James’ constant whining. Danielle keeps telling James to let it go and drop it while Boogie has a towel over his face, making snide comments here and there.
James doesn’t seem to get the hint.

James - I'm still not doing any DR until I get to see my contract and talk to Dr. Zach (maybe said Allison too?)
Boogie asks James what it is he's looking for in his contract.
Come back from flames
James - she is the perfect made for TV woman
then feed switches to Will kicking ball around house
James makes his way over to Erika to complain to her now. He asks her if she just woke up and she says yes. He tells her that he just got up as well. He says he stayed in bed all day to protest the veto competition.
She asks him if he has heard anything about re-doing the competition. Boogie replies “No! It’s done!”
James says he will gladly step down.

Will and Boogie lie to Erika; telling her that Marcellas got the $5000.00 and the TV.
Danielle tells them about a dream she had that her family comes to pick her up, but when they roll down the window Janelle is in the car with them and they tell her there isn’t any room for her (Danielle).


Janelle tells Boogie that James hasn’t talked to her at all yet.
Janelle goes into the kitchen and starts making Chicken with broccoli.
George tells her it smells good. She and George start talking about the show that will be on tonight.

Will, George, Janelle, Danielle, and Boogie are chatting outside. Will talks about his summer jobs in high school; Del Taco, KB toys (he hated that job), Baskin Robins (he got fired for leaving a freezer open and all the ice cream melted), AMC Theaters, and some other job where he did nothing but listen to the radio and win radio contests since there was nothing to do. He also talked about how he illegally took tickets while working as the ticket taker at the AMC theaters and resold the tickets and kept the money (thousands of dollars) for himself and also how he kept all these Butterfingers while working at the concession stand.
James is in the bug room, sitting up while sleeping.

James tells George he wants to leave. He says he came to play the game and he wants to see his contract. He goes on about how the game is rigged and that is why he wants to leave.
Will complains that Janelle hasn’t flirted with him today. She says she is ready to flirt with him now so they go to play chess. Will says he is going to put a shirt on so he doesn’t distract her while they are playing. Will says he does not know how to play chess; but Janelle and George laugh and say he is probably lying. Janelle is teaching Will how to play.
Janelle: James wants to voluntarily exit... he went into the DR to ask for his contract about it
Will: he's exiting, just not voluntarily
Janelle: I can't believe he's so (still?) upset about it... I wouldn't be
Will: it's just a game
Janelle showing Will the king and queen...
Will: I'm going to name this one (King) Will, and this one (Queen) Janelle

When Will had Janelle in Check (but didn't know he had to tell her he had her in check, so Janelle said that he can't do that)
Will (bringing his King to her Queen ): Sometimes, the Queen just wants to visit the King.

Boogie and George are outside chatting about Howie and his exit from the house. James has joined them. George tells James that he read something about him in a magazine. James replies that he didn’t get as much coverage the other Sov. 6 did. James asks him what it was. George says that it said he (James) was very sneaky.
James asks George if his concerns about his (George) popularity dictate his game play.

Back to Janelle and Will. Will asks Janelle about her family. She says that both of her parents are divorced and re-married. Will asks if she has stepsiblings, and she says yes. He asks if she likes them and she says yes, she likes them all a lot.
Janelle is trying to cheat and gets caught by Will. They flirt and laugh a bit.


Boogie and Will are offering a deal to George for him to join them.
They say no one knows what he is going to do. They believe he is a man of principle and ethics. They say they are going to put him up, but guarantee him he is not going home.
They say that they will convince the house that George is going home, but he isn’t.
George talks about how Danielle told him to vote out Erika, but it was actually Marcellas who was supposed to leave. George says it was hard for him to put Howie up because they were good friends. George says he justified to himself by putting Howie up that Howie got to play in the veto, but Janelle didn’t and he didn’t think that was fair to do that to her. They tell George that the rest of the house wants him to get put up so they can vote him off. But they want him to keep them safe next week, work to keep them in the game if they get put up next week in exchange for them keeping him safe this week.

James complains to Danielle that George has no business being in All Stars. He says the George wouldn’t put Janelle up because he was worried about Janelle's popularity.

George has left Will and Boogie. Janelle joins the two of them in the HOH. Boogie tells Janelle that the special power is now void. He says not to tell anyone. He tells her what the special power was. They tell her that they want James gone, and Danielle will be the next target. Will says that if they nominate James and Danielle together, the one that stays will be enraged. Janelle asks if they have a deal with Danielle and Erika, they deny this. Janelle is worried that James could end up staying. They tell her no, it will be a tie and Boogie will evict James. They say then James will know Chill Town screwed him but right now James thinks he is safe. Janelle says it is risky, but Will reminds her that as long as she votes against James, he will be gone. Will tells her that James wants her out more than anyone. Janelle doesn’t want to break her promise to James (to vote against him) but Will is telling her that James wants her gone badly. Will said that in season 6 it took them 5 weeks to get James out, and right now they have the perfect opportunity to get rid of him. Will tells Janelle he doesn’t understand why she is sad about this, he thought she wanted James out.
She says she is afraid they (Chill Town) will come after her next week.
Will says he doesn’t know how to make it clear to her that they want her, Boogie and Will in the final 3 and that Will will leave and make Janelle and Boogie final two.
Janelle seems a bit cautious and skeptical about the plan and trusting the two of them.
Janelle says that she thinks George admires her game play. Will says that George is in love with her. Janelle says “really?”
And Will replies “Yeah, who isn’t?”
They agree that Will and Boogie will act like they hate Janelle and vice versa. They talk about splitting the money ($500k)
Janelle says she is just worried about trusting them again and being betrayed. She was very hurt about what they did to Howie.
They decide to break up this meeting and for Boogie to tell others that Janelle was up there telling them that she is going after the whole house.
Janelle agrees to vote out James.
Will tells Janelle that he plays this game with no emotion until Janelle comes along and now he wants to play this game with her.
He says he is trying to tell her something…without really telling her directly so that the show and Internet won’t know what it is. He says, “Are you picking up what I am throwing down?”
She says she does. (I just want to mention here, that Will has been calling her “sweetie” a lot the last few days, he seems to be smitten with her; but of course we can not know whether that is just strategy or really the way he feels)

Danielle and Erika are in the red room. They are discussing votes and Erika wants to keep George in the game now. Danielle is adamant that George leaves because he won’t go after Janelle. Erika thinks the “coup” power doesn’t have expiration, but Danielle lets it slip that it has indeed expired. Danielle says she has to get George out because he lied to Marcellas and he passes information. Erika finally agrees that George has to go. Danielle says he wouldn’t put Janelle up and he is messing up her game. She tells Erika that George is like a cancer in this game and that he was happy when Janelle won the veto. Erika seems shocked by this.

Back to Will and Janelle chatting. Will tells her that she can completely trust he and Boogie. He says Boogie is nuts, but they are totally trustworthy. They both said at one time they wanted each other gone. Will asks her why she didn’t get him out of the house and she says her emotions got in the way. He says at one time he wanted her gone and then something told him no, he doesn’t.
He says and then there is more to the game…he wants to be friends with her after September 24th(the finale) cool?
She says yes, she wants to be friends with him as well.
Will smirks in a flirty way and says, “If you’re lucky”
Janelle smiles and tells him to shut up.
Janelle says she is going to go work out. Will tells her she needs to work on her flirting game. She says she will, but she has just been depressed.

Boogie tells George he should eat, because he will be nominated anyway, so the penalty nomination wouldn’t matter. We get flames.

Will says that he told the BB he wants a 5th of Jack Daniels or all the ingredients to make rice crispies.


Janelle and George are talking. Janelle tells George that she thinks James and Danielle have been together for a long time. George asks, “So they want me out” Janelle says that Danielle is going to lose an alliance member (James) George tells her he is glad she is still here. Janelle says she thinks that James threw the HOH because he thought Danielle was going to win it. George says he feels bad about Howie.

Janelle and Will are jogging in the backyard together.
The others are in the kitchen eating, chatting and cleaning dishes.

A few minutes later BB gives them wine and beer. Danielle went and hid some of the alcohol in her bedroom dresser. She and Erika then took it out and told the rest of them. Will comments, “Is that all they gave us?”
Will and Janelle are talking. Janelle asks Will if he swears on his life that James was going to vote out Howie. Will tells her that James was perfectly okay with Kaysar and Howie being evicted. He tells her that when James and Danielle knew Chill Town had the power, they went to Will asking him to put Janelle and Howie up, to use the power.
Will tells her that they need to start walking every night and discuss strategy.
Danielle comes out to the backyard and asks them how many beers they want.
Will tells her he isn’t drinking tonight, so she can have the beer she was going to give him. He wants to go to bed at 11p.m. tonight. Danielle says okay.
Will asks Janelle what she does in Miami when she isn’t working. She tells him the last 2 months before BB she was traveling and such. But normally she goes to the movies, has lunch with friends etc.
Will tells Janelle he thinks she will like his girlfriend. Janelle says she watched her on “For love or money” and did like her. Will thinks they will be friends.
She talks a bit about her dogs. She also mentions that America asked her if she hates the nerd herd, but she says she doesn’t. She actually feels sorry for them.
Will says he found it surprising when he came out of the house and people liked him because he was such an a-hole. Janelle thought America would hate her. He says he'd rather be mean than fake and nice. Janelle thinks people loved Kaysar because of what a nice guy he is. Will thinks Kaysar's popularity went down this season because last year he was against the Nerd Herd but this year he was quiet and had no real enemy.
Will thinks Marcellas popularity was really low because he was bitchy and didn’t participate in much. Will says events don't drive the show, stories do. Will thinks James started medium but it has gradually dropped. Will says James isn't really funny and he hasn't been a force to be reckoned with like Janelle is and he is just Danielle's bitch.

Janelle asks what Will has said about her in the DR. Will says at the beginning he was insulted and offended that Janelle wasn't open. "I was like look, she has her BB6 boy toys right now but she's gonna realize there are new reality bad boys in town." "She's smart she's beautiful, I don't understand why she is with those losers." Will says that was the first week or 2. Janelle says then she started flirting with him. Will says he said, "Janelle's in love with me, can you blame her?" Will says it's just funny cute stuff.

Janelle says she has never talked bad about Will. Will says he doesn't talk bad about her; he gives respect where respect is due.
Will asks Janelle what she thought of everyone the first night. She says she thought Will was really cute. He says “Really?”
And she says yes.
Janelle tells him the Diane story. Will says he didn’t really know who anyone was, except George. He says Howie was very friendly. Will tells her that he knew Boogie was getting onto the show, but Boogie didn’t know. He tells her that Boogie didn’t like her at the start because she wasn’t very friendly. He says that he told Boogie he was just going to go talk to her. She asks why he brought Boogie with him to talk to her and he says because he was very intimidated by her.
Will tells Janelle that he is sick of Erika. He tells her that Erika told them (Chill Town) that the week Kaysar had HOH that she told them that she saved them from getting nominated.
Janelle tells Will that George told her that James never wants to talk to her again. Will says that James is a “Wuss”

Meanwhile James tells George that he doesn’t know why Janelle would put Marcellas up. James claims he would never nominate one of his friends.

Will and Janelle are in the kitchen cutting up items, making nachos. Erika joins them. They talk about various topics including their favorite candy bars and other things.
James walks into the kitchen. He talks to Will but ignores Janelle.

James tells George that he thought everyone should understand why he is so angry. He says he was going to explode today. George asks if it is because he didn’t get his way.
George tells him there is nothing to explode about. James: George, I have a very pessimistic attitude toward life because when the negative comes (its better than being positive). It’s better than looking on the bright side because the bright side doesn’t come that often. I bitch a lot but I don’t mean a lot of it. You have to make the most of what you got. And I do 100% agree with that. Poor George is stuck outside with Americas most hated bitches, why doesn’t he go inside, and leave them alone in the ways of the devil.
(He was saying that in a strange accent)

James: If I can get my F***ing contract!!!

George: What specifically are you looking for?

James: I'm not going to say out loud what I am looking for. I just would like to see my contract to know what my rights are as a 10-99 employee of CBS and our house productions.

George: Do you understand a lot of legal stuff?

James: Well, I’m not a lawyer but I can read and I understand, I'm familiar with a lot of the legal stuff and definitions.... flames...now back...I just want to read it. FLAMES
George says he is going to stay up all night. James says that’s a good idea, because a lot of things go on at night. He says there are a lot of deals made at night while you sleep.

Will and Danielle talk about Insurance and health care.


Danielle tells James she can’t believe she is still here after being almost gone week 1.
James says yeah, they asked him if he had a deal with Danielle and he told them “Who f’ing told you to nominate her week 1?” They laugh. James “Like I told you, I felt like I was on the block that week, that’s how hard I had to work to get you to stay”
Danielle “Like it was your job!”
James “It was my job”
Danielle” If I had told you I wanted to leave would you have let me go?”
James says yes, but then he would have been friends with Alison because she told him he had at least 3 weeks of safety with her because her targets were Janelle, Howie and Erika.
Danielle says that she would have remained neutral with Marcellas and not targeted him, but she starting hearing stuff from other people about him.

Janelle and Will are in the shower (separated in the double shower) Will is saying that it's so weird taking a shower next to a hot girl with only a towel in-between them. He knows that Janie wants to just rip the towel away. Janelle just laughs at him. Will is now giving her skin tips especially staying out of the sun.

Danielle tells James he has to mend the fences with Janelle before Thursday because she will target James and Danielle if she gets HOH Thursday.
Danielle asks if Janelle knows all the horrible things Marcellas said about her. James said Janelle doesn’t care what people say about her. Danielle says well she kept saying he was her friend.
James: But if he was her friend she wouldn’t have nominated him.
Danielle “She’s cold isn’t she?”
James “I'm cold but I will admit to it. I'm here to play.”
Danielle “But when she was crying?”
James “All that shit was fake!!”
Danielle “Really James?”
James “All she wanted in that room was attention from Will because when he came in she smiled.”
Danielle tells James she wants to take out Chill Town. She says that she and James are stronger than Will and Boogie. They plan to get Janelle on their team. James thinks Janelle could already be with Chill Town. Danielle doesn’t think so. James says that Will is smart. Danielle says that she is more strategical that Will. Danielle says that she and James are smarter than Will.

Janelle and Will are finished with their showers. Janelle is wondering if everyone else is asleep. Will tells her that they are and they can still talk but they need to go lie on their beds. Will is saying that he wants to go sleep in his own bed at home. She says, "I do too." Will replies, "In my bed?" She laughs at him and says, "No, my bed."
They decide to play chess.

Danielle talks to the camera’s (Internet). She says she is the frumpiest HG ever in her bathrobe. She addresses Sarah and says that she is looking out for James and trying to keep him here this week. She loves James to death. May need to work with Janelle if she can't save James. Fans can't fault her and hate her for trying to play the game and take Janelle out. Says she is only here for one reason, for the fans.

Danielle and James discuss backdooring Janelle next week because it is the only way that BB can’t rig the game for Janelle.
Danielle alone again talking. She says “May the best bitch win!(her or Janelle)Or maybe I’ll take her to the final two. If you can’t beat them. Join them. Right now in the game the only people I feel nervous about are Janelle and Chicken George.”

Danielle and James talk again. They talk about George. Danielle says George has to go, but she respects him for winning the veto. James says he has shared things with George but George has shit in his face! They talk a bit about the HOH competition with the pie’s.
Danielle says that James threw a pie at one of the little people. She says that James needs to chill out in life.
Danielle asks if Howie will calm down. James says that he told Howie Janelle would be the downfall of Season 6 by being with Will. Danielle wonders if Howie will vote for Janelle to win. James says that he will not vote for her. Danielle asks him if he wants to take her to the end with him. (Janelle) James says no. He says he would vote for Janelle over Erika though because Erika is a waste of space. He wonders if Chill Town told Janelle and Erika they want to be in the final 4 with them, then says no that they would kick their ass. Danielle says she needs to study for HOH.

Will tells Janelle “If we get dumped, lets get addicted to something…crack?”
They are both in bed, but separate beds. He tells Janelle he is a cool boyfriend. He doesn’t get jealous. Janelle thinks her boyfriend does get jealous because of some of the things he says and does. They talk about camping and Janelle says she loves to go camping. Will doesn’t think Janelle is in love with her boyfriend. Janelle says she hasn’t dated him that long. They have only seen each other 8 or 9 times. Will says he does love his girlfriend. He says Janelle is easy to talk too. They wonder what Marcellas and Howie are doing. They talk about Kaysar. They said that Kaysar was really sad. Will said he thinks Kaysar is a really nice guy and he liked him.

They are both quiet now and seem to be going to sleep.

2:15a.m. BBT

Janelle got up from bed. Will opens his eyes and watches her leave the room, then rolls over to go to sleep.
Janelle goes outside. She comes back inside several minutes later. She looks very lonely (missing Howie probably). She messed with her nails and now reading the bible. Everyone else is asleep.

Janelle goes back into the bedroom. Will opened his eyes and saw her. She gets in bed and goes to sleep.

Will James R(W)hine ever stop complaining? Are Will and Janelle really smitten with each other or are they still playing games with each other? What with the LOD=Leagion of Doom? Are they doomed themselves? If Danielle can't beat Janelle will she choose to join her instead?
It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the next several weeks. It is sure to be interesting. Who is really loyal and who is still playing games with others, or not.