7:00 AM
Dani is the first up this morning, but not for long. After her morning routine she plants herself outside reading the bible, and then she fell asleep outside.

By 10:00 everyone was still asleep. BB announced the veto ceremony will be in 2 hours. Erika got up and brushed her hair and teeth, she went up to HOH, but the door was locked so she went back downstairs and got back in bed. BB announced again that the veto ceremony would be in 90 minutes. This finally gets a few people out of bed.

Some good news this morning, George weighed himself and he is now less than 200 lbs. Eirka says “congrats, you’ve lost a little over 20 lbs.” George is thrilled.

While Dani is getting coffee, James says he has a better attitude today, he says “I am James from BB; I am used to being on the block.” Then in a sing-song voice he said “I get to see my shrink today and look at my contract….” Then flames! George is in the kitchen too. James looks in kitchen mirror and says "Oh my god, I look like ass!"

James heads outside, sits on the couch and says "Good morning world welcome to my own personal nightmare." When George walks outside, James says "speaking of nightmares…(he was joking)" James and George get on to talking about life and God. George believes life is predetermined for you by God. James says “That's a crock of shit! You REALLY believe that?” George: “Yes.” Then James said “then it was God's fault that you went up on the block, so you should hate God, not me.” George said “absolutely not!” James asks him “Do you believe in God?” George: “Yes.” James: “What denomination? Are you a Christian?” George: “Yes. I look at the positive side of life.” James: “I look at the negative side. It's much more fun!” James says George’s viewpoint takes away the idea that you have free will. George says he does believe in free will also, and that we have to decide how we are going to act and react.

Dani joins James and George outside and somehow the talk turns to doing BB for a whole year. James says “No way! Not even for 5 million.”

11:00 AM
George leaves to take a shower and Will is now outside with Dani and James. Will has Dani and James convinced that Janelle is going after Chill T first, because they sent her best friends home. He says Janelle decided that they (CT and Janelle) can all be friends, but she's going after them. Dani says Will better try to convince the sequester house when he gets there (presumably next week since she believes that Janelle is after him), that the jury can't vote for her in the final two. Will lies to them about Janelle being upset over James not talking to her. Will is still backing Janelle up about her being upset and depressed the other night. James thinks it was all fake; Dani and Will say “no, it was real.” James says he is still convinced she cheated in the Veto competition; Will and Dani ignore the comment completely (they told him yesterday he needs to move on).
Will tells James to be nice to Janie the next couple of days. James says “I plan on it.”

James went inside leaving Dani and Will outside alone. Will says “I have strong concerns about James and Janelle. James is 100% double dipping and he is stacking the jury and it doesn't sit well. Janie told me that he has already apologized to her for acting like such a baby about the veto competition and he told her he supports her; and he's telling us that he totally hates her.” Dani: “So he's setting himself up basically.” Will: “James won't be sad if Janie wins HOH, but I will be.” Dani: “So what do you consider we do?” Will: “Talk to Boogie.”

Janie and Dani were in the BY alone for a while, and at first not a word was spoken between the 2 of them. Finally, Dani asks Janie if she has talked to James. Janelle says she hasn't yet; she tries to say things to him in passing but he doesn't respond. Danielle tells her she's going to try to fix that. She understands where each of them is coming from but they've come too far together to end up like this.

Will and Boogie are in the SR. Will tells Boogie he told Dani he has concerns about James double dipping. Boogie says “that's a good start (planting the seed for reason to vote out James).” Will says he sent Dani to talk to Boogie and Boogie says “she did come up, but I was showering and getting dressed so she left.”

Back outside, Dani says to Janie (after a very long silence): “If I win HOH or you win HOH, let’s call a one week truce.” Janie says “okay, deal.” Dani says “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em. You know what Janelle; I know a lot more than you think I do. I know when people are floaters, and I know who clings on to people, I see it all.” LOL (this kills me!) Dani says “I know when certain people give certain people HOH’s and stuff like that.”

Outside, Boogie, George and James are talking about a carving of someone’s name outside. James says “did Jase carve his name here, or is this ‘Jose’?” Boogie says “It could be Jose; I got like 9,000 Jose’s working for me. Isn’t it amazing with the Mexicans how few names they all have? It’s Jose or Luis, and its either Sanchez or Rodriguez. I mean it is…” George says “or Gonzales.” Boogie: “Gonzales is another one. I mean you go down the roster of bussers and runners and stuff (at the restaurant), and you say ‘Oh My God! Everyone has the same name’!” James says “Jose is as familiar as like a John or a James. You know what I mean? I mean I didn’t realize how many James and Johns there were until I came out of Miami because in Miami it’s predominately Latin. As soon as I got to Georgia, everyone… there’s like a million f’ing James and a million f’ing Johns, and another million Williams.”

POV Ceremony – Georgie’s on the block!
Janie was headed to the DR, but not before she stopped and told Chicken G that she was sorry he went on the block when she took herself off. He said “it’s okay.”

12:00 PM
Dani just told James about her one week truce with Janie. James says Janelle won't go after Chill T; he thinks she is with them.

Janie is telling Will now about the truce made with Dani. Then Janelles asks Will “So James called me a bitch this morning?” Will says “about 5000 times.” Janie says “I wonder why…”

Janie and Boogie are up in HOH talking about the truce Dani offered Janie. Boogie asks if it was for one week. Janie says “no.” Boogie says “so she wants to team up with you now?” Janie tells Boogie that Erika and Dani are coming after Chill T. Boogie says James has to go...he's been floating around. Janie leaves.

Dani and Erika are talking aver a game of cards. Dani starts working on the pros and cons of keeping James over George and vice versa. Dani says “if we keep him, he'll be a buffer. If he stays, Chill T will go after him because of that alpha male syndrome." Erika says “yea, I mean, I would love to send him out." Dani: “Geroge put you up and he was talking about putting me up. I don't want to turn around and it be Janelle and George in final 2, and then we look around and wonder what happened." Erika: “Yea, I'll have to think about it." Dani: “We need to have a talk in the red room.”

1:00 PM
So here we are in the red room with Dani and Erika. Dani is saying that Janie really didn't win so many HOH’s and POV’s, and she didn't win the eliminator, she didn't really win the meteor because Howie took out Dani, didn't really win the POV where Jase threw her the pillow and the didn't really win the graveyard one because Dani had a bunch of knuckleheads playing and if Erika had been playing Dani or her would have won.

All about sequester!
James and Janelle tell George what they know about sequester. James says crew members stay in the house and supervise them at all times. Janelle says that when she arrived, the house was full of crew members because the round table discussion of the jury was coming up. Janelle only spent 2 days in sequester and she slept on the floor because it was so packed, it felt like a frat house. James and Janelle say they tried not to talk about the game but they did, they talked about things that happened and made fun of everyone. James says when he and Janie talked about whom to vote for in the end, the producers didn't like that and told them to stop.

James says sequester is a great chance to decompress. He said he felt bad that Maggie and Ivette were thrown right back into society and the media. Janelle says there were no mics and cameras and she felt like she was herself again. James says last year they got 9K for being in sequester. Janelle says she lost money last year. James says most people probably did, and then they agree that Jennifer didn't. Janelle tells George "It's nice being with everyone without the pressure of winning because we all lost." George laughs. Janelle says they need to verify magazines okay to read first, she remembers reading a couple. They all watched movies together. Janelle says she and Howie loved walking outside and "going exploring."

Erika walks in and George asks her if she went to sequester. Erika says she did and she was there for 6 days. She said it was the perfect amount of time. Erika says theirs was in Puerto V-something, an island of Mexico. George thinks that is cool. Janelle says they were in Napa Valley; and they went on field trips but someone yelled to Beau "vote for Janie" so they were banned from field trips. Erika says their villa was on the ocean and it was really nice. Erika says they got to go out and drink at night. George says "Coolsville!" Erika says "Total coolsville." George asks and Erika says they (the producers) paid for everything.

Dani and James
They are in the red room now. James says “So what's up?” Dani says “Erika wants to keep George.” James: “Of course she does, but you know what that means she's been lying to me all along and I have no problem putting her up next week. I really went against my alliance the last two weeks to make sure she was safe. So, if I did that and now she is willing to go against me, what a bitch! It's times like this when you know who your friends and enemies are.” Dani: “I told her his (CG) logic is beyond reasoning. It doesn't make sense. He's a wild card. The fact he's keeping Janelle because of popularity is not good.” James: “He (CG) couldn't have brought that up at a worse time. He swore on his kids to Kaysar and swore to Howie twice. Don't waste your time on him, there's other things to do here; what an f’n waste.” Dani says “Makes him feel good.” James: “Should I take these pins and stick them in his Georgie’s voodoo doll?” Dani: “Would you stop being so bad? What is wrong with you...Sara if you are watching this, I'm trying...James, you are the devil.” James: “I'm not the devil. The devil is not allowed to play BB.” James says “George wants all this stuff in the room to be on camera so he can sell it all on e-bay when he's done.” Dani: “Stop it James. I'm going to tell you, his family is watching.”

Now Dani and Erika are back in the red room. Erika said “Did James say anything to you?” Dani: “I asked him if he was up for a discussion. I told him he hasn't picked an alliance that he keeps going back and forth. I asked if he was going to go after Janelle and he said yea.” Erika: “I don't believe that. I don't believe James. It's like two people I don't believe, don't trust, but I think one has more of a chance of winning stuff down the road, especially when it comes to studying stuff.” Erika says “This is a tough one. As much as I'd like to keep James in the game, I'd love to take him out too.”

Chicken G joined them in the red room. He tells Dani and Erika that he's just glad it's him and not them. Dani and Erika both say “Thank you George.” George says “Especially you, Erika. You've taken enough beatings. I'm not going to campaign because I know how it works. You guys have got to do what's best for you to win the game and that's all that it is. Do you guys have any more ideas for decorating (his room)?” The girls say they think it's all good.

Boogie and Janie are talking and he just told her that he saw Erika coming up to HOH this morning and he locked the door! After some more chit chat he tells her that Dani has had an alliance with everyone in the house except him, Will, Howie and Janelle.

3:00 PM
Will and Boogie are talking about whether to believe Janie about her story that Dani came to her asking for a truce. Boogie doesn't believe it and thinks they are getting played. Boogie doesn't want Will talking to Janelle about the big picture (meaning F3 or F2) and Will agrees. Will says “The one person I'm worried about right now is...I think Erika might flip on us real quickly...” Boogie doesn't see that happening. Boogie says he has a hard time talking to Janelle. Will says she's just suspicious. Boogie says “this isn't 5 years ago when you get HOH and you have all the power. Imagine if you win HOH and then there are 4 people playing the next week and me and Janelle are two of them?” Boogie says “The thing is, all we can do to Danielle is stay in her good graces.” Will: “And then tomorrow we need to go to her and say one of us overheard James talking to Janelle and he's not with us.” Boogie: “I can say with pretty good authority that if Erika wins HOH she will not put us up.” Will: “Oh really.” Boogie: “I guarantee home girl (Janie) will flip on us before Erika. I'm not saying either will do it but I'm saying that's what Janelle does for a living and Erika is a (good girl - not sure about his exact words). If we can make nice with Erika, and Janelle was to go, I would trust her (Erika) more with the big picture.”

Will says to Boogie “Danielle is getting very suspicious about me talking to Janelle.” Boogie: “What's perfect is your attitude...it's always that you don't care. And also it could be you trying to keep yourself off the block.” Will says that no matter what happens they have made a run for Amazing Race with how they've played. Boogie says he really wants to get to F4; F2 would be better, but at least F4 because you play every contest. He'll play anyone in here. He's been drilling himself all morning on this shit. Will says he needs to work on that (meaning study for potential questions).

Will is asking Boogie why Dani wants Chicken G out so bad. Boogie tells him “it's because George is the only one she can't figure out. She's had an alliance with everyone, but Chicken G she can't control.” Will asks Boogie when Danielle will find out about James being the one leaving, Boogie tells him they better tell her before the vote. Then they move on to talking about not wanting Janelle there for final 3 because she'll beat them in competitions.

Will says to Boogie “This is why I'm suspicious about Danielle and James because they have a lot of 2 person conversations.” Boogie says “They are always playing, always thinking. They can't let it go for a minute.” Will: “So quiz me on some more.” They start quizzing each other.

Janelle comes outside and Will and Boogie invite her to play cards. Janelle accepts; she says “Are you guys sure James is leaving because Chicken G is really nervous.” Will: “As long as you are voting him out, he's gone. If you are sure, I'm sure.” Janelle: “Boogie you will tie break it.” Boogie says he will. Will tells Janelle when they are married that she can't smoke in the house. They all joke about Will and Janelle's marriage. Will asks if she thinks Boogie will be able to control himself at their wedding. Will says it’s okay if the wedding is in Minnesota; then he says “we can have a reception in Miami, LA and Aspen. Will says Janie better get a sponsor for it...Janie says ‘shut up!’

Boogie is talking to Will and Janie about how Danielle will be very determined to win the HOH when James leaves. He tells Janelle that when they are up late, they need to make Will drill. Will asks Janelle to ask him questions now. Janie starts quizzing them. She asks a question and Will asks if they would really ask that. She says you never know or they might.

In the kitchen James is telling Dani that Chill T are the biggest liars ever. He says “I know they want Janie out.” Dani says “Yea they are liars.” James asks “do you think they’ll keep me?” Dani says “I’m getting a little concerned about that.” James: “You really are aren’t you?” James says he thinks the story about Janelle going up to HOH and telling Chill T she is after them is bullshit. Dani tells him that Erika won't vote for him because she thinks he is flipping sides and will go back to Janie. James asks “can I tell Erika you told me that?” Dani says “No! I’ll talk to her first.”

4:00 PM
Erika and George are in the kitchen and in comes Will; he tells them that the DR despises him. He says once a week he gets a stern lecture on breaching his contract…then we got flames!

James is asking Janelle is she really told Chill T she was coming after them, to their face. She says “yes, I have to.” He whispers something about Erika and how he needs to work on her (it was hard to hear) and Janelle said “that is retarded; she is just trying to win it. She makes me physically ill.” James asks if he can tell Will and Boogie that Erika threw a veto competition. Janelle says “why? They know how she is.” James asked her who she is voting for and she said “I am voting to keep you.” He said “thank you” and left.

Now James is approaching Will outside and he says “Are things still as planned? I’m not going to be another Howie am I?” Will assures James he is staying. Will says “I think it's well established that Erika is kissing butt, and I'd like to get her out next week, but we have to get Janelle out next week. If we don't get her out next week she's going to the finals.” James: “Now Janelle told me not to tell you guys this, but I obviously trust you…” Will interrupts and says “Oh don’t worry, I hardly talk game with anyone really.” James continues and says “Janie said that when it was just Erika and her in the POV, that Erika looked at Janie and told her she hoped she got it, that she deserved it.” Will: “Next week is the deciding week, if Janelle gets HOH. You're safe.” James: “If I'm here next week.” Will doesn't acknowledge that statement.

James says to Will “Danielle is worried and that's what's getting me worried.” Will: “Why is Danielle worried?” They talk about how Danielle worries all the time. James: “What's the worst case scenario, other than Janelle? Who do you think Erika will put up if she wins HOH?” Will: “I suspect it will be Janelle and me or Janelle and you or she might turn on us and say CT I'm putting ‘you’ guys up My concern is what do we do when we are in the F2. It's 2 against 2.” We got flames!

Up in HOH Erika asks Boogie “James is going right? He is scaring me." Boogie says “We have got to win HOH this week.” Erika: “OMG! Like it's my job; I want it so bad.” Erika tells him that she heard Janie and James talking a bit ago (she was spying outside the door). She heard Janie ask James what to do from here. Now they think maybe Janie is playing them (when she was really playing James at the time).

Back outside to Will and James. Will says “What's good for you is that the jury will be very much in your favor.” James says “I feel confident. If I do leave this week it's because I got f'd again by an alliance.” James says that he thinks the only person who has really killed themselves for the jury is Boogie. Will agrees. James thinks if Erika makes it to the end that nobody will vote for her. Will thinks she has a chance if she gets to F2 with Boogie.

5:00 PM
Will and Danielle are talking about Marcellus and what an All Star he was. Will says he was a scene stealer, he awesome on the show, just awesome. Dani says “It couldn't be All Stars without Marc.” Will: “It couldn’t be All Stars without him, but then again, I wouldn't want to spend the whole summer with him.” They mention how quiet things are with Howie gone.

Not too much talk or activity in the house this afternoon. Will is being goofy talking to the internet cameras, doing weird things with his hair and talking about lice..lol. Then he asks if we can start a fund to get his hair cut. Then he says "internet do you love me? I love you, I'm sorry about all that stuff I said and I don’t mean a little love, I mean a whole lot, I have a crush on you." Then he begs to be Americas Choice “Please send me something fun to do, I’m bored out of my mind.”

6:00 PM Will has a new love.
Still the most exciting thing going on is Will’s relationship with the camera outside. He says “If you are an internet viewer, this is your chance to have an internet relationship with a BB7 all star, now’s your chance for an internet relationship with a hunky doctor. LOL, he leaves site of the camera and says he must break it off….he disappears from view then shoots back into view again and says “I'm just kidding, internet. I love you and want to be with you. I was going to cheat with that other camera but couldn't do it ...” Will tells the camera he hates America West airlines and we get flames.

We come back to Will begging “I'd like a visit from my girlfriend and her dog. She might have dumped me but I'm trying to win her back. Can I get a trampoline? America's Choice? I'd love a Ducati motorcycle to ride around the backyard. An i-pod would be nice.” James is in the background, "Say hi to Sarah for me!" Will: “Sarah, James says hi" ... flames

Will directs the camera to shake itself yes or no to tell him if his brother has watered his plants (LOL). He says he would really like to check his mail. “God, I look old. I am an ugly sob. I think my hair makes me look older. The length is not the problem. It just looks like a homeless man's beard.” He says “Other things you can send me if you are so inclined: new clothes, Oh ... and please tell Neil Patrick Harris that I said hi. He says he would like all fan letters to be sent to Dolce in care of Chill Town (LOL!). He says whoever send in the best hate letter will win the competition...flames!

LOL, he says “If anyone has a baby on the way, you should name him Chill. I am going to name mine Chilliam (ROFL!!).” He tries to kiss the camera, but can’t reach it so he gets a chair. He says “I’m just a squirrel trying to get a nut. Its like, you're corn flakes and I’m milk, and I'm just trying to make some cereal, and maybe the milk sat in the corn flakes too long and it got all soggy, and then you put it in the microwave and it evaporates, and then the milk thought it would re-crisp, but it didn’t. But I'm gonna re-crisp you, because I love you and I want to be with you in a cereal way. Oh and listen internet, I am well aware that Janelle and George are your favorites…” flames!

Will talks about his mandanna. He says to the camera “are kids across America wearing these yet?” Will says he started to make these before Jase was wearing them. He gives directions on how to make one: “You get a t-shirt and you cut off the sleeves. You get a large or medium depending on the size of your cranium. You put it over your head. If the teacher tells you it's a hat, tell them they're wrong because it doesn't have a top.”

Will falls off the chair he was in, he says he needs a doctor, he says “Please let a freak meteor come flying into this back yard, bury my body back here and let BB8 play comps around it.” Will is jealous over the fact that a bug got to fly out of the compound but he can’t..LOL.

Boogie asks James what his relationship will be with Howie when they are done. Boogie says by November BB will already be old. Before Howie could answer Boogie, Will asks when James knew found out about All Stars. James says in January when they called him. Will says Howie is going to crash, since last year he didn't get anytime off. Will says he knew about All Stars in November. Boogie says “what the heck does the internet do with only a few people in the house?”

James, Dani and Boogie say they think an America's Choice will be done soon. Boogie doesn't want it to be a popularity contest. Danielle says they are always done by voting. Boogie says he just really wants the chance to leave the house (like Marvin or Jun). They talk about how Marvin got to do a scene on Young & the Restless, they all think that was cool. Will says he'd be happy if it was "Here's 50 cents, go get a kit-kat at the nearest vending machine."

7:00 PM
Dani, James, Boogie and Will are still chatting about past competitions and seasons. Dani thought for sure when they first came into the house that the house would be split into two teams and the losing team would vote out one of their own, like they do in Survivor. Boogie thinks Marc is in sequester, really bitter. Dani doesn’t agree, she says Marc is not bitter.

Dani asks Boogie “so how does Janelle know you don’t hold the special power anymore?” At that Boogie didn’t say anything and kind of wondered away. You can tell he is mad that she called that out. He didn’t tell everyone that he lost the coup power.

Now Dani is walking around mumbling to herself that she can only win in the finals against Erika. She finds Erika and Erika tells her that she wants James out, however, Dani says is must be George that goes. Dani doesn’t know how Janie will vote and thinks it strange that Janie would be with Chicken G. Erika tells Dani she over heard James and Janie while she was taking a "nap" and that James is still playing both sides and she was almost convinced before that he was going after Janelle, but she is doubtful now. Dani tells her, "you gotta do what you gotta do."

8:00 PM
Will was kicking a ball around in the house and I think he broke something. BB told him more than once ‘stop that!’ Then he was called into the DR, when he came out he said “BB said no more playing ball in the house. I have to pick up this broken piece and bring it to them for evidence. Anything else I break will come out of my stipend.” (LOL! At least as bored out of their mind as they are, Will is keeping BB entertained.) Then Will starts to complain about the house decor. He says “You spent $350K for this? It's like Peewee's Playhouse; it's horrible... I'm ashamed to be here."

Janie goes outside to Boogie to ask him if Will filled him in on the truce offer by Dani (to Janie). Boogie is shocked; he said he hasn't heard it yet because they (W/B) haven't been alone yet. Janie fills him in and tells him Dani is going to put up Boogie and Erika. Boogie says "Well that's cool, bring it!"

Will comes out and he and Janie start there back yard walking routing. They talk about people they both know in LA and celebrities. After some small talk Will tells Janie that he is committed to her and Boogie. Will says Dani will be infuriated when James is voted out and Dani will go after Chill T. Will is sure Dani will try to get him out. Janie is aware that Dani will the truce deal and will not nominate Janie, but will back door her. Now Boogie is walking with Will and Janie; they are all in step. Will says “It’s Chill T and the Beauty Queen.” Boogie says James should change his name to Yuck mouth because he talks so much trash. Will says “and he doesn’t brush his teeth.” They decide it may not be such a good idea to all be together like that so Boogie sits down. Will says Marc and Howie will be shocked to see James in sequester; he says James will walk in and say Janie won veto by stealing the doll and cheating and that Chill T lied to him, there will be no love there for Chill T. All the people at the jury house are there because of us.

The feeds switch to James and Dani in the gym room and Dani saying “next week it will be me or Erika winning HOH.” James corrects her and says “Me, you or Erika…” Danielle and James think the editors won't show James calling Janelle a liar because she is Americas Choice. James also says they won't show Janelle "selling out her alliance for 4 weeks." Danielle says Maggie never looked bad on TV. Danielle says the live feeds are the truth and they (we) know. Danielle says “The thing with the viewers is they root for the underdog.” James: “They didn't root for me when I was the underdog last year!”

9:00 PM
Dani and James are still in the gym room. Dani says she isn’t worried about Janie, even is she is good at competitions. Dani says “Let's be honest, her first HOH was given to her. Her second HOH, was basically people eliminating each other and the third HOH, was a redo. Then in the first POV, Jase hands her the pillow, the second POV, you guys were just not smart and the third POV was all luck, because I knew all the answers I just couldn't find the freaking doll. James said ‘it was producer’s choice’. Danielle says ‘I'm not going to go there’. Dani says “LOD is tight; we don’t lie to one another.” James says “then why did they throw me under the bus to Janelle?” Dani says “I think they needed a buffer.”

Dani tells James that Erika over heard him talking to Janie! She says that Erika heard everything; including James talking about putting up Erika. James keeps saying ‘oh f***!’ Dani told him there are only 3 places to have a conversation; the work out room, the HOH and outside if no one else is out there.

Outside Will tells Janie that he wants Dani to go next week. Then he will tell Erika that he wants Janie gone the week after so that Erika will throw HOH. Then George will be next, and then he (Will) will drop out, leaving Boogie and Janie in the F2. Janie says “so if I go home next week are we still splitting the…?” They talk again about a money split (in code of course). Will says he would NEVER do anything illegal or unethical (with a hint of sarcasm), but he might be interested in investing in a business with Janie after the show. She might work for one of his businesses as an "advisor" and get compensation for that.

11:00 PM
Outside Will tells Janie that winning the show didn’t make his life nay happier. He said “I got to do things I wanted, I got to buy a condo, but it was like hell on earth.” He thinks maybe they should ask if anyone else wants to walk with them so no one gets suspicious. Will then asks Janie if things work out with her boyfriend if she will move with him. Janelle says he lives in Detroit, they haven't discussed that. He talks about Erin and her profession. What she does is very specific, it’s a very small niche, she can’t do it in LA, only in New York. Will says he would love to live in NY, but he is established in LA and would need to start over if he moved; he isn’t sure yet what they will do. He says in NY he won’t have the celebrity clientele that he is building.

George, Boogie, Dani and Erika are also outside playing cards.

Now that Will and Janie are done walking and working out, it’s time to eat! She says she make a salad and some chicken. Will wants to make grilled cheese and says he will make her one too. In the kitchen Will says “no one is around here right? I want to do a DR with you Janelle. I wanna do something funny, did you guys never do that? My season we'd always do that…” Flames.

Will, Janie, Dani and Erika are all in the kitchen cooking and eating and making food. Erika and Dani separate the M & M’s into color groups to play poker with them. Janie finishes making Boogie his grilled turkey and cheese, and poor George on slop comes in and says “Aw, Boogie has a sandwich and a Budweiser.” Once everyone has finished their business in the kitchen, they head out to play poker (sans James). Janie wins and declares herself a ‘card shark’. Boogie says “Now watch, the next HOH comp will be set up like a poker game.” They all laugh (especially at the thought of them gearing the game towards Janelle..LOL).

1:00 AM
The poker game is done for now and everyone kind of breaks up. Boogie and Will head up to HOH. Will says that Janie needs a sign of faith from them. He says Dani is with them now. Boogie and Will are trying to figure out what to tell Dani about voting out James. They want to use Erika as the floater to pass info to Dani. Boogie says that he can get Erika to what he needs her to do. They need Erika and Janie to vote James off. Boogie says that Erika will definitely vote for James to go. Will says that Janie will most likely do it. Boogie says he handed the doll to Janie in POV and Will explains that handing the doll to her is a small step. They have to make up for Kaysar, Marc and Howie's evictions.

Boogie and Will agree they don't want to tell Dani too soon about taking James out, because she may tell James. Then James will go off on everyone especially Janie. Janie will be under duress from James and might believe James that Chill T is lying to her. Will tries to explain to Boogie that they destroyed her entire group and now want her to join our group. Remember we destroyed all her friends in front of her and she has to work with us now. Boogie is laughing and agrees with Will.

Erika and Dani are in the BY talking and giving shouts to some friends and to Jokers.

Will would prefer that Dani doesn't know about kicking out James. He would rather apologize to her profusely afterwards with some big story about needing to kick out James. Then James will never get to Janie before the vote to stress her into changing it to voting out CG.

Back in HOH, Boogie wants to threaten Janie that if she doesn't vote their way, she will be out. Will says that it is definitely not the way to work with Janie. Both Boogie and Janie are the type who get threatened and escalate it over and over. Will is the type to back off when threatened and tell the other person to cool off, rather than keep it snow-balling into something bigger. They can't threaten Janie or else she will turn on them.
Will says something about how Boogie needs to continue his showmance with Erika and he (Will) will continue his with Janie.

Will says that if he and Boogie make it the final 2 he won't even answer their questions, he'll say ‘what? You want to talk to me? Vote for Boogie, I don't even care!’ Boogie told Will that he trusts Erika WAY more than Janelle and Will tells him he trust Janelle way more. They each are debating which woman to trust more and aren't really seeing eye to eye here. Will says “This week we are deciding to bring in Yoko Ono...is it Janelle, Erika or Danielle? James is Ringo Starr and we are voting him out. We’re the Beatles, I’m Paul McCartney and you are John Lennon...we just need to know who Yoko is gonna be.”

Will thinks the best thing to do is tell Dani that James was passing info to Janie and double dipping and he had to go.

2:00 AM
Outside Dani is talking to Will saying “Janelle will NOT win HOH, she won’t!” Will says “Janelle is indestructible, she's a robot...” Dani: “No, she's LUCKY!” Will: “Well, yes she's human...” Dani: “No, she’s LUCKY!!” There was uncomfortable silence and Erika decides to go to bed. Will now tries to convince Dani that Janie is after Chill T. Will says that Janie is so confident that when he was walking with her, she just told him that when she wins HOH, she will put up Chill T. Dani doesn't care how confident Janie is because she (Dani) will in HOH.

Will is trying to let Dani know that he caught James talking to Janie in a conspirator way. He didn't hear anything, but he said James looked like a kid caught doing something. Dani says that they need to have James work with Janie to get info from Janie and to focus Janie's hate on Erika.

Janie comes outside now and the talk turns to food competitions. Janie said if there is a food comp with gross food she can't do it. Dani says “you did it in your season.” Janie: “Yeah, but there was a lot of people left I didn't want anyone mad at me, I don't care now.” Dani and Will looked shocked she said that and they laughed. Janie says “well at least I’m honest.” Dani: “Yeah that you are.”

4:00 Am
They play cards outside for a while then Dani heads off to bed. Will asks Janie if she's having a better time this season or last season. Janie says that she liked last season better. Will tells her that he is hurt by that. Janie wants to know if Will is really mean in his good-bye messages. Will says that he is mean because he doesn't sugarcoat things. He's not like Erika; acting like its too bad the person is leaving. Janie asks if Will will be mean in his good bye message to her. Will tells her that he won't be doing a good-bye message to her because she isn't leaving.

Will asks Janie what she will do once he goes to bed. She says “sit out there alone like I always do. It sucks.” Will asks her if she does Jedi drilling and she replies, “Not alone.” Then she fires a couple questions at Will, but it fizzles. Will asks Janie if she wants another glass of wine and she answers that she would rather have a back massage. Will says that he can't do that because of the way it will be edited. Janie says that Howie used to give her back massages. Will says that Howie was just a weird guy.

Will wants to go to bed. Janie tells him to go ahead. Will tells her it's 4:30 and she is nuts, he then asks her to come and watch him brush his teeth so she does. They are in the bathroom talking about shirts Will tried to bring in; one said ‘where is my key?’, another said ‘I want a showmance not a homance (for boogie)’ another one had Julie’s picture on it and a saying on it. Then we get flames.

Will says “this is the week we have to win HOH.” Janie: “I know.” Will says he has to go to bed. Will gets up to leave then tells her it's really fun working with her “like really fun.”