Good Morning Jokers and welcome to your Tuesday recap of the live feeds. Sorry for my semi-absence last week, I had a bit of a health crisis but things are back on track and I am happy to be writing your update for Today, Tuesday August 22, 2006.

James seems to be the first and only one up today by 10am. He showers, changes his batteries, then comments on how he lives with pigs. [Don't feel to bad James, they probably have a few names for you as well.] He plays with himself... I mean he plays pool by himself and then gets something to drink from inside then goes to sit on the red couch. Everyone else is still inside sleeping. Dani is up about an hour after James and is prepping to shower when James comes inside. James whines about CG vacuuming late, whines about noise last night, whines about the temperature in the WR. [Dani should serve him some cheese with all that whine] They are soon joined by CG and Boogie.

Boogie and Dani have a little game talk outside in the BY. Boogie tells her that Will thinks James should go. He hems and haws but does everything short of telling her to vote out James this week. She tries to get him to say it directly, but he tells her he can't tell her how to vote. James joins them soon and their conversation stops. James says when CG leaves they need to have a meeting about getting people to clean up their sh*t. CG is apparently sleeping in the shower [?].

Erika and Dani talk game in the Red Room. They both agree they cannot trust James. They know where they stand with CG but who knows with James. They decide if James is gone, Janelle is truly alone and has no one to team up with. [Sounds like they are just trying to find the rationale to vote out James so they won't feel guilty.] Dani suggests they try to make it a tie and make Boogie decide. Erika continues to push for voting out James. The hamsters get sent outside for a lockdown at around 1:30pm. While outside they try to find if Will has a maid at home. He says no, doesn't trust anyone around his stuff. They wonder why he is so messy in the house then. Around 2:30pm the lockdown is over and they are sent back inside. Nothing obvious has changed, Janie suggests the lockdown was to feed the tarantulas.

Janie and Will go lay down in the bug room. Playful flirting and lots of whispering. Will wants to turn off the lights, Janie says she is pretty sure they [BB] won't let him. More whispering. James and Boogie are in the kitchen. James seems to be cooking something, Boogie is doing dishes. CG and Erika are in the BY near the pool. Erika talks about her casting jobs. She says she might have a job lined up after the show. CG says that is awesome. He seems fairly calm and mellow. CG talks about his family, his wife, his daughter who finished college. He thinks Erika will like his wife. His anniversary is coming up on Sept 2 [Happy Anniversary CG and wife!!]. CG washes the windows outside, while James and Will work on a craft project in clay.... a message to all of us I guess.... "Eat a d*ck" spelled out in clay. [How sweet!] Erika makes a Mr. Bill out of clay. Erika seems concerned that some people think she threw the PoV competition. James and Erika play out the Mr. Bill Show with her clay figure and the toy plane.... which of course crashes into Mr. Bill...well we all know how that ends.

Dani goes outside to get laundry from the dryer, James attempts to tutor her in how to fold towels... three fold... blah blah blah... [Sorry when James starts in its like listening to the teacher on a Charlie Brown cartoon.] James and Dani talk. James says he wants to win HoH this week, he is tired of being a pawn. They talk about previous seasons, previous challenges, studying up for HoH I guess. Erika joins them. Dani and Erika try to explain to James about "Lost" and how he is like "Sawyer". James asks "So is he like an entrepreneur?" [Yeah James, that's it exactly] They are playing cards in the BY now. CG is baking. . He and Erika talk about options with slop, what he can do with it... needs sugar, needs to stay more regular etc. CG suddenly remembers and announces "Oh yeah, I have James in the oven!" Erika laughs and wonders if putting hgs in the oven is not against the rules.

George and Erika talk in the kitchen about relationships. Erika talks about her ex cheating on her. CG says his wife is a good, hard working woman and he would love to take her on a helicopter ride. Will plants his seeds with Dani, saying he caught James and Janie talking strategy. He says that Janie told James she will nom CT if she gets HoH. He says James is double dipping, safe if CT wins HoH, safe if Dani or Erika wins, safe is Janie wins. He has no incentive to win an HoH himself. Dani asks what Will wants to do about James, he says he doesn't know. He doesn't want to go crazy, just expressing his concerns. Will and Boogie talk, Will says Janie wants him to stay up again tonight, so he will stay up with her again. Likens Janie to Sea biscuit and riding her to the end.... Boogie plans to make nice with Erika, plans to tell her she is his final 2 choice. Will ends their chat by asking Boogie "You know your goals? You gotta bang Erika, tonight!" Boogie says Yeah, I know, no problem. [Gotta love their confidence!!]

Wine is flowing, hot tub bubbling, a roach runs across the kitchen floor and CB may have added Mr. Bubble to the hot tub. [Sounds like a standard BB night :D] Janie, Boogie and Will talking in the kitchen as they start doing tie dye. They talk about who they want gone, prepping for HoH. Boogie asks Janie if she is drilling Will...Will smirks. Janie says he is getting better. Will and Janie talk and walk. Janie says she would like to be his friend after the show, he says he thinks they will be good friends after. Will and Janie spin their fantasy tales as they walk the BY. At one point Will invites James to join them on their walk but James does not want to interrupt, Will says it is not an exclusive walk. Erika and Dani play pool. Will and Boogie get called to the DR together. The rest are signing the shirt that CG made. Erika goes looking for Will and Boogie and cannot find them. Will and Janie toast to the start of a long friendship.

WARNING this portion of the recap contains material which may be inappropriate for children under the age of 14. Parental discretion is advised. MA14 rating!!!

Boogie and Erika take a bath in the HoH bathtub. Lots of kissing, Erika climbs on top of Boogie and starts rubbing her front against his.... all slipping and sliding and soapy.. [ok, zip those pants back up!!!] Erika closes the bathroom door, gets back in the tub... laughing, kissing, flirting. Erika says Boogie is a good kisser.

Back in the G rated portion of the house, James is raggin on Janie again, to Dani. Blames her for Kay, Howie and Marci leaving. [Again as always with James, when he whines and complains it starts to sound like that teacher on the Charlie Brown cartoon...wha wha...wha wha wha...] James complains about how Janelle turned on her alliance in week one. How she was to blame for everything. [How Janelle slept with Hitler. How Janelle was the one that got thirty coins for betraying Christ... oh sorry, got a bit carried away, Just like James!!!]

Back to the Boogie Bubble bath festival. Erika turns off the lights in the HoH bathroom and there is more giggling and smacking. Then flames! [Woo hoo. they set the place on fire they were so hot... oops] No such luck, they just got yelled at by BB to turn the lights back on, so they are again in the light, making out. They are wearing swimsuits and sunglasses, but they are getting very friendly and very frisky. Boogie starts trying to talk game to Erika, but apparently Erika is doing something under the water that has him very distracted. Then one of his hands vanishes under the water as well. Boogie yells out "Oh God, Kelly Clarkson!".

Just as Erika takes her other hand under the water and it promises to get really good for our feed watchers.... Janie and Will arrive and interrupt. Dani shows up too, drinking yet another glass of wine. They ask about all the wine... Boogie says its gone. Sorry. Some awkward silence.... Boogie starts to make a comment about what his and Erika's hands have been doing.. Will cuts him off and the three interlopers leave. Boogie and Erika move to the HoH bed, making out, kissing, spooning. Camera zooms in on a bottle of lotion next to the bed. Things are getting hard and heavy, then Boogie starts farting and creating a dutch oven in the bed. Suddenly the talk turns to weather they should stop or not.... America is watching after all. Boogie tries to assure her... the lights are off. Erika says "Hi Mom" to the camera. Sadly after a while they both just fall asleep... gas got in the way, ruined the mood.

Will and Janie seem to be looking for everyone else. They got into the HoH, ask if they are asleep, then leave giggling. Will and Janie decide to take side by side showers. They talk while showering. Will says if he is still there in two weeks, he will let her cut his hair super short. Janie ask "You would give me that privilege?" Will comments they had a nice talk tonight, glad they are on the same page. He says that was on the funniest DR I have ever had. Janie says yes, it really was. Will asks her how long she has felt that way, she says about two weeks, he says really? Flames!! More cryptic talk between Will and Janie, making sure she will recall this as their august 22nd talk. Next they are playing cards in the BY. Will says he is not going to get weird about it, but he liked what occurred. Janie says she is too, she is glad they talked. Will asks "Really?" She says "yeah". Will wins and Janie says she doesn't like it when he goes out so fast, wants to learn some of his tricks. He says she taught him to play, so if she doesn't like his tricks, its because they are hers.
Erika wakes up, starts kissing on Boogie. He gets up to pee, comes back to bed. She gets up, goes to his side of the bed, learns over and kisses him and then leaves to head downstairs to her own bed.

Will and Janie continue to play cards, talk and drill each other for the next HoH. Will assures Janie that Boogie is just schmoozing to get info with Erika and would vote her out in a second. He has no deals with her. They talk about plans, who wins HoH, who gets put up, what to do if one of them is put up. They play footsie a bit. More strategy talk, references to the talk on Aug 22. They laugh. On the last hand of gin, Janie says she wants to bet a secret, the loser has to tell a secret. He agrees. She lays down her hand. He takes her head in his hands and whispers something to her. She says that is not a secret. He tries again, she says she already knows that. He tries a third time and this time she just smiles at him. There is a mention of them [Will and Janie] going on the Amazing Race together. He asks her not to tell Boogie because he might be upset. More cryptic talk about giving someone what they want and getting what he wants. Will asks Janie if she can live without sponsors, just one someone who adores her. Janie says that is what she wants, just a regular life. Talk about how no one spoke to CT for the first two weeks, so when Jase approached them, they were happy to have him join them. A bit more talk then Will heads off to bed. Janie is up a while longer, reading the bible. Shortly thereafter, between 4 and 5am, they are all sleeping.

Wow, What a day! We have had it all, drama, comedy, love, romance, tragedy. This has been an amazing day and hopefully we will eventually completely understand this August 22 talk reference. Well folks, I am out until next week, keep watching and posting.