BB attempted to wake HG’s up with some music. Will groaned and pulled the covers over his head. Flames..


Boogie is in the storage room. George and Erika are up as well.
George and Boogie are in the kitchen. George says he doesn’t mind it sometimes, but other times he would like a drink. The other HG’s party and drink a lot, but since George is on slop he can’t. Boogie says that George handles it well, because of his demeanor. George goes to take a shower and Boogie gets called to the diary room.

Will and Boogie are in the back yard. Will tells Boogie that he and Janelle spent two hours in the diary room last night. He said he is 100% sure Janelle is committed to Chill Town. He says that Janelle’s only insecurity is if Will leaves is Boogie going to stay committed (to the alliance). Will tells him the words Janelle and he use as a code to splitting the winnings is “Banana bread”. He believes Janelle is ok with that still as well. Boogie asks when that will become a final commitment and Will tells him after next week. Will says that if he wins HOH, Janelle said she will go to a corner and cry. They laugh.

George tells Boogie has lost almost 20 pounds. Boogie says that is great but it is too bad he had to lose it eating cement and particles of dust. They laugh. They continue non-game chat with Erika joining them. George says he has to pack today.

Will and Erika are in the kitchen. Will tells Erika he and Janelle were in the diary room a long time and when they came out they expected everyone to be around and the house to be raging. Erika says she left HOH at 2 a.m. and went to her bed. Will tells her he was up until 4a.m. and she was still in HOH.
Erika is called to the diary room and Will shouts out “Thank you Corey for the extra bottle of wine!”
He asks Erika to tell the diary room they only need about 8 bottles tonight and Danielle needs 6 or 7 bottles.
James: Did you have fun in the DR (diary room) last night?
Will: It was okay.
James: You were in there forever. It was obvious you didn't want to talk to me.
Will ignores James.
James mentions the singing of Will and Janelle last night, says it was so loud, but he understands how he's not supposed to get any sleep in the BB house.


Boogie refers to having sex with women as “going to the nappy dug out” He also said that with all the girls that were here, he thought he would have hooked up with Diane.
James tells he has ruined his chances for hooking up with Diane because of he and Erika in the house. Boogie:” Oh no this would turn her on, make her want to hook up all the more.” He also says he wishes they had younger “chicks” in the house that would put out.
Boogie said that he didn’t go all the way with Erika, but there was some Nicole and Will action. (Referring to BB2)
James says he knows everyone has the different girls, for example if your girlfriend is always busy on Thursday nights; you have the other girl who always happens to be free on Thursday nights. He says he was dating three girls at once before he met Sarah.
Boogie is surprised that James sounds like a player.
James says he can't tell these stories because Sarah got mad last year because of all of his stories. Boogie says, "Dude are you married to this girl?" James says, "No, but I am very happy with her...and she has all my bank account information, credit cards..." They all laugh.
James tells a story about three girls he was dating at the same time, one was engaged. "Safe Sex Only" he said.

Meanwhile Janelle and Will are in the bug room. They discuss Danielle possibly getting a clue that James is leaving. Will said that Danielle asked him who he would go after if he got HOH. He told her Janelle because Janelle is after him too. Danielle told Will that she would go after Erika.

Danielle is called to the diary room. Boogie, George, and James are playing cards. Erika can be heard in the background off camera. Erika says something about Danielle being upset when she walked by her.
Boogie tells James his (James) big toe is long and freaky. Boogie:” Look at that thing, it’s like a beast!” George tells Boogie he likes that saying.(Like a beast)

Will and Danielle are in the bathroom talking about James. Danielle is clearly upset. It looks as if she has been crying. Will tells Danielle he isn’t getting crazy or anything, but he is worried about James. Says James throws HOH’s because he is safe. Danielle tells Will that she can’t let them vote James out. “You can’t do that!” She assures Will that James will step up and win stuff. She says she will threaten him to start winning stuff. Will tells her to talk to Boogie before she talks with James. He says that Boogie gets nervous with James because James is going to float side-to-side depending on who has the power.

Danielle, James and Janelle in the kitchen. Danielle offers Janelle and then James some of her eggs. She is cleaning as well. James is cooking. Danielle goes outside still with her sunglasses on. She sits alone crying quietly. A few minutes later James joins her. She tells James he has to win HOH. She says they need to call Dr.Zachary because she is ready to throw in the towel. She would rather be in Mexico sipping margaritas. (Sequester) Danielle tells him not to put Janelle up directly. Put Erika and one of Chill Town up. James says that S6er’s could be in control of the game now if they had put Chill Town up weeks 3 and 4. Danielle doesn’t understand why S6er’s thought Jase had an alliance with Chill Town. She says Jase was a man of his word. James says he was giving information from the S6er’s to Chill Town. He goes on to say that when he got Jase out the other S6er’s promised to go after Chill Town the next week.


Will walks by Erika and asks if she is totally committed at voting out James. She says yes. He then walks up to Janelle and tells her that Erika told him to look outside because James and Danielle are out there and they are totally together. Janelle and Will both go to separate beds to go back to sleep.

Erika is washing dishes and practicing possible HOH questions to herself. She then sits down at the dining table looking at the HG photo wall, whispering to herself. (Probably still practicing HOH questions)

A few minutes later the HOH camera arrives. Erika takes it upstairs to the HOH and takes a picture of Boogie in bed. She then takes it outside where James, Danielle and George are at and starts taking more pictures. Will has come outside as well.
Danielle takes a picture of Boogie, George and James in the HOH. James says, “Here is one with me and my executioner (boogie)”(ed. Note. He has no idea!!lol)They all laugh.
George says he didn’t get that stuff with his HOH. (Camera, HOH blog etc) (ed. noteHis HOH only lasted about 24 hours)

Will shouts out “Give Erin (Brody) some love and tell her Daddy is just making some money!”

Danielle and James are outside playing cards. She tells him she is nervous. She tells him that if Chill Town votes him out she will go after Chill Town, but in a round about way so they don’t know what hit them. She also says “With out you here (James) what will Janelle do?” Danielle tells James if he leaves that she will join up with Janelle.

Will, Boogie, and Erika are practicing HOH questions. Will pretends to be terrible at it. Erika leaves to go join Danielle and James outside. When she gets out there, the “game talk” stops between James and Danielle.
Also noteworthy is that when Erika leaves the HOH room, Boogie and Will continue practicing for HOH questions and Will is doing very well at it.


Janelle is asleep in the bug room. Will is folding her clothes for her.
Will goes into the kitchen with Boogie and they continue practicing questions for the HOH.

Erika and Danielle are in the green room. Erika tells Danielle that George told her he really regrets his decision now (not putting Janie up). Danielle says she is mentally disturbed and that’s one of the reasons she first said no about doing All Stars. Erika tells her she isn’t. Danielle says she can’t stop crying all the time. Erika tells her it is an emotional game. Danielle tells her she wasn’t like this in Season 3. Danielle says she is the new Bunky and Erika laughs. Danielle says she needs to see Dr. Zachary because she is losing it. Erika says she was still a bit tipsy when she was doing her good bye messages this morning.
James and Will join the two ladies in the green room and they talk about being drunk last night. Pretty much everyone is in the Green room now except Janelle. They are all discussing last night and how Marcellas would get upset if after a messy competition they would go into the room and get dirt everywhere.
Everyone leaves except Danielle, Erika, and James. Danielle starts singing “All by myself” She says that they should have a “Big Sister” with just girls. Erika says it would be just a bitch fest. Danielle says she takes high offense to that. James goes on to complain about how Janelle is a slob. Danielle tries to defend Janelle from some of James’ attacks against her (Janelle)
James pretends to be Julie Chen saying “So Will, why did you want to win the money?”
Pretending to be Will “Because I was scared to go to sequester!”
They start talking about sex. James says Sarah will kill him for telling this but he and Sarah used to have their mattresses on the floor and during sex the mattresses would be all the way across the room (having been scooted)
Danielle replies” That’s some good lovin’!” James laughs and says Sarah is going to get him for that. (Telling the story)
Will is back and tells Erika she is a very sexual person. James says, “What gave that away? The striptease?”


Janelle is up.
Danielle asks if someone will go to the diary room and ask for top ramen. That is her PMS comfort food. Janelle asks if someone will request mozzarella and ricotta cheese. She wants to make lasagna.
James whispers to Janelle is she knows how the vote is going to go tomorrow and she replies she doesn’t know. He says that Danielle told him that they are going to keep him. That she (Danielle) is still working on it. Janelle acts unknowing and innocent.

James and George are outside. James lifting weights with George spotting him.
James talks about season 6. George tells him from now on it will be brutal. James replies” We’ll find out!”
James:” We all have choices. You said you wouldn’t nominate Howie”
George:” It all came down and happened so fast that I didn’t have a choice. Now it's all like, ok, here are your buddies.... how is this all going to go down? What will be the next move?”
James says I don’t know.
George says he sent Howie a good message.
James says he doesn’t think Howie will be mad at George, but at Chill Town, but George did nominate him. James says, we all have choices George.

Janelle and Will are in the kitchen eating and playing cards.
Erika comes in and Will tells Erika she and Boogie are having a showmance. Erika denies this. Will asks her than what is it. Erika replies what about Will and Janelle’s showmance. Will says he and Janelle don’t bath together and Erika says “Well what about the shower?”
Will says okay, that’s enough and they all laugh.
Will says that he and Janelle don’t sleep in the same bed, but Janelle wants too. (They are joking around) Will jokes that Janelle would “Ho’ him out”. That she would then nominate him and evict him. They are all laughing.

Will says he folded some people’s clothes, including George’s underwear. He tells Janelle he folded he clothes; she thanks him and tells him he is the cutest.

Will, Erika, and Danielle talk about Jun’s weight gain in season 4. Erika says that Jun gained about 20 pounds. That by the end of the season she couldn’t fit into her pants and how they showed her weight gain on the show in split screen. Will says that Howie eats more than any human he has ever seen. They laugh.

Erika and Danielle are in the red room. Danielle is upset and says she doesn’t belong in the game. She says if they would give her money to her she would just go home. She says that her feelings are getting hurt easily and she is not playing a good game. She feels like she is in between a rock and a hard place. Erika says it is a hard decision for her as well (evicting George or James) Danielle tells her she needs to see Dr. Zachary; she is torn and wants to go home. Erika says that the Dr. made her feel better. Danielle feels like an emotional wreck and she feels like Jase, Nakomis, Alison and Kaysar had it easy leaving so early in the game. Danielle is crying still.


Will and Janelle are in the bug room talking game. Will tells Janelle she needs to trust him. That they have to get James out. Janelle says okay. He tells her she can give Sarah all the banana bread (prize winnings) she wants after this is over.(Janelle seems to be feeling guilt over getting James out because of Sarah? James girlfriend)
Will reminds her that James was put up as a pawn to get Janelle out when Danielle was HOH. Janelle thinks that America will hate her for voting out one of her friends. Will said no, they won’t. He says your friends (James) are supposed to be looking out for you. (But James didn’t)
Erika and Danielle are now talking about George and how he knows what is going on in the house, but pretends he doesn’t. Erika mentions that George says he made a mistake nominating Howie instead of Janelle. That Howie was always good to him. They say he doesn’t understand the game and if you get a chance to take out a strong player, you do it.

Will asks Janelle if she is going to continue to live in Miami. She says yes because she likes it there. Janelle asks him if he would ever live in Miami and he says yes he likes it there and it wouldn’t take much for him to get re-licensed and established there.
He says he can’t remember his life outside of BB. It is starting to fade away.
Janelle asks if James would vote with them next week if he stayed. Will says, he and Danielle are after Janelle. Janelle asks why James would come right after her. Flames..

Will says he can turn off his emotions and play the game and she should do that too. He's willing to take the responsibility and the fall for her voting out James. Janelle is worried that James will never talk to her outside of the house again. Will explaining, "it's a game" again and that James came after her so many times. Will, says don't have any regrets about something you did, only what you didn't do.

Back to Danielle and Erika. Danielle says that if Janelle wins this game that she(Janelle) will have an asterisk next to her name because of all of the re-do’s and Veto problems.
Erika says she is still after Janelle (to take her out). Danielle says she isn’t stupid, that is her jugular is exposed she will take a bite out of it. She says if she has any opportunity to take her down, she will. They both talk to each other like they don’t know what the “coup” power was or when it is expired.
James comes in and chats with them a minute. He leaves and Erika says she is having a hard time with the vote. She says she knows that if James had gotten HOH he would have put her and George up. Danielle says if she (Danielle) had begged him not too. Erika says the nominations were immediately made and Danielle would not have had time to talk to him. Danielle says James would have put Janelle up, but Erika says he is too concerned about votes to do that. George joins Danielle and Erika. Danielle is speaking to George about the way he makes his slop. Telling him how to make it better.

Janelle and will are in the bug room sleeping.

George leaves Danielle and Erika and they immediately talk about the vote. Danielle asks why should they keep George. Erika tells her to give her pro’s and con’s about both James and George.
Danielle says the pro with George is that he will never put Erika up. She says that’s about it and they laugh. Danielle says the con’s is that yes, he won’t put you up but he also will not put up your nemesis (Janelle) none of his decisions are rational; he almost cost you (Erika) the game when he was HOH, and he ruined their game (by his not nominating Janelle) when he was HOH.
She says the pro’s with James are he won’t put Danielle up. Back to pro with George is that you can beat him in competitions, but he did beat Danielle in a competition. Erika says that’s only because she froze (Danielle) She says con for James is that if it got down to Erika, Danielle, Janelle and him in final 4, James would put up Erika and Danielle if he got HOH.

James tells Boogie that he (James) should be staying (no evicted) with a vote of 3-1. George says no 4-0.

James and Boogie are now outside.
James - If chicken George stays, than there will be too many people out for blood to even consider nominating him. If Janelle puts him up, it's a waste. If I go, Danielle won't want to put him up, she'll be coming after you guys. I think that's what Erika wants. If Chicken George stays it will be war.
Boogie - Just look at the...we lined up for the veto last week and look down the row and he's standing over there hosting and I was like, what is he even doing here.
James - Like him not putting up Janelle because of her popularity.
James - I don't know because I don't have a family.
Boogie - You shouldn't be here if that's a consideration for you.
Boogie - Thing is if that dude can eat slop for 60 days, how long do you think his mother f***ing ass is going to stand on a log or whatever
Boogie - I just won't be motivated enough to do it.
James - Someone will just think they can beat him later. Then that's when he pops out the Keyser Soze shit and he wins. That's when I'd have to vote for him.
Boogie - Think about how pissed we are, but think about being Howie right now.
James - Before the LOD came up, I told him Janelle is protecting Will and it's going to end up f***ing us and now he's home because of it.
Boogie - You mean Howie?
James - yea.
Boogie - I thought you meant CG
James - I told chicken George that Howie will be more mad at Chill Town than him. But, really his (George) was more personal and yours was more game play.
Boogie - I didn't come in here with Howie. I did lie to him. But, this is what I don't want in the end. I don't want the same old pontification of "played it with honor or your word or any of that shit" because I hate sitting at home and watching other reality shows.

Danielle and Erika still talking. Danielle questions “Why did we keep Will over Jase?” Erika says because Jase was coming after Danielle. Danielle says but Will is such a strong player. Danielle puts her head in her hands and Erika tells her “I had to kick out Kaysar” Danielle says she knows and Erika replies with “It’s your turn”
George comes in and the conversation turns to slop again.

BB calls a lockdown. Everyone must go inside.


George is cooking slop.
Danielle hangs out with James as he showers and she applies make-up.
Janelle chatting with Boogie about the crapshoot HOH, eating some snacks, talking about Xanax, and being bored out of their minds.
Will is sleeping.

Janelle comes down from the HOH and see Will has woken up. She says hi and Will asks her what she has been doing.
She says she has been waiting for him to wake up. She walks down to him and they hug.

Erika, George, Janelle and Will are playing cards at the dining table. Not much talking except about the lock down.

James is talking with Danielle. He says he is done with being a volunteer nominee. He says if he is voted out 3-1 then Janelle is not on her side. If it is 2-2 and Boogie evicts him than he will tell Janelle that Danielle has her back. He thinks he is fine though.(he thinks he is staying) James says to BB to please not give them alcohol tonight because he wants to talk to Erika. Danielle says “Why? I need wine!”
James says he can’t have Erika getting drunk and hanging out with Boogie all night. He tells Danielle there are two beers in he fridge and Danielle asks if he was hiding them from her. He says he found them when he was digging for food. They then begin to trash talk the Internet viewers, making fun of them.

Lockdown is over, but nothing looks different in the back yard.

Will is still with the others and he is imitating BB saying, “Stop that!” “I said knock it off!”
Flames for about 5 minutes.

When feeds come back Janelle and Boogie discuss his hair. They also talk about Erika and Danielle being angry and depressed.

Danielle and Erika are still in the red room. Danielle still talks about her emotions and she is too sensitive. Erika suggests that they not drink tonight because alcohol is a depressant. Danielle says she needs to drink tonight.

Janelle goes outside to work out with Will.
They flirt a bit and both go inside.


Janelle and James are playing cards.

Boogie and will are discussing the votes. They talk about Danielle and Janelle’s reactions to James being evicted. They are confident that Janelle will vote against James. They talk about how emotional Janelle and Danielle are in the game. They say they are stabbing people in the back, but so is Danielle. But it is personal to Danielle and she is crying. Boogie says he would rather play George in the final 4. Will says if they can get the two of them in final 3, they are golden. They are worried about Janelle and Danielle talking though. Will says his motto is deny, deny, deny, and place blame elsewhere. He says to use that if Danielle confronts him. They agree to have a discussion with Danielle about the James situation. Boogie is worried about the changing dynamic after James leaves.

Janelle comes out and Will starts teasing and poking her. Boogie can’t wait until BB is over and they can all hang out, drinking bud. Janelle goes back in.
Boogie says that Janelle has met her match in Will. Boogie says that the finale with the three of them will be fantastic. Janelle appreciates their personalities, they like that.
Janelle back out, reports where the others are.
Talk about how they are being portrayed, whether Janelle brings their image up or will they bring her down?
Says that they're going to be portrayed as the Evil Dr. getting a soft spot and saving her.
Talk about popularity, Internet support. She likes it, Will doesn't really care.
She asks who has the lowest popularity, aside from Erica. Will says James for sure.
Janelle worries about what people will say about her alliance?
Boogie says that the edit will be that her alliance got thrown out so she had to join the unlikely alliance.
Boogie says that he's planning on telling Julie Chen that Will, Boogie and Janie are taking it to the end.
Will says in his good-bye message to James that he says that a teacher never teaches his student all of his tricks. Will says that James complained about the way Howie acted when he was evicted so James will go out quietly. Janelle goes inside again.

Will thinks that Janelle and George are America’s choice. He says (Will) he loves the Internet and wants America’s choice. Will works out 20 minutes 5 times a week only.

A few minutes later Janelle and Will start running in the backyard., Boogie is lifting weights and George is in the hot tub. Janelle and Will are talking and laughing as they run. They finish running and Janelle walks by herself. Will comes back out a few minutes later and they start running again. Boogie goes into the pool and then comes out and gets in the hot tub with George. Will tells Janelle he wants to go in the hot tub in a bit.

James and Erika are in the bug room. James asks if he has Erika’s vote. Erika says that she promised George that if he put up Howie or Janelle that she would have his back.
James tells her that he thought that because he was keeping her safe all these weeks that she would return the favor. Erika tells him she doesn’t know what to do. James tells her he will go after Janelle, because of a lot of broken promises. Erika says she is leaning to keep James, but she wants to talk to George and Danielle first. James says he wanted to talk to Erika before Will; he doesn’t want it to be a tie. James starts to leave and then comes back and tells her he has 2 more good reasons she should keep him. It is either James cooking or George’s. He also says he has been sleeping in the red room (George I think he is referring too) Danielle comes in and she and James hug.
James leaves.

Danielle tells Erika she is going to vote to keep James. She says he will go after Chill Town. She says that Chill Town thinks she has their back, but she doesn’t.. Danielle is working Erika to keep James.

Janelle and Will are talking. Will tells Janelle everyone’s reason for being back in BB. He says that Erika is obsessed with the game. Danielle wants to make up for losing BB3. James came into the house with a chip on his shoulder. James wants to justify his life for Sarah. That they all noticed how unhappy he was and wasn't enjoying the game or the people. Will says James never let's his mind relax and there wasn't enough time between last season and this one. Janie says that's especially so, because of James being back doored last season and he can't get over it. Janelle says he was backdoored because he lied to everyone and no one could trust him.
Janelle says they all talked and compared notes and found out that James lies. Janelle says he lies about stupid stuff, like his job and his age last year. Will says, "Yeah, like that really matters. You tricked a dude! What a tricky ruse." Will says James will regret his time here

Danielle now thinks that this week’s nominations are an elaborate plan by Chill Town to keep James.
She thinks that will cause Janie to go after her and Erika because of their votes...or something like that. She keeps repeating "2 - 2" in reference to the votes...saying that will prove it. (Not exactly sure what she means by this) Erika doesn’t think so. Erika says she needs to give her vote for George to stay. Danielle is still trying to push Erika to vote against George. Danielle says her gut tells her to keep James. She tells Erika to sleep on it.

Danielle announces to the Internet people that to those that hate her can “Eat a big fat juicy dick!”


Janelle asks Will if he will hug her if she wins HOH. He asks if he can do that in private. She says no one will congratulate her if she wins HOH. He tells her that he will do what she wants if she wins HOH. Will asks where her boyfriend is taking her after BB. She replies that he has probably broken up with her by now, he is watching the show. She says if he hasn’t broken up with her, she will probably go to Detroit.
Will: “I'm sure things will work out for you in the way they're supposed to. But you don't have to worry about that. You're so unique and special if anyone doesn't see that they're stupid.”
Will tells Janelle that Boogie knows he can’t get the votes at the end against George or Danielle. He says Boogie can’t win against anyone except maybe Will. That's why he should bring you to final two, then he can have some banana bread (ref to splitting money)

Danielle to Erika “This whole time we have been going after Janelle and who has been the brains?”
Both say, “Will!!”

Will tells Janelle that Boogie had the coup and could have told Howie to get up and replaced Janelle in his place, but didn’t.

Erika tells Danielle she has to keep George because he won’t put her up. Danielle tells her he is dangerous. Erika says that she has to talk to him NOW. She wants the truth. She leaves to go find him.

Boogie informs Will and Janelle that Erika and Danielle are having a meeting with George. Janelle says “Why now? She's been treating him like sh*t all week and now she's going to act like she is going to "save" him? That makes me ill!!"
Janelle and Boogie say it is so annoying that Danielle is always trying to control everyone and everything. They say it is stupid she has been crying all day for nothing. Janelle says she is going to walk in on them and say, “What’s up?”

Before George comes into the meeting with Erika and Danielle; Danielle informs Erika that Marcellas was going to vote her out (Erika). Danielle tells Erika that Marcellas was going to scumbag her.
George is there now.
Erika: There's a level of trust amongst the 3 of us.
George: Just get it out!
George: Let me clear the air...I got really wrapped up in the game that it almost sent me over the end. I lost control over what I was doing. (Not eating, not sleeping, etc)...I've opened up a new perspective in the game. You've gotten to know me, I go with my heart, what's it going to come down to is...I know that people who need the money...that's what I'm going with...I understand certain things that I lost focus on and have been sorting it through my mind...how's this money going to turn around someone's life? I lost touch with that...
Janie comes in and busts up the conversation! Janelle goes to the red room and opens the door and says hi and asks what they are doing. They say "oh nothing, just talking." Meanwhile, Mike says Janelle is ballsy. Janelle lies to Danielle, George, and Erika and says Mike and Will are in the gym together talking. She quickly leaves.

Boogie says Janelle’s got balls! (For walking in on them meeting)
Will says She’s in check!
Will says that they are like the Beatles. “I'm Paul McCartney, you're John Lennon, Erika's Yoko Ono, and Janie's Heather Mills! She's gonna take all the money and divorce me!”
Janelle comes back and tells Will and Boogie what she did. Will asks if they were having a serious talk and she says they were. Janelle says she said "Maybe I should leave, this is uncomfortable" and laughs. Will says its fleas on a dying dog. Mike says whether its 10 or 4 votes, they won't stick their neck out.
Will talks about the fact that there is only one winner. The game will get ugly soon.
Janelle says that Erika will vote with the HOH. Will says you don’t have to tell Boogie that.(as in Boogie knows) Will says it was a good thing they took out Marcellas when they did. Janelle sys “yea, good for you guys.”

Meanwhile George is trying to get Erika and Danielle’s votes for him to stay. He says after the votes tomorrow, he will see where he will go. He says that he isn’t happy with someone (but he won’t say who). George leaves. Erika proceeds to tell Danielle that George is mad at Janelle because she wanted Chill Town out and now she is buddies with Will. According to Erika he doesn't want to say that out loud because he doesn't want the Internet to know. Erika’s gut tells her that George could win this game. Danielle tells her she is crazy.

Will, Janelle and Boogie are talking game. Will tells Janelle that if she wins HOH, don’t hug Chill Town, hug the girls. He says he and Boogie will then later come up to the HOH and talk to her. Janelle wants to tell them “Bye Bye bitches!” Will tells her no, they aren’t the nerd herd, she needs to be nice and fool them. Boogie says he is going to tell Erika she needs to throw the HOH competition. He is going to give Erika a sob story and tell her to let Will win the HOH. He is going to tell her that Janelle has the eye of the tiger and she might want to stay out of the way. Boogie says that Danielle is crying to set up the jury, because she doesn’t want it to be like BB3 and the jury.
Will goes over their assignments for tonight. Janelle needs to tell James that she hates Chill town. Janelle says she already did and Will says perfect! Boogie’s assignment is to not be buddy, buddy with Janelle and Will tonight. Will tells Boogie to tell Erika to throw the HOH competition so she is not a target, Boogie says he did talk to her about that in the tub last night. Will wants Danielle out. Boogie and Janelle again talk about Danielle crying every time someone is evicted. Boogie asks, “So if George leaves next week, is she going to cry then?” They agree they need to get Danielle out as soon as possible.
Boogie asks Janelle and Will to go to bed by 2 or 2:30 a.m. tonight for a change.

Back to Danielle and Erika. Erika tells her she’s sorry, but she needs to get James out because he is too crafty. She goes on that James will vote for Danielle to win because he thinks she is the best player of the game.

Will tells Boogie that when this is all over they can go ask for forgiveness at a church. Will says he is well aware that he is the most evil person on television.

Janelle comes into the backyard and starts spoon-feeding Will ice cream. Will takes it and starts to feed her. They get up to go inside to finish making a pizza they were making.
George and Boogie are left outside. George wishes he had done “Deal or no deal” instead of BB. Boogie starts asking George questions, but George is very evasive about his answers.
Boogie points out that they are running out of targets. George says that Danielle and Erika were talking about whether to vote for James or George. Boogie tells him he is perfectly safe because Will and Janelle are voting for him to stay, and Boogie gets to break a tie.


Boogie is talking to Erika now. He makes a comment about the two of them in final 3. Erika is concerned about if she should vote out George. Boogie says Danielle has been getting to her and that they need to vote James out. He says that next week if Danielle gets HOH she will put Chill Town and if Will gets Veto he will save himself. Erika tells Boogie her loyalty lies with him. (Boogie) He tells her that he wants to only vote against George to be Danielle, that way if George gets HOH he will go after Danielle. They can tell George that Danielle was the only one who voted against him.

Meanwhile Danielle says something about Boogie. James says he is going to go off on “her” and “she” is a pathetic little f!ck. He says he can’t wait to nominate her next week, she is a horrible actress. (It seems like her is talking about Erika)

Janelle and Will are still cooking pizza. Janelle says that Holly called her after the show last year and they are friends. She says that Holly told her to watch out for Diane, because Diane was crazy. They finish eating then go outside to play cards.

James and Danielle played a game of pool and Danielle won. They go over to the couches to join the card game.
Boogie talks about the wake up call this morning to the card game people. He says it was a song by Michael Jackson and the lyrics said “you can ride the Boogie” followed by the rubber ducky song definitely eluded to his tryst with Erika last night. Everyone laughs. Boogie goes on to talk about when he did his HOH blog. He tried to do something on the computer but “some guy” took over the keyboard and typed, “Please do not do anything but type on the computer”. He said it was freaky.
Boogie talks about one of his co workers hiring escort services. Janelle has been in the diary room.

Janelle comes out of the diary room and tells them they got wine and beer. Danielle dashes off to get it.
George is going to ask if he can have a cheeseburger and a beer since he is nominated anyway. Everyone tells him to go for it.
He comes back a few minutes later and said that the diary room told him they would put in his request but he doesn’t sound confident about it. They are still playing cards in the backyard.
Boogie asks that no one request Pizza for tomorrow night because he wants them to get Sushi for them.

George does a toast (he has water, everyone else wine) He says that this is either James or George’s last night here and he just wants to thank them all and they are all in his all stars book. He says thank you all for accepting him into their group. He asks James if he wants to toast and James says no. George then imitates Will’s “I hate you all” speech and starts laughing. Will says he wants to get drunk and Janelle says she will get drunk with him. They laugh about what it would be like to go to sequester with Howie and marcellas.
Flames off and on as they all sing.


George goes to the backyard and tells them he is not allowed to have the burger and beer.

George is in the hot tub alone (ed. Note. Poor George)
The others are playing cards, laughing and having a good time. Playing poker, assassin, talk about the game clue. James called to the diary room. Singing a song they made up. They tell Will to stop singing or BB won’t give them alcohol anymore. Boogie is not drinking because he says he is still hung over. Janelle and Will being very flirty with each other.
Janelle “I can’t do it with out Howie, my memory is gone(winning HOH)”
Will “Well, can’t I be your Howie?”
Janelle” I’d like you to be”
Will “I’d like to be more than that”


Will is lying down on the backyard couch. Janelle goes inside and tells Boogie that Will is depressed. Boogie says that Will has been in such a good mood since Janelle has been hanging with him. Janelle goes back outside and chatting with James, Danielle, Erika, Boogie and Will. They talk about nicknames.

Danielle has given James a beer (from her stash she has hidden) and he asks her where she got it and why it is shaken. She snaps at him “I just gave you a beer, so don’t give me a hard time!” He chugs it and Danielle goes to get him another one. Again he asks where she is getting it and she doesn’t answer. James is loaded, he drank the beer in 4 or 5 seconds.

Boogie and Will are playing pool. Will says that she (Janelle) can’t keep her hands off him. It’s crazy! Boogie asks him if it’s annoying him. Will says of course not, don’t be foolish. Boogie says you’re lucky you’re not me, I hate it! Will winks at the camera.
They complain about the quality of beer and wine they get. Boogie complains that a 29 yr old tells him how much alcohol he can have.

Janelle keeps feeding Will more alcohol. She has joined them to play pool.
Janelle to Will “I love how you rub chalk on my pool stick”
Will “I’ve met my match”?
Will asks her if she has ever met anyone who’s flirt game is better than hers. She said almost. Janelle is flirting with Will a lot.

Will hits a ball and it goes off the table. They all laugh.
Will: I was robbed! It's not my fault. I've been working out.
He walks over to Janelle as Boogie shoots, gets up really close and then turns away.

James is drinking away and telling stories. A lot of chatting between everyone.


Will says he is drunk and needs a pillow barrier between he and Janelle. He is now sharing a cigarette with Janelle and Danielle. He jumps on top of the pool table. Danielle asks him what he’s doing and he says he is training for HOH!! (lol) BB tells him to “Knock it off”

Will “Gimme a cigarette!”
Janelle lights one up and hands it to Will who takes a drag but doesn't inhale. Will passes the cig to Danielle and back to Janie.
Janie: Let's get in the hot tub!
Will: Only if Danielle will get in.
Dani: Let's go!

They all go change to get in the hot tub.
Janelle and Will are the first ones in. James gets in the hot tub and he is wasted drunk too. The other are in now as well. George is walking around the yard. Will says he see’s no reason why they ladies couldn’t take their tops off. Danielle gives him a weird look. (lol)
James and Will start spitting water at the girls. Will then does a mini canon ball in the hot tub. (Boogie is not at the hot tub) We get flames.

When the feeds return Erika is giggling and putting her arms around Will. He tries to get away. James does a cannonball in the hot tub. They chant for George, but he has gone to bed. They splash water at each other.

Boogie is asleep upstairs. George also in bed.

The others go up to Boogie’s HOH to pester him. They ring the bell and knock on the door. Boogie ignores them, but they are yelling for him to wake up. They are banging on the door singing “Wake up! Betcha can’t sleep” outside Boogie’s door.(which is locked lol) They all leave except Danielle. She finally follows them down back to the hot tub.

Janelle is on the outside sofa. Will says he just played footies with someone and he doesn’t think it was Danielle!(thinks it was James lol)
They all tell Janelle to come back to the hot tub. When she says no they all start singing “You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’” and we get flames.
Will throws a fake fish line to her pretending to catch her. She brought her cigarette to the hot tub. Will says, “I’ll never smoke that cigarette Janelle. Quick! Bring me that cigarette!” Will smokes it.
They continue having a good time and singing here and there. They play spin the bottle. Janelle has to kiss Will, as she plants one on him he seems to pull her underwater. He seems to be upset when they come back up. He says “No, seriously, stop kissing me” Janelle seems upset and say okay. Then there is an awkward silence between them all. Then they decide to get in the pool after they decide not to play anymore. But I should note here that as Janelle got up to go run into the pool. Will was still sitting down, as Janelle was walking by him; he reached up and put his hand on her thigh.

Will tries to use a bench to jump off of into the pool and we get flames so BB can get onto Will. We come back from flames and Janelle is in the pool alone, everyone else is in the hot tub again.

Will calls for a group shower. Danielle says no, she’s married. James says he won’t shower with girls. Erika is agrees to do it.
Janelle is still in the pool alone. She looks sad. She finally re joins the hot tub people.
The hot tub cover fell and hit Danielle and James. Danielle says her head hurts. She goes into the house and takes a shower. James goes inside as well.

Will again calls for a group shower. He says” Cleanliness is next to godliness, and that ain't no spool of lies!”
Will “Erika, I am Janelle’s boy toy.”
Erika says she knows, she likes watching it. She says she needs to go take a shower.
Will “No, don’t leave us! I’m serious, don’t leave us yet please”
Janelle” You’re scared of me Will?”
Will “I am scared of you”
Will “I can’t be in here you, you’re in love with me, or at least you’re very attracted to me”
Janelle” why do I have to go through this day after day? I’m not in love with you, I’m not attracted to you, just get over it."
Will “there's over 15 Internet viewers begging...BEGGING..."
Janelle “I understand if you don't want to be friends with me, fine."
Will “Don’t play that with me."

Erika has left. Janelle and Will are alone in the hot tub. Will tells her to stay on her half and she stay on her half of the tub. Janelle asks him why he is acting so weird tonight.
Janelle keeps putting her hair back in the water. Occasionally saying hi to Will. He doesn’t say anything. Will whispers the “secret” to Janelle then scampers to the other side of the hot tub. Janelle says he didn’t even let her respond before he runs away like a bitch!(lol)
Janelle is thirsty and Will pours some water from a jug into her mouth. He says, “That’s hot!” and laughs. Janelle says he is acting weird. He tells her she intimidates him.
She says that's not true. Will says he feels like the friendship boundaries are being blurred and it’s making him uncomfortable. Janelle says they aren’t and Will acting weird makes her uncomfortable. Will says they are friends. Janelle agrees. The sit next to each other and look at each other silently for a moment.
Janelle: No, I don't love you Will! (She stands in the hot tub and puts her hands on her hips) I barely even like you.
Will: Janelle, if that is your real name, I think you more than just like me.
Janelle: I hate you? Yes.
Will: I think what happened is your hate for me came full circle
Will: What are your chances of loving me?
Janelle: Zero. (Her hand is resting on her arms over the hot tub, back facing will)
Will says, "you're beautiful, you have a magnetic personality, you're smart... and you're great at POV, what's not to love?"
Janelle: You're smart; you're handsome and funny, what’s not to love? You're just a normal guy.
Will: Joe Schmo
Janelle: Exactly
Will: You see guys like me everyday of the week
Janelle: Twice a day
Will: 14 times a week
Janelle: Mmhmm

Will says “sweetie” please don’t fight with me, I hate it. She calls him a jerk and he says “Do you hear that?”
She says what? Will says, “That’s my heart breaking” She yells no, it’s not!
They decide to take a shower and get out of hot tub.
Janelle goes inside and Will jumps in the pool. Danielle comes out and Will yells to Danielle that she has to keep Janelle away from him because she is trying to have a homance with him and kick him out! Will says that Janelle wants to win HOH and kick him out and he believes her. Danielle says that Janelle isn’t coming after her because they have a one-week truce. Will expresses his concerns about James. Danielle says don’t pull a Howie on her, if James is going home he needs to tell her.

James comes out and said the DR wants to talk to him. Will asks what they want and James says he doesn’t know, but the guy sounded perturbed. Janelle and Will have gone into the diary room together.

James and Danielle are talking and James says this is great; I am staying and winning HOH. He says he will put up Boogie and Erika then Janelle. Danielle asks where Erika is and James replies “Upstairs with Boogie, sucking d!ck!” Danielle tells him to stop saying those types of things.
James says the diary room guy was so sick of him he told James why doesn’t he go to bed. James says tomorrow they get 9 beers and James is chugging them. James says he tricked Janelle and Will by telling them both that the diary room wanted them in there. Danielle leaves.
She goes to the bathroom, talking to herself. She says “Sorry Sarah” She is blow drying her hair.


All houseguests are asleep except Janelle and Will, who are still in the diary room.


Janelle and Will finally come out from the diary room and prepare to take a shower. (Separate showers) They are out and whispering back and forth. Janelle tells Will he was making fun of her. Will tells her he is going to bed and she says okay. He asks if she is still mad at him and she says no, she isn’t. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and goes to bed.

Janelle finishes her shower and goes to look at the memory wall. She then goes to the backyard to smoke.


Janelle sitting on the bathroom couch eating cookies and reading the bible.
At 3:33a.m. Janelle goes to bed. All houseguests are sleeping.

How will James handle his eviction thursday? Will he calmly leave or will it be dramatic like Howie's eviction? It will be interesting to see, considering James disaproved of Howie's exit. What about Will? I think his "true" feelings towards Janelle are just as confusing to we viewers as well. He seemed upset that Janelle kissed him on the hot tub. Yet, when she got up to leave, he reached up and touched her thigh(for no apparent reason). What will Danielle do when James is evicted. Will she change her target to Chill Town or stay focused on Janelle?