Big Brother Recap 8/24/06

The snake slithers away while the chicken and princess await their destiny!

Erica was the first person to wake up this morning at 11:15. BB then played some music to wake everyone up at 11:20. James woke up in a cheerful mood. James got Danni alone and told her that he wanted to stay and play the game. That he now wants to have a good time, hang out and win some nominations.

Will and Boogie grab a few seconds alone and talk about their “showmanship”. Will and Boogie talking about leading questions they ask in DR Boogie says they ask him if its real or fake. Will say his questions are more like are they playing you. He tells Boogie that after the last few days he is 100% sure that Janelle is not playing them. Boogie says he hopes he is right. Will ask him if he can say the same about Erika and Boogie says he's not 100% sure.

Danni interrupted their conversation and Will tells her that they are evicting James. Danni got upset and told them she was upset but they had to do what they had to do.

Erika and Danielle had a long discussion in the gym. Danielle told her how upset she was that James was leaving, her discussion with the shrink, how alone she feels etc. Erika listened well and grunted every few minutes. She let Danni release her tension.

Big brother played music throughout the day so we the feed watchers got flames a lot throughout day.

At about 3 pm Danni finally tells James that she her gut tells her that he is leaving tonight. James took it ok. He wanted to stay but said he was taken out by the best players.
Danielle kept crying telling him she didn’t want him to leave. Danielle was emotional and James was very supporting of her. Told her to join with Janelle and take out Chill town. He also told her to cry in the diary room and don’t let chill town see her cry. Danielle said that she will take Will down. That he won’t get away with this. James tells her not to trust Erika. Once Will was gone Janelle will protect her.

After extensive flames most of the afternoon the feeds returned at 7:36 right before the live show. We see James begging Boogie to keep him. Boogie said the coup was no longer valid and he didn’t know what to do. James really pressured him. James called Will in and made his plea, James kept saying he will get Janelle out no one else will. James also told them if they evict them that they will lose Danielle. Will replied that he is trying to make a good show and left. Poor Boogie listened to James some more and tried to tell him nicely that they just can’t trust him and his double dipping. Finally Boogie said it was 80/20 that if it was a tie he would go in James’s favor. With 13 minutes left to the live show we see James pacing before the feeds are cut.

The live show then starts. First we see Marcellas entering the sequester house. The place is huge and very nice on the ocean in the tropics. Marcellas commented that he will enjoy his alone time this week and that he hopes Howie is not the next evicted player to join him. After being in the house 24 hours, in walked Howie. Marcellas screamed! As they walked around the house and watched the tapes it was very obvious that Marcellas was very annoyed with Howie being there.

Next was the eviction. James got voted out with at 3 to 1 vote. He left fine and with some class. However as Julie interviewed him he still denied leaving S6 and getting another alliance before S6 screwed him over. He actually said to Julie that he didn’t know what show she was watching!

After the HOH competition Erika was the last one standing. Erika is the new HOH.

Julie then announced to us (not the houseguests0 that Next Thursday there will be two evictions and two people walking out the door.

Once the feeds returned we immediately see Erika celebrating. Will was stating how he will take the blame for the last three evictions.

Boogie and Will talk briefly. They said that they thought she will put up Janelle and will both agreed that they needed to get Janelle the POV so she can take herself off and vote with Boogie to keep Will.

We then hear Erika tell Chicken George that she has his back. (so maybe she will nominate George and Janelle)

Boogie and Danni have a heart to heart in the gym. Boogie tells her that he trusts her more then Will. Danielle wants to know why Janelle voted out James. Boogie kept saying Thank God Janelle did not get HOH. Danielle tells Boogie that she is not happy with them two guys but she was still with them. She also said to Boogie that “Will’s ass is mine!”.

Danielle and Erika talk briefly on the fly, Erika said she was nominating Janelle and George and if someone comes off she will put up Will. She wanted to make sure they are both on the same page.

Danni grabs Will into her office (the gym). Here is that conversation:
will "Janie is going to RUIN my life" (said twice)
will says he'd rather be safe than sorry in sequester
Danni "I’m telling you he (James) had your back

will "I’m sorry he had to leave, I’m sorry for your loss"
Danni & will "its a game"

Will tells Danni "boo is always number 1, you are always #2"

After Will leaves Danielle he finds Janelle in reading the bible. He tells her what he just said to Danielle. Explains about how they are going to make sure she gets the POV. Janelle thinks that both her and Will will be nominated. Will then explained how her getting POV will be so important. Janelle then apologized for not getting POV and said it was her third one in a row. Will said it was his 21st who cares that they have this week covered. Will then said next week if they are all here it will be them three against Danielle going for POV (guess George does not count). They then go outside to walk.

Danielle joined in their walk and they talked about books they have read. Erika hearing the conversation joined in the walk. Since they were talking about VC Andrews books, Will liked the conversation because it was about incest.

Erika gets her HOH room with a flower motif. Everything is flowers.

Will tells Boogie to try to show Erika that Danielle is a bigger threat to her then Janelle. Boogie does not feel she will buy it but will give it a try. Willis pushing for Danielle to be the replacement nominee if someone comes off.

Erika and Danielle have a conversation about Chicken George. Danielle Is mad and frustrated because she can’t control him and does not know what he is up to. Erika agrees with her. Danielle mentioned that he was going to win this whole thing. That everyone said they would vote for him at the end and she can’t believe it.

Will tried pushing Janelle to go to HOH and suggest girl talk and then suggest the girls team up against the guys. Janelle does not like to lie and give false impressions, she rather just win the POV. Janelle hates being fake!

Janelle approaches Erika and congratulates her on her HOH. She asks her if she wants to get alcohol and got to the hot tub. Erika agrees. They look for the alcohol and find none. Erika said to BB that if they give her alcohol she will give them sex scenes, sex sells she said, then she said I am promoted as sexy Erika.

Erika talks to Chicken George and tells him he is going up as a pawn. She tells him they need Janelle out of the house. That even if she wins POV he will still be safe. George said OK and asked what her long range goal was and Erika said she was playing week to week.

Boogie rang the doorbell to get into the HOH. Erika was in there alone in her bikini; Boogie asked her if she wanted some alone time she replied no she wanted some Boogie time. So the showmanship began again. After their smack session and Erika hanging all over them Boogie gets down to business and they have this conversation:
Erika, "I’m putting up Janie and CG."
if one of them gets the POV, then obviously Will is going up.

Boogie, "you wouldn't put up Danielle?"

Erika, "don't we want to send Will to the jury?"

Boogie, "well not yet. You have your selfish reasons, and so do i. if Janelle wins POV..."

Erika, "I HOPE not, but she probably ***** will."

Boogie, "honestly...HONESTLY...what is your relationship with danielle?"

Erika, "well I have you, but...what else was I supposed to do?"

Boogie, "would you rather keep CG over will? Okay, CG isn't good at competitions, but neither is Will..."

Erika, "Will was perfectly okay going to the jury..."

Boogie, "not with six people left. is Danielle totally off limits?"

Erika, "well no, but that would be totally scum bagging."

Erika, "are you okay with sending Will to the jury?"

Boogie, "I’m not ready to let him go this early..."

They then go back to their teen make out session with Erika on top of Boogie sucking his neck etc. Erika said in-between smack sessions that if she finds out that Boogie is playing her she will kill him.

Meanwhile on the other feed we had Janelle and Will. Will said: Will: My future in this game is dependant on Boogie's ability to showmance Erika... And that's scary because he farts on her on a regular basis. Will then said that if worse comes to worse he will go to sequester. Janelle responded for him not to say that , she did not want to be there without him.

While Boogie works Erika with his skills Will and Janelle are being supervised by Danni in the back yard. She does not leave them alone for a minute. They all finally give in and go to bed. At 3:25.

What will tomorrow bring, Erika for sure will put up Janelle and Chicken George. Boogie will continue to work her to replace POV winner with Danielle. Danielle will continue to supervise the Janelle and Will “friendship” and Chicken George will eat his slop and play pawn again!