Big Brother Recap 8/25/06

Erika debates removing her only ally Danielle! While the busy “bees” keep pollinating her doubts.

Erika and Boogie were the first two up this morning at 9 am. Bb woke everyone else up at 10 am. Danni commented that they were building something massive outside. She said it will be fun and nice food competition.

At about 10:40 we get flames then when the feeds return we see Will in a bumble bee outfit complete with tights and antenna! Boogie was also dressed as a bee, George as a bird, Janelle, Erika and Danni were flowers. The object of the contest was to suck up water with the outfits (the bees) and deposit in flower containers to earn food and prizes. We got flames during the competition but once the feeds return again we hear the houseguests won a trampoline, Chicken George a week’s slop pass, Christmas celebration. As for food they won meat and alcohol most of the week with a couple of days on slop, one of the slop days they also got a catered meal (Wednesday). They all commented on how much fun the competition was. Will was excited for the trampoline which they will have for three days. For wining the alcohol they had to give up the red room so it looks like Chicken George will be snoring with the general army once again.

The first day of slop was today so after the competition the only person that could eat was George, he made himself a nice big steak! (go Georgy!)

Boogie and Will briefly chat and discuss nominations. Will said that if Chicken George and Janelle goes up and someone other then Janelle wins POV he will be up. The plan is to have Janelle win POV and save herself. Then Erika will put up Will and Boogie and Janelle will vote to keep Will. IF Janelle remains on the block then it will expose their alliance with Janelle. Boogie then told Will that within the next two hours he could probably get Erika not to nominate him (Will), but he needs much more time to try toget her not to nominate Janelle.

Will has a strategy session with Erika in the HOH. He asks her plan and she tells him Chicken George and Janelle with Janelle as the target. Will asked her what if Janelle wins POV who will go up, Erika kind of flickered on this one then finally said him with Chicken George going. Will worked real hard for her to put up Danielle, he told her that Danielle is dangerous and no one could beat her at the end. That she is going to nominate Erika and Will and that Erika could possible leave.. She agrees and listens but never said she changed her target. He told Erika he is behind her all the way, he discussed the splitting of the money and how they need two chill town members to be sitting end so they get more money. Erika finally told Will that he will have to go after Danni that she could not do it. Danni breaks up the party and Will leaves. Danni then kept asking Erika why Janelle voted out James. She is perplexed by it.

Janelle and Chicken George have a conversation in the kitchen. They discuss why she voted out James,. She said that he was playing two sides and was not protecting her at all. That he was working on getting her out. (Danni left two seconds too soon and missed this, she wants to know this so bad). Janelle tells George that Howie will be calmer in the sequester house that he will give him a hard time at first, but he still like him. George agrees and said Howie is cool and they will be the Jedi alliance again. George told Janelle to go all out for the POV. Not to worry about the guys just beating the girls. The girls are so much tougher to beat. He then told her about how she's the "whole package", pretty, smart, ambitious, etc...She laughed and he said, "You're athletic" She says, "You think I'm athletic?" Chicken George says, "Yeah, anyone who brings competition gloves into the house, didn't do it to pick daisies out in the garden." Janelle is cracked up.

At about 4:30 we get flames for the nomination ceremony. Chicken George and Janelle were nominate (surprise!). After we hear Danni and Erika talking. Danni once again said how dangerous Chicken George is because you don’t’ know what he is up to. Erika asked her if she wants to vote off George and Danielle replied No way she has to go she is too controlling. Danni said she is a major fan of Janelle’s. That she is a great Big Brother player. She said she wins all the competitions.

Erika propositions Boogie by saying “how about I dress up in a bee suit later so we can pollinate!

At about 7 pm the long lockdown ws over and the houseguests go outside to see their trampoline! Will jumps on and starts breaking the rules (who would ever guess that!).Others have a turn but Will really loves the trampoline and jumps with everyone.

The houseguests starved most of the day. They were anxiously waiting for midnight so they could eat. They only foods they won were meat and alcohol. They checked out the fridge in the SR and it was packed with meat. At midnight George fired up the grill and cooked some halibut and the others started chowing down on the meat and seafood.

Boogie and Will again meet to confirm that they have to convince Erika to put up Danielle as a replacement nominee. That she has to go this week.

Once Boogie and Erika cuddle down for the night to pollinate, they have this conversation initiated by Boogie:

Erika: you or Danielle has to win hoh next week that is imperative.

Boogie saying that Janelle said she will go after him and Will next week.

Erika: did you talk about her (Janelle) today?

Boogie: no she just smiles at me, she talks to Will.

Erika: Janelle has to go this week.

Boogie: you have to be prepared to have Danielle to go this week.

Erika: you really want me to POV her (Jan) and have Danielle go this week.

Boogie: well if you want to talk about it now. she looked at me with this face, she goes, she would put up Erika, she looked at me with those buggy eyes, she was very scary. she could have been playing me.

Erika: she has go to go.

Boogie: she is very scary. she is the one intent on getting Janelle out.

Erika: she cannot beat me in endurance, no one can, maybe Will.

Boogie: either way its going to be me and Will versus one of them and Chicken George next week, I like our chances.

Erika: so wait, if she (Danni) gets it next week what did she say?.

Boogie: I said if you get it, is it Chicken George and one of us, or what. It was like expect the unexpected. (Telling Erika that Danni could put her (Erika) up next week if she gets HOH).

Erika: we could back door her (Danni) if you really think its an idea. We could do it. She (Janelle) definitely did not have to keep me the two weeks that she did, she had Marcellas.

Boogie: the thing is you could say I was going to be playing against Janelle and she dies next week I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t want to be on the sidelines.

Boogie: get some rest.

Smacking kisses.

Boogie: Will is due for an HOH. I feel like he can win one the next two weeks. He is getting better at drilling.

Erika: do you think she (Danielle) threw that? Do you think Danielle threw that. because she had a truce with Janelle last week.

Boogie: I don’t know, she stepped first.

Erika: she did?

Boogie: I guess after Janelle was out she could throw it. but I don’t know, did she trust Will?

Erika wonders why Danni would tell Boo that she (Danni) would take out Erika. When she (Danni) knows that She (Erika) and Boogie have a relationship. Does she feel that safe?

Erika: If I find out that you have been playing me I will kick your ass. Have you?

Boogie: No....
... he flips over in the bed to face away from her.

Boogie: why have you asked me that question two nights in a row? You are scaring me.

Boogie: have I done some Diary Rooms about us, yes.

Erika: you have? What have you said.

Boogie says that he talked about the fake engagement.

Boogie: could you make nice with Janelle? Just in case? Then she would put up me and George. I don’t know something to think about. If she beats me and Will in HOH, we can get her to put up George.

Then they talk about back-dooring Danni again.

Boogie: Will could say I wanted to leave chicken George in the game.

Erika: too bad you still don’t have that power; I could blame it on the power.

Erika: that would be sick I would have to put her up.

Boogie: talk to her (Jan) about it in the morning. Do you and Will talks about the game much?

Erika: yes for an hour today.

Boogie: what’s so funny is that I didn’t start thinking about this until her (Danni's) own mouth brought it up. She broke down Janelle’s strategy, and she is hell bent on getting out Janelle.

Erika: she has to go. She is my tightest ally. but you and Will have to get her out. The thing is we can make a decision that she goes this week, but I’d much rather it be on you or Wills hand.

Boogie: you can say.... make nice with Janelle, and Will can send her home, so it will be on our hand.

Erika: not only do I get to bring CT to the end because they are my alliance but they are fun to beat, really easy to beat.
Meanwhile, Danni, Will and Janelle discuss the past houseguests. Will said that James, Jase, and Marcellas, whether it's through their seasons or something in their personal life, they are all obsessed with revenge to the point where they can't have a good time or let revenge go. They all took everything too seriously. Danielle asks if Will really thought that about Jase? Will says yes. Danielle says she saw things in Jase she didn't think she'd see.
Will says Marcellas' mistake in BB3 has consumed his life. Will thinks it was a bad idea for Marcellas to do all-stars because his only redemption would be winning and that's highly unlikely. Danielle says that's not true. Danielle explains that Marcellas wanted to beat her. Danielle says Marcellas and her have a strange relationship that people don't understand. Where they still like to have each other in their lives. Marcellas told Danielle he wanted to outlast her but came to the game to mend their relationship.

House is quiet at 3:30 with visions of winning the POV dancing through Janelle’s head.

Well VETO tomorrow hope Janelle gets out of bed for it. Will and Boogie will still work Erika to put up Danielle and Chicken George will cluck his way to the finals!