We get Flames. (All HG’s were still sleeping) After approximately 30 minutes of flames we get a glimpse of the HG’s sitting around having their “Christmas” from BB.
Several minutes later there are a few seconds of feeds again and we see Neil Patrick Harris (the actor) on the feeds at the dining table. We get a few more glimpses here and there between flames, including George in a Santa hat, and snippets of conversation.


The feeds are back. Will confirms that in fact Neil Patrick Harris was there. It seems that Janelle got a PSP player. Will seems very happy and excited about what happened. George said it was awesome. We get flames again. But when they return they are talking about Shannon Elizabeth and Kathy Griffin.
Danielle has gone to bed.
Will asks Janelle if she will flirt with him a lot today. She assures him she will.
He then asks the girls if they will put on lingerie and jump on the trampoline. Apparently the girls received lingerie during the “Christmas”.
Janelle says that she was once on “The Man Show” and jumped on their trampoline in a bikini. Will asks her if she will do that for him.
Chicken George received a nice Camera.

Will tells Erika that they should go on the trampoline with just their underwear on. He says that is a fantasy of his. He says clothing is optional. He then tells Janelle that Erika to go on the trampoline with just their underwear. He tells them don’t be weird about it; he has seen naked women before. (lol)
Will: “You couldn’t possibly think I was attracted to you or Erika do you?”
Janelle:” No!”
Will:” Good, because I’m not.”
Will jokes that he could totally sleep next to them naked and it wouldn’t affect him.

Janelle asks him if he wants to try out her new pillow and he says “Yeah!”

BB calls a lockdown. Boogie thinks it will be a short lockdown, just to take the tree down. He wants to play on the trampoline. The HG’s also got a DVD player. They must take all of their electronics to the storage room for BB to hold for them.

Will tells Janelle that before the show even started he said he was going to get Neil Patrick Harris on the show.
Erika tells Boogie that Neil Patrick Harris is gay and Boogie seems surprised by this. Will and Boogie say that Neil Patrick Harris was a good sport. He ate some of the slop and BB even called him in to do a diary room session. He also jumped on the trampoline. (Neil)
Erika goes back to bed.

Will is in bed with Janelle. They are still discussing Neil Patrick Harris and the “Christmas” Danielle and Boogie are also in the room. Janelle tells them that she and Will are just friends. Will flips around to where his head is at her feet. He is sort of cuddling her feet and she giggles and says it tickles. She tells him to get his knee out of her back and he jokes”Oh, that’s not my knee!” (lol) They all laugh at that.
George is in there now as well. He says that Janelle and Will are snuggling so Will gets in the floor right below the bed where Janelle is in.
Janelle says they are just friends again. Will says, “I just can’t, that’s how people get pregnant!” He continues that wait until he gets out and his girlfriend dumps him, then he can sleep next to her. (Janelle)
Will asks George to turn the lights off. He then asks Janelle for her hand. It seems like he is writing something on her palm. BB tells them the lights must remain on. Boogie complains it is Sunday so give them a break.
Janelle asks Will if he is lonely down there on the floor. He says yes, he is but he will stay on the floor. He says he wants to lie there and dream about Neil Patrick Harris! (lol)
Janelle tells him if he gets uncomfortable he can get in her bed and he thanks her.

12:11 p.m.BBT

Will gets up and goes to the bathroom. He then goes back beside Janelle’s bed and lays back down. Janelle turns onto her back and Will reaches under the blanket and they are holding hands under the blanket. It looks like Will is caressing her hand. Janie says to him “You’re so cute.”

Will complains to Danielle the floor is uncomfortable. Danielle says he needs to get the mattress out of the red room. Will laughs saying “I’m not going in the f’ing room!!”(It has seemed like people who sleep in that room have been evicted thus far)
Everyone seems to be asleep now.


Boogie is up and went to the bathroom. He then goes back to bed.
Will tells Boogie that he better not jack off in his bed (Will’s bed), but that Janelle and Danielle are free to masturbate in his bed if they want.

Approximately half an hour later Will gets up off the floor and is not seen on any camera for about 10 minutes. Then he is seen trying on his new clothes from “Christmas”.
After trying on several new clothes from BB, he goes outside to do his laundry.
Boogie seems to be having trouble sleeping as well.


George is up now and joins Will outside. They talk about Neil Patrick Harris again. They continue talking about the “Christmas” while making food in the kitchen.
Erika joins them in the kitchen and they continue talking about Neil and “Christmas”.
They think the day was so cool. Will says his only complain is that the jeans he got were a little big, but he is shrinking them by washing them. They all seem to really like Neil. They say nothing but good things about him.
Erika tells them she had a dream where her head was blown off.
Will “Cool, Welcome to big brother!”
Erika says in her dream her head was blown off by a shotgun.

Will and Erika discuss falling asleep. Erika says she usually needs her TV on to fall asleep. When Marcellas was in the house, she could fall asleep because of Marcellas and Danielle talking. Will says when Danielle stops talking he wakes up! (lol)
Will, Erika and George are talking about this season and their perspective seasons. They agree this season is the best. Erika said but they had real sex happen in the house her season. Will said David and Amanda were ugly though. He says, “If you have sex and you’re ugly that’s just whacked!” Erika said they weren’t ugly, it was just the picture he saw of them was bad.(David and Amanda)
Erika complains about the clothes she got from the BB Christmas. She says they look like they are for a 14 year old. She likes what Janelle got.
Will says that Boogie got a Nintendo and a nice sweater. Will got a scarf. Erika also got a scarf and a towel.
They talk about Neil Patrick Harris again. They say he definitely watches the show. Will says that Neil used the word “showmance”. He wants to get the word patented and tells them how he came up with it.
George got a chicken visor (lol)
Will “I’m going to make a public apology to Shannon Elizabeth. I’m was probably to mean, but I am very protective of Theo”
Will is pumped up and wants to go to the diary room.
Will and Erika estimate that BB spent about $500 on each HG for gifts. They are very excited and happy with the BB Christmas and Neil being there.

Will is playing with some thong panties. Erika tells him they are Danielle’s from the BB Christmas. He laughs, “I’m playing with Danielle’s panties!”
George has gone to take a shower. The rest are still sleeping.
Will is telling Erika about a show he was trying to have VH1 pick up.


Will, Erika, and George are at the table. They are talking about Neil Patrick Harris waking them up this morning. Will says he jumped out of bed with “morning wood” and apologized to Neil. (lol)
Will then tells them about when he went to a theatre and saw the movie “Underworld”. He actually ran into Jack Black in the theatre, knocking popcorn out of his hands.
Danielle is up now.
Will is complaining about the gifts he got and Danielle told him to shut the “hell” up.
George is saving the spoon including the slop, which is still on it for memories he said. Danielle says he can wash it off but George says no. (lol) Will laughs at this.

Danielle asks Erika to join her outside to talk. Erika shakes her head no. Danielle gives her a funny look and gets up. Erika ignores her and seems deep in thought.
Danielle goes outside with Will. She asks him what’s wrong with Erika and Will tells her that Erika likes Boogie but is questioning if Boogie feels the same. He says Erika is 36 years old and her biological clock is ticking. He says he shouldn’t get into Erika’s life.
He goes on to say that being in the BB house makes you question your life in the outside world. They continue to discuss this and go on to talk about Neil and what a cool guy he was.

Janelle and Erika are in the HOH room. Erika asks her if she wins HOH will she put up George and Boogie. Erika says she will vote to evict Boogie and Will would vote to evict George and Janelle can be the tie breaker, evicting Boogie. Janelle says she wants to be responsible for taking Chill Town out. Erika replies with “TEAM JANELLE!” They both head back downstairs.

Back to Will and Danielle outside. Danielle tells Will she is afraid of being in top 2 for fear she will come in second once again. She says she doesn’t want to see her family cry again when she walks out the door another loser again.


Erika has just broken the news to Danielle that she will be putting her on the block. She tells Danielle that she cannot beat her in the final 2. She tells Danielle that she came to win and starts crying. She tells her that she is too strong a competitor to keep in this game. She apologizes to Danielle. Danielle says It’s okay, she understands. Danielle walks away.

Meanwhile Janelle is talking to George. She tells him her mother and she both sell Mary Kay. George asks her if she knew anyone who would want a pink Cadillac and Janelle said her mom. They say George’s wife and Janelle mom should talk at the wrap party.

Danielle is walking around and says to herself that she wishes she had her suitcases so she could pack. She also says she should have kept Marcellas in the game.(saying this to herself)

Janelle, Will, and Erika are hanging around the pool. Janelle tells them she made ham rolls, but then remembers that neither eat ham. They joke that she is becoming Suzy homemaker. Janelle blushes and says she is becoming a domestic goddess. Will responds in a whispered/muttered voice “Like, in 6 months!”

Danielle asks Janelle why she voted James out. Janelle tells her because he was going to backdoor her. She says that James wanted George to backdoor her. Danielle asks if George told her that and Janelle says yes. She (Janie) also says that James threw the POV competition and he was bad at acting like he tried. Danielle tries to defend James that he said he wouldn’t backdoor her, but Janelle pretty much catches her in a lie by saying how would James say that when only she and George knew what he told her. (George) because she didn’t tell anyone what George told her? Danielle tells her, okay that it makes sense to her now. They are in the bathroom. Danielle says the worst thing about an alliance is when they turn on you. They comment about Janelle’s sweater, that it is cute.
Danielle tells Janelle that Erika told her she is putting her up. (Dani) Janelle acts oblivious to this information. She tells Danielle sorry and Danielle says it’s okay, just a game. Janelle asks her is she regrets voting Marcellas out and Danielle says yes, now that she is going she does.
Danielle starts lying to Janelle (obviously trying to get her vote)
She tells her that when she (Dani) was HOH she was going to win the veto and take Janelle off the block! She tells Janelle not to trust Erika and instead of going after Chill Town Janelle needs to go after Erika. She tells Janelle to go with her gut and don’t play emotionally. She goes on to tell Janelle that she will base her jury vote on strategy and not who won the most competitions. She also told Janelle she likes to stir things up.
Danielle says Janelle needs to go balls out and she doesn’t like people who hide behind others. Janelle says that’s why she didn’t vote for Maggie to win. Janelle leaves.

Danielle to herself again “Un-stinking-believable! I can’t believe I am walking out because people are afraid I am going to win! Ya’ll need to call me to the diary room.”

Danielle tells George he needs to trust Janelle. She tells him he needs to work with Janelle and to not trust Erika. Danielle tells him she wants George and Janelle to go to the end together. She continues to tell him to study hard for the competitions. Janelle is there and Danielle continues to tell them both they need to work together. Danielle then forgets that George is on the block with her and asks Janelle for her vote, then realizes (while George is there) who she is up against on the block.

Meanwhile Erika is jumping on the trampoline in her black bikini.

Janelle and Danielle are now playing cards in the back yard. Will and Boogie are working out. After several minutes Erika finally join the other 2 ladies playing cards. George is doing his laundry.

Will has started jumping on the trampoline and asks Janelle to get on the trampoline with him. She says no, because she got hurt yesterday. He gets off, walks around and finally gets Janelle to jump on the trampoline with him.


Janelle is in the diary room. Danielle asks Will if he is keeping her. (Danielle)

Several minutes later Will is talking to Janelle. She tells him she doesn’t know how they convinced Erika to put up Danielle. Will tells her they get rid of Danielle this week, and Erika next. Will tells her he really enjoys playing the game with her. He says he had to get rid of her whole team, but he enjoys playing the game with her. Will calls her sweetheart and she asks why he is calling her sweetheart. He replies “I think you know what I mean, don’t you?” The two of them then show Boogie the new Chill Town handshake.
Janelle goes outside and Will starts to talk to the Internet.
Will “I’m the biggest bastard ever! You don’t want to be in this house with me. Hey Internet, what are you going to do now? What are you going to do now, I am taunting you! They send my personal hero in here, are you kidding me? I'm going to get even crazier, I'm going to evict myself. I said on Kaysar's chat, if you play me you will lose and you will be in pain! Welcome to the terror dome. (Yells)...WELCOME TO THE TERROR DOME!!”
Janelle re enters the kitchen and he stops.

Will talks to George and assures him he is staying this week. He continues telling George that he knows it is difficult for George to constantly be on the block. George says he is used to it. George says that Janelle should be on roller derby. Will says she is a goddess.

Janelle and Will again get on the trampoline, spinning around. Will asks Boogie to please refer to Will as Dr. Delicious from now on in the diary room.
Janelle liked Katherine McPhee on American Idol while Will was rooting for Taylor Hicks.

Danielle and Janelle are talking about season 6 people. Rachel always calls Ivette a “piece of shit” according to Janelle. Danielle asks why she voted for Ivette to win and Janelle explains it was because Maggie always hid behind the other people in her alliance. Danielle says that Ivette cracked her up. Will joins them and asks if he is interrupting. They tell him no and tell him what they were talking about. Will says that Neil Patrick Harris said he stopped watching the show last year because it got so ugly. That he didn’t want to have anything to do with it. That the diary rooms were so bad and he (Neil) is such a huge BB fan that it must have been really bad for Neil not to watch the show anymore.
They ask Will who he knew when the top 20 was announced. He says he didn’t know most of them and when he saw the top 20 he called Monica; but she yelled at him not to call her telling him he knows she can’t talk about it.
Will says that when they asked for his passport he thought they were going to do Survivor and he thought that would be cool.
George joins them and says he didn’t think he would be on the show. He said he thought his odds were 70-1. Janelle admits that she was pretty sure she would be on the show.
Danielle tells George she knew he would make it because they needed someone from season1 and over 40.
They then discuss the people that didn’t make it on the show. Ivette really wanted back in. Eric didn’t even get called. Holly didn’t want back on because of Jase. Will says he knew Boogie would get in because he is a “Wildman” and because of his raps he says.
They talk about the food fight at the halfway party they had and laugh at James getting so mad at food being in the pool when James never even used the pool.
Janelle would like Shannon Elizabeth to come to the BB house. Will says Shannon Elizabeth needs to apologize to him, apparently he says she was rude to he and Theo (a friend of Will’s) He thinks she was rude to him because she is in love with him.

Will and Janelle jump on the trampoline again. They are holding hands jumping. Will accuses Janelle of trying to fall on top of him and putting her tongue in his mouth. They frequently take breaks, lying on the trampoline. Whispering here and there. They do not have mics on. Will tells her she is adorable.

Danielle eventually comes out and sits on the sofa outside. Janelle joins her. They both say they are tired. Danielle says she is waiting for alcohol and the hot tub so she can sleep hard tonight.


Janelle and Will are getting ready for their nightly run.
Danielle has snuck behind a sofa in the backyard to smoke. She is trying to hide, but the camera has a perfect view of her smoking.

Janelle and Will are doing their walking. Will tells her that Boogie is tired because they worked so hard convincing Erika to put Danielle up and it was harder than they thought it would be. Danielle joins them walking and they talk about the alcohol they get. They also talk about Neil again. Erika and George are on the back yard sofa’s talking and Boogie is on the trampoline.


The alcohol has arrived now. Boogie is in the hot tub; Janelle, Will, and Erika are on the sofa in the backyard drinking white wine.
Danielle is hiding again behind the sofa smoking.
Will says the two worst lies people have ever said on BB was when Scott said he was football player, and didn’t need the money and When James said he was a teacher. He wonders why James would say that. They tell him because he could say his real job was an interrogator.(lol, he wasn’t an interrogator, he was a security guard!)
They talk about Jack being in the FBI and he never should have told them that.

Danielle is in the hot tub with Boogie and George. She is talking about Marcellas and house calls. The others are on the couch talking about drinking and different alcoholic drinks.

Boogie tells them stories. He tells a story about calling social services on some people and taking their dog to the pound. He also tells a very sexual related story about his friend Vance which George seems to be uncomfortable about. It was graphic.
They continue to talk about dogs, pets. Etc.
General chit chat amongst several different HG’s in the hot tub and on the sofa’s. Nothing significant.


Will leaves to take a shower. Janelle and Erika still talking about pets.

George and Danielle are still in the hot tub.
Danielle is hurt that Erika is going to nominate her. That if it was BB3 she would understand but this time she's hurt. She expected more. She’s an emotional player this time, but she’s going to walk out the door because of her, someone she has been loyal to. (So Dani says anyway)
Danielle: I'm telling you this, and I'll probably tell her. Know that George. It's not personal, but what she's doing is a dumb move. Know what I mean. Dumb move. She's doing it to appease other people. (Danielle has been drinking beer from a wine glass)
Danielle: I hurt. You should have let me go the first week. If I had known that she was going to do this to me, I would have been so happy to walk out that first week. She's kicking someone out that basically had her back. Period! It's a dumb move. It's not personal. If she had kept me around I would have had her back. It would have been me, her and you (George) in the final 3. The fact that she's kicking me out now hurts.

George: that's why I had to talk to you

Danielle: that's why I'm telling you. It hurts. That's why I didn't want to do this show. It's so emotional. (She is crying)
She is crying and repeats herself a lot. Saying she is hurt that someone she trusted lied to her. She says Erika will not get her vote. She said that George needs to take Erika to final 2 and he will win.

Will is done with his shower and is chatting with Janelle and Boogie outside on the sofa’s. Nothing significant.

Back to George and Danielle at the hot tub. She says that Erika threw the spider web HOH in order to put Danielle is harms way.
Danielle “Jason (BB3) is my heart. He makes me a better woman.” She is still crying.

Now Danielle is trying to get Chill Town in the hot tub with her, saying she is “drunk as hell!” She is being very confrontational and belligerent in demanding that they get in the hot tub. They turn her down and she replies, “Don’t make me call out LOD!” and “Then eat a dick!”
Chill Town takes off upstairs to hide out from a drunk Danielle. They tells Erika that Danielle is very drunk but they don’t know how because they didn’t have that much booze. Erika asks if they are scared and they say yes they are. They continue to discuss Danielle and not telling her she is leaving because it will make a better show (on Thursday). They don’t want her mopping around all day.
Will “Dani has a phrase called scum bagging. I call it playing the game.”
Erika says Danielle is crazy.

Danielle again starts talking to George. She tells him if he can make it to the end she will make sure the jury votes for him to win.

Back to Will, Boogie, and Erika in the HOH room.
Erika about Janelle “So you have a fucking four leaf clover shoved up your ass, so what!!”
Erika says she is surprised people haven’t figured out she (Erika) is with Chill Town.
Will says that people just think Erika and Chill Town have common enemies. He continues that he tells people he wants Erika out all the time, just to throw them off. Boogie again wonders how Danielle has gotten so drunk tonight. Will says that Danielle is just horrified she might leave. He says she thinks she has worked so hard. Will continues that he feels perfectly comfortable getting Danielle out this week.
They discuss that Janelle cannot be in the final 4 because of how good she is at competitions. Erika tells them that Janelle said is going after Chill Town. Erika tells them that if George wins HOH he will not put Janelle up, he will go after Chill Town.
This pisses Boogie off and he starts calling George a “fucking idiot!” Boogie continues “If he fucks up this game for us I will freak out!” They continue to discuss George and Boogie is sincerely angry that George would put Chill Town up.
Janelle comes into HOH and Erika says “Hey pretty girl”
They tell Janelle that they are up there avoiding Danielle because she is so drunk.

Boogie asks Janelle about her boyfriend. He asks if he is a starter in football and Janelle says yes. He asks her is she will tell him who it is and Janelle says yes. They go to the bathroom so Janelle can tell him.

Back at the hot tub Danielle has been lecturing George on strategy and what to say to the jury in order for him to win the game. She tells him that he needs to tell the jury that he kept Janelle around because she was a huge target for the others. He kept her to keep the target off himself in the game. She tells him several times that this game is about strategy, not popularity. She tells him he needs to listen to her and tell the jury what she is telling him to say. She is telling him how to answer jury questions and not to say he didn’t have a strategy or say I don’t know. She says every answer he gives to the jury needs to be about strategy and he will win. She gives him a few specific answers he needs to tell the jury. She is discussing this stuff with him and repeating a lot.


Janelle and Will are sitting together in the love seat in the HOH. Erika and Boogie are still there as well. They have been making goo-goo eyes at each other. Having staring contests and flirting quite a bit. Blushing a lot (both of them) as well. Erika watches them and giggles at them. (Ed. Note. This was not in the updates forum. But I was watching this part of the feeds during this time. While flirting and giggling at each other. The camera panned down their bodies slowly, as it did Will had his hand laying on Janelle’s leg/thigh for a few seconds then moved it.)

Will decides he is going to bed. As he gets up to leave he says they will have to excuse him as he is semi-hard. Boogie, Will and Janelle tell Erika good night and leave the HOH room. Will asks Janelle if she will tuck him into bed. She says sure. He asks Janelle if they want the “same things” and she replies yes. He says “A little or a lot?”
She says “a lot!” He says “Really?” and she says yes.
They go to the bedroom and decide to play cards, sitting up on Will’s bed.
Will tells Janelle that Erika is into Boogie, but he is not much into her. He says he told boogie to sleep with Erika tonight so they could stay in good with her still, but he isn’t. Janelle says they are so mean. She says “Is that what you are doing to me?”
He smiles at her and says, “Yes”(jokingly) and then looks at her and says what does her instincts tell her? (In a way that he is trying to tell her no he isn’t using her.)

Erika has come outside. Danielle calls Erika out. Erika replies that she hasn’t even put Danielle up yet and she is already showing her true colors.
An argument ensues!! The drama has now began!

Danielle: Whatever! It hurt me that you even considered me. I had your back - I had your back. You betrayed me. You won't get my vote.
Erika: I know I don't have your vote. I thought you would respect this was a game.
Danielle: I thought we had a different kind of relationship. Stupid me for believing you!
Danielle says if Erika sends Danielle out then Erika has no one.
Erika says she can't beat Danielle in the final two. Dani says that's bullshit. Dani says Erika handed Danielle the spider HOH. Dani says she hates the fact that she trusted Erika because she had her back. Dani says she looked Erika in her eye and made a promise based on her family and now she is going to walk out of the door Thursday. Danielle sounds drunk. Her voice is raised and she is slurring slightly. Danielle says if Erika nominates her then Erika doesn't get Danielle's vote.
Danielle: You can beat me in the final 2.You gave me the spider competition.
Danielle: I hate that I trusted you.
Erika: I did too until other people told me you made pacts with other people.
Danielle: It doesn't matter because I had your back. I told you and promised on my kids. I had your back.
Erika: I'm not going to beat you in the final two.
Danielle: Whatever. I don't believe it. I gave you my heart.
Erika: I gave you my heart.
Danielle: It is what it is. You will not have my vote.
Danielle repeats herself a lot. She is very angry and yelling sometimes. She also cries throughout the argument.
She tells Erika several times or tries to say a few times that Erika was her Jason, and Danielle was Erika’s Jack. But slurring messed her words up a few times.

Meanwhile Janelle and Will are done playing their card game and tell each other goodnight and get in their separate beds. Will tells her “There are so many things I want to talk about and I can’t. It is so frustrating” It looks like both are going to sleep.

Back to Danielle and Erika as the arguing continues…
Danielle tells her she would be okay with it if it was Janelle or Chill town sending her home, but it hurts her that Erika is doing it.
Danielle: But I completely believed in you and it hurts. It really hurts. I would do anything for you. You hugged me in the HOH competition and said I was completely safe. I played that POV for you.
Erika: I played it for you too.
Danielle: You couldn't have because you were thinking about me as a replacement nominee. You are making a grave error. You are going to nominate me and I'm going home. You're going to have nobody else (in the game). You do what you gotta do. You cried and said you couldn't beat me in the final two. I got played.

Meanwhile George has been sitting close by listening to them, not saying a word.

It continues still…
Danielle - look at me Erika, look at me when I am gone on Thursday you are by yourself

Erika - oh my god (silent)

Danielle - I had your back this doesn't make sense I looked in your face and said i had your back I am your jack you are my Jason and your going to put me up, I am crying in the dr. I would never have done this to you ever. EVER!! You should have got rid of me week one. I am going out the door on Thursday because of you!

Erika - I haven't done anything yet

Danielle- oh please Erika you cried over there Erika you CRIED!! (Raising her voice)

Danielle - I thought you were my Jason but I am alone in this game - based on what you are going to do, never did i thought (thought not think she is drunk) you would do this i had your back completely, now I am going home because of you! You will not get my vote, get that? You will NOT get my vote!

Erika - nothing is done

Danielle- whatever

Erika - why do you keep saying whatever

Erika- Aren’t you here to win this game

Danielle - I’m not!

Erika- your not?

Danielle - no not at this point
This continues for several minutes with Danielle arguing the same points over and over. I will not bother to put more, because the argument is too repetitive.
Erika finally tells Danielle that people have told her things Danielle said behind her back. She found out that Danielle was working with other people. She won’t tell Danielle who or what was said specifically. Danielle says she was planting seeds by doing that. She is now begging Erika not to put her up. Erika gets up and leaves.

George goes inside and looks at the camera and says, “Okay reality fans. If you’re thinking of going on a reality show in the future, don’t!!”

Erika goes to wake up Boogie and tells him she needs help with Danielle. He kind of blows her off and tells her to wake Will up; he is better at these things.
Erika goes to wake up Will. She tells Will he needs to talk to her. Will gets up and he tries to get Boogie up, but he won’t. Will and Erika go to the HOH room.
She tells him what was going on with she and Danielle.
Will is saying that Danielle is a bad drinker...was yelling at them earlier.
Erika says she can't do it...George has to go home.
Will says that they can't think that way...Danielle needs to go...don't play emotionally...no one can beat Danielle at the end.
Erika says this is very hard for her...Danielle is hysterically crying.
Will says it doesn't make sense because Danielle has said she would come after Erika...she needs to go.

Will: What she does is talk to you for, like, five hours until you finally give up. She plays on your emotions.
Will is breaking down Danielle's game - how she manipulates everyone.
Will keeps telling Erika to be strong. Danielle is doing this to break Erika down.
Erika says Danielle is crying so much. Will asks what she's going to do if George starts crying more?
Will is trying very hard to get Erika back on track.

Meanwhile Danielle has gone to take a shower.


Danielle goes up to the HOH room door and starts ringing the doorbell. Will and Erika go completely silent, not answering. Danielle continues to ring the bell, knock on the door and call Erika continuously. Danielle is relentless for several minutes continuously banging on the door, ringing the bell and calling Erika. Will and Erika go into the HOH bathroom to get away and talk. Will says Danielle has lost her mind. He says she is crazy and the last thing Erika needs is to let Danielle in the HOH. Danielle has pressed her finger on the doorbell keeping it there and it is ringing continuously.
Will tells Erika “She (Danielle) is nuts!! Let her do it all night!”
Danielle pounds the door with her face leaning on the door saying, “Erika, let me in. Erika open the door!” She jiggles the doorknob trying to open the door.

George and Boogie are downstairs’ looking up and watching Danielle.

After quite some time, Danielle finally gives up and goes outside. Boogie goes into the room where Janelle was sleeping and tells her about Danielle. Janelle and George both go outside where Danielle is at, smoking.

Meanwhile Erika tells Will she hates to see someone so desperate. Will decides to sleep up in the HOH room to prevent any more Danielle ambushes. Erika says that what Danielle is doing is called “emotional blackmail”. Will agrees and says she will be doing it tomorrow as well. Will says how dare Boogie talk him into doing the show and then he is not dealing with things. Will says he's most annoyed with Boogie today...he got them into this (BB) and is just sleeping. "If I wasn't so afraid of Dani, I'd go get him."

Outside Danielle is telling Janelle that she will not give Erika her vote. Not for personal reasons she says but for “strategical” reasons. She repeats this many times. Danielle continues her rant while Janelle and George sit there saying nothing.

Erika tells Will she is not changing her mind (about putting Danielle up) but she doesn’t want to deal with Danielle. Will and Erika are lying in the HOH still discussing Danielle and what she has been doing tonight.
Will “You know your life is crazy when I like Janelle more than Boogie!”
Will asks Erika if he can hold her hand. Erika put her hand behind her than got up to go to the bathroom. After a little more Danielle discussion Will said, "This is kind of nice, actually. For you" Erika laughed and said "Dr. Delicious"

Danielle is still ranting outside with Janelle and George. She says if those two knuckleheads (Chill Town) are in final two it is going to be a very hard decision for her. They have played the game. She says that Chill Town is the Rob and Amber of BB All Stars.

Meanwhile Erika and Will are still holding hands. He tells her “If this is uncomfortable for you, you can move it”
Erika “My hand?”
Will “Yea”
But neither moves their hand. Awkward silence. Erika breaks the silence with, "Isn't this bed comfortable?" After more talk, he says, "Goodnight, Erika." I'm glad to have met you. You are someone who makes this more tolerable."

Meanwhile Danielle has finally decided to go to bed, while George and Janelle decide to make fish sticks. When Danielle leaves George asks Janelle what is going on? She tells him that Danielle thinks she is going home, so she is going nuts! Janelle admits she thought Danielle would wig out a lot sooner than she did. They both agree that they want to stay out of all this “Craziness”


George and Janelle continue to talk about Danielle. George tells Janelle what went on outside with Erika and Danielle. Janelle and George do their Jedi drills (study for comp’s)
Janelle says that if she won she would give some to her family, car upgrade, real estate investment and traveling. They talk about Janelle’s boyfriend and her family. They think the veto ceremony will be very interesting tomorrow.
At one point George tells Janelle that Will is shady and they don’t see what he is really like.
George wants Janelle and him to have a good laugh tomorrow at POV ceremony.
He pitches his idea to her:

Here's what you do, I'll have to give a little speech.
(She is to say this to George)After much consideration, I'm really considering to give it to you, then start to take it off,
Janie: Okay
CG Do it Janie Do it!
Janie: Then say what?

CG: like...the only reason why...Take off the medal and start to (come toward him)..that I"M going to keep it!

He's laughing hard and Janelle says she'll do it!
They both are giggling about it, George really want her to.
George goes to pee.

Comes back, says he will say, I will say you know Janie if you really want to be a good Samaritan, you'd give it to me, and you go All right!
Janie says Okay!

They are laughing at this idea and plan to do it! Not sure what will really be said because CG threw out several ideas.

Janelle and George finally head off to bed. At 2:25a.m.BBT All HG’s are finally asleep.

Is Will making the moves on Erika as well to make up for Boogie's lack of interest or attention for Erika? Has Danielle sealed her fate for good with her drunken rampage? I wonder what words Danielle will have to say during the Veto Ceremony and her very possible eviction on Thursday. She has let it slip a couple of times now about the LOD=Legion of Doom alliance. Will she out Chill Town hoping it will be their demise for revenge?