As you know by reading the happenings in the house last night, Dani lost it! She had it out with Erika told her she gave Erika her heart and had her back; she smoked and drank herself into a stupor; she went after Erika again, ringing the HOH door bell like a 177 times…lol while Erika and Will sat quietly hoping she would go away and she finally did go away. She finally went to bed but not for long, she was up before 6:00, her mind spinning, saying over and over again that she wants to go home.

Just before 8:00 AM and she is outside behind the red couches, she tries to sit where she thinks the camera can not see her while she smokes some more. She apologizes to all her loved ones Finally around 8:30 she gets her pillow and heads out to the red couches to lie down, all feeds switched to the sleeping peeps inside the house.

9:30 AM
BB announced to sleeping HG’s that the Veto ceremony will be in 2 hours. Then at around 10:00 BB announced to the still sleeping HG’s that the veto ceremony will be in 90 minutes!

Up in HOH (Will slept there to give Erika support enough so that she won’t put his ass up); Will is telling Erika to take deep breaths. He tells her to remember the show is a joke, that she can't take it too seriously. Erika says she is going downstairs to make coffee. Will tells Erika to be strong and not be emotionally blackmailed by Dani.

Erika heads outside frustrated she says ‘I hate my life’. Then points to the camera and says "I hate you too." She then lays on trampoline and says she hates her life, hates this game, hates Mike Boogie for talking her into this and she hates Will.

Chicken G heads outside to find Erika and they re-hash some of Danielle’s antics from last night. George asks Erika if it is true that Josh (BB1) referred to George as a deceitful man. Erika said “Josh never said a bad word about you George, EVER!” Erika said “Has Dani already started on you this morning? I am so disappointed in Dani and her behavior last night. I was thinking about when she asked me a couple of weeks ago whether or not I would have ever turned my back on Jack and I told her that fortunately I didn’t have to, but ultimately, yes, I would have.” George says “I just didn’t think she would take it so hard, or is she playing around. I mean there wasn’t enough booze to get totally trashed like that!” Erika says "interesting observation Georgie, good point, you know what George, I'm really lucky to have you in this game."

Erika is back outside now alone. She is talking to herself again saying ‘I hate Will. I hate myself. Now I know why Will says that; I hate this game.’ Erika then walks over and looks directly in the camera (that Will made out with) and says ‘I hate this game’ and the camera She walks away from the camera saying ‘Chicken G is right this game is only going to get worse...more brutal’.

Erika heads back in and up to HOH. Will and Erika are there talking about Danielle. Erika brings up whether or not Dani was really that drunk last night. They both go over how much alcohol there was and who drank what.

11:00 AM
Still in HOH Will is telling Erika that Danielle broke the cardinal rule by opening her mouth, “you just can't do that when you are on the block.” He says “Jase did it and he's gone, Howie did it and he's out of here.” Will says “When you were on the block you kept quiet and you are still here; same thing with Chicken George.” Will says Danielle is going to be embarrassed when she sees the tapes.

Will says that if Dani asks him why he was in the HOH and wouldn't let her in (last night), he's going to tell her they were afraid of her. Erika says “that was so crazy!” Erika is wondering why Danielle thought she could get to the end when she was outnumbered. Will says Danielle didn't think she was outnumbered. Will tells Erika in a roundabout way that Dani thought she was cool with Chill T, especially with Boogie. Will says that Dani’s actions disgust him. Erika tells Will that Dani was up in the HOH yesterday for 3 hours and Erika was exhausted and that Dani was out of her mind saying "I'm going after CT, I'm planting seeds."

Erika says “I really like Chicken G, the more I get to know him I really like the guy.” Will says “he's a great guy, he's a little naive about the ways of the world but he has a heart of gold.”

Will warns Erika that Dani will continue to pull her aside and tell her what she is doing wrong and the reasons that she (Dani) should not be put up. Then he says he is going down to eat and shower. Erika says she'll just follow him where ever he goes to avoid alone time with Dani.

Dani has gone to sleep and Janie and Erika have a brief talk in the kitchen. They talk about how crazy Dani was last night. Erika reaffirms she's putting up Dani. Janie thinks Dani won't be crazy anymore because it's basically over now. Janie wishes Erika good luck and with that Erika heads up to HOH.

In the bathroom Will is telling Janie about Dani ringing the doorbell to HOH last night and screaming for Erika to open the door. He says it was nuts! Dani comes in the bathroom (wearing her sunglasses) and Will jokes with her about how drunk she was...Dani didn't seem to think it was very funny. Janie brushes her hair like she is minding her own business. Dani doesn’t say a word and the feeds switch!

Will and Boogie are in the green room whispering. Boogie asked Will if Erika was committed to getting Danielle out. Will says "Yes but I need your vote to get Danielle out too." Boogie: "What?!” (Boogie is obviously upset by this). Will goes on to explain that Janelle had asked if she could give Dani a sympathy vote because she felt bad for her. Boogie gets pissed at this and says "No she can’t…” right then Chicken G is heading into the room. Will assures Boogie that it will be fine he will talk Janie out of it, but that Boogie can’t have the option either (of giving Dani the sympathy vote. Boogie obviously wants to be the one to vote to keep Danielle to benefit him with the jury). Will says “neither one of you can have that option to give her a sympathy vote!” During this conversation, before they saw Chicken G heading their way, Will told Boogie that Erika told him last night that she and Dani had a secret deal since day 2 and no one else knew.

12:00 NOON POV Ceremony – Dani is on the block!
HG’s were on lock down outside for a while – you could cut the tension with a butter knife. Most everyone was talking a little but here and there, but Dani, who hasn’t said a word.

The feeds were cut and when they return, the HG’s are all inside and the first thing we see is Dani headed up to HOH. She rings the bell and enters, but there is no Erika. Janie and Boogie are in the SR hugging and then Janie and Erika head to the red room where BB says “sorry ladies this room is off limits”. So they head out.

In the SR Will is telling Boogie the factual events that took place last night. He is telling Boogie that they should work from the perfect situation backward instead of forward. The perfect situation is a Will and Boogie final two. Will says CG would be the best third because he can be beaten in endurance. Will wants Janelle as the fourth, and to go after Erika next week.

Dani is campaigning for votes. She thinks she might have Janie’s vote. She asks Will if she has his vote and he tells her ‘yes, but just take it easier, calm down some.” Dani says “Okay.” Will tells her that Boogie is upset because he really wants to give Chicken G a sympathy vote. Dani tells Will that she will have to pretend to hate Erika all week so no one will know that she's staying. Will tells her she doesn't have to do that, just chill. Will says “I told Boogie that you and I are voting out George. I don’t know what Janelle is doing.” Dani says “Boogie is my number one and you are my number 2 Will, just so you know.” Will: “I never freak out! You guys are losing your minds; you were like ‘you guys lied to me about getting in the hot tub (last night)!’ I didn’t lie about the hot tub, I just took a shower, I didn’t want to get in the hot tub and you were going crazy.” Will leaves Dani and goes inside for a nap.

Will goes inside and he and Janie get in their beds in the ant room. Will says something about getting more out of this game. Janie asks “like what?” And he says he'll tell her in a couple weeks. Will tells her he got no sleep in HOH last night and that he was hoping that she (Janie) would have come upstairs. Janelle asks him, "What did you want me to do?" He says he was up and down all night trying to keep Erika away from Danielle. Will says “I told Dani that we are keeping her.” Janie says “you told her that you are keeping her? Why?” Will: “That’s what I do, I do secret ninja moves, I like to be the bad guy, and it’s making good TV.”

Up in HOH, Dani is there with Erika. Erika tells her that no one wants to be in the final 2 with her (Dani). Dani says “Unbelievable.” Erika continues to tell Dani how good she is, that she is strong and that she is loved. Dani says unbelievable a few more times then says “come on, let’s go outside and smoke.” Erika says “I can’t smoke anymore, it’s making me sick.”

Now Chicken G is outside and he says “It is what it is.” Dani says “You got that right!” And she starts to sing ‘All By Myself’…then flames.

Will and Janie are inside napping, Boogie is showering, Erika left for the HOH and George is out of sight. Dani is alone in the BY and says “call me to the DR, I’ve got a lot to say right now.”

1:00 PM
Erika says to Chicken G in the kitchen “I feel horrible.” George says “Look at the bright side. You're not going home. It's not like you're sentencing someone to the gas chamber!” Erika says “You are right.” She looks or is acting really down about the whole thing.

Dani still outside and talking to herself says she has to win Vetos and HOH this week. The she says it will have to be America’s Choice for her to get to final 2, since no one wants to take her. Dani starts to get weepy and gets up to go nap in the ant room (with Will and Janelle who are already asleep).

2:00 PM
Will is up now and telling Boogie about a dream he had that the BY was full of people in grim reaper costumes, everyone had to find their partner, but he couldn't find anyone he knew. Will says Janie was walking around the corner and a grim reaper came up behind her so he had to save her. He grabbed the reaper and took off the hood and it was this blonde kid who said he was Janelle’s brother. Will was like “Oh, okay” and pushed him off to the side. Then Will realized everyone had their own family member to tell them a secret but he couldn't find his and he was freaking out...that’s when he woke up.

Will, Chicken G and Boogie say they are amazed by Janelle. Will says “she is magic, she is gorgeous, she is the bionic woman." They still do not believe that she finished the veto in 1 minute. Boogie says to George “at some point it’s going to be girls against boys and we will really need you at that point.” Will (trying to be a little more diplomatic) says “we want to work with you; we have helped you and we want to help you more. You are an honorable member of CT. I think we should all do a DR together.” Will tells George if he is in the end against Boogie, George would win. George doesn’t say much, as they talk and prepare shrimp to cook.

Well the shrimp are done! Will takes some in to Janie and wakes her up to eat them. Will was feeding Janie shrimps and said "Wow look at the service you get, I wish someone in the house adored me." Janie: "I adore you, Will."

3:00 PM
In the kitchen Boogie is telling Dani, CG, and Erika a story about acting with a cheerleader and the cheerleader falling on her face. They talk about SAG cards, Erika says she has one, she was in the movie ‘Dance with Me’.

LOL, poor Dani, she is outside behind the red couches smoking again. She is begging “Please don’t let my parents see this, they will kill me.” Visually Dani doesn’t look well, she looks sick.

Inside Will says “why does she hide like that to smoke? One day me & Erika were out there and thought we were alone. All of a sudden Dani pops up from behind us from behind the couch and we were like ‘where'd you come from’? Thank god we weren't talking about how psycho she was or she would have heard us.” Erika is laughing and said “I know.”

Will is talking to Boogie about his DR session. Will says that they (DR) were saying "That was an incredible coo, getting someone to put up their friend." Will says that they (DR/producers) are shocked that they (CT) are still there. Boogie says it would be best if Janelle won this next HOH. Will tells Boogie that he won't have a problem getting Erika out now that Erika spilled to Will last night that she has been with Dani since Day 2. Will says “Janelle is pretty convinced she is marrying a doctor on the outside. You need to step it up with the shoulder rub thing.”

4:00 PM
Outside the HG’s are talking about tomorrow nights dinner that they won in the luxury competition. It is a 5 course meal. They are talking about dressing up nice and making it like a date night. Will says he is going to wear black and Janie says she will too then, but she changed her mind later and said she wants to wear the red dress she was going to wear for her possible eviction.

Danielle leaves heads inside to take shower. Janelle gets up to go and Will says "What's wrong? You look sad…" Janelle: “That's because I am sad.” Will: “Why are you sad?” Janelle: “Because I'm here…” Janelle heads inside and Will seems annoyed. He says to Boogie that he doesn’t get why people have such a hard time playing this game. When you are home watching the show you tell people get that person out and this person out, if you are watching NFL you don't tell someone to tackle softly, you play the game! Boogie says it’s all in terminology; “you say scumbagging, I say eliminating.”

Will and Boogie are still talking outside. Will says that if Chicken G gets HOH we are going up." Boogie: “What's up with that? Isn't there something we can do to fix that?” Will: “Well you shouldn't be aggressive with him, that's the opposite of what works with him.”

Janelle comes outside and Will says “speak of the devil; we were just talking about you." Janie: “What were you saying?" Will: “That it's so enjoyable playing with you. It's such an incredible emotional boost to have you and Boogie in this game, because we are going to be friends after the show.” Janie says “Definitely.” Will: “Part of the reason I even say that is because Danielle and Erika were friends; but only on the show. They're not going to be friends afterwards. If you beat me, I would just say ‘Janelle, amazing competitor’...etc."

Will says “Danielle is crazy, she has lost her mind, she was like ‘you're not going to scumbag me right’? And I said ‘Danielle you got drunk and you scared the whole house, but I don’t think it will be a problem’.” Will tells Janelle he wants the show to be entertaining and he wants the evictee to be surprised. Will says that what he meant when he said that to Dani was "there won't be a problem for me."

Boogie suddenly exclaims “Oh my god! The grand opening starts today!" Will asks; “in New York?” Boogie: “Yes and Wimbledon, I can’t believe I am missing the US Open, this might be Agassi's last grandstand! F***! I think football might start next week. Is next week Labor Day?" Janelle says “yes.” Boogie screams "Oh my god! What were we thinking?"

Will says to Chicken G that he wants him to go on Dr. 90210 and Will will help him fix his facial lines and give him a Botox treatment. Will thinks Chicken G will move to LA after the show. Boogie says no, that he's going back to his family. Will asks George if he'd move his family to LA and CG says that's a big step. He needs to make sure his family is financially secure. Boogie asks what his wife does; George says she is an accountant. Boogie says maybe she could work for the Dolce Group. CG says she's really good at what she does.

5:00 PM
Dani is outside now, Boogie is there in the HT and Will is on the trampoline. Dani says once again “I’m staying right?” They both said yes. Will heads inside.

Will is in the kitchen now with Janelle and George. Janie is saying how Alison drove her crazy and was after her. Will said that James shouldn’t have been on All Stars because all he did on was bite his nails and worry about the pool. He said that Kaysar shouldn’t have been on All Stars either. Coffee Bean in Irvine, Kaysar is the bomb over there but not in the Big Brother house. He said Season 6 was over represented. He said that if Hardy or Nicole wanted to be on the show they would of. Janelle said that Will is just upset and jealous that they were so popular. Will said Season 1 sucks too. CG said “I tend to disagree with that.”

George is telling stories about his time in the house on BB1 and how they only got $5.00 a day in their budget and that one day they got like 10-12 packs of beer with what money they had accumulated. He also talks about the time he made beer in the house and how horrible it tasted.

All the while Erika is laying on the floor upstairs, outside of HOH, on her back staring at the ceiling. Every now and then she looks at the camera and does a finger to the temple like she wants to shoot herself.

6:00 PM
Everyone is still seated around the table telling stories about BB and Boogie says something about being pissed off at ‘Shapiro’, then of course we get flames! We come back to Will complaining about the lack of communication between the powers that be and the HG’s. For some reason Will goes back to talking about how season 6 was over rated at far as All Stars goes and Janelle gets up to leave. Will follows her into the ant room trying to make amends, Janie says she forgives him for trashing S6, but she is still mad.

Will, boogie and Erika are outside sitting on the trampoline. He says S6 is over rated, but he says he does understand that they didn’t have enough time to decompress. He says S6 just clung to each other for the Allstars. He said when Janelle won the first HOH; Howie, Kaysar and James all went to the HOH and were all kissing her ass. He also said had they had the time to decompress that James would not have been part of their alliance.

7:00 PM
George is in the hot tub with Danielle and she is telling him yet again why Erika won't take her to the end (because she can't beat her) and George looks totally unimpressed.

Janelle, Erika, Will and Boogie are jumping on the trampoline with the blankets and pillows on it. Dani joins them and they start a pillow fight. They yell for George to join them. Janelle yells “this is too much weight!” but continues to jump. George just watches the jumping action. Erika seems to be doing all she can to stay away from Boogie and when she can she edges closer to Will.

HG’s are still out on or around the trampoline talking in general about weight loss, where they live and things of that nature.

8:00 PM
Erika had put pillows and blankets on the trampoline and that’s what everyone is resting on. Erika looks like she is curled into Will and Boogie has his back turned, as far from Erika as he can get and he appears to be sleeping. Janelle sits up and asks if anyone wants to play cards. She gets up and steps over everyone and steps on Boogie and says “oops sorry. I'm gonna go see if we have any wine.” George says “I'll play cards with you.” Boogie also gets off the trampoline saying he has to pee. Will, Dani and Erika remain resting.

Soon Dani heads into the kitchen hoping Janie found some wine, but there is none. Then Erika heads inside to eat, leaving Will all by his lonesome on the trampoline with the blankets covering him.

Janie is back outside on the trampoline with Will who is sleeping, but it seems as though he is ignoring her (possible payback for her going to bed last night and leaving him with Erika in HOH). He doesn’t talk to her, so she gets up and says she is going to go read the bible. She heads inside.

Inside Janie talks about the wrap party and sequester. She says the night before you go into sequester, you get two hotel rooms with the door open in case you are suicidal. The cops are in the other room. There are no handlers. You only get to eat the hotel food and you don't get anything; no DVD player, news, etc.

Then for the wrap party; Janelle said at first, she didn't bother inviting her mom to the wrap party, because her mom wasn't into reality television. Then after Janelle got kicked out last season, she called her mom, and asked if she watched. Of course she did and she said there were lots of people over to her house to watch the show. So her mom ended up going to the party and she couldn’t wait to meet everyone. Dani remembers meeting Janelle's mom and said, "She's precious." Janelle said you could each invite 2 people to the wrap party, so she brought along her mom and her friend Naters.

Janie, Dani and Chicken G give shout outs to some of the BB forums and a big shout to JOKERS!. They also shout to TV Club House and Survivor Sucks.

Erika is in the HT alone, she seems to be sulking and soaking. Boogie goes out to the trampoline and Will wakes up. He tells Boogie that he was dead asleep and Janie came out and startled him; for a minute he didn’t know where he was or who she was. Boogie fills Will in on George in the kitchen, trying to cook. Boogie says George is defrosting $30 worth of salmon in the microwave. Will says that George is ruining all their food; he should just stick to doing the windows. Then Will said “lets revoke his slop pass and get vegetables and bread then he can't eat and he can go back on slop.”

9:00 PM
Erika is up in HOH taking a bath. Dani, Boogie and Janelle are trying to help George cook the salmon to make sure he doesn’t ruin it.

Janelle goes outside to find Will on the trampoline and she tells him “I’m still mad at you.” Will says “You told me you weren't mad at me anymore!” Janelle: “I lied.” Will starts to sing the Sponsor song and Janie says “Shut up!” Boogie is out there now also. Will and Janie are doing some kind of blinking thing; like in code…even Boogie asks them what that is about. Will brings up Erin and says something about her family and Janie doesn’t look like she is interested in that topic. Then they start the whole winking thing again and Boogie got tired of it and left them.

Danielle and Erika are up in HOH on the bed talking. Erika is telling Dani “It hurts that I put you up, but I had no other choice. I can beat Will. I thought maybe you would understand.” Danielle admitted it to be a good move. Erika hopes that Dani appreciates it for being a good move strategically. Dani says “I hate those questions that you have to ask at the final ceremony ‘why should I give you the money?” Erika says she will come up with something good if she is there.

Dani says “when I walked out and saw the POV it was like ‘why don't you just give Janelle the veto?’ Dani says “I should have known when I asked you that question about Jack (earlier Dani asked if Erika if she would have back stabbed Jack to win and she said yes), I guess when Jason and I was together there never was a question; I didn't really care if I lost.” Erika says “Didn't you want to win?” Dani explains that she felt like she was put there to help him (Jason) win. Erika explains again that she told Julie (Chen) she couldn’t possibly take him out, but she truly knew she could because no one could win against him in f2. Erika says that she wants Dani to know that she is leaving this Thursday. Erika says she told everyone not to lie to Dani. Dani asks her when she told them that and Erika said “it was sometime yesterday.”

10:00 PM
Outside Will starts to talk about the show Treasure Hunters He says there is a nerd team, the hick team, and a team of three Janelle's (three hot girls). He talks about seeing the first episode where they couldn’t’ figure out the Mt. Rushmore code for the combination. Will says “I'd love to see what happened on that show.” Dani says “I think the nerds were eliminated weren't they?” Will: “I think so.”

Most everyone is in or around the HT and Janie goes inside to help George with the salmon. Boogie and Will talk about George’s lack of cooking skill. Boogie says “Thank god he's on slop, can you imagine all this time if he was cooking and ruining our food?” Will: “We need to get him back on slop, let's ask for fruits and veggies tomorrow. That would be the evilest thing in the world.” George comes back outside and says the salmon is coming along great!

The only one missing from outside is Janelle. Chicken G wonders if BB is letting them out of the house for their 5 course meal tonight. Dani says “no way.” Erika says “they will make up the back yard to be really nice; maybe it will be steak and lobster.” Boogie says he would rather have Taco Bell. Will says “I'd rather have taco bell and like 65 Mike's Hard Lemonades.” Dani says “You got to put it on ice, it's really good!” Will says the DR asked him ‘what do you miss most?’ and he said “Taco Bell…No wait... my family! My family!” LOL!

Well George’s salmon is done and the girls are all in the kitchen to taste it and suffice it to say the looks on their faces says it all. Erika says “Georgie it’s a good thing that we love you.” Janie says “it’s edible.” Dani tastes it and just walks away. George is laughing.

Boogie wants more booze tonight. I guess they were given just a little wine and no beer. George said things got a little out of hand last night, so they won’t give them any more. Boogie goes to the DR and tries to get more anyway and they basically say “we’ll see what can be done.” But it didn’t sound like it would happen. Will says “don't give Janelle any more wine.” Jani says “Why not?” Will: “Because you know what you'll do to me…” Janie: “What?” Will: “You'll be on me like a bum on a cheese sandwich.” Janie: “No, I will not.”

11:00 PM
Dani heads outside by herself and looks at the camera and says “Why aren’t you calling me to the DR? Because I am going home?” She is mumbling to herself, then she lights up and takes her place behind the couch….LOL (please don’t tell her mom or dad). She says something about getting HOH if she stays in the game and getting rid of Erika.

Just before midnight everyone sits down for a friendly game of poker. While they are playing and talking George says “Hey guys, I’ve been in the ‘gas’ free zone for quite a while now.” Will says “by quite a while, you mean 2 days…” LOL. Erika is done and heads to bed just before 12:30 AM. George talks about Vegas and how the money flows with the Asian gamblers.

After the poker game ends with no one telling Janie that they played a trick on her during the last hand, Dani tells Boogie to go outside with her because she has some good info. She tells Boogie that when she talked to Erika about how she thinks she can get ahead in the game by putting Dani up, Erika told her "This old dog has some new tricks." Dani said that Erika went on to say that she was in a secret alliance with Janie. Boogie keeps saying, "Awesome." Dani asks him again if they are voting to keep her and he confirms that CT is.

Boogie now catches Will in WC area and whispers that Dani just told him that Erika and Janie are in a secret alliance. Boogie asks Will what he thinks of that and Will replies, "Erika is a blabbermouth." They are interrupted by CG walking by and stop talking.

Will and Boogie go into the SR to talk. Will explains to Boogie that he told Janie to go make Erika think that they are in an alliance. He repeats that Erika is a blabbermouth. Now they discuss that Erika has to leave next week. Will assures Boogie that Janie is solid with them. They agree that it is better if Janie wins HOH this week. Then CT, CG and Janie can go to the final four. They leave the SR and Boogie goes to bed. Will goes over to the WC area to wait for Janie to finish showering.

1:00 AM
Everyone is getting ready for bed, brushing teeth and hair etc. Janey & Will are in the BR, cryptic talk, it’s hard to tell, but it seems like he knows his g/f dumped him. Janelle asked how he knows and why it happened he said he doesn't know but will tell her in 3 to 4 weeks and he says "don't be rude and keep asking about it." I will tell you when I know. There was a whole lot of back and forth giggling, whispering etc.

Will says the last few weeks will be hell on earth because, but let’s have fun just working out and winning stuff, then the big wrap party. Janie says “what did you tell Erika?” Will: “that she's safe and we're going after you next week. I don't think she has any idea that everyone is against her, especially Boogie; he is so annoyed by her. Boogie asked me “why is your showmance hot and fun but mine isn't?"

And so it seems we were being duped by the earlier tiff between Will and Janie. They have indicated that most of that argument, disagreement, and trash talk about the S6 by Will was staged. Will is saying that it is so cool that they were able to fake their fight today. Janie agrees and asks what the other people said. Will tells her that he went out to the trampoline and told everyone that Janie was so pissed with him about his comments about S6. He adds now that the others don't think they are as close anymore.

Will and Janie banter back and forth; Will asking if Janie will stay in LA for a while, she says probably not, she might come back to visit. They talks about hoping they each want what the other wants and what they are going to do, but neither one says anything specific. Will tells her that she just has to wait 3 weeks and he'll tell her. Janie suggests that he tell her in the toilet stall or DR. Janie tells him that it's so annoying that he won't tell her now. Will says that he thinks it's fun. They keep smiling at each other and finally decide to go play cards in the LR.

Will says to Janie “You like playing games. You're the best at playing games; everything is a game to you.” Janie: “No it's not.” Will: “Yeah, why do you think you're here?” Janie: “Not mind games…” Will: “Me either…” Janie: “Liar, you're a joke!” Will: “That is why I'm here actually, I'm terrible at competitions but I'm great with mind games.”

Just after 2:00 Will and Janie head to bed. All HG’s are sleeping and dreaming about the 5 course meal they are having for dinner the next evening.