Good Day to you Jokers! Welcome to yet another Tuesday recap from your Tuesday Girl, Tweeds. Although debates about this season have been rather heated at times, I am enjoying the show because at least they are not boring me to death. It's been a fairly interesting week so far and hopefully today is lots of fun as well.

The hamsters are sleeping in yet again. Dani seems to be the first one up and around at around 10am. Dani gets up, gets new batteries, wanders around room to room and then heads out to the BY. She seems to be lost in thought. Erika gets up for a few minutes, grabs new batteries from the SR then heads back upstairs to bed. Dani is behind the couch smoking and then seems to be crying and sniffling. She is reading the letter she got when she was HoH and whispers "I miss you mom, I miss you dad." Dani seems to be talking to herself, or Sarah actually, saying she tried to save him [James] but she just couldn't. She cannot believe the position she is in.

Will wakes up and tries to wake up Janie, she says she is still tired and he lays back down. Erika up and in the HoH bathroom, then straightening up her room. CG gets new batteries, then heads to the WC downstairs. After eating some breakfast, CG cleans up the mess in the kitchen a bit. Dani is asleep in the BY. Erika leans over balcony to say hi to CG then heads back into the HoH to put on her bathing suit.

Dani wakes up, puts on her pink robe and heads inside, she notices the screen in the LR is different. CG has the kitchen all nice and clean. Erika is laying out by the pool. CG and Dani head to the BY, talk briefly about the memory being different somehow. CG thinks something will happen tonight. Boogie and Erika in the kitchen talking game. Boogie and Dani in BY playing movie game. CG heads back inside, cleaning kitchen yet again. Dani and Boogie talk game, Boogie claims Erika and Janie have teamed up, this is Erika's mistake. He says Erika cannot win sitting next to Janie in the end. Danielle is smoking outside, tells her parents sorry but this is the most stressful situation she has ever been in.

Dani asks CG what he would do with the money if he won. He says he would like a car, make house payments, maybe take a trip with his wife, but mostly just save it. At around 2:50 the houseguests are under outside lockdown. Boogie's date with Rosy Palm is interrupted as he has to head to the BY. Talk turns to what might be going on tonight. Dani seems to be confused as to what day it is... thinks the competition was shown last night. CG thinks they will let them out of the house for some prize. At 3:40pm the lockdown changes to an inside lockdown. Erika watches everyone on the spy cam in her HoH room. Will talks about Battle of the Network Reality Stars show he was on.

Dani makes a point of telling Boogie in the BY and then Will later inside that Erika has aligned herself with Janelle. Will acts very surprised and says that one of them will have to leave next week. Dani says she can see them building something out back, gazebos maybe. Janelle is called to the DR and when she emerges shortly after 5pm, she lets them know their five star dinner will be in three hours. Janelle is making a slop waffle. Drilling for HoH going on with Will, Boogie and CG even pitching in now and then. Erika and Janie talk in HoH about putting up CT. Janie points out that they want one of them in sequester to sway the votes the way they want.

Janie and Dani talk about restaurants they like, a place called Catana. Will says he wants to take them to Geisha House, its sexier and better food. The hamsters are all getting ready for dinner. CG wants to borrow a jacket from Boogie. Dani says she is going to wear a sexy dress. CG tells Will he is watching his [Will's] date get dressed. Will tells him to keep his hands off her. Will uses Janie's eyelash curler, rifling through her makeup bag. Janie puts makeup on Will, he is worried he will look like a gay vampire. Janie tells Erika that Boogie and Will are picking them up in the HoH at 8pm.

Janie asks Erika if she thinks her bf will still want to date her, Erika thinks so, its just a game. Janie wears a tight red dress and tiara. Erika has on a black dress, says she feels like a stick figure. Will has on no shirt, Boogie wearing white shirt, Dani in sweats, CG wearing a blue uniform shirt. Will has on a white shirt and black jacket. Boogie adds a salmon jacket to his white shirt. CG has a flower for Dani. CT goes up to pick up their dates, they head down to sit and have champagne. Boogie toasts to how lovely the women look and how great the final six are.

The dinner is salad, steak, lobster. etc. Will whispers to Janelle, that she looks hot, she tells Will thank you. Dani passes on the champagne, she prefers red so CG passes her some red wine. They seem to have five bottles of champagne. There is some swapping of food because of those who do not eat red meat. Will seems to be making sure Janie does not run out of champagne. Will is hoping the internet is not watching right now. They get told not to take the fine china inside, to leave it outside. Not much talking during dinner, either because they are starving or because it is so good.

Janie talks some about season six, about Ashlea and James. Janie explains that Ashlea was voted out because they wanted a girl out first, because the women in season six outnumbered the men. Ashlea was not really interested in playing BB. Janie thought it was very rude that Ashlea was not asked a single question during the finale show. Will starts flirting with Janie, asking if she has plans for after dinner. Janie talks about a trip she has planned with BB6 people. Will says she should drop that and go with him to his families place for Thanksgiving. During dinner they realize the trampoline has been taken away.

Boogie asks CG about his most romantic dinner with his wife. CG says it was in Chicago, a few years ago, they walked around downtown afterward. Will and Janie feeding each other dessert, Boogie feeding Erika dessert. Boogie and Dani make comments about Will and Janie staring at each other. Dani says they stare at each other thinking "God, don't you love to look at me?". Talk of the sequester house, Janie says probably everyone there is mad at everyone but Dani. Dani says she will be there next week, things start to get tense so the subject changes. Janie and Will are whispering back and forth. Janie then slurs something about her 300lb boyfriend who is a linebacker, then says he plays baseball, trying to throw everyone off, worried she has said to much. Erika and Janie head into the DR arm in arm.

Will and Janie go into DR first, Boogie wanted all four of them to go in. Erika wonders if there is something they should be concerned about [Will and Janie]. Boogie says no, that Will would never do that to him. He says Will is using her just as much as she is using him. Boogie says no matter if you win 10 HoH or vetos that Howie will still vote for Janie. Will and Janie come out of DR and tell them that if they leave everything in the BY, there will be a lockdown and then they will get more alcohol. Janie tells Will has the most defined abs she has ever seen. BB tells them to head to the SR, more wine and beer for the hamsters.

While Janie and Will were in the DR, the others were making fun of them, calling them Mr. and Mrs. Prom King. Dani says she thanks god she is married. Boogie wonders if she wasn't, would she be fighting Erika for him. Boogie asks Dani if she wants some white chocolate, she asks him if he wants some brown sugar. Janie and Will head up to the couch outside the HoH room. They play cards and flirt, kissing. Comments downstairs about if their S.O.'s are watching the feeds they will freak. Janie pulls Will close and says she wants him, he says that is enough, let's just play cards. Lots of whispering between them, most of it is missed, they discuss whether to go to the hot tub or not. Will suggests they head into the HoH and lock the door, which they do. They get into the bed, Janie wants to play cards but Will says he want to take a nap for a minute.

Dani is crouching behind the BY couch, smoking. Erika joins her, they apparently think they cannot be seen behind the couch smoking. Dani tells Erika to turn her back to the camera so they cannot use the footage, but they seem to have forgotten the live feeds. Boogie tells them the camera can see them, they look up into it. They continue smoking behind the couch. CG is sitting near the firepit just staring at the fire. Dani and Erika discuss the stress of the season. Erika apologizes for nom Dani. Dani says she understands and doesn't hold it against Erika, but wants Erika to know that she never would have done that to Erika. Dani says that 23 seconds lost her the game. [ref. the veto competition times]

Will and Janie in HoH, Janie keeps pulling Will back under the covers to whisper to him. Janie has on a different shirt now. Boogie is in the HoH now too. He tells Janie she would not like Will outside of the house. Janie asks Boogie what is great about his showmance and he say to ask him next Thursday, gestures like he is kicking. [perhaps kicking out his showmance by then?] They talk a while about how annoying CG is becoming. Then talk turns to Dani. Boogie seems annoyed by Will and Janie whispering so much, wonders if they are keeping secrets from him. Boogie speaks rather crudely about his plans for Erika later on.

Erika and Dani talking game outback. It's unclear if they have forgotten that CG is on the couch the are behind. They are talking about who Erika should or should not take to the final 2. Erika seems to be working Dani for her vote in the final, speaks kindly of James, hopes he is not mad at her. They end up talking for close to an hour.

Boogie and Erika end up in Boogie's bed downstairs, Will and Janie still in the HoH. Erika asks aren't they supposed to have the HoH. Boogie under the covers, then says he needs to come up for air, needs some water and then dives back under the blankets. Erika says she wants her bed back, Boogie says lets go throw them out. They wonder if their extra activities will be shown on tv, Boogie thinks not. Seems to be under cover activity but only guesses as to what it might be. Erika wants her bed back.

Erika and Boogie head up to HoH, trying to wake Janie and Will, all four try to fit on the bed now. Will gets out of the bed first, heads to BR and then downstairs for water. Shortly there after, Janie heads downstairs too. After Janie leaves, Erika gets up and locks the door so no one can come back in. She and Boogie are spooning in HoH bed. Janie heads to BY and climbs on Will. Dani and CG are in the BY as well. Dani talks about how she tried out for Real World SF. They talk about Puck. Will says he drank to much and feels sick. Talk about the reunion show on Bravo last year, how Trishelle walked out because Kathy Griffin called her an alcoholic. Talk about Omarosa, Will says she is really rude. CG wonders if its an act, they say no. After a while, Erika comes down to the BY and gets a cig from Janie. Says she cannot sleep.

They all move inside to kitchen, sitting around chatting and laughing. Janie seems to be baking something. Janie is making waffles, Will kissing her cheek. They are messing with a survival blanket that CG got. They keep singing so there are flames on the feeds off and on. They are eating waffles and chicken nuggets. Will broke a plate which woke up Boogie in the HoH. They make fun of Boogie for being asleep already. Erika asks if Will and Janie have kissed, Will says of course not, there is no kissing in a flirtmance. Janie heads off to use the BR before bed.

Will and Janie end up playing cards in the LR. Dani has gone to bed. Janie and Will finally head off to bed. By 4:30am they all seem to be sleeping.