Big Brother Recap August 3, 2006

The Black Widow sets her mark but will it bite her back???

Boggie is the first one up at 9:00 am. He makes coffee and relaxes in one of the nomination chairs since they are on inside lock down.

At 10:00 BB wakes the houseguests up.

There are a lot of flames and trivia today because it is Thursday. We do get intermittent feed. Enough to hear James and Danielle complain about the slobs they live with. We hear Will and Boogie discuss how upset Diane is and they confirm that they are sticking with S6. Boogie also confirms with Kaysar that they are “cool” Kaysar confirmed that he will not put up Chilltown If he gets HOH. Boogie said he was not putting them up either and how Marcellus has been playing both sides.

Will does his share of complaining too. Too hot is some rooms, too cold in others, being locked up or locked in too long a periods etc. Same old Will.

They seemed to have been told it was endurance as the HOH competition. They discuss clothes and how cold it was outside during past endurance competitions. Will didn’t think he would last long because he has not eaten in a week.

During the live show we see Diane get evicted 8 to 1 was the vote with Will giving her the sympathy vote. We also see the HOH competition start. There is a huge web made out of rope and everyone has to remain on the web. The web moves and they blow shaving cream at them as they are on them. The first 5 houseguests out get to pick one of the 5 golden eggs. Three of the eggs contain gifts, the gifts are $10,000, Slop pass for 1 week, and a pass to nullify someone’s vote the remaining two were rotten eggs.

Will lasted 22 minutes in the web and picked a rotten egg! He told Janelle that he would never beaten any of them and thought it was stupid for him to stay there. Janelle and Will talk about what Julie said to Janelle. Janelle told him about the question she asked about her falling for him and how she said NOOOOOOOOO they are just friends. Will did pressure her to admit that she had a little crush on him, she admits it lol. They discuss who will put up who and Will mentions that Marcellus does not have her back. She still said that she loves Marcellus and will protect him. He also expects that if anyone but S6 gets it that James is going to push to put up two S6.

At 7:44 Janelle comes out of the DR with an envelope. She opens it and it said that they have 1 minute to position themselves, and that they no longer can sit on the web. That they have to hang on it by just their arms and legs.

James immediately falls out. He opens an egg and gets the nulify another persons vote. He was on the web for 1:54 minutes and only 1 minute hanging the rest was sitting.

About 4 minutes later Boogie falls. He opens the $10,000 egg! Kaysar falls right after him and gets a rotten egg!
A minute later Marcellus falls , his egg is the slop pass for a week.

After another few minutes Chicken George falls. This left Erika, Howie and Danielle. Both Erika and Danielle are begging Howie to give up they both told him he was safe. At the 2:14 mark Howie lets go. Erika then lets go and Danielle becomes the black widow!

After the competition everyone starts chatting. Will and Boogie giddy and plotting their DR phone calls, Erika, Dani, James join party Will says maybe Boogie should make a statement that he's giving the 10,000 dollars to charity because everyone's mad that he got it. James was mad. Then they decide just not to mention it again because he doesn't want to be a target. Boogie then said that he was going to use the money to buy his Grandmother a car, that her car broke down right before he came on the show.

Will tells Boogie about Janelle's question from Julie Chen and he says Janelle got all red. They laugh.

James is mad at Marcellas because apparently kicked sand in his face after he dropped out of the competition.

Danni tells them she promised safety to Howie.

Camera on 1 focuses on the word betrayal and then cuts to James.

Marcellus reluctantly gives his slop pass to Chicken George. He said several times get the cameras ready I am giving this pass to George. George at first refuses it, but the others convince him to take it and use it. He does and grabs for the pizza! George comments that it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him. Hew toasts Marcellas and everyone joins in.

While everyone is eating and celebrating. Janelle and Kaysar feel sick, they climb into beds in bug room.

Janelle: I never want to eat pizza again.

Kaysar: I’ll make sure to sue all the pizza companies in the world and put them out of business.

Kaysar thinks he's going to go to bed early tonight.

Janelle says who knows when she'll go to bed. Her sleeping schedule is all f'd up.

Janelle isn't sure which room to sleep in. Kaysar tells her to sleep in the bug room.

Kaysar: you're such a weirdo.

Janelle: i know I am.

Kaysar asks Janelle if she thinks Marcellas is going up. Janelle thinks that'd be stupid of her.

Kaysar: do you think her and Marcellas have a deal?

Janelle: no.

Kaysar says she promised not to put up Howie and she won't put up James.

Janelle says it seems kind of suspicious everyone let her win so easily. Erika threw it to her within 30 seconds.

Janelle is trying to think of a scenario where all of the s6 could stay. if Howie won the power of veto and took one of the two of them off the block she wouldn't put up James, she'd have to put up CT... Because if James used it she'd then put Howie up.

Kaysar: but she promised Howie!

Janelle: she doesn't care. She won't risk putting up James.

Danielle starts discussing putting up James against Janelle because then James could play for POV and she believes she has the votes to get Janelle out. She said if Janelle won POV that she would put up Howie because she promised Howie that his key would be in the box not that she wouldn’t put him up after POV.

Howie brings out his Joker’s thong. Janelle tells him not to wear it, and Will didn’t know what Joker’s was!

Danielle gets her HOH room; she gets lots of snacks, wine a robe, stuffed animal and a long letter from her Mom. She got pictures of her family and of Jason and her one key from BB3, the only vote she got at the finally from Jason. Her CD was Queen’s greatest hits.

They talk about no food competition this week. Julie said it will be a week of temptation so maybe someone would take money to put the house on slop for the week. Will thinks it will be funny if the house is on slop and George gets to eat because of his pass!.

Erika and Boogie share lots of laughs and Erika told him that she really had to work hard to keep him and Will off the block ( not really everyone knows Janelle is Danielle’s target!) Erika was mad that Janelle only cheered for Howie in the competition. They are sharing the big bed. Erika asks Boogie if he thinks his family likes her, he said oh yeah. Erika said she is glad they are here together.

Danni tells James her plan to put him up against Janelle. James tells Danni that Howie and Kaysar would vote to keep her. They trust her more.

Danni says she can ask Kaysar directly.

Danni says if Janelle wins veto then Kaysar goes up. If Kaysar played veto and took off Janelle then he could put up Howie or Marcellas.

James: It scares the f' out of me.

Danni says but it's the best thing you can do because no one would know that I'm working with you.

James doesn't like the idea. So many things can go wrong.

Danni asks if he could convince her to pick him in the houseguest's choice for the veto and then he wouldn't use it if he got it.

James: I have no problem lying to her. I enjoy this stuff.

Danni: I want it set up that she didn't win the veto.

James says you can do like she did to Jase (no that was you James) and what she did to Diane and backdoor her.

Danni: I know you would be safe. I just know it.

James says BB could do a pov with a makeup competition.

James: If you do this you need to lock this $hit down tight.

Of course she's not the same girl she was last year. She's like a fat piece of $hit this year.

Danni says she wants to make sure the person up against her is good in the POV. She says Will might not bring it. James notes that Boogie's foot is messed up.

Danni says this is risky but this way it doesn't look like he's betraying them. James says he wants to talk to other people about it to see the vote situation. He wants to be up there when Danni talks to George about this.

Danni: Just trust me on this. I know it's scary...

James: I would take great pride in defeating her for the f'ing 9th time in a row.

Danni: You're the veto king.

James: Was.

He leaves.

Danni and E talk game.
Danni: I know M wanted Kay to put me up week 2. He doesn't know I know that. It might be best to put him out 1st, but I won't do that.

Now talking about Jan lying...telling Diane she was safe...telling James she was gonna put up CT.

Danni back on Janie calling her a weak player again.( Janelle really said their alliance is weak since so many players are gone from it)

D saying that Janie f'd up by putting E up. "I want her gone!"

Danni says that Janie is playing for herself. all Diane wanted was to make it sequester..."I want her gone."...tells E that E was Jan's target.

Danni says Jan threw James and Kay under the bus.

They think Janie wants to take the girls out so the men go after each other.

E thinks Kay, Marc, and CG "tanked" the HOH comp.

Danni tells Marcellas that he is safe that she was not going to put him up. That she was going to get Janelle’s bad ass out of there because she lies.

James asked George if he could count on his vote if he was put up. He said he would have to think about it because it was because of him that he has to eat slop. James came back with but nobody has targeted you since. (George could hold that vote to keep Janelle and oust James)

Boogie and Erika keep up their flirting. They play cards on the bed and hands were wandering. Boogie said he was getting annoyed at Will and how he plays the game. He was mad that he didn’t even try to win the HOH tonight.
Marcellas lied t to Janelle about Danielle’s intentions marc tells her that he was told he was safe. He says he doesn't think Danielle will move against the four because she likes James and Kaysar so much. She might go for George and will. Janelle says she thinks George and her already talked.

Marci complains about him getting a free pass every week.

Janelle: do you think she's going to put me up?

Marc: what have you done to her?

Janelle: i nominated her first week.

Marc laughs. oooooohhhhh.

Janelle: where is she?

Marc says she's in the diary room.

Marc asks her what she thinks Danielle will do. If she thinks she's going up.

Jan: if she does then obviously the four goes after her. I don't know.

Marc: all right. I got to go to the diary room.

George comes upstairs and brings Marci honey combs and says it's the least I can do and he says it's the least I can do and laughs really really hard. (Referring to the slop pass earlier)

At bedtime, Danielle enters the red room and offers her HOH bed to Will. Said she could not sleep up there alone (she might miss something downstairs). Howie said he will take it tomorrow night.

Danni gets Will in HOH and then tells him he r plan to nominate Janelle and James and wants his support to get Janelle out. He offers to split the money (like he did with Janelle last week). Danni said she will think about it. James finally agrees to go up since Will said he would vote out Janelle (he believes Will, a guy who wears a shirt that said I am probably lying). Will also said to them that Boogie is number 1 and that James and Danni’s alliance is number 2. (Just like he told Janelle last week) Will also said he did not like Marcellas that he brought the moral of the house down with all his complaining! Will assures them that he will not take money to put the house on slop. After he leaves Danielle tells James that she knows how Will is just like she knows the back of her hand. (The same hand that will slap her head when James walks out the door this week)

Dannie and Kaysar talk, Danni asked him what was wrong, he replied that he is depressed and didn’t like the game. Said he does not like the fact that he is being driven by money to do anything. That people seem almost mean at times and he was not having a good time. Danni replied that he should look at it as a competition and a game he is trying to win. Kaysar tells her that it is a game that takes you out of your life and the important things and things he loves are gone. Janelle joins them and said she was depressed too. That there is no spark to keep them going. That Diane felt the same way too. Howie came in not depressed and said lets just eat ice cream! (Got to love him)
What are the differences between Danielle and Janelle’s game? Danielle is targeting Janelle for taking out of context that she was a weak player and that she lied to James about putting up CT. However Danielle admitted that she will put up Howie back dooring him and that she will lie if she has to- so what is the difference? Maybe Janelle and Danielle are a secret alliance working on getting rid of James …. Who know (And I can only wish! Lol) Danielle heads to red room to bed.

Howie, Janelle and Kaysar chat. Here is the conversation
Kaysar thinks the beef between Marcellas and Danielle was staged. Kaysar realizes the floaters were working together and Danielle and Marcellas may have been playing up their feud.

Janelle remembers some info she told Marcellas got back to her through chilltown.

Erika was working on him, Marcellas was working on Janelle, Danielle was working on James making them all feel safe and encouraging them to go after chilltown.

Janelle: I’m so glad we got rid of Diane. Going after chilltown would have been a huge mistake for us.

Howie: absolutely.

Kaysar: Marcellas is up to something. dammit.

Janelle says if one of us leaves then the remaining ones need to get chilltown to work with them.

Kaysar: would you go straight after Danielle if she attacks us?

Janelle: f' yes.

Kaysar says Marcellas is trouble too. Points out how he didn't sleep in hoh the last night. He was trying to get so much information out of her. Everything she said to him got back to the whole house.

Kaysar: everything you said to him went straight downstairs. i told you he was going to do it.

Kaysar says that guy will lay in bed with you and hear everything and then stab you right in the back. he did that the first week.

Kaysar says the Danni-marc thing was an act. Kaysar says marc was way too happy when he fell off the spider web and way too giddy in the hoh room. He celebrated. He was not scared at all. Not at all.

Janelle: I should have just nominated Danielle and Erika but you told me not to when i was going in the diary room. i worried about James' reaction.

Kaysar: James had a problem with every nomination we had.

Kaysar says how Marcellas asked her lots of questions when she was hoh about the game and Janie agrees.

Marc: he's not going to ask you anymore. he doesn't give a damn what you think. just you watch. i guarantee it.

k says Marcellas probably has alliances with everyone in the house.

Kaysar tells Janelle Marcellas has no loyalty to anybody, he doesn't trust a single thing that comes out of his mouth. k: i told you he's not trustworthy.

Kaysar: one of us is going home this week.

Kaysar says when Marcellas kicked the sand and it got on James that was an act too. he waited till boogie got off and then fell off five or ten minutes later.

Kaysar; if he really thought Danielle was coming after him he would've stayed up there because he was competing.

k says he also waited until James and Kaysar came off. Kaysar said Marcellas had a really tight grip but his excuse was his toe or hands went numb.

Kaysar: Danielle went to Marcellas to convince him to give George the slop pass.

Howie; why?

Kaysar: so they can have George.

Kaysar says they did that so that George owes them.

Janelle: I’m telling you i would have put her (Danielle) up but you told me James would freak out.

Kaysar realizes they were planning this all along. James was always talking about his best friend Danni and promising she wouldn't put them up.

Kaysar: whatever. I’ll go home. You guys play the game. The floaters are shady.

Janelle: we've already known they've been forced to work together.

Kaysar: but we've treated them right.

Kaysar then tells them to play it cool so that they don’t know that they are on to them.
Janelle said that she thinks she can get chilltown to work with them. Kaysar agrees. Kaysar said he wants to campaign to go home, that he doesn’t want to go to the sequester house. They are all mad at Marcellas and call him dirty etc. This madness inspires Janelle to play the game, she now has something to work for she tells them (getting rid of Marcellas then Danni. (I wish she wanted to get rid of James the snake).

Kaysar wants to tell Chicken George that the floaters wanted him nominated and gone last week. See if he can sway his vote. They think that the slop pass bought his vote for this week.

They finally retire at 5:45 am!

Looks promising for an exciting week, will the house eat slop??? Will Danielle really put up James (if not she would have lied because she told everyone else they were safe.) Will Kaysar and Janelle just roll over and give up? Will Marcellas figure out that the S6 are on to him? Which way Will will fly this week? Watch out Danielle Howie just might go BUSTO on you when you try to back door him! Nominations tomorrow should be interesting!