Big Brother Recap August 31, 2006
Oh what a night……. Truth reveals to all but some still don’t’ get it!

The house woke up at 11:30. They were on immediate inside lockdown. George started to make his costume for the live show. Danni continued to pack things up. Erika moved her stuff out of HOH room. Meanwhile BB played classical music in the house so the houseguests would not hear what was going out in the back yard. George packed his stuff.

As per usual on Thursdays we had a lot of flames. When they return we get snippets of the house guests primping for the live show. We first see them all dolled up in their Sunday best clothes, then we get more flames, and when the feeds return we see them in sweats. We (the live feed watchers) assumed that BB told them to change their clothes for the competition tonight.

Danni did corner both Boogie and Will and ask them if she had their vote to stay. They both lied to her and said yes. Boogie even went as far to tell her if the vote is 2 to 1 then she will know that he tossed her that vote.

The Live Show
As promised the show was a weeks worth of activity rolled into 1 show.

First we have the eviction – Danielle was evicted with a 3- 0 vote, she walked out holding her head high and told Julie she knew the second she was nominated that she would be leaving. After Julie told her there would be another eviction tonight and asked her who she wanted to leave with her she replied Erika.

Next was the HOH – another lame question and answer trivia type contest, Janelle won HOH. Julie told her that she had 4 minutes to make her nominations.

Nominations – After a discussion with the puppet master again, Janelle aggress to nominate Chicken George and Erika.

Veto Competition – Each contestant was hooked to a rope with 2 knots in the rope. They had to untangle the ropes and knots. Grab the Veto and move it along the rope to they got to a certain point in the yard. Then they could remove the veto and rope and hit the button. Boogie and Chicken George were useless. They were never in the race. While Erika and Will were neck and Neck with Janelle close behind. When it came down to the end, Will actually tried dragging the whole contraption to the buzzer to hit it, but they never counted it because he had to remove the veto symbol first. Erika won the POV.

Veto Ceremony – Erika removed herself from the block and Janelle nominated Boogie

Eviction – George was evicted with a 2- 0 vote. He was greeted by not only Julie Colonel Sanders and a bucket of KFC fried Chicken. (Now hasn’t the colonal been dead like 25 years!) George was good and proud of himself for making it this far.

Before Julie leaves us she told us to tune in on Tuesday to see who will be the next HOH and the next LIVE eviction.

When the feeds return we see and hear Will requesting a doctor because he thinks he broke his thumb.

They were all talking about the evening. Boogie said it was like roller coaster ride on acid.

Janelle asked Erika if she wanted to play rummy. Erika said yes if she promises not to nominate her again. Meanwhile Boogie grabs Will’s ear and said that Erika can’t win HOH because she will nominate Himself and Janelle and Janelle will win POV and one of them will leave.

They discuss the timing of the show, and can’t figure out how it will play out. They think that they have a whole week of HOH etc before final three will be played out. They believe that the show ends on the 20th of September and not on the 12th.

They discuss Chicken George. They felt bad about the way he left. Erika said she could not watch him eat any more slop.

Erika made a comment about Janelle. She asked her if she was a machine and if she had a battery hitched up somewhere in her body. Janelle replied “why are you scared?” she said No.

They also talk about how the new HOH competition will take place tomorrow (Friday).

When they get their sushi Janelle also got a HOH basket with goodies in it.

Before they start to eat Will makes a toast: We are down to the final four guys and that is something we should be proud of. For me this experience has been hell on earth but the only reason that it has been tolerable is honestly because of you three people. This is more of a hood saying "Don't hate the player, hate them game" well i hate the game and love the players!

Will told everyone in the diary room they asked him how he feels knowing that 4 out of 5 players in the sequester house he lied to and told them they were safe. He said he didn’t have enough time to talk to Chicken George!

Once Erika gets called to the DR. Janelle tells Will and Boogie that she is upset that Erika is still there and she does not want her in the F3. Janelle tells them that they have to win HOH. (why either of them will nominate both her and Erika). They ask her what kind of competition will it be and Janelle tells them probably the how well do you know your housemates, questions from their questioners. Will also tells Janelle that she can blame nominating Erika on him, that he told her to do it (he did).

Once Erika comes back from the DR Janelle gets called in. Erika starts telling the boys that no one can win against Janelle at the end. Boogie said that if they change the rules and allow Janelle to play in the next HOH he will hit the red button and walk out. Will said she will be nominated and she only has a75% chance of losing the POV. Erika said she is unstoppable and a terminator. Will said that if Erika can get Janelle out that he will go to the jury and allow Boogie and her be final 2. That if that happened Janelle could be the deciding vote. Bright Boogie just figured out that whoever wins the POV decides who will go home.

After 1 hour and 17 minutes of flames we come back and see Boogie won HOH. They were dressed in referee outfits.

Will makes the comment to Erika and Janelle that it will be a waste of a nomination ceremony, that he will just pullout his key and it will be over. Erika looked pissed at his comment, and that she expected her key to be in the box.

Erika corners Boogie and tells him that she does not want to be nominated that it will look like a “homanship”. She begs him to please not nominate her. Boogie reminded her that it didn’t really matter that the power was in the POV.

They grab the wine and head to the hot tub. Will makes a comment to everyone how he does not want Janelle in his personal bubble. They start ranking the other house guests. Will really does not like Howie and Janelle thinks James is really boring. They do agree that Nokomis would have been one of the f4 if they did not get her out when they did. They talked about James being such a bad actor and how bad he looked throwing competitions. They call him wormy.

Will and Janelle have a spat. Janelle tried calling Will over to give him a kiss and Will called her psycho. Janelle took this personally and will tried back peddling out of it saying he was calling her sweetheart. Will told her she was barking up the wrong tree and she said the same thing back to her. She walked away and Will tells the internet cameras that Janelle is a crazy. Will says she is ruining his life. Will says he has a great girlfriend and a great life and Janelle is trying to take it from him. He's acting mad but he's making jokes. "You should wrap her in nougat and caramel and drop her in front of the grocery store because that's where you buy nuts." "Erika and Mike went upstairs to make a baby and that's less crazy than Janelle." Will says he's not that likable and he doesn’t understand it. Will says "I'm scared, bring back Howie."
Will follows Janelle to the shower. They have this conversation.
. He asks why she's mad at him. She says she isn't. Will says she is. Will says he isn't Marcellas and it hurts that she's treating her like that. Will says she's super sweet 95% of the time and she's acting weird. They are talking back and forth in the shower.

Will says she's awesome and she's freaking out on Will and he doesn't understand why she can't be patient and understand she can't always have what she wants when she wants. Janelle says she was insulted. Janelle says she thinks he is impossible and inconsiderate of her feelings. Will says that's not fair, he says he is considerate of her feelings. Janelle says she is offended by the way he has been behaving.

Janelle's hair is up, she looks cute. Janelle says she wants to be friends and Will says that what he wants. Will says they are playing a game and Janelle says he is playing with how she feels in the game and its bothering her. Will says the last time he told her a secret he thought it meant something... Janelle says she needs him to be more specific. Will tries to whisper through the curtain but Janelle thinks the shower-cam will turn on.

Meanwhile Boogie and Erika discuss their relationship up in the HOH. Here is that conversation.

Mike and Erika discussing their "relationship"
Mike: I'm just going to make that a blowout on that weekend, I know I'm going out that Thursday night, I'll just deal with it. I'd be, like, I wouldn't sit up in this house and be like, this is some amazing thing. I mean, we're both mature enough to say, let's step out of here, let's have a party, but... honestly, I'd like to explore something with you but, the restaurant in Atlanta (blah blah)... I'll paraphrase something you said, "The flame has to burn pretty hot from here to Atlanta."

Erika: It doesn't have to be gone forever.

Mike: You know I adore you. I was happy to be one of the 20. I appreciate it but.. umm.. you know, this is a unique thing for us, because we had mutual admiration for each other for so long, we disguised it, how amazing is that, we both set our personal feelings aside for the better of the game. We were nominated against each other in week 4... And we persevered.

Erika: But I'd like to pursue something with you.

Mike: But so would I I! But I don't want you to enter into a new thing... because you're very special...

Erika: I'm very loyal.

Mike: I know Will plays into this, people think I'm some crazy guy. But my craziness is in a way so different than anyone thinks. When I say I haven't had SEX SINCE DECEMBER I mean it, I mean, I go out, I have a f'n awesome time with my boys or maybe a special girl, but my night isn't going to be dictated by some certain situation... my friends are most valuable to me, I'm not some guy on the LA make trying to bed girls. I'd rather be with someone I can connect with on whatever level, have a fun time. I know, I mean, this happened. (Sounds like he is telling her see ya once the show is over the showmance is too).

Janelle and Will have a discussion in the storage room. Erika and Boogie listen at the door. Will tells her that he wants to have a good week and get rid of Erika. That she is not used to be rejected by men and that she is spoiled and used to getting what she wants. Boogie barges in and Will sends him back to make a baby with Erika.

Boogie and Erika then went back to the HOH. Will and Janelle made pizza. Will barged in the HOH and told them that Janelle was going to rape him and not to leave him alone with them. Janelle then walked in with pizza and they all sat on the HOH bed eating pizza. Janelle soon went back to the ant room to sleep. Will followed an asked her if she wanted to talk and told her she could get into bed with him. She replied to him that she was going to sleep and he should dream about her. Janelle had a hard time falling asleep. She took her blanket outside and had a cigarette, she also said HI to the internet fans and Taylor for Joker’s! (WTG Taylor). She then starts to drill herself for competition. This Jedi Drilling continues for over 20 minutes. She did mumble to herself that she has to win POV.

Janelle finally goes to bed at 6 am.

What will tomorrow bring besides a really lame nomination ceremony? Janelle will still listen to Will’s BS!. Erika will still follow them around listening to every word they say and be upset when Will’s key comes out of the box. Boogie thinks he is God! Hope that POV is a good one and Janelle and Erika fight it out to the finish! If only they would get a clue and gang up on these boys, they could easily take them out! Wake up girls stop thinking with those hormones and start using those brains!