Nominations are in! POV players have been chosen!

10:30 AM
Finally most HG’s are awake and are on lock down inside the house. James and Dani were talking game. Dani asked James “How do you feel?” James says “I've been thinking about it all night. Janelle is so worried; the funny thing is now she wants to be like honest and sincere since her ass is on the line, when before she didn't have a problem being a bitch. The only thing I'm worried about is if I don't come off the block that others may want to get rid of someone from S6 and it could be me.” Dani says “It doesn't matter, if you don't get off, or if she gets off, I'm going to put someone else up from S6.” James: “Oh, ok.” Dani says “James, I wouldn't do this if I thought you were going to walk out the door.” James: “I know, but the thing is, Janelle says she can’t believe you would put me up and I just keep telling Janelle that you won’t give me any straight answers. Janelle says that you said you wouldn't put the four up, but I told her she declared an open war on all the floaters and it looks like she is in bed Chill Town….” At that moment Marc appeared, so they broke it up. Marc says he was going back to bed and Dani headed to HOH to shower.

Dani and Marc are in the gym room. Marc tells her to put Janie and Kaysar rather than James and then Howie if the veto gets used. Marc says he'll side against Janelle even though she is ‘my girl’. Dani asked him what he would say to Janie and he said something like he is voting against her due to her behavior in the house. Dani says that James is capable of looking you in the eye and screwing you over. Marc tells Dani that he will go with whatever she decides, and then he would fight like hell the next week to keep her safe.

12:00 NOON
BB had to play some loud music to get the stragglers out of bed.

Will and Janie are in the kitchen and Will is telling her that he will do the best he can to save her and keep her from even being put on the block and then try to generate the votes to get James out. Will says he is the one that throws all the competitions and that Dani asked him ‘so, when are you going to start playing?’ Will says “I told Dani this is how I play. I am the most brazen player, if you don’t like how I play go ahead and put me up.”

Dani and Kaysar go head to head
Kaysar and Dani are talking. Dani asks if it’s just a coincidence that first Ali, then Jase and now Diane were evicted. Kaysar is defending the nominations Janie made last week as well as the other nominations the S6 made and also tells Dani she was not a target of the S6 at any time. He says Erika was ‘really’ a pawn. Dani asks why Janie didn’t nominate both members of Chill Town; she says it just doesn’t add up.

Dani asks him if they (S6) had a deal with Chill Town. Kay says there was no deal, but there was an understanding. He says the targets change week by week depending in their actions in the house; “When I had HOH, I needed to position myself. It's not about going after the bigger target and looking like an idiot the next week because now you're gone, I was trying to get the respect of certain people; for instance, I thought I had a rapport with Erika, and that you and I were cool. I wasn’t sure what Marc was up to at the time and I thought George was a non issue. As far as Chill Town, I thought they're just a couple of knuckleheads doing their thing, they weren’t a threat then. He says Janelle took out Jase because he was becoming hostile and he was a threat to them (S6). He said he is aware that people want to make a bold move week 5 before sequester so they can secure votes and Diane was the one who was untrustworthy so they needed to take her out. There were NO deals made with Chill Town, ever, Kay says “It's just a perception and I don't care what people think or perceive. I can walk out of here right now with a big smile on my face and people will think 'Oh he just made a deal with Dani' when I didn’t.”

Dani still doesn’t understand why Diane was voted out. She said Diane always maintained that she was gunning for Chill Town. Kaysar says that Diane told him that too, but he didn’t believe her; it made no sense, he says “First of all I trust my gut, I wanted to believe Diane, she is very sweet, but my gut was telling me it wasn’t the truth. That is why no one else was a threat right then. You have a good rapport with everyone else, so that’s cool, but with Diane and Chill Town looking to make deals….” Cameras switch to Janie and James.

1:30 PM/Janelle and James
Janie tells James that Marc is the reason everyone found out that Janie was going after Diane. James asks if Dani is the next target and Janie says yes. Janie says it doesn’t bother her being put up; she doesn’t want to be back doored. Janie says she thinks it will be her and Kaysar that go up. James says “Can't you just admit I was right?” Janelle: “James, you're right, but not about Diane, getting rid of her was a good idea.” Janelle admits that her nominations did unite the floaters against them. James says they'll have to agree to disagree about the situation with Diane, that “The rest of the house is using it as an excuse to go after S6.” Janie says “They were coming after us anyway.” Silence now, they are both lying on beds.

2:00 PM Back yard lock down
All HG’s are outside and not much game talk was happening for a while. Marc is sitting on one couch wearing his robe and looking annoyed. Will, James, Dani, Janie, Howie, and Kay are on the couches. Erika is in the pool and Chicken G and Boogie are sitting on the ground along the fence talking. Chicken G is talking about his kids and his father and stuff like that.

Will is telling the others a story about a tree falling on his rental car. Howie tells a story about he and a friend getting pulled over by a hot, blond cop and he said to her to give him a ticket so he could come to court to see her. Will tells one about cops mistaking him for a gangster because he was driving a black Escalade with tinted windows, blasting rap. When he was pulled over he said he told them he was a doctor and he was just buying chocolate covered soy nuts. Kaysar asks Will if he always leads with ‘I'm a doctor.’ (LOL) Will says “Of course!”

Back in the corner on the ground Boogie and George are talking about season 1 and how the HG’s were planning a walk-out. George was talking about and the banners that were flown. George says he went to the banner company looking for a job for BB2. The banner company loved that they could use George as advertisement. George says he lived in the airplane hanger that summer and would shower on the tarmac.

When the lock down was over, everyone went in with the exception of Dani by the pool and Erika in the pool. We only caught a snippet of what they were saying and that was Dani saying ‘they’ have to decide who is going home (S6). Then we got flames.

Will and Janie have their heads together again and Will is telling her a repeat of what he said earlier; that he will try to persuade Dani to put up James (uh yeah, great idea of ‘yours’ instead of Kaysar and that he probably can’t keep her (Janie) from going up. Janelle says she doesn't mind going up and tells him not to bother, it doesn't matter who she's up against. Janelle says she thinks it’s impossible that Dani would put James up.

Marc tells Dani that he doesn't feel he has to stay true to his word to Janie. He says Janie stabbed Erika in the back by nominating her and it could very well have been him. Dani says “So it's up to you, you know me I don't try to persuade people.” (gasp! Huh?)
Marc and Dani both say there were huge Janie fans when they watched the show, Marc says “but now the S6 is like the NH.”

Dani says to Marc in HOH there is no way she can nominate Howie; she swore on her children’s’ lives and she says “I am not Dani from BB3.”

3:00 PM
James just out of the Dr says they asked him how it feels to be nominated by his ‘friend’. He asked them who they meant and they said “Dani.” He says his response was “I guess you don’t know who you friends are until you are nominated.” LOL, Kaysar looks at him and says “now I know you are lying because they have not told you not to talk about your DR session.” (They are all laughing.)

Back in HOH Dani tells Marc that Kaysar should be concerned, “Did I tell him he was safe? Hell no. Did I tell him he was going up? Hell no. But he needs to be concerned. I told him everything I do, I do for strategic reasons. I don't have to rake people over the coals. I mean, if it was something like the comment Janie made about me being weakened, I might go ghetto and stay pissed, but I had my moment, I'm over it, I'm done. I'm calm now. I just want to be respectful and I just want to understand the game.” Marc says Janie told him she would probably be put up. Marc says he acted surprised and asked her why and Janies response was ‘because I put Danielle up the first week!’ Danielle starts to laugh and says “and she promised me that I was safe.” Marcellas tells Dani that his other problem with ‘the 4’ is that they don’t think anyone else is allowed to have an alliance but them. They don’t like it when other people group together for a common goal but that it's permitted for them and them only.

In the kitchen Will is entertaining the troops. Will talks about when his brother went to Kaysars website and got into it with Kaysar some of his fans. Will says they were mean, calling some of the fans fat and people who stay at home with their cats. Kaysar says that “Joker's Updates accused me of staging it….” (He laughs). Will laughs and says to the internet “if you have a cat that weighs like 14 pounds you should go kill yourself because I have done nothing but disrespect you.”

At around 3:30 (knowing nominations are looming); you can see James avoid contact with Janelle and run up to HOH telling Janie he is taking a shower. He goes in and asks Dani what she has said so he knows what to say. Dani says she hasn’t anything to S6 and that Chicken G doesn’t know the plan. She says she talked to Will, Boogie and Erika about the plan. James looks upset when she says she included Erika. Then Dani says “I know you are scared, but I wouldn’t talk to anyone unless I had to.”

Boogie enters HOH and they all 3 giggle like little kids. Boogie tells Dani all these things he said about Dani in the DR, how she was game on after she got her HOH things, letter, pictures, wine, etc. Dani says her game this time is different. She was desperate last time to win. Thie time around she will make the moves and if they work, fine, if not she goes home. Boogie asks her if they should leave so that no one suspects anything. Dani says she doesn’t really care what anyone thinks. She said when S6 had HOH they didn’t care and neither does she.

Feeds switch to Exercise room. Will is telling Boogie how he was BS’ing Janie into thinking that he was telling Dani to put up James. He says he told Janie ‘let’s make a bet’ and Janie shook on it. (Boogie and Will are high fiving). Will says Erika is malignant and will throw them under the bus. Boogie says “not directly” and Will says, “No not directly, she might be playing with you under the covers, but….” Boogie agrees she can not be totally trusted. Will asks Boogie to think about this “I want to flip the vote so that James leaves and not Janelle….just think about it.” Then Will says “then next week we go after Dani.”

4:00 PM
Janie and James are in the bug room and James is talking about how mad he is that Dani might put him up. Enter Howie – he says “I talked to George. I told him the only reason why he got a slop pass was for votes.” Janie says “Really? What'd he say?” Howie: (mimicking George) "Really? Really?" James says “I asked him (George) yesterday, ‘dude if I get put on the block, would you vote for me?’ He didn't answer my question, so I told him; ‘George, a lot of people keep talking about how'd they like to put you up this week because it'd be a free week for them and there's no repercussions if you go home and they go straight into sequester. So hold on for your f'n dear life.’ Howie says “That's what you told him?” James: “Yeah. And he said he found a new respect for me.”

James says “I want to go to sleep. I'm tired. I'm f'n nervous, I'm anxious... I'll leave before Howie once again…” Howie: “Well, I ain't going out without a fight.” Janie says “James, if one of us goes, we ARE going after Danielle AND Marcellas.” Janie says “If you were going home, wouldn’t you take money in exchange for slop?” James says “You would seal your fate at that point.” Janie: “Really?” James: “F*** yeah! If you took the money, I'd be like ‘the bitch took the money!’ Janie asks “Would you take it?” James: “F*** no, unless it's $50K. Janelle, I can't function without food.”

She promises James that janelle will know why she was nominated. That they ( S6) would have been safe and Dani would NOT have come after them, if she had not come after the floaters last week.

Dani and James in HOH
Dani is now telling James not to worry that her speech will be clear and to the point and Janie will understand exactly why she is nominated. James says that he thinks Dani mae a mistake allowing everyone to see Erika is working with her (Dani). Dani says it’s because Erika wants her to do her dirty work for her, then she said “Marcellas wants me to do ‘her’ dirty work too.” (LOL, yes Dani referred to Marc as a ‘she’).

Dani asks James why Janelle has not come up to talk to her and James says she is afraid; ‘’she is so transparent.’ He says that Janelle preys on guys because they're stupid. And that's her deal.

Erika is in HOH now. They all think Chicken G is not playing dumb, but that he truly does not understand strategies and is afraid to commit because he doesn't know enough of what is going on. James says he explains things to Chicken G and Erika says she does too. They all agree that George is dangerous, but they think he will align with them. They will have to share information with him. Erika wonders if that’s safe. Dani says that they have to at this point. Dani says she doesn’t understand how Janelle can think she has the votes to stay.

Nominations Preparation
Around 4:30 HG’s were on lockdown outside and Dani was called to the DR. Outside Boogie says to all the internet fans: "If you’re typing what I am saying right now, type I'm a loser, exclamation point, exclamation point, bold it, cosmic sans, put a 20 font on it." (So here you go Boogie: I’M A LOSER!! LOL!) They are all laughing that Will does nothing and is still there; he throws competitions makes fun of internet fans, tells everyone he hates them and no one will put him out of there.

Kaysar tells James outside that he wishes Dani would put up Marcellas. James tells Kaysar that going after floaters last week was the dumbest f’n idea ever and now they have nothing to stand on. Kaysar says he explained it all to Dani in that they basically needed to remove the last piece of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and that Diane had a hidden agenda and needed to go, ‘plain and simple.’ The intention was not to upset the floaters. James says he thinks if she could, Janie would take money and put the whole house on slop.

Will, Boogie and George are talking outside. Boogie says how lucky they are that Dani won HOH. That if Howie had won one or both of them would be put up. Will says “surely we would have both been put up.” They discuss that the season this far has been really good TV. They love the veto and how it can change everything. They say that Jase gave them good TV. LOL, Will says “internet fans I might hate you, but do yourselves a favor and do not go see that movie Talledega Nights.”

Will and Boogie are talking about reality TV and stars. Will says ‘Joe Millionaire’ is a loser. He and Boogie met him at Battle of the Network Stars and they say he was not funny, and he was totally arrogant. They thought he would be cool but he is not. They repeat some of the cocky things he (Joe Millionaire) said.

5:30 PM Nominations are in!
Feeds were cut and we come back to Janie and James up on the block. In the bug room James says to Kaysar, James and Howie “I’m sick of being on the block with you guys!” They are laughing. Then Janie says “We have to make it official!” She is laughing and screaming ‘Why?? And throwing pillows around…they are all kind of laughing about it for now. For the time being James is acting upset and shocked at his being nominated and he is also acting as though he Dani betrayed him. James tells them he is going to confront Dani. He is says that Dani putting him up is because he ‘said’ he told her that he told Janelle to nominate her (Dani) in the first week.

6:00 PM Nomination Aftermath
Erika and Dani are in HOH. Erika says “So the best actor award goes to James Rhine for his nomination reaction. So if it stays the same, in the POV competition we have you, me, Boogie...” Dani interrupts and says she can get Chicken G. They wonder about Will and how he might vote. Erika and Dani aren't sure about Marcellas. Dani says “Knowing Janelle, she probably thinks she's got Will and Boogie, Marcellas, Kaysar and Howie. This is James' time to see where he fits in that alliance. It's a good move.” Erika: “It's a really good move.” Dani says she had Marcellas’ key in early and then she pushed it back to make him suffer a little bit. They are both laughing. Dani mentions the part in her speech where she said “I'm not going to do your dirty work for you and I am not going to stand around and be picked off while you decide what you want to do.”

Janie tells the guys that she's going to work Erika, ask if she wants to do nails. Says she'll tell her she's concerned about her safety, she’ll tell Erika 'I don't think she (Dani) likes me that much.' Howie says “work it, Janie! Play the game! Tell her we will put up Chill Town!” Janie says “okay! Chilltown, Chilltown, Chilltown!” She gives a hopeful look and leaves the room to go get Erika. A Janie is passing through the kitchen, Chicken G is commiserating with Janie. She tells him it's alright, Georgie.

Dani and Marc in HOH
In HOH Marcellas and Dani are high fiving each other. Marc is marveling at how Dani put it out there saying she's not doing their dirty work and not just standing around waiting to be picked off. Marc said she laid it out there that you have to respectful, this is a game, there's no ‘bye-bye bitches’ this season, there's no busto. Marc says “I will bust a mother f’ers head and go to jail before I let them call me busto!” Dani says “I can't wait until the power of veto. I have a plan b, c and d!” Marc says the nominations are great because if one of the S6 uses the veto and takes somebody off, then they sell the other person out and chance another one of their own going up and out.

Marc says “Janelle asked me if I would play for her.” Dani says “Well if you do, you have to throw it.” Marc says she was trying to get her to choose Howie. Dani asks “Why is she not choosing one of her members for that? Don't you think that's odd? Why would she do that?” Marc: “I don't know if she even trusts them.” Dani: “Well that trust is going to go up in smoke.”

Dani says she wants to be respectful towards S6; she doesn’t want it to be ugly. She wants everyone to be friendly after with no hard feelings. “It is a game” she tells Marcellas. Marc says that S6 expects to keep Chill Town in the game because they are bigger targets than the S6. But then the S6 wants the floaters to take over and evict Chill Town, doing all the dirty work for them. Marc says "They got this f’er all twisted up something bad".

6:30 PM
Back outside James is laying it on thick for the S6. He is acting as though he is convinced that he will be leaving. He says he doesn’t have do this or that or clean etc. since he is leaving.

Howie says he wants to get booze and cause holy terror, but Janelle tells him to wait until after the veto competition, she says “If I am not going home then I will try and scare people with you, I love that stuff especially if I am drinking. If I win veto I will go off on these people you know me. But let's wait for after to do it.” Janelle thinks the game is so much more fun when there are people to hate. Howie suggests that if she wins the veto, she spike it on the ground. Janelle says she will throw it and yell "game on, bitch!" (ROFL, this is what S6 is all about!)

Marcellas and Erika are in the red room. Marc tells Erika that he's stuck between a rock and a hard place. He says Janelle wants him to play veto for her and last week he promised James he would vote for him to stay. Marc says he thinks Janelle needs to go because Howie will always play to protect Janelle. Marc says he likes Janelle as a person and he doesn't want to scumbag her but James is a pragmatic. He says he doesn't want to win the veto and have Janelle think he's going to save her. Erika asks him why Janelle wouldn't pick Kaysar to play. Marc says Kaysar would be stupid to use it because it shows James that James can't trust them (S6). Dani could put Howie or Kaysar up if it's used. Marc says Kaysar would go before James because he is the "virgin prince" and no one will vote against him in the end. Janelle enters. Marc stops talking. She gets something and leaves. Now they are discussing whether George has a shtick or if he's real. Marc thinks he can control him a little bit. They are playing cards as they talk.

Janelle is eyeballing Erika in the kitchen. While Erika was peeling pepperoni off her pizza you could see Janelle eyeballing her up, like Janelle was chomping at the bit to say something. Janelle heads up to play chess with Kaysar now. She starts to complain to Kaysar that she eats too much junk food as she is grabbing M&M's. He takes the bag from her and says “then stop eating!”

Kaysar and Janelle ‘playing Chess’
Janelle tells Kaysar that Marc and Erika are playing cards and talking. Janelle wonders if James knew he was going up. Kaysar says “James would not want to be anywhere near the orange chairs.” Janelle says “it doesn't make sense for Dani to nominate James.” (This conversation is very hard to hear, they are whispering.) Janelle asks who Dani wants out, Kaysar says “You.” And Janelle agrees. Kaysar says they need to work on George, he says Erika has been spending extra time with George lately. Janelle asks if Kaysar would use the POV on her, he says yes.

Janelle and Kaysar agree they will nominate Marcellas and Dani next week and try to get Marc out. Kaysar says “Marc adds nothing to the game, he’s a terrible player. All he does is back stab people.” Janelle said she thought Marc was her friend, Kaysar says "think again." Kaysar says it's like the NH; how they pretend to be their friends one day, and then the next day it all switches. Janelle wants people who don't like her to be that way to her face and not pretend to be friendly.

Kaysar says that Marcellas is all an act. That it's all giggle all the time (mimics him) and that Marc doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself, not one person. He says “it's not like BB3 or BB4 this year; it's not like somebody goes home and then you redraw the lines every couple weeks. You draw the line and what's done is done.”

Janie leaves to go to the bathroom, and then she heads outside for a cigarette, all the while Boogie is yelling at BB begging for booze.

7:00 PM
Dani is outside on one side of the yard pacing, deep in thought and Janie is also outside lounging and smoking. Not a word was said and Dani headed inside.

Boogie comes outside and asks Janie “How ya feeling? I will try to help you out if I can.” Janelle does a Chicken G impression "feels pretty good, doc." They laugh. Janelle says she was expecting to get nominated; she said she hoped to get nominated so she doesn’t get back-doored.

Outside James asks Erika how he is doing with his acting and if she thinks they'll pull this off. Erika says yes. He tells Erika that he told George ‘Dani nominating me hurt me worse than Howie did last year’, and it was perfect because Dani was there and asked to talk and James and he brushed her off. Erika says “it's going great.” James: “It just has to go off right.” Erika: “All you have to get is four.” James: “All I have to get is 3.” (He has the nullify vote pass.) James says he really wants to come off the block with the veto. Erika tells him he isn’t going anywhere.

8:00 PM
James heads up to HOH to talk to Dani, but he is followed up there by Erika. Before Erika comes in James is out of breath and excited at how well he has the s6 fooled and how they can't believe Dani nominated him.

Enter Erika into HOH and Dani is asking James what Howie thinks. James says Howie told him he knows he's safe because he (James) has that nullify vote option to use. James said he tried to deflect things saying Janelle made deals with Chill Town. Dani says “between Kaysar and Janelle, I believe Kaysar because Janelle just twists it. I don't believe anything she says.” Dani tells James to get Howie and Kaysar alone to find out how they stand. James says “I know they're trying to come up with a plan to save Janelle.” Danielle asks “they'd really save Janelle?” James: “I feel like I'm expendable. That's why they've been lying to me all season.” Erika and Dani are talking all kinds of tough about how they're not scared and S6 drew blood first.

James tells Erika that the S6 are mad at her too, because they were protecting her this entire time. Erika: “they protected me?!” James says the S6 thinks Erika and Dani are in an alliance. Dani cannot believe that Kaysar would side with Janelle over James. James: “Kaysar is smart this time when he's playing the game but he still does exactly what he's told by Janelle, still!” James hits himself in the forehead that Janie sent the entire alliance down the river because she likes Will. He says “If you like Will, fine, then hang out with him after the show.” James says “When Janie used ‘weak’ to describe Danielle’s status in the house; she was really talking about how much time she (Janie) has left in this house.”

Outside Janie is telling Boogie and Will that no one wants to hang out with her. She says the floaters stabbed her in the back. She says “If I win Veto I'm going to make a scene.” Boogie: “Like a "you bitch" thing?” Janelle: "Bye-bye bitches will be back.” She says that James blames her for not putting Will up last week. Will says “Although Marcellas is an f’n liar, he did say one thing that was true. It is f’n cold tonight. Of all the things he said, this is the one thing that is true.” LOL! Janie says “If I go home, then you'll still have Kaysar & Howie to work with you.” Will: “Great, then we have an idiot ape and a fake moral liar to work with.”

Uh-oh now Kaysar is talking with Janie and telling her that he will play for the veto, but if he wins he will not commit to who he may use it on. He says he doesn’t want to pick favorites. He is basically telling her to try and make sure she wins it. Janie says “If she gets a red ball (player's choice) who should she choose? Should I just pick Chicken G because I know I can beat him?" Kaysar says if Howie plays and wins, he won't use it.

Boogie just told Erika and Dani about Janelle not trusting Marc now, saying ‘I thought he was my friend’.

In the bug room Howie, Janelle and Kaysar are talking. Janelle is asking who she should pick she gets a red ball (her choice of player). No one says anything. She says she could pick Howie and he says "sure." Howie asks her "what are you thinking?" She says she doesn't have enough votes to stay. Kaysar wonders if Dani is doing this to “rip us apart?” Kaysar says we need to keep this as ‘cool’ as possible. Kay gets up and leaves.

Kaysar is back in the bug room now with S6 and James in tow. Kay says Dani is trying to get James to align with her and James says that is a dumb strategy. Janie keeps asking who she should ask to play veto for her. James says “we can talk about this later, tomorrow.” Kaysar says to James if he wins veto, Dani has to put up one of Chill Town. James agrees, and then he says “Chicken G is in charge of food tonight, and that's all I can think about tonight.” He gets up and leaves the room.

9:00 PM
Will and Dani are outside chatting. Will is telling Danielle that Janelle is mad at Marcellas, not at Danielle. Will says “Boogie told Janelle weeks ago that Marcellas will stab her in the back." Will says Janelle is infuriated with Marcellas, “f she doesn't win POV, she's gone. If she does win, she's after Marcellas. She's also really mad at Erika.” Danielle: “Why? Oh because Erika gave me HOH?” Will says “Janie is mad at Erika because Erika said she would win HOH and try to keep them (S6). I also told Janie that I have her back, but obviously I'm voting to keep James.”

By the hot tub, Dani is telling Will and Boogie about her conversation with Janie where Janie said "they only bring back players to help people like you, no offense to you, Danielle; but weak players." Will decides to go into hot tub with Boogie. James popped out from the kitchen and Will tried to get James to climb into the hot tub but James said he was busy cooking with Chicken George. Will says “He's trying to secure his vote.” Will says if he wins POV, he will not use it and say it's because he's afraid Boogie will go up. Will says “my loyalty is to you first Boogie, you second Danielle and third to James.”

Danielle tells Boogie and Will she believes Kaysar threw the HOH competition. Will says “everyone just wanted to crack an egg.” Will and Boogie talk about how strong Erika looked hanging onto the web and how Howie was dying.

Now Erika has joined Dani, Boogie and Will. They're talking about Chicken George. Will says “he's in the diary room plotting.” Now they're all joking that he farts on purpose, saying ‘I can't help it to throw them off during spider web competition. (LOL!) Will says “I love Chicken George, he's a good guy.” Dani agrees. Will says he won't be surprised if CG is in the finals, "The competitors are kicking out the competitors. CG is the ultimate floater." While they ponder who Chicken G might put up if he won HOH, dinner is ready!

10:00 PM
Janie walks outside and Will and Boogie are out there. Will asks Janie “What did Kaysar say, Janelle?” Janie: “He said he won't.” Will: “He said what?” Janie: “He's not going to use it.” Will: “He's not going to use it? If he wins it, he won't use it? That's a pussy move. He doesn't want to HAVE to choose because he wants to remain in the game and be like ‘I didn't do anything, I support everyone, I'm moral, I'm a nice guy’. If he doesn't support you this week, when is he ever going to support you? It's ridiculous you're coming to me for support, not to Kaysar.” Janelle understands Kaysar's position because he can't pick between her & James. Will says “What if I said to Boogie, I don't know if I can ...” Janelle says “you have an alliance of two, that’s different.” Will keeps trying to get Janelle to doubt Kaysar. He tells her if she gets POV, they should vote Kaysar out.

Erika and Kaysar are talking and she is asking him not to be mad at her; that she had no influence over who was nominated. They are discussing the final moments of the HOH competition. Erika says Dani told her “I wan it.” So Erika said no problem, and held on just until Howie fell, then let go. Erika says “It wasn't like I was targeting him or you or anything like that. Dani was saying ‘Let me have it, let me have it’ and I'm like ‘OK’, and I wanted to make sure I was safe.” (Flames!)

Right around 10:30 Dani was called into the DR and somehow the HG’s knew she would have some sort of announcement when she came out. Everyone is gathered in the LR. Janie and James are seated in the yellow chairs. Will says he genuinely likes everyone; but there is something wrong with everyone, including himself, for being on the show. In retrospect, he wouldn't have done it. James says “What about the people watching this?”
Will: “That's even worse.”

They have chosen who is playing in the veto competition!
We had flames briefly and came back to Dani telling Marc that if Boogie wins it and uses it on Janie Dani will put up Will and let the house decide who goes between him and James. Boogie and Will are playing in the competition as well as Marcellas, Janie, James and Dani.

Erica tells Janelle outside that she threw the HOH competition. Janie says “so you did…” Erica: “I just wanted to know that I wouldn't be put up, I wanted to be safe.” Janie says “I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at her (Dani).” Erika: “I had to make sure I was safe, since I was put up already, I had to make sure. I know it looks like I was waiting for Howie to fall, I wasn't I just wanted to be safe. I really like everyone. I know people lie.” Janie: “Thanks. Marc told me he would help me win it.”

In the HOH now Danielle is telling Marc how loved Janelle was last year when she was confronted with the Nerd Herd. But she doesn't understand get why Howie was popular. Marcellas agrees. Danielle says when Howie went off on April, everyone was cheering him on. Danielle says “At first, everyone hated Janelle, and then it changed.” Danielle thinks Chicken G is loved because he's an underdog. Marc says “I can't imagine he's loved.” Danielle: “Oh he is, come on, he dyed himself blue, he shaved his head….” Marcellas: “Are they not seeing Mr. Fart?” (Trust me Marc, we see that too! LOL)

Danielle says to Marc "This is ME. The live feeds, the DR, this is ME being ME, and if they hate me? Then that's fine, but this is me being me, me being upset, and me being angry. But my thing is trying to be respectful to all the HGs in every shape and form. That's real important to me because I don't want them acting crazy. That's why I made that speech." (I think she is afraid of the ‘hurricane’ on the Danielle says the live feeds are what make this show great. She says “If you are a bitch, that's on the live feeds, you can't fake the live feeds. What makes this show fascinating is you can see the raw emotion - love us, hate us.” Danielle says she does go on the Internet because she's curious about what they're saying. Marcellas has love-hate thing with Internet.

Danielle tells Marc that she is not trying to secure any votes for any one person to leave. She says right now she isn’t sure if she would pick James over Janelle (she seems to be back peddling, that or she is testing Marc.) Marc says to her that if she must break a tie that he hopes she would oust Janelle.

11:00 PM
Janie, Howie, Kaysar and James are talking about nominating Dani next time. It seems as though they are not on to James and are letting him know what’s going on. They are saying they want to nominate Marc and Dani next week or Erika and Dani. Janie says “we should work with Chill Town because they hate the floaters.” Howie says “Dani is an endurance person.” James interjects “We are not giving Boogie enough credit. I would rather face Marc in final four than Boogie.” Howie says “Dani is playing to win.”

BB says “Um, Danielle? Can you turn off the plasma screen?” Marc answers “We would but we want to see if they come walking up with knives!” BB: “I know but you only get 30 minutes at a time.” Danielle says "I'll do whatever you want because you gave me Wine!"

Will and Janie are playing cards. Will asked her why she didn't pick Howie for POV. She said that Kaysar and Howie didn't want to decide between her and James so they were just gonna leave it so she didn't want to pick them. Will tells her “them not wanting to decide is bullshit. You say whatever you want. I have my feelings. I'm a loyal person.” Janelle says she should have picked Chicken G. Will says she should have picked her team member because they should have supported her. They try to get Kaysar to come upstairs and play, but Kaysar won't do it. Will asks why Kaysar can't just have one drink of wine. Kaysar says he doesn't want to become alcoholic. Then Kay makes fun of the way Janelle gets when she drinks and how she gets those googley-eyes like she wants to marry you tomorrow. Will says she gives him those eyes like she DOESN"T want to get married tomorrow.

James is telling Kaysar to hold in all his rage until he gets HOH. Kaysar says that's what he did last time when everyone f'd over Michael. Kaysar says Marcellas and Erika are backstabbers and that at least Boogie, Will and Dani are playing the game. Kaysar is saying respect and truth belong in the game, James doesn't. Kaysar saying you can talk to people and be real with them and that means something. James says “Charles Manson is a person.” Kaysar says last year James was the last one on the totem pole and he (Kay) wanted to make sure that didn't happen this year. He wanted to build up respect with people. James tells Kay “Take the respect shit out of this now. You have to decide who you can play the game better with. That's how you make decisions here. We're here to win.” Kaysar says Marcellas, Erika and Danielle are feeling unsafe.” James says “The thing is we have to make them feel safe.” Kay thinks it’s a mistake, he isn’t happy, says he hasn’t been all day and is going to pray. James suggests he go into HOH and get some things off his chest first, instead Kay heads to the DR.

Outside Boogie says to Dani “So if she (Janie) wins it, who's going up? Kaysar?” Dani nods and says "They will be swept.” Boogie talks about how weird it is that Marc and Janie have been fighting all day but then Janie picks him to play for veto. Then Boogie says "I wonder if he did that on purpose to make people think he is REALLY mad at Janie when he isn’t?” Dani nods… Boogie says "That vixen." Dani says "Exactly, she's a vixen. You see, Marc has been talking bad about S6 forever now and when I was talking to him about nominations he said "You need to get rid of Howie first." Boogie groans "I want to get him (Howie) so bad." Dani agrees and says "He needs to go very soon."

Erika has joined Boogie and Dani by the hot tub. Dani says that earlier Marc was digging for information. She says “It was obvious Marc was fishing when he was talking to us before, He asked about my target and I wouldn't tell him. I was afraid he would go tell Janie that she was my target. Boogie I need you to talk to your partner Will.” Erika-says “This is like survivor.” Dani: “I think it is going to be a timed event (the POV). Marc is good at that. I don't think it is going to be physical. Marc may be homosexual, but he is still a man, and can play like a man.” Boogie thinks it will be simple too since the DR didn’t seem concerned about his injury for this competition. Dani says “I love you guys, but I have to take her out.” Boogie says “we need a universal plan so we don't go against ourselves.” Feeds switch.

Back to the chess table and Kaysar telling Janie he can NOT believe that Dani put James on the block. Kaysar says “I feel bad for him.” Janelle says “Whichever of us stay should work with Chill Town. They will have our backs. Everybody hates them but they're not that bad.” Kaysar says “I know.” Janelle asks Kay again if he will vote for her over James. Kaysar says that Janelle will probably get his vote, but the decision is very hard. Kay says that he and Janie agree on more than he does with James.

Kay and Janie move on to talking about Marc. Kaysar says “Do you think he really thinks we DON’T know what's going on?!” Kay asks what he said when Janelle asked him about playing for veto. Janelle says she thinks Marc doesn’t want to be exposed in front of everyone. At this point Kaysar is once again very stressed out. They both say they are going to bed and head downstairs.

Kaysar went outside and a drinking Dani went with him to the hammock. Dani says “Did you think I was going to nominate you?” Kaysar says “Until our conversation that night.” Dani says “Kay, this isn't an easy decision.” Kaysar: “I know how it feels.” Kaysar says he would never be two-faced. Dani says she knows that. Dani says “You may think I made this decision a long time ago but I didn't.” Kay: “I know where you stand and I know we can play based on respect. What it boils down to is competitiveness.” Dani: “I respect you.” Kay says “I don't believe it was last weeks actions that made you do this.” Dani says “It was. You guys took out players that I didn’t want to go. Not only did I want to keep Diane here, but Erika was put in harms way.” Kaysar says what we saw was 2 jokers, not jokers in the sense of wild cards but just like knuckleheads just sitting around not doing anything and not really playing the game.

Dani tells Kaysar that if a player says they're coming at her she's going to strike them first, “This is what did it for me; Boogie made it very clear that he's coming after Janelle. Janelle made it clear in her speech that she didn't like Boogie, and then who did Janelle and Howie go at in the power of veto ceremony?!” Kaysar says “I know that was crazy.” Kaysar says “Let’s say last week Will is gone and Boogie is alive. Now so close to sequester what would you do? Would you then go after this nice big target that looks like a big piece of steak or this wondering dog that was on his last leg?” Dani says “I was going after Jase.” Kaysar says “Jase was gone. I'm talking about last week.” Dani: “Then I was going after Diane and after Marcellas.” Kaysar: “But you just told me a second ago that Diane was someone you were working with and you wanted to keep in the house.” Dani says she was going after Diane because she didn't vote for her, that the POV changed everything for her.

1:00 AM
James, Boogie and Will are in the bug room. They are going over possible POV competition ideas. They are confident that they are in perfect position right now – the fantastic 4 alliance. They said next week if S6 gets it they will go after floaters like Dani and Marcellas and they will have the votes to get rid of Marc which is perfect. The floaters will go after season 6. They agree their alliance is the best because it is made up of people from every alliance.

LOL, I try to stay away from jack shack talk, but at around 2:00 Howie went out there and BB called for a lock down. LOL, they patiently waited for Howie to do his business before calling for it again. Dr. Will gives Howie his medical opinion; and says there's nothing wrong with healthy "stimulation" but he suggests that it is not good to do it on TV. (LOL!!) Dani starts in on Howie and how inappropriate Howie was to do that with the "internet" knowing. She says over 10 times “I understand you have needs but now everyone knows what you did. I don’t know why you can’t just wait until after the show is over.” None of this was solicited by Howie, it's not like Howie asked Dani for her advice. Will tries his best to defend Howie, but does admit that it's inappropriate for everyone on the net to know about it. Howie will not back down to her though. He says he needed to relax and masturbating will relieve the tension he's under and allow him to perform better in tasks. (The media section at has a video clip of this – it’s a must see. Dani’s reaction is over the top here.)

Just before 3:00 everyone decided they were going to bed. Howie and Janie are sleeping in HOH tonight – remember Dani doesn’t want to sleep up there by herself and doesn’t like sleeping with anyone. BUT, Janie and Howie relent and head downstairs to eat.

Howie and Janie say they agree that they'd be really upset if Erika or Marc won the game. By the same token, both agree that they wouldn't mind so much if Dani won because she's actually playing the game. Janie is disgusted with Erika and how she's so pissed at her for being so fake. Janie says "Erika is like an f'n piece of furniture" and starts to compare her to Busto. Howie says "Busto and her ugly dog and fat husband" when Janie mentions her name. They vent about how how Erika and Marci both have said numerous times that they need to get rid of George. Janie: “Erika makes me f'n wanna vomit. UGH, I think she could really be a possible candidate for a Busto rant, don't you think so? She has the qualities." Howie: "She would start crying in two seconds." Janie: “Yeah.” Howie: “The thing about it is, maybe she's a sneaky, insidious hidden mole in the game but she's not a threat. Like Busto, she was offensive and she deserved it! I wasn't preying on the weak.” Janie: (Laughing) "Yeah."

Janie says to Howie “I don't care if anyone comes back; I'm ready to f'ing attack.” Then she says “Howie, if, when you're here next week and I’m not, you SERIOUSLY have to celebrate like the week after Kaysar left." Howie says “Yeah!”

Finally around 5:30 they both hit the hay and everyone is asleep!