Big Brother Recap August 5, 2006

VETO temptation were Sweet but the repercussions are down right mean! Big Brother wins this VETO competition!

James was the first one up this morning at 10 am. Big Brother soon announced at 11:00 am that the Veto competition would begin in 2 hours. Erika and Danni immediately get up. Dannie still on her soap box starts and tells Erika that she is a different person then she was on BB3 and that she is much stronger and she does not care people can love her or hate her. She then tells Erika that she thinks she has Kaysar convinced to leave S6 and join them, that she was good with him last night (alcohol sure does cloud your mind Danielle or you just don’t know Kaysar). Erika said it wouldn’t matter if one of them goes next because they brought one of them down. Danielle said she is going all out for this veto. Erika again told Danielle not to trust James, which she thinks he is playing both sides (DUH! Is this your only bright conclusion of the game Erika???)!

While waiting for the Veto to begin Marcellas and Janelle chat, she tells him that neither Kaysar or Howie would play in the Veto ceremony for her. Marcellas said it sucked. We get the famous flames starting at 12:15 and continuing until 4:00 PM.

Once the houseguests return we see Janelle proudly wearing the Veto necklace, a very upset Danielle and fun filled Will, Boogie and Howie.

While on a long outside lockdown, the houseguests were provided with a porta potty. Marcellas responded with you know this will be a long ass lockdown when they provide you with a porta potty!.

Boogie and Mike whisper that they are really going to push Danielle to put up Marcellas and vote him out. They discuss that Danielle wants to put up Kaysar and Will said once we get rid of Kaysar Janelle will be theirs and will go after Danielle and Marcellas. They admit they threw the competition and want to blame Marcellas for taking the money.

Here is what we know about the Veto competition. (thanks to poster Eddie)
1. Erika hosted it
2. Danielle, Janelle, James, Boogie, Will and Marcellas played
3. They were buried in sand or something and could not see each other
4. Each player started with 40 points. The player with the most points won veto.
5. You could give up points to win good stuff: a slop pass, a phone call home, a plasma TV, a vacation to Aruba, $5000.
6. You could gain points by winning individual punishments: not being able to play in next week's POV, solitary confinement for 24 hours.
7. You could gain points by punishing the whole house: putting everyone not in the competition on slop, putting the whole house on cots and cold water only.
8. Before the competition, all six players agreed not to do things that punished the house.
9. If more than one player bid on each item, the player who buzzed first or wrote down the highest number won the item.
10. Basically, the contest was structured such that, if you were willing to bid on the two whole house punishments, you would win POV. That's what Janelle did.
Now here is how it played out.
1. Danielle accepted an individual punishment (solitary confinement 24 hours) for 9 points and ended up with 49. She tried to win the individual non-veto punishment, but Boogie hit the button faster.
2. Janelle accepted two items that punished the house: putting half the house on slop (5 points)( Kaysar, Howie and Erika for the remaining of this week – 4 days) and putting the whole house on cots and cold water (10 points). Her total of 55 points won the veto contest.
3. James knew that once he refused to bid on the two whole house punishments, he couldn't win veto, so he won the phone call and the margarita party for the house.
4. Marcellas won the slop pass for the season
5. Boogie won the $5000, the plasma TV and possible the not play veto next week (conflicting talking and even the houseguest don’t know for sure who won that)
6. Will won an Aruba vacation

Of course James does nothing but complain about how selfish Janelle was. He would NEVER put the house on slop or make them sleep on cots and take cold showers. (However he felt so safe he spent his points on a phone call and margarita party).
Janelle responded to James’s tirade with you would have won too if you had to save your ass!

James leaves the S6 group saying he was going to see Danni about putting up Marcellas, Kaysar responded for him to put on that bible swearing charm!

Once the lockdown is over the houseguests come in to see all the beds removed and army cots were put in and the all the exercise equipment gone and that was made into the solitary confinement room for Danielle.

James complains more and more trying to make Janelle look real bad. Saying she sold out her alliance last week and the house this week blab la blah.

Janelle enters and they have this conversation:
James: As much as reality TV is a practice in self "fing" degradation, this is a new low
Jani: Is it wrong for me to put the whole house on slop?
James: I thought we had all agreed not to (feeds go crazy in Jani's response)
James is yet again explaining why he didn't take the 5000 and knew he was screwed when he couldn't get the first few
Howie: I was going to use the treadmill, and now I can't
Jani: Me too, and I'm getting as fat as "f"
James says something about talking to Danni and offering her safety for a week if she gets out Marcellas then they will go after Chicken George
Jani and Kaysar are planning on sleeping on the floor in the bug room
K; They should have taken all the furniture and left us for nothing

James: we're not supposed to be "fing" each other (complaining again). The house is all supposed to share the margarita party, so he's not planning on going.
Howie: I just want to go and hang out with you guys, I could eat slop.
James: I had 32 points, Jani had 55. And he again complains that no one was supposed to go after the negative HH ones.

Danielle is seen going into her solitary confinement. There is a curtain there (whichis her bathroom area) and a bucket of slop in the room. She is seen crying, reading the bible and talking to herself in there.

Marcellas asks Erika if she thinks Danni will put him up. She responded that Danni said that one of the S6 has to go so he should be all set. Marcellas responded that the S6 just won’t admit defeat and give up (Duh it is a game Marcellas!).Erika then repeats to Marcellas what she said to Danni about not trusting James.

Will proposes to the S6 that they call a truce for 2 weeks and get out Marcellas and Chicken George. They don’t come right out and agree, but said that they had to go.

At about 10 pm they finally get their margarita party… Erika, Kaysar and Howie can watch but not participate in the party since they are on slop.

Danielle is seen walking around and pacing the empty room, mumbling to herself that there has to be a loop hole that she has to put him up. She keeps saying Howie you are safe (replaying what was said on the web to make Howie quit HOH competition. She mumbles that she wants to go in DR and ask about loop hole. Seems like she wants to nominate Howie and not get him angry (BUSTO Danielle)

Erika tries chatting with Danielle and all that is understood is that it is a numbers game. Will and Kaysar go over and try to talk, offer words of encouragement to her she then pulls over her bathroom and it looks like a kitty liter box!

Erika and Kaysar talk about their depression. Kaysar finds it degrading to eat slop and sleep on the floor for money that the money will go away anyways. That people are seeing him do it etc. Erika said she wanted to be nominated but Danielle wouldn’t do it (lie). Kaysar said he rather work in a coffee shop for money then act like this. Erika said she is not strong enough to win this game that she can’t win HOH.

All house guests were asleep on cots or the floor by 3 am.

Lots of complaints and speculations the rest of the night. Boogie got drunk on the margaritas and put the move on Erika who fled the HOH room for safety in the red room. Someone mentions that BB is waking them at 7 am for another competition (can it get any worse???).

Sooo tomorrow should be fun with an early rise and those on slop starving again. Complaints will run about as ramped as Danielle will once she exits her jail! Could be a fun filled day in the compound!