8:57 a.m. BBT

Danielle seems to be the first houseguest awake this morning. She paces in her solitary room, talking to herself about her dream and saying she is officially crazy. After her conversation with herself she reads the bible. A bit later she starts her crying again, talks to herself a bit more. Brushes her teeth. By 9:53a.m.BBT she has gone back to sleep.


We get flames for the wake up call. Houseguests begin to slowly get out of bed. Will mentions that Marcellas was sitting at the foot of steps at 3 a.m. looking nervous.


BB calls a lockdown for houseguests to go outside. The houseguests try to revolt saying they will go outside if they get their beds back. BB wins this time.
Chicken George not letting something like a lockdown get in the way of his hygiene, shaves and showers outside.
No surprise that here and there we get Flames due to Will singing…again. Chit chat all around consisting of hobbies, what they would be doing if they were home, and money.
Some of them speculate about America’s choice. Will suggests it be America’s choice
for assisted suicide. He gives 4 choices that America could vote for to help the houseguests kill themselves. (Don’t tempt us Dr. Will Kirby ha-ha! ;-))
They are also speculating maybe a luxury competition, which would get them new clothes as previous years have done.
Will finally comes up with a good idea for a competition.
Will says they should stick two HGs in a supermarket and give them ten minutes to get as much food as they can while the rest of them yell from the living room into earpieces. "Get those marshmallows!"
Meanwhile, Erika and James discuss getting rid of one of the other S6er’s, hunger, and James phone call he won in Veto.


Erika tells James that Jun (BB4) is a jealous person and a hater. This was in response to James asking why Jun (BB4) hates Julie Chen.
Will tells other that he thinks James is very rarely funny, but James last night said had he been put in solitary he would have spread his feces all over the walls in solitary. Marcellas thinks this is funny too.
We get flames for a few minutes and when they come back lockdown is over and everyone is inside.
Danielle is asleep, while Will and Boogie are in the HOH room talking game. Boogie complains that the show caters too much to the Internet. Will tells Boogie he trusts Janelle more than Erika. Will starts talking about Erika and how he busted her last night about using Boogie for game purposes and of course true to form, Erika walks in. Erika looks for the control to use the spy screen, but can’t find it.
Erika leaves and Will and Boogie talk game again. They say that they have an alliance with everyone in the house. That if these people start talking to each other, Boogie and Will are in trouble.
We get flames when Boogie starts to tell a story about 2 “fat chicks”.


Danielle is up and pacing, while James peeks in. He also made a sign to her with his hands that looked like he was trying to make letters. Possibly an M or K. Danielle seems to nod her head in understanding.
Boogie and Erika are chatting outside. George and James are now discussing politics in the kitchen. Nothing much of significance is going on at this time.


Danielle is playing solitaire in solitary. A few minutes later it looks like she is about to cry again, can also hear her stomach growling. (Danielle has not eaten since entering solitary)
Meanwhile Erika informs Boogie and Howie that she can pass for being 28 yrs old. They go on to talk about Josh (BB3), Erika’s ex boyfriend Josh (BB1), and the different seasons of BB. Boogie mocks Ivette (BB6) in a Cuban accent.
James has joined and says he doesn’t care if more people hate him this year.
James and Boogie talk about appearances and such they have done.
Like VH1, and James says they only got $500.00 for his appearance and that was 6 months later.
Now they are talking about Howie and his Jedi sword and how if Howie goes to Boogies places of business that he has to tell him not to bring his sword or he will. (James says this to Boogie) Boogie didn't know that Howie was so in to the sword aspect of it thought he just is joking with it.
James is positive he is not getting evicted and it would be a major shock to him if he was. He says he would not watch the rest of the show.
James doesn’t believe that Janelle put everyone on slop, the points don’t add up.
James gets called to the Diary room.


Howie joins Erika and Boogie outside at the pool. Howie and Erika tease each other a bit about kissing. Boogie talks about one of his restaurants Dolce. He suggests to Internet viewers if they live in LA to eat there tonight. Howie tells Boogie that he first thought Boogie was a handler, he didn’t recognize him as a former BB contestant. Erika complains about not having alcohol this week, and being on the slop diet. Boogie was nervous about not making it onto the show.
Boogie and Erika discuss that just one person leaving the house changes the energy of the house. Erika gives a shout out to Jack (BB4) and leaves to check on Danielle.
Erika goes to the solitary room (empty gym) and Danielle says she thinks she has 45 minutes left, Erika thinks she has more time left than that. Danielle tells her through the door she hasn’t drunk anything so she wouldn’t have to use her port a potty. Erika goes back outside and has Boogie shave her legs.
While they are trying to talk strategy, Howie is singing nasty songs, telling boogie to save shaving her "kitten" for him (Howie)
Boogie asks her who she wants gone and Erika says she wants Kaysar gone. Boogie seems surprised by this.
Boogie argues that they need to get rid of Marcellas, but Erika said no don’t worry about Marcellas, she will keep Boogie safe from him. They laugh at Howie sometimes and try to ignore him some too.
Erika "You're cute Howie"
Erika says they need to separate Kaysar and Janelle to weaken her. (Janelle)


Will, Boogie, and George are in the kitchen chatting while Danielle is in solitary reading. A few minutes later Danielle says in her mic “Uh…to the PA who is responsible for cleaning out my toilet, you’re welcome. Because I didn’t use it, that would have been nasty.”
A minute later most of the houseguests are outside the solitary room chanting “Free Danielle!” Finally Danielle comes out of solitary.
Many hug her and she says she has to go to the bathroom and takes off upstairs to the HOH room.
Howie ponders using the port a potty as his new jack shack.
Will and George busy themselves heating up food from last nights Margarita party for Danielle.
Danielle comes back down from HOH and goes straight outside to Erika and Boogie. They ask her how solitary was and she tells them she cried and it makes you crazy.
Danielle and Boogie compare notes on the veto competition, who won what. Danielle thinks that Janelle is not able to compete in veto next week.
Boogie tells Danielle that they (S6er’s) want Marcellas put up and they are willing to call a truce with Danielle. Danielle immediately nixes that idea. She says it’s stupid, because of numbers. She stops and asks Erika to go upstairs with her, she tells Boogie she will explain it to him later.
On the way to the HOH room, Danielle stops off in the kitchen to get some candy straws.
When they both get to the HOH room Danielle says “Idiots! Bunch of Idiots!”
They both agree that getting rid of a S6er is the only way to go. Within minutes James comes in and brings Danielle her food. She tells James it was hard not taking the phone call. The 3 of them again discuss the points in the veto competition. They believe Janelle is not able to participate in the veto competition next week. Danielle calls Janelle a “Dead woman walking”.
James asks Erika to leave so he can talk to her alone. Erika leaves.
James tries to pitch the idea of Danielle replacing Janelle with Marcellas as the nominee. He talks about Marcellas going after all the prizes and Danielle says she told Marcellas to do that. Danielle tells James that Marcellas has never mentioned James in a negative way. James seems to accept Danielle’s decision and tells her that if she can get Kaysar out this week, then he will get Janelle out next week. Danielle is trying to find a loophole in her promise to not put up Howie to be able to go back on her promise and put him up anyway. Danielle says that Kaysar reminds her of Jason except that he (Kaysar) is not a good player, he doesn’t have your back and he drops out of competitions too soon.


Will, Howie and Janelle are whispering in the kitchen. Will tells Janelle that she needs to talk to Danielle about putting up Marcellas. Will is tells Janelle what to say. That Marcellas is a cancer in the house and if she is interested in opening some lines of communication (basically making a truce with Danielle). If she (Danielle) doesn’t want to do this, it is not a threat, but Janelle will have to ask her group to go after Danielle and that Janelle has a very large group, she has the numbers.
Will says that if Marcellas makes it to the jury he will not vote for the best player in the final two.
Howie says Danielle will not go for it.
Will jokes to Janelle "Don't tell her you love me, it will make things weird."

Back in the HOH James and Danielle discuss Chill Town. They are tired of them throwing competitions. Danielle says she trusts Boogie and knows that he is not a liar. Soon after Will comes up to HOH.
Will puts in his plea to put Marcellas up. Danielle and James explain that they must get out one of the other S6er’s(minus James). Will tells Danielle that he will vote for what she wants. He affirms that he and Boogie will go after a S6er(minus James) Will keeps assuring Danielle that if she is nominated next week, that she will have the votes to stay. Will suggests that James give a speech saying he knows that he's going and that he only wants Kaysar, Janelle and Howie to walk him to the door... then to let Kaysar (if he goes up) be shocked by an eviction vote against him. James seemed open to the idea.
Danielle tells James that if he gets HOH, he cannot put up Janelle at first, until after veto.(basically backdoor her)

Downstairs Kaysar and Janelle both feel like Kaysar will be put up in Janelle’s place. Kaysar says if he is, he will not campaign against James. They both agree to talk to George and Chill Town to see what they are thinking.


James is telling Janelle in the bug room that he tried to get Danielle to put up Marcellas but he thinks she is putting up Kaysar. He does an acting job of pretending to be scared that he is going home if he is up against Kaysar. James tells her he will be disgusted if he goes home before Marcellas or George.
Janelle agrees to talk to Danielle for James to put up Marcellas.
Janelle asks James if he understands now why it was a good idea to put up Diane. James pauses and doesn’t really answer. Janelle teasingly tells him she will wait there until he answers. James not sincerely agrees.
Howie and Janelle are alone and start talking game. They want Marcellas gone. If Danielle does not agree to put up Marcellas, they will go after Erika next week, and Danielle the week after that. They are happy that at least they will still have 3 S6er’s left after this week eviction. They talk about the fact that Danielle thinks she has Chill Town with her, but they (Janie and Howie) think they have Chill Town on their side.
Marcellas and Erika talk about how Danielle promised several people safety during the HOH competition, on the web.


Erika and Danielle are firm on getting a S6er out. They are not worried about Marcellas as a threat right now, and don’t understand how the others are worried about Marcellas right now. It is about the numbers.
Meanwhile Howie tells James that if Danielle doesn’t put up Marcellas that she has Jennifer Vasquez syndrome and she will be gone next week.
Janelle and Kaysar are chatting about his birthday, and her shoes.
Danielle and Marcellas are now in the storage room. He asks, "What are they up to?"

Danielle doesn't really answer...doesn't tell Marcellas everyone wants him up.

Marcellas says they haven't told him if he won the money yet, just the slop pass.

Danielle asks him if he wants to join her and Erika at their slumber party in HOH tonight. He says it will be fun; they can play the movie game.

Back to Janelle and Kaysar saying that the floaters lies are starting to catch up with them. Janelle says she knew the floaters were plotting against them because of how much Danielle and Marcellas were being called to the diary room. Jan says she's tired of Erika’s lies and she's trying to get Boogie on her side. Will says he told her not to f@ck with his friend's emotions. They agree that it was a smart move to take out the floaters instead of Chill Town, because the floaters would still come after them (S6er’s) and have more numbers to do it. Janelle tells him that she told Will everything about Marcellas and Erika wanting Chill Town out. Will told Janelle he wants Erika gone. Kaysar says he wants to play by taking a stance and keeping it clean. Floaters don't do that. Kaysar says he knows what Erika has been doing with him. I'm so sad about how things are going; she is trying to prepare me for going up, so that I won't be mad at her in case I stay.
Kay says it is so hard having a genuine conversation with her when you can see through what they are doing. Jan says Erika is so annoying. Kay says even though Danielle is the one doing it, she is the only one having a genuine conversation with him. They both say Marcellas is so full of cr*p. Janelle says he cannot look her in the eye. Kaysar says that is why Erika slept with Boogie last night; she is trying to work every angle. Kaysar says, don't these people know that we can see right through what they are doing?

The Floaters are having a meeting upstairs with Danielle explaining to them (Marcella, George, Erika) her plan. She is using the pixie sticks to explain and show them the plan. She says she isn’t going to pull a Howie from BB6. She is sticking to her plan to get a S6er out. She tells them that next week they cannot put Janelle up right away; she wants to have Janelle backdoored. She tells them to scatter as to not draw attention to they all being in HOH. That didn’t work as Will downstairs mentions there is a “floater conference” upstairs to the others in the backyard.

The scatter didn’t last very long, as Erika and Marcellas are once again in the HOH room with Danielle. They are once again discussing Danielle winning HOH, and how good of a job Danielle is doing with her nominations. Danielle says her signature line “It is what it is” several times. Other general chit chat around the house between HG’s, nothing significant.


Kaysar joins Danielle in the HOH room. She tells him he should have played for veto because she has to put him up, because she gave her word to Howie. She says if he had won the veto, she could not have put a S6er up. Kaysar says he was in a tough spot, because had he played he could not have chosen who to save (Janelle or James) so it was best he didn’t play. Danielle says she is in a tough spot. She told Marcellas to his face he was safe and she can’t break that. She says her destiny is already chosen, she knows she will probably go next week. Kaysar says he can’t give his word she is safe, his loyalty lies elsewhere. He cannot make a deal with her. Danielle understands that. Kaysar is noticeably upset, but understands why Danielle must put him up in Janelle’s place at the veto meeting. Danielle tells Kaysar that someone in his alliance (she is talking about Janelle) is aligned with Chill Town. Janelle and Howie come up to HOH
And Danielle explains that she must put Kaysar up because if she doesn’t S6er’s will control the house. Janelle asks her if she is concerned for her own safety and Danielle says that she understands that if S6er’s wins HOH next week she is probably out. Danielle says she won’t go after Chill Town because the S6er’s had their chance and she won’t do their dirty work for them. Kaysar says meeting adjourned and the S6er’s leave HOH. Janelle tells the other S6er’s “This is War!!”

Boogie and Will join Danielle in the HOH now.
Boogie: So were putting up Kaysar and were voting out Kaysar?
Danielle: yes.
Will: Let me ask you this, I know you’re ethical and moral. Kaysar is more reasonable, whereas Howie, Janelle controls him.
Danielle: By me making this hit, they (sov6) told me, you’re weak and were coming after you.
Will: Erika is throwing the comps and not admitting it. I admit it.
Danielle: I gotta get Janelle out. If you get hoh, don’t nominate Janelle so we can backdoor her. Marcellas is after her like it’s his job now.
Boogie: WHAT?
Will: he's lying.
Danielle: he’s not, he told me. He’s dead man walking. I told him the 4 want you gone. That’s why when you had your party he left. He’s pissed off. He would nominate George and one of sov 6. He calls George the highest paid janitor in BB history. Erika is tumbleweed and blows back and forth.
She’s not going to put you up.
Danielle tells them they are not on anyone’s radar and George would put a S6er up if he gets HOH and so would the person coming back if in fact someone is coming back into the game because the S6er’s got everyone out. Will leaves and it is just Boogie and Danielle in HOH.
Boogie: Kaysar will be gone and then it'll be Howie versus the rest of us.
Danielle: Janelle cannot play for veto next week so that gives me a better chance. Janelle told me the only person who would be battling for me is Erika. Its on, battle of the bitches. I told them all they had 4 weeks to go after chill town; I’m not doing your dirty work.
Boogie: You told them that? <Laughing> this is awesome. This is awesome.
Danielle: and I told Kaysar, you should’ve played for the power of veto. You made a fatal error, you just lost the game. He knows he’s gone.
Boogie: Janelle said they would keep James? That’s weird. James is an easier sell to people that he’s the liar. All right cool, so I’ll just go...they are out of sorts now cuz they’ve never known anything but the power.
Danielle: it makes sense now right?
Boogie: yes, of course.
He leaves

James tells the other S6er’s that they have to keep their strategy between themselves, that Chill Town and Marcellas are the reason they are in this position right now.
Boogie and Will are playing cards in the living room
Danielle is telling Marcellas and Erika about the conversations she had and what happened. Marcellas mocks Janelle saying “Listen to me I’m the beautiful blonde”
Danielle says she (Janelle) is “nasty”. Danielle says they don’t need Chill Town votes; they already have the votes to evict Kaysar.

Kaysar says he has problems with Erika and Marcellas’ game, throwing HoH by Erika, floating, Marcellas talking to Janie nice and badly behind her back etc.
They admit that Danielle at least has BALLS (well, James says that) Kaysar says she just pulled the trigger, all other floaters were glad to let her do it, they threw Danielle under a bus that way. Howie says who the hell is friends with this guy (Marcellas)? He's a loser, biggest loser I've ever met.
James interrupts him and says we cannot start...
Janie starts laughing says he says that every time
James: last year I did that, personal attacks, but I was playing both sides
Kaysar laughs and jokingly yells:” Did you just admit you were playing both sides?”
They all chuckle and Kaysar whacks James' feet with his hat.
James says: “Yeah but you were gone then, twice...so I thought what the hell”
James goes on to say they can't be like a nerd herd who were sitting in a room and badmouthing everybody.


Everyone is in the living room playing cards except Danielle, Erika, Marcellas and George who are still upstairs in the HOH. Marcellas tells the other floater alliance members that Kaysar has no balls, for not choosing to play veto competition and choosing a member of his alliance to save. After a bit more talk, they all leave and Danielle is left in HOH. She turns on her spy screen and talking to herself, telling James to come up to the HOH room. Danielle also says to herself that whoever walks out that door she hopes Julie Chen tells them that Danielle had an alliance with everyone and their mama. “They are all secret. Shhh, don’t tell anyone” Danielle goes downstairs to talk to James since he isn’t coming to her. James tells her he thinks he can keep her safe from S6er’s because she has balls and she is a floater. They talk about Kaysar leaving and James says he feels bad, but it is a game and this game is tough. He says you can’t play this game scared. Danielle asks what is up with Howie and James tells her don’t worry about Howie because he has to be told what to do. James about the Sov 3 “One of the problems is that they don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. You guys (S6) had my trust for four weeks and you f*cked me over every week, you lied to my face.”


We get flames, different HG’s are walking the backyard, others cooking. Janelle tells Kaysar she thinks George, Erika and Chill Town will vote to keep Kaysar unless Danielle told them otherwise. Janelle says she is proud of how the S6er’s have done so far. They did not expect to all still be here by this time. Kaysar says to them (Janelle and James) that Chill Town has loyalty like they do (S6er’s).
Janelle complains about gaining weight.
James leaves and Kaysar and Janelle continue their talk. Janelle wonders if her boyfriend has broken up with her yet. Kaysar advises her to not flirt with Will so much. Kaysar tells Janelle he thinks Janelle likes Will because he can’t like her back. Kaysar continues to tease Janelle about liking Will.

Marcellas and Erika talk
Marcellas: James is pissing me off. Do you know how much power i have? If I wanted to I could twist it and Kaysar stays.
Erika: James is saying it just to save face in front of the 4. Don't worry about it. Kaysar has got to go Marcellas.
Marcellas: Oh I know
Erika: If Kaysar stays he will put you and Danielle up. If James stays he will probably go after Chill Town. That's the way you have to look at it.

Marcellas:F@cking Bitches. I can't wait to say that goodbye speech to Kaysar. He ain't going to be on the jury either...ohm hmmm
Erika: Take the high rode Marcellas. Did you say anything to them when you walked by?
Marcellas: No. I didn't even look at them. None of them deserve my acknowledgement. They all are beyond contempt. All of them. They are nothing.
Erika: I just want to go over there and say Hey Guys How’s it Going? All happy.
I think my blood is pumping again big brother!!
Marcellas: I can't wait for Janelle to come talk to me. I'm gonna go "I told you not to nominate Diane. This is ALL YOUR FAULT!!" (In a sneering fashion)

Marcellas: I'm going to say it to Kaysar too when he asks me for my vote.

Erika: I love you Marcellas. Just because you speak your mind I won't vote to evict you. I know I couldn't have hid behind you for all those weeks. I vowed to protect you and you know I will.
Marcellas: Thank you that means a lot to me.
Erika: You better say your goodbye speeches boys!

James and Danielle go up to HOH. They both say they are torn up about Kaysar leaving. Danielle said if Kaysar had come to her a couple of weeks ago with a deal, she would not have put him up. James admits that he sent Jase home because Jase was coming after Danielle. James asks her how the Sov 3 meeting went. Danielle says she thinks that was the first time someone has ever stood up to them. Danielle complains about Chill Town not trying to win the veto competition.
Meanwhile Will call James Mr. Whine.
Erika and Marcellas are discussing S6er’s. Marcellas says they need to get rid of them until they are eradicated. Erika “Boom, boom, boom…1 2 3”
Erika goes on to complain, “We were supposed to be floaters! I hate doing all the work!”


James tells Kaysar that it was Janelle’s actions that have brought them to where they are now.
George tells Erika in the backyard that he never thought he would come this far and thanks for including him. (In the alliance) Erika says they know who they can trust. George says he is with her all the way. Erika says she knew she could trust him and asks if anyone has approached him, he says no.

Will is complaining about BB, the boredom and house again. He gets in trouble from BB for shaking the balcony railing. He also starts insulting the people watching the feeds again, same as usual. We are pathetic losers etc.

Meanwhile Boogie takes a trip to the Jack Shack. Boogie to Howie: Hey if I'm not out in 10 minutes come get me! Just in case this has a spring lock or something!

James and Howie try to figure out a new coasters game.
A bit later Will informs James that Kaysar will be the one evicted.

Marcellas and Erika have barricaded themselves into the red room with the cots.

Janelle and Howie are in the hammock practicing HOH questions. Janelle also says hi to Jokersupdates and says she loves us. Howie keeps farting until he farts Janelle out of the hammock. He keeps spraying deodorant every time he does it. Janelle and Howie decide to light the outside fire pit because they are cold. Howie gets in trouble from BB for spraying deodorant to make the fire bigger. Kaysar joins them They talk about the vote and if Kaysar will have enough to stay, Kaysar doesn’t think so. He says Erika is working George’s vote, and it will probably be a tie with Kaysar leaving.
Marcellas sticks his head outside and they wonder why Marcellas wants to be so openly hostile towards them. They start studying again for HOH.

Marcellas immediately goes up to HOH (along with the shadow Erika) to Danielle. They immediately start discussing the S6er’s. Marcellas calls Janelle the “evil incarnate”
Back to the fire pit crew. Kaysar says that Marcellas wants him gone and Erika will vote with Marcellas. Janelle calls Erika a "damn piece of furniture and I need to remove her!"
She and Howie agree that Danielle and Erika need to go up next week. Kaysar feels bad that he will be evicted on his birthday. He says at least he can spend time with his family.
They talk a bit more about the floaters alliance(or the float herd as they call them), Marcellas’ vile ways lately, Chill Town and other topics they have already discussed previous.
Kaysar says that they did not treat the floaters in the same manner(badly) when they (S6er’s) were HOH, so he doesn’t understand why the floaters are acting the way they are. They discuss Erika’s tactics in the game. They also talk about trying to get George to vote to keep Kaysar.
Howie says that if the power shifts next week, when the floaters try to come up to HOH, he will slam the door in their faces. Howie, Kaysar and Janelle say that Danielle’s reason about coming after Janelle is stupid. Saying that Diane was part of her alliance and she is just getting revenge. Kaysar says that it must have been an invisible alliance. If she was worried about Diane, she should have said something or else who would have known. They agree that people think Danielle is a smart player, but she is not acting smart. She thinks that if she gets rid on one of the S6, she will have the votes. She thinks Chill Town is with her. Janelle says that Chill Town will do what is good for their alliance (Mike and Will). Chill Town knows that they (S6) are the stronger players and will go with them and vote Danielle out. Janelle regrets being nice to Marcellas. Kaysar says that they all were nice to the wrong people. He to Erika (trusting her), Janelle with Marcellas and James with Danielle.
Janelle says she's mad that Kay is getting back doored again.

Janelle: Doesn't that get you riled up?

Kaysar: Yeah, but what good does that do?

Howie and Janelle talk about her not picking him for POV. She says she didn't know...didn't want to make James feel bad.
Janelle and Howie start questioning each other, practicing for HOH again.
Kaysar and Erika are inside talking about the bible now. A bit later Erika goes to the HOH again to discuss the S6er’s again with Danielle and Marcellas.
Erika informs the other 2 what Kaysar is doing. Marcellas mocks Kaysar a bit, and Danielle tells him it’s not nice. Erika is sad about Kaysar going and Danielle warns her not to change her mind about evicting Kaysar. They go on talking about how the S6er’s are not as strategic as they (floaters) are. Danielle likes to call the S6er’s “rookies”.
They continue to laugh and talk about how Danielle won HOH.


Howie and Janelle are in the bathroom talking about POV, other shows, and Janelle’s mom.
Janelle is getting ready for bed. Howie is sitting there and farting and spraying air freshener. How blames Janelle for making him fart. Janie apologizes again and says that she would have had him play for POV had she known that it was going to be the way it was. At least How could have won some prizes.
Howie says that they should have gone on Survivor, Fear Factor or something like that instead. Howie says that he can't eat, can't shower and can't sleep anywhere that has a door since he will smell up the room.
Janelle wonders if her mom is watching. Howie asks if Janelle’s mom watches the live feeds and Janelle says that she does. Janelle and Howie do shout outs to her mom.
Janelle heads to the kitchen as Howie uses the air freshener bottle as a light saber in the hallway.
Janelle walks by Kaysar and tells him he looks sad. He says he is fine.

Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Janelle is still the favorite topic of discussion between Marcellas, Danielle, and Erika. Marcellas informs them that Janelle is the worst BB player in BB history, right next to Josh in BB3. He says he won’t vote for her if she makes it to final two. He says he would vote for George, Will or even Boogie before he would vote for her.
Erika “I thought of walking back there and telling her she looks tore up”
They laugh and Marcellas and Erika finally go down to bed.
Howie is very restless but all houseguests are asleep by 6:49a.m.BBT