8:30 AM
Boogie was the first one up this morning, followed by James at around 9:00. Boogie informs James that they are inside lock down for now. Boogie complains how cold he is in the house and really wants to go outside to warm up. James and Boogie are in the bathroom area and James says something about Will throwing competitions. Boogie says he doesn’t really throw them; he just doesn’t bother to remember anything to get the answers correct. Boogie does concede that Will threw the spider web challenge. James says “there are like 1700 bricks in this house, one of my rain men told me that.” Boogie asks if it was Dani and James says “No, Howie.” (Truth be told, Howie had counted more like 2100 or 2200 bricks).

James tells Boogie that everyone is upset about Kaysar leaving and that Kaysar doesn’t even realize ‘it is his girls’ f’n fault’. He blames some more things on Janie then the DR called him in. Boogie headed outside to do some laundry.

10:30 AM
Not everyone is up now, but most are. James came out of the DR looking none too happy. Meanwhile Howie is farting up a storm in the LR, he and Will are on the couches. Howie keeps spraying air freshener. LOL, Will is laughing but disgusted too, he tells Howie to stop spraying that crap. Howie says thinks he’s gonna be evicted due to his farting, “it’s ripping my ass apart!” Will is ROFL, and then he finally has to leave the room.

James talked to Sarah on the phone!
He is telling Dani about the phone call. James recounts that Sarah apologized to him for not being supportive of him (when he left) going back into the house. Sarah told him to hug the S6 and Dani for her. Apparently his grandma is in the hospital, she has been ill, but she is doing okay. From the sounds of it he also talked to his nieces. The phone call was 3 minutes. He says he doesn’t care if he goes home this week, because he has Sarah to go home to.

11:00 AM
Now Will is telling Boogie about Howie farting. He says “Howie is spraying oust up his ass. I swear my throat hurts from Howie using so much of that spray, I would prefer he use deodorant or something else.” They move on to talking about nominations next week. Will says he does not trust Erika, so they are going to test Erika to see if she is loyal by telling her that they are going to put up Dani; they want to see if Erika runs to tell Dani. However, Boogie says he will let Dani know before hand that they are going to tell Erika this as a test.

Will tells Boogie to go outside and fill Dani in on the plan. Boogie is with them now telling Dani and James that Will doesn’t trust Erika, so they want to test her trust by telling Erika they’re targeting Dani and seeing if the info gets back to Dani. If it does get back to Dani, they want Dani to tell them (Chill Town). Dani says “You guys are just kidding right? About getting rid of me?” Boogie says "Oh, yeah, completely. We are a bad ass alliance, we 4 go hard core to the end. We just need to get James to trust us.” Dani says “If we pull this off? Good Lord….” Boogie tells her to put it in her spin cycle and think about it.

Inside now, Chicken G is saying how cold it was in the house last night. He says he is never cold and it was like being on the deck of the Titanic. Chicken G says Howie was spraying Right Guard at 3:30 in the morning to cover up the smell. Will and Boogie say he needs to be told to stop it; it's weird and disgusting, Will says Howie farts all night and sprays deodorant and Oust and is pissing everyone off. BB announced it is time for everyone else to get up.

Will and Boogie start to talk about the prize money and sharing it; Will says “CBS can't control us sharing prize money.” Boogie says “any conversations about it have to take place in the bathroom and....” we get flames.

12:00 PM POV Ceremony
When the live feeds returned Kaysar was Janelle’s replacement on the block. Dani and James are in HOH. James says “if it's a tie just tell them you promised to never vote me out.” Dani says “I did? Oh yeah I did. No, no…I don't want anyone knowing what I’ve promised to others.” She says if it’s a tie, she will make them clarify why their votes went to Kaysar instead of James. James says “Now they (S6) are out there talking to Chill Town.”

Dani says “I don't know why they think I'm this weak person. Do they really think I wasn't going to make a stand? And just go with their agenda? Kaysar was saying how he was so nice when he was HOH.” James: “REALLY? They were nice?? HE sent her home (Sarah)!” James asks “Do you think I need to use my nullify vote this week?” Dani: “I would use it if you have to.” James: “I'm just going to ask Chicken G and I will tell him he can vote for whoever he wants to and I will nullify Janelle's vote.” James says “If we pull this off this week...we'll change our names to the untouchables.”

1:00 PM
Janie is telling Howie, Will and Boogie that they are just mad because they wanted the S6 to go after Chill Town and instead the S6 went after floaters.

Kaysar and Erika are talking and Kaysar is looking to her for her vote. He asks her if she is voting for herself or following the others. Erika says she is voting for herself. Kaysar tells her he has been open and honest with her, and that he fought for her when she was on the block. She says “I know I know…” Kaysar says “We know one of us is going home.” Erika: “I don't know if my vote would even make a difference.” Kaysar: “So are you saying that I don't have your vote? It's not like I would treat you any different but your vote could make a difference.” Then someone comes in BY singing and flames.

Chicken G appeared in HOH and Dani was basically telling him she wants to see at least 2 S6’ers go home. Erika comes up and interrupts, so George leaves to go do the dishes. Erika is crying and Dani says “Oh Erika, I've cried so let it out girl.” Erika says she has been up all night because of the margarita party and James’ phone call from Sarah, that she thinks James threw the POV competition and something is just not right. Marc is in HOH now and he “my vote still stands, I told James I would vote for him. I'm not telling Will and boogie how I'm voting.” Erika says “Kaysar is so intense it's overwhelming.” Dani “Yes it shows in his eyes…”

Still in HOH Dani says “I don't fault her for taking herself off if she had any inkling she was going home.” Marc says “Well I fault her for that and so shold the S6.” Dani says “I'm trying to be nice to her and if she wants to be like f*** her, that's fine; to each his own, I'm going to take the high road. Kaysar said ‘I've been nice, I've been myself’. He doesn't realize being nice is not how you play the game, it's a numbers thing.” Marc says “I don't think he's been that nice.”

Kaysar is working Chicken G now. He is playing hard for votes (nice change Kay!). George promises that the conversation will not go past the two of them. Kaysar has promised that if he is there next week he will help out the Chicken man. In the conversation Chicken G said if he is considered a ‘floater’, he wasn’t aware of it. Kaysar tells George it is apparent that some people are acting like George’s best friend all of a sudden where Kay has been a friend and confidant to George all along and will watch his back for him.

James is telling Will and Boogie that he saw Kaysar talking to Erika, he is campaigning for votes. Then he asked them what they were talking to Janie about earlier and Boogie says “nothing.” James called Boogie a mother f’r, and Boogie said “We didn't even discuss game!”

2:00 PM
Erika went to get Boogie to come up to HOH and entertain her and Dani. He goes up and is doing his impressions of Howie, and they are all ROFL!

Kaysar, George, Janie and James are in kitchen cooking and they heard a "scream". Once they figured out it was from the upstairs, Kaysar says "don't worry, they were just spelling ‘Gay’ with their legs!” (LOL!!!)

Back in HOH, Boogie and Dani are watching the spy screen and saw Kaysar headed towards HOH (to see where the screaming was coming from). Dani says “where you going Kaysar?” Boogie says to Dani “Did you know that Thursday is Kaysar’s birthday?” Dani: “Yes, it's terrible.” Dani says to Boogie “Look at them! We crushed 4 other people’s dreams.” Boogie agrees.

Back in the kitchen Janie and Howie are on a rant about ‘them’. Janie says to Howie and James "they're just as bad as the Nerd Herd. They keep saying how good they are.” James says something like “Well that’s a personal statement.” Janie says “I don’t care that’s how the game is played.”

Kaysar and Boogie are talking now. Boogie is all for flipping the vote and keeping Kaysar. Kaysar swore he isn't messing around anymore and that all the floaters will go and the S6 and Chill Town will be final 5. Boogie said he wants them all to get together and talk to Will.

Janelle, Howie, Kaysar, Boogie, Will and Chicken G are in kitchen. They are talking about how much they hate Marcellas and they speculate he is up in HOH right now. Janelle says something flirtatious to Will and Howie says “Hey that could be an episode of Radford Place. Janelle says “Radford Place is canceled.” (LOL!)

Outside Eriak and Marcellas are talking. Marc asks Erika if she has talked to Chicken G and she says not yet. Marc tells her if she does to make sure to tell him if he keeps Kay that is pretty much a vote for Janie if she makes it to the end. Erika asks him “Did you ever tell Janie who you didn't want in this house?” Marc says no. Erika: “Because he (Kaysar) said you didn't want him in this house, and that you said you didn't want another Jason to win." Marc says “I guess I did tell her that.” Erika says “So she has officially turned her back on you. She is not your friend." Marc: “hmmm… interesting." Then Marc says that Janie has done some dirty stuff in the house; “getting rid of Nakomis and Diane was dirty and trying to bully me into getting out Diane was dirty.” Dani comes outside and Erika says "Hi mama." Erika tells Dani they are talking about the pond scum.

Inside Janie is telling Howie and James that is was very necessary to get out a floater last week. James walked out of the room and Janie says to Howie “He’s never going to admit I am right.” Howie says they would be in real trouble if Diane were still there.

The S6 and Chill Town are sitting on the couch in the BY. Janie says the others are the nerd herd that Erika is April and Marcellas is Beau and Danielle is Maggie. She says George is a piece of furniture. James says no, George is Beau and Marcellas is April, Danielle is Ivette and Erika is Maggie.

3:00 PM
Janelle had mentioned earlier on that she went to Dubai, so she is asking Will and Boogie why Dubai is such a bad thing. Will and Boogie says it's not, it's great. Boogie asks if she took a private jet. Janie says, of course! Janie says they're just friends, its no big deal. Boogie says “Not a whole lot of people get to go to Dubai on a private jet. Do you know what I mean?” Janelle: “That is their problem (Boogie/Will laugh).” Then Janie says “Don't get mad at me.” Will says, I bet if you asked if you could bring two friends from a reality show being he and Boogie, the brakes would come on (actually he made a brake squealing sound). Janie thinks that her friend wouldn't care if they came. Will tells her “we'll act like we're gay, we'll hold hands if he lets us go to Dubai.” Janie said she didn't really like it very much.
She mentions she has been to Beirut too, she said she liked the vibe there. Will said “what about the whole kill Americans thing?” Janie said “no, not there.” Janie has also been to Monaco, St. Tropez, all over Greece and Thailand. She lived in Thailand for a little bit and has been to Israel three times. She's never been to Australia. Boogie asked Janie if she stayed in a hut in Thailand (lol), Janie says “A HUT?” Will starts laughing too. She said she had her own hotel room.

4:00 PM
Erika and George are talking outside. They talk about family and George’s kids. Erika is working him over, promising not to vote against him if he is ever on the block. She tells him she wants him to have HOH so she can see what he will do. George tells Erika he needs direction when to bow out of competitions. She told him he really has to try to win; it's not okay to throw them now. Erika explains that as long as the S6 still have big targets in the house (Will and Boogie); the floaters would focus on going after Chill Town as opposed to S6. She then tells George that when she nods to him, that’s when he should bow out of an HOH competition, but until then he should try to win them.

Erika asks George who he would be safe with. She said herself, Marcellas, Danielle and someone else, but it was hard to hear. She said that S6 forced them to play their hand. That they weren't going after Chill Town.

Kaysar and Janelle
Kaysar, Janie and Howie are in the bedroom and. Kay says he knows that Chill Town is trying to get James on their side. He told them that Boogie wants to keep him (Kaysar), but he needs to talk to Will. Kay says he told Chill Town to act cool with the floaters so they can be surprised. Kaysar tells that Erika let him know his nomination wasn’t planned and not part of an alliance she had with anyone, but the floaters had to band together out of necessity (unfortunately for Erika, Dani did tell him about her alliance with Erika.). He says he told Erika that he put his ass on the line for her and asked if this is how she plans to replay him. Erika told Kaysar that she had to check with Dani out of respect. Janie is relishing the idea of flipping the vote and crushing the floaters.

Kaysar told Janie that he spoke to Chicken G and George told him that the others want him to vote to keep James, but that he can't do that because Kay has been the only person in the house that has been a real and good person to him. Kaysar says that George is the only honest one in their group.

Talking about Erika, Janie calls her a bitch and says “Give me a break; I’m 2 steps ahead of you.” Kaysar says “They don’t realize who they're messing with.” Janie: "They don’t have a clue they fk'd with the wrong houseguests." They are both laughing and mocking Erika. Janie said that Erika is a better looking version of Maggie.

Janie gave a shout-out to us here at Jokers Updates and to her Mom.

5:00 PM
Dani imitates Holly from BB5 (quite well and very funny!), then she says “I couldn’t believe she was real, I meet her at a wrap party and I couldn’t believe she was truly like that!” They are talking about when Holly came in last year and hosted a POV competition. Will says if they do that this season he will say "Who the f*** are YOU, bitch?” And call them out. Boogie doesn’t think they will fly anyone out to be on the show; they're too cheap. He says if anything they will get someone who is in LA to avoid travel costs. Dani says that Holly really was a nice girl.

LOL, Chicken G asks Howie if he brought a jock strap. He says he has an idea for the live show. Will asked George if he was going as a dick head. George says he can use the jock strap for a gas mask and carry signs that say ‘have fart will travel’. Howie says he'll wear a shirt but not a gas mask. So Chicken G says maybe some thong underwear? Howie isn’t into this, he’s not really responding.

Janelle is telling Kaysar that earlier when they were all locked outside, she over heard Dani talking to Chill Town about keeping James. Kaysar said “I told you they are trying to pull him over to their side and then it would be 7 against you and Howie.” Janelle told Kaysar to go outside and not leave them alone to talk.

6:00 PM
Kaysar and Janie are talking about Erika and how she is doing the same thing April did last year saying; ‘I don’t know what to do’, ‘I hate this game’ Kaysar says “Oh and ‘Don't Bullshit me’.” Kaysar says “First Erika says ‘we’ had to make a big move (regarding putting him on the block), but then she says ‘I’m not with them’. She should choose her words wisely!” Janelle: “She's pathetic, she is so April. She's April, dude she's April. She's annoying as f***. You have to hold her hand in anything that she does.” Kaysar: “Don't make personal attacks….” Janelle: “It's true, she's like April, you don't understand.”

Janelle asks Kay what some of the reasons would be for Chill Town to keep him. Kaysar says “If I give them my word, they'll know that's what it is. I've always been very straight with them.” Janelle: “They're worried about James, they have to be.” Kaysar: “I think James was happy when he heard Erika wasn’t going to give me a vote. The floaters think they have George, they are trying to work on him so hard. They're working so hard to get me out of this house. It's crazy. George is a lock to vote to keep me in the game.” Janelle: “Are you sure? You're never going to ask him again?” Kaysar: “Trust me, when you earn someone’s respect….”

Howie walks in. Janelle asks him who is out in the back yard. Howie names everyone else but them. Janelle says “The floaters are trying to work on Chill Town.” Kaysar says “I’m going to make them think I’m not campaigning. I want to see the look on their face. That way at the live show I want to make Marcellas cry.” LOL!!! Kaysar again talking about Erika crying ‘I don’t know what to do, you are closer to Howie and Janie than James…boo hoo.’ Janie says “Erika is the new Busto, do not be nice to her Howie.” Howie: “People are about to Erupt! Marci is 100% done. I’m going after him in the yard after the victory.”

Janelle asks Kay “Do you think if you get evicted James goes over to that side?” Kay says “Eventually.” Howie says “That was probably the plan from the get go, she puts you (Janie) up next to James and then she's going to have everyone vote James to stay.” Janie says “Of course.” Howie asks “Does James know that?” Janie and Kay both say yes…then guess who comes in?

James has joined Howie, Kay and Janie. Howie left the room and Janie told James “We have to stick together this week.” James is not enthusiastic and said “do you really think we can make it to the end without taking another hit?” Janelle said “Yes if we play it right.” James: “Well, okay, unless someone pisses me off.” Janie: “James!” James: “I’m kidding!” Janie says “The float herd hates me as much as the NH hated me last year.” James: “You didn’t say anything for them to hate you.” Janelle: “I thrive on this hate you can just see it in their faces.”

James left and now Kaysat and Janie are alone. Janie asks “Are you sure Chicken G will vote you to stay?” Kaysar: “Yes. He's not dumb. He said the only reason 'they' are talking to him is because they need his vote.” Janie: “He said that?!” Kay: “Yes.” Janie all excited: “That's AWESOME! AWESOME!”

7:00 PM
Howie and James are talking about whose going next week; James says Marcellas. Howie asks him “How do you know? Are you with them?” James says “F*** you. The reason the rest of the S6 don't know what's going on with the rest of the house is because you all hide in HOH. Janelle told Erika week 2 that she was going after the floaters and that was a dumb move. He says in retrospect, last week's move against Diane was stupid and now they are paying the price. When we all leave the house, you’ll see what happened.” James says “Danielle could very well be the reason I am going home, but at least she put up two bad asses.”

Boogie and Will are talking about whether or not to win HOH this week and Will says this is the week; then they put up George & Dani and Dani would go home. They are also talking about comps next week and keep mentioning what James might or might not do. (Hmmm, So I guess they are not really planning on trying to flip the vote and save Kaysar?)

James, George & Erika talking are talking about Season 1. George says he was surprised when Brittany got voted out over him because she was leading AOL in popularity polls.
Erika says internet viewers are different from TV viewers. James says internet viewers can be more hateful because they hide behind screen names. George tells James that he has noticed a change for the good in James since they first came in the house.

Back to Boogie and Will. They have changed their mind. Now Will says to try not to win it, but if they do, they put up Janie and Marc; tell them they are pawns, the vote out Marc (this counting on Boogie being the tie-breaker vote.) Uh, yeah, any fear of Kaysar being voted out by Chill Town is confirmed…they are laughing at Kay’s expense about him being evicted on his birthday. They say the vote should be 5-1. Before they leave the work out room, there was talk of possibly putting James up if they get HOH.

8:00 PM
Boogie and Will are still making fun of the fact that Kaysar will be voted out on his birthday and that it will make 3 times he’s been in the game and not even making the jury. Will remembers Kaysar calling him out on the Early Show. He wonders if he should leave a good bye message mentioning that fact. Boogie seems to think it would be good TV. They wonder if they will show the old clip of Kaysar calling Will out. And they say that if it's not mentioned on the live show they probably will piece it together on Kaysar's early show interview. They think it will be 5-1 with James canceling Janelle's vote. Will practices his goodbye message to Kaysar and Boogie and Will laugh. (Some wonder if this whole conversation isn’t for the benefit of fooling us internet viewers and James really will be their intended target. Time will tell!)

Danielle made some kind of cheesy turkey meatloaf and cooked potatoes in the microwave for everyone (it’s the thought that counts, lol). Boogie and Janie suggest that everyone divvy up house chores to get the place clean. Janie and Erika will clean bathrooms, George will wash dishes, James and Dani will cook…etc. Will says “don’t assign anything for James to do since he will be gone this week.” James says “shut up!” They also have wine tonight.

Things are slow after dinner. Erika and Kaysar are sleeping. James and Will are playing pool, Dani is coaching Howie on how to do proper sit-ups, Marc playing cards by himself in the kitchen, and George is frying up slop. *You know everything you can do if you aren’t strategizing.

Then Chicken G says he isn’t feeling too good and Marc says “Well, you know who you can blame for that! I can’t wait till the next nominations. If there is a God for fairness it will happen.” Then he says “Although, God doesn't worry about games of chance.”

9:00 PM Making The Band
So it sounds like Will has this great idea (that will make great TV no less), of making up a band and doing a rock video. He says to BB cameras “Are you ready to rock BB?” Janelle put on red high heels and is going to be the video girl. She says "You can throw water on me!" Will: “Okay, twist my arm.” At this point Erika does not want to participate.

Will tells Howie “you stand behind us and do "1, 2, 3, 4!" and then start playing the air drums like an f’ing beast!” Boogie is going to do a guitar solo after he is soaking wet. Boogie suggests Kaysar be security; like he's from the Nation of Islam.

The video has transformed and a new chorus is "Shower! Do you really wanna shower me?!" Janelle has sponges and loofahs and soap so she can "shower" with Boogie and Will. Will is concerned that as the drummer, Howie won't be able to pull it off. James and Erika are the fans who have to scream for them. Howie is still eating and Will is getting impatient. Mike suggests they do a break down where they get real soft and then do a crescendo to build up. (LOL) Howie comes out and its time for a walk through. Will's opening speech, "It's been four days since we had hot water! Are you ready to rock?” Shower!! Do you really want to shower with me!?!?" They are doing a run through right now before the "real" thing. (Just a note: Howie makes a terrible air drummer! LOL)

Will says “Don't forget to take off your mic.!” Howie: (Clueless) sasy “We're taking a shower?!” Will, Boogie, and Janie: “Yes!” Female BB: “We can hear you.” Will: “So we can take the mics off?” BB: “We'd prefer if you waited until the end.” The video is done and it was a hilarious thing to watch! It is must see TV…lol.

After they are done, Dani and Erika are being the audience and clapping etc. then Dani lifts her shirt and flashes her bra. Will and Janie are still singing and goofing around. Janie gets a solo where they turn off the water and then turn it on and she flips her hair around and sings "Dubai! Paris!" etc…

It’s all out craziness…everyone, or quite a few of them jump into the pool and Howie is out there doing his ‘Howie’ dance moves being encouraged by Boogie. Will is taking a shower with a large orange tinted clear bowl on his head while playing an air guitar! When he was done he jumped into the hot tub and put the bowl on Chicken George's head. Boogie, Howie, Chicken G and Will are in the hot tub. Will says “That was the funniest thing I have ever seen.” Chicken G said: “Janelle played that part to a T, head band, shoes…” Boogie says “We had a video vixen. I like it when a girl is a good sport like that.” Will: “Yeah. She's a good sport.” .James telling everyone that they missed Dani flashing the band. Howie is really disappointed he missed that.

10:00 PM
Will, Howie and Boogie are in a circle in the hot tub looking through the bowl at their legs. They're now using it as a scuba helmet. Will is now under water wearing the bowl (Boogie calls everyone over). Will says "My impression of Jun from Season 4" Dani says they can't cosign that on camera. Everyone is laughing.

James is telling Dani (in BY on the couch) that he hates the hot tub, “it’s disgusting.” Dani says “you were in it a lot last year.” James: “the past few days people have been bathing in it, it’s yucky.” Then he said to Dani “you hit the nail on the head earlier.” Dani: “You feel alone?” James: “Completely.” Dani: “You can not bite your nails anymore.”

Erica, James and Marc are together now and Erika asks James when he gets his phone call from home. James said “I got it this morning.” Erika: “No way.” James: “Sarah said to say hi to everyone and she said they made plans for after the show.” Marcellas starts whispering about him getting his chance. Here comes Boogie “You got your phone call?” James repeats the story.

11:00 PM
Okay I’m not sure why, but Howie is walking around right now in his undies and it ain’t pretty! Will says "Dude I don't have control over the space-time continuum, but I think some time-hole opened up; and someone stuck some underwear in from 1984 and you fell into them. It's the only explanation. You look like a mentally challenged gay superhero." (OMG, everyone is cracking up! Hilarious! LOL) Howie asks Erika what she thinks of his tiny little underwear….she laughs and says she does not like them! Will making fun of the ‘big boy’, tells Howie he eats too much. Howie says “it’s called living.” They make fun of Howie being the only person that gains weight eating slop...lol.

James says to Kaysar: “If it wasn't for you and Janie, Howie would not be this popular. Kaysar laughs and says “He wasn't as bad last year. The thing is I thought he was faking it the first couple of weeks. Then I asked him if he was real and he said ‘It's all me!’, then the next thing I know he was making out with Beau.”

Will and Boogie are ripping the internet feeders again. Boogie thinks the feeds ruin the TV part of the show. Will starts his whole ‘if you are watching this right now and you have kids, you are a bad parent’…..Boogie says “What if they only watch the feeds for an hour a night?” Will: “That’s OK then, but if they’re watching all the time, there’s something wrong with them and if you’re a kid watching you have terrible parents.”

Dani and George are talking. George is telling her “I’ll do anything I can.” Dani: “I have to play the game. We can’t let Janie win HOH next week; if she does I’ll just pack my bags.” George: “We got something going….” Dani: “We gotta keep it going.” George: “For 4 weeks in a row they had us, 1 by 1….” Dani: “Mark my words someone else is getting HOH this week.” George: “If you get nominated next week we still have the votes to keep you.” Dani: “I don’t want to think about that now, wait until after Thursday, it’s too much to think about.”

Erika has joined Chicken G and Dani. They ensue in more talk about the S6 ‘not’ getting HOH again. Erika claims that when she is in HOH and the S6 are there that they all leave the room before she could say anything (we know she has been asked her opinion on several occasions by S6 and she never has one!). George makes mention how nice it is to go up there in the first place for him with Dani being HOH.

Kaysar and Boogie are whispering. Kaysar says Marc is walking around like he’s got the game covered, talking about who he could beat in the final 2; “Well I’m not out yet.” Both of them agree that Marc is an idiot. Boogie tells Kaysar to give him some time to talk to Will; he says they need ‘one’ more. Kaysar tells boogie to keep in mind that it was he and Janie that saved Will from being evicted. Boogie says he is afraid to be in the finals with Kaysar, "you got to think long term. We are thinking of all sides of it and we will give you the consideration to let you know either way once we know. We don't want to rush, ya know?" Kaysar "I have a reason to play this game now."

In the bug room, Will, Kaysar, Boogie and I’m not sure who else are gonna put all the pillows on the floor for a slumber party. Dani is there too, obviously not wanting to leave these guys alone. Will says “I need a lot of pillows, I have like 9 at home), I make a nest around me with them (he demonstrates how he does it and where his dog sleeps with him). My gf doesn’t know I do this. What can I say? I’m not in here because I’m normal, I have problems!”

1:00 AM
Marcellas, Dani and Erika are in the HOH. Marcellas wonders why the S6 doesn't approach them and say they will go after Chill Town now. Dani says they are rookies. Erika says it was stupid that they tried to throw Marcellas under the bus. Erika says why would S6 team up with Chill Town when CT will always throws HOH, but they (Erika, Marcellas, Danielle) repeatedly place well in HOH. Danielle said the S6 could've called a truce and Dani would've gone after Chill Town. Marcellas says he can't believe they didn't consider doing that. Dani says “S6 think they are all ‘that’. But we are too smart.”

Still in HOH, Danielle is saying Howie needs to take nominations like a man and stop threatening to make personal attacks. Marcellas says he thinks the S6 are bullies, especially Howie. He mentions how Howie whined about Nakomis and threatened to go off on her behind her back. Danielle says that's ugly. She made a point to say she wanted to be respectful in her nomination speech. Marcellas says Nak didn't like Howie but she was never rude to him. BB says lights out in 10 minutes.

Danielle asks Marcellas something about Janelle being a hustler. Marcellas says Janelle works at the bar where they automatically charge money for tips on all orders but Janelle leaves the gratuity line on the bill blank so people will fill it out and she gets tipped twice….then we get flames. When the feeds return Marc says in BB6 the Nerd Herd didn't like Janelle because she shared stories like that (about her work). Marc says she doesn't realize Boogie and Will were mocking her when they made the rock video and sang about "Sponsors." Flames!

Marc is recalling Kaysar doing the same thing last year to Michael that he did to Janie byt not playing for veto. Marc says “Michael needed Kaysar's help but Kaysar said he couldn't do it.” Erika says “But Kaysar knew he'd go up if Janelle or James won POV so Kaysar should've competed to at least save himself.” Marcellas says "it's the same hubris he had last season, they are playing the same game." Danielle says S6 couldn't come back with anything Danielle said, Danielle told them she couldn't let the S6 continue controlling the vote. Danielle said she told them she wasn't going to be their 5th wheel. Erika says "Could you imagine if Howie won that veto?" Danielle says if Howie won it she would've voluntarily left.

2:00 AM
Supposedly the group downstairs is going to sleep and Boogie is already asleep. Janie asked Boogie in his sleep if he liked Erika, and Kaysar whispers ‘are you going to keep Kaysar in the house?’ Boogie mumbled something about a ‘Showmance with Erika and then said something about voting for Kaysar. All the sudden, Boogie screams "BOO!" and pops up! Janelle jumps back far and says “You f’ing scared the shit out of me!"

Back in HOH, Marcellas and Dani are saying that Boogie and Will called Janie a ho, making fun of her, and she didn't even care. Marc says Boogie and Will got Janie to talk about stories that make her look bad. Marc says it's crazy that he loved her so much outside the house and now living with her for 4 weeks he thinks she is a nightmare. Dani says Janelle is playing the game and got everyone she wanted gone.

Erika tells Dani and Marc that Kaysar is begging her for her vote. Erika says that Kaysar keeps telling her that he kept her from being nominated. Danielle said “being nominated by who, Janelle?!” Marci said Kaysar is lying, and Dani agrees.

3:00 AM
In HOH, Dani says “The internet people hate us. They must hate us...” Erika: “They're probably saying we're the new Nerd Herd!” Marc starts to make some more fun of Janie talking about her outfit that she wore into the house, “a polka dot skirt and ugly a red shoes….”

Dani says she really doesn’t want Kaysar to leave, but he is the only option. Marcellas reminds her that Kay is another vote on the jury for Janelle. She says true, another vote for an S6er. Marcellas says especially now that they feel they were attacked. Dani says “I feel that Janelle and Kaysar feel they were personally attacked, but Howie and James don’t seem to feel that way.”

Outside Kaysar and Janie are talking. Kaysar tells her she does a great job pissing people off. He says he is going to leave with dignity on Thursday and his life is not ruined; he is still going to become a movie star and laughs. Janelle laughs and says “yeah and I'm going to win the lottery.” Kaysar says “Thanks Janelle! Why couldn’t I be a movie star?” Jani says “You could. It is just a little annoying that so many people want to become movie stars.” Janelle says that being a cocktail waitress is just a hobby and that she does Real Estate during the week. She says she wants to open up a pet boutique, with upscale pet clothes, her friend designs them and she wants to sell them.

Janelle was talking about dating and a dating service she went through, but it didn’t work out. Janelle says her boyfriend will probably break up with her after Julie's comment about Will. Kaysar says “he will know it wasn’t serious. Julie tried that with me and Erika.” Janelle says about Erika: “Shes so f'ing annoying, she's like April; I can’t stand her.” Kaysar says “well this was when we were cool.” Then he says “I don’t want to talk about this game anymore, let’s get back to your dating.” She agrees.

Janelle talks more about dating and what she wants in a man. She says she is looking for marriage material. Kaysar says “Oh and you have to put up with her looking in a mirror 25 times...(pauses) an hour.” Janelle says “F*** you!” Kaysar: “And she swears like a trucker.” Janelle: “I do not!” (LOL!)

Janei tells Kaysar that Michael threw fits. One time he got mad because Janie wanted to go visit Kaysar and starting throwing things and going off. Janie said he was crazy, that he was ranting about his sister getting pregnant and how could she do this to his family. Kaysar said we probably shouldn't be talking about this and then...flames!

5:00 AM
Now Janie and Kay are heading to bed. They are in the Bathroom. Janie asks him what she will do if he leaves, who will she talk to? Kaysar told her that she can talk to Howie, and Will and Boogie - he mentioned the 'video' fun they had earlier. He also mentioned James but she didn’t respond to that. She said she couldn't really talk to anyone, only Howie. Kaysar pointed out all of the people in the House she has talked to and she said no, that she didn't really talk to them the same way.

He told her that it was as though there were different aspects of her that show at different times, like sometimes because of the game she is like 'playing' Janie, and there is a wall up so nobody can really get inside and know her as she is. This kind of bugged her because she brought it up a couple times saying "So you think I have a wall up?”

A few minutes later she said "What about James, Kaysar? Will he turn?” Kaysar says “Yes, eventually. It's like this; your best friend is a werewolf, eventually there is going to be a full moon, and he'll turn into a werewolf, and James is a werewolf!" They both agree James wouldn’t turn on them right away and he would still need her and Howie. Kaysar says “James will try to keep Danielle in the game. If you keep Danielle in the game he will align with her eventually.”

Janie asks Kay “Where do you think Chill Town fits into this?” Kay: “I don't know, right now they are in a good position because we are pissed at the float herd and they are pissed at us, so we will each be trying to take each other out. If Chill Town votes for me to stay it will completely expose their position.” Janie: “And if they vote for James it doesn't?!” Kay: “No, because it's what the floaters want, while voting for me goes against the grain.”

Janie kidding him says "Would you rather be here in the house this week with Eric and the Nerd Herd, or eat slop for a week?" Kaysar thought for a couple seconds and said "Slop!!" Kaysar said that they would have to see what happens tomorrow, after they take their all day nap. Off to bed they both went!

It was after 6:00 by the time they were asleep.