Greetings Jokers! Welcome to your Tuesday Daily recap and another great day in the Big Brother All-Stars house.

Howie awoke fairly early with a bloody nose, but decided to head back to bed. CG got up but went back to bed as well. James, Boogie and Dani seem to be the first up for the day. Dani congratulates herself on being so clever, James is her mole in the S6 and she is the mole in the floaters. Dani says she and James spoke before coming into the house. Boogie tells her to have faith things will turn out good. James joins them and complains that Kaysar slept to close to him. Dani counts up the votes and says Kay thinks it will be a 3-3 tie and that she will save him, tells Boogie that CT has to keep their votes to themselves. James sniffles and tells BB he needs some allergy medicine.

James feels he is more able to take risks this year. Dani says he father thinks Marci says something different each day, that he must be having an out of body experience. James talks about how great it is that Will hates Janie, how Will called her a two bit skank whore. He talks about Janie talking about her flying all over the world with rich sponsors. He wants the internet folks to see what she is really about. He compares her to strippers he has dated. He feels he laid the ground work relationship wise for the last four weeks and can now sit back and enjoy his work.

Boogie, Dani and James start in on Howie but James does stick up for Howie and says he has a good heart. Dani talks about how no one better disrespect her or they will have to deal with her family, as much as they are the huxtables, they still got some ghetto in them. They continue to trash Janelle vigorously. More talk of the votes and James saying he will use his nullify on Janie's vote. Dani makes some eggs for Boogie and Janie.

James and CG in workout room talking about relationships and politics. Janie, Marci and Will in the BY, not much talking. Erika is on the floor outside the HoH begging BB for a piece of toast. The hamsters get a lockdown where they are stuck outside. During lockdown there is chit chat, joking around etc. Will says he wishes BB would give them a puppy, a dolphin or maybe even a kid to play with. Janelle talks about her fake boobs being silicone, last years were saline. Boogie pees in a cup. Lockdown ends. Erika tells Howie to stop lookin at her like she is food. Boogie cuts Howie's hair with the clippers. Janie talks about her work and tells Will, Boogie and Howie that she paid for her boobs and her own bills, not sponsors like they keep saying. While most are getting something to eat, CG is talking to Howie while Howie is in the shower.

Will and Boogie talk in the storage room, although they were whispering, it was posted that they made have said something to the effect of "we'll just tell her we had to change our vote, that James is a bigger threat". CG and Kay talk in the kitchen about slop, cots, etc. CG tells him not to worry, he will eat on Thursday, but Kay says he is probably going home on Thursday. Janie sunbathes with her top untied, when she sits up, the camera guys are clearly hoping to get a good internet shot, but alas, they are denied. Janie and Kay try to figure out if he is going home or not. The camera also makes note of the fact the side door to the tarantula house is open.

Janie, Kay and Howie talk about the upcoming HoH. Janie says she cannot play for veto if she gets put up, but asks them not to tell anyone. Kay says they should try to make sure Erika is on slop again next week, that would make three weeks in a row and it will break her down. Janie wants to win HoH so she can go after Dani. Kay says she or Howie need to win, not sure James would go after Dani. FA [Float Alliance] talkin about season three, how this season is much more boring but at least they have each other. They send shoutouts to Jokerette, Taylor and Jasefan. S6 study and quiz each other to prep for the upcoming HoH competition.

James, Will, Dani and CG talk in kitchen about life after BB. James comments that the lady from EW weekly, Lynette Rice doesn't like him, she is a huge Kaysar fan. Dani says it's scary when you apply for a job if you are hated on the show. James is planning to make dinner. Kaysar comes in and Dani apologizes to him, didn't mean to backdoor him. Boogie and Janie discuss Howie, why he doesn't do well at competitions. Janie says she would love to win HoH, Boogie asks if she wants him to throw it in favour of her, she says she would give it to him. James comes in to tell them that dinner is ready. Will and Janie flirt back and forth, decide that yes, they would date each other outside of the house. Will thinks that Dani or CG would win any America's Choice awards.

Kaysar and Janie discuss a little black dress she wants to wear for Thursday because she says it will be a really sad day. They end up in a pillow fight. Will and Marci play pool, Will wins. James tells Boogie that when he says goodbye to Kaysar, he plans to tell him that he [James] wanted to play as a team but Kaysar f*cked him. Janie and Will flirt and do Janie's nails. Erika thinks she saw Allison's face in one of the windows/mirrors, she is freaking out a bit. Will thinks she is hallucinating. Howie goes around the house checking the windows. Some of the hamsters seem to think it is an indication that maybe someone is coming back into the house. [One of our updaters says she saw the face of Allison as well] Erika is very freaked out and talks about wanting to leave. Boogie tries to comfort Erika. They wonder if the evicted hamsters are living in another part of the house.

Erika tells Will she is like five minutes away from just eating a turkey sandwich. Will tells her to eat one! Janie asks Erika if she has any clear nail polish, when she goes to check, Will says to Janie that Erika is losing it. James is busily trashing Janie to Howie, talking about how she is playing for herself and not for the team. A feed watcher spots Jase's face in a window over the hammock, CG, Boogie and Kay are there but don't see it. Janie screams and everyone comes running, it was just James jumping out at her and scaring her. Everyone seems to be on edge. Howie tells Marci that in scary movies the gay guy always gets killed first. They are all searching the windows, looking for Will. Howie jokes that Will fell through the cracks. Kay and CG talking, Kay is being funny, talking about Howie waking up for an ice cream break. He has CG laughing like crazy. A feed watcher spots a female face in the bathroom mirror, Janie walks right by it and doesn't see it.

Janie spots Allison's face and screams, the hamsters all run in and Dani tells her, don't lie. Boogie and Janie see Jase in the bathroom mirror and Boogie screams. They go upstairs to tell Marci and Dani, they [Dani and Marcy] think they are crazy or it was just a reflection. Dani and Marci go to the red room to wait and see if they can spot a face. BB calls out to Marci to put on his mic, it catches Marci off guard and he laughs at his own reaction. Will talks getting scolded in the DR for being condescending to Julie when he called her sweetheart. Kay has a long chat with CG about CG being nom, the veto comp. and voting. Looks like Kay is trying to get CG to vote his own way and not with the floaters group. Kaysar seems to be feeling beaten already, Janie says he has lost his fight.

Marci decides that Boogie saw his reflection, Janie is just lying and Erika is hallucinating. CG goes to the bathroom and when he comes back he says to Janie, Kay and Dani "you're not going to believe who I saw in that mirror!" when they ask who, he says Chicken George!, they all laugh. Erika and Kaysar talk, Erika says she hasn't decided how to vote yet. Howie tells Janie he is not sure how he will vote yet. Dani watches Kaysar and Erika on the spy cam and starts trashing Erika to Boogie. She thinks Erika is vengeful.
Kaysar seems to be finally getting the picture that James is with Dani. He seems very hurt and angry, but defeated. Janie, Kay and Howie talk, they figure out James has turned and knows he is not in any danger this week. Kay tells them if they cannot get CT votes for sure, they need to dump the votes and just send Kay home.

The night ends with Howie farting, yet again and everyone finally asleep by 3:45am. Have a great week guys, see you next Tuesday for yet another riveting recap. :D