The houseguests were woken at about 10:30 AM BBT. Will claims he saw a girl’s ghost in the mirror the night before. Marcellas and Danielle hang out in the HoH room, complaining about Janelle being messy. Will informs the houseguests that the diary room people told him that he can’t speak to Julie anymore on the live show, because she got angry that he called her sweetheart. Kaysar tells Mike that he thinks he’ll be evicted on Thursday. Alone, Janelle tells Will that she can’t compete in the power of veto next week. Will complains about the show, and about getting yelled at for calling Julie Chen a sweetheart. James talks to George about politics, and how James was a Boy Scout. Mike, Kaysar and Danielle talk about jobs. Mike wishes his life was more relaxed. Danielle and James see Eric (Cappy from BB6) in the walls. James, Will, Mike and Danielle talk in the storage room. Danielle tells James to go campaign so it seems like he’s not a pawn. James immediately goes through the house to ask for votes. He tells Howie to do what’s best for Howie, and Howie says okay. BB calls an outside lockdown, so they all go outside. They talk about the ghosts. Marcellas doesn’t think it means anything.

The houseguests get the HoH camera and they take several pictures of each other. We get flames for a bit, and then come back to the houseguests talking about a chicken, Bunky (BB2), Josh (BB3), Alison (BB4), Holly (BB5) and Eric (BB6). Seems they had a séance with those 5 past houseguests’ ghosts haunting them. Marcellas, Erika and Danielle quiz each other on possible trivia for an HoH competition. Danielle kicks them out to do her HoH blog. Janelle and Kaysar talk about feeling bad about not trusting James. Janelle tells Kaysar that Will told her that Danielle told Will to vote out James. They take naps.

Most the houseguests sit around the living room, talking about sports and other general chit chat. Danielle and Will talk about Erika being a backstabber who needs to go. They living room gang talk some more about internet viewers. Marcellas says that some lady tried to get him fired from House Calls. Will insults the fat old women with lots of cats who try out for the show. They then talk about their favorite Big Brother moments. Marcellas’ is Janelle’s Bye Bye Bitches to Jennifer.

James and Mike lift weights and James comments to George that George will be in great shape because of the slop. Marcellas, Danielle and Erika discuss James not being trustworthy. Will, Mike and Danielle speak and agree that Erika needs to go because Marcellas. Will mentions that Erika is a great way to spread information (she has a big mouth). Marcellas complains about Josh from BB3 touching his robe. Danielle and Erika talk about Kaysar not understanding the game. They want to backdoor Janelle next chance they get. Will makes fun of the internet viewers some. Janelle asks Mike how long he was engaged to Krista from BB2 and he replies with “15 minutes”. Will tells her 3 months. Will and Mike go to a different room and decide to vote out Kaysar. Howie,

James, Janelle and Kaysar talk about how Danielle and Marcellas try to act like they hate each other, but are really together. They notice a rat in the spider cage and decide not to tell anyone (Will put it in there earlier). Danielle, Marcellas and Mike talk about past seasons.

Everyone ends up in bed around 3 am.