9:00 AM
It’s a late start this morning for the guests of the house. Boogie and Dani both got up at about at the same time, just after 9:00.

As they were getting ready to face a new day, they were in the kitchen whispering. It was hard to decipher, but the gist of it was Boogie telling Dani that James is going to vote to ‘save’ her. Dani asks Boogie “what's the word on the street?” Boogie: “I think James is on your side, and will vote to keep you, but I don't know about the other two.” Dani: “I talked to Kaysar last night but no commitment.” Boogie: “They're strange, you know, the S6 are really hard to engage.” Dani: “That's fine but they need to know that Ali is no joke, she's out for revenge.” Boogie: “Will tried to talk to Janie in the SR yesterday, but she was noncommittal.” Boogie says he doesn’t want to start a war with the S6 but that the best move would be to put Janelle up with someone, to break up the S6 bond. Nobody wants to be in the final two with one of them and then have 2 or three of the others in the sequester house...even if you make friends with them this summer, that bond will still be there.

Boogie is making a PB & J sandwich and Dani is laughing at him. He says “well I haven’t had to eat any yet, so why not?”

Boogie is eating and talking to himself: “This one week could set the whole game in motion. Alison, who would you put up? I'm going after Janelle. Danielle, who would you put up? Boogie, I don't know.” Now he's thinking hard. He says (to himself), “You could always align with the stragglers and convince them to go after Kaysar, Janelle, James and Howie. You could always vote one way and have Will vote the other, no that’s really dumb thinking. Ali, who would you put up? Janelle and someone from season 6. Danielle, who would you put up? I don't know.” He laughs to himself and we are laughing too at how hard is thinking right now.

A few were still asleep at a little after 10 so BB played some soothing Beastie Boys music to get them up!

Game on George!
George, Dani and Nak put their heads together for game talk. George tells them that he has over heard people talking and that they are out numbered. He says he thinks that Will and Boogie are part of the S6. Nak and Dani say even if that were true it will be short lived, that maybe the S6 will be cordial to them, but there’s no way they will join forces with Will and Boogie. George insists that Kaysar is the leader and that Boogie and Will are with them.

George also says James is on the outs with the S6; Janie, Kaysar and Howie don't like James "I can tell you that". Dani says Janelle is baaaad, in a good way. Nak says “Yes she's the best player in BB history.” Dani calls Janie “A historian of the BB game.” George says they need to stick together and work to get the S6 out. When George walked away, Nak says “did he just adopt us?” Dani: “I think he did and that's fine with me.”

When George came back they talked a bit more about the S6. Nak says “The way I see it pretty much everyone not in the S6 are together against them. They'll talk game with you but they won't in a way. They isolate themselves.” Dani: “Thursday night, that's when the game is really going on.”

Nak gets up to leave and George thanks her for talking to him. Dani tells George that Nak is really smart, “one of the smartest people in here.” George says to Dani he is trying to get a read on how Ali is competing in the house. Dani says she and Ali are friends in real life. She further explains to George Ali’s strategy of being quiet and trying not to ruffle feathers. Dani says “if it’s Ali’s last week, she wants it to be fun, she isn’t giving up.”

BB announces “HG’s please clean the bathroom today, including the mirror above the sink.”

11:00 AM
The HG’s were made to go outside on lock down. So they all rush around to get dressed and get something to eat and head outside. Once outside, Will asks if he can call a quick house meeting to discuss snorers; he says he wants to make them sleep outside. They all agree that the real problem is the snorers don't believe they're snoring. They are all arguing about who snores. James, George, Howie all say they don't snore. Marc says “that's bad! It's segregation.” Will asks where Marc slept and Marc says “upstairs with Janelle, who kicks and pulls hair.” LOL!

Boogie mentions the internet needs to send a banner. At that moment a helicopter started to circle up above. Some of them stood up saying the helicopter was going to drop something in the backyard.

Will says “I wonder how long this lockdown is going to last, if I have to go to the bathroom in one of those pots, it's won't be pretty.” The he says “Did Howie get into the water, or is that sweat?” Several HG's yelled "That's SWEAT!” Someone told Howie to get out of the sun. When Howie gets up to move, James says “we will have to spray down that cushion later (it was saturated with sweat)!” Will to Howie: “Dude, look how much sweat that is. Do you have malaria? What's wrong with you?” Howie says “you got anything for it?” Will answers “no.”

Lockdown is over at about 11:50. In the bug room, James tells Kaysar that Ali admitted who her next 3 targets are: Kaysar, Erika and Janelle. Kaysar says “Is she that dumb to admit that?” James: “Either that, or she trusts me. Dumb either way. She's GOT TO GO!” Kaysar: “Yah.” James asks Kaysar what he and Dani were talking about for more than 2 hours last night. Kaysar says “we were talking about BB3 and Jason. James says "that could take 2 hours." Kaysar said Dani wants to redeem herself. James says “why, she came in 2nd.” Kaysar: “People say she was a backstabber but she carried Jason to the end, that’s what I call loyalty.” Kaysar says that’s pretty much all they talked about. He did mention that Dani asked him if she is safe and Kaysar told her he really didn’t know. James says that he doesn’t know either and everyone else has been asking him. They both realize they are targets being part of the S6. Kaysar says, “But it’s part of the challenge, we should never think we're okay, then we get sloppy.” James: “The moment you relax you go home.” Kaysar says he's starting to miss people from home. James says he is starting to miss Sarah a lot and “it's hard because people keep bringing her up.”

12:00 NOON Boogie and Will in HOH
Boogie and Will are in HOH (fashion note: Will is wearing a blue t-shirt with the words ‘Julies favorite’ on the front). Boogie tells Will he is pretty sure he has locked in Diane and Nak and he still wants to keep Ali in the game. Boogie says James is with S6 and that he plans to tell Marc that the S6 think he (Marc) is a floater (so they can sway Marc to their side). Boogie says he asked Dani who she would put up and she didn’t know, Boogie says “that’s a scary thing.” Will wants to make sure Ali is in their corner, Boogie said he already talked to her and she is in their corner because she can’t stand Janie.

Will says “we need to talk to Chicken G”. Boogie says someone already tried and he doesn’t really want to ‘play’. Boogie tells Will that he (Will) should pull George aside because he looks up to him. Will says he wants to give out the impression that he and Boogie are just hanging out, not really playing. He says “let’s just hang out and forge relationships.” Boogie thinks that might work, but they may have to let James know they are all together for now.

So Boogie says he will talk to Marc. Will says he will talk to George. They agree they will both talk to Erika and they will tell her that the S6 are together and if they (S6) win HOH it will be her and George on the block. Boogie says “she hasn’t talked to me in a way where I feel like something could go down.” Will: “Everyone’s afraid to talk to me.” Boogie: “I just don’t think Alison can sway anyone…” Will: “Just talk to her so she knows we saved her.”

Boogie says “If Erika thinks she can coast around, I’m not afraid to put her up.” Will: “We need to create mass paranoia. I’m telling George I heard he's going up if he doesn’t pick a side.” Boogie: “Tell George he needs protection and that we can give it to him.” Mike: “Do you think it’s too early call George out?” Will: “I will say Marc says he (George) is playing all sides.”

They both think they need to have a talk with Howie, but they have to be careful about it. Will thinks he can talk to him with no problem. Boogie says they need to know if they bring Howie in and break it down to him, if he would want to be part of an obvious alliance or part of a secret alliance.

Howie is on his way up to HOH to shower. Boogie and Will are watching him on the spy screen. The three of them are in the HOH bathroom talking now. Will tells Howie he is looking to form the new chill town, that so far Boogie is the only one in it." Will's ego is on the line and all he wants to see is his team go to the end, because he knows he's not even going to make to sequester. He keeps saying he doesn’t care if he is nominated, that doesn’t matter right now. Will says something about it being like an arranged marriage, he's looking for someone to marry Boogie for the game.

Will says “I think Dani is with James and she's with Marc. I said to James 'what about getting rid of Dani?' and he freaked out!” Boogie asks if James is trustworthy…Howie says “did you watch season 6, I trust James as much as I trust Will.” Will and Boogie tell Howie that James and Dani talked on the phone quite a bit before they came into the house and that makes them a dangerous combination.

Boogie to Howie: “You, Kaysar and Janelle have talked, haven't you?” Howie: “Uh yah. I've talked with some people and I think Ali is an overall fiercer competitor for events. Dani likes to play her game and cause people to come after each other and eat people; she’s not as strong at the competitions physically. They're dangerous in their own way." Howie says he is 50/50 right now on who to vote out.

Will says he wants to call out all the fence sitters and make them choose a side. Boogie says Janie is very stand-offish talking about the game, “do you know why?”…Howie didn’t really respond.

1:30 PM
Dani and Erika are in the pool. Dani is telling Erika that she wants to play the game straight up and honest, that there is no sense in lying. Erika is just sitting there, nodding and agreeing. Unfortunately Ali came onto the scene so the conversation came to a screeching halt.

Diane and Marc are inside talking. Diane says the whole house if going to flip and vote out Dani instead of Ali. Marc asks what Nak thinks about that and Di says that if everyone else is leaning towards evicting Dani then Nak will too. She asks him what he thinks of that, and he said he likes that. Diane says Ali is a loose cannon, but that she has made promises that her main target is Janelle if she wins HOH. Diane says it makes more sense to evict Dani so that Ali could after the S6.

Diane told Marc she she tried to talk to Janie and Howie, but neither will talk game with her so she takes that as an alliance and a threat. She says Janie is a bad ass and anyone on the block at the end with Janie will get their ass kicked. She also said she busted Will and Boogie out as an alliance (busted out? Oh ya, big surprise there..lol) and she suspects that Dani and James are alligned. Marc asks her what Jase thinks. Di thinks Jase wants Dani out but that’s iffy since Jase doesn’t talk game with Diane. And Ali managed to walk in and bust up this conversation too! Hmphf!

At the moment no one is talking game, they are lethargic, sleeping and babbling, Boogie is listening to music upstairs. A few of the girls are outside talking about how bored they are. Around 2:00 all feeds were on HG’s asleep! (I feel a curfew coming on…lol).

3:00 PM
Janie and James are playing chess. Janie says “so if you win HOH, who will you put up?” James says “You and Kaysar…..just kidding.” Janie says Howie must really be in love with Will, he was lying on a bed with Will and got a hard on…they are both laughing (as am I). Janie asks “What do you think of Will?” James: “I think he’s the smartest other than you, and I think he has to go. He’s taking over people and now Howie’s in love with him. You can not show him that you dislike him at all, because he can turn the entire house against you.” Janie: “I don't dislike anyone, I like him…” James: “Do you want to take him to the end?” Janie: “No.”

Janie asks James “Did you talk to Diane at all?” James: “Not really but I think she’s voting for Alison to stay. If Marc gets HOH do you think he'll put up will?” Janie: “No.” James: “If we put up Chicken G and Nak, counting votes George would go.” Janie: “What did Danielle say to you about the game?” James: “She said I didn’t have to worry about her.” Bottom line is Janie is fully aware that Ali will go after her and more likely Dani will not (if she stays in).

Jase was on his way out of the DR and James said to him “Did you tell them you love me?” Jase responded: “I told them there were more people in this house besides James.” Then the feeds went to FIRE!

Jase apparently found money in one of his shorts pockets, around $35.00. He told the others he found it in the couch. Just before a few of them started to rip the place apart looking for more cash, he and Boogie told them he found it in the backyard..LOL, then finally he fessed up saying it was in his shorts pocket. BB said “Hey Jase?” Jase: “Yes?” BB: “Do you mind putting that money up?” BB made him give it up.

Marc was telling Diane “I always feel like someone is watching me.” Diane states the obvious “because there is someone always watching.” Right then BB calls Boogie to the SR. Diane wonders if it is to get his clothes. When Boogie came out of the SR he said, “Well I got 3 things that I wanted, my Florida jersey….” BB cut the feeds right then.

4:00 PM
Marc and Diane are talking in general about rooming with people, Marc says he and his RL roommate not romantically involved, but he is ‘almost’ his best friend. Diane says she hates sleeping in the same room as James. Marc whispers that if Dani goes he will be the only BB3’er left. Diane says that in the long run it will be better to get Dani out now. Marc agrees and says Erika is going to be pissed. Diane says “yes she is, but she will have to adapt. Then if Erika gets HOH she can put Ali up.” Diane also says that everyone needs an enemy, someone they are dying to put up as Erika is with Ali. Diane says she wishes that George would say something to somebody about where he stands. Howie passes by and Marc tells him he should use sun block, that he (Howie) is badly burned.

Now Will has joined Marc and Diane in the red room. Marc says he used to volunteer at the Natural History Museum in Chicago. He wanted to meet better guys and he thought the museum was the place to meet them. He met tons of guys during the King Tut expo. Marc says he battled with the older volunteers over the best sections to govern. He never wanted the children's section because you couldn't meet guys there. Marc says that the kids section was the most fun, but you could only meet school teachers there. It was a race to get their in the morning and if you were late you got the owl room and he hated it. You would have to open up an owl pellet and show people what it was made of. Marc and his friend would wear a mask and gloves. He says the prime areas to meet guys were the Cleopatra room, The History of Chocolate room (except the room that had the European/Inca chocolate story about slavery--that was offensive to him because they had mannequins dressed up in chains). Any of the big special traveling exhibits were good. But the best place was the gem exhibits. He said that in the Egyptian exhibit he would write people's names in hieroglyphics on pieces of paper and if he did this for a guy he thought was cute he would write his phone number in the back.

Boogie and Erika ‘playing chess’…funny thing, none of the pieces ever moved..lol
Boogie is talking strategy with Erika by the chess game. Boogie says to her “you come with us, we lose HOH to other side, they will come after me and Will, and so you're insulated in that way. There's no doubt in my mind that if we divide, Will and I are next up. You and Nak and Diane are safe. They're going to put up me and Will for sure; we're the closest two in here. I know you're afraid of Ali, but if you come with us, I think now is our time. We don't want to have to this conversation in two weeks when there's still four of them. Just think about it. These other people, I'm pretty confident that they're locked and ready to go. I'm pretty tight with Diane and Nak, Marc wants Dani go. If you wanna go the other way, that's fine too, I don't think you'll be a target. But we have to share information. Anything else you wanna talk about while we're here? Cause we're never alone. I mean, what if you and Ali got together and said "look, I know we have our past, but"... I think we got it either way. The one person I would worry about is Marc, but he has such a hatred for Dani. He is still mad about shit from four years ago.” Erika is keeping quiet and looking stressed. Boogie continues: “It's a big week; this week will set the whole game in motion. I was gonna lay back, but if I am gonna make moves, I have to do it now. I can't stay here for 10 weeks and then be in the finals with three of them in the sequester house. I think Jase is ready to roll, too. We gotta get a couple of them out now. Also, everybody on my side hates Chicken G, can't stand him.”

Erika is whispering in response, but it is not audible. Boogie: “It's gonna be easier to divide them, you know what I mean? I tell everybody that the four of them are together, no matter how much Will has fun with Howie or you have with Kaysar, they are still together from last year. That bond is going to be stronger. I think Nak is a good person who you can trust. We can deal with Ali later. But all you gotta do is trust her for a week or two. I'm just nervous if it goes 5-5 that a tie breaker will send Dani home, and they will be out for blood. If Ali gets HOH she will be going for Janelle first and foremost. Hopefully you will be off in the background; Ali will put up Janelle and James or Janie and Kaysar. Those three want to keep Dani….You want to think about it?” Boogie leaves and Erika lies out on the floor and asks “What did I get myself into again? Seriously, I have a good life, my life is pretty okay.”

5:00 PM
Nak and George talk about Dani & Marc… Nak says “Dani is a snake in the grass, you don't expect anything, and then boom and you’re gone. I heard she called you out already. Ali, she is so loud and such a kamikaze player, and she's already made it known that she wants Janelle gone and she'll put S6 people up.” Nak asks “has Dani made you any promises?” George: “No.” Nak: “I heard she's made deals with James and the S6 people..” George: “Ahh, I haven’t got any of that.” Nak: “That’s just hearsay but it’s something she would do.” George: “Where do you think Marc is at?” Nak: “He is riding the fence but he’s not going to join a side, Marc is just playing for Marc, he just wants to stay in the house, that’s what I think anyway.” George: “I don’t think the S6 trust James.” Nak: “They don’t but I think all he needs to do is give them info we accidentally leaked and he's back in.” George: “So we really need one of us to win this HOH competition.” Nak: “Yes.” George: “Okay, I was just wondering where he was at because he doesn’t say anything.”

Nak continues “the way I see it, Dani needs to go.” George: “Will they reveal the number of the votes?” Nak: “Mmm hmm, they will say something like, ‘the vote is 7-4’, but they won’t say who voted for whom. People can lie and deflect responsibility for the votes.” George: “I see. I just feel like, Nak, that we’re outnumbered….” Nak: “No, we’re not....” George: “You know what James told me? If anyone backdoors him he'll throw them off the balcony. I didn’t like that.” Nak: “He wants to gets under people’s skin.” George: “He kind of meant it.” Nak: “No, he can’t do that; he'd go to the DR and never come back.” George: “But if he's going anyway…”

George asks “Okay so then Nak, what should we do with Dani?” Nak: “Just lay low, just don't tell her anything either way. Say you’re not really sure. You'll find out in this game that it’s all about being quiet.” George: “Okay, thanks Nak, I'll let you know what I hear from Howie.” They both laugh at the mere mention of Howie and how loud he is. George says “I like him (shaking his head); they are trying to keep him quiet.” Nak: “Yes they are.” George: “They were saying his strategy is confusion, there’s a lot to be said about that.”

Erika making nice with Ali
Outside Erika and Ali are talking on the hammock. Seems as though Erika took Boogie’s advice to try and make nice with Ali. Ali thinks Erika doesn’t like her or trust her and Erika is wondering why Ali thinks that. Ali says “from reading stuff on the internet.” Ali: “I am not gonna lie, I am just gonna put it all out there; I kinda feel like every season has a good relationship together, except ours, we were not friends afterwards.” Erika says it’s because what Jun and Ali said was very hurtful. She and Jack got the brunt of it, and they were probably the nicest from everyone in that season; you and Jun never took responsibility for anything, I was hurt.” Ali acknowledged hurting her (Erika) and says she is embarrassed by how much she hurt Erika. After some talk about their season Ali says “I don’t think it’s any secret that Janelle is who I’d go after if I stay. In our season the flirt stuff worked but I can’t do that this season. It’s not personal but Janelle is in with 3 of them. I thought you were close with her and I thought you were mocking me with Diane.” Erika: “No that had nothing to do with you! That’s funny; see how stuff happens in the BB house.”

Ali asks if Erika would consider voting to keep her. Erika asks what the house thinks. Ali says its half & half. Erika says she needs to talk to people. Ali tells Erika that she believed Erika had something to do with Janie putting her (Ali) up. Erika said she didn’t.

Ali: “We could totally work this…. " Erika whispers “where does George fit in to all of this?” Ali says “with you and Chicken G I have 7.” Erika says she will try to work on George. Ali "do you think you can work on Chicken G?" Erika: "I'll try." Ali: "I didn't promise Jase anything.” Ali promises if she has a say, she will put up Chicken G and Janie, and Erika promises not to talk. On the other hand Ali says she thinks James and Dani are together, so maybe she will put him up with Janie. Erika tells Ali “I am glad we cleared this all up.”

With a nervous laugh, Ali tells Erika “don’t get caught up with the S6, the whole house is after them.” Erika says what an unfair advantage it is that they are all in here together. Ali: “And they even lived in this exact house! Really unfair!” Ali says she and Erika and should work both sides and then “I'm not saying shit about the final 2 because I don’t want you to hate me!” (They both laugh). Ali starts to tell Erika that she told them in the DR she was going to continue to sit back and they got mad at her…(the feeds of course went to fire.)

When the conversation is over, Ali immediately goes to Marc and tells him “I got Erika!” He told her to shut up, “don’t be so loud.” He says congrats but tells her not to try that with Kaysar or Howie. He says everyone just needs to stay quiet now.

6:00 PM
Ali heads for the DR. Her picture on the wall fades away. It appears that’s what happens when someone goes to the DR. The buzz around the house is that rather than the PB&J diet that they may be eating bugs and ants….the HG’s laugh that Ali’s picture is gone and said “maybe talking about eating bugs got her sent home.” LOL! Jase says “maybe they are giving her immunity for figuring out that we were going to be eating bugs.” Dani says “Oh great!”

Kaysar and Erika are on the hammock and he says “I’m not quite ready to play the game yet.” Erika looks pensive and doesn’t respond. Erika says she wants to keep Ali in the game. Kaysar: “You don't think she'd come after you?” Erika: “Yes, I do…” Kaysar: “Then why do you want to keep her? James told me you are definitely on Ali’s radar.” Erika: “James is saying that so he can keep Dani.” Erika says she thinks if she votes against Ali the vote will be 5-5. Kaysar tells Erika to go to Dani and say "If you want to stay, swing George" and then Dani will do all the work. Erika goes off to find Dani saying she hasn’t talked to her all day, on her way in through the kitchen you can hear her say “Oh my god, I think I’m having a heart attack.” (Note: If Erika didn’t want to play much, seems like she has no choice! So game on!). ;o)

Erika is inside with Marc. Marc says they have to break up the S6, but make sure Janelle stays. “We pick her and Kaysar and we have 4.” Erika: “Janie will never turn her back on Howie.” Marc: “She has to, he weakens her. He’s so loud and crude and crazy. People run from him and it makes her look bad.” Erika: “Isn’t Janelle gonna be pissed if we changed our minds? Talk to her and tell her we think Dani would be more dangerous. I wanna go with the house and it seems like they want Ali to stay.” Marc: “It would be stupid to keep Dani here, she has James and George.” Erika: “She has George for sure?” Marc: “I think she does.” Erika: “Should we go to her together?” Marc: “I just don’t want to give up too much of what’s going on. Janelle is my girl, I think she’s looking for a way out of that. Erika: “I know she is, she feels too targeted…” Marc really feels Janie is looking for a way out of the S6…so they should talk to her and let her know what’s going on.

7:00 PM
Everyone is outside playing kickball and Ali’s mood has flipped 100%. She is much more engaging after her talk with Erika. Once inside the kitchen to get a bite, Ali hasn’t stopped smiling.

Janelle snuck up to HOH, looking over her shoulder to make sure no one is following. She just seems a little anti social at the moment. She is in HOH and in the bathroom messing with her hair, in need of alone time I guess.

The gang is outside, playing around. Will says “if I can catch like 500 birds, I can tie them together with dental floss and they can fly me outta here!”

Just before 8:00 and Janie and Erika are in the kitchen alone. Erika is fidgety and acting a little weird! Janie is like “why are you freaking out?” Erika says “I’m not.” Janie says “did she say something to you?” Erika shakes her head no. Janie is on to something with Erika…but there are too many interruptions in the kitchen.

Erika trots off to the SR and Boogie follows. Erika tells him how nervous she is and asks, “are you sure we want to keep Ali?” He says “yes.” She says again how nervous she is and Boogie insists it will be easier to convince people later to get her out.

Jase, Janie and Marc are talking about crazy dreams. Janie dreamt Ali evicted her and Marc was crying. Marc says “won’t happen, I’m not crying this season!” Jase says to Janie “not worried bout that are ya?” Janie: “I dunno.” Jase: “Seems like kinda split right now...” Marc: “This is gonna be a crazy season. Dani is getting that caged animal thing, giving everyone the stink eye.” Jase: “I noticed that.” Janie: “She’s always like that.” Marc: “When she gets out of control it’s uncomfy to be around.” Janie: “She’s been on the block for a while.” Marc” “Ya just want it to be over, it just goes on and on and on and it’s only Monday.”

Marc is obsessing over Dani saying why she needs the money if she should win. Marc tells Janie that no single persons’ reason for being is any more important than anyone else’s and they both complain how Will and Boogie “don’t need to be here.” Janie says “do you think its fair for a millionaire to win it?” Marc says “Oh Hell No....then the feeds go to fire.

James is clarifying the veto and HOH situation with Will and Boogie. James says that if the 2 HOH’s do not agree on who goes up, the 2 HOH’s go up. Then whoever wins veto has the power to remove themselves, if they are up or remove someone else and they also choose who will go up in the vacant spot. James claims to have clarified this in the DR.

9:00 PM
Marc tells Janie he doesn’t know who to vote out. Janie exclaims “Oh my god! We have James!” Marc says “you think you have James.” Janie tells him that if Ali stays, then her and Nak go to the end and kick them (Marc and Janie) out before hand, she says that Diane and Nak want Ali to stay and that they will join up with Will and Boogie, whereas Dani never would do that. Marc says “Dani will join up with anybody to get further in the game.” Janie is mad, she wants to know who he’s been talking to. He says Ali asked him again how he is voting and he said he told her he is just torn. Janie: “All I know is if she stays she is coming after me.” Marc retorts saying he is absolutely terrified of Dani. Janelle: “Should I ask Ali about saying she was coming after me, Kaysar and Erika?” Marc: “Wow...” Janelle: “I just told you that!” Marc: “Oh yeah you did didn't you?”

Marc says to Janie: “If you were on the block, and I won veto, I would use it on you.”
Janie: “I'd use mine on you, too, if I win it. I don't think you'd be nominated, though.”
Marc: “Jase came up to me the other day and said ‘I heard you had deals with everyone’. I think the sentiment in the house is that I'm the ultimate Amber, or that I'm a George.” Janie: “Nooo, Marc! Not at all, everyone likes you!” Marc: “I can go home and not even care. Why did I even come? Dani threw me for a complete loop; she wasn't supposed to be here. That made my decision easy. I said, she ain't coming, so I can go. Now she's here and she's throwing everything for a loop.”

Now Marc is talking about how he has a crush on Mike Boogie. Says he's not going to pull a Diane and fall for him, though. Marc: “Why don't they ever put two gay guys in the house?!” Janie: “They should have put Will Winkle in here for you.” Marc: “But that would have been pointless because he has a boyfriend. I should have gotten on that sooner. Should have gone after him when he was still vulnerable, like the week he got out of the house. I tried to tap that at the cast party.” Janie: “Will is cute. He had funny diary rooms.” Marc: “Yeah. He is a little skinny, though. James is pretty cute, too. I love his lisp.” Janie: “Really? I never noticed it.” Marc: “You were here with him for weeks, he totally has a lisp. Maybe it only comes out when he's excited. I don't know why I'm pondering who I'd sleep with, not like any of them would sleep with me; though they totally would if it got them closer to the $500K, masochistic hos.” They are both laughing.

Marc is telling Janie that Will is a master manipulator, a puppet master and that James is a baby Will. He wants to be Will. He says “this house is crazy. This is a game and a half. This is a GAME. This is crazy! This is a great cast.” Janie: “Yeah, it is.” Marc: “There's only one mistake. George.” Janie: “Yeah, I think Lisa should have been here instead.” Marc: “It was crazy they didn't pick Lisa. It would have given girls an equal number. And she would have been an Amber, but what the hell. One mistake…and that mistake has the ability to make it to the end.”

Erika enters HOH to join Janie and Marc. Janie immediately asks Erika (before the door even closes) if she is voting Ali out. Erika said she is scared; she wants to do what the house wants to do. Janie says they need to get her out now. Erika agrees. Marc still standing up for Ali saying she would not tell James anything. Janie says everyone knows they don't trust James completely. Marc finally says "I cannot vote for Dani to stay, she is my Alison."

Marc says to Janie “I wish you would use the bleeping veto and put James up with Dani.” Jani: "It is too dangerous to keep Ali in the house. I have really good instincts about this, I'm serious!" Erika says “I'll do whatever you want." Marc: "I cannot ask you to not vote for Ali, she is your nemesis, and you can not ask me to not vote for Dani." Janie is curious how Chicken G is voting. Marc says he would talk to him, but he feels like if he talks strategy with him, he will have to baby sit him from here on out.

10:00 PM
Enter Kaysar now into the HOH (so it’s Kaysar, Janie, Marc and Erika). Janie says Kaysar can help them figure out what to do. So she asks him “what’s the consensus?” Kaysar says “it’s still Ali.” Marc whines that he’s scared. Kaysar: “Dani will go next week. James is Dani's plan B right?” Janie: “I don’t know, we don’t know what James is doing.” Marc: “For you guys to say you are the 4...you should have a better reign on your boy.” Janie: “Bring him up here.” Kaysar: “Dani said George promised her his vote!” Marc: “Call this bitch up here lets see what’s going on ...she told you that?!” Janie: “Nak said she was voting out Ali.” Kaysar: So what do you want to do?” Janie: “Ali.” They discussed Will being a threat, Kaysar isn't sure Boogie and Will are actually plotting anything and Janelle says “Will tried to align with Howie.”

By now Marc is throwing a literal fit, he is pouncing on the bed pounding on his knees, he turns to Kaysar and says “I have to chance to get rid of someone who did me dirt, someone who told me I didn’t deserve the money as much as Jason and I'm not taking it?! What if Jennifer was here who did you wrong, you wouldn’t take her out?! Does this sound crazy to anyone else in this room?" Janelle silently looks at him... Erika says she is still not sure what she wants to do. Then Marcs “If you tell me to vote out Ali, I'll do it.” (He completely freaked out when he said that.) Janie jumps on the bed, hugs him says “I love you Marc! We’ll get Dani out next week, I promise!” Marc: “You wouldn't be a threat if you didn't have all these people around you trying to protect you.” Janie: “I'm just a buxom blonde…” Erika: “I just want a good person to win this game.” On the way out of HOH, Marc kisses Janie a few times on the cheek and she says “thank you so much Marc!”

Kaysar and Will start talking about the internet chats they have done and how Kaysar kicked Will off his chat..Will said he was pissed because people in the chat are like ‘so and so isn’t voting for you’. Will figured ‘shove your votes up your f’ing a$$’…Howie brings up about the gay vampire thing and Janie says how much she really liked her chats. Will says “the internet is freaky, creepy, and anyone listening right now are freaks!” Will goes on to say that there is something wrong with the live feeders and that he strives to make his fans despise him. If they are nice to him, he insults them.

Marc and Erika are now talking up on the balcony. Marc: “I just told Janie straight up what her problem was. She has too many people protecting her. She wouldn't be this massive target if she cut them loose as quickly as possible.” Erika: “I don't think she'd have a problem with that.” Marc: “Until she does, this is gonna crop up again.” Erika: “We can put up James and Dani easy.” Marc: “But if we do that, Dani doesn't go home, James does; which will screw him, because he should have gotten rid of her, rather than been put up with her. Do you think either one of us should try to get HOH next week?” Erika: “No.” Marc: “We can force a tie and see what would happen.” Erika: “But then you'd be picking a side.” Marc: “We wouldn't be picking a side. You vote to evict Ali, I vote to evict Dani. Then it puts it back on the two HOH, and I can just be like "I can not vote to keep her, and I was assured it would be a tie so that you decide who you want to get rid of". Erika says BB will not tell them what happens in the event of a tie.

11:00 PM
Dani and Marc talk about Will and Boogie. Marc: “How did that happen? 2 guys get in that don’t need the money and I'm not one of them? Boogie is a millionaire and I bet Will is too.” Dani figures “I guess it’s just something to do then?” Marc: “It’s for Will to prove he's the ultimate player. And a way for Boogie to prove he isn’t stupid. The question becomes do they want to be sequestered?” Dani: “Doctors have that God complex, and it’s not in Will's character to just leave. And he isn’t just here to ‘win’; he wants to prove he is the ultimate competitor.” Marc: “I agree but the line he keeps putting out is he doesn’t want to go to sequester and he doesn’t care if he is nominated.”

Everyone is sitting around talking about celebrities. Marc says “I have the best Corey Haim story! I don't know if I can say it on camera, but let's just say he really needs that reality show because he's broke!” Boogie says that D from the Beastie Boys is Screech's brother; Screech was selling t-shirts to save his house. Marc: “Mark Paul Gosselar is the bomb right now, the cute guy from Saved by the Bell.” They all want Marc to tell all of his funny celebrity run in stories. Will mentions a time when his buddy was having dinner with Eva Longoria. One time Boogie was at Geisha House he was all banged up, Paris Hilton came up and Boogie was like "do you remember me?" and she grabbed him and just started kissing him. Marc: “I was in Soho, and we went to the Mercer Hotel. At the bar, a pretty black girl was playing dominos with the bartender, I said I've never played I want to learn! So she asked if I wanted to play, and it turns out the first time I ever played dominos it was with Thandi Newton from Crash.” Howie and Janelle tell a story about a football player who called up Janelle after he ran into Howie while he was jogging…Will interrupts says "the only part I don’t believe about that story is that you were jogging." Everyone laughs (LOL).

Alcohol arrived at about 12:30 AM. Jase says they should save it for the live show; it’s too late to start drinking. Ha, they have opened some of everything; red wine, white wine and beer. Nak and Janie head out to have a cigarette and think maybe they will put their feet in the HT, but when they uncover it, it is green. Jase says so spice up the house; they need to put a bunch of young single people in with lots of booze. Will says: “This show is tired; sometimes you gotta put the baby to rest.”

Janie and Nak are bonding, smoking and drinking outside. Janie says she hates when people break promises. Nak agrees she says she hates when people lie to her in the game when she's being honest. Janie: “Will came into HOH saying he was really honest and trustworthy, I had to hold back from laughing.” Nak: “This Will? LOL, honey we heard about you, your reputation proceeds you (about Will).” Nak: “I don’t keep in touch with Will Winkle, I didn’t keep in touch with anyone really.” Janie: “I saw Will once.” Nak: “We called each other, got each other's voicemail.” Janie: “I met his bf, really nice.” Nak: “Aw that’s good, Will is a sweetheart.” Janie: “He said he didn’t smoke, but he asked for a cigarette once.” Nak: He did that in Mexico a couple times (during sequester) He waited to drink and party until I got in sequester. I was drunk the whole entire time. I remember a beach and dragging someone into the surf.” Janie: Ours sequester was in Napa Valley, it was beautiful, but there wasn’t a lot to do.” Nak: “Once you get there the game is over.”

1:30 AM
Chicken G is outside on the couches with a blanket. Most of the HG’s inside feel bad for making such a point of Chicken G’s snoring and they think that’s why he’s outside. Will says he feels bad and is going to go get him. Nak says: “He’s a grown ass man!”

Nak, Kay, Will, Janelle, Erika, Jase, Dani, Marc, and Diane are upstairs. Will is talking about their season of the show. He says Boogie and Autumn were hooking up. “Day 3, they're hooking up and she’s in Boogies pants and he’s in her shirt and she wanted to have sex and he’s like how bout a blowjob? She said you're trying to get a bj to get votes to save Sheryl.” Will continues “if any of the smokers in the house didn’t smoke for 24 hrs, we would get a basketball and Boogie really wanted it. 2 hours before they got it, Autumn went out and smoked just to get back at Boogie. Shannon dumped potato chips in her bed and said "why don’t you eat chips bitch?" The DR told Will he could not the DR and they sent everyone else in the house to different rooms. He said he could hear screaming while he was in the DR.

There was a lot of talk about past seasons and about other reality shows and some of the contestants. They talked a bit about the reality reunion show Kathy Griffin did and that her monologue started off with something like “there were lots of alcoholics and hoes there, right Trishelle?” She got up and said f you and ran off the stage. Will was talking about the guy from Joe Scmo and how he was hung over all the time (I think this was during the Battle of the Reality Stars thing).

It’s about 2:30 and most everyone is getting ready to go to bed, Howie is asleep already. Marc and Janie are up in HOH talking about how homely the season 5 cast was. Marc talks a little about HC’s and when it airs. Marc: “The first show would’ve been Friday, maybe Thursday, about the 20 and who’s gonna get in. Friday would’ve been the second show about who of the 20 made it.

Well as tired as everyone was, some of them fought off sleep until around 3 AM. Everyone is finally out! So am I!