Well Hello, this is Tweeds, your Tuesday Recap writer, welcome to your Tuesday Daily Recap for BB7. It seems Diane was the first person up today at around 8:14am, just a run to the bathroom from what I understand. A few minutes later, Danielle was up and in the Diary room talking about Jase and Janelle not disagreeing, then the cams went back to everyone sleeping, as if no one saw Danielle....So they are not officially up and moving as of yet.

After her Diary room session, Danielle was up for the day, eating, brushing and showering. Marcellas got up for a quick BR run, but has headed back to bed. Around 9:50am, Nakomis gets up and has a little chat with Danielle about CG (Chicken George) and how he is being very sneaky and deceptive. He keeps bringing up negative things about others to draw attention away from himself.

They continue talking about alliances or lack there of, neither committing to anything but just discussing things in very general terms. They both believe the S4 alliance is in play and Nak thinks this may or may not hold. Danielle seems to be shopping for an alliance but Nak does not seem to be selling at this point. They talk about their relationships back home. Janelle, Kaysar and Marc are up now as well. By noon it looks like most everyone is up, making breakfast. A comment is made about folks on the east coast freaking out because they sleep all day.

Marc seems to be campaigning to try to get Danielle voted out. A few shoutouts today to acctants.... not to jokers. :( Talk about Boogie's bar and Ali's website. Nak planning to bleach her roots today, maybe dye her hair orange. Nak says she is going to bury James' key in the backyard, he plans to toss hers over the fence. Talk of college, Janelle working out. Ali helping Nak with her hair, talking about her hair and general chit chat. Ali seems to be campaigning for votes. Nak comments at one point that she thought they would be doing more.... given they are all-stars. [ed. Amen sister, I would have hoped so too.]

James talks about his job, questioning people, training others to do it, etc. Boogie seems fascinated by it. Will claims to have every kind of friend except a fat one, he wants to fatten Howie up so he will have a fat friend. Will then displays his expertise in design by commenting on the house "who puts a brick floor in the kitchen?". [ed. We were wondering that too Will, given you are not giving us much else to be fascinated with.] Will thinks they should just throw all the dishes out and tell BB they don't know where they are... apparently replacing dishes seems a better idea than washing them. Howie and Will acknowledge the feed viewers by coming up with contests for them to play.... find the white bread on Will (since Will is so pale) and Will suggests everyone try to guess Howie's weight. Boogie astounds with his math skills... if we have six people trying we have a sixty percent chance.

Janelle and Erika working out together, small group chatting by the pool. Boogie and Jase have a bonding moment as they talk about casting for commercials and work they have gotten or lost. Will announces to the group that if they need OTC drugs they have to request them of BB not him, as he cannot give them out anymore. BB tells him not to discuss Diary Room, Will says "But you just told me to tell them!". More Jase and Boogie bonding about work prospects. Will tells everyone what he thinks the order of the Internet Favs are.... kayser, jani, erika, cg, nak then feeds change. [We need a poll to see if this is true :D] Boogie's input - Kaysar & Janelle are probably 1 & 2. Then Erika. Nakomis. There's probably a weird George faction out there. Feeds change.

Marc continues to try to get votes against Dani. Will/Howie continue to insult each other, Howie is fat, Will is pale. Will thinks the internet folks want him to have a penalty nomination each time he jumps on the table. Lockdown outside. Not much happening at the moment, but talk of banner planes and what if someone parachuted into the backyard. As Will starts in on Howie again, the feed goes to flames but the audio sound reveals a plane flying overhead. Something dropped from it [perhaps trash]. Howie and Boogie doing a listing of everyone Will has insulted... 13 out of the 15 producers...the story editors, decorators, designers, Boogie's handler,internet fans, 1/2 the TV viewers. Will says he had a battle with a night camera crew. Insults as the guy workout.

Talk of Busto and her funny looking bathing suit. Kay joins the workout, Di on the treadmill walking, gets teased that she needs to pace herself. In workout room. Will imitating BB voice: "Howie, please stop being so f**king fat!" Howie responds: (imitating BB) "Will please put on your shirt.". Erika tries to convince Boogie that Nak and Di would target him and Will, but season6 guys wouldn't. Boogie tries to get more info, but Erika being cagey and makes him dope it out on his own. Erika later tells Kay he should talk to Boogie and Will about voting out Ali so they don't feel left out of the loop and in danger.

Kay, Howie, Boogie and Will talk in workout room about who to vote out, Kay mentions that Ali has a photographic memory, which seems to make Boogie nervous. Kay says if he wins HoH that no one in the room is in danger. They all agree that they don't want floaters making it through the game.

James and Dani talk about strategy, who might be out this week, who to put up next, James wants CG and Nak to be nominated. Kay is called to the diary room. Janelle walks upstairs to James and Dani, chit chat. Janelle mentions that JFP and Jenna from survivor called her. Dani says she is not going after S6 anymore. Feeds switch to Boogie and Ali. Boogie says he is leading Dani on, Ali says she is going to work on CG. They are locked down inside now. Assumption is they are setting up the HoH competition so they can practice at it tonight. Marc and Nak talking, Nak says Ali is a liar and James and Kay are in Dani's back pocket. Marc says its like choosing between the devil and satan.

Jan and Will talk plastic surgery, discuss her implants, skin cancer, etc. Will seems surprised Jan does not live in LA. Jan sings the praises of living in Miami. Ali shows up part way into this, seems to feel ignored and walks off, her Janelousy showing. Marc and Nak talking more about who to vote for, who the S6 will vote for, how to make it a tie so Jan has to decide and take the heat. They continue talking until James shows up, then strategy talk ends. There is mention of "her" herpes, possibly krista, then flames. BB reminds all not to speak of DR sessions. They were talking about how BB tries to get them to bad mouth other HGs. Talk about why they are in lockdown, maybe HoH, maybe luxury competition.

Erika, Nak, Kay and Marc talk of freaky letters they have gotten from fans. Nak talks about a letter she got from a guy in prison who said she was "edible". She never responded to it. Erika says one of her distant cousins was killed by the serial killer Gacey. Talk continues about serial killers. Howie and Boggie checking out the pic wall, saying how they would bang each girl. Lockdown over. Everyone runs out to see what's outside, but nothing there. Will talks about how hard it is to be entertaining without alcohol and says the internet viewers to suck his ****. Jase and Howie discussing Nak, Howie ranting about her, Jase egging him on. Janelle says Howie could jack off in the hot tub, he decides against this since it might be a health hazard.

Erika and Jan talking strategy, about possible tie and POV holder having to pick. They talk about trusting each other and wanting to evict Ali. Dani seems to go after CG hard core, he doesn't seem to want to commit to anything and she does not seem to want to let up on him til he does. Talk of the Mr & Mrs Smith alliance between Janie, Howie and Erika. Janie makes it very clear she wants Allison gone this week. CG seems concerned about houseguests knowing each other before they came into the house and not being honest about it. End result seems to be Dani being fairly sure that CG will vote to evict Allison. Janie talks to Marc about voting out Ali, says she will promise him anything, he is not sure, feels Dani is a bigger threat. Ali and Erika promising each other they won't put each other on the block, Ali trying to secure votes to stay.

The Marc and Janie talk is really long, mostly strategy, talk of alliances, etc. Both Janie and Marc thought Howie's goofiness would be cancelled out by James seriousness. Marc likes Kaysar and Janie. Janie still trying to get him to agree to keep Dani over Ali. She promises him if she has to choose between the S6 folks and Marc that she will pick Marc if he votes out Ali. George is walkin around in a wild outfit. [Ed. Where are the fashion police when you need them?] Diane and Boogie try workin Erika for vote against Dani.

Kaysar thinks he is getting fat. Howie proclaims the youthful benefits of dating 18 year old girls. Boogie flashes the camera when he has only a towel on. Janelle and Erika bond over a foot bath in the HoH bathroom. Quietly talking strategy since Boogie is on the HoH bed. Diane mentions she found "face condoms" in the bathroom and put one on Boogie's pillow. [seems to be some confusion as to what a face condom is ] Janelle and Erika have used all sorts of good smelling bath stuff for their leg soak, teasing Boogie by having him sniff and touch their legs. Looks like Marc has convinced Nak to vote out Ali. Boogie assures Ali she is safe.

Marc and Erika talk game. Marc says if he wins HoH he is planning on going after James, George or Dani. He is convinced that James has an alliance with Dani. He wonders if George has what it takes to stand up to the game. Boogie heads to bed around midnight. Nak heading towards bed. Ali noticed that Janie uses proactiv, says she does too. Janie gives a shout out to Jokers! Erika would like to see CG and Dani up for eviction next.

James and Diane talking game in the backyard. Diane complaining that no one has been talking to her. James wants to avoid a polarized house, last season it meant the game was basically over for the S6 in week five. Diane says its way to early to be lying and making deals. Diane claims she only really lied once in her season, mislead some, but only blatantly lied once. Erika gives shout outs to different folks, including Jokers.

By about 4am, most in bed, Erika laying down but talking quietly. Howie in the shower, Janie gets a snack. They think BB wants them to go to bed. Kaysar and Janie talking about James, whether to trust him or not and how much. They feel certain they can trust Howie completely. They think when Dani is gone, James will be more trustworthy. Kay is a little upset that Janie promised Marc so much, doesn't want him feeling to safe or feeling like he has to much power. Around 5am, Kay finishes praying and heads to bed, Janie in bed. All asleep by now.

My apologies for this being posted so late, I was quite ill for a couple days, doing fine now. See you next week!!