A little after 9, Big Brother plays Sheryl Crow's "One Step Away" to wake the Hgs. Danielle, Alison, George, Diane and Nakomis go into the bathroom to get ready. Danielle is sent to the Diary Room and tells Mike Boogie and Will that BB told them they have to get up and change their mics themselves. Diane, Nakomis and Erika go outside and discuss the vote. Diane says she'll be happy with either of them going. They're glad it'll be over soon. Alison comes out and Diane compliments Alison on her cute shirt. Danielle and Nakomis go into the bathroom, Alison and Marcellas lay down in the Red Room. Alison, Danielle, Erika and Nakomis join George, James, and Mike Boogie in the kitchen, They discuss various America's Choices. Will wakes up to join them. Danielle makes everyone pancakes! James and Will go in the gym. James tells Will he wants Alison out because Alison will go after James. BB tells James to put on his mic. James says that the live feeders must be watching them workout. LOL! James goes in and out of the gym, apparently looking for someone. Will watches him do it. They talk about Alison hiding in the pot. Will says he'd disagree if he was a co-HOH.

Alison and Marcellas get ready in the bathroom. Alison goes outside, and Marcellas goes to the Diary Room. He then goes to the backyard with Danielle, Alison and Erika. Marcellas and Danielle joke around with each other. Erika is sent to the Diary Room. Marcellas is afraid of midgets. Alison is scared of clowns and puppets. Riveting conversation. Nakomis is sent to the Diary Room, Danielle goes to get tea, and Alison immediately asks Marcellas if she's safe. He's obviously lying, but Alison seems to buy it. Meanwhile, Erika tells Mike Boogie that he needs to chill out and that he didn't have a target on his back until he started playing so hard. Mike Boogie feels back about eviction Alison and tells Erika that it must feel good for her to get rid of Alison. Erika tells Mike to take the emotion out of it. Mikes says that Janelle invites Erika to do things with her because she has no one else. Mike tells Erika that he likes Nakomis. Will joins, and is using his tan enhancer (thank goodness!!!!). Danielle and Erika come back outside. Diane sent to the Diary Room.

Marcellas and George talk about Ali trying hard to get votes. Marcellas tells George that if he gets HoH, he won't put George up as long as George won't put Marcellas up. George tells Marcellas that he really likes him. James tries to listen in for a minute, but gives up. George says that he has too big of a heart for this game. Marcellas says he doesn't miss Housecalls- he'd rather be on All Stars than interview All Stars. He tells George that he thought post BB he'd be a big Hollywood actor- the black gay Tom Cruise. He says he doesn't drive and that Lisa gave him her old car and it just sits in the driveway. Janelle wakes up and stops by the gym.

Mike tells Nakomis that Marcellas and George both voted to evict Alison. Nakomis voted to evict Alison. Mike calls this game f'n crazy. Mike says he should of just laid back and not worked so hard to evict Danielle. He thinks Danielle is working with the BB6ers and that she wants him and Will out. Nakomis says that Alison is the one who screwed it up. Mike is sad that now he won't get as much airtime. Erika joins their convo. They all wonder if BBUS is the only BB where the Hgs vote to evict each other. Nakomis leaves. Mike is worried that Danielle found out about him trying to get her evicted. He's afraid that how he'll be a big target. They decide that it'll be a unanimous vote for Alison to leave. Erika thinks there will be 2 HoHs next week, too.

James, Will and Nakomis discuss the number of HoHs there will be next week. Will thinks 3, James thinks all Hgs will be HoH BUT 3. We get to hear James pee. Lucky us! Howie and James talk about votes, but most is inaudible.

Marcellas joins Danielle outside. They talk about internet fans and haters. They say that when you confront the haters, they back off. Nakomis joins. They don't understand what gives people the right to call their family's names. Danielle talks about her husband and daughters being called names.

Will, Nakomis, Diane and Erika hang out outside on the couches. Nakomis goes inside to work on her needlepoint. Howie comes out and offers everyone a whiff of his inhaler. Howie tells George that he will be a JedI soon.

Jase and Mike discuss votes in the storage room. Mikes tells Jase that Marcellas wants Alison out. Mike says that James was working on Diane last night. Howie enters and Mike looks for tuna. Howie is looking for his mic battery and is called to the DR.

Alison is called to the Diary Room. James, George and Howie are in the kitchen. James wants to make fish but he can't make the sauce without milk. He might but it'll make it fatty. George is making roast beef sandwiches and James tells him to put cheddar cheese on it like Arby's. Janelle is sent to the Diary Room. Howie says that Alison is pure and has been with less than 30 guys. James says that he's been with less than 30 guys as well. James says that the live feed watchers must be bored.

Marcellas and Danielle are talking. Marcellas can't believe Alison hid in the pot. LOL. Marcellas spent $200 on a manicure, pedicure and body scrub. Danielle questions if that's normal. Danielle wants her boobs redone because they're 10 years old.

We get treated to radio interference of a religious radio station. Howie, Janelle and Danielle talk about football. Mike talks about meeting a Lakers bigwig who was a fan of BB. It got him great seats to a game and Will and Mike got to go to a Spiderman premier. Danielle explains the live show process to George. Danielle imitating Jase and saying that season 5 was boring after he left.

Janelle tells James that Erika worked everyone's votes and now Alison will be evicted unanimously. James is shocked but paranoid that the vote will be flipped and Danielle will be leaving. James thinks that Erika is playing him and thanks America for putting him back in such a stressful place. Janelle of course says.. "Thanks America!" James tells Janelle about Alison's spying. Janelle calls Alison crazy. James calls George a piece of crap, and likes him less every day.

Will, Jase, James and Howie talk about poop and gas. Jase asks- your keys were black last year? James says yes even though he never saw his. Howie asks Will to do the live show without his shirt. Will asks Howie to do the live show with his mouth shut. Kaysar joins them. He only got an hour of sleep because of George's snoring. He wants to take over the girl's room tonight. James asks Howie if he has a real girlfriend. Howie says he has a few. James asks how many are inflatable. Howie says two. Lol. Howie says he needs to poop. Then he goes into the bug room to look around. James joins and they discuss HoH questions. Jase comes in and tells Howie that there are two less ants on the wall. Jase is memorizing the definitions on the wall.

Meanwhile, Marcellas, Diane, Erika, Boogie and Alison are outside. Janelle is in HoH sleeping. Diane says she always prepares for the worst. Marcellas says that's good, because he was blindsided when he was evicted. He thought he was going to win. Alison thinks Nakomis changed her mind and voted her out. Alison gets up to get some nail polish and Diane tells Marcellas that she's sick of Alison saying

I think I'm going home so I don't give a **** about anything". Alison comes back.
Danielle, James, Jase, Kaysar, Will and Howie in the Living Room. Jase is taking pictures with the HoH camera. They take lots of pictures because they have an hour to take 100 of them. Will goes to the kitchen and decides he'll start communicating with people by writing with mustard.

All Hgs are in the kitchen taking pictures. Jase tells Alison to get in the pot, so she does and takes a picture. She seems a little embarrassed. Kaysar tries to get in but can't. Janelle and Marcellas take pictures of them in their bathrobes. Howie suggests that they take pictures of all the alliances. Will refuses to have his picture taken. Howie is singing Willy The Friendly Ghost (making fun of Will's paleness, referring to Will as Casper). Most everyone is eating. George asks what's everyone's favorite thing to do in the BB house. They all respond "Eating". Will is sent to the diary room.

Alison, Nakomis and Mike Boogie all go by the pool. Alison and Nakomis haven't seen their seasons of BB. Nakomis thinks hers was too emotional for her.

Marcellas and Danielle are upstairs listening to the Hgs. Diane says she takes a horrible picture. Danielle wonders how she can be a model if she takes horrible pictures. Danielle likes the layout of the house and would like to live in a house like it if she was single. Danielle calls Howie a nut. Janelle and Erika join them and take a few pictures.

Big Brother calls an outside lockdown. They're discussing what they think PBJ will be replaced with. Will thinks it's crickets. He hopes it's not bull penises. LOL! Will also says that if he loses a food competition, he'll eat food anyway and get a penalty nomination. They're talking about fans sending them pictures. Will says that if you're underage, please don't send me half naked pictures. Marcellas said that there was a fan who stalked his mother. Marcellas and Roddy were offered money to pose for Playgirl. Marcellas turned it down and Roddy asked for more money, which he didn't get.

And they go back to talking about food. They want nachos tonight. Janelle says they only cook because they have nothing better to do. She says she likes dill pickle chips.

Diane complains to James about being bored and says how the live feed watchers must be bored too. They're trying to figure out what day it is. They decide it's Day 9, but it's actually Day 10. James tells Diane that Alison might be with them for a few more weeks. Diane is reading the bible while she talks with James. James misses Sarah and feels bad for how lonely she must be. James and Diane help Alison choose her dress for tomorrow's live show.

James, Janelle and Kaysar are in the yellow room. Janelle figures out that she'll sleep in the red room after being HoH. They're talking about BB6. James never clicked with Michael. They all hated Eric from the start. James hated April but Janelle really liked her. Janelle is talking about her breakup with Michael. They broke up because he was too emotional and tried to change her. He got mad when she wanted to hang out with Kaysar. Michael called Janelle's mom and told her that Janelle was depressed. Michael liked to go out and drink while Janelle liked to stay at home and watch movies. They both think Howie is playing better this year and both want George out before sequester because they want people who know how to play in sequester. James wishes that it could of ended up Rachel, James and Janelle together. They don't know if all 4 of them being in the house is an advantage or a disadvantage. Jase comes in. They talk about Jokers and whether it makes money. Jase says it must with the advertising. They guess that it makes $20,000 a year. Janelle and James think that Jokers and Survivor Sucks are the best. Janelle talks about a certain poster that hates her and Kaysar.

Jase leaves and Janelle and James continue talking. Marcellas walks in and out. They talk about betrayal. Jase comes back. James thinks that Will is lying when he says he'd disagree if he were a co-HoH. Jase believes it. Janelle tells them that the house wants George out. They talk about the funny pictures people make of the Hgs. Janelle is worried that Beau will go through her computer and journal and get mad.

Howie and Will are talking about if they both get HoH.. They'll disagree and both go up. Will wants to go home and get back to work. Will is going to campaign to be nominated with Howie.

Janelle is sent to the Diary Room. Nakomis, Kaysar, Alison and Diane are quoting Old School. Danielle joins. They're talking about various movies.

Janelle, George and James are in the kitchen eating. Marcellas is cleaning. Janelle says she wants salmon tonight. Janelle is making a PBJ. Danielle comes in and asks if this is all the food they get. Janelle says, yep until Friday.

Howie is talking about Star Wars. Kaysar and Mike think time goes by slowly. James talks about how he can request a video on his site and tons of people post them right away. James talks about Sarah and everyone awwwwws. James then makes fun of Beau wanting to be in movies and April wanting to be a newscaster. Mike thinks that April COULD be a newscaster. They say that April said she's 31, but looks older. Now Mike, James, Jase, Will, Kaysar, Marcellas and Erika talk about One Hit Wonders. They talk about foreign cities and Mike says he wants to go to Dubai and bring Kaysar with him. James says foreign BB Hgs go to his myspace.

Diane and Nakomis are in the kitchen talking now. Diane telling a story about visiting her sister and not knowing she had her own house for three months. Nakomis says she works enough to pay for half her house and have 200 dollars extra. She said she didn't campaign because she wanted to spend time with her family. They both want to make it to sequester. Nakomis tells Diane about Damien who has red hair and is half white half Puerto Rican. Danielle yells over saying he must be a hottie.

Janelle and Howie workout the gym and talk about websites. They ask each other if they look fat- both say no. They think they're say if Marcellas or Erika get HoH. They make up an alliance song, it goes like-

"Hey Howie, hey Janie, Hey Erica, WHAT UP, KAYSAR??" Kaysar walks in.
Diane, Janelle, Marcellas, James and Kaysar are in the kitchen waiting to eat the food that Danielle cooked. They're talking about international Bbs. They finally get their food and all conversation stops while they shovel their food into their mouths. After dinner, Jase shows Janelle what he's gonna wear for the live show. He's gonna do his hair crazy too. Janelle says hi to her mom and wonders if Cowboy is watching. Jase says he doesn't think he has a computer. James comes in and Janelle wonders where she'll put her stuff after moving out of the HoH room. James says that she can use Kaysar's drawer since he'll be evicted soon.

Mike, Danielle and Will are in the HoH room. Danielle doesn't think that the BB6ers will go after Mike and Will. Mike doesn't know if alliances are worse, or wild cards. Will again says that he'll break the rules if he loses a food competition and get a penalty nomination. Mike tells Danielle that her early nomination is a blessing because she handled it well and Alison cracked. He thinks it'll buy her a few more weeks. Will leaves because he needs to "form an alliance with the toilet". Mike and Danielle agree that Nakomis is a threat. Danielle tells Mike about the Mr And Mrs Smith alliance (Jase and Danielle). Will comes back, Jase too. Jase says that he'll keep his beard until he's evicted. Boogie doesn't understand why people like Janelle so much. Danielle says that it's because she told the Friendship off and won lots of competitions. Mike thinks there's only going to be one HoH after this week. Will wonders why the Veto Holder can't veto both nominations.

Will is acting like he wants to go home and doesn't want to go to sequester unless they raise the prize to a million, or raise the weekly stipends in front of Janelle and Marcellas.

Diane and Nakomis think the vote will be 8-2. They hope that no one finds out that they voted to evict Danielle. Alison says she wouldn't come back to the house if given a chance. Alison thinks Janelle will be going home next week. She tells Diane to put Kaysar up. Diane says she will or else she'll be going home soon. Alison dressed up like Janelle (Janellousy? lol) making fun of her. She says "lets get something to eat" regarding Janelle always eating.

Janelle, Howie and Kaysar talk in the gym. Janelle says that Nakomis is afraid of her. They think that Mike and Jase have an alliance. Kaysar thinks there's a weird mood in the house. Janelle explains that it's because there will be a new HoH tomorrow. Janelle goes upstairs to see what Marcellas is doing. Janelle joins Howie, Marcellas, Danielle, Mike, Will and Chicken George in the HoH room. They're talking about fans remembering what they say. Janelle says that people still say Bye Bye Bitches to her all the time. Marcellas thinks it was a great moment. Kaysar enters the room. Then Jase does too. Marcellas notices that Mike's shirt has a type- Stright instead of Straight. Everyone laughs. Marcellas and Danielle talk about funny moments from their season. Mike talks about Justin (BB2) going into his restaraunt and getting a sexual favor in the kitchen. Howie goes on to tell about his trip to a swingers club so Danielle cracks a joke about this is who America voted for.

Diane asks James if he'd ever nominate her. James asks if that's why she's flirting with him and then changes the subject.

Back to the HoH room- Marcellas tells a story about going to rent porn and someone recognizing him. Boogie asks what the best BB websites are. Marcellas quickly says jokers updates. Howie says hi to Kiana (a jokers updates chat op).

Janelle, Howie and Kaysar are outside. Janelle says she wants lipo and Kaysar tells her she doesn't need it. Janelle says that Will said that everyone should get lipo. Kaysars tells Janelle that Will doesn't know everything. They want to send Mike home before Will. They all think that James is the odd man out and agree that you need allys in this game. Howie keeps farting and now wants Jokers Updates to count how many times he farts a day. Howie imitates BB telling Danielle to show him her boobs. Danielle tells Howie to leave her cans alone. Danielle talks about how in her season they'd get catered food after the live show. Season 6 didn't. James talks about what he'd say to George if he were to nominate him-something about his snoring.

Kaysar tells Danielle about howie telling 16/17 year old girls they have nice boobs.

Marcellas whines about watermellon being in the recycler, wondering who did it. Alison says she'll take the blame since she's leaving tomorrow (poor baby). Nakomis and him are playing pool, discussing Mike and Will's plans in the house. He's telling her about how Will plans to disagree with teh nominations if he's a co HoH.

Will gives a shoutout to his girlfriend, Erin Brody. He's in the hot tup with George, Mike and Diane. Mike and Will are talking about BB2 and how they had extra alcohol cuz lots of them didn't drink. They never stayed up that late.

Erika, Jase, Howie, Kaysar, Danielle and Janelle are in the kitchen. Danielle wants to go to bed. Janelle eats apple pie and tells them that post BB, Ivette asked her how she deals with Howie. Marcellas talks about how he used to like "wiggers". He thinks Mike is cute, Janelle does too. Marcellas used to date porn stars. Kaysar and Howie give a shoutout to Shannon Elizabeth. They talk about sex. They think it's weird that the live feeds catch everything they do. Alison showers in a bikini because during her season, pictures of her boobs came out. They're talking about backdooring and how James hosted the event that backdoored him. Mike had no idea that people were studying the house. He realizes how hardcore the other HGs are.

Alison dances around the house, begging for someone to play with her. Kaysar and Alison try to figure out how to say "You have big nipples" in spanish. Alison continues to dance, showing Howie her classic moves.Howie does his "BAM" thing with his thighs. Diane, Nakomis, Danielle and Will join them.

George explains to Will that he flew banners during BB2 and it was the best summer of his life.

Marcellas and Janelle hang out in the HoH talking about getting Will out. Marcellas is stressed about it. They don't think anyone will throw the HoH. Marcellas talks about how Howie messes everything up. Kaysar joins them. He's looking at the spy screen memorizing questions. Marcellas thinks that all this studying is gonna be a waste of time. Howie says his balls are getting big. Janelle tells Marcellas to deny that they're together. Marcellas says that it makes it hard when they're always together. They expect tomorrow to be a bloodbath. Janelle doesn't understand why Diane hates her for trashtalking her. James did the same thing and she forgave him. Howie says he wants to win HoH. Kaysar says that's a good thing. Kaysar goes downstairs to bed. Marcellas wants to make a deal with Will and Mike. Howie is sleeping in between Marcellas and Janelle. Lol. Marcellas doesn't understand why he's in the BB house because he's so paranoid. They're not sure if they can trust Jase. Howie thinks so.

At about 3:22, everyone was asleep.