7:44a.m. BBT
The day begins with Danielle up, with a walk around the kitchen and bathroom, but she is back to bed. 18 minutes later we get FLAMES for approximately 5 minutes. When the feeds return we see Nakomis brushing her teeth, then making coffee and Danielle stretching in the kitchen.
The backyard is on lockdown (Joker’s updater Suzan mentions that when the ladies are quiet she can hear hammering outside) so Danielle and Nakomis are having their usual chat in the kitchen this morning. Danielle mentions that Erika and Jase’s pictures look like soap opera pictures, like the Bold and the Beautiful. The conversation turns to BB5, the tension between Diane and Holly. Danielle says she thought Holly’s voice was fake until she met her at the wrap party and realized it was her real voice. They go on to discuss their jobs, pets, and BB twists this year.
10:06 am BBT Boogie gets up and decides to do his workout incase he does not get to later in the day due to vacuuming and other cleaning for the live show tonight. Nakomis is doing the dishes as Danielle is in the bathroom, sitting on the floor against the couch plucking her armpit hair. We are not sure to whom Danielle is speaking, but she says, “I hate armpit hair!” Than continues on with “Swear to God when I get outta here I’m getting that laser removal crap” Marcellas walks in and Danielle says “1st thing I’m gonna do is laser pits.” James is now awake and informs them that they are some ugly MoFo’s in the morning. Dani says that Alison was so crazy last night that she even wore Howie out. Nakomis says she called Alison “Crackalicious”. James thinks someone put crack in her xanax.
10:24 a.m. James and Danielle join Boogie in the gym. James tells Boogie that there are too many people right now for endurance. Danielle is spotting James as he does his pull ups. They chat more about Alison last night and the movie, European Vacation.

Meanwhile Nakomis is reading what Joker’s updater Hippiebitch believes to be the Big Brother Orientation booklet.

10:46 a.m. Diane and Erika are up and Marcellas is in the red room talking about what he wants when he is HOH. He wants the Justin Timberlake CD and poster. Erika mentions that Justin likes older women and Marcellas shoots back with “I don’t care, does he like black boys?”
Will is up and in the gym with Boogie. Will informs Boogie that other houseguests are quizzing each other on facts about the house. Boogie blows it off, saying that contest doesn’t happen until about week 6 anyway. He throws in “If I know how many cupboards are in the house, there is something wrong with me!” Will laughs and agrees.

Marcellas and Erika continue chatting, topics include vacuums, Carpet, music CD’s and sleeping arrangements in the HOH bed.

Back to Will and Boogie as Will smugly tells Boogie that people are afraid. Will is planning on a dual HoH this week. This is about his threats that if he gets HoH he will purposely disagree, so he goes up.
Will: When I went to bed, there were 3 people talking about it. People are definitely talking about getting out of the way of it. (Not winning HOH)
Boogie: What did you say?
Will: (ignores) Please, dear Lord, let that happen tonight. I went in there (DR?) last night and said, "I will make it the most interactive season yet!"
Boogie: I mean, please Lord, let that happen tonight.
Will: Nothing will be funnier than if it comes down to 4 people and the 3 people look at each other and they all start writing down the dumbest answers of all time. ( ed. Note from SassyPrncess: Last night Marci joked it would be him and Will because he is "Incapable of throwing competitions".)
Boogie: It'd be amazing.
Joker’s updater SassyPrncess also informs us quote:
{Ed Note: Tonight Will is also planning on imitating Howie's outburst from last season when Julie said "this is a double eviction week" and Howie jumped up and said, "YAH! YAH!" and Jan/James had to tell him, Live, to calm down. Will said he is going to do that when Julie says it's a dual HoH again this week. Not knowing CBS.com states it was a one-time occurrence. I didn't see this info posted in updates, so I thought I'd throw it in now.}

Jase has now joined Will and Boogie in the gym. Talk turns to Chicken George and his working for the Banner plane place and Vegas Casino.

10:57 a.m. BB yells “I SAID IT’S TIME TO GET UP FOR THE DAY” and a minute later BB says “Thank you very much”
I assume Alison did not get BB’s message as soon after BB says “Alison!”
Danielle says it was like Alison was on speed last night.

Jase, Will, and Boogie are discussing what kind of music Nakomis will get if she gets HOH.
Quoting Joker’s updater memyselfandi:

Jase is doing hilarious riff on Nakomis' music.

Something about Anarchy, Nazis, skateboarding and killing turtles.

Random lines from all of them:

"Gut a f'in turtle... gut a f'in turtle... with a butcher knife... I will take your life"

"I'd rather walk than ride around in your escalade"

"all you sorority bitches with your pretty hair... i'll dye my hair green and purple like i just don't care"

Meanwhile, Nakomis is wondering if BB will let her boyfriend send her conditioner if she gets HOH.
George asks if he can vacuum now and Nakomis goes to put on her make up.
James and Kaysar are in the bathroom. James is complaining about his allergies while Kaysar is shaving. Kaysar tells James that Howie dreamed last night that he(Howie, of course lol ) made love to a squirrel.
11:08 a.m. BBT we get FLAMES. After a bit of FLAMES, BB decides to entertain live feed viewers with some trivia while they wait. At about 1:36 p.m. BBT the feeds return briefly showing the houseguests ironing clothes and getting dressed for the live show tonight. Approximately 1:43 p.m. BBT, once again we get FLAMES and Big Brother trivia.
3:17 p.m. BBT Once again the feeds come back on for a short time to Kaysar asking BB if they could look into whether he is able to eat bugs (due to his religious beliefs), Chicken George Vacuuming, Will, Diane, and Jase attending to personal hygiene, Janelle putting her make up on, Marcellas being told to put his mic on by BB, and the HG’s speculating on the HOH competition tonight.
3:28 p.m. BBT Again we get FLAMES and trivia. It pretty much stays FLAMES until after the live show.
Note: Alison was evicted with a vote of 8-2 with Diane and Nakomis voting for Danielle to be evicted. Kaysar wins HOH.

6:07 p.m. BBT Most HG’s are in the kitchen and the mood of the non-S6’s seems to be gloom. A lot of changing out of live show clothes and eating going on. Janelle is upset that during the HOH competition, Alison said that Janelle would get fat.
Just about everyone talking about the HOH competition. Kaysar tells Howie that he almost broke his neck (hugging Kaysar when he won). Howie volunteer’s to go up against Dr. Will as nominees. Howie says if the house chooses Will to stay over Howie, than it wasn’t meant to be.
Jase is bored this season, with nothing to do in between competitions. Howie tells him to rub on out if he misses his girlfriend. Janelle has made them pb sandwiches.
Janelle, James, Jase, Howie and Kaysar are in the bug room talking about competitions, the lack of creativity, Kent from BB2, and food competition.
Janelle and Howie start their oh yeah moaning, then they again give a shout out to Jokersupdates!(ed note: The #1 site for anything and everything BB! J )
6:56 p.m. BBT Lockdown is over and Nakomis, Janelle, Jase, Danielle and Howie go outside. They laugh and talk about the Chicken George footage of him snoring during the live show. Erika and Will join a few minutes later and some start playing pool as Howie uses a pool stick as his light saber, chasing Will with it, as Will tries to watch the pool game.
Howie whispers to Kaysar warning him not to give away any secrets to Jase.
Meanwhile Janelle, Danielle, Diane, and Nakomis talk of being naked and breast implants. We learn that Janelle likes being naked while at her home and Diane sleeps in the nude.
Nakomis and Diane are whispering about how people were acting when Kaysar won HOH. The BB6’s went to the back bedroom, which shows that they are together. Erika and Danielle they are not sure about and Jase was scared so they believe he is okay. They want to put up Kaysar and Howie because they celebrated when Kaysar won HOH and they don’t believe you should celebrate.
George cooked dinner for everyone. Steak is the menu, but James doesn’t seem impressed because he disses the steak to Diane.
Howie starts dancing around repeatedly saying “Will loves Howie”. Howie admits to being a bit upset that Alison said Will was smarter than he was and Will says at least she didn’t say fatter.
8:11 p.m. BBT Jase tells Janelle that he thinks Diane secretly hates her, but learned her lesson on BB5 not to let it show. Jase says Diane is a bitch and she is one of those girls that doesn’t get the guy.
Marcellas joins them and they discuss who voted to evict Danielle. Janelle believes it was Nakomis and Diane.
Danielle comes out and informs them that BB says no alcohol, don’t even ask because of the food competition.(they must wait to win it in the food comp.)
Will tells Boogie and Jase he believes he will be put up for eviction. Marcellas joins them and the conversation changes to the schedule of food competition.
Nakomis and Kaysar are playing chess while Diane and Danielle watch.
James and Howie are discussing nominations. James does not want Will nominated this early because he believes that Will would turn the house against the S6er’s . Howie would like Nakomis gone now because she is smart. James says he wants Jase gone; they are on to his game play. Howie disagrees because he says Nakomis is mentally stronger and right now the game is all about smarts. James concurs. They decide to continue their discussion later.
Janelle joins Howie and James and they again discuss the nominations. James says that Jase is working with Boogie and Will. He says that Janie told Jase about getting Alison out and it ended up getting out. Janelle and James continue the conversation, with James trying to convince Janelle that Jase is playing all sides. Janelle does not seem convinced. Janelle thinks they should break up the Mr. And Mrs. Smith alliance.
Howie says to Boogie and Will (they are in the hot tub) “I thought there was no Chilltown?”
Erika gives a shout out to Joker’s J
Erika wonders who voted to keep Alison and Janie tells her Danielle and Nakomis did. Erika replies with “Ah, interesting”
Joker’s updater Sassyprncess informs us that earlier Erika suggested taking out Chicken George, but Janelle nixed that idea.
Meanwhile Jase is telling Boogie that Janelle and James are running the show.
Marcellas tells Jase and Boogie that Alison changed this year, she didn’t bed hop like she did her season. He says before the live feeds started Alison was talking about making out with all the guys. Marcellas continues that the gay guy never gets to bed hop and if he could he would bed hop with all the guys and that would make a great show!
9:09 p.m. BBT Howie joins the others at the hot tub. Howie teases Will that the two of them will nominated together. Will says that when time comes for the Veto competition, they will tell everyone else to clear the court. Howie “You were the puppet master of BB2! You were the puppet master. Now there’s things’ going on around here, you don't know about.” Will says that Howie’s strategy is confusion and it’s working. They ask James’ opinion of the Howie vs. Dr. Will in the veto and James says that Alison probably has a better chance at winning the veto than Howie does.
Jase joins again and Howie leaves. Jase brags about the curveballs he throws Janelle when they talk strategy. Will believes he is going home and tells them they must go after the S6er’s when he is gone. Boogie believes that this game means a lot to the S6er’s and means little to him.
Marcellas joins them and it turns to general chitchat. Will asks Marcellas if Alison knew she was leaving. Marcellas says that Alison was in prime position to stay but she couldn’t settle down. Will says she was a bit off kilter anyway. Jase confirms (as Marcellas did earlier) that before the live feeds kicked in that Alison planned to make out with people.
Jase says when he is off the show; he will do Housecalls, but no cheesy websites. Marcellas said he would do jokersupdates only! J
Meanwhile Janelle and Howie are whispering and Janelle doesn’t want Nakomis on the block because she likes her. Howie tells Janelle that doesn’t matter because this is business.
9:17 p.m. BBT Kaysar gets his HOH room key. The room is completely redesigned, even a different bed and furniture. Marcellas says they have to eat all of Kaysar’s snacks tonight because they won’t be able to tomorrow. (lol)
Will, Boogie and Jase discuss how Howie became cocky after Kaysar won HOH.

Jase: Howie definitely went from playful, funny to straight-up dick.

Will: You've got to know when to pick your battles.

Jase: This is us. We can play with them this week and then next week draw the line in the sand *he makes a screeching sound* and be like what up? where you at now?

9:25 p.m. BBT Howie tells Kaysar and Janelle that they need to put Chilltown against Nakomis. Kaysar doesn’t think that will do anything. Janelle is upset that James is trying to separate himself from the S6er’s. Howie doesn’t think it hurts them for James to do that, he gets info from others, crosstalk.
James joins them and claims he is not separating himself from them.
James is stating his case to evict Jase, but no one agrees with him. They talk over each other quite a bit, each discussing who should go up. They discuss putting one up of each of the major alliances. Tentative nominees are Nakomis and Boogie.
9:39 p.m. BBT Janelle gives a shout out to Alison
Kaysar says he is trying to play smart this time. He doesn’t want to leave again the week after he gets HOH. Kaysar says he is not going to go after Jase right now. Kaysar says he is going after Nakomis. Janelle does not want to go after Nakomis. She says that Nakomis is honest and they should make a deal with her to go after the guys.
Will is threatening to eat whether he wins food competition or not, because he thinks he will be nominated, so it won’t matter. Will says that Chicken George might win this whole thing while everyone else is fighting it out.
Back to the S6er’s and Kaysar saying that if he nominates Diane and she stays than she will get her battle gear on. Howie informs him that she is already after them. They decide to go with putting up Nakomis and Diane to make Nako, Di and Jase think the S6 made a deal with Will and Boogie. This is to try and prevent these people from trusting each other and forming an alliance.
Howie goes and joins the hot tub group while Janelle and kaysar joke and laugh about alliance names. Kaysar also says that Marcellas needs to announce he is in their alliance if he wants benefits.
Hot tub group includes Howie, Boogie, Will, Danielle, Marcellas, Chicken George, Diane, and Jase. They talk on various topics, to include the story of Ch. George’s daughter being born very ill. They did not believe she was going to live, but she turned out to be fine and he feels like he is a blessed man.
Kaysar wants to call Will in and make a deal with him that they will go after floaters. Kaysar is planning on putting Nakomis and Diane up anyway, so he wants a deal that Chilltown will go after floaters next week. They want Will to come out of the talk with them with a smile on his face to make the others suspicious of Chilltown. Kaysar wants to keep it between just the two of them about the fake Chilltown alliance.
Kaysar “Are you ready to set this whole house into chaos?”
Janelle “Yeah!”
Kaysar “This setting the whole house into chaos is so fun. You guys better freaking cover me this time.”
10:57 p.m. BBT There is talking amongst various Hg’s on various topics. Nothing substantial.
11:27 p.m. BBT Janelle asks Nakomis if she voted for Alison to stay. Nakomis says she threw Alison a sympathy vote, but she is glad Alison is gone. They talk on various topics, to include food competition, past BB’s, Alison, and Chilltown.
James and Jase talk about their haters after their BB seasons. Jase says he doesn’t care or pay attention. James jokes that he almost killed himself when he got out. They discuss other various topics.
12:37 a.m. BBT James, Janelle and Howie discuss Ivette and Rachel. Howie says that Ivette’s 20-second goodbye message to Rachel cost her $450,000. James says that Ivette told him that she said good stuff about Rachel too. They also start teasing him about his squirrel dream. They are trying to come up with another alliance name, and once again discussing Nakomis and Diane. Howie says the other players have been out of the game to long and their rust is showing.
1:50 a.m. BBT Marcellas is talking to himself while clipping his finger nails in the bathroom.
2:16 a.m. BBT Marcellas tells Janelle that Howie celebrating when Kaysar won HOH was not a good thing to do. Janelle asks Marcellas who he is scared of. He names Danielle, Will, Boogie, and James and is a bit weary of Jase. Other chat about the house, game, Jase, Will, James.
They say goodnight to Joker’s and other sites.
4:00 a.m. BBT Howie and Kaysar can’t sleep. They are up and discussing various topics they have talked about already throughout the day. Diane, Nakomis, new alliance names, Howie and Will going up, HOH competition, and etc. Howie and Kaysar take turns putting icy hot on each other’s back.
They finally get into bed at approximately 4:32 a.m. BBT, but continue various conversations. Rehashing a lot of conversation. At 4:39 a.m. BBT Kaysar is trying to fall asleep, but Howie is doing his random shout outs.
At 5:23 a.m. BBT it seems like everyone is finally asleep. Sweet dreams HG’s :)