8:00 AM
Some of the HG’s didn’t fall asleep until after 5:00 this morning. When Kaysar’s alarm went off at 5:30 he couldn’t be bothered with getting up to pray at the time. The HG’s all got up this morning shortly before 8:00. LOL, while the HG’s are brushing up and changing batteries, BB comes on and says “remember HG’s you only have to swim 440 laps in the pool to equal a mile.”

LOL..Nak styled Howie's hair up into a Mohawk. Howie talked about his own hotness and said, "I am one bad ass bitch!" Will said, “You're half right" and then walked out of the room leaving Howie dumbfounded, and Dani tells Howie “you left yourself wide open for that.” Howie is wearing jeans cut off to Bermuda length all frayed and uneven. Everyone is making fun behind his back. Kaysar says sarcastically to Howie: "Lookin' good Howie."

Boogie can’t seem to stop singing and has been yelled at a couple of times by BB to ‘stop singing!’ Everyone is getting ready for a food competition.

Marc and Nak are in the red room. Marc says “It drives me insane when Danielle talks about Jason. I'll never know why she's so attached to that white boy.” Nak: “She seems to be in touch with a lot of people from all the seasons.” Marc: “That's all strategy; believe me, she's been thinking about All-Stars since she lost BB3.” A lot of fire on the feeds this morning, mostly just when the conversations start getting good!

As the feeds are cutting in and out and they are preparing for the food competition, Will is inside laying on the lazy-susan in the middle of the table being spun around (LOL!!). BB yells “STOP THAT!” Will yells back “No!” then gets down.

10:00 AM
Kaysar calls to the gang “come on you guys, the food competition is going to start shortly!” The HG’s are not very excited about this; they are lethargic and slowly gathering. Kaysar had to go wake Dani, who is still asleep.

Food Competition – SLOP TIL YOU DROP
The HG’s all had to put on dark colored overalls. Then two teams were comprised and within the teams each person had a partner. The two teams are: Team BLUE is Janelle, Marcellas, Howie, James, Danielle & Nakomis; Team RED is George, Will, Boogie, Erika, Diane & Jase. Each two person team is tied together by their hands.

Their job as partners is to get rid of the vermin in the ‘slop’. They basically have to dig through slop to find the rats (the slop is in troughs). The first to retrieve all the rats will eat for the week. The losers will get slop (which appears to be oatmeal).

RED TEAM WINS! George, Will, Boogie, Erika, Diane and Jase.

Erika is injured in the food competition
After the competition the HG’s showered off outside under shower heads. Erika is looking shaken and is possibly injured. She really nailed her ribs on the trough, or I should say Will helped to injure her. He admitted he was being a jackass and the first time out he jammed the two of them into the trough, hurting her ribs badly. He is feeling pretty bad.

Will thinks by the pain she is having she may need an x-ray. She was also trying to cough something up. Will tells BB “although it is not my specialty, I think you need to get Erika to the DR and order an x-ray.” He repeats himself and says they may as well know in advance that she will need an x-ray and save some time.

Will tells Boogie that Erika's rib are going to be messed up, if they don't give her x-rays they are doing her a disservice, they may not be broken but they need to check her lungs.” Boogie wonders if the Doctors would take her out of the game. Will says the game has been boring but the competitions have been off the hook, then he says to Boogie “Hey, could we have some food from Geisha house...it's your birthday, you won the food comp - you're going to be nominated might as well!”

12:00 NOON
Janie, Marc and Howie are up cleaning up the HOH bathroom talking about never having lost a food challenge. James is downstairs and is still mad that Chicken G used his hand (that wasn’t tied up) to reach into the trough and that was supposed to be against the rules, but there was no penalty.

On the lazy susan there is a big bucket of Oatmeal, marked by the title ‘Big Brother Slop’. Janie had gone to the SR to change her battery and there were many of those buckets of slop. Janie and James served up a bowl from the bucket on the table and said it’s terrible. Janie says “So this is what they eat in jail huh?” James says “No they eat real food, that’s what our tax dollars pay for. Scott Peterson is now eating better than I am!” Janie figures to load up the slop with lots of brown sugar.

Jase came out of the SR and announced that the slop has 25 grams protein, lots of fiber, 290 cal per serving, and 40 grams of carbs. Janelle says “It's better than PB & J". Jase is reading the list of approved condiments that can be used and it does not include butter and milk. James, Janie, and Howie are all happy that it's good for them and that it will help them get "ripped" if they work out. Chicken G suggests using the chocolate stuff (for protein shakes) and Howie says “Chocolate oatmeal is cool.”

Apparently Erika saw someone (a doctor?) in the DR. He told her she should be fine, gave her a Lydicaine patch and some Advil and told her to lie down and rest. Will can’t believe they just gave her Advil and that’s it.

Kaysar called Will and Boogie up to the HOH
Kaysar says “I'm not going to really go out there and try to make deals with everyone in the house. I have my reasons to get rid of you and I have my reasons to keep you around, but I think it would be good based on that last conversation we had, to weed out some of the stragglers who could possibly get to the end.” Boogie asks “Do you want to hear our thoughts?” Kaysar says he doesn't really want them to justify why they should stay. He is more concerned about the conversation he had with them in the gym about others that he coins ‘stagglers’.

Boogie: “If one of you guys wins it, I can be proud that I was a part of this, but if say Chicken G wins this show, it’s like Will won BB2 taking risks and I was proud of that, but if Bunky would have won, I wouldn’t have been so proud to be a part of the show.” Kaysar: “I kind of agree.” Boogie asks who they have in mind. Kaysar does not name anyone specifically; he says he just wants a floater taken out next week. He’s not asking for a promise of safety necessarily, he just wants a floater gone.

Will says “I think that's a good idea, but I'd be doing all of us a disservice if I didn't tell you how bad it was that Howie and Janelle ran up to you after the HOH contest. It wasn't exactly poor sportsmanship but it just made it clear to everyone you were together.” Will and Boogie tell Kaysar that of the S6, Kaysar is the least target because of his demeanor.

Boogie says “I hate watching people like Maggie win the show and people like Jun.” Kaysar: “Nobody wants to see that.” Will is sitting back in chair thinking letting Boogie do the talking kind of biting his thumbnail during most of this. Will says don't put up Erika because he feels bad about hurting her ribs.

Will asks if Howie and Janelle will understand or if they would be upset. Kaysar says “They know I'm going to give you guys’ amnesty pretty much and I explained my reasons to them.” Boogie: “And they're cool with it?” Kaysar: “They have to be. I'm HOH.” Boogie: “Awesome.” Will and Boogie ask Kaysar if he wants information. Kaysar says “Not really.” They ask Kaysar how he wants them to vote. Boogie says “The problem being there is so many to knock out.” Kaysar: “It's the quiet ones who are trying to not say much, that are trying to float. This is just going to be problematic. I don't know what's going to happen, man. I just think it's good to have a little chaos in the house.” Will: “That's awesome; the lines of communication are open. If you need anything else just let us know. We'll hook it up.”

Boogie and Will leave HOH and Janelle appears. She asks about the conversation Kay had with them. Kay tells her that she believes them in what they said. Kay says he thinks they are loners and have no other allies. Kay tells Janie that Will and Boogie took the deal, and that he basically granted them amnesty, “but remember we weren't going after them anyway.”

Enter James into HOH now. Kaysar jokes with him saying ‘you’re going up as the pawn’. James laughs and says “Kaysar either wants to save the world or burn the house down when he’s HOH.” Kaysar: “I'm not going to do anything too drastic. In the 48 laws of power, there's a story about a king who sends out all of his men and left no one protecting his fort. So dumb, that the other army can't believe it, so they run away. I'm going to do the same thing. Everyone's expecting a big move; I'm not doing a damn thing.”

James tells Kay that he doesn’t think Chicken G deserves to be here and he doesn't want to be in the final two against him. James says “I'd rather be up against one of you guys, people who deserve to win instead of him. I have some kind of competition ethics you know.” James asks “So is it Boogie and Nak that are going up?” Kaysar says no, and that he has not decided yet (Kay says this because he and Janie already agreed they don’t want James to know. Last night Kaysar told Janie that they will not tell James who is going up and they shouldn’t even tell Howie, because he has a big mouth. At the time, Kay and Janie were talking about putting up Nak and Diane).

James says to Kay “If we put up, I mean if you put up...” Kaysar: “You can say we, we're a team.” James: “Do you think getting Nak out would be the best thing to do this week?” Kaysar says yes and James just kind of pauses and says “Really? I think Boogie going home would be best, because he is good at rallying the troops, and then it will isolate Will. Will will have lost the only person he trusts.”

Janelle thinks they need a new alliance name. Kaysar says in All-Star games, the players still wear their team jersey. Janelle says “The sovereign name is bad luck because we lost. You can't think of a new name?” James jokes “The Four Horsemen.” Kaysar says “How about The Friendship?” James says “How about America's Choice?” Janelle said “Howie said that’s retarded.” James says “It is narcissistic.”

1:00 PM
James left HOH and Kaysar said to Janie “No offense, but James' strategy sucks.” Janie: “Why?” Kaysar: “Going after Boogie?” Janie: “Boogie is going after James!” Kaysar: “He is, does James know that?!” Janie: “Yeah he is, Boogie told me in his sleep.” Kaysar: “Did you tell James that?” Janie: “Yeah.” Kaysar: “No wonder. Everyone has their own agenda.” Janie: “Yeah, and he doesn't see Nak as a threat.” Kaysar: “Do you think he would share this conversation with Dani?” Janie: “No.” Kaysar: “In that 8-2 vote, the 2 were Di and Nak. They actually followed through with their plan, kinda crazy. That's a good sign. I do believe these guys will stab us in the back first chance they get. Here's another rule that I read in the Art of War; ‘Never attack head on. Attack their resources and their allies’. If we cornered them and started taking out their sources of power, like take out Ali, they can't go to Ali. Take out Nak; she can't give them crazy ideas. We keep taking out all their sources, they won't even realize what we're doing, but once they're in power they'll be like ‘what happened to all our moves?’ They're screwed. They won't even know what hit them.” Janie: “Hmmm, yeah.” Kaysar: “That's how you play smart. It's like chess in the sense that you have to think two or three moves ahead. If you don't, you're screwed. We're not gonna make the same mistake like last time.” Janie: “Well I don't think going after Eric was bad, he had to go.” Kaysar: “Yeah, but it put a huge target on us.” Janie: “They were going after us anyway. And not only that, but America really enjoyed it. It was a good move. Hi America, hi Jokers!"

Kaysar says to Janie “I'm wondering whether or not it's smart to put Di up against her Nak.” Janie: “Well, if Di gets the veto and saves Nak, there is no one else to put up, you know?” Kaysar: “Yeah, that would be bad.” Kaysar: “Should I tell Di she's safe?” Janie: “No, hell no!” Kaysar: “But maybe she'll calm down and be a pawn.” Janie: “But don't tell them. We want them to get pissed off at Chilltown, that's the main thing.” Kaysar: “Right, and the less info we put up there, the crazier they get.” Janie: “We need to make Erika feel okay, she never feels safe.” Kayar: “Erika doesn't have one enemy in this house.” Janie: “We took her enemy out.” Kaysar: “We can't take Dani out of this game. No way. It's weird you have allies in the house, but then you feel bad because you keep their enemies in. But if you do their dirty work, it makes it worse for us.” Janie: “Yeah, if Marc wins HOH, he can take Dani out of the house himself.”

Kaysar says “I sincerely think Nak will come after me. She will. So I think I need to take care of her.” Janie: “Alright.” Kaysar: “There has to be a middle game where you play for the best interest of the team and I have to play for the best interest of myself at the same time. Nak is smart. I'm not out there, I'm not outlandish, but she knows that I can strategize, and so….you know, I kinda I screwed up. I was in the red room, and we were talking about the prisoner's dilemma and I told her that I took a course in strategy!” Janie: “Why did you say that?” Kaysar: “It slipped.” Janie: “It's hard to keep things from people in this house.” Kaysar makes fun of Maggie and says just say ‘Huh? What?’ to people when she didn’t want to answer. Janie says “I don't want to look retarded.” Kaysar: “Maggie, can I ask you a question?" "Sure, but I might not answer…" Janie says Maggie was so annoying.

2:00 PM
Lockdown is over and they can go out if they would like. Erika is lying down right now in a lot of rib pain. Dani heads outside with Chicken G and tells him that if he is nominated by Kay that she will NOT give him her vote to leave in compliance with an earlier promise not to vote for each other.

Outside, Boogie and Jase are in the pool. Jase says “Howie was waving his arms around last night, and I thought he was trying to accidentally hit me...” (The conversation in the pool is choppy and hard to hear because they aren’t wearing mics.) We do hear Jase tell Boogie that he thinks James controls Kaysar to a certain degree.

James, Howie, and a couple of others are sleeping inside. Marc is outside, talking with Diane and Nak. Diane says “Did Howie's attitude change in the last 24 hrs?” Marc: “Such as like arrogant?” Diane: “Like more relaxed, nothing to worry about.” Marc says “Howie constantly refers to House Calls and refers to me as ‘Marjealous’, and I'm like, dude ?, what do I have to be jealous of YOU about?!” Di says she doesn't want to see ‘them’ go to sequester. Nak tells them that Boogie and Will were summoned upstairs by Kay earlier. Di says she asked Boogie about it; he said he and Will were willing to cut a deal, but Kaysar said he wasn’t looking to make any deals. Diane is skeptical; she thinks promises may have been made.

Lots of fire and feed trivia this afternoon…..although the plasma screen did say it was Nominations Today.

James was woken up by BB and told to head to the DR. After he was done he went outside. Diane asks him “When are they going to do this?” James: “Nominations? Around 4:00.” Nak was called in to change out her mic. James tells Diane “From the information I’ve been given, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.” Di: “I appreciate that.” James: “Maybe it will help you rest easier.”

4:00 PM
The HG’s are getting ready for the nomination ceremony. They are cleaning all the slop off the dining rm table…I guess it gets really stuck on once it dries. Once Marc is ready he heads outside, he says to Nak “I’m a bit more anxious this time than last time.” Nak says “I know me too.”

The feeds went to trivia at approx. 4:30 PM.

6:00 PM Nominations are in
Nak and Di were nominated. When the feeds finally returned, they show Diane crying. She said “I'm okay, I don't want to cry. If my sister's watching now I'll be so embarrassed. I've never been on this side of the fence.” Diane is already saying “I don’t belong in here anymore, I already told you that.” Nak says “It’s not like you are going home.” Diane: “I just want to win the veto, I want to go to sequester; I don't have a life outside this house. I’m no All Star; I’m not as cut throat as I used to be.” Nak is reassuring her that nothing is final. Diane is mad that everyone else is gloating. Nak tells Di (Nak) she is going because she voted against Danielle.

Will and Boogie are hanging out with Janie and Howie, lots of joking around. Kaysar is upset, he says he doesn't like hurting people, he knows it’s a game but it causes a lot of discomfort.

Diane wants to know when the POV is; she wants to get it over. She says she will be ok in about an hour. She had never been put up before, except as a pawn but didn't trust it, so she won POV and took herself off. Both Nak and Diane say they will play their asses off to get the POV. Diane says when its all said and done, when this is all over and done with there are some people in here that she doesn't want to have anything to do with. She just wants to get drunk. Diane is appreciative of the fact she was nominated by Kaysar and not someone like ‘Howie’.

Kaysar is in the SR looking in the freezer, and says to himself: "Sweet, oh, that's awesome, thanks BB!" He then grabs a box of what looks like frozen pizza. Kaysar comes back and tells Janie he got pizza, his kind of hotdogs and tollhouse cookie mix.

Diane in the red room with Nak and Marc and she says “I like Danielle as a person but why wouldn't you put her up? She is one of the best players in Big Brother history!” Nak: “That was our problem on season 5 with Cowboy. You put him up and you just keep letting him go and he's at the end. It's funny how the tables turn, right?” Diane: “Now I know what it feels like.” Marc: “You were never put up?” Nak says Diane was always a pawn. Diane got a veto once when she was worried about being nominated. Marc: “Do you guys want us to leave?” Diane sarcastically says “Heaven forbid you leave us together….” Nak: “Yeah, because we are the masterminds. Not like Boogie and Will.” Di: “We're just outnumbered. Everybody's outnumbered.” Nak: “We did have the numbers and then Boogie and Will seemed to have run over to their side. It's one of those games.” Diane and Nak both feel like because they're up this week even if they stay they'll just go up the very next week. Marc: “But that's not true. Danielle didn't go up this time and she was up last week.” Di: “But Danielle is with James who is with the 6 other people.” Diane says her and Nak aren't with any of the 6 and it‘s too late to latch on now.

James is now in the red room with Marc, Nak and Di. He says “You know I told you you were safe, and I ‘thought’ I knew what was going on.” Diane says “Yeah, I know, I knew it; I called each key as it came out. It was so predictable.” James: “Go eat something; there is Toll House cookies and pizza.” She wants to go eat, but can’t stop crying right now…she says she is embarrassed.

James leaves and Di says to Nak and Marc “It’s going to take hours for my face to de-puff.” Diane has been fretting about real life issues, money being one of them and she doesn't know what to do in LA. Di finally leaves the red room and heads to the kitchen and tells Janie “You guys will have to forgive me, I'm cool.” Janie asks if she's sure. Di says “Yeah, I feel like a pansy-ass.” Kaysar comes in and and tells Di she’s breaking his heart. Diane keeps apologizing and now Dani is there telling her she doesn't need to apologize.

Dani and Marc are talking about Di crying and how they both swore they weren’t going to cry. Dani said they asked her one question in the DR and she was SOBBING! Marc laughs and says “You know it’s a game but it’s the dream of winning and changing your life.” Diane came back in to the room to lie down and Dani leaves the room, giving Diane a gentle hug.

Will, Howie, Boogie and not sure who else, is outside lifting weights.

George asks Janelle if she can put any apples in her dinner (slop), Janie says no, it has to be just plain. He tells her he will be really careful not to eat in front of her. Janie says that's OK, it won't bother her. Then he asks if she can have cheese on her dinner, and she says no, but the pizza smells really good. Then, George says again he won't cook in front of her and tells her to stay out of the refrigerator. Janie says it doesn’t bother her but as she was leaving the kitchen, George said “It just ain't right” and muttered something about only cooking at 5 a.m. Janelle says she will miss cheese, and then names about six or seven kinds of cheese she will miss “I'm going to miss mozzarella cheese, Swiss cheese, pepper jack cheese, cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, and chocolate.”

7:00 PM
Jase and Boogie are now trying to console Di in the red room. They're saying that Kaysar had strategic reasons for it. Boogie says “That's the beauty of this, it's not personal.” Jase: “Hey last time I saw you two on the block, I was the one to go.” Diane laughs and says “They have classified me as a floater because I'm alone.” Boogie: “Why do you assume that you'd leave if the nominations held up?” Diane: “I don't know.” Jase says sarcastically that he feels good on a personal level because someone is making her cry, and it isn't him. Jase: “Let's go outside and put our eyes out with cigarettes.” LOL. They are trying to encourage her to get out of the red room and so she leaves. (Some may wonder at this point if Diane isn’t crying to play on sympathies that allow her to stay in the house.)

George found Kaysar’s hookah left for him by BB in the SR and brought it out and set it on the table. Someone told Di that Kaysar got a hookah, so she went inside to check it out. Will made mention the tobacco came from Al Fakher's tobacco.

Howie calls Kay into the SR. Howie tells Kay he overheard Di telling Boogie he (Boogie) sold them (Nak and Di) out and Boogie said he did not. Kay and Howie agree their plan is working so far. Howie said he also asked Jase which one of BB5 he'd save if he played and won veto and that Jase said he's going to leave it as is.

Dani and Will went to one of the rooms to get something, Dani tells Will that if she wins POV she is taking Diane off the block, Will says that will allow them to put someone else on the block…at that moment the feeds changed.

Howie and Janie are in the SR, Howie filling Janie in on how Di accused Boogie of being part of the S6 and that Jase said he would not use the veto is he won it. Diane came walking in and Howie says “we were just checking out the fruit and the vegetables”, than he picks up a pepper and says "oh yeah this one is good". Diane says she has no appetite and tells them to get back to their "thing". Howie says to Janie: “She thinks we are in an alliance?” Janelle: “Everyone does Howie.” Janie says they must keep an eye on James. Howie: “He's with us because we're winning, as soon as we aren't he'll flip to the other side. He's not going to put us up, but if his ass is on the line, he'll sell us out.” They both give another shout out and say “HI JOKERS!

8:00 PM
Chicken G just did a full on run from the kitchen to the pool and belly flopped right in! The feeds cut (as I am sure they were worried that he killed himself, LOL), but all was well when they came back.

Marc and Janie are working out and Janie asks what he thinks about the nominations. Marc says he feels for Diane, because she lives out of her car. Janie retorts saying that ‘everyone has a sad story.’ Marc thinks Diane’s nomination was in part due to her relationship with her ‘crazy’ roommate Toni. Marc asks Janie “Why not Boogie and Will?” Janie says she thinks they made a deal and she doesn't know why Kaysar did what he did. Marc says “And, I thought we were going after Dani next anyway?” Janie says “I know I just don’t know what Kaysar has planned.” Marc says Kay did just what Howie did by going after floaters instead of a more direct target. Janie agrees with him. Marc says “Well now that Kaysar didn’t put up Will and Boogie, they will go after you.” Then the feeds cut. Marc says “Well Mr. and Mrs. Smith must be a fallacy, because Jase didn’t seem at all upset over Di’s nomination.” Janie: “What’s a fallacy?” Feeds switch….

A few of the HG’s are out back playing with what looks like oversized golf balls (like softball size, yellow) and golf clubs, practicing for the veto competition. Diane and Nak speculate that the veto competition will be much more difficult than what they are doing right now.

James and Jase are in the bug room talking about Jase's soon to be adopted daughter and how they were bonding and then he had to leave to do the all star show and now they'll have to start over.

9:00 PM
James and Dani are in the BY eating and talking. James mentions how well Janie knows the house and then they talk about the nominations. James says he feels like they were done just because Howie, Janie and Kay notice how close he has gotten to Diane and Nak. He says “I get the feeling a lot of times they don't trust me still, I mean I expected that but...” Dani: “Oh they didn't tell you who they were going to nominate?” James says “no.” Dani: “That's not a good feeling James.” James: “And I've been honest with them about my friendship with you and stuff. I don't really agree with the nominations but they didn't tell me about them beforehand so I can't do anything about it.” Dani: “That’s odd….” James: “It's not odd, I'm the first person to go out of that group, they know that and I know that.” This talk is interrupted by Howie's Jedi practice.

A group of them are smoking from the hookah in the backyard. Will is trying to get Howie to smoke and Howie refuses. Will blows smoke directly in Howie’s face and says “Howie, if you don't smoke it, you're gonna get second hand smoke which is more dangerous.” Howie says it’s better to have only second hand than first hand along with it. Dani says she promised her dad she wouldn’t smoke anything. Will likes the smoke, he says it’s cool.

Nak is inside dying her hair orange. She says “I may as well dye it the same color of the wall, if I’m gonna be sitting in that chair!”

By 10:00, not much else had happened. Everyone was still smoking the hookah, chit chatting in general. Kaysar telling them about some Hookah traditions. Nak was finishing her hair and rinsing it in the shower. Chicken G is headed for the hot tub and Boogie, Howie and James are playing pool.

10:00 PM
Kaysar apologized to Diane for nominating her. He says it is hard being HOH week 2 and having to nominate people because there aren’t reasons to so early on. He says he was not just throwing a speech out there to kill time or get TV time. He meant what he said when he said he respected them. At that she said thanks and went to shower.

Beer and wine have just arrived! They received 1 bottle of wine and 8 beers. Sadly it appears the losers of the food competition can not drink.

It’s around 11:00 now. Will is looking over Erica's meds and comments that the Lidacaine can't penetrate the sub dermis and then gives a shout out to BB, "Good job Big Brother, you've got a whack helping you out, this is a terrible idea!"

Chess with Janie and Kaysar
Kaysar and Janie are playing chess and Janie is telling Kay about the Mr. and Mrs. Smith thing with Diane and how Toni called her (Janie). Janie then says “Mike, Will and Jase are going to be a strong alliance to break.” Kay: “We are just as strong.” Howie is up there now telling them how everyone is questioning Boogie as to whether or not he aligned with the S6. Kaysar says “Good, then our plan to make him look like the bad guy is working.”

Kaysar speculates that Erika and Marc may set them up, not directly but by way of doing what they did by keeping Marc’s enemy in the house (Dani). Kay says “Maybe we should take in George? We can get Howie to be nice to him and befriend him.” Kaysar says it will be too much of a mess if either Diane or Nak is taken off the block. He wants to get the floaters out, so James has no one else to turn to.

Hot tub talk
Boogie, Will, Erika, Jase, and George are all talking about S6 in the hot tub. Jase says that S6 is making people think they are safe with them. Will says no one can deny season 6 is together. Boogie and Jase agree and wonder about Marc riding them. Erika is silent. George is quiet; Erika answers "of course he is." Jase says if he wins HOH Janelle and James are going up. George says they are aligned. Boogie says "Are we going to allow this to go on and not stick together?" Jase said if he and Will were nominated, he would ask for a Chilltown shirt and then say something about like ‘Leave it to the Iraqi to draw the line in the sand.’ Will says he can’t co-sign that.

Jase thinks that when Marc comes around to talk strategy that he is just looking for air time. Will thinks if they kept Nak, she'd go after S6. Jase says Diane has no game but Nak took him out of the game before. They think Kaysar wants to be honest. Will says Kaysar bought three weeks because even if Di or Nak win HOH, they will put up Janelle, James or Howie. Jase says James has a deal with Dani. Will says everyone should chill until the POV, but everyone needs to agree that S6 needs to go. George says he understands the plan to take out S6.

James and Dani are talking in the green room. James says Erika has been hanging out with Chill Town, but not really talking about what is being said between them. James is feels Kaysar told him the nominations would be different from who he actually put up. He says "Actions speak louder than words." Dani thinks James should've asked Kay who exactly he was putting up. James thinks his group doesn't trust him because he has been hanging out with other people in the house. James says it was a shot in the arm. Dani says that she tells a partner everything! She says that in BB3 she knew almost everything going on, but in here, she knows nothing. She says “everyone is being quiet and playing smarter.”

Diane and Nak are in bed, talking. Diane says she wants to take Jase out, she says she doesn’t like him. Di apologizes to Nak and says, if she knew they were both going up she would have made sure they didn’t hang out so much together.

At some point Will goes to tell Kaysar that his nominations were brilliant. Will says he knows that Kaysar made those choices because it made Kaysar a less desirable target than other members of his group. Kaysar asked Will if he'd been drinking and seemed uncomfortable with the subject. Will replies, “Not a drop.”

It’s about 12:30 and Janelle has created some kind of a waffle with that slop stuff. Marc is bored and says the only thing you can do is eat. Marc is nervously tapping the counter and has been doing that for the last 30 minutes. He says "You won't break me, big brother! You wont break me you bastards." Jase says to Janie “It looks like a waffle.” Janelle: “It looks like a waffle. It tastes like ass (LOL!!).” Howie: I used to eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning. I'm never eating it again, ever!” Janelle: “Thanks for ruining it for me BB!”

Back in with Nak and Diane and Diane is now ripping on Janie and says she would like to cut off Howie’s fingers with a butter knife. Nak talking about Janie says “Why her America? Why is she so special?” Diane: “Fake bitch.” Nak: “It's depressing; it could have been anyone else but you.” Di says “Anyone else but us.” Nak: “I'm not gonna campaign against you.” Di: “I'm not gonna either.” Diane says she has a t-shirt that says ‘Bye Bye Bitch’ for when she evicts Janie.

Back in the kitchen George tried Janie’s waffle and said “Don't eat that! It's bad; you can't live off of that!” Howie is asking if BB if they will give them PB&J. George says the best thing they can do is not eat and not do anything so they don't burn calories.

1:00 AM
James, Janie and Howie are whispering. Some of it is hard to hear, but the talk is about backdooring Boogie. James says for them to know he is with them, but he is hanging with others so he can soak up information. Janie still does not believe that Jase is part of ‘Chilltown’. Howie and James are trying to convince her why she is wrong about that. Howie and James think maybe it should be Jase that goes up if the veto gets used by someone else.

Elsewhere jase is talking to Boogie and Will telling them about HC’s and that the hosts of the show are paid $1,000 a week. Jase said he was offered a spot on HC if he didn't make the house. Boogie and Will are surprised and said it’s better pay than they thought. Especially since the show is just an hour. They said that was more than the $750 the houseguests are getting per week. Will said that it’s slave labor because it's 24/7. Then the feeds cut!

Janie is recanting her conversation with James to Kaysar. When it came to the part about the veto being used, then putting Jase up, Kaysar said “F*** James! I’m not putting Jase up, if he wants to go after Jase let him finally win an HOH and put his ass up.” Janelle tells Kay that Howie and James were yelling at her about the fact that Jase is with Chilltown. Kaysar says Janelle changes her mind everyday. Janelle tells Kaysar that nominating Jase wouldn't piss the house off because he is a big threat. Kaysar says “It’s James that wants to put Jase up, not me. I don’t want a target on my ass.” Janelle says “no one will come after you if you get rid of Jase.” Kay says “James is pissed off that Jase cheating during the food competition and now James can't eat.”

Howie is telling Kay that Nak is the one to go. Kay agrees and says she is a good planner.

3:00 AM
Howie took a shower upstairs and when he was done Kaysar jumped in. Boogie in another room woke himself up talking (a lot) in his sleep, he got up to use the bathroom, then went back to bed. Marc had gotten up for a while too at about 4:00, he went outside, sat down for a minute in heavy thought then went back to bed.

The HG’s were asleep by 4:00 a.m.