Big Brother Recap 7/15/06

Spiders, snakes and gruel! Oh My!

Dani was the first one up this morning at 8:45. Nak follows. BB comes on and said that the VETO competition will start in 90 minutes. This gets more people out of bed, Boogie gets called to the DR and we hear a little snippet of him talking about the others complaining about eating the gruel.
After flames for a bit we hear that James, Erika, Will, Nak, Diane, and Kaysar will be competing in the VETO competition. After they return, we see a sad Nak and Diane and learn that the competition had something to do with golf, and that Erika won it. Diane and Nak agree not to campaign against each other for votes this week. They agree to whoever goes out to call out the alliances in the house right before they exit. They want to call out people making alliances before they entered the house, how BB told them not to make alliances until they were in and they know that others didn’t’ follow that rule.

Will and Boogie agree that they want to keep Diane.

Marcellas is having a hard time with the gruel. He refuses to eat it in any shape or form. Others have fried it, mashed condiments in it, made crackers from it etc. Marcellas is not eating anything.

Erika talked with Kaysar in the HOH. She asked if she should use the VETO. Kaysar told her to keep it the same. Not to use it.

A bit later Marcellas and Diane have a conversation.
Marc came in and told Di he's working the house for her to stay
M whispers to her not to do any campaigning and don't make any promises. He tells her to be cute with the boys and Jase. Drink. Have fun.

He says he wants to keep her. Di tells him he's not on her radar at all.

He leaves for a minute or two then comes back.

Marc tells her to have a conversation with Janelle to make it sound like she's not coming after the BB6ers.

A bit later Will finds Diane in the bathroom and told her that he and Boogie want to keep her. She told him she wanted to stay. He said he will work on it.

James and Dani find a bit of time to have a conversation. Dani asked him if Erika was going to use the VETO. He said no that Boogie and Jase are outside working Erika over making sure she is not going to use it, and that they would not be back doored. James then said that he was voting out Nak.

Looks like George has become the houses cook. He dawns that apron and cooks away. He is trying to figure out ways that the gruel team can eat the nasty stuff.

Meanwhile Nak seeks out Kaysar. They have the following conversation.
Kaysar tells Nakomis she's a very dangerous player after she brings up noms
Nak: It doesn't feel that way.
Kaysar: Well it's week 2. You're probably one of the most underestimated people in this house.
Nak: I see where you're coming from but then again I really don't.
Kaysar: I gave it a lot of thought. Granted we're at the point where we're on the block and we had the veto. "It's not over until someone walks out the door."
Nak says she can't campaign against Diane.
Kaysar says that's why the noms are staying.
Nak: I understand why you did everything it just sucks.
Kaysar: It always sucks. It's hard for me because I know you really want to stay and you don't want to convince me why you should say. I'm sure it's a very awkward situation for you.
Nak: It is.
Once again Will saunters into the frame to check on conversation. Erika does this too at one point in the conversation.
Kaysar talks about how he played last season not campaigning and it was an honorable way to go out, but where do you draw the line.
Kaysar asks Nak what her reasons are to come back to All-Stars.
Nak: Like everybody else, I want to win.
Kaysar: I think you're one of the few people here who really enjoys the strategy behind the game. I like that about you.I don't know what to tell you, Nakomis.
Nak: There's nothing you can say. It's cool. You don't need to apologize because it's a game.
Kaysar: What was your reasoning for going after Jase?
Nak: On my season? Jase would intimidate all the people I was with. Him and Scott in the house together was like a raging oil fire in the house that just kept getting bigger and bigger.
Nak says she came up with 6-finger plan week 2 or 3, way before she used it. She didn't want to use it until she felt unsafe. Nak tells about Jase chewing up fruit and spitting it at people.
Nak says Jase made Drew cry. Scott and Jase yelling at them made them cry.
Nak: I don't like it when people intimidate other people.
Kaysar: I don't either. That's probably why I made that decision to evict Eric, too.
Nak says she did a lot on her season that was for the good of her team. Getting HOH a week too early to protect the team was what caused her to leave the house.
Nak: I'm good at strategizing, I'm just not nice at being mean.
Kaysar: I think you and I are similar in that respect. That's what bit me in the end. Taking my finger off the button.
Kaysar says he threw himself in the fire to save others just like Nak did.
(in the middle of this conversation people like Will and Erika have sauntered over close to them nonchalantly trying to eavesdrop)
Kaysar: I really respect you as a person a whole lot. I really respect you as a player a whole lot.

Kaysar tells Nakomis he is campaigning to send her home and that's why Diane is on the block.
Kaysar: I'm going to think about it tonight. I hope this doesn't bite me in the ass in the end, but I'll reevaluate.
Nak: You weren't even in my sights.
Kaysar: I guess it's like we all came in here and we all a million a half reasons I'm going into the house... I guess it's just week to week.
Nak: Just promise me one thing. If I do leave promise me that Chicken George does not make it to the end. Because that's how Cowboy got to the end.
Kaysar: We talk about it every night.
Nak: So did we.
Kaysar: It would be a huge issue for me as well. I don't even want him to get to sequester. Like I think he's a great guy. He's a nice person and at the same time you hear stories about he sold his car, but I learned from last time you can't get emotionally attached.
Kaysar: The reason I asked you why you did what you did your season because it's always more human to hear it from the person. You get criticized afterward about your gameplay but it's hard to separate it when you're in the house and emotionally invested.
Nak says on her season she was a consistent winner and this season she's been blowing ass.
Kaysar asks her about them and she says they were the intellectual comps.
They are really bonding about gameplay and their situations in the house this season and past seasons and have been talking to each other and no one else for at least 45 minutes.
Nak: You were very smart to do that.
Kaysar: What?
Nak: Put me and Diane up.
Kaysar: I didn't even want HOH this week.
Nak: I did because I knew this what happen. Right after the thing. I walked into the diary room: I'm gone next week.
Kaysar says he knew she knew.
Kaysar says the votes aren't still in. I want you out because you're smart, but I want you in here because you're smart.

James, Howie and Janelle meet to discuss Kaysar. Here is the conversation-

James wants to know if the deal Kay made is real. They tell him yes. James is freaking out now...says Kay should have never made a deal with chilltown...the girls would keep their word, chilltown won't.

James says he doesn't want to feel like he's own his own again. The re-assure him they're with him.

James asks what they do next week if chilltown wins...Jan says what if they put up Jan and James. James says, "win the veto, put up Kay and vote him out."

James is upset that Kay lied to him about the noms.

Jan asks James if he can convince Kay to get Erika to use the veto to save Nak.

Howie and Jan say he won't do it...say he yelled at them.

They say that chilltown won't keep the deal. Jan says they should try to talk to him. James says if he had known this, he would have won the veto.

James says he thinks "Kay cares more about how he looks in the game than how he plays the game." Howie agrees. James goes on to say that Kay cares about his popularity...isn't the best game player.

Jan says Kaysar is worried about ChillTown coming after him

James: Send them the f**k home and they can't come after you!

Jan wonders if they can convince him...all three go in and talk to him. James thinks they should talk to Erika.

Jan: I think CT should be broken up now!

James: CT should have been broken up during the nom ceremony. I hate the backdoor. I really, really do.

Howie doesn't's a game. Jan says Boogie should go.

Howie says Kaysar is afraid to put too many targets on his back.

James says each move in the game has repercussions. Janelle says Nakomis is one of the most honest players in the game and she was honest during BB5. James says people have been saying Mike and Will don't deserve to win because they are so rich.

Marcellas enters. Howie jokes they are plotting Marci's demise.

So it continues… James and Janelle corner Kaysar
jams says if a deal is made with nak and Di, they'll keep it. James says CT will put Kaysar up the first chance they get. James says its a matter of one group being trustworthy and one not. Kaysar said Nak told him she wasn't coming after Kaysar and Nak doesn't want another Cowboy situation of a floater going to the end. Janelle said CT needs to go. James said without Boogie, Will will want to leave. Kaysar seems to be thinking about it.

James thinks making a deal with half the alliance is a bad idea, "Hey Nak, you can stay but your best friend is going home." James says with nak and Di, that's 5 people going for HOH to send a floater home which is in everyone's best interest.

Kaysar seems pensive. He says he doesn't know. he asks if Jase would work with Diane. Janelle says yes and says Jase was made when he thought Diane was betraying him for Nakomis.

Kaysar says his reasoning is that Diane and Jase have a deal and there is animosity between Nakomis and Jase. James says if you get rid of Boogie, Di AND Nak would go after floaters.

Kaysar says if Chilltown is destroyed, the other HGs will come after BB6.

James and Janelle want to make a deal with Nakomis they want to have her agree to take out chill town together. James is going to tell her that he does not believe in nominations and wants to save her. Then James said that he wants to make a sequester house alliance. Have people vote out those they do not wan tin sequester. Janelle loves this idea.

James approach Nakomis with the plan. She listened, but then immediately went and told Boogie the deal.

The food people make ice cream sundaes and eat them in front of eh gruel people. Dani eats her gruel then pretends like it is a topping and she was going to pour it over the ice creams.

Everyone finally settles down. At 5:30 Kaysar is observed saying his prayers and with tears in his eyes after.

House is quiet at 6 am, maybe now they are all asleep Finally!

What will tomorrow be, James and Kaysar seem to be on the outs, with James supporting Nak, who immediately told Boogie so now Boggie will be after the snake. Howie is Howie. Dani seems to be jumping from person to person. Will wants to save Diane. Marcellas is fasting which can lead to nasty easy enough. Erika still has no clue where to go and what to do. Tonight they watched a spider make a web, maybe if they were a bit more observant they would notice the web they are making for themselves!