BB7 Daily Recap July 16, 2006

It’s Boogie’s Birthday

10:00 AM
Boogie was the first one up this morning followed by Nak. Another late night means another late bunch of risers! Most of the others are getting up. Erika is up now and says Happy Birthday to Boogie! They are saying Happy Birthday. Boogie says his Mom and Grandmom are most likely upset they can't talk to him on his birthday. That he is an only child. His Mom was upset when he was leaving but it wasn't like they would see each other anyway, as she is in NH and he is in California.

Everything seems quiet around the house this morning. Erika, Nak, Dani and Boogie are outside, Chicken G yells out there a happy birthday to Boogie. Boogie addresses the internet users and says “if anyone wants to send gifts, send them to…” we got flames!

12:00 NOON
Boogie starts to tell a story about "my buddy, Charlie O'Connell who was The Bachelor a few seasons ago...", we immediately got FIRE! When the feeds returned, he was telling the same story which apparently involved Ben Stiller and his wife Christine Taylor coming over to Boogie's apartment by mistake. He said that Ben grew up in the business so he is very down to earth and unassuming. Dani adds that Ben is ‘ripped’, too.

Boogie is talking now about his restaurants. He's worried because when he went into sequester, they were having some huge problems opening up a new one. He would like to call someone and just ask "did we open it?” Doing this show is a big test for him, because it's hard for him and his partner to step away from the business. It's hard to find the right people to hire who they can trust to run it when they're not there. Sometimes they don't show up for work, etc. Nak asks a lot of questions about how much money they pay. Boogie says the hostess just makes minimum wage, and that the "market sucks" right now. Geisha House has been open about 1.5 years (the place he owns with Will), but the "new baby" is having issues getting the doors open.

They all wish that they could call home for just a few minutes a week, to ask basic questions and make sure that everyone is okay. Dani said that would be impossible because they would all use codes to find out things they shouldn't know. Boogie thought about that and agreed it wouldn’t work.

Someone had asked about an All Star Amazing Race, and Erika says sarcastically “I know ‘nothing’.” (If you remember Erika has done some casting for Survivor and some others.) Marcellas started saying that he can talk about it because he's not bound by the contract and we got FIRE. We come back to Marc saying how he hated casting reality shows, but loved casting actors for other shows. He just worked on some show called "The Two Timer" and Boogie is asking a lot of questions about it. Meanwhile, Erika is telling Dani that casting a reality shows is very fun. They sit around and watch the videos and laugh at everyone, she says it is a very creative job.

James and Janie are just getting up and about and serving up some of that good ole slop to start out their day. Will is up finally too and saunters into the kitchen with messy hair and a t-shirt that says ‘Trust Me I'm a Doctor’. James says he is getting ready to eat slop and has no energy. This causes Will to go off on a tangent that the whole food issue is ridiculous. He thinks that everyone should just eat because they won't give everyone a penalty nomination. He says “I would never take advantage of that, I would support everyone eating. This is *****.” James says that not everyone would feel that way, and that the point is to create tension between the eaters and the non-eaters.

Will says “Do you ever have one of those days when you feel like you aren't very good looking? (pause) Well every day I get better looking. I don't have those days.” Then Will says to Diane: “How's the showmance coming along Diane?” Diane: “Not very well.”

Outside Marc says “Whoever wins this season deserves it; if they can sit in here 83 days with the food restrictions and everything else.....” Then he says “You know, people generally talk bad about Kent (BB2), but I've met him and his family and they were just so warm and generous.” Dani: “It’s in the editing.”

Back in the kitchen James is saying he eats way more than 2,000 calories each day. Janelle says she is right at about 2,000. Will says at home has his meals delivered everyday, and if he just eats that he has exactly 1,600 calories. He eats 5 small meals each day, which is "the best thing you can do". No one has seen Marcellas eat since Thursday because he's "fasting", according to Danielle. James jokes “He's a company man; he's probably getting steaks in the Diary Room.” (LOL) Will: “He's a big man, it's hard to fast that long.”

Marc, Nak, Dani, Jan are discussing the charisma of Will and he bitterness of Jase. Marc talks about all the games Will is running. They were discussing Will's idea to have everyone eat and get penalty nominations. They talk about how charismatic he is. Dani brings up Will saying Roddy was his (Will’s) replacement in the next season of BB. Marc and Dani don't agree.

1:00 PM
Will tells Boogie they should have sushi night and have the girls dress as geishas (or be naked) and feed the guys. Will tells Boogie he wants to do like they did on Surreal Life with Adrienne Curry and had the people eat sushi off her body. They say Erika would do that. Will then says “Call the FBI 'cause we're stealing the show!” Will thinks he and Boogie are the stars of the show...putting down the S6 people again. Will mentions Jase's racist remark about Kay. Boogie says “Even, I, who will cosign most anything, was like...whoa!” Will: “Yeah, I don't want Al-Qaeda up in the blue room, know what I mean?”

Will and boogie talk about wanting to put up Janelle and Howie. Will says “Hopefully the veto gets used and then we put up James.” Boogie says “Then we send the best veto player in the history of the game home.” Boogie is talking about how he was telling the diary room about the Chilltown shirts and they are the most brazen alliance in history and FLAMES for more than a minute. They come back and Boogie and Will are giddy. Boogie is talking about being villains. Will is smiling at thinking he has all the HG’s fooled, he loves to play the villain.

3:15 PM
They have a surprise party for Boogie. He has birthday cake and sushi. Erika is on the table and they wrote happy birthday on her legs. They have birthday hats and champagne! BB came over the speakers and told them that the people on food restriction could not eat or drink anything! This upset many. They complain to Bb, each other and anyone else that will listen!

7:00 PM
Kay doesnt drink - neither do his sisters 23, 16 and 14. He wont even touch alcohol - pass it to someone. When Boogie's bday alcohol came, Kay wouldnt carry it in - asked Will to bring it in.

Boogie asks why

Kay says he thinks of religion like a philosophy - a way to higher learning. He wants to be very aware, spiritual, always thankful. Drinking dumbs you down, inhibits you.

Boogie says Kay is not judgmental

Kay says he’s not a perfect person but the only person that can judge others is God. Instead he lives his life and if others see something that he does that is of meaning and they want to follow that, it’s their decision but he wont judge anyone else.

Boogie says the game must be hard for him

Kay says he wasn’t going to come. He didn’t sign up for it (ed: Michael did). He called a few days before and said no, get someone else. He didn’t want to look like a laughingstock or embarrass his culture so the producers asked him to call Jason (devout Christian from previous BB) to see what his experience was like and that’s when he decided to do it.

Kay says a lot of the deception lying and cheating is part of life but just to a greater extent in the house. He feels he can still be honest and have integrity in the house

Kay says some people got mad at him b/c he’s living w/ women and they're girls in bikinis. But he says he sees that in LA all the time.

Will made a funny while talking to Boogie, Kaysar and Jase he said” This is comfortable prison with less sex…At least in prison they have books and magazines. Can we clean the freeways in orange jumpsuits with chains around our ankles during the day?

A shout out to a joker poster from James at about 8 pm. He had a shout out to Kirby4ever! He said that Kirby4ever was telling everyone How much she likes him and Dr Will and how much she does not like Janelle and Kaysar. Someone asked was she one of his fans that asked if he would form and alliance with Dr Will. James said No She was a smart fan and did not do that. Most of the people were in the back yard at this time and Dr Will gave a shout out to Kirby.

When Janie got Kaysar alone she told him how when her and James came out of the storage room they caught Chicken George spying on them. Kaysar asked her what they were talking about and she said whether Erika would use the Veto or not.

Janelle wants to keep Nakomis. She feels she will help her more then Diane will. Howie listens and agrees. Janelle wants to talk Kaysar into it. When talking to James , James tells them Diane is not n chill town that all she does is complain about them all day lone!(Sure James)

Dani wants Diane to stay too. She was trying to convince Kaysar. She thinks it is the best decision for the group. Kaysar keeps explaining why he has to get rid of the floaters. Nobody seems to understand. They are all focused on getting rid of Will and Boogie.

11:30 PM
Boogie, Diane, Jase, Will, Danielle, Erika are in the hot tub, Will and Boogie are drinking beers. They had this conversation:
They throw idea the idea of Erika using the veto and getting Kaysar to nominate James. Will and Mike trying to argue to Danielle that no one knows where James stands and James will turn on BB6. Danielle says Kaysar will never nominate James. Mike says then everyone will gun for Kaysar. Dani says Kaysar keeps his word and cares about integrity.

They ask Dani who she will nominate; Dani says she won't tell them. Mike says it's scary that Dani won't say she would nominate BB6. Dani says she can't say because she doesn't know who people are in alliances with, they could be with BB6, and she’s not telling anyone. Will says statistically Danielle could never win with BB6 on the jury. Dani says she doesn't think far ahead. Jase says that Dani thinks far ahead to know she throwing HOH next week. Dani says she's only playing week to week and has no plans to throw HOH. Mike keeps persisting, asking about who she'd nominate.

Erika says it's not cool to call people out. Mike says its fine for background players but not for foreground ones. Erika says well that’s how you (Mike) are playing then.

Will goes and gets Kaysar to talk about nominations. When Kaysar comes down from HOH, Will is kissing Kaysar's ass, saying his move was brilliant, but they all want Nak and Diane to stay. Kaysar says they are only 14; they can't import a new HG and evict them. Kaysar asks who they want gone. Kaysar says Di and Nak are great players and it was just a decision he had to make. Kaysar says he doesn't want either of them to go either. Kay says he didn't want to ostracize them and make it personal. He says his move was strategic, he's the HOH and he has to play the game. Kay says let's hear who they recommend to go up instead. Everyone silent, Kaysar laughs and walks away.

Will yells "I'll go up" and Kaysar stops, turns around and says "You're joking." Will says "No I'm serious." Kaysar says "Will, don't try to be the hero. I know what you're trying to do, you want to work your angle, that's cool, but that's not gonna work." He goes upstairs.

Jase says when he went to get Kaysar, Marc says "No, tell Will to come up here and talk to us. Mike says Marcellas is being a little bitch, so they should hurt him.

All is quiet at 2:30 AM Night Hampsters!