10:00 AM
Everyone was still in bed at this late morning hour. Finally BB announced ‘Good Morning HG’s, the Veto ceremony will begin in 2 hours.’ This got Will, Nak and George up and out of bed, but no the others. The feeds went to flames for 4 or 5 minutes and when we returned most of the gang was finally out of bed.

James whispered to Nak asking if Erika has said anything to her yet (about the veto and whether or not she’ll use it.) Nak says “Nope.” Right then James was summoned to the DR and on his way, Janie asked him to ask for more pickles, she is starving!

While George is in the kitchen preparing some slop pancakes for those who can’t eat, Nak is talking about BB8 and says she would like to be the voice for that season. Erika, Nak and Janie move to the outside and ensue in small talk about slop and lack of sleep. Janie and Nak say they have lost weight with the slop ‘diet’.

12:00 NOON
The HG’s are anxious and waiting for the ceremony to begin. In one room Nak and Diane are talking about how they hope the veto gets used, but it likely won’t happen.

Outside Kaysar and Marc were talking about their season of BB. Then Kay started to explain why he put up Nak and Diane and that his strategy I basically to cause friction amongst the others in order to find out who is aligned with who. Marc is not convinced with Kaysar’s plan. Kaysar says that Will and Boogie think they're puppet masters. “They're just annoying, pushing people around, intimidating people. The thing is Marc; they are finally coming out and showing their true colors. I really believe that this game is being played. I also think there is something between Di and Jase.” Marc says “I don't think so. They speak so badly of each other.” Kaysar: “I see that too, but you don't have to like somebody to….” Right then the feeds cut to FLAMES.

At 12:20, Erica was called to the DR. BB said BB: "HG’s, this is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding door." Marc is following Kay outside and Kay says “Time to place nice with everyone.” Marc giggles.

1:00 PM Veto Ceremony Done!
The feeds came back to Erika apologizing to Nak and Diane. They said “Oh well, we have a few days left to spend together.” When Erika left, Nak said to Diane “It’s likely I am the one leaving.” Nak is holding back tears. Diane says “I hate f’n cop-outs.” Nak says “Kaysar gets what Kaysar wants. Kaysar said don't use the veto and the veto wasn't used.” They are both so mad about how Boogie acted last night and that it wasn’t reason enough to put his ass up. They talk about what a stupid move this was on Erika’s part, that she will be kicking herself in the ass. Nak says how unfair it is that a Chicken G will still be in the game. Diane says “I wish we had Cowboy instead of George, at least we could manipulate the f*** out of him.”
Nak tells Di that people did not come here to play the game, but to be on TV. Di agrees. Nak says all she had to do is 'use' it. She says Erika would not have gone up so what did she care? Nak says "we could have gotten out George or Jase." Nak is mad that Boogie and Will say "don't keep us past sequester, vote us out before then." She says they keep saying they don't need the friggin money and don't want to be here and we are the ones on the block!

Marc is in the room now and says he would have been glad to go up and go home. Nak says "the thing is Erika shouldn't have said 'I'd like to save you both', then not use it on ONE of us." Nak says she isn't scared, she would be happy to leave. Marc says that's actually one of the best things about being evicted is getting out of the house. Nak says she came to play a game, but others aren't playing. Marc says "you can only play by other people's rules." Diane thinks Erika has no clue how much power she had with the veto. Diane says "those 2 f'ers want to go home but while they are still here they want to ruin everyone else’s time here." Nak is talking about Erika being easy when it comes to taking directions from the 'boys'. Nak says Erika is dismissible, she does everything they want and they do nothing for her. Diane says Erika is like the Howie of the group.

Marc headed out of the room but not before telling Nak and Di, ‘I love you guys, I just wanted you to know that.” He heads out to find Boogie in the pool and basically tells Boogie that his reign of terror strategy isn’t working. Marc tells Boogie that he wasn't even on the radar before last night, "You dodged a major bullet. Don't do it again."

Marc, Nak and Dani are talking about general stuff. Marc says he hates the cameras in the shower, and the camera in the rooms and his biggest fear is the 'bat in the cave'. Dani says “Don't worry, I make sure to tell anyone who has boogers in their nose or if their fly is open.” Marc: "Oh thank you!" They are talking about gay people and Dani says “I wish I had gay friends.” Marc: “You almost had one until you stabbed him in the back.” Dani: “Oh shut up Marcellas!” They are laughing.

Inside Janie and Howie are eating, singing ‘boil boil toil and trouble’ messing around and they shout out to Jokers saying ‘hey hey JokersUpdates’.

2:00 PM
Boogie is in the pool and Jase is poolside...they are talking about Janie’s lack of personality. Boogie complains that Janie doesn’t talk to them or to Diane (I believe because Di did not accept Janie’s apology), but she talks to everyone else. Jase says “The people in here are weird.”

(Note: Things were very slow moving in the house today and there were a lot of flames. Everyone was quite sullen after the veto ceremony. There’s just not a lot going on or at least being shown.)

3:00 PM The feeds have returned after an hour long hiatus
All the feeds are on a bunch of the HG’s in the BY playing the Alphabet game (the grocery store, if you don’t know the game, they start out with A and that person says “I went to the grocery store and bought ‘apples’,” the next person up has to repeat, they went to the store and bought apples and bananas….and so on until the alphabet is done. It gets hard to remember all the items once you get further down the alphabet). It’s Boogie, George, Marc, Dani not sure who else. Jase is in the pool.

Around 3:15 Kay was called to the DR and we got FLAMES again!

4:00 PM
The feeds return again and this time we are listening to Nak say “What if I just walk out? I wonder what BB would do.” Kaysar tells Nak that since the last time they talked, things changed and he would like to keep her over Diane, but he asked Nak to please not say anything to Diane.

Around the pool, Jani, Dani, Howie and Marc are talking serious strategy and Marc looks at Jani and says "you are getting to dark for your powder." LOL, they all laugh and say “you are so gay!” Marc is telling them that Jase has more control over Di than Nak, so they really need to get rid of Di, and then on the other hand Nak is smarter. Marc insists that Nak must know about the Mr. and Mrs. Smith plan, or she is part of it.

Dani and Marc are not jumping onto the S6 plan to take out Diane. Janie and Howie are trying to convince Marc and Dani to take out Diane. Dani and Marc say they want to keep Diane, because they feel that Nak is the stronger player and that Diane will eventually mess up on her own. Marc is frustrated with Janie and Howie because he feels like he’s not listened to by anyone. He says "Take out the General not the infantry." Marc says he thinks too that Nak is part of the Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance or at least knows of it. Dani says she is 60/40 at this point to keep Diane, but that she will feel Nak out tomorrow. Marc says: “If you are worried about how Chill Town is going to vote than you should have taken out Chill Town.” Dani says that Chicken G is non-committal. Janie laughs and Dani says “you guys laugh, but that mofo is going to take home 500G’s.” Janie walks away and Dani says aloud, but to herself “I’m not playing this game and doing what’s best for S6, I’m doing it for Danielle.”

Kaysar and Janie are talking. Kaysar says “Jase is nervous. He knows that everyone knows that he's with Diane, but he's trying to pretend it never happened and that Mr.and Mrs. Smith thing was a joke.” Janie: “They just went in the DR together. We don't have the votes to keep Nak. Dani says she doesn't know who she's going to pick and Marc says he feels bad for Diane.” Kaysar: “Are you kidding me? Marc is making me mad.”

Dani and Nak are talking outside about Boogie, Will, and Jase and how they acted last night. Dani says the S6’ers are flipping and flopping about who they want to go. Dani says she makes a decision and sticks with it. Dani says “Chicken George is funny; no one knows where he stands.” Nak: “I don't even think that HE knows where he stands.” Dani: “He's like ‘so you know who voted for you, right?’ And I said to him ‘no, who?’ and he says ‘oh, you know who’. No, don't play that game with me…hello? Have we not met, I'm Danielle from bb3.”

Will and Di are in the red room. Diane saying it just isn't fair that she is nominated. She believes it is Janie’s fault she was nominated due to something outside the house. She says she is going to talk to James and Will tells her not to trust James, says he has no loyalty and is a snake.

5:00 PM
Kay and Janie are up in HOH. Janie says “Dani didn't make a deal with anyone; it could be 5 to 5.” Kay: “It's not the vote that bothers me. I don't want to tell people how to vote, I don't like the way the whole Marc thing played out, it just doesn't sit well with me at all.” Janie: “Do you think he made a deal with Nak before hand? Before you talked to him?” Kay: “I suspect he made a deal before he came up here, by his body language, he was almost begging for her to stay. I'm not going to ask him to go back on his word.”

Marc and Janie are up in the HOH in the bath tub filled with bubbles. Marc is telling Janie that Jase is hanging out with Chill town because he thinks that he will get into some restaurant/bar ownership with them. Marc says that Jase is falling into the BB5 trap about being in with the "guys". Janie says she still thinks Jase is a nice guy.

Janie keeps bringing up how much Will and Boogie don’t like her and that they said she should be the first to go, “well not if I can help it.” Marc: “Not if I can help it either.” Marc says to Janie “You guys are taking out the weak players and leaving in the strong ones and then you get your asses kicked by the strong players.” Janie says she thinks they are both strong players. They are giggling here and there and playing a word game while in the tub.

Diane and Nak are talking about stupid DR questions. Nak says they'd ask her a question and she'd be like "Shut the f*** up!" Diane laughs. Nak says it would be like "Nak how do you feel about this?" and she'd say "How do you think I feel?!" Diane says when they ask such stupid questions sometimes she would just say "I don't care, next question." Nak says (mimicking the DR) "So, how do you feel about finding a brother on national television?” “I hate CBS... Just kidding, I really don't, but I did for a while."

Marc, Janie and James are up with a sleeping Kaysar in HOH. Marc still won't lean toward keeping Nak. James and Janie say that Diane staying in the house makes Chilltown four strong. Marc says it doesn't matter; they'd be bad at HOH competitions. Janelle maintains that Jase is strong and smart. Marc says if get HOH, he might put up Will and Boogie. They think Boogie is a bigger threat because he's more volatile and Will doesn't care. James says “Will is definitely a classic narcissist.” Marc: “We are all narcissists!” Janie exclaims: “Even me? Define narcissist!” Marc: “You know the story of Narcissus seeing his reflection in water and falling in love with himself and trying to kiss his reflection and drowning?” Janie: “And you think I'm that?” (LOL, this was very funny!)

Nak and Diane are playing pool; Nak asks Di who she thinks will be final two. Diane says “Erika and Danielle, what about you?” Nak: “Chicken George and Danielle.”

7:00 PM
Howie and Janie duck into the yellow room so Howie can update her on the various totals he's counted the HOH comp. Then they look at the tarantula and Janie says "look at its fangs!" The tarantula is eating. They discuss how spiders sense body heat and hide in mud. Janelle wonders if they got the mud from the movie The Predator. Janie laughingly says they can call their alliance ‘The Predators’. Howie likes it! Janelle asks if it'll bite her if she removes it, Howie says no but you can't get it out. Janelle calls Marci in to look at the spider's fangs.

Howie left the yellow room and now Jase is there with Janie. Janie talks about Michael and how he was really jealous & crazy. He got mad once when she wanted to visit Kaysar and got mad when she didn't answer her phone. Janie says she would like to see another HOH with 2 people again.

Here comes Howie to rejoin Janie and Jase…Janie tells Jase about the Hurricane Howie day in BB6 and that Howie gave Jen a picture of him when he was a stripper and April threw it over the balcony and the picture broke. Janie says to Howie: “It was cute; you looked like a wax doll (in the picture).” Howie says “I looked like Jase back in those days.” Jase says he didn't watch much of BB6 around the time that Howie was about to leave. Janie and Howie want to know why Holly was evicted early. Jase says “She was kicked out because she just annoyed the house.” They discuss whether they'd take the money if they got a deal like Lori was offered and they say 2nd place doesn't give you a stipend and you pay more taxes. Jase says “If you make it to sequester you make more money than if you get second place.” Then, flames…..

Feeds come back to Janie (still with Howie and Jase) talking about Mark Cuban, the owner of the Mavericks. He went into the bar she works at (Mansion) and ran up an $85 bill, gave her $100, and aksed for $10 in change (=$5 tip). Jase says “He gave you 5 dollars?” Janie: “5 Dollars, he's rich and he tipped me 5 dollars.” Howie: “That must be why he's so rich.” Janie: “That guy is a millionaire! If I had 2 million dollars, even 1 million, I would be very giving.” Howie: “I know.” They discuss Mark Cuban and say everyone in the NBA hates him. Howie says Mark made his money off the dot com boom and decided to buy a basketball team. Jase says the dot com boom was a small window of opportunity.

Jan is telling Jase about some big party she is having at a timeshare she has with a friend in Tennessee that it’s a huge mansion and everyone will be invited. Jase and Howie joke about being extras in the next episode: ‘The Boogie Show’. Will came in. Talk switched around some and Will is telling them that he is good friends with the Miz (Real World, The Gauntlet and he was just on Fear Factor with Trishelle) and Theo (also Real World and some other reality gigs, he was one of the semi-finalists in Last Comic Standing and is on Real World v Road Rules Challenge right now.) Then he started to mention this girl who e-mails him, and Janie says “Oh, I know who you are talking about, Kirby….” They cut the feeds, but more than likely had Janie had the chance to finish it was (username) ‘kirby4ever’.

8:00 PM
Boogie and Erika are talking. He thinks Di will go after the S6, but he’s not sure about Nak. He says he likes that Diane is more emotionally charged where Nak is too calm. Erica asks Boogie “Between Diane and me, where does your allegiance lie?” Boogie: “You, definitely.”

Now Marc and Erika have their heads together. Marc shares his concerns about Nak going because Diane will join forces with Chilltown. He says “We already have a 4-headed monster in the house, we don't need another one. I don’t think Nak would join with Chilltown.” Erika says “They don't have the votes to keep Nak. I think Dani and Chicken G will vote out Nak.” Marc and Erika say they want to see an S6 person n the block. Marc says “One of the boys though, I don't want to send Janelle packing.” Eriak: “No I don't want to send Janelle packing either.” Marc: “The house would just get too frat-boyish.” Marc talking about the S6 says “I'm tired of these people never consulting with other people and they make decisions in secret and then expect everyone to dance and fall in line with them.” Erika says “That's why I’m torn.” Marc: “Diane's never going to come to our side and she's never going to contribute anything. Nakomis can.” Marc is working the angle with Erika to evict Diane to avoid a 4-4 alignment in the house. Erika said she will vote with him to get Di out. Marc says in doing so, they can get Nak on their side and keep the S6 happy for now.

9:00 PM
Janie is telling Howie and James that they have to win HOH. James says if Marc gets HOH, “he is with us, same with Dani; Erika, I don't know, she will do what’s best for her.” Janie thinks floaters will go after floaters. James was talking about BB6, saying that the week April won HOH was his week to win. James said he would have nominated Maggie and said ‘you're nominated because you're a bitch and April; you're nominated because you're a bigger bitch’.

Talk with Janie, James and Howie turns to Chicken G, James says he is evil. James believes Chicken G is capable of winning HOH, and if he does James will make a deal and promise him clemency & then the next week they'll nominate Chicken G. Janelle and James both want George gone, so they'll look good with the floaters. James thinks that Marc would put up Boogie and Dani would possibly put up Jase. Janelle asks James “Are you sure? What if she puts Marc up?” James: “She won’t, she'll play it safe.”

Will is begging Kay to tell the story about Kaysar and Howie being up in Canada together when Howie was arrested. Kaysar says “I wasn’t there when Howie was arrested…” the feeds cut!

10:00 PM
Some of the HG’s are playing pool or just chatting outside. Howie and Janie are working out in the gym. Being goofy, not too much talk about the game for a while, more charades in the BY for quite a while.

Kaysar, Chicken G and Jase have made up a new game kicking the ball around and trying to dodge it by jumping over it. BB is telling them “please be careful”, while Howie and James watch from inside the house saying “That’s what it’s like to be on food.” BB finally intervened and told them to stop playing the game; presumably someone was bound to get hurt.

11:00 PM
Howie, Kaysar, James and Janie are talking. Howie thinks BB will try to make it hard for the BB6ers to win HOH, Howie says “They want a balanced show.” Janie: “As far as I'm concerned we're the S6 with Erika and Marcellas.” James says “If I didn't make all stars I'd be glued to the live feeds.” Janie: “So would I...” Howie: “I would still be crying in my bedroom I wouldn't watch this shit.”

Now Erika and Marc have joined the gang up above in the kitchen. They talk about Jase and that he needs to go next. Erika mentions the Mr. and Mr. Smith alliance and how Jase has anger issues.

At around 12:30 Will and Boogie were scheming to disrupt the house. Will says “Let’s go talk to Janelle right now; call her out in front of everybody, be like 'Hey Janelle, we need to talk to you alone’.” Will tells Boogie that when he is gone Boogie should take out Janelle to “kill the head and the body dies”. Will says he does not believe the Mr./Mrs. Smith alliance thing.

12:30 AM
Will and Boogie head up to HOH thinking Janie is up there alone, they want to mess with her head. When they get there Janie is in the bathroom and Jase is in the room. Now Marc is there too. Marc says “Um, should I be in here?” Will: “Sure it's open forum.” Janie is out of the bathroom now. Will says “If someone from S4 gets HOH we know Chilltown is going up.” Janie responds “That's not true; I personally have someone else in mind. We were put in here together, but we aren’t all together.” Will says to Janie “If I get HOH next week I want to make a deal by saying I won't put you up but I will put someone from S4 up.” Janie: “Huh?” Will: “We want to buy you another week. The reason I came up here is because me, and only me, I'm going after S4.”

Boogie says it would be more interesting for viewers if the show was more like BB6, and not like BB4. He says “I didn't come here to be apart of something boring and not entertaining to the viewers.” Janie says “So you're worried about the show, not winning?” Boogie says they will be putting up Howie if she makes this deal that they'll keep her safe. Boogie says “All we're saying is that we want to be apart of an entertaining show but so far it's not happening. Don't get me wrong it's fun and cute and silly to joke with Howie in the BY but that's not a TV show. Sitting up here scheming with Janie is a TV show.” Will says “Howie is fun and all, but he's starting to get annoying and mean and I don't want to be apart of it.” Janie says “Well, that's great but we don't want to get rid of you guys.” Will asks Marc what he thinks. Marcc thinks awhile and says “I understand what you're saying, but I don't understand why you think this show isn't entertaining right now.”
Darn the feeds switched from HOH to Diane crying in the red room and the girls talking about how they cry all the time in the DR so no one on the house sees them cry. Erika said she was really crying when she was in the DR for her injured ribs.

1:00 AM
Will and Boogie are talking about going to Dani and telling her they talked to Janie and Janie said she was going after a girl, maybe then Danie will vote for Diane. Boogie says “I think its funny everyone thinks we're so rich…..well we are.” Will chuckles and says “Yeah”. Will says “Let's talk to Kay tonight and tell him he's safe and that we are going after Howie. We’ll ask Howie who I should put up with him if I win HOH, scare him a little.”

Will goes to Howie now and says “If I don’t win HOH, I’m comfortable leaving. If I do win, I’m going to put myself up with you. If BB won’t allow me to do that, who should I put up with you, excluding Kaysar?” Howie says “Me and Jase? I guess that messes up your alliance, he’s part of Chilltown.” Will seems annoyed right now by Howie.

Janelle and James are in HOH. Janie says that Will claims he'll nominate Howie because he's been getting annoying. Janelle says "Yeah f'n right, you're nominating Howie." James says Will seems really aggravated lately. Janelle tells James that both Boogie and Will said if they win HOH they will nominate BB6 people. Janelle says Will keeps saying he wants to go next week. James says if Boogie goes, both Will and Jase will flip out because they'll have no stability. James says that Jase is ganging up with the alpha males because of his insecurities. James said Jase did the same thing in BB5 and didn't make it past week 5, and that's fine, James is here to win. James says Jase found his Scott times two and he's become an asshole again like he was in BB5, which sucks because James thought Jase was genuine. Janelle says Marcellas is so annoyed with Jase, he wants to get HOH, then flames!

2:00 AM
Janie and James are still in HOH and Janie tells James she kept telling Will and Boogie that they (S6) aren’t going after them, trying to ward them off of putting up S6’ers. James gives Janie kudos for lying and playing the game, he says “welcome to the dark side.” Janie says “You have to lie in this game!” James: “Exactly.” Jani says “We have to get Boogie out, he's the leader and he puts ideas in peoples' heads.” James: “But the problem is that people look at him as a clown.” Janie: “He's an f'ing middle-aged rapper.” (ROFL!!)

Diane is trying to get Marcellas to keep her. Marc said he will try to talk to Kaysar and that Diane should try to talk to Kaysar also. Diane also said that she will do anything to stay in the house; she will go after Will and Boogie if they want her too. Marc went upstairs and told them Diane wants to stay and she is not after S4. It does not seem to impress them; Kaysar said “Nak told me the same thing.”

Kaysar tells Howie and Janie that Dani doesn’t rock the boat and goes with the flow, but plans behind the scenes. He says “She makes you feel safe, but she’s probably up to something.” Janie: “What? It’s in her best interest to hide.” Kay: “Thats not her game.” They are counting floaters: Dani, Erika, Marc, George, Nakomis (4 not including Marc). Kaysar says he’s not so sure about Marc being with them ‘for sure’. He thinks they might be able to do something with Nak. Janelle is wondering if Danielle will do something with Nak instead. The fear here is that the floaters cold possibly form a 3rd alliance, where Dani is the mastermind and Nak possibly executes Dani’s plan.

Elsewhere Will is talking to the camera telling us internet viewers “You're real lucky we're here. We're trying to make a good show for you. I don't care about the money, of course, I'd love to win it, but I won't. But I do mean to entertain you, can you please repay me by..." then flames!

3:00 AM
Will and Boogie are would like to see Chicken G win the money more than anyone. They think he is cool.

Upstairs Kay says, “If Nak is sent home this week and we happen to win HOH again, we need to put up Chicken G and Diane to show Chilltown we arent’ coming after them, but the floaters.” Janie says “I don’t think we should tell Chilltown what our plans are. Don’t tell anyone what the hell we are doing. Just put up Chicken G up and tell Chilltown we need to vote him out.” Kay says “we’ll put up one of Chilltown along with Chicken G and say we want Chicken G gone.”

The final debate in the HOH is about the floaters and where their alliances lie. They won’t know until after this week when they see who voted for whom. They say they don’t trust Erika very much, she lies. At this point they trust Nak more than Erika. Janie says Erika is a good looking version of April.

At around 5:00 the HOH people were still awake, then Kaysar headed downstairs to clean up and headed out back.

By 7:00 the feeds show everyone asleep, with the exception of Kay who is still outside thinking, sitting with his feet up on the red couch.