Greetings Tuesday Recap fans! Due to a very late night last night, no one is awake today... yet. The first signs of life do not appear until 10:39am when James is spotted getting up, but the feeds change over to just those sleeping. Jase got up to use the WC and threw a plastic bottle at CG for snoring so loud. Housecalls came on and was over... still no real signs of life. Nearly 11am and finally they start getting up, First up seem to be Will, Dani and James, joined shortly thereafter by Nak and Janie.

Janie confides to Nak that Nak has the support of herself, Marci, James and Howie. At around 11:20am, BB wakes the HGs still sleeping and tells them its time to get up, outside lockdown. Marc complaining about bad nights sleep. James complaining because he hasn't got time to eat before lockdown. Gruel takes twenty minutes to prepare. Ten minutes later, everyone outside and lockdown is in effect.

Marc wants to play a game, he says every time they talk it's about sex. James and Dani talk game, James spills the beans that Kay made a deal with CT to go after floaters and Kay did it to stir up CT. Jase suggests voting out Diane, nervous about being grouped with CT and says he is on board with voting out Diane. Jase tells Kay if S6 gets thinned out, maybe by week 7, the two of them might be the most committed alliance in the house, Kay says he was thinking week 5, but agrees that things will change.

12:00 noon
Lockdown over. The lockdown was apparently to feed the spiders, they all go to check on the spiders and then quickly get bored and move on to other things. Jase says the spiders will be the death of him because BB leaves the light on all night. Kay asks him if he could get rid of one what would he choose... Jase says he would put CG in the spider cage, his body would muffle the light and the cage would muffle CGs snoring. Will and Jase complain about CGs snoring. Will said he got called into the diary room at 4am and told not to hurt CG.

Kay, Dani and Janie talking at the table. Kay asks if they had their choice of a burger or wine which would they pick, they both say wine. Kay says he could not marry a woman that drank, he knows he might have to budge on some things, but he won't give an inch on alcohol. Marc is wearing an afro wig. Dani confides to Janie and Kay that she was called to diary room because they thought she was mixing butter in some gruel, it was mashed potatoes... but apparently she would have been in trouble for giving food restricted folks anything extra.

Marc talking about Beau, his housecalls show, how stupid Marc thought it was that Beau said he missed his cell phone most. Marc confesses to being totally in love with Kay, he wants him bad. Janie says Kay has sexy eyes, Erika agrees, says he has bedroom eyes and long eyelashes. Janie says she would like to have CG voted out before CT, but CT is more dangerous. Marc and Kay talking about hair replacements, plugs, etc. Talk about text messaging, Marc says he is addicted to it.

Will and Boogie are upset about the eviction, they think the house is going to keep Nak and that she won't go after the S6, but CG instead. Nak feels CG is playing like her brother Cowboy. Dani and James talking game, who they trust and don't trust, etc. Dani says that Boogie being in the game messes up her plan to take Will to the final two... she figured she could beat him in the end. Talk about Howie selling all sorts of BB stuff on ebay. CG saying he is going to cook ribs for Kay. Erika asks Kay for a hug, he gives her a big hug and tells her if she need another he will be available. HGs doing crafts, building things.

Lots of talk from Kay about what he wants in a wife.. someone simple, no plastic surgery, no alcohol, someone spiritual. Marc doesn't want faux fame [reality fame], he just wants to marry well. Prefer older men, they motivate him to be better. Dani talks about wanting someone established. Boogie and Erika talking about why its so hard to get everyone to go after S6, Erika thinks its because they haven't had the HoH power. Will and Boogie talking about why no one is against S6 and so against CT. They wonder if they overplayed their hand. They wonder if they should make a deal with S6... a real deal this time. Will says he cannot study for HoH cause the questions are so stupid.

Boogie and Erika talking, says its good she'll have her distance i.e. people won't know they are working together. He says Howie is the one that brought Rachel down because they were a team. Boogie says he can't figure out Janelle, whether she is smart or dumb. Dani talks about being really mean on BB3, she wants to be a nicer player this time around. Will is complaining that he is dying, no real food in seven days. HGs talk about getting vespas in all different colours after the show.

James talks game with Jase and Boogie, then runs back to report to Janelle and Kay. James does not think there was a Mr & Mrs Smith alliance after all. Kay thinks James is being dense. James and Janie play chess, James feels like he is losing his memory because of lack of food. James says "We made a deal with people who won't keep a deal to get someone out who WOULD make a deal, but we're taking someone out who WOULD keep a deal to save one of them who WOULD go after someone who WOULDN'T keep a deal" [As the updater who posted this said... Who's on first?]

James calls out Kay on his deal/no deal with CT. Kay tries to interrupt him but James insists on finishing his thought. Kay tells James he lets everyone else sway him to much. It goes back and forth until Kay is yelling at James. James is pissed they are keeping Nak and voting out Diane when Nak could hurt them more down the road. Kay finally explains that Nak makes CT nervous and the others paranoid because they are not sure who she would go after or vote out. He says keeping her over Diane only makes sense because it causes issues for the others not related to the S6. He explains if they go after CT directly, Will with try to get all the others in the house to go after S6. If they whittle down the numbers of others, S6 has a better chance. James uses the name Booger, for Boogie.

CT has apparently convinced CG to keep Diane in the game. One more vote and they may be able to change the way the vote goes. More Kay and James talk. James doesn't feel like an equal member of the alliance. Doesn't feel like he is being told things or included in decisions. Jase comes in and their talk ends. Jase is unsure of who he will vote for... He thinks Nak is a stronger player, but after hearing about the whole Mr & Mrs Smith thing, he would not be sad to see Diane go. He says he did have conversations with Diane and others before entering the house. Janelle finds bugs in her hair. Janie, James and Kay have a long talk and seem to work some things out.

Lots of whining about the porage. Nak says tomorrow is her antiporage day. George goes to HoH, asks if he needs to be strip searched to enter. James asks him if its hard for him to choose who to vote for this week, George says no. George leaves. James says he thinks George is evil and desperate. Jase asks Marc why he wants to keep Diane, Marc says its her sob story, living in her car and such. Will says in season two they have booze every night. Erika wishes they had some now.

Marc talks with Jase in the BY. Marc tells Jase he is with them on voting out Nak and keeping Diane. Jase tells Boogie they have six votes now and cannot wait to see the surprise on the S6 when Nak is voted out. Jase is planning to try to jump over the pool, about the time he prepares to try, BB tells him to stop, tells him repeatedly to stop, knock it off, finally he does. Boogie has some song stuck in his head that Will made up about his dolphin being gay. Jase and Boogie talk a bit about who might win, who they wouldn't mind seeing win, etc. They wouldn't mind seeing Kay or Howie win. They think Janie can make it to the end.

Nak talks to Kay about CT strong-arming people, she doesn't like it. She says S6 are the only ones to speak to her without strong-arm tactics. She doesn’t want to believe the Mr & Mrs Smith thing is true, but Diane did tell her before entering the house to trust Jase, but she doesn't. She says she will help go after CT. If she gets HoH, she will nom CG and Will and says they can rally votes to save CG. Dani and Howie talk about his vote in BB6, if he regrets voting for Maggie instead of Ivette, he says no because Maggie kept the alliance together.

Marc talks to Kay and tells him he plans to vote to keep Diane, not Nak. Kay tries to reason with him, tell him they want to keep Nak. Marc is pleading the case for Diane. [Looks like Marc was taken in by the tears and hives, etc]. Marc ends by saying he will never vote against the S6. Marc refers to Nak as a monster, playing her cards to close to the chest. Despite being reminded of how Diane betrayed her friends in her season, Marc seems adamant about keeping Diane. Janie is not happy that they may all decide to turn on Nak, she wants to keep Nak. Kay doesn't want an obvious rift to be seen in the S6, so he is prepared to switch all votes to Nak, make it a landslide in hopes of freaking out the CT group. It all ends with Marc saying he will sleep on it and talk to them in the morning. [personally I think Marc has drank the Kool-Aid]. The S6 think that from now on they cannot count on Marc's votes. He is thinking end game and it's only week 1.7. James feels the floaters are planning the demise of the S6 to further themselves.

Marc and Erika are talking out back in the hammock. Marc seems to be leaning toward joining CT in getting rid of S6 because he is not getting what he wants. He seems to feel that Kay threatened him and that there needs to be checks and balances in the game. Marc says S6 is strengthening CT by being exclusionary. Marc says if this is a mistake it will be his mistake and it will come back to bite him in the a**. Marc says Did won't come after them [him and Erika] but that she will help them get rid of CT and S6. Marc seems to feel that S6 has caused a big mess. Erika worries if S6 gets HoH again that Marc and her might be out of the loop because of Marc taking this stand against Kay. Marc says he is taking that chance and can always go over to CT. Marc calls Kay a megalomaniac, because he didn't ask anyone about the norms and made a deal with CT.

James heads downstairs to talk with Dani. Talks to Nak on the way and tells her they are trying to keep her. Stops by the gym to pick at his face. Talks to Erika who says she plans to keep Nak, she will go with the HoH. James goes to tell Janie that Marc is not voting with them and then spots the penis soap that Will made earlier. He says "What is that?" and Janie tells him its a penis soap, he says ok and then leaves. James and Kay try to talk again with Marc, but Marc is unmovable. Kay walks off and Marc says he is threatened by Kay. They all seem tired, to tired for all this arguing. James continues to talk with Marc, Kay goes to talk with Dani and Erika.. all in the BY. Janie and Howie come out and James asks them to leave him to talk with Marc. Marc and James end up in the bathroom, much calmer, but Marc is fed up with Kay. James and Marc hug. Marc takes a shower, James heads outside.

James comes out to talk with Kay and Howie. They decide they will not have enough votes to save Nak, so they plan to all vote to evict Nak and make it unanimous. James says the floaters are playing an individual game, what is good for them personally, BB is not a team sport. Marc and Dani talk about game in the storage room. They call S6 rookies, talk about strong-arm tactics, Dani thinks she will just stay up all night. She says others might change their minds after sleeping on it. Marc tells Dani the reason he pushed for her to be nom was because he knew he could save her and it created distance between them. Kay comes in to say good night.

Jan, Howie and Erika talk in the BY. They are not sure what they should do now. They think Jase is a floater trying to play both sides. Howie says they should not tell Jase anything anymore, he is playing like a mole. They try to figure out what questions might be for HoH, majority rules kind of questions. Howie is counting bricks on the floor. Kay heads to bed. Jase is in the kitchen. Janie and Howie go up to HoH room, ask if they can sleep with Kay if Howie is in the middle. Howie takes a shower. Kay seems to be sleeping deeply. Janie says to Howie that they are now the nerd herd. Janie farts and it grosses out Howie who sprays something to get rid of the smell. They start laughing. They all try to get some sleep. Finally all asleep as of 5:16am.

Well that's it for Tuesday. Lots of Drama, lots of shifting, who knows how it will all play out. See you next week, until then, just be glad your not one of the hamsters!!