It’s voting day and Will’s the first to wake up. He goes to the bathroom, and later decides to tell the internet viewers what he had planned for the next two days.

"Welcome to another day of the dumbest show on the internet.
Today I am gonna vote, eat a little bit, work out a little bit. That's it. We're really annoyed because they had a terrible nights sleep because of the fluorescent lighting and Chicken George's snoring. Tomorrow, sit through the live show, no ones gonna ask me any questions. Then I am gonna throw the HOH and promptly beg the new HOH to nominate me so I can promptly be evicted. In case you wanted to know what I was gonna do."

Will begs for a shrink, and threatens to sing until he gets one. He goes to the diary room. Danielle wakes up to change her microphone battery. Will leaves the diary room and continues singing, while working out. Danielle goes into the gym to talk to Will and of course, we get flames. 10 minutes later, Danielle is with Janelle in the kitchen. Nokomis joins them. George gets up and goes to the bathroom. Mike and James awake and complain about the bug lamp. Erika and Danielle go outside and complain about Kaysar’s nominations. Nakomis puts on her contacts and then joins Erika and Danielle outside. George showers. James goes to the bathroom. Danielle shouts out to Will and Lori from BB5, telling them that she’s not gonna let Diane be evicted. James goes to the kitchen and complains about the lights and the wakeup song being too loud.

Diane explains that the Mr. And Mrs. Smith alliance doesn’t exist. Will gets called to the diary room and Diane is fearful that the voting is started. Danielle leaves and James joins them. General chit chat. Nothing too exciting. Diane asks about James and Marcellas’ argument last night. James tells her that he got too close to James and James didn’t like that Marcellas didn’t respect him personal space. Mike comes out and asks if anyone saw his orange shorts. Everyone said no so he left. James and Diane complain about the nominations yet again.

George is in the kitchen cooking, while Will washes dishes. George is called to the diary room and sighs. Danielle makes herself some slop and offers to make Mike and Erika eggs. They decline. George returns from the diary room and James is called in. Danielle wonders if she can add raisons to her slop.

Erika, Diane, Danielle and Nakomis are now in the backyard. They’re talking about food. Diane says that Karen staying in the kitchen her season got her pretty far. Danielle is sent to the diary room. James comes back out with them, and they talk about flying. Erika hates LAX, but Diane knows it like the back of her own hand. We get flames because they start bashing American Airlines. James asks if people will be friends after BB. Diane says maybe, if people want to be. Diane and Nakomis are glad voting is almost over, because after the voting is done they can relax. They talk about cell phones. James put his on vacation while he does BB. Nakomis and her sister pay $70 a month for their phones. Marcellas joins. So does Danielle. They talk about credit cards. Then about renting apartments. Then they talk about roomates. Danielle says if you have a roomate, the rule is, if you eat something you have to replace it. James comments that Sarah doesn’t eat generic Raisin Bran (good for her, generic food is gross!). They talk about where they shop for food at. James wants them to stop talking about food, lol. Danielle talks about how when she was born, her parents thought she was white. They talk about heights. Will and Mike are 6’1. Marcellas is 5’10. Sarah is too. Danielle says that she thought Sarah and James were giants! Janelle is called to the diary room. James says that April was ugly in the morning and Danielle defends her saying that we all have our “crack” moments.

Nakomis wants a remote control to speed up life in the BB house. Danielle talks about seafood and once again, is told to shut up by James. Marcellas wants to see his psychic and Nakomis wants a deck of tarot cards. Howie is called to the diary room. Marcellas wants some fast food, which causes Nakomis to talk about the movie “Super Size Me”. She now wants to go hiking with her boyfriend.

James talks about his job. Some crack head bit James at work and so he punched him three times. Janelle joins. Nakomis says she hates the pillows that BB offers. Janelle and Marcellas talk about Valley of the Dolls. They talk about diet. James explains that you need carbs- they’re your friend, just don’t go overboard.

Now it’s just Janelle and Nakomis. They talk about a houseguest coming back. They wonder if it will happen, how it will happen and who will be the choices (the 6 not chosen back into the house or the evicted houseguests). Janelle leaves and Mike joins. They talk about next weeks food competition. Erika joins, in pain. Mike asks if she’s okay. She says it’s wearing her down. We get lots of flames due to singing.

We’re back, and Will says that he hates the diary room people trying to get you to say things. Erika agrees. Jase talks about how he cried when writing his HoH blog.

George is wandering around the kitchen wearing a bright orange shirt while Erika cooks over the stove. Daine and James occasionally make an apperance. James complains about a smell in the refrid. They all say it must be a rotten tomato. A "hairy tomato" James walks through and says that's how I like my women:
"Hairy and scary" To which Erika says under her breath, "oh really?"
During this time Will is bouncing a ping pong ball around the kitchen. Boogie and Will put a bowl up on the shelf over the HGs pictures and procede to dunk the ball into the bowl.
Will then tells them he had a dream last night that that Boogie brought a grill (gold teeth) in his suitcase to the show and gave them to George.
Boogie is wearing a pink headband and a dark blue shirt with short cut off sleeves.
Everyone goes outside except those who are cooking and camera switches to Nakomis, Danielle, Boogie on the outside couches.

At about 3:15, they get the HoH camera and begin to take pictures. Jase makes George a foil tie, with plans to make him a foil hat as well. Will refuses to be photographed with the hoh camera. George poses like a robot. They make George’s alter ego Aluminum Man. Jase begins making George a foil cape and Kaysar searches for Diane.

George takes James and Kaysar’s picture under the definition of deceit. James, Howie and Erika are in the red room. James thinks he’ll be up next week. Howie kisses Erika’s forehead and James’ calf. Then he notices that Marcellas is in the room, so he kisses him too. James and Marcellas joke that their fight last night probably will make great tv. Howie leaves, and they talk about relationships and infidelity. James says that he’s never been cheated on, but he has cheated. Erika leaves for the diary room, and James and Marcellas talk game. James and Marcellas both want Nakomis out. Marcellas says that Diane wanted to make a deal with Janelle, but Janelle wouldn’t listen. Marcellas thinks that Kaysar is threatening him. They complain some more about the food. James says that Janelle threw him over the bus, and that Kaysar has a god complex. Marcellas says he’d want James to stay over Kaysar or Janelle. Marcellas thinks that viewers must think Kaysar’s nominations suck.

Erika joins Marcellas and James. Marcellas says that he and Erika are taking over. They think that he TV show will make Kaysar look good. James can’t believe it’s only week 2.

Nakomis, Janelle and Diane sit at the dining table, talking about where they went after their evictions.

Howie is in the backyard talking about women. All the female comics he’s met, etc. Will asks lots of questions, and it upsets Howie so he leaves to go workout.

Janelle and Kaysar go upstairs to play chess. Janelle is sick of the slop, she wants to lay down and watch movies but obviously can’t. She thinks she has a 40% chance of winning HoH. Janelle hates that the slop make her fart and she doesn’t care anymore if people hear her fart. Janelle asks Kaysar if he thinks she’s a spoiled brat. Kaysar doesn’t think so, even though they don’t know each other that well outside of the house. He tells her not to worry about others thoughts.

Will and Danielle hang out in the green room. Will doesn’t remember being bored in season 2 because there wasn’t enough room to isolate yourself. Everyone was in everyone’s faces all the time. He says sometimes he might not see Janelle for an entire day. He also says that they’d have a competition or something everyday. Will is bored and has mixed feelings about what to do with the HoH (throw it, or try hard to get it). James and Mike join. They talk about how most people from BB think they’ll be famous when it’s over.

Diane and Marcellas wonder why Will and Mike came on the show if they’re so miserable. Marcellas tells Diane that if she stays, to tell the season sixers that she’s not after them. She agrees and says that things are better with her and Janelle now. She wonders if she should talk to them now, and Marcellas says to do it tomorrow before the live show, and also tells her not to let anyone see her talk to them.

Will, Mike, Howie and James talk about high school. Mike was voted class clown, Howie was voted most unforgettable. James got in a lot of fights in high school.

Around 6:45 BBT, the backyard gets a badminton/volleyball net set up. Everyone’s outside (except Janelle and Kaysar who are sleeping). Will and James play badminton against Howie and Jase. Howie and Jase win. Everyone watches them as they play.

George goes inside to cook dinner, and Will and Mike are in there too. They say that they want George to win. He laughs with them and then leaves and they talk strategy. Mike and Will would nominate Janelle and Kaysar if they get HoH, and want to call a truce with Howie and James. They tell Diane that the S6 switched their votes and don’t trust Erika anymore. Now Will is back outside, naming his favorite diary room people. Danielle says hi to Kenny. We get flames. Coming back, Will says he wants a fat girl night where they all sit around, eating ice cream talking about sex. Will taunts Howie with his orange. Danielle calls Will an asshole. Will tells Howie to prostitute himself on ebay. Diane says she sold a phone call with her on ebay for $200. Howie talks about a date he sold on ebay where they went swimming (lol). Will thinks next year, BB will have a taped message saying “Please stop complaining”. Mike and Will tell a story about a trip to a Lakers game. It didn’t really make sense, and Will and Mike were the only ones to laugh. Mike yells, still looking for his lost shorts.

Marcellas and Janelle wake up and eat some slop. Then they go to the living room. Howie massages Janelle. Janelle had a dream about her and Marcellas fighting over a piece of chicken. Danielle is checking the rule book to see when she can eat. They complain about the slop diet. Will comes in for a second and Janelle asks what he’s doing. Will replies “You’re speaking in a more friendly octave”. Janelle and James complain about the food. James can’t wait til everyone else is on the slop diet.

Will and Mike are now playing pool, plotting. They think Diane could win the whole thing. They want to go up to George and offer to split the prize money three ways, but they agree that he wouldn’t believe it. Will misses Erin (his girlfriend). Will wonders if he should apologize to BB for all his complaining.

George, Diane and Nakomis talk about who they’d nominate. Nakomis and George would do what’s best for the house. Diane isn’t sure what she’d do.

Will, Nakomis, Danielle, Mike, Marcellas and Jase play a music game in the hot tub. We get flames on and off for their singing.

Kaysar and Diane are talking. Diane’s painting her nails. Diane loves 70’s music and oldies. Kaysar is too picky. He thinks some 80’s music is funny. George makes himself a bowl of ice cream, and Janelle looks really annoyed. Janelle and Kaysar go to the gym and talk about sleeping. They can’t believe how much they’ve been sleeping. Kaysar leaves.

Kaysar, James and Howie are in the bug room. They complain about the food, and James tells Howie that if James dies, Howie can’t sell his stuff on ebay- it all goes to Sarah.Kaysar makes a joke about Howie being a Born Again JedI. George laughs for a good minute. Howie puts a Joker’s thong on George’s head (Jokerette gave it to Howie at the convention). Kaysar makes fun of Howie wearing the same clothes he did last year. James asks to see the thong and George flings it at him. James explains that it was the first time a guy has flung a thong at him. Janelle wants Howie to put the thong on, for Janelle is sent to the diary room, and Danielle joins. They talk about hate sites about them. Howie calls people who call Danielle’s family names idiots. George leaves for the pool. Danielle tells Howie that her kids didn’t want to meet him at the wrap party because they thought he was weird. James though Danielle farted but Danielle insists that she doesn’t fart around people. James mentions that if it were a regular Wednesday, he’d be eating then jumping in bed with Sarah. He talks about his love for Sarah. He talks about their first date. Howie asks if they had sex that night. James asks Danielle to stab him. Howie informs Kaysar, Danielle and James that he sharted in his shorts today. Howie comments that he saw Sarah masturbate and James wants to change the subject. Howie farts and Danielle tells him to go check and see if he needs to change his shorts.

Mike and Diane whisper something in the bathroom. She tells him about Marcellas wanting her to tell the S6 that she wasn’t going after them. She then tells Mike that she is going after them.

Danielle, Nakomis and Kaysar talk about car insurance. Kaysar wants to borrow Danielle’s kids to lower his car insurance. Kaysar talks about his future wife would have to be religious. They talk about religion.

Will and Marcellas are in the hot tub playing a song game.

Danielle goes outside and starts singing and dancing. Janelle dyes her roots in the bathroom. Janelle finishes her hair, then starts giving Howie blonde highlights. LOL the slop diet keeps making him fart.

James, Will and Mike talk in the bug room about sequester. James explains that the S6 ripped on the nerd herd the whole time. One night Beau and Janelle got in another fight and Jennifer hid in the bathroom. Beau was drunk the whole time.

The girls in the red room are complaining about there being no hot single men here (that are willing to hook up). Marcellas isn’t looking forward to eating because there’s nothing good to eat. Danielle is shocked! Diane found something she thought that Alison stole.

Howie and Janelle hang out in the HoH room. Howie farts up a storm and sprays stuff to cover up the smell. Kaysar comes in to read the Q’uran. They practice for the HoH competition. Howie takes a shower while Janelle bathes. Howie tells Janelle that he’s peeing. Janelle says that’s gross, don’t do it in the shower!

Diane, Nakomis, Will, Erika, Danielle, and Marcellas talk in the red room. All talk about if they were just at least allowed a movie a night and then they would go to bed on time. They talk about how bored they are and are all theorizing what kind of incentives would get them jacked up and excited about the game. Marcellas mentions how it would be cool to have a Vespa scooter contest. Will says how about if there are three up there that you win and then you have to turn around and give two to two people right away and how that would expose alliances. Marcellas says the only time you see us hugging is when the HOH camera is circulating...Marci saying that he would take pictures of the goop/gruel etc...the way the bathroom looks. Will talks about taking pictures of everyone's face while chicken George snores. They talk about how their HoH blogs would be very negative. Will talks about BB2’s Krista, calling her sexy but dumb. They talk about after their seasons, how it was very weird adjusting to normal life. Will and Danielle leave the red room so everyone can go to bed. Danielle goes through the house, telling everyone goodnight.

Marcellas goes up to the HoH room with Kaysar and Janelle and they practice HoH questions. If they play Majority Rules, they plan to all answer with the second option so that it’s a majority. Lots of farting. This time it was Marcellas. This diet is really making them gassy! They heard Danielle scream oh my god! (she’s in the kitchen doing dishes). Someone left a bucket of slop on the stove and it’s melting. Erika goes and helps her and says it was Janelle. Kaysar goes to help too. Marcellas and Janelle stay up in the balcony and talk about how hot Kaysar is. Marcellas says that Kaysar is falling in love with him. Kaysar comes up and Janelle tells him he’s falling in love with Marcellas. They giggle. Marcellas goes to bed.

Janelle and Kaysar stay up in the balcony. They think they have a good chance tomorrow. Janelle tells Kaysar that Marcellas got nervous with Kaysar last night. Janelle asks if they should trust James. Kaysar says yes, that he’s different this year, even though he probably has something with Danielle. Janelle thinks Jase is mean to Marcellas. They wonder who is jealous of the S6’s popularity, Janelle says Mike is (I agree!!). They decide they want to get the floaters out and keep the big players (ughhhh why????!?!). They don’t respect the floaters’ gameplay because they get everyone else to do their dirty work. Kaysar seems nervous about his interview with Julie. Janelle says it doesn’t make her nervous, talking to Julie. Janelle wants Howie to win HoH because Chill Town would be scared. Janelle says that she gave Nokomis a sympathy vote.

Finally, at about 5AM, everyone is in bed. Good luck to all at the HoH competition, houseguests!