Big Brother Recap July 20, 2006
The Slithering snake marks his prey the tin man!

Big Brother started to wake up the houseguests at 10:15.

Not a very exciting day in the compound. Feed watchers played a lot of flame trivia because the feeds were blocked most of the day. Little clips of the houseguests were permitted we saw them showering and primping for the live show.

Will was very vocal all day and caused the feeds to be blacked out a lot. He kept complaining about Big Brother, how bored he is, and how he does not want to make sequester, he wants to leave on week 4 or 5.

A brief recap of the live show. Nak was evicted with a vote of 8 to 2 (Will and Janelle voted to evict Diane).George dressed up in his tin foil suit (where is the lightening when you need it!) He looked like a big tin man. Boogie also dawned Marcellas’s big afro wig, another fool in the making. The HOH competition was about details of pictures they had been shown earlier, and clips of past competitions. It came down to James and Danielle with a tie breaker, James won HOH.

Since James was the new HOH he could eat real food, and he feasted. He started with a huge sandwich, went to ice cream, chips etc. He never stopped eating. The others had to wait till midnight to eat.

Will continues his complaining, He did tell Howie that the plan was never to win HOH because once you’re HOH you get people really mad and they come after you the next week. He also told him that when you throw HOH never go out first; always wait till after someone else has been eliminated. He causes the feeds to go to flames with his constant complaining about how boring BB All Stars is.

Boogie and Will discuss the norms while they were working out. Boogie believes James will nominate him or Will because James hates Chicken George. Will said he can’t spend another boring week in there. Janelle came out and told Will that he is hot Will flirted back asking her to put on her bathing suit and join him.. After she leaves, Will said that she was after him and boogie responded "Will's either getting played or getting laid" LOL

Dani comes out and ask them who they think will get nominated. Will says he wants to be and if he's not he'll make a scene. Dani says she doesn’t think they're getting nominated.

Will started mocking Howie and then had a panic moment about after the show.
Will was saying Whatup Kaysar? Kaysar, I still f&&& you even if you're not the HOH (in the Howie voice). Oh! He doesn't have my number?
Boogie replied: He has mine. I'll give him your cell or your work number?
Will said: I can't have him around me outside of here. OH GOD! He CANNOT show up at my work! I don't mind going somewhere where I can leave when I need to. I have an extra room, but he'll be in the bathroom the whole time. Erin Brody won't go for that!

A while later James got his HOH room. The room is decorated in red; he got pictures of Sarah, a childhood piggybank, some wine and goodies. Once everyone else leaves the S6 celebrate their third week in a row with HOH. James seems to keep his head some. Said they don’t want to get rid of chill town yet because then the floaters will start knocking them off. So he wants the floaters to pick a sid. Kaysar reminded him that they still need Marcellas and Dani. They talk about putting up maybe chicken George and Jase. They agree to talk more later. James reminds them that the horsemen took out Holly and it was their downfall because they needed her vote.

Will goes to the HOH to talk to James. Here is a snippet of their conversation:

Will: Yo I am here to speak with you - Congrats on HOH room

James: you keep saying you want to go home.

Will: I love this show and it has done nothing but good things for me and I really like it. This time I am disappointed and feel it isn't up to the caliber it should be. I cannot go to sequester. If I lose my stipend then so be it. I think there are only two people left and only five go to sequester right? My goal is not getting people out it is not going to sequester. It is a win-win for me. You do not have to be all weird if I am going up.

James: If you go up it is because I want the other person out.

Will: I know I am a target I get that. If you want to put me up as a pawn then I am fine with that just give me the common courtesy of telling me.

James: if you really want to win then tell me

Will: this is the honest to god truth - if there is a giant twist coming up or a huge increase to the prize money then I will reevaluate everything (ed. note - he has GOT to be playing the producers to try and get more or something...)

Will continues... I will not throw Boogie under the bus that is something I will not consider doing.

James: this is all stuff you have already told us before.

Will: well where do you stand right now? Do you want to get rid of the floaters or what do you want to do?

James: ummm

Will: look Janelle denied this the other day but it is obvious there is Season 6 and there is CT and then the floaters. You guys could easily destroy CT then the floaters.

James: the problem with people are thinking of it as a team thing and not individual like Boogie was doing the other night

Will: it is week three he was way ahead of himself

James: I consider Jase with CT

Will: I don't think that is unreasonable whether he is or not

James: it is easier to vilify people if you vilify them all together.

Will: of course

James: why should they get a free ride (the floaters) when everyone else has to work every week? Will agreed.

James telling Will that Boogie is a bigger threat than he is LOL

Will then explained his tie with Boogie by saying this: there were some things he said and some things that were said about him during his season that he regrets. He doesn’t want to leave on a negative note. Says he also owes Boogie big for what he did for him during their season, what he's done for him the past 5 years and Boogie is his best friend.

At midnight all the gruel eaters got to eat. They ate everything in sight! They had pizza, ice cream, chips, and chicken. They never stopped eating for the whole night!

When James and Dani talk he told her he wanted Chicken George out. Dani told him that she already promised Chicken George that she would not vote him out. James then said his next threat was Janelle, but he couldn’t nominate her. They talk about Jase and Will. He is afraid the house will vote Will out if he puts him up. James then told Dani that she is safe with him till final 2.

James talked to Erika and Marcellas. Both said they want Chicken George gone. Neither added any input. Erika likes Jase so she wants Will up as the pawn. Marcellas wanted Jase or Will up. Both complained about Nak leaving and George still being there.

Kaysar and Janelle both want Jase gone this week. They believe there is no dealing with him and Chicken George will eventually go.

James told Chicken George that he heard that he might be nominated this week. Chicken George told him that if he makes the jury maybe he would vote for James. When James pushed him and asked him if he would vote for him George kinda changed the subject and started talking about how it was a game. James left him with the impression that he was going to him up but most likely the other person would leave (lie).

When James talked to Jase he assured him that he was not going up. He told Jase that he appreciated that he worked with Janelle last week and would respect him this week for that. He asked to be respected in the future if he got HOH. Jase agreed. Jase asked if he was going to get back doored, James assured him that he wasn’t.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith had a brief meeting in the red room. Jase assured Diane that he was not going up. Both agreed that they have to be careful.

Diane was caught by the camera kissing Howie!

Some of the houseguest had a late night badminton game. James rags on Kaysar for his tight shirts. James asked him if he brought any shirts that he did not purchase at baby gap! LOL. Also, Howie asked Kaysar if he would be invited to his wedding and Kaysar responded: “Howie your not invited to my life”… too funny!

Dani and Kaysar decide that they want to do an early morning show for the feeds. They want to sit around with their coffee and talk about the weather and happenings in the house. They even say that on certain days they want to wake up some of their housemates to be a guest of the day. (Kaysar stays up real late to pray so he might not make the morning show) Dani stayed up with him to kill the time till his prayer time.

At 3 am Howie gets into the shower. He entered this time without soap. Kaysar rescued him and gave him the lovely penis shaped soap. Howie then sat down in the shower to scrub is grubby feet. Kaysar told him not to sit there because he was showing America his “package”.

By 5:30 all houseguests seem to be finally asleep!

So Friday is a big day! Food for the gruel eaters, a new competition, nominations and more scheming. Will will complain about the boredom? Boogie will be scared of nominations (he was the only one James didn’t talk to!), Maybe the beginning of the Dani and Kaysar morning show, Erika will become more like the wallpaper, Howie will still hit on Diane, Janelle will be happy she has food, Jase will skate by nominations and James will be king of the hill! Oh such a life in that compound!