Big Brother Recap 7/22/06

James the snake slithers as the chicken flies high! Who will be next on the chopping block????

All houseguests were greeted with the VETO ceremony will take place in 2 hours at 9:30 am. People started rising and getting ready.

Janelle and Kaysar have a talk in the weight room. Janelle thinks its great that James called out CG at the nomination meeting. Kaysar says it's not good to come out too strong, too soon in this game--it's only week 4.

Janelle: I know. But people already come in with preconceived notions about what you are like from your season.

Kaysar tells her no, you can change that, blah blah blah. He takes a break to go get some water in the kitchen. Janelle doesn't want any.

Boogie has asked to see a doctor because his ear is killing him. He complained some thinking they are ignoring him. He did finally see the doctor who gave him some ear drops and told him not to get his inner ears wet. (Something is up with ear infections in that house, first Howie, then Boogie and Kaysar!)

Boogie spends part of the morning convincing Will to stay. Asking him to please stay and help him get the floaters out.

Will listened then replied: And he still sounds sincere about wanting to go. Boogie is telling him that things will pick up, and he will be glad he's here. Boogie says that after he was evicted in season 2, he watched some of it on the computer and was kicking himself that he didn't fight harder to stay in the house.

Will: People get inherently greedy. If I could make it to the Final three or four, we could make some serious money.

The two of them are flirting with Erika and she leaves, saying that they are hurting her too much.

Will is already sitting in his orange nominee chair and is leaning back, resting his head in his arms.

At noon the feeds go to flames and the VETO ceremony begins. After 3 hours the feeds finally return.

The Veto competitors were James, George, Will, Kaysar, Jase and Boogie. (The players did not spin the wheel this week, they picked ping pong balls)

When the feeds return we first see Kaysar with a shaved head, Chicken George with the Veto, Jase, Kaysar, George all blue. James was very mad, thinking this competition was fixed to have George win.
Seems the competition was something like “How Bad do you want VETO”
They had different tasks at each level.
I don’t know the exact order yet but it seems to have gone like this:
1. Eat a bowl of gruel - Will and Boogie refused
2. Burn some kind of clothing
3. Have someone write on your body – I believe they all did this
4. Have someone dump colored liquid (green and blue dye of some sort) over there heads and bodies – (Jase, Kaysar, James and George were all colored pretty)
5. Burn some kind of clothing
6. Not be able to compete for VETO next week (Jase and James dropped out at this level)
7. Shave your head -Both Kaysar and George shaved there heads
8. Eat Gruel for the remainder of your time here –(Kaysar dropped here, George accepted it) George wins veto! (and probably a lot of weight if he stays in the house for long)

If both Kaysar and George accepted the gruel challenge, then a truce would have been called, no one would win Veto, but all would still have to hold up to their end of the bargain and eat gruel etc.

This is not exact – this is what I gathered listening to the feeds and with help from the live feeds posters- thanks Jokers has the best Live feed posters anywhere!

So James is real upset- He now has to put someone up. He made deals with some, has many alliances and now is stuck breaking his word somewhere.

So here is where James stands and is complaining about
He can’t compete for HOH next week (because he is HOH this week)
He is an alliance with
S6 – Kaysar, Janelle and Howie
Frightful 4 – (Agreement confirmed and made before he entered the house)- Will, Danielle and Boogie
With just Danielle (confirmed in past conversation where he said he has her back to final 2)
He told Erika, Marcellas and Diane that they were safe this week
He told Jase that he was safe because when he was HOH he listened and respected Janelle’s decisions on who to put up.( but really Jase has told him previously that he would nominate Janelle and Kaysar before him and Howie so Jase would then be doing James’s dirty work)

After the competition, Kaysar, Howie, Janelle, Danielle was all telling him to put up Jase as the replacement. He really fought hard and refused to put him up (so they all now think he has a secret agreement with Jase). He was raving about how unfair it was that he couldn’t do anything next week to save himself. That it was BS. He was not listening to anyone. Janelle was really pushing to remove Jase, she has a feeling that he will get HOH and oust James. She explained that if he puts him up it will not be back dooring him because he had a chance to get Veto, and gave up. Boogie attempted to cause a truce between S6 and Chilltown. That he wanted to work with them and not against them (ya right who would fall for that)
Here is a conversation held between the S6 alliance (one of many)(thanks memyselfandi)
Jan, James, Kaysar in HOH, flames, then Howie's there too. They're selling Jase should leave to James, but he ain't buying.
James: i wanted to protect my nominations, but the fact that me, the only person who can't compete in the HOH competition... if I had taken it one step further i would have been unable to compete for the veto...


The point is chicken George is supposed to go up this week because floaters would have to start playing next week.

Janelle is telling him to put up Jase. It's not really backdooring.

Janelle: Jase is going to come after us next week. if Jase wanted to save himself he should have stayed in the competition.

Jase went out right away. Not only that but Jase is playing both sides.

James says playing both sides is acceptable behavior. (sounds like James game)

James says Boogie could have thrown Jase under the bus but he didn't. He didn't say Jase was really part of their alliance.

James says he promised Jase he would not backdoor him. It wasn't a deal but an agreement with a competitor.

Howie: outside of this alliance Jase is the strongest competitor left.

Janelle: to protect yourself you got to get rid of Jase.

Janelle, Howie, Kaysar all pushing Jase to go home. Janelle says this isn't the time to go after chilltown.

Janelle: we have to look at who's coming after us, who can win hohs who can win vetoes.

We have to do what's best for us as an alliance. He’s coming after us.

Howie: I’ll stir up Danni and marc.

James says dank and Marc wanted Jase gone. My opinion was if Jase is here and Marcellas gets it or Dani gets or Erika decides to stop floating and gets it...

Kaysar: but they'll go and tell Jase he's just a pawn. it doesn't matter


James says the worst part was they came in and George said that wasn't the worst he's ever done (talking about veto comp)

James is saying Jase is a target of Marc and Dani and we need them going after someone else.

Janelle: I have a bad feeling about it. Kaysar had a dream that Jase would win HOH and you went home. I just feel like it's going to bite us in the @ss.

James: But Nakomis was a stronger player and you wanted to keep her in the game

Jane: Because Nakomis can be trusted. Jase cant.

James tells them all that Jase's best strategic move is to go after the floaters and not take on S6.

Janelle: Leave Chilltown in here and let them be a target.

James: But he's not going to come after us because it would send him home next week. He has no other friends in here.

James is saying after next week S6 will control the votes with a four-person block.

Janelle is totally against Jase staying but James keeps arguing for why Jase should stay.

James: Right now no individual wants to take us 4. Three HOHs in a row... If you go after us then you go home the next week.

Howie; we'll sell that to them when they win hoh

James is saying if Marc put up Dani and Jase then S6 would control the votes. And Dani would put up Marc and Jase.

Janelle: The thing about the floaters is they're better competitors than Chilltown.

James says Boogie or Will should go home.

Janelle: Leave Will in the game. He's so bored. He's ready to quit everyday.

Janelle is still worried about Jase. He's going to come after the guys in this group. She knows it.

Janie thinks taking out Boogie instead is a dumb move.

Howie: Jase is by far a stronger player.

Janelle: Not only that but it would break up Mr and Mrs Smith.

Janelle says you're not backdooring him he could have stayed in the veto.

James I am worried about Jase coming after our group. He's not stupid he's going to come after us. He’ll grab some of the floaters and get an alliance to come after us.

Janelle: Jase isn't scared of us like the floaters are. Jase doesn't give an F

James says Jase is playing for the money. If he goes after S6 then he goes home for sequester.

James says Boogie had a chance to throw Jase under the bus but he didn't do it. Janelle is saying that didn't happen.

Janelle: can we vote on it? All in favor of getting rid of Jase raise your hand.

James says the good thing about this week is Janelle and Kaysar are competing.

Janelle says the next hoh is going to be a crap shoot.

Howie: it's going to be like Maggie and the bocce ball.

James says hey do not assume.

Janelle: I think we should get rid of a strong player. I do.

James says Jase is seen as a strong player by several people... Everyone knows Chilltown is worthless.

James: I think this is setting up George to get a lot further. Nobody's going after CG next week. I think if one of us gets it maybe we'll go after CG but not them.

Howie: So we're going to get rid of Boogie then?

Janelle: I don't think we should.

Kaysar: What good does it do if we get rid of Boogie?

James: I think that no one is going to go after Boogie and Will. I think they do not see.. it it.

Marcellas entered the HOH and first refused to tell them who he would put up so that it would not come back and bit him in the @ss. He told him to stop pussing footing around… do what needs to be done. James responded with well why don’t you get HOH and do your own work and stop letting us S6 doing your dirty work. Later in the conversation he said that if he was in this situation he would listen to his team.

James then developed the attitude that he does not want to play the game anymore, complaining about the rules etc.

Kaysar’s ear is real bad. There was some talk about maybe he will have to go to the hospital. James replied he is just a f***** mamas boy.

James and Howie were talking, actually Howie was listening to James complaining again about how unfair it was and how the game has changed etc. James did give George kudos for stepping up and winning the Veto. Howie said that he kept some of Kaysar’s hair to sell on E Bay! LOL- (Those beautiful curly locks)

Boogie, Will and Jase talked and want to see if they could convince James to put up Marcellas. cry. Boogie expresses that he would rather S6 win than a "floater". He wants people around that wouldn't vote against him in the end. Jase says Kaysar and James make their own decisions. Boogie is going to try and play on the fact the Will wouldn't eat the oatmeal and say that Will realizes he isn't going to win and use the free week later on Will and nominate Marcellas.

Jase tried to convince Chicken George not to use the Veto, to let the house decide. However Chickens are smart animals, George replied that he had to use it. No way was he ever going to pull a Marcellas.

Erika tried dying Jase’s blue hair. It did not take very well, you could still some blue effects.

Their feast arrives, it is Japanese night! Tons of food. Poor George can’t eat it so he is outside sitting all by himself. As they are eating their feast Will sarcastically asked if it would be real rude to ask George to clean up after them. George comes inside and James asked him if the powers that Be told him if he could eat if he got HOH. George said that they had to ask their superiors. Everyone in the house are taking bets that George can’t last the 60 days.

Danni and Kaysar have a conversation about Marcellas. Danni believes he voted for Diane because she needed the money, when he was always preaching that was not a valid reason to keep someone in the game. Kaysar said he was too much full of drama and a hypocrite. That he changes his mind too much. Kaysar said that Marcellas was not scared when she almost won HOH, Danni replied he should have been! Kaysar confided in Danni saying that he didn’t want to be here anymore (probably feeling so lousy with his ear infection and James not listening to any of his team members about putting Jase up)
Kaysar said that he should feel lucky for being there. Danielle agreed that they should count their blessings but Kaysar misses his girlfriend and family.
Danielle said that it was her daughter’s birthday, so they said happy birthday to her. They discuss chicken George and how hard it must be for him to be in a house where everyone wants you gone.

Boogie and Will discuss S6. Will can’t understand how they(S6) don’t want a free week next week (assuming that Chill town wins HOH next week). Will thinks they will go for it considering that Kaysar can’t go for Veto next week. Boogie said he tried to talk to James but he was so pissed off about the competition he just rattled on and on that he didn’t hear a word he said. He said both should try again in the morning. Will agreed to do that.

Erika, Danni, Marcellas, Janelle and Howie discuss noms out back. Janelle again voiced her concerns about Jase coming back and winning competitions and going after them. Marcellas said that is what would happen. Janelle and Howie leave to go talk some sense into James. After they leave Marcellas and Erika have this conversation:
Janelle and Howie just left to go talk to James.

E: You know why he's keeping Jase in the game, right? She thinks its so obvious.

Marc: why?

E: To get rid of the two people who just left. To do his dirty work for him.

Not that he's ever said anything to me but I'm sure.( Smart thinking that is why)

Howie, Janelle, Kaysar and James discuss again who to put up to replace George on the block. Everyone trying to show James how dangerous Jase is. How he uses information against them, how he would not hesitate to put up one of them and how he has the power to win competitions. Whereas Boogie and Will do not even try to win anything and just want to cause havoc which they can handle. They explain that Jase had an opportunity to win Veto and blew it. James keeps going back to him going with Janelle’s wishes to nominate Allison and Danni the first week. Janelle tried to explain he only did that to save his butt and to put the pressure on Janelle and not himself (true oh true). James throws up Marcellus name, mad because earlier he told him to stop pussy footing around. Janelle and Kaysar both say no, that Marcellus is the easiest one to work with and others want him out (Danni). James keeps saying it was a contest designed to keep Chicken George, Kaysar tells him that he has to get over that, that George has no one else in the house and is alone. That he has to look at the situation at hand. Kaysar believes Jase is after them, every time he starts talking about it James changes the subject. Kaysar asked him again if he made a deal with Jase, James denies it and said he just told him he was safe because of his actions on week 1. James is adamant about keeping Jase. He said it would not be in Jase’s best interest to put up one of them next week and that he won’t(wait sand see he will Jamesy! ). James wants to make a deal with Jase and tell him that if he puts up one of them, he will not make sequester (stupid reasoning) Janelle believes that if they send Boogie home that Will will get the whole house after them. That he will freak out, not caring if he gets thrown out or not because he wants to leave anyways.

Later Howie, Janelle and Kaysar discuss James at the pool. They don’t understand why he won’t put up Jase. How he can’t see what Jase can do. Kaysar told them that last week James made him mad because he insisted that he had a deal with Nokomis which he didn’t. Kaysar said that they should just focus on getting Boogie out and let James deal with Jase next week.

Finally the house is asleep by 3.45~

What will James do tomorrow? Put up Boogie (wimpy way out), Put up Jase (and risk him being exposed in another alliance!), Put up Marcellus (and piss off the floaters)
James must have a hearing loss like the others; he is just not listening to anyone! Whatever he does it will be in James best interest, not his alliances, not the houses and not the best for the teams’ future. James will take care of James! Watch him slither!