Boogie and Danielle are the first up, and they waste no time before the strategizing begins as she offers advice to Boogie about how to get James to replace the nomination with Marcellas. He is quick to say he only wants to offer protection to James and Kaysar. Danielle suggests he speak to Kaysar and James, man-to-man, about Marcellas. Danielle advises Boogie that Kaysar respects honor and integrity, so he should use that angle. The back-up plan is to target Jase.

Danielle talks too much—she tells Boogie how she speaks in metaphors, and then listens for the metaphor to come back around in conversation. This is how she knows if the person is revealing information.

Will gets up, and before he can finish his morning bathroom trip, Boogie has him cornered to explain the Danielle conversation. Will seems less than interested, but entertains Mike’s story. They decide to speak with James/Kaysar together, and Boogie tracks down James to tell him they’d like to speak with them. The rest of the day is spent waiting on the conversation.

George--Now that George is on slop indefinitely, his stock seems to have gone up in many people’s eyes. Howie, who has always had soft spot for him, offers encouragement several times throughout the day. Boogie even chimes in to George about proving he wants to be there to play the game. James pays George the greatest compliment of all by saying he proved he was a real player and deserves to go far in the game. James explains his reasons for nominating George, saying it appeared George was doing nothing to keep himself in the house, and is insulted that so many people expect the real players to move the game along. George tries to be stoic all day about the diet, trying to find the silver lining in the situation. He thinks maybe he’ll lose some weight and become a bit healthier. James says if there is ever a “Slop-Pass” like last year’s PB & J pass, he’ll give it to George.

James and Boogie play badminton while Will commentates in his best British Cricket game accent. With statements like “I’m not British, I’m Welsh and Hungarian. I guess that makes me WellHung” he is truly entertaining the house with his quick wit. James beat Boogie in both games.

The dinner feast for the day is Italian, and they dig in only to find that the food isn’t really that good. However, the food is not on Jase’s mind when he calls Marcellas out for being the ultimate floater. Everyone is sort of shocked by Jase’s menacing words and stares which rattle Marcellas as he runs into the red room. Janelle follows closely behind to try and calm Marcellas down. Marcellas cannot understand why Jase is suddenly targeting him and why James didn’t put Jase on the block in the first place. Shortly after the rest finish dinner, Marcellas confronts Jase about his comment. Jase says he is pissed at Marcellas because he is making fun of his rapping in the Diary Room. Marcellas gets a bit heated, and Jase backs down.

Jase and Will, in an attempt to end the boredom, have put ransom on the Jenga game. Jase asked BB if they could burn it, and they said yes but the HG’s would have to give up alcohol and BB would not give them other games. Will decides they will keep Jenga out of danger if BB gives them their alcohol by 9:00 pm. At precisely 9:00, the alcohol is in the storage room, and Jenga is saved. (Jenga is the game of wooden blocks that you stack and restack until someone makes it fall).

Meanwhile, THE conversation is finally happening in the HOH room. Boogie, Will, James, and Kaysar meet upstairs for the offer. Boogie and Will spend close to an hour trying to convince James and Kaysar that Marcellas is the person that needs to leave. Their argument is that Marcellas talks openly about his plan to break up the S6 alliance. They also say that Marcellas is bringing the whole house down with the constant complaining and everyone is sick of it. They also tell Kaysar that Marcellas called him the Jason of this year and he doesn’t want a Jason to get to then end again. James and Kaysar allow them to rattle on for some time, not committing either way to the Marcellas idea. Boogie catches this, and subtly brings up the Jase alternative. In return for putting up either Marcellas or Jase, Will and Boogie will not target Kaysar or James. They do not say they won’t target Janelle or Howie, but do agree to put up a floater should they win HOH. James handles the conversation remarkably well, saying they will have to discuss the deal with Howie and Janelle. Just as Boogie starts to repeat his whole argument for the 15th time, Janelle comes in, and effectively breaks up the pow-wow.

Kaysar and James rehash the meeting with Howie and Janelle, and it is clear that no one fell for the Boogie and Will argument. Janelle has started drinking wine, and defends Marcellas, saying getting rid of him is stupid because he will not go after them. James feels strongly that Boogie should go up, so Boogie it is. That decision was solid for about three minutes. The group’s attention turns to the floaters, and they work themselves into a tizzy about how the floaters want them to do their dirty work. They all agree that a floater should go, and for a brief moment, Marcellas is the target.

Meanwhile, Boogie and Jase are lying in bed and Boogie is confidently (read: cocky) telling Jase that they’ve convinced James to put up Marcellas. Jase is still worried about himself, and wonders openly if he should talk to James and Kaysar. Will wonders in and suggests he do just that. They call James and Kaysar, but Janelle follows and they all discuss Marcellas again.

Everyone leaves, and then Janelle comes back to discuss her hate for the floaters with Jase and Boogie. She finds Kaysar and they all decide a floater should go. Janelle is targeting Erika, and Kaysar sort of agrees. They go back into the HOH room with James and Howie, and for about forty-five minutes, their conversation is basically a flashback to Season 6 when Howie is convinced to put up one of his own. This time, however, Howie stays quiet, letting the other three speak irrationally about sending home a floater. Finally, Howie---the voice of reason---reminds them this is how it happened last year. The enemy talked them into turning on their own. He tells them they should target their adversary. Everyone agrees, and the choice is back to Boogie.

Just when we think the decision is final, Kaysar and Janelle wonder about the house not agreeing with Boogie as the replacement and that this will effectively send Will home. They scurry back to the HOH and explain this to James. James seems convinced they are right (they are right…Danielle and Erika are discussing this scenario simultaneously in the backyard). After 8 hours and what seems like five flip-flops, they all agree that Jase will be going home on Thursday.