10:00 AM
The HG’s were again up until all hours of the night. Dani had just gotten up and went to wash up when BB announced to everyone ‘It’s time to get up for the day’, followed by ‘The veto ceremony will be in 2 hours’. Dani is in the kitchen cooking up bacon.

Will is in the kitchen now with Dani, they are whispering. Dani says last she heard at 4 AM it was Jase going up, “but you know how things change”. They both laugh. Dani is done cooking her breakfast and heads outside to eat. Enter Boogie into the kitchen, Will tells him “Last Dani heard its Jase.” Boogie says “F***!” Will says “I'll give a little speech and say whatever happens, it’s cool, and I’m ready to go!” Boogie is trying to talk him out of saying that. Will says he will try and tone it down.

11:00 AM Dani and Boogie
Just before 11:00 Boogie joins Dani outside. Dani says “When they were talking last night about who to put up, you weren’t even a thought, most everyone went for Jase. Erica, Marc and I can weaken them later, but we have to take out Jase now.” Boogie: “Last night, me, Jase, Will and Kaysar were huddled up and Jase says to Kaysar ‘I know they made a pitch to you about an alternative solution. I just want you to know we could have a one week arrangement to protect you guys and just go after floaters.’ Then Kaysar went and got James and we pitched that same thing to him telling him ‘look, the three of us are (Jase, Boogie and Will) are giving you our world, do you want to trust Marc or us? We're not coming for you; we're coming for the floaters’.” Dani laughs a little.

Boogie continues “So then, Janie and Howie came in and Howie stood guard. I told Janie I wasn't coming after her. I told her I'm not an idiot and Will is leaving in the next two weeks, ‘obviously you guys are running everything’. Then Janie said ‘I hate the floaters too, Erika reminds me of April of last year’... I didn't want to be blamed for stirring it up, so I tried to just make it about Marc and Chicken G. At that point they all seemed to be down with it and we went to bed very happy.” After a short pause and Dani is clearly thinking quietly, Boogie says “The problem for me, Danielle, is that I can't just play. I may as well just take the gangbusters route and go out in 9th place if I can't go out 1st.” Dani responds “Don't want to sit on Mexican beach and then come back to give someone $500K, been there and done that with Cabo.”

Dani says that what Janelle is doing in the game is she is keeping people who will protect her and Marc is one of them. Marc may go after the other S6 but no her.” Boogie asks if James knows that about Marc and whether or not Dani shouldn’t tell James. Dani says “James is fully aware.”

Will comes out now and says he wonders if Marc is actually with them for real. Dani says Marc is in any alliance that will protect him. Will wonders though if they have an agreement with Marc. Dani says “it's possible.” Dani says as long as James does stuff for the four then he's never going to separate from the group. But in competitions you look at who the biggest threat is and that's Jase.” Dani says she wanted the S6 to shut up and stop playing like damn rookies. She explains the pitch that getting rid of Jase is breaking up two alliances but she didn't want to say too much (to the S6). Boogie says he's extended the biggest olive branch he can. Dani tells Boogie she explained to the S6, that if they get rid of one person from CT then you have a beast waiting around. Boogie says honestly in his heart he doesn't think getting rid of him (Boogie) is what is best for James in the game. Dani says “What is best for you and Will is for Jase to go.” Dani says “It’s so obvious, like a zit on the nose.” Dani says as much as people say she and James are together, they aren’t when he's with the four. Will went inside to shower.

At that moment Marc came outside and sat with them. Boogie wandered off to talk to Will while he showers. Marc asks what Dani what she and Boogie were talking about. Dani says she was trying to explain to Boogie about Jase being the one to go. Dani goes into this big spiel about Boogie complaining about sequester, she doesn’t mention word one about what was said about him (Marcellas). Marc says he doesn't understand why James wouldn't want to do what the house wants and get rid of Jase. Marc says it looks to the house if Jase stays that he has a deal with him. Dani agrees he must have a deal if Jase is not nominated at the POV ceremony, in which case James is trying to be honorable. Marc says “If you're gonna scumbag somebody you need to do it before sequester. The other thing is Jase has already scumbagged everyone in the house.” Dani says to Marc that James is gonna do what he wants to do. Marc: “Doesn't James see that if he doesn't nominate Jase, everyone will see he has a deal with him?” Dani: “Maybe he does have a deal with him and he is being honorable. Honestly Marc, I've never been so frustrated in my life.”

11:30 AM
Marc and Chicken G are outside. George says “They've definitely turned it up a notch (the game).” Marc: “Unlike any other season. It's a really bad atmosphere, a really toxic atmosphere, from the food to the competitions.....I can't eat; I can't go to the bathroom…” George says “Yeah look at the competition with the meteor being thrown at you.” Marc: “Yeah, A 50-pound meteor being hurled at you, someone could have gotten hurt. BB is responsible for the ear infections too from the slop competition.” George: “And the boulder thing was first night out too.” Marc: “It's the kind of crap you'd expect on Survivor and I didn’t sign up for Survivor!” George asks Marc: “How do you think the show's doing out there?” Marc: “Honestly I could give a shit, and I'm usually a company boy, now I'm like anti-establishment.”

James is talking with George about how he got on to BB6. James says “I'm sure you've heard about me being found on MySpace. I had couple of modeling pictures on there, and some sarcastic things I had said and BB found my site and liked what they saw so they gave me a call to tell me about the open casting for BB6. I thought it was pretty cool. Then I started reading about BB and I called them back like the next day. When we met in the hotel, I knew I was going to be chosen for the show.” George: “Well I'm glad you have an ad on MySpace, but don't you get a bunch of creeps on there?” James: “Creeps not so much. The girls have to worry about the creeps. After doing the show, I'd get some weird people. I used to get email from guys hitting on me and stuff, but then after the show I got....” feeds went to FLAMES!

Now Dani and Chicken G are outside. Dani says “If they (S6) get power again, I am gone!” George says “We gotta pull one out. Between you and me, if it’s between Boogie and Jase I want Boogie gone.” Dani tries to explain that by doing that it only affects one alliance, where taking Jase out affects 2 alliances. George says “How about Marc?” Dani says that would be another good choice.

12:00 NOON
The feeds have been down for the last ½ hour or so. We come back to Dani and George still outside and George is asking her if she would have cut her hair off in the veto competition. Dani says “I don't know I'm such a fighter. I'm probably the only girl who would say yes, I'd have cut my hair.” George: “You could have worn a bandanna.” Dani: “It's just hair….(after some thought) I don't know if I'd really do it. It would have been interesting if two girls were in there, very, very interesting. Know what? I'd cut my hair but not strip down.” George: “But you could wear underwear.” Dani: “Most girls wear thongs with their booty hanging out. Women love their thongs, booty all hangin' out, dippin' into the thing. Even Janelle says she wouldn't have done the blue stuff. Her hair is so light it would've actually turned blue.”

Boogie and Will are both lying down on the beds in one of the rooms looking sullen and unhappy. At this point it hasn’t been said who is on the block or if the veto ceremony took place for sure. But when Janie came into the room, one of them said hi to her and that was it. She said to Boogie: “You okay?” He says “Eh, yeah, well, you know.” Then Boogie starts to vent saying that he and James talked like 10 times before coming on the show and “now this.”

Howie is in the room now with Boogie and Will. Boogie and Will tell him what a poor decision that was, that they were just coming together with S6 and then ‘this happens.’ Will says, “It bought Howie a couple of weeks.” Howie kisses Will on the cheek. Will says “Right now Howie should come in third or fourth.” Howie says Kaysar put his ass on the line for Will; he shaved his head for you, “perception is everything Willy and your perception is we shit on your deal?” Boogie says not only did they do that, but they left the one person on the game that would flip on anyone (Marc). Boogie says “You are saying you trust him more than you trust us, which is ok. I might not trust us either. I just thought we were ready to take it to the next level, but, oh well.” Howie basically ignores this and is putting on Chap Stick. Will is sitting there looking mighty pissed. (NOTE: The veto ceremony has NOT taken place yet, so I don’t know how this conversation got started. I *think* Boogie is mad that the S6 are putting up Jase and not Marc.)

Janie, James and Kaysar are up in HOH. James says “We can talk all we want until the ceremony.” Janie: “If we put Boogie up, the floaters will probably vote out Will, because they are so f’ing stupid.” James: “With Jase, it’s a lock, Dani/Erika and Marc already said they would vote Jase out.” James is clearly pissed at Boogie and Will because of how much S6 tried to work with them but they tried to undermine them with the floater plan. James said “It wasn't an honest deal they wanted to give us, what did they expect, they are upset because they wanted to cheat us and we said forget it?” Everyone is set on Jase as the nominee because that is the only way that Will will stay in the house.

Right around 1:00 the feeds were cut for a long while.

2:00 PM Jase and Will are in the nomination chairs
Will is telling Boogie “Boogie, go back to your huge restaurant empire and I will go back to doing what I do best. It is not my job to do their job; I am not here to produce the show.” Boogie says the whole thing has been a bad experience; a bunch of people hiding and whispering.” Will says “I hate everyone, even myself.” Will says he definetly wants to go. Then Jase says “I do to! Hanging out with people I don't like, this ain’t real.” Will thinks a good twist would be for 2 people to be evicted this week or for Julie to offer $5K to leave, Will said he would take it! Matter of fact he said he would take $5.

Will says to Boogie, “I apologize to you, I know my leaving will put you in a weird place…” The worst of Boogie is coming through now, he turns to Howie and tells him “You guys are clearly running things.” Boogie still agitated says something like ‘why don’t I just get a penalty nomination and the three of us go home.” Howie suggests climbing the back wall. Jase says “you don't want to cause damage to any property.” Boogie says “Nothing will get broken or set on fire.” Nap time for Will.

Marc is telling Janie “I don’t want Will to go, I want Jase to go.” Janie tells him “They are trying to get us to turn against you, Marc.” Marc says “Too late now.” Janie: “We aren’t going to.” Marc is upset that Jase announced during the veto ceremony that Marc was gunning for S6. Janie says she was skeptical of Jase when he said that. Kaysar seems agitated at things that happened also, and went outside to ‘collect his thoughts’.

Boogie and Jase are being quite arrogant with Howie. Jase says “Now you have 2 guys who don't want to be here…” then Boogie interrupts and says he has a friend who ‘really’ doesn’t want to be here, so maybe he will vote to evict Will and have Jase stay and go on a rampage. LOL, Howie just sat there and then said "I'm gonna go take a nap." Howie didn't seem to really care.

Jase to Chicken G: Promise you’ll vote me out.
Jase says “Promise me something Georgie.” George says “I don't know anymore…what?” Jase: “Promise me you'll vote me out.” George: “I can't.” Diane asks “Do you really want to leave?” Jase says “I have a 3 year old girl whose birthday I’m missing on Monday.”

Kaysar Dani and Janie are in a small group outside. Kaysar is still looking pretty upset. It sounds like Jase let them have it. Dani says “It was ugly, but that’s Jase. That's the way he brings it. His feelings were hurt and he said what he had to say.”

Up in HOH James and Boogie are complaining about floaters and how this is not a ‘team’ game. Boogie says “I'm gonna crush someone's dream.” Enter Jase and he says to James “I had your back man, ME who could have won HOH.” Boogie says “Me too!” Jase told James said that he made a bad individual choice. James is giving them the excuse that he had to play with S6 because that is who the floaters are gunning for. He came in wanting to play as an individual but wasn't able to because from day one they were gunning for him and Janelle. So he has to do what he has to do to protect himself. Jase’s real problem here is he feels like he is being back doored again. Boogie says it’s not really the same, because it’s not intentional. Jase says he wants to take out Marcellas and then Danielle, he says “I know you (James) are with Danielle but so what.” James says that there are people you like but this is an individual game.

The feeds switch to Marcellas, Diane and Dani saying that they can't believe they were called out as floaters. Marcellas says they tried to throw him under the bus. Diane says “everyone is throwing everyone under the bus.”

Back to the HOH and James tells Jase “They may not be too happy with you now that you broke the deck.” Jase: “Did I break the deck?” James: “Yeah, when you threw the fire extinguisher.” (LOL) Boogie said to James that he needs to break away from the S6 at some point and make it known or people won't believe him when he really does do it and won't have the support he needs to continue on.

Marcellas, Diane, and Danielle are in the red room. Marcellas says “George's speech was right on! We have a chance to make things better.” George walks in. Marc says “Georgie, I said I was not going to cry this season, but your speech took me there. If I didn't say congratulations that you won, I'm sorry.” George: “It's okay.” BB interrupted and told Marc to put his mic on.

Back in HOH, Howie knocks and James says “Come in you dumb f***.” (LOL!!) Jase, James, Boogie and Janie are there too. In a nut shell, Jase is upset that the floaters got to James and swayed his decision. Jase says in accordance with the strategy plan they talked about last week a floater should have gone up against Will. James was called to the DR.

3:00 PM
Kaysar, Danielle, and Marcellas are in the BY. Marc says “It's crazy what is going on in the house.” Marc says “I just hope that when my time comes, I just go.” Kaysar: “You sound like you are going to die.” Marc: “You know you're going to get nominated and evicted and you just want to get back to your life.”

Jase just joined in and says if he is still here next week, he is going to put up Marcellas and Danielle. Dani says “Why would you do that?” Jase: “Well actually, I'm telling everyone that.” In an attempt to get on Jase's good side, Dani tells him that she has not been after him. She said she never gives up who she's going to vote for. She's telling him not to give up, etc. Jase says “I thought you of all people did not want me here. I thought you were my biggest nemesis in this house.” Danielle: “I've never given up who I am going to nominate. You know I'm smarter than that.” Jase: “I don't think the votes are here to save me.” Danielle: “Why did you throw HOH last week?” Jase: “I already won one HOH, I can't win 3. If it was something more my level... I knew you were going to beat me.” Danielle: “I'm just saying, you know, my thing about people in this house. I don't want them to give up the goal.” She tells him to fight for it. She says “I don't know if Heidi will want you to fight. I know my husband was like ‘I just want you home’ (last time), but as I got further and further, he got more focused on the game.” Dani said it was an emotional thing for her family to watch. Jase: “Who do I have right now? I'm here to just piss everyone off. I know James did not put me up for his own agenda. He did it for the group.” Danielle: “I was surprised he did that.”

At some point Jase asked George if he had his vote, if he decided to fight to stay. George said to get back to him in a couple of days

Jase and Kaysar are in the bug room talking and somewhat seem to be bonding. Jase offers that if he stays his promise is to go after 2 floaters; that S6 is not on his radar. Kay is a little hesitant. Kay asks if Jase has run this past James, Jase doesn’t answer the question directly but indicates that James would go along with it. Kaysar said he will talk with the others and see what they think. Jase says he joined Chilltown because he was not allowed to join S6, and he is not a floater.

Jase says he is taking a big leap saying this but he says “I personally do not like Janelle at all. I hate what she does for a living. It disgusts me. And that is why I want her gone from your alliance.” So he basically breaks it down that he wants in their alliance, but not including Janie. He tells Kay that out of the S6 group, Janie would be the first one he would gun for and if Kay wants he can pass that along to both James and Janelle.

Jase says to Kay “Even if it’s just a ‘you and I’ kind of situation, I would rather it be you than Will. My mom said 'Jase, do not get involved with Dr. Wil’.” Kaysar says “My mom did too; she told me ‘don't even have a conversation with that guy’."

4:00 PM
Jase is asking Erika if he has her vote. She tells him she really likes him and would like to keep him in, however; she needs to talk to Will first.

Kaysar and James are in HOH. Kaysar is saying at first Jase didn’t want to compete and now he does? Then Kay says “What happened outside was too good to be true.” James said “We were just standing there with our mouth open, that was good shit, that will definitely be on the show.” (I believe this refers to a major tantrum thrown by Jase outside after the veto ceremony.)

James says during the ceremony that Howie stood up but that Janie just sat there with her f’ing mouth shut. Kaysar reminds him that’s her game. She will not start talking until later on. Kaysar goes over everyone's role in the ceremony; James had to express his opinion because he is in the role to do so, Janie won’t express her opinion until later in the game and that he (Kay) is non confrontational and observant. (So far he hasn’t mentioned to James what Jase said a bit ago about Janie.)

George is in with Kaysar and James now. Kaysar says to George “You have earned our respect and you have proven yourself that you want to play this game. You aren't causing trouble; you aren't calling out the production company…” George says “Thank you, I appreciate that.” James says he admitted straight up that he was wrong about him (George), and then apologized to George again for making it such a rough week for him. Kaysar says to George: “We have another HOH coming up. If we get it you are not going up. Maybe you could do the same for us.” Then flames!

Still in HOH, George is hinting that he doesn’t ‘know what to do’. James says “You mean about who to vote for, or what side to take in the house?” Kaysar tells George “Stay away from the drama, and stay out of the way of those that can harm you.” George: “So I can come talk to you guys?” James says “F*** Yeah!” George shakes hands with the guys and says “Thanks boys, I needed to hear that.” When George leaves, James says “And I wanted to think he was so evil.” Kaysar: “He's not!”

Marc is up in HOH now; he is still very upset by Jase’s comments at the ceremony where he said Marc was going after DS6 and floaters. James tells Marc he is not on the block because he knows Chilltown is full of shit.

5:30 PM
Jase, Boogie and Di are out by the pool. Jase is talking about the first time he saw his episode on the TV… Boogie says “It’s crazy when you see yourself on TV leave the room and everyone starts talking about you. This is a re-run of my season, the first crazy person from my alliance goes and I’ll be next.” Jase says this game sucks. They aren't all doom and gloom though, they are kind of joking about everything. Diane isn’t saying anything.

Diane and Dani are talking now. Di says she is exasperated about not being able to talk to Will directly. She says she just wants to know if he wants to stay or go, but she is annoyed that she can't talk to him direct. She has just been talking to Boogie all day, it bugs her that Will won't tell her that he wants to stay but Boogie will answer for him and say “he wants to stay.” Diane says that it’s so annoying that she, Boogie, Will and Jase will be sitting in silence and then she gets up and goes to fold laundry or something and then the boys all start whispering. Danielle says "boys will be boys."

Up in HOH Kaysar and Erika are lying on the bed talking. Erika says that she finds it difficult to connect with George and she doesn't know why. Kaysar said “Maybe it’s because he is a 50 year old that dresses in chicken suits. He is a good person though.” Erika says that she should have been able to connect with George and that in her season she really connected primarily with Jack, the older man in her season so it’s weird that she can't get comfortable with George. Danielle comes up with food, and Kaysar is very appreciative of the nachos. While Dani is there Erika says she thinks that maybe because George is from Josh's season (BB1). Kay asks if there was anything between George and Josh, but Erika said no. Danielle tells Erika to go with her gut, and when she figures it out she will see why she feels that way about George.

6:00 PM
Jase tells Di and Dani that if he stays in the house, the BB gods will let him win an HOH competition, implying that BB fixed the veto so that George would win. Jase said he didn’t approach James before the nominations, but he feels they had an agreement to get rid of the dead weight in the game and then face each other down as men, “So, I feel like he totally hardcore betrayed me.” Now Jase is saying that Dr. Will will lay down every week and lose every competition. Dani knows that Will is a "sleeping giant" and that if he makes it to sequester, it's "game on" with him and he's going "full tilt". Jase whines that he needs hardcore people who will stick with him, but everyone in the house is too afraid. Dani agrees.

Jase tells Dani and Diane he wants Janelle gone first, because she is a fierce competitor and a good player. He wanted her out the first week, but she kicked ass in the first veto competition. (Dani agrees, and said she had the same conversation with Marcellas.) Then Jase says the 2nd person he wants out is Marc, then 3rd is Erika. Diane tells Jase he better not tell Kaysar he wants Janelle gone. Jase says “He already knows, why, is that bad?” Diane: “Yes because he's going to protect her.” Jase maintains that Janelle is probably a prostitute outside of the house. He says he really likes Kaysar and Boogie, he doesn’t find Will very funny and Howie is a creep. Diane tells Jase to stay calm and not to call anybody out. She will get him the votes to stay in. She says she thinks James like ethnic looking women and that James thinks she’s cute, so she can get find out easily what he is thinking. When Diane walks away she says to Jase ‘love you’.

7:00 PM
Jase tried talking game with Marcellas in front of Erika and Kaysar in the BY. Jase knows Marc is mad at him but asks for his vote anyway. Marc got more pissed. Marc says “We are friends outside of the house so why are you acting like that?” Jase says “Friendships take a backburner in the house.” Marc says he doesn't play like that and heads back. Erika hears all this and Jase says joking ‘so do I have his vote?’ Erika says “probably not.”

Erika gets up and heads inside. Jase tries backtracking what he said earlier with Kaysar about going after Janelle. Jase says really Erika is his #1 target; she is the biggest floater out here and shouldn't even be here. Jase says Dr. Will has got some ultimate game going down that's actually working “He sucked me into their alliance in time so that I could go home. I bet he's got this whole DR bit going, how he planned it all. Jase says Will pretends he didn't know about sequester. Kaysar says he can't figure out if he truly wants to leave or it's one big joke. Jase says he's good at it, if he really wants to leave, why does he not campaign for himself.”

Jase tells Kaysar that Boogie and Will have shunned him now and that Boogie is campaigning to keep Will. Kaysar says “I know what you're saying, but in all honesty they didn't say ‘let’s go after Jase’, they did say you were a part of them, which kind of indirectly put a target on you.” Jase says if he was with them wouldn't he have been in the meeting (the one Kaysar and James had with Will and Boogie)? Jase says Chilltown had this plan, “They had talked to you guys, and they told me to put Marcellas' name out there.” Kaysar says Chilltown must have figured out that the S6 people had a fight with Marcellas and played on that. He says “I knew what they were doing. That's why I couldn't take the deal, because they tried to pull all that BS. It wasn't a clean deal. The whole thing was a bust.” Jase: “That's why Will should go. Those two stay in the house? I'm alone and I'm going after floaters!” Kaysar says “Those two are like water snakes. When the water's clear they get caught but if they stir up the dust and you can't see them. And you just got caught in the middle.”

Inside Diane is trying to convince Marc of what a nice guy Jase really is outside the house and if he would just act that way, he would be liked so much more.

8:00 PM
Jase came up to HOH seeking sympathy that he got played by Chilltown. Howie, Janelle and James are laying around in HOH. Jase says that Chilltown shunned him since the nominations happened. Janelle says that's sad. She's really sorry. Jase talks about Will having this big plan with him. James asks “but does Will actually talk game? Will doesn't even talk game with any of S6.” Jase says “He does sometimes.” James says Will is a smart mother f’er, really smart.

Howie and James say they wanted to work with Jase but he left them for Chilltown. Jase says he knew he was cool with Kaysar, but not all of the S6. Howie lays it down that Jase's reaction after Kaysar won HOH and Jase throwing the inner tube and hanging out with Chilltown in the hot tub that night showed S6 where his allegiance was.

At about 8:20, the HG’s were told they could go back inside (they were on lock down.) When they did, they found a huge feast of Mexican food laid out for them and a whole bunch of booze! Will exclaims “I’m happy!” Dani was like “Huh? You are happy? What did you do with Will, where is he?”

Jase is ribbing James saying James couldn't step up to him, “I know it's scary, that's why you had to backdoor me, even though that's how you went out on your season.” James is just like ‘uh huh’ not really saying anything as Jase digs himself in deeper and deeper. Jase says he just wanted to get that all out before he starts drinking so it's not like four beers later and they get into it. James says “You're a legend in your own mind.” Jase goes into another “you were too scared” rant, and then says “Now let's try to have a good time.” Kaysar says “Yes, let's.”

In the red room Marc says to Jase “I don't understand you, Jase. You are making a choice to behave badly. Would your mother be happy? Would your girlfriend be happy? Is this what you want Kayleigh to see? This is forever.” Jase says “When I'm out of the house with Julie Chen, and she says I freaked out the last few days I was here, I'll say yes, I'm going out with a bang.” Marc: “This is a man telling another man, a friend telling another friend not to go out like this. Don't go too far.” Jase: “I got backdoored, that kills me. I got backdoored on my season too, it kills me.” M: “Do you want to take responsibility for anything you've done?” Jase: “I haven't done anything wrong, up until today I haven't. Besides I have one more card to play.” Marc tells Jase says he came in smooth, but then he started going crazy. Marc gives examples to Jase of his actions; like how he threw the badminton rackets, and threw the fire extinguisher after the veto ceremony. Marc says “People have been living in constant fear of you.” Jase says “F*** that Marc, don't play that shit me, or you'll piss me off for real.” Marc tells him “You think you're kicking it up a notch, but you are completely off on how people are viewing you.” Jase walks out mad and Marc says to

After Jase left, Marc says to Erika “Somebody is telling you something from the heart and you don't want to hear it.” Erika responds: “Why did I sign up to do this again? I have a broken rib; I just want to go home.” Marc says “Me too. Does Jase really wanna be known as the guy who went crazy?” Erika: “I like him so much; I wish he didn't do this.” Marc says “I'm not leaving this room, I'll make the trip to the BR & brush my teeth, but other than that, I'm just staying put and prayin' for daylight!”

Talking to Diane and Dani, James says he is really upset about Jase calling him out at dinner time. He wants to tell Jase the reason he's going home is not because James is scared to compete against him, “he can't even beat me at badminton.” But, because Jase is a bad Big Brother player. James says Jase made the same mistake as last time joining a four horseman alliance. Danielle tells James it's not worth it and he should calm down. James says he had his own strategic reasons for wanting to keep Jase, but with him going around talking about going after people in his alliance...Jase comes out and just sits with them.

Veto ceremony reenactment
Will, Boogie and Jase want to reenact the veto ceremony in the LR, with people playing the role of another HG. Boogie whispers into mic, "This is gonna be awesome!" Erika wants in. Janie volunteers to be Jase, she grabs sunglasses and a hat and says “This is going to be awesome!" Erika is George and wearing his tin foil hat, Boogie is Will, Jase is James. Boogie flexes in mirrors, and arranges his hair, in character as Will. Erika does George’s veto speech George is laughing hysterically. Note: James, Howie, Kay, Diane and Dani are not around for this right now.

During their reenactment fun, Boogie gives a long impression of Will's speech saying he's the best player in Big Brother history, he claims he hates everyone in the house and hates being in the house and wants to go back to the real world. He says he'll throw every POV, every HOH, and throw the food competitions so all of you will eat slop. Boogies closing statement is “I hate all you and f*** all of you.” Erika playing George says slowly, “I'm... quite the opposite... of the big doctor... I'm honored to be in the presence... of all….” George says “speed it up!”

Erika playing CG vetoes herself and Janelle (playing Jase) automatically gets in the seat.
Jase playing James says “I’ll make this quick, I nominate Jase.” Jase says this and is smiling and cracking up at Janelle's impersonation of him talking about how he's cut out for Survivor. He likes the tribe. Everyone cracks up at Janie’s impression of Jase and he gives her a high five. Then they start switching roles…this was hilarious and very entertaining. Hopefully it will make the show, it’s more a must see than a must read!

James and Di are playing badminton and Di says that she couldn’t care less who goes. James said that he doesn't care either and would like to see Jase stay so that he can put his f’ing ass up and vote him out.

10:00 PM
While playing the reenactment game, Will & Boogie were talking about their season and Will says Bunky brought cigarettes to trade and he got Hardy smoking. They are making fun of Krista now; Boogie says “When she was asked who she wanted to sleep with, out of all people famous, she answered “Dracula.”

Jase starts talking about different seasons. He says he wishes he watched Season 6, it sounded crazy. Will says the producers would do things to drive people crazy. Jase says to Will “You had banners during your season.” Will says his season was always scary.
Janelle asks if Autumn was a basket case. Will says he never had a full conversation with her. She was always crying because she knew she was going early.

Boogie talks about how awesome Shannon was. That she told Boogie about the toilet cleaning with Hardy’s toothbrush incident. They mention her being on trouble with the producers for the toothbrush thing. Boogie says he and Will were working out outside when a banner comes over that reads "H - Sh swabbed toilet with toothbrush" or something like that. Hardy saw it and got mad and Shannon didn't care.

Kaysar and Janie listened but didn’t say anything during this and got up and wandered off. Boogie calls out “where ya going?” Now they want to hear BB6 stories. Boogie wants to drink with Diane; he says there are 24 beers. Diane asks how many are left. Boogie says there are still 20 left, “no body is drinking. James is in a badminton tournament, Kaysar doesn't drink….” Diane says “I’d like to get black-out drunk!”

Dani and Jase are in the hammock. Jase is asking her to talk to James like she said she would last night. Jase says he wants to go talk to James and tell him “I know you don't like the backdoor thing, so just put me up next week and let me fight for the veto.”

Will left Di and Boogie alone and they start to whisper, Boogie saying that basically, yes, Will does want to stay in the game. Will comes back and tells Di to kiss Boogie on the cheek, so she did, and then Boogie did it back.

Jase, Danielle & James are on the hammock. Jase says he's not in an alliance with Boogie & Will. James says “That's not what they said.” James tells Jase that he says things that prevent him from getting any votes. Jase talks about Janelle text-messaging him in February, “she said she is cool with Howie & Kaysar but doesn't know about James, she couldn't really trust James.” James says he's not surprised. Jase says he's true to his alliances. He says he didn't like Scott Long from Day 2 but he stayed loyal to him.

Still in the hammock James says he has to protect his alliance, because he knows Jase is going after them. Jase says he likes Kaysar and that he would go after Howie & Janelle. Jase says he would not go after James. Jase says he's alone in the game. He loved being part of the Horsemen. James says he doesn't like to be part of an alliance; he wants to play on his own. Jase asks, "Can you help me?" James says he can but he needs stop going after people and getting out of control. James & Danielle tell him he needs to campaign. James tells him he needs to go to bed if he's acting out of control.

Jase left the hammock and James asks Dani “What do you think about Jase?” Danielle says “I think he's being straight up.” James agrees. Danielle asks “What does your gut tell you?” James says his gut told him not to put up Jase but not to Marcellas either. His gut told him to put up Boogie. Danielle & James soon part and Dani says she'll gather information.

Just before 11:00 someone got the whip cream out and next thing you know people are licking it off one another. Janie was licking it off Howie and Boogie. Erika refused to lick it off of Howie so Jase tells her to lick it off Janie, so she does! Someone yells ’Now this is All Stars!’ Erika moves on to licking cream off of Will’s chest. Will calls for Diane to come over and she says ‘no, I’m staying put!’ Janie says “okay now me and Erika lick it off Boogie!” THEN Erika and Janie were trying to lick cream off Will at the same time and they were trying to get a three way kiss and Will was saying “Now way! I’m not doing this!” Boogie has whip cream on his mouth so Jase tries to get Erika and Janie to lick whip cream off Boogie’s mouth, but they aren’t going for it. He is somewhat deflated saying ‘how come you want to kiss Will’s mouth (and he won’t because he has a girlfriend), and here I am single.’ Then Boogie says ‘it must be the looks thing.’

Boogie goes to the hammock and summons Erika over. He promises to shenanigans he just wants to talk. He calls for Will to bring her a beer..she says “Why do I need another beer?” He says “You’ll be here a while.” When Will returns with her beer, he says to Erika that she hurt Boogie’s feelings by not kissing him when she was willing to kiss Will. Erika says something than says ‘it doesn’t have anything to do with our alliance.’ So it is apparent now that they had an alliance coming in, but they didn’t get to talk much because Janie came over to the hammock. Janie says “You guys make a cute couple, you should just kiss. Erika come on, he’s cuter than Josh.”

When Janie walked away, Erika said she is trying to throw people off about their alliance, but that earlier Kaysar said something to her like ‘Your guy Boogie...’ Boogie says “When that happens just say something like ‘ewww, he farts.’ Now Boogie asks Erika who she would put up. Erika says Howie & Diane to split the house and Howie would go. Boogie: “Howie?” Erika: “Yeah, they don't have the votes…” Boogie tells Erika to keep playing up the rib ‘thing’ and she laughs.

James and Dani are in HOH. James recalled Erika mentioning that she was throwing the HOH competitions; he says “Doesn't she know the pressure we are in every week to win? Does she not care?” Then they talk about Jase and how they need 5 votes to save him. James thinking Boogie might vote off Will. Danielle doesn't think so. Then Danielle said she doesn’t understand why Boogie didn't try to win POV to save Will. Dani said she needs to talk to Will and see if he says he really wants to leave.

Kaysar and Diane have their heads together in the HOH bathroom talking about who to vote out. James comes down and says “Am I interrupting anything?” They both say no, they are just going over the pros of cons of who to keep in the house. James says “You're welcome to come upstairs to discuss it.” They both decline. James says “I see I'm back to being worthless.” James walks away. Diane tells Kay that Jase really wants to play the game; she doesn't know what to do, but that they have all day to talk about it tomorrow. Diane tells Kay she is glad they had this conversation. Kaysar mentions something about seeing Diane and Janelle together the other day and he was glad that they hit it off. Diane and Kay hug and Diane says they will stay in touch after the show. She says Boogie & Will are offering her a job and then she'll stay in LA area. Kaysar asks “Doing what?” Diane: “I don't know but I'm not going to be a bar whore.”

Janie comes into the HOH bathroom now and says she is going to take a bubble bath with Erika. They want Will to join them, they drug him upstairs and he is saying no way. Will tells Janelle he understands her want for an older man…and then he says ‘you girls will find someone special one day’. Will goes downstairs to find Kaysar and says “They want me to take a bath with them, what should I do?” Kaysar says “You can make out with two women and destroy everything you have built up in the past year .....”

Enter Boogie into HOH bathroom, I guess if Will won’t get in Boogie will! So he does. Boogie says “Okay I know we're all having fun and everything (in a serious voice)…” Janie: “You want to make an alliance, don't you?” Boogie: F*** the game! "I have the hottest women on reality TV in a hot tub with me, you think I care about the game right now?!" Marc walks in now and he is laughing his ass off at the sight of these people in a bath together.

Elsewhere, Jase is telling Howie that Will is arrogant and he wants to win this game. If he gets sent home, he won't be able to handle it. Jase thinks Dr. Will is here to win the game again, not for the money, but so that he can say "I did it again." Howie says Dr. Will is a sneaky little bastard. James says, “You thought I was a snake?” Danielle asks “Did you watch Season 2?” Jase: “Will makes you doubt yourself.” Danielle realizes Will was the second vote for Diane's eviction. Jase is pleading that he wants to leave like a man like after laying and winning the veto to save him, not by being back doored. James says “You have to understand, if we keep you in the house, it’s a huge risk for us.” Jase: “No I don't understand that.” James: “Come on, you have to put yourself in our position.” Jase swears he will not go after Janelle, Sov4 etc. Says he's a man of his word. James says Jase's mom will kick him in the ass if he goes home (for not listening to her and for getting involved with Dr. Will).

Howie says they need to talk about it so Jase leaves. James tells Jase to check on his bathroom and make sure the others are not destroying it. Danielle says “What do you think, Howie?” Howie: “We have nothing to lose either way.” James: “Will & Boogie haven’t promised us jack shit.” James thinks boogie might vote Will out but Dani and Howie say no way. James also doesn’t believe that Will and Boogie are as drunk as they act. He thinks they are pretending so they can get Erika and Janie to look foolish on national TV.

Boogie walks outside with a towel and interrupts Howie and James’ conversation. Howie gets up to throw his laundry in and James tells Howie to "check on Janie." And then under his breath says "someone has to look out for her dumb ass." (Although I was LMAO when James said this, he was serious, probably thinking that Janie is capable of saying too much.)

Now James and Dani are trying to have a quick chat. It sounds like they are leaning on keeping Jase around. James says that Janie and Marcellas are in cahoots. James starts counting the votes for Jase to stay and says “there isn't any way in the world that Janelle will vote for Jase to stay.” They need one more vote, maybe they can get it from Howie, but that it depends if they can make him see that Janie is betraying them. Danielle wants to know if they always get together to decide who to vote and James says we back up the HOH except that when Kaysar nominated people week 2. Dani thinks Janelle will play the viewers just like she does the people in the house, she will never admit in the diary room that she was betraying the S6 or that she had alliances before they came in. They both agree Janie is a hard core player. James says he really wants Will gone and Dani says ‘okay, let’s do it!’

Upstairs now Howie has joined in the bath tub. He hops on in behind Janie, the dang thing is overflowing now, then we get flames..lol, gee I wonder why? LOL, Howie is making sex noises and then says “James is going to kill us.” Marc and Will are running upstairs to see what’s going on.

Uh oh, downstairs Jase is saying that the water from upstairs is over flowing into the downstairs bathroom through the ceiling. There were lots of flames and when we come back Howie and Erika have gotten out of the tub. So it’s just Janie and Boogie in the tub. Howie is sitting outside the tub and he says “look for little Boogie Janie.” Janie: “Screw you Howie.” Boogie: “I want to join the cool kids alliance how do I do it?” Janie: “I don’t know ask Howie.” Howie: “I don’t know ask Janie.” Boogie: “Well we have to figure it out before Thursday.” Janie: “You’re not on the block what does it matter?” Boogie: “Good point, I like the way she thinks….” Howie says “Throw Will under the bus and we're in business.” The discussion turns serious and Janie says to Boogie to win HOH, “shock the hell out of me and win it.”

1:00 AM Bath Tub Talk
Janie, Boogie and Howie are still upstairs talking about the game and being serious about it. Boogie flat out tells Janie that if he gets HOH, he is going to put up one of them and Kaysar and that Kaysar will stay. Boogie said they broke the agreement by putting up Jase. Janie told him she was going to put up a floater but now she will put him up.

Boogie says “You guys decided to trust Marcellas’s gay ass so if Jase, Will, or myself wins HOH then one of the SOV alliance is going home.” Janie is getting pissed. She is saying that they were going after floaters. Then Boogie calls out her and Marcellas and the deal they have. Janie tells him there are 4 of us and 2 of you....Boogie interrupts and says “one of you is going home because of bitches like Marcellas. Janie says “We are in the tub and you are telling me you are going to put me up, that pisses me off.” Erika comes in and Howie takes her to the hot tub so that Boogie and Janelle can still talk.

Janelle tells Boogie that Jase is a floater and he has to go. Boogie asks her who she would put up and she doesn’t really say other than she will ‘not’ put up Marcellas. She tells Boogie to go ahead and go for S6 and don't go after a floater, in a more threatening manor. She tells Boogie that if the S6 were gunning for Chilltown; and that he would be up with Will not Jase. Boogie expresses concern over Janie saying she will not put up Marc, she says “Do something about it then, win HOH.” Boogie tells Janie straight out that he was putting her up not Marcellas. Janelle is trying to intimidate him and he is standing up to her. She keeps telling Boogie that they aren't going after Chilltown, but he keeps coming back to her targeting Jase. Erika comes in and Janie and Boogie get out of the tub.

Janie and Boogie are out of the tub now and outside. Will is egging Boogie on to tell everyone what happened in the tub. Boogie isn’t saying anything and isn’t very happy. Janie on the other hand is quite happy. Will keeps up telling Boogie to tell them what happened. Boogie appears to be drunk and somewhat speechless. He says she basically told me if I want something done in the house to win HOH. He seemed somewhat defenseless against Janie outside, but was the opposite when it was just the two of them in the bath tub.

Boogie went inside and is calling Janie a bitch and some other names (she is still outside.) Janelle is inside now in the bathroom; Boogie acts all pissy to her. Janelle asks why he's so mad. Boogie says “because you called me out.” Janelle doesn’t understand, Boogie says "Telling me that if I want something done to win HOH myself." Boogie says something about how Marcellas is more valuable to her. Janelle tells him not to try and read her mind and put words in her mouth. Boogie: “I know exactly what you're thinking, sweetheart.” Janelle seems annoyed and but is relaxed. Janelle tells Boogie he is jealous that she and Marc are friends. Boogie sarcastically says "oh yeah, that's it. Who will be in the end with you, Howie or Marc?” Janelle says she's leaving next week. Boogie asks why. Janelle says “I don’t want to be in this shit hole.” Marc walks in and Janelle says "Marc, do you love me?" Marcellas hugs her and says of course. Janelle says “Marc loves me and that's what matters.” Marc goes to the toilet and Kaysar is also there slightly amused by all of this. Janelle is just combing her hair, not bothered. Booige is mad.

Upstairs now Marc is asking Janie what was going on in the bathroom. Janie says that Boogie is trying to sabotage their relationship (and goes on to explain some of what was said). She says “Boogie isn’t very nice.”

Now Boogie is telling Dani what just went down with Janie. He tells Danie “She looked me right in the eye and said 'You handle it, win HOH.' Challenging my manhood! I'll f’ing drown that bitch!”

2:00 AM
At this point Boogie is sloppy drunk. He is now in the dark with Jase and telling him about what went on with Janie. He has all kinds of words and name calling for her now that they aren’t face to face. He tells Jase that Howie just sat there and let her talk to him like that. Jase tells Boogie to win HOH and "crush their dreams, dude." Boogie: "I will crush Janelle's dreams. You know what's so f’d up about her and her f’ing whore ass? She won’t go home because she'll just glom on to some guy. Whatever you f’ing whore (c word), trash bucket." (Trust me he said worse, but I’ll leave that for your imagination.) Boogie says “I f’ing hate this Jase; dealing with these f’ing idiots. You’re my favorite guy in her Jase.” Jase returns the sentiment.

Dani is now in the room with Jase and Boogie and Boogie is re-hashing and saying the same crap about Janie. At this point Jase and Dani are laughing at it all. Boogie says “I was like 'Am I even being talked to like this by a cocktail waitress’? I told Janie ‘listen, I'm not here to win half a millions dollars, I'm here to crush your dreams’, and then she said ‘okay, win HOH then’." Boogie is telling them that Janelle said she wouldn't care if she went home next week because she'll fly home on a G5 jet (which, for the record, is a lie). Boogie says that when he goes he is going to hide Howie’s meds and take Janies sun glasses.

Meanwhile, up in HOH there is a group, I think Will, Howie, Erika, Kay, James…talking about their pets and a little politics. Will says he is largely a republican. They talk about shortages in the medical field. Someone turns the talk to John Edwards and Will says “don’t even go there, I don’t like that guy and don’t want to talk about him.” Will says people who work hard should get more money. Erika says “but everyone knows we live in a world where not everyone has the same opportunities.” She says something about the white males’ domination of opportunity and power in the ‘world’. James says “that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Do white men make China's rules? Do white men make Brazil's rules? No." They move on to talking about taxes and the war in Iraq.

Howie and Janie are talking outside. She tells him that Boogie tried to call her out on a side deal with Marc. Howie asks if she has one, she says "NO!" She tells Howie what she said to Boogie about ‘if you want me out, get HOH and put me up!’ Howie agrees. Janie says getting rid of Will this week would be a mistake. Howie asks why. She said “it’s nothing personal; I love Jase and despise Will.”

Okay this is nasty, but you gotta know that Boogie just peed in a bottle and he was talking about Janie calling her a c*** and saying he would like to pour this on her head. At least it seemed when he went to the bathroom just before going to sleep he took the bottle in there and didn’t come out with it, so Janie is at least safe from being peed on right now.

Aside from some general chit chat in HOH and the agreement amongst them that Jase must go, everyone is asleep shortly after 5 AM!