Wow, what a week so far, I can hardly wait to see what happens today, Tuesday yet again. Hopefully they keep us interested and amused. By the way, just a reminder to hug your updaters, aren't they doing just a wonderful job for us this year? Thanks guys, we couldn't do it without you.

So far no real movement in the house other than Boogie getting up to whiz and heading back to bed.

Danielle is up, in the WC then out to the kitchen to make herself some breakfast. Her shoes apparently sound like they are wet, so she is smacking food, burping, squishing and otherwise making loud obnoxious noises. Danielle is talking to herself or us, says she is going to work out for the first time in the BB house. Soon Dani is joined by Janelle and CG. CG informs Dani he intends to vote Dr. Will out. Everyone house to get up since there is going to be an outside lockdown.

Lockdown, apparently to fix some plumbing in the bathroom. Dani and Kaysar talking. Howie singing and blaming it on James. Howie says hi to Sarah and Rachel. Talk is about a PoV competition in BB6. Mostly they are trying to stay out of the sun. Will compares living out back like living in a hot wet blanket. Will wants the internet viewers to go to his coffeebear site. James wants his haters to have heart attacks. [Now there is that James charm that I loved from last season!!] Will asks for Jenga back along with paper and lighter fluid. Kaysar and James discuss politics and Iraq, then it goes to flames. When lockdown ends around 1pm, they stay outside and continue their discussion.

After Lockdown around 1pm
CG is making himself some slop, Jase is cutting up his shirt. James and Kaysar still going about politics, war, etc. BB has given them a scale. Dani is at 130, CD at 212, and Diane has gained weight. Dani and Boogie in the pool. James still at Kaysar about how he would have handled things after 9/11. CG falls off a lounge chair in the BY. Kay and James go inside to weigh themselves. James tries to get everyone to guess his...... 181. Boogie is at 186. Boogie wearing a towel in the BY and apparently is told by Erika and Dani that his junk is hanging out.

James is trying to convince Kay that Marc is a threat because of Janie. Kay listens but is not really responding. James continues talking. James wonders if Will really wants to go home. James thinks Janelle will never vote out Marc, Kay says he will. James finally leaves to go find out if Will really wants to go. Kay stay on the bed, thinking.

Boogie talking about the twenty that were considered for allstars. Talks about Monica, imitates her. Wonders if Jun was asked to do allstars. He was surprised to see Nak there. James and Kay cleaning the kitchen. Jase, Dani, CG and Boogie by the pool, talking about The Swan. Talk of small towns compared to cities. Jase and Dani say they prefer quiet life, Jase would be happy if you weren't able to do or buy anything on Sundays. He enjoys sitting on the porch with his family. George talks about Vegas and old ladies who play bingo at 1am. Pool talks changes to River Phoenix, Joaquin and Johnny Depp ala Pirates. Erika says she might adopt if she doesn't find mr. right. Howie offers to inseminate her. James assures Howie he is probably not her man of choice. Idle chit chat in the HoH between Jan, James and Howie.

Will and Boogie are talking and at first Boogie claims to not recall his ranting and raving from last night. As Will talks to him, suddenly Boogie remembers it all but feels justified because he was pissed man. Boogie is worried his mom might have seen him pissing in the apple juice jar. Will tells him that its on YouTube all over the internet by now. Will seems unsure of how America feels about them, hates them or loves them. Janie made pizza. Will feels cauliflower has no purpose in the world. [ed. I am sure cauliflower feels the same way about you Will.] BB reminds the hamsters they are not to speak to each other about diary room sessions. Will asks if he can speak to a chair about it, BB says no.

Will working out, Howie acts like his personal cheerleader. Will gets called to the diary room. James catches Howie alone for a moment and tells him they need to vote out Will this week, Howie seems surprised. Jase tells James and Howie that he will put up Janie, not them. Will returns and the conversation turns to protein shakes, Jase says they are useless. They talk about Boogie last night, Will says Boogie likes to drink and throw himself under the bus. James says it was more like throwing himself under a freight train. Jase says he hates fake boobs, Howie says he is an as* and legs man, James says no, you're an as* with legs. James is trying to get Howie to play for himself but do what Jase wants. Marci and Jase discussing live feeds, how they work, about last years group on the feeds, etc.

Marci and Will talk about underwear, going commando, and preferences when they do wear underwear. Feast arrives, sushi and beer. Will is playing pool with CG, CG tells Will to go eat but Will decides to stay with CG and show some support for his slop diet. James and Janie talk in HoH about voting out Will over Jase. Jase and Diane talk strategy. Lots of talk of getting rid of Janie, hating Janie, etc. Dani and Kaysar discuss game, who to vote out, upcoming weeks, previous BB seasons etc. Janie, James and Howie rehashing season six mistakes in front of Erika. Seem upset with each other. When Erika leaves, Janie storms out of the room pissed, or so it seems until she realizes Erika is not right outside. Janie goes back inside to James and Howie. Jase and Dani go to HoH room to see what they can do about votes. Marc tries to get into HoH, Jase asks James to lock him out. James tells Marci to wait.

Jase talking to James and Howie in HoH. Jase says he plans to put up Janelle but only because he heard she wanted him out. James tells him Janie stood up for Jase even when others had begun to mistrust him. Trying to get Jase to agree to keep all of S6 safe for a couple weeks if they keep Jase around. Jase says he will go after Marci and Erika. They seem to have a deal in place now. Will heads up to HoH. Erika, Dani and Marci talk in the red room, concerned that there is a deal being made in HoH with Jase and that Jase may come after them. Will goes into HoH, wants to talk to S6, but Dani shows up. General chit chat til Dani leaves, then Howie asks Will about skin cells. Weird talk about skin, Will seems uncomfortable.

Dani goes back to meet up with Erika and Marci. They are concerned Jase will be around next week, they want him gone. They keep saying something is just not right. Dani and Diane talk with Jase, find out his deal with S6. They tell him that Marci and Erika are freaking out. Jase talks to Dani, tells her about his deal with S6, says he wants to win HoH so he can keep his promise to put up Boogie and show them he keeps his word. James talks to Dani in BY. Will and Boogie talking to Janie, Kay and Howie. Will keeps trying to get them to ask him questions [his way of gathering info] but they have no questions, just keep talking about his not wanting to play or stay. Will wants them to let him know if he is going home, they avoid answering. Finally Will heads off to bed. S6 seems split once more, Kay and Janie want Jase out, think something is up with James and Dani.

Janie and Marci talking. Marci asking if S6 made a deal to vote out Will. Janie says no, they are still going after Jase. Marci assures Janie that Erika and Diane will vote to get Jase out. Dani tells Boogie she is not sure about votes, who is going or staying. Will tells Boogie he doesn't want to play this game, is ready to go home. Will plans to make the rounds and tell everyone he wants to go home and that Boogie will do better as a floater. S6 in another battle over who to send home, Jase or Will. James defends Jase, the rest want to vote out Jase. James is playing the victim, he brings up them nominating him last year, they all agree that was a mistake.

Boogie comes in and tells S6 that Will's ego won't allow him to say he wants to stay. He says if they want to bully their way to the top.... [huh?] James calls him out on the use of the word bully, since all they have done is retain HoH power. Boogie backtracks, says the guys in power are usually di*ks and a**holes, but that they are not like that. He wants to take out floaters. Boogie leaves. S6 talks some more but they seem happier now, and resigned to voting out Jase. James still feels bad about backdooring, but they seem to be in agreement. Talk turns to having to win HoH again next week and who they might put up. They are joking around and back at ease again.

Janie and Howie getting ready for bed. Kaysar in the kitchen. Howie comes into the kitchen carrying clothes mentions Erika snoring. Kaysar asks Howie not to sell his [Kaysar's] hair on ebay. Howie says he will give it back to Kay in the morning, Kay can burn it in the firepit. Howie is flossing, Kay is praying, the rest seem to be sleeping. After a shower, Howie finally heads to bed.

As of 5:33am, all hamsters sleeping, although some were restless.
So ends another Tuesday Recap. Thanks for your kind attention.... boy this stuff just goes all over the place doesn't it? See you next week, and remember to hug your updaters, they keep is informed and are doing an amazing job.