8:06 a.m.BBT
Marcellas is up, makes a quick trip to the Diary room then heads back to bed.
9:13 a.m.BBT
BB plays “Hot in Hurrr” by Nelly as wake up music
Slowly but surely Hg’s get up. It seems that Will is flip-flopping on whether he wants to stay in the house or get evicted this week. He is discussing this with Mike, and they continue to discuss this with George, Jase, and Danielle outside.
Everyone leaves with just Boogie and Jase remaining. Jase lets Boogie know that if he is not evicted he will go after the S6er’s. They both have Danielle’s game figured out, that she runs back and forth between the alliances.
Boogie and Will are in the storage room. Will is wondering if he is on S6er’s radar. He says that if he stays he will have to spend the next 2 weeks convincing everyone that he will take a voluntary leave before sequester. Boogie asks him if he is going into sequester and Will says he may have too, smiling. Will tells Boogie that he is all out playing now and they decide they will put up 2 members of S6er’s if they get HOH. They will say that Jase told them about the deal they had with Jase to put up Boogie. They decide that after S6er’s break up they will pick up two of them. Will says that he told the Diary room that Chilltown is taking applications for new members, but said some of the new members aren’t going to make it very far. What these two don’t know is that George has been listening in on their discussion.

Erika is up in the HOH room with James. James again complaining that he did not want to nominate Jase. It is the other 3 S6er’s fault. He goes on to say that he hates that BB is a team sport and doesn’t even feel like he was HOH this week.
Will, Boogie and Danielle are outside. Will expresses his suspicion of Erika being a liason for S6er’s. He says that when he found out that he(Will) had the votes to stay that Erika ran upstairs to the HOH to tell them what was going on. Danielle makes an ~oops!~
She says that Erika wasn’t doing that because the S6er’s were already keeping Will. They reply to Danielle that 20 minutes ago she didn’t know what S6er’s were doing! Danielle tries to recoup by saying she just found out, and she is always talking to people.
Jase tells Boogie that he got a tip that he will be the one evicted and Erika told him it is because he doesn’t close his mouth enough to listen. Boogie acts oblivious to this information and asks Jase what they should do to plan for his farewell. Jase does not seem interested in planning any big scene on eviction night. He says that now that he knows he is going, that he feels free.
Marcellas, Danielle and George discuss the slop and wonder why it makes them have gas.
Meanwhile Jase is telling Diane that he is going home.. Jase says the S6er’s knew he would come after them. This angers Diane and she says she doesn’t want to be there, but quickly changes her mind that she does indeed want to be there. She hates the S6er’s and she plans to get redemption for Jase and Nakomis. Jase refuses to put his mic on at BB’s request because he is spraying Evian water mist on his body.
Danielle, Marcellas, Diane, and Erika talk of BB fans , internet fans, and live feed viewers.
Marcellas: I don't mind if you're sitting there directly typing every word. But when you interject your take on it, and when your take is negative, I have a problem with it.

Danielle: Some websites are just for composers, no personal opinions, just type what was said. What I'm curious about, if all five of us are here and we're bashing someone, does the Internet say we're all bashing when only one person is and we're just listening?
Marcellas: To me, just play the game and don’t worry about the Internet.
Marcellas: Because they're not the real fan.

Danielle: You don't think the Internet fans are the real fans? Big Brother fans are better than Survivor fans, because they watch it word-for-word; it's not edited...

Erika: ... everything is up for interpretation. You can't please everybody. Don't you agree (to Marc)

Marcellas: Absolutely.

Erika: What is the line for the season?

Danielle, Marcellas, and Erika: It is what it is.

Erika: Big Brothers All-Stars tag line

Marcellas: This woman wrote the most vile things about them (not sure who exactly) but you have two children at home. Is that what you want your legacy to be?

Marcellas: I think if you're just there to bash and trash then there's something within yourself that you need to work out.

Marcellas goes on to say that last year on House calls he got caught up in the Nerd Herd bashing, but it went to far when people started calling and writing letters trying to get Maggie fired. When he said enough is enough people started turning on him. (Internet fans)
Janelle, Marcellas, and Boogie are in the backyard discussing whom they will bring to the wrap party with them. They are also discussing Marcellas' mother & how they were once almost estranged due to him being on TV and being gay. "It's a horrible stigma in the black community." He misses his mom and talks about how good Mom was on TV and how proud of him she was. "People may say my son is a f*g, a fruit, a sissy, but...." Marcellas was saying, "Mom, stop! They get the point!" They are laughing real hard.
James gets the HOH camera. Howie wants James to take a picture of his fupa.
James, Janelle, Howie, George, Will, and Danielle are all inside taking various pictures. Will does not want to show his face in pictures. James mentions that the camera stuff isn’t as good this year. Howie says that’s because BUSTO isn’t there.
Kaysar and Danielle are in the gym and they are discussing taking out Marcellas. Danielle tells Kaysar that she doesn’t want to go out by Marcellas’ hands. Kaysar agrees and as he starts to elaborate Marcellas walks in. They tell Marcellas they are discussing nominations. Marcellas tells them to continue their conversation and they start to talk about Jase.
Marcellas and Erika are discussing putting Howie up as a nominee. Marcellas saying that he was going to put Howie up with George and lie that Howie was the pawn, when actually Howie would be the one to go. But now since Jase went ballistic (called him out) he doesn’t want it to seem like Jase was telling the truth, when he wasn’t.
Marcellas says that Jase tied his wrists. That if you are going to go out, then go but don’t take people down as you go.
Now James and Danielle are in the gym talking about Erika. James says that Erika is really annoying him. He goes on to say that he was ripping on Karen and Danielle stops him and asks “Karen who?” James tells her Karen from BB5, Danielle still doesn’t seem to remember Karen, and James explains that Karen didn’t do well and no one ever remembers her.
James continues telling Danielle that he was explaining to Erika why he didn’t like Karen. He says she was like furniture, was she even there?(Karen) and Erika replied that maybe that was Karen’s strategy.
James: That's not a f’ing strategy! Know what I mean? To hang around like a piece of furniture until someone sees you move. That's no f’ing strategy. (Danielle is going umm hmmm...yah, um hmmm the whole time). It's pathetic. Know what I mean? To kiss everyone's ass and just be crap. (Kaysar returns)
James: It's like...(peers around) it's like the same thing. (Erika's strategy)
Danielle: (In front of Kaysar who is cleaning treadmill) You feel like that is her strategy?
James: Completely. Completely. To not do anything. At least I just want people to have opinions, you know what I mean? We're all individuals. We all have our opinions; we all have our ideas of right and wrong. Who should stay and who should go. To never hear it BOTHERS ME.
Danielle: (sitting on floor of gym) To commit to something?
James: Exactly! Everyone else is committing to something, except that person.
In the Kitchen..
George puts a knife in the toaster. It seems he got something stuck in there and BB tells him “George, Stop that!” George is oblivious as to what he is doing wrong until Jase points out that the toaster is plugged in.
The Camera follows George to the pool. Boogie, Danielle, Erika and Kaysar are there chatting. Boogie starts to talk about Arnold(One of the show’s producers)the cameraman switches the live feed over to sleeping houseguests!!
Boogie is mimicking Will saying he wants to go home. He does other houseguests as well and they are all laughing.
Jase tells Boogie that during his rant he was screaming at the camera and the camera turned away from him.
Boogie says that BB took one of the beds and Kaysar says he noticed it a couple of days ago.
Boogie is getting a Bentley GT convertible if he wins BB. He says everyone else is putting kids through college; he's buying a car. George asks him how much it costs. Boogie says the non-convertible is $150,000 the convertible is probably $175,000. George asks if you see a lot of them around. Boogie says around LA, yes, you see them all the time. Boogie wants BIG BRO on the license plate.
Boogie wants Taco Bell for their feast tonight.
Will tells George he needs to grow a Mohawk. George says that he has to grow some hair first. He says he likes that he's getting some hair back. James says he'd look stupid if he had a shaved head. He has a peanut head.
Danielle wants a vespa when she gets out of the house.
Both Janelle and Marcellas are sleeping.
BB announces an inside lockdown. They are in lockdown because they are setting up the yard for HOH
Will, Boogie and Erika are in the HOH room. Boogie does some Kaysar impressions. Then Boogie tells them that in the Diary room he was asked to compare someone to Will’s girlfriend. He apparently was asked about Janelle and he trashed her saying that she was out of Will's league.
Erika is no longer there and Will says that if they get HOH, they will gather the S6er’s together and let the 4 of them decide which 2 are going up. He says if they can’t make up their minds than he will let the house decide. He thinks that will make the “floaters” the bad guys. Will says if you get rid of Howie, it’s like getting rid of Janelle’s baby.
Will thinks if anyone is coming back into the house, it will be Jase. Boogie says if it is America’s choice, it will be Nakomis.
Will wants to have a conversation with James to tell him that he (James) either has to leave the S6er’s alliance or be put up and evicted if Chill town wins HOH!
James and Kaysar are in the storage room. James tells Kaysar what he put in his HOH blog. James makes fun of Kaysar and calls him a mamma’s boy because Kaysar is having trouble getting a basket off the wall. They wonder where Boogie and Will are and joke “The greatest showmance in reality TV”.
Everyone goes to the HOH room where Boogie and Will are. Now all the HG's are up there laughing at them eating in bed and teasing them that it's so romantic. They have a pillow between them so their butts don't touch!!! The other HG’s rib Will and Boogie a bit more, making fun at them for eating and being in the HOH bed together. Once the others have left, Boogie thinks they all have left and says three times "You're all going home". Marcellas then walks out of the HOH bathroom and leaves.
Boogie says “Sh*t, I forgot he was in there!” and the two of them laugh.

James, Janelle, and Marcellas are in the red room talking about tomorrow’s feast. Janelle and Marcellas want In&Out Burger. James doesn’t like that. James says it is Boogie and Jase’s choice. Marcellas replies that Jase will not be there tomorrow.
Janelle has been called to the Diary room. James and Marcellas are taking naps. Kaysar and Erika are playing chess. Diane and Danielle are sitting in the living room, complaining of being bored. They discuss what they will wear tomorrow, clothes, HOH competition, and polishing toes.
Howie and Janelle are in the kitchen. Howie says they have to get S6er’s rolling and get the others out of the house.
Howie “These houseguests will pay for what the Nerd Herd did to them!”

Kaysar tells Erika that being there is like Sesame Street in the third dimension. He says that George is snufalufagous, Howie is Big Bird and Will is the Count.
Some houseguests are now playing a memory game in the living room while some are cooking various foods in the kitchen. George helps Howie cook, because Howie doesn’t seem to know what he is doing.
Kaysar, Erika, Diane, and Danielle are playing charades now in the living room. The Category is Occupations. Erika is up first.
Erika gets up and stands there with her hands covering her face thinking and repeating "let me think let me think let me think". Says she has to think of a hard one.
She moves her hands and while saying, "this could be difficult but I am up for the challenge" she spins in a circle all embarrassed and loses her balance and stops.
Diane: Ice Skater?
She covers her face again and paces, again repeating, "let me think, let me think, let me think". Then while her face is still covered she kicks her leg up.
Danielle: Ballerina, dancer, stripper.
She does another ballerina move, (ed note: she is dancing like a ballerina, hands in circle above her head and leg up and spin).
Kaysar: Ballerina? (ed note: they all keep guessing this because she is obviously a acting out ballerina.
Then she does the ballerina move AGAIN and Diane says: Ballerina teacher?
Diane says Ballerina Instructor?
Kaysar: (giving up) Firefighter?
Erika: I'M A JEDI!!!
That pretty much killed the game. Erika was the first and last one.
While some houseguests are still cooking, others are chit chatting. Kaysar says that George is the BB house Cinderella, because he does all their cleaning and cooking and has to eat slop.
Erika says this is a romance free house this year. Danielle replies except for the two upstairs! (Will and Boogie)
BB has called Lockdown over and the Houseguests go outside to see what is there, but it is nothing. They do believe though that something was set up and taken back down. Howie goes to inspect the area to see if they set something out and then tore it down. He's picked up on indentations and other things being put back differently in the yard. Danielle mentions that she heard hammers and such.
James, Marcellas, and Diane are in the backyard discussing Jase, his behavior, and someone possibly coming back into the house. Will and Boogie finally come downstairs and join the others.
Marcellas thinks they will be getting something. The Diary room has been asking them what they each want. They also discuss planes, seeing themselves while on flights, and time zones.
Boogie and Erika are in the HOH bed. They are discussing how far it is to go to the bathroom at night, how bored they are, and Boogie’s drinking. Erika tells him there has to be a happy medium when he is drinking and Boogie replies don’t talk to him about game after he has had 4 beers and they’ll be cool. Boogie is worried about going to sequester. He says if he goes to sequester and he isn’t in the top 3 , his partner will be PO’ed.
They turn on the spy screen. Boogie wonders if Danielle is ever going to get nominated. She has ingrained herself with everyone. He says that Danielle and Kaysar spend a lot of time together. He then asks Erika “Who is the most dangerous of the four? Who would be the one gone that would do the most damage to the alliance? Janelle the most individually, but if you took out Kaysar because he's the most calm, James would flip, and Howie is just dumb"
Erika: “I feel very torn. I like Kaysar too much to go after him this soon.”
Boogie asks her if she has too tight of a relationship with Kaysar to go after him and Erika replies, no.
Erika: “With Kaysar gone, they’ll split apart. Kaysar and Janelle would be more willing to align with others than Howie. I think that they want to be broken up.” She says that Kaysar, Howie and Janelle would never nominate one another.
She goes on to say that Howie is what holds that team together.
Boogie: “He's the rah-rah person”
Erika: “Right”
Boogie says Howie is the least likely to win a competition and Erika says she doesn't know.
Erika also mentions that something is going on between Danielle and Marcellas. She saw them talking the other day. Boogie says that Danielle is working every angle. Erika says she is working it too hard. She also tells Boogie that if Danielle won HOH, she would put of Janelle and Howie, and try to get Janelle evicted.
Boogie says he is cool with that. Erika says whatever, as long as it isn’t her.
They see Marcellas coming up to the HOH room through the spy camera and pretend they are sleeping.

In the backyard James tells Diane, George, and Will about Michael of BB6 and how weird he was. Howie replies that he really likes Michael and he spent 6 weeks with Michael and Kaysar. He slept on their couches.
Will asks for what and Howie says he was doing speaking engagements, selling BB memorabilia, and Charity work. Will rolls his eyes at this.
Boogie is outside with the other HG's, talking about Krista and her consistent lying; mentions that she (Krista) sued CBS over the Justin "knife" incident; because they (CBS) left her in the house with him for 4 hours after he put a knife to her throat. Boogie mentions that CBS settled the case.

Jase comments that he wasn't called into the Diary room today so far, "You know you're going home when they don't call you in, I haven't gotten sh*t... I definitely won't be in there talking about Mr. Fart...."
Danielle, Boogie, Marcellas, Will, and Jase are playing a song game. George outside making a shirt that says “Mr.Fart”, while Diane and James play badminton.
BB has just given the Houseguests alcohol.
Howie says that Will never does any lower body work. James does a Will impression... "Will, what do you do for your legs?" "Wear pants."

James is convinced the only people that will come after them (S6er’s) next week are Will and Boogie, because the others are worried about getting into sequester. James thinks the only one he has to worry about is George, but he's been having heart to hearts with him and thinks they've made up. He’ll understand if George puts him up because he did but he doesn't think he will. Howie says this is the one that Boogie can win because it's the crapshoot one. Erika slinks up mid whisper and interrupts their strategy and comes and lays down right in the middle of the two of them and flirts with Howie. She keeps teasing him.
Howie does shout outs to James kool-aid, all 44 of them.
Diane joins the group and informs them that Drew was bad in bed (sex).
Howie and Diane leave and James warns Erika that she needs to start giving opinions. He says he wants to look out for her but she never commits to anything and it is annoying. He says he can understand why others want her out. He warns her that all of the floaters will be thrown under the bus.
Will, Danielle, Janelle, Marcellas, and Kaysar are in the living room.
They are discussing relationships. Will mentions there is a girl who works as an intern at a hospital. She is Muslim, and super hot. He will not mention her name, due to people trying to track her down. Marcellas says, “To kill her!”
Janelle tells them about a friend of hers who cheated with Janelle’s boyfriend. Janelle says her name is Christina.
Janelle was 18, 1st year of college, and says she lost interest in her boyfriend and stopped having sex with him. She says he was attractive but her roommate was not attractive, despite being "5'11 blonde hair blue eyes." She was "busted." Janelle says she saw her bf with her roommate at Target one day and thought it was odd. So she got her girlfriends together for a "round table" discussion and one of them revealed that the roommate admitted she is sleeping with Janelle boyfriend. So Janelle had been drinking and then when the roommate got home, Janelle confronted her. We get flames...
Janelle starts to tell another story of one of her friends cheating with a different boyfriend, but flames and Will’s constant interrupting to ask questions makes it difficult to decipher.
Will is messing with the cameras and BB tells him to knock it off over the speaker.
A few Houseguests’ take off their mic in rebellion because BB isn’t replacing their food at midnight. We get flames…
Feeds down for maintenance from 1:00a.m. To 3:00a.m.BBT
Big Brother 7 Alert
Outage notice for Thursday, July 27th: Live feeds are expected to be down for maintenance 4am to 6am Eastern / 1am to 3am Pacific. On the nights that the live show airs, the broadcaster blocks live Big Brother 7 feeds during the network telecast. The feeds switch to the flames of the house fireplace or a trivia quiz while the live show airs on the East Coast: 8pm to 9pm Eastern / 5pm to 6pm Pacific.
The feeds come back at 2:23a.m.BBT
When the feeds come back on the Houseguests are eating a Feast. It looks like the rebellion worked.
Diane is complaining...saying she might try the "make yourself throw up thing." Janelle asking if it's because of the calorie content.
Some of the food includes French fries (apparently a lot), chicken fingers, nachos, hotdogs, hamburgers...as usual food came cold (or semi warm) and they are feeling bad about George and his slop diet.
Apparently when the Houseguest’s took their mic’s off BB threatened to turn the feeds off and they HG’s said they didn’t care, they were hungry. Looks like the Hg’s won that battle!
Hg’s chatting, seem to be in a good mood and we get Flames again from 2:55a.m. to 3:47a.m.BBT
James, Howie and Kaysar rehash the week’s events when the feeds return.
Howie talked about Janelle’s comment to Boogie, "Then win an HoH", and how angry he(Boogie) got.
James is rehashing getting Will out.
Kaysar wants to get Will and Boogie out this week and next week
James is bragging or complaining about people coming to him this morning about who to vote for.
Kaysar: "Did you make them salute?"
Lights out, but Kaysar is standing with his arms folded looking at the picture wall. He goes and gets his prayer rug. Then walks around the house here and there in deep thought. He went to the bathroom and for several minutes sat in one of the chairs. He finally gets up and goes to do his prayers. After he is done he goes to bed.
4:30a.m.BBT All are finally in bed and asleep.