Big Brother Recap July 27, 2006

Ducky time with Will and Slop for some!

The houseguests were woken up at to the song “Wake me up before you go” by Wham at 10:30 AM. Danielle and Janelle were already awake and had done the dishes. Danielle was dancing around the kitchen to the song. Will was pushing for Chicken George to win HOH. He wants him to win so he can eat food and wanted everyone to throw it his way. The houseguests get up and BB has them on inside lockdown. They played the wedding march over and over, James said they were playing it because they didn’t want them to hear what was going on in the back yard as they set up for HOH and practiced it.

Lots of flames throughout the day. Mostly we see the houseguests primping for today’s live show. Jase takes the award for primping the most between checking out his body, putting on make up and styling his hair he was in the mirror every time we got a view in the house.

At one point Kaysar did ask Howie not to sell his hair on e-bay. Howie agreed to give it to him. So sorry Kaysar fans you can no longer look forward to purchasing Kaysar’s curls!

After they practiced the HOH competition Howie was excited, this was one of the HOH competitions that he had won the year before. He explained to Danielle how to play and how to not play to stay in longer.

Before we got the flames again, Boogie was talking with Will about Jase being able to come back into the house. HE was certain someone would come back in and it would be Jase. Will then said hope they were there to witness it! LOL

On the Live show we saw Jase get choked up in his good bye speech and Will being Will! Jase was voted out with a 9-0 vote, Chicken George wearing a homemade “MR. Fart” T- Shirt with Marcellus’s wig and some fake gray mustache. The HOH competition was the eliminator won remade. Where if you answer the question correctly you can eliminate another houseguests. ALL the questions were geared around the words and their definitions on the bedroom walls in the house. Here is the order of elimination!
1) Marci - eliminated Boogie
2) Kay - eliminated Diane
3) Will - eliminated Howie
4) Will - missed question he was eliminated
5) Erica - eliminated Chicken man
6) Kay - eliminated Erica
7) Janie - eliminated Dani
8) Marci - eliminated Kay (personally she should've eliminated Janie - she really knows this stuff and it would have give Marci better odds for winning HOH against Kay
9) Marci and Janie still standing - Janie buzzes first, answers correctly. She wins HOH

So Janelle wins HOH and the S6 rule the house again!

Julie told us that the VETO competition will be a mental competition and that they will be playing the wake up calls that fans sent in. America’s Choice is how often to play them. They will be played tomorrow night, all night!

When the feeds are turned back on we see a happy Janelle and Marcellus talking. She said she thought of throwing the HOH to him but then she wanted the food!
Boogie and Danni quickly chat in the exercise room. Boogie is mad that Erika took out Chicken George and Marcellus taking him out first. He then told Danni have fun making it to the final 2 because you will never win! He is upset the floaters didn’t go after the S6 group.

Will suggested to Boogie that they tell S6 that if they nominate Boogie that both of them will throw the food competition and make them eat gruel all week.

There feast arrives promptly at 7 PM while they are on inside lockdown so poor George could not escape to the outside while they ate. Will wanted to feed George and Howie joined in asking BB to feed George too. They all ate Chinese food. After they chowed (George remained in the bedroom) they all opened fortune cookies, here is what each of their cookies said:
Janie - you will make a change for the better ( So how many times will her Noms flip flop this week???)
Marci - you will soon receive an unusual proposition (james: FROM KAYSAR!!)
Howie - you are a funloving person and you will find much happiness
Kaysar - for a good cause wrong doing may be virtuous ( HMMMM )
Danielle - you will take a pleasant journey to a place far away (Looks like Danni might make sequester!)
Boogie - prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them (Can’t beat them join them buddie! )
Erika - you will continue to make changes and be glad you did ( Erika who????)
A while later, Marci, Janelle and Erika are giggling in the red room
Marci is really happy about how the HOH turned out. He said it was weird how at the end it was Janelle, him, and Kaysar in the middle like they didn't have to expand the shot.

He was reenacting how he buzzed in and said Mike Boogie. They all laugh. He is arguing he was acting too gay. He can butch it up for them if they just point it out. They're all giggling. But he says he had to do it. Boogie tried to throw him under the bus all week and then told Janelle in the bathtub he was putting her and Marci up. Marci then says he has a feeling something bad will happen. BB will do something bad to him. He is convinced he'll be on slop.

Boogie tries to talk to Marcellus and he tells him that BB put them (Will and Himself) in there as a team so he had to play as a team, but it is unfair that BB put in the S6 in there as a team because there is 4 of them. as he whines to Marcellas about the Season 6 "team" being put in there because three of them were in a drum-tight alliance and the other one was cool with them too.

Boogie says he's not mad just because he thinks he's gonna be nominated but because BB put a team in here. He wanted to galvanize people to go after Season 6 but it didn't work.

Marcellus: I think that it wouldn't have been hard to galvanize people because this is All-Stars but it's what I said to Jase and I'll say it to you, the game you guys are playing with the always...

Boogie: Verbalizing?

M: It seems like there's two games being played where nothing's good enough... M says Will is trying to put people on edge, but that game is rubbing off on you.

Marcellus: When you are on you have a shot so you have to...

Boogie says the only time he's unhappy is when stuff like last night happened.

Boogie says Will draws attention because his ego doesn't let him hide in the background. He'd rather act like he left of his own doing than have someone put him out.

Boogie tries to convince Marci that Janelle could be telling him things for game purposes. Again laments S6 tightness and says the only way for someone else to win is to send home one before sequester and knock them all out along the way. Something really really big would have to happen to stop them from being friends.

Boogie: It's not even footing, but what are you gonna do. I think I'm a little frustrated with Erika too, unless she's a little afraid of them or has a thing with them too. I don't know why she'd take out Chicken George.

Boogie says he had no option but to play an adversarial game because of Will. You can't be in the background with Will. He wanted to let Will be the 2sshole and he'd do his own thing.

Boogie says he thought about warning Marcellas when they launched their save Jase plan, but told them that their plan all along was to keep Marcellas and if CT ever got HOH it would be 2 season 6 people going up.

Marc says there's another thing. Howie came to Marcellas and said Boogie told him that Marci and Boogie had dinner at Dolce before the show. Boogie is claiming Howie must have overheard him and Will talking about it. He never would have told him that. Marci asks if he could have told Jase who told Howie. Boogie says he didn't do that either. Going in he thought an alliance with Marci would be great because it would be so unexpected as they go in different circles and don't really talk...

Marci and Boogie sort of have made up.

B whispers to himself "I should've f'in gone to him..."

Boogie then finds Danni and Erika. He asks Erika why she took out Chicken George and not S6 or Marcellus. Erika told him George was a wild card and she didn’t know what he would do so she had no choice. Danni agreed with her. Boogie then whined some more on how unfair it is that S6 has the power etc. Danni told him not to give up that noms had not taken place yet and that he still had VETO to fight for.

Janelle gets her HOH room and it is all pink.

Once everyone sees the room and leaves, Howie, Janelle and Kaysar discuss noms. Janelle wants to target Diane and Boogie. She does not want to tell Boogie that she wants Diane to go, she wants him to sweat it out. While watching the spy cam they see James and Diane chatting. They discuss how James is in with them. That Diane and Danni are in tight with James. Erika interrupts and tells her it looks like a Barbie room (LOL). Janelle then asks who she would put up. Erika said Chicken George and the boys (Will and Boogie).

We went to flames for over an hour at 9 PM and when the houseguests return some posters speculate that they had the food competition, Kaysar made the comment that it was good that they didn’t have to eat slop because they would be on their game next week. Marcellus commented that he lost 5 pounds last week on slop an d will probably lose another 5 pounds! Diane and Will also it seems are on slop. The competition had something to do with balls and taking people out. Boogie took Marcellus out. None of the S6 are on slop. Though James is still complaining bout how unfair it all is (Get off that soap box James you signed a contract buddy! ).
James wants them to take out CT. Kaysar said Diane needed to go James fraks and said no it had to be CT or Marcellus (Just like he did that last week yeah right James! )Kaysar tries to explain to him that they need to get the floaters out so that they don’t vote with CT at the end. James is very confrontational and wants CT to be put up. Will interrupts and asks if he can take a bath, Janelle said to give them 10 minutes, he leaves and lies on the couch outside the HOH room. James wants them to go after Erika, and Marcellus. They said that Diane is verbal about coming after them. Kaysar said that he thinks that someone will come back and that they have to watch their backs. James keeps pushing to put up Marrcellus! Janelle said no way is Marcellus coming after us. James is really vocal trying to save Diane. James said eh will go after CT next week or maybe he will do what is best for him! Kaysar said that he shouldn’t look at is as them against you (S6 against James), James replied it is.

At 11:17 Will enters to take his bath. The group breaks up. Kaysar and Janelle whisper and have a brief conversation about James. They jokingly said that may James must have a deal with CT! Then they talk about how mad Marcellus will be about Boogie not going home. Meanwhile Will was in the tub, listening to the conversation. He called out to them and asked them to get him some ducks because he wanted to have a puppet show. Kaysar asks Will if he was going to take a penalty nom for eating and he replied that he had to check if it was a penalty norm or if it would get him thrown out of the house. Boogie enters and Will starts naming the ducks after the house guests. Boogie comments ont eh pink room and Will said it reminded him of peptol bismal! (LOL)

James finds Diane in the back yard and tells her that the S6 wants to nominate her, he suggest that she tells them that she is not going after them (in other words lie). He said that Howie and himself were not gunning for her (Funny Howie really was gunning to get her out). He told her it was just the beginning and to relax and play the game.

Janelle throws more ducks into the tub saying he needs some floaters! Will just keeps playing and talking to the ducks. He names them and strategizes with them. Wills puppet show is hilarious and needs to be viewed on youtube! He basically put on a puppet show telling the whole long story of the season, communicating through the puppets that he doesn't care if they send home scrubika, fiane, or farcellas. he wants to make sure rick foogie is protected.

He also thinks "fanelle" is in love with dr. mcdreamy and just wants to be held, and "dr. mcdreamy" is confused by life in the pond and can't decide whether he wants to have sex with "fanelle" or leave the pond. (this is why Will is an All Star even Will haters have to laugh at this stuff)
Here is a Will tub conversation while Janelle, Howie and Kaysar are in the bathroom with him.
Will (in the bath with his duck props on the bathtub ledge) to Kaysar, Janelle, and Howie --

Will: Does Faysar, Fupa, Fanelle, and Fames realize that only one person owns the pond?
Kaysar: Mmmhmm.
H: Absolutely.
Will: Can I just ask a question? Why don't you guys just split the money? Why don't you take 600 pieces of "pond seaweed" and split it 4 ways? Don't you think Rick Foogie & Dr. McDreamy have already thought about that?? It's a whole lot better to leave with...

Janelle: You're not supposed to talk about that though, it's against the rules.

Will: I don't know what you're talking about... Rick Foogie and Dr. McDreamy own multiple businesses together... 11 in fact.. and if sometimes money has to transferred from one business to another legally, no one has any control over that as long as the IRS taxes are paid. Just something to consider in the pond.... Cause, one person (moves one S4 duck over to separate them) leaves with 500 pieces of seaweed, one person leaves with (moves another S4 duck over a bit) 50 pieces of seaweed, two people leave with (moves 2 S4 ducks together) 25 pieces of seaweed. Why not let everyone leave with... (pushes the 4 S4 ducks together) I dunno... 150 pieces of seaweed? or... (big smile and moves over Dr. McDreamy and Rick Foogie props to join the S4 props) why not let 6 people leave with 100 pieces of seaweed (Janelle giggles) and have a whole lot of fun while they're eating seaweed (manic grin).

**Almost on cue, there's a knock on the HOH door that kills this from going any further. James & Dani enter HOH.

He finally gets called to the diary room at 1:47 (that is almost 3 hours he spent in the tub)

Diane goes up to HOH to talk to Janelle
Diane told her that the reason she wanted to keep Alison was because she's kind of a mess.

Diane says she doesn't want to kiss ass but Diane feels like the S6 is after her and her alone.

They talk about Jase and both feel like they were lied to by them. Jase told Diane that Janelle didn't like her, Jase told Janelle that Diane didn't like girls with blonde hair.

Diane says she wants to play the game with people, but she's in here all by herself.

She's saying when she walks in rooms people get quiet. Not just S6, but everyone.

She says Erika lied to her about the plan for everyone to vote Will out Wednesday morning when two other people had told her that's the way the house was going.

Diane: I'm loyal if I can get loyalty back.

She says because she's in here by herself no one wants to trust her.

Diane: If you want to put me up, put me up... I want to stay for sequester at least.

Diane says she is respecting people who are playing the game, She wouldn't put up Janelle. If she had three loyal people with her she'd totally do that.

Diane denies that she was with Jase ever. She also denied ever telling Chilltown she'd put her up.

They try and make up after the weird phone call apology that Janelle made to Diane. Diane claims she's no longer mad about what James and her said last year about her....

Diane tells Janelle "You intimidate the hell out of me."

Diane says when they're getting dressed for the live show they always have the same color scheme and she freaks out.

Janelle asks D about what she wrote about jokers. D claims she doesn't remember.

Diane says she wishes Janelle and her could have been friends sooner. Claims they'll be friends after the show. They have so much in common. Janelle agrees.

Diane sort of tells Janelle about how Danielle, Marci, Erika and her all agreed to keep Will the night before independently of what the S6 decided. Di is surprised even George knew how to vote because he had called Will a snake in the grass, but George was one of the people that warned her that the votes had switched.

Diane tells her to do what's best for her. She's not going to hold grudges. She doesn't want to go out but she'll not be mad either way.

Diane won't say put up Chilltown but she keeps mentioning two people that are blowing smoke up people's 2sses.

Doorbell rings and Will comes up and tells them he just wanted to say good night to the two of them.

Diane: I'm starting to dislike them more and more.

Diane then throws out an offer of the two of them running together. They can toss her out in sequester, but she just wants to get there. If Jan shows loyalty to her then she'll show loyalty back.

Diane says she doesn't want to be any part of swaying Janelle's vote so she's not going to tell her what she really thinks about people before the nominations but later she will.

She insists she thinks James is really cool and she's not after Janelle either or Howie or Kaysar.

Jan: I'm so glad we talked. *The two hug*

Janelle again apologizes for the stuff she said about Di last season and Di says it doesn't matter. It just hurt because Janey and James were her favorites from BB6.

Later Janie's lying in the HOH bed (very pink!!) talking to Howie.

How: We're going to have to go ahead with the floaters, before sh*t hits the fan, before they bring a f@cking as@h@le HG back

Jan: I want to keep Will in the game. Boogie for sure's going home.

How: What are the options? Those are the three coming at us, why not take them out of our path? We can't go toe-to-toe with floaters and adversaries. May as well go after the adversaries.

Jan: Who should I put up then? Both of Chilltown? I want to keep Will.

How: It's a tricky week. You don't think Diane's a threat?

Jan: I just trust her over them...

How: We've got to keep deflecting, keep it going, our alliance... there's no magical solution, we can only take out one person. So far we've made three great decisions, we've done awesome. The fear of Chilltown is that they suck, they never win, but they're coming at us, they've told us, we've got to get them out of the way before the attack of the floaters, which is coming. Dani's said they're not coming after us... but it's good and bad. We haven't seen the status of that side, are they going to hang out with us, OH, the BB6ers! We can win most of 'em, but a couple, we're going to slip on. BB will throw a twist to keep it honest. A crapshoot gives them an equal opportunity; the next two will be that way. Before we walked out to practice, though, you knew it was Eliminator!

Jan: Nicer setup this year.

At the same time Erika turns on the waterworks with Kaysar. She told him she feels so alone, that if she had Jack that she would at least have someone. Kaysar said it was a tough game that he was feeling down too about missing people from outside but he felt honored to be there and had to keep fighting. Erika cries that at least he came in with people he can trust she was so alone.

Janelle tells Kaysar she doesn’t want to put up Diane, that she believes her (why??) and that she said she was not going after them. She wants to keep Will and put Boogie out. She really doesn’t want to nominate Will but she will if she has to. Janelle then asks Kaysar what is wrong with him, he said he was depressed and homesick.

Of course Diane tells James about her conversation with Janelle while playing badminton. Here is that interesting conversation:
Diane pissed because she found out that Jase told Janelle that Diane hated her because she hated blondes. Diane says just because she hated Holly doesn't mean she hates Janelle. She is glad she voted out Jase now

Diane re-iterating her convo with Janelle to James. She says she holds not grudges and she loves Janelle. She said that she asked Janelle to trust her she will trust Janelle in turn.

Diane also pissed that Will and Boogie told Janie that Diane was coming after her. She said that she is pissed that Chill Town will sell anyone down the river. She wants to call them out.

James interupts and tells her not to call them out. He says that she should never call out, just listen and learn. He says calling people out backfires... just play quiet and listen and learn.

Diane says that before she entered the house, someone told her that Janelle is loyal to the people she believes are loyal to her. She asks James if this is accurate information? James says he doesn't know, the S6 were not loyal to him last season, so he doesn't know this year. James says that actions speak louder than words, and she should see if she gets nominated tomorrow, and if she didn't think she was supposed to be nominated she should win veto and come after Janelle next HOH. (James is playing with fire!!!)

Janelle tells Kaysar that she is going to put up Will and Chicken George and back door someone. Kaysar asks her who.. She said she couldn’t tell him yet. Kaysar said that he thinks James is up to something (he has great radar)! She does not want to waste a week in getting rid of Chicken George. She really wants Boogie to go then everyone will be happy, Will will freak out next week but then he will be gone too.

Marcellus enters and said his part. He thinks that Erika can win the whole thing that Danni is deadly and that Diane is just taking up space! Hang the floaters Marcellus!
Marci now starts to rant about Boogie and how Boogie has made his stay in the house hell. He says that he can't wait to give Boogie a good bye speech saying how much he hates him. This goes on until he compares Boogie to Jase being like an "Angry Arby" and the same reign of terror. He goes on to say he hopes he doesn't come back in the house or he'll have to hit him with a sledge hammer or that pink vase (note marci hates the pink HoH)

Marcellus goes to get in the HOH bed and makes the comment that it is a Barbie bed and he feels like blacken (LOL) they have the following conversation in bed:

Marci tells Jamey that will and boogie scare him more than Danni and James
Marci thinks will and boogie are going after the four, and they'll be going after her because she's perceived as the leader.

Marci says if she gets rid of boogie this week then she's going to have to worry about Danielle and James.

Marci says he thinks you can't get rid of girls now because the girls see after tonight they have to get rid of the guys.

Jan: who do you think Danielle’s coming after? is she going to put you and me up?

Marci says he doesn't think people see us like that. He was shocked. He was surprised where boogie came with that.

Jan says Will said it too.

Marci: Danielle is pretty tricky. but I really thought Danni and James were together from the beginning but people were ok with that.

Jan; kind of like me and you?

Marci says we should have got rid of Danielle first week.

Jan wonders when Danni would attack. Marci says she'd need James' approval first. marci would need Jamey’s approval first.

The splits would be like Danni and James and Kaysar or Janelle and Marci and Kaysar. Janelle says they would have Diane too. Marci says he could bring Erika.

Marci: James could win this game.

Jan; especially if he has things set up with Danielle and Diane, which he does.

She tells Marci what Diane said about her never putting James up.

Diane and Erika are talking. Diane tells Erika that she likes James, that he respects those playing their game and that he is using S6, that she does not trust Howie. Erika said she couldn’t put up Howie because he would freak and the other one would go and he would still be in the house!
At 5 am all seem to be asleep except Howie who seems to have broken out some arts and crafts!

At 5 am Howie took his meds and heads to the shower. By 5:15 all hamsters are asleep.

What will tomorrow bring, they already had the food comp. will wants a penalty nomination to save Boogie, they all don’t know it but they will be sleepless with the messages being played over and over tonight. Half the house on gruel will not help the moods! Who will Janelle nominate? Can will get any more wrinkled? Will James hang himself any more?