7:30 AM
Will was up first this morning, but not for long. He brushed his teeth and headed outside where he fell back asleep on the couches with pillows covering his face. By 8:15, airplanes flying overhead woke Will got up, so went back inside and headed back to his bed.

There was no sign of life until around 10:30. Dani was up, in the bathroom doing her morning routine. She made her bed first, got batteries, applied all her necessary facial stuff, brushed her teeth, occasionally staring into space at times, deep thought. We got flames, so it must be time for BB to get the bums out of bed – it is almost 11:00 you know!

11:00 AM
Feeds went down for about 15 minutes and we return to the HG’s being up and about. Finally! It is visible on the plasma screen that ‘NOMINATIONS ARE TODAY’.

Will is talking to Boogie outside filling him in on what went down in the bath tub during his antics in there with Janie and Howie last night. Erika comes over while they are talking and Will asks her to give them a minute, that Will needs to talk to Boogie. Eriak walks away and Will tells Boogie how he was working Howie and Janie last night planting seeds of paranoia and that he suggested Chilltown and S6 combine to form a super power and take out the floaters, they could split the money and some other stuff.

Now Dani joins Will and Boogie outside. Will talks about how producers didn’t like his antics when he was trying last night to get everyone to eat and get a penalty nomination during the food restriction (he along with everyone but Boogie and the S4 are on slop after the food competition last night). He says BB mentioned something about a breach of contract etc. Will says aloud he probably needs to chill out “I won’t get a penalty nomination; it will be a penalty lawsuit.”

Dani has left and now Howie joins Boogie and Will. They were talking about Jase when Howie said to Will “You have a bad reputation.” Will says “Do I? Why? Jase threw a fit. If he had been quiet, he would have had a shot. Jase and I are cool by the pool. If he comes back in two weeks, he's going to be real cool to me.” Howie: “He lied.” Will: “I'm sure he lied to you. At the end, we know he came to you guys and said if he stayed, he'd protect you. It was a total lie.”

Now Janie has joined the group. Will tells Howie and Janie “Put me up as a pawn. Show me a sign of good faith this week, and I'll show you one next week. Chicken G is the worst physical threat ever. You do have the votes. Show the good faith and Boogie will vote with you. We came in here with one alliance, and that's us, there are two people in this house who are totally together, and that's us. You two seem to be the next closest; would you be willing to sacrifice one for the other? Put up Marcellus.” Janie says “No.” Will: “Why? If a floater is put up as a pawn and they freak out, it means they don’t really trust you.” Janie: “He (Marc) doesn't want to go on the block.” Will: “He called me, before we came into the house and said let's make a deal. I said I'm with Boogie but if he doesn't get in, OK.” Boogie then says “Then when he (Marc) saw Jase get close with us, he got skittish.”

12:00 NOON
Still on outside lock down, Howei, Janie, Will and Boogie are still talking. We had flames for a bit and came back to Howie telling Will and Boogie that they are coming after the S6. Will says "no we aren’t dumb ass; we’ll take out floaters so we and S6 are the final six.” Will says everyone knows Chilltown can't win HOH. Will says it's a huge leap of faith but if they won't take it then they should just send Will out now. Boogie says no one will nominate 2 people from an alliance of 4. They might take on 3, but never 4. Boogie says if they aren't ready to do it now, they won't do it until there are no other options. Will tells Janelle she needs to understand that the floaters comprise a whole alliance. Boogie says he would nominate George, Marcellas, Erika and Diane and he says he is not going to do dirty work for the floaters by nominating S6. Will says if someone tells Janelle they are willing to be nominated as a pawn, then that's the person Janelle should take to the end because they are trustworthy. Will says Marc said he didn't want another Jason to win and something about Kaysar being a virgin. Will says James gets nervous and twitchy which implies paranoia.

Will goes back to talking about what the producers said in the DR. He said “They told me it brings down the morale in the house when I say they are making a horrible show.” Howie says “The producers told you that?” Will laughs and says “Yeah.” This was immediately followed by flames. By the way James and Kaysar are both keeping a close eye on Howie, Janie, Boogie and Will….James is staring pretty intently, he looks somewhat uncomfortable. To sum this up, Boogie and Will are trying to convince Janie that they floaters are not in their corner (including James as a floater), they would like to see her put James out.

After Janelle and Howie leave, Will says to Boogie that Janelle is smart and logical and Howie will follow her. Will says Kaysar has no life experience; he’s a virgin who has never had a drink and is a bad negotiator. Will says Howie and Janelle are the second tightest pair in the house next to them. Will says the only person he is afraid of is Danielle. Will then says to the camera “You can edit this to make us look evil or desperate, but whatever you do, could you please edit this to make us look smart?” LOL!!

Up in HOH, Janelle asks Howie what they should do. He isn't sure. He wonders what the S6's odds are of wining HOH next week... says it'll probably be a crap shoot. Janie asks Howie if she should just put up 2 floaters. Janelle says the floaters are an alliance of 5 and they need to cut down those numbers. Howie says they need to be careful about a civil war in the house. Janelle says the floaters would hate her if she put 2 of them up. Janelle says she shouldn't have won this HOH. She says if she threw it to Marcellas she would've been safe and Chilltown would've been up. Howie asks if they get rid of a floater... who will be nominated if anyone else wins HOH, who's going up? Janelle says S6. Howie says this is a pivotal point in the game. Howie wonders where Danielle and James stand. Janie asks Howie to go get James.

James is now with Howie and Janie. Howie says point blank “Are you planning on aligning with Dani & Diane and overthrowing us?” James says Dani would never put up S6 until that’s all that is left in the house (not only is James lying, he looks like he is lying). Janelle says she is worried about the floaters, James says “so you don’t trust Erika, Dani, or Marc.” Janie says she does but she isn't sure what they will do next week. James says Danielle won't touch S6 but James thinks Marc will nominate Howie and Kaysar. Howie asks when James thinks the S6 needs to make a drastic move. James thinks they did last week.

Will interrupts in the HOH, but was asked to wait for a minute. So he and Boogie go to the chess table to wait and Will says to Boogie “James looks like he is going to cry.”

Now in the HOH they worry Will heard them talking, so Howie stuffs something under the door and Janelle yells “Howie! That's my underwear." James says that they shouldn't trust Chilltown. Howie says “they are desperate and have nothing to lose.” Janelle says they need to get rid of their strongest competition now. James asks “Is that Marcellas and Danielle?” Janelle says she hates it, “but yes.” James says he will not vote out Danielle. Then we got FIRE.

James says to Howie and Janie “If Will really wants to go home, he wouldn't have spent all last night in the tub, keeping anyone else from talking to you.” Janelle and Howie both agree. Janelle is still confused about who to put up. She wonders if it should be one Chilltown and maybe Di. James says that Marc can’t be trusted, that Marc has said bad things about the S6 and that she and Kaysar don’t seem to get it. Janelle says she can't nominate Marcellas or Danielle. Janelle says she wants to nominate a floater and one member of Chilltown. James says he doesn't see the point in doing that. James says “If Diane wins the veto, then what?” Janelle says it might not be Diane. James says that if Jase were to return, Chilltown would be three-strong. James says he has heard Chilltown bring up Howie and Janelle constantly but they've never mentioned nominating James.

James says everyone is coming after them and if S6 takes out a floater, Chilltown will go to the floaters and rally them to unite. Howie says if Chilltown doesn't care about playing the game, why is Will laying 5 feet from the HOH door? James says they are acting like Maggie and incessantly bothering Janelle to go after people who aren't against S6. James says Maggie convinced them to take out their allies last year. Howie says that's a good point. James says “the thing is we can work with floaters, we can’t work with Chilltown. If we take out a floater who is an ally, the other floaters will not trust us.”

1:00 PM
The conversation is winding down in HOH and Howie does his ‘Oh Janie!’ Then he looks at Janie’s picture of her with her friend ‘Naters’ (that is his user name at Jokers) and says ‘Oh boy Naters!’ Janie also says ‘Oh Boy Naters!’ The camera then pans the picture for us. Naters posted that he missed yet another shout out because he is at work with no feeds.

Outside Marc, Erika and Dani are playing a movie trivia game. Janie came out for a cigarette, deep in thought, didn’t say anything then went back inside.

Will and Janelle in HOH
Will and Janie are in HOH now. Will is trying to convince her, the best bet is to put him and a floater (being Chicken G or Erika) up and the floater goes home. He says “Just tell Erika she is a pawn, she won’t have enough time to get upset about it.” Janelle says “What about putting up Boogie and Chicken G?” Will: “Why not me and Chicken G…spare Boogie.” Will calls Kaysar and James worms, he says James will throw her under a bus. Will says he and Boogie will protect her.” Janelle: “But you guys don't win comps.” Will asks her why she won’t put him up; she says because she likes him. Then he says “you’re blushing.” She says she isn’t blushing it’s all the pink in the room.

Will says “Do you think Kaysar doesn't want Erika out because she's good at smoking the hookah? No, it’s because she's his parachute. The only way you can come close to doing well in this game is by taking big risks. Put him and Erika up and tell Erika she's the pawn and take her out. We thought she was totally with us, but she's not.” Will tells Janelle she is a great player and she says “No I’m not; I shouldn’t even win HOH because I never know what to do.”

Janelle says she thinks Jase will be back. Will tells her that if Jase comes back, they'll tell him that they are cool with Janelle and Jase will be too then. Will is really trying to take advantage of the fact that Janie seems really confused right now about who to nominate. He's trying to convince her that the S6 will break up and Kaysar and James will go their own way, but she is not convinced of that - yet. She really wants to backdoor a floater. Put up Boogie and Chicken G, get the veto and put up another floater.

Will tells Janie if she really wants to test her alliance, put up Dani and Erika. She tells Will “No way! They'd f’n kill me!” He says, “yeah, because that's they are Kaysar amd James’ parachutes. Dani will shut her mouth all week and Erika will cry over her ribs." Will says “Listen sweetie, take a leap of faith. Boogie and I will never nominate you or vote you out. Whatever you need to do to get that comfort level with us is fine.” He says “It’s like you are their girlfriend, but they are dating other people, yet they are still eating your snacks and drinking your Cristal.” Janie says she's just scared to nominate two girls. Will says “Well you can put up Chicken G and Boogie, but it's not exciting. Is it worth the risk for the life experience? Erika and Danielle are going to be shocked, so just go in the HOH room, lock the door and chill for an hour. Let things cool off. There is always POV and if any of them wins; put up Di.” Janie is listening and saying ‘uh-huh’….

Janie and Will are on the bed and Janie is sitting as far as she possibly can from Will who is also on the bed. IMO, her body language could not be clearer. Janie says to let her think about this. Will says ‘if everyone in the house was like Kaysar and Di, the show would be called ‘Big Boredom’.” LOL!!

Enter Boogie into HOH. Will is filling Boogie in telling him that Janelle is worried that everyone is going to be mad at her. Will says to Janie “you're not playing this game if nobody is mad at you.” Boogie tells Janie she looks stressed. Will says “she is stressed!” Will makes it clear that he and Boogie will do whatever Janelle wants if she does what they are saying to do. He also tells her that Boogie is not in this game for the money, “Boogie makes a lot of money, probably more money than CBS.”

Enter Howie into HOH now. Will is filling him in and basically giving Howie the same spiel he has been giving Janie. Howie sat and listened to Will but did not say anything for a while. Then the feeds cut to FIRE.

3:00 PM
Dani and Marc are sitting outside and complaining about being bored. Marc says that if he could DOR and not lose his stipend or upset CBS, he would do it. He says that there is no way that people voted in Jase, Howie or Boogie before they voted him (Marc) in. Dani points out that Jase did have a following, and Marc counteracts with the fact that on House Calls people who called in didn't like Jase.

HG’s are called to go outside for lockdown while Janie is in the DR. Howie and James are freaking out some because they don’t know what decision Janie has made. They didn’t get a chance to talk to her after Chilltown was in HOH with her. FLAMES!

4:30 PM Nominations are in!
Erika has been nominated but she was told by James and Janie she is only a pawn. Boogie is the other nominee. Janie tells Erika that if Boogie wins the POV then Will will go up and out. Howie, James and Kaysar all told Janie what a good job she did.

Up in HOH Janie tells Kaysar she is worried that Erika will take it being nominated badly. Kaysar assures Janelle that her nomination speech was good and had good reasoning to it. Janelle says she sort of promised Diane she wouldn't nominate her. Kaysar asks why. Janelle said she felt bad for Diane and that Boogie and Erika hate her. Kaysar says Erika doesn't hate her. Janelle said she couldn't nominate Danielle and she didn't want to nominate George for strategic reasons and she didn't want to nominate Will because he would've asked to go home. Kaysar says “Boogie can't win the veto.”

In the gym room, Will told Boogie “Of all the scenarios we talked about, you and Erika going up was not one.” Will says if he wins POV, he'll take off Boogie and doesn't care if he gets put up. Will wonders “if I win POV and take Erika off, who would Janie put up? Chicken G? He would go.” Will tells Boogie “Be cool about going home, that way people will send the pawn out.”

In the red room, Marc says Erika “You just have to survive this.” Diane: “She will; are you kidding me?” Dani comes in and says she saw it coming. Erika says she did too, she said “it was a good move.” Marc says: "It's fine. We need to stick together.” He wonders how Chicken G will vote. Erika says “A floater is someone who ‘floats’ from side to side, how can I float when S6 has all the power?” Marc says “This gives me a reason to stay. I will f*** some people up." Dani wonders why Janie didn't put Will up. He could win POV and take Boogie off. Marc says “They (S6) want Will in the game.”

Janelle and Kaysar are munching on Doritos and talking about how nominations suck. Janie asks Kay what he thinks if they got rid of a floater, how many would be pissed off. Kay says they'd lose James and that she scared Erika. Janie says “ultimately right now we're still getting Boogie out, right?” Kay says “right.” Janie says “Right now the floaters need to work together to save Erika.”

Just before 5:00 Erika joined Janie and Kay in HOH. Kay tells Erika, he just doesn’t know what to say. Erika asked Kay if she has his vote and Kay says yes. Janie says “Of course! You have all the votes except one.” Erika says to them “Don’t you know the pawn always goes?” Kay says “In your season, yes, but not this season.”

James is talking to Dani and wondering what will happen if Will plays and wins veto. Dani is looking none too happy. James says S6 isn’t thinking straight this year, “If Will wins the veto and takes Boogie off, then Janie has a big problem.” Dani says the nominations don’t make sense “When you know two people are coming after you (referring to Chilltown).”

Back to the HOH, and Erika just left Kay and Janie. The two of them look at each other and they both shrug. Janie says “Erika will be okay, she’ll be safe.”

5:00 PM
Erika and Boogie are in the gym. Boogie says it was a smart move and Erika agrees. She says “but they don't know we're aligned.” Boogie says “That puts you in a good, you are a true pawn.” Erika says “I just wanted you to know that throughout this game, I've always had your back.” Boogie complains about S6 coming in as a team. Erika says she would rather be referred to as an "undercover Chilltown" and not a floater. Boogie says ‘they’ better be real careful about leaving Will in the house.

In the backyard now, James is telling Erika and Danielle that he doesn’t like half assed nominations (this after telling Janie a bit ago what a good job she did with the nominations).

Dani and Janie in HOH talk about nominations.
Janelle is up in HOH bed lying under the covers and Dani is lying on her stomach. She asks Janelle why she didn’t put up Chilltown. Janie says she didn’t have anyone to help her with the decision so she just picked someone. Dani wants to know what happens if Boogie gets taken off the block with the veto. Janie says “Chicken George will go up.” Dani says “Well you got to make your decision on your own…” Janie: “Well I can't!”
Dani says she thought for sure the nominations would be Chilltown so she just needed an explanation fro Janie. Janelle explains that she wants Boogie to go and didn’t want to put Will up and have him successfully campaign to the HGs to get rid of him. Dani says “OK that makes sense.”

Dani says “it’s is a gamble that Will won't play in the POV. If he does play and he does win the power of veto then you've got Boogie as a nightmare for another week.” Janie: “I shouldn't have said I disliked him in my speech but it just kind of came out because I didn't have anything planned.” Dani laughs, but says that makes sense since Boogie's made it clear he was coming after her, and then she says “OK Janelle.” AS she was leaving HOH, Janie asks Dani if it's best to put up CG if Boogie comes off. Dani says she can't vote against Chicken George. She could scumbag him but she doesn't want to do that. Then Dani says “Do not nominate me, PLEASE Janelle.” Janelle tells her not to worry.

Dani left HOH and when she got back to her room, she climbs into bed and says “I wish Jason was here."

6:00 PM
Boogie and Will are dissing the hookah saying it’s a cancer machine. Will says “I totally don't understand why anyone would smoke that nasty thing. It has a camel on it for god's sake. ‘No you can't have a deck of cards, but here's a machine that causes lung cancer’.”

Diane, Boogie, and Will are talking in the BY. Boogie is trying to see where the votes are to see if he can be kept. Diane tells him that she doesn't think so. He wanted to know if it's because of Marc or Dani. Di says that everyone's throwing the floaters names around and throwing them under the bus. Boogie says “why in the world would I bring up your name? What does the group of you think is going to happen when we're gone? A magic fairy is going to come along and fix things for you?” Will and Boogie tell Di that her name was never mentioned as a nominee. He says that everyone has a parachute; that James has Danielle, Janelle has Marcellas, and Kaysar has Erika.

Will tells Diane she has nothing to worry about as far as Chilltown goes. Di asks: “so Boogie would never…..” Will: “Boogie is going after S6.” Di brings up how Ss6 says that Chilltown threw Jase under the bus. Will asks “how did we do that? I was nominated.” Will says he's trying to get nominated; he's not throwing anybody under the bus. Diane says she doesn't understand what's going on because everyone is putting her name out there. Will tells Diane again that neither Janelle nor the S6 ever brought out her name around him. Will says he is the only one who isn’t paranoid and wants to be nominated. Boogie says “I'm not paranoid. S6 needs to consider who is the bigger threat to them, because I am gunning for them, but I don’t know about the others. Will and Boogie are arguing they didn't throw Jase under the bus. The S6 tried to get a deal out of Boogie to keep Will and Boogie said no thank you and they still sent Jase home. Boogie says to Diane “it's weird that you guys continually believe what they have to say. Just because Will and I are easy to dislike, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be trusted.” Boogie claims his feelings are hurt that Diane believes S6 over them and that he was throwing her name around. He says they tried all night to get Will nominated.

7:00 PM
Howie is asking Janie why she didn’t put both Will and Boogie up. She said “because the floaters have the votes to keep one of them and I don’t want them to keep Boogie.”

Boogie I outside with Dani, Erika and Diane and he says “I don't mind getting run out of here by those guys. They did a smart thing in getting together and staying together and keeping us apart.” Boogie says “But! I won’t have the S6ers ‘soiling my good name’ by saying I threw Jase under the bus.” Boogie says he was offered a deal and he didn't take it, and to a fault, he tends to stay loyal to who he ‘runs’ with. Erika says “the problem is no one has the power that the S6 have, so we were all sitting ducks. I haven't thrown an hoh...”

Howie and Boogie get heated!
Howie comes outside and Will and Boogie try to start something with Howie about him and the S6ers saying that Chilltown threw Jase under the bus. Howie says “that's what Jase told me. I’m just going by that.” Howie says he doesn't know if it was Jase just saying that in the middle of making deals or what, but that’s what Jase told him. Boogie goes on and on about his good name being ruined. Howie just kind of listens and points out where Boogie is wrong each time. Boogie tries to make Howie feel bad for the vote against Jase being unanimous and claims that's not what s6 wanted. Howie says “Chilltown's got it all figured out, just like bb2.” They aren't exactly fighting but it's a tense situation nonetheless.

Boogie goes inside for a minute and Howie says to Dani “Are you mad at me too?” Dani: “No.” Howie: “Diane, are you mad at me too?” Diane: “No.” Boogie comes out and continues his tense line of questioning with Howie. He wants to know the rationale for Janelle's nominations. He wanted to know if the idea was to get rid of Boogie this week and then Will would want to go home the next week. Howie doesn't give anything away. Boogie says “Because if that’s the reason, it's smart.” Howie: “I'll be honest with you I didn't know what was happening. I was talking to James and Kaysar when Janelle got called to the DR and I didn't know who was going up.” Boogie asks if James and Kaysar knew and Howie says he doesn't know that either. Will says he believes Howie.

Howie says “Janie has to look out for what's best for her.” Will: “Absolutely, everybody does.” Howie: “Am I pissed that you're not up there Will? Absolutely.” Will: “Me too.”

7:30 PM
Dani and Erika are talking outside and they still can not get over the reasoning for Janie’s nominations. Dani says “It just doesn’t make sense that Janelle made an enemy in the house when she didn’t need to.” Erika says “Dumb.”

Janie, Kaysar and Howie are heading upstairs to strategize. Howie says to them “You know what really pisses me off? People threatening me and they are not even in power.” Janie asks “who threatened you?” Howie: “Chilltown.” Howie fills them in on his talk with Boogie and Will. He says “If I win this next HOH, I’m going to celebrate like I’ve never celebrated before. You celebrate while you are on top and you cry when you are at the bottom. I’m not listening to it, kiss my ass. Every week I’m so stressed out. We have a lot more housecleaning to do.” Kaysar: “It’s a long game.” Howie: “The battle really begins when we take out the floaters. We need to win the next two HOH.”

Howie asks Janie and Kay “Do you think these floaters are going after us next week, after what happened?” Kaysar: “They are really worried.” Janie: “How can you tell?” Kaysar says “the look in their face says it all. Diane said she was really surprised that she did not go up. Danielle is being really quiet.” Janie: “I could have put up two friends, OK? But I didn’t.”

8:00 PM Dani is giving Kaysar a heated strategy lesson.
Dani is asking Kaysar why Chilltown isn’t nominated together. Kaysar says “I wanted to keep Chilltown in the game because they're an obvious target, they haven't done anything...” Dani interrupts “Kaysar, have you ever met a Dr. who wouldn't do anything to the best of his ability? You guys keep playing with fire and you're going to get burned.” Kaysar says “First of all, I didn't know they were the two people going up. I was asleep when the decision was made.” Dani: “Janie said she made the decision on her own.” Kaysar: “That's true.”

Dani says to Kay “I don't believe in not putting both of them up. Doesn't Janelle think Erika will retaliate?” Kaysar: “I don't know.” Dani: “An eye for an eye Kaysar. When Erika got that question right, she was nice enough not to take one of you guys out. Yet, she's on the block.” Dani tells Kay that Chilltown wants Janelle out of the game, that they hate Janelle.

Danille asks Kaysar “What if Will wins POV and takes Boogie off then what Kaysar?” Kaysar: “He won't do it you will see come tomorrow.” Danielle: “Wait, are you telling me you don't think Will is going to play for that veto and save Boogie?! You just sat here and told me that he wants to make sure Boogie stays in the game.” Kaysar: “But if he does and he goes in his place then Will goes home.” Danielle: “What if Erika wins it?”
Kaysar: “I don't know, then I guess Will goes up.” Danielle: “Is he? Janelle told me Chicken G was going up.” Kaysar: “Why?” Dani: “I don't know but that's what she said.” Kaysar says he is kind of confused, he says “If they are both on the block and Will wins he will take Boogie off.” Dani: “Right! But now he might play and win and take Boogie off then you guys are left with two of them in this house.” Dani says she's got to make a move soon, because right now she has nothing to do and if by some freak accident she ends up in final 2 nobody will vote for her because she rode coattails. Kaysar is just sitting there staring straight ahead and Dani is staring at him waiting for a reaction. She is all game right now.

8:30 PM Will and Janelle alone in HOH
Will asks her “Why are you not putting me up?” Janie: “Well the thing is, there might be a floater that I want out.” Will: “OK then, what if I want to go out next week?” Janie: “Well it depends on if we have an agreement or not.” (Janie mentions saving Boogie and then a deal between her and Chilltown that would save her from being put up by them.) Janelle asks Will “Do you think its mean?” Will: “Well what Howie did outside is incredibly mean (this is about Howie saying that Chilltown threw Jase under the bus etc.) Will clarifies his priorities as being; #1 to win the game and #2 not to go to sequester. Will is doing the math on who might win based on who is playing. He asks Janie if she wants him to help her win it, or help Boogie win it. He wants to see stuff happen or ‘go down’ in the house. He says “Stab me in the back or stab me in the front, just make things happen.” On that note he then leaves the room.

Now it’s Boogie with Janie in HOH
She is telling him that if she put up 2 floaters everyone would have been mad at her. Boogie says he is not mad at her, that he had prejudged her. Janie tells him that she does not want to win POV because it might look like she is sabotaging the house. She says she wants a floater to go this week. Boogie says he will vote however she wants him to.

Boogie says “I like this, it gives me new life.” Janie says “it’s risky.” Boogie: “The other thing too is, it sounds like if the theme holds up, which is what Julie Chen said, something about ‘this will kick off a week of competitions where you decide who gets knocked out’ it cold be good for me.” Before leaving HOH, Boogie says “Aren’t more people afraid of Will than just me?” Janie says “No.” Boogie “Why? Because he says he wants to go?” Janie says “I don’t know.”

9:00 PM
Marc is now in HOH with Janie, who is getting ready to take a bath. Janelle says she wants the POV to be physical. Marc is suspicious; he doesn't understand why she'd want that, he says “Mike Boogie is physical.” Janelle tells Marc “Well you are physical too.” Marc asks “Do you think they're setting up that POV tonight for tomorrow?” (They are on lockdown inside). Janie says “yeah.” Marc: “That means it's going to be crazy.”

Erika and Diane are in the red room are saying they HAVE got to get HOH next week. Diane says its cool how Erika is good at endurance too; they both needed it to stay (in their seasons). Erika had to win in the cage challenge and Diane says no way she was going to lose to Jase. Diane complains about Drew taking credit for disqualifying Jase when she was the one talking into her mic that Jase's foot slipped. Erika and Diane say they feel like they're in the S6ers house, “and the S6ers act like it's their house too!” Diane says “excuse me but I'm gonna start pissing on all the carpet. I ain't going no where honey. I think Janelle gave me that look outside today, like maybe ‘I f'd up and should have put you up’, and I'm giving her that look like yeah you f'd up.”

James and Will are in the kitchen discussing POV. Will wants to play and not sit on the sidelines because it looks like it will be a fun game. James says “why would you want to win the POV?” Will says he'd win one for Boogie! James tells him he's got a good shot without the reigning veto champ George playing against him (George can not compete).

It’s just before 10:00 and everyone is talking about going to bed early tonight. They are on lock down until tomorrow for the veto competition. They anticipate the competition will be fierce since it is being set up so early and they also think they will be awakened very early.

George is talking to Boogie, Will, and Kaysar about the process for BB1. George is talking about his wife getting the call to say that George is going to be on Big Brother. She started crying. He thought she was kidding. They said he had to go to LA that night. He flew to California, and was picked up in a limousine. He was taken to a hotel in the downtown area, then picked up the next morning and taken for a physical. The next day they brought him back and he had interviews with three people, then the ‘big boys’ show up, the big kahunas! And then... FLAMES!

When feeds return George is still talking about BB1 and he says “it was a really weird physical, I was in the clinic for the entire day. They tested everything, blood, nuts (verbatim) etc. and I was just sitting there thinking ‘How cool! Now I'll know if anything is actually wrong with me’!” Then he started to explain about the psych test he had to take and... FLAMES!

Chicken G just told them all that JokersUpdates.com is what tipped him off about the All Stars show.

10:00 PM
James, Dani, Erika, and Diane are in the red room. In a nutshell what Dani says is she plays the game in the short-term and thinks everyone else thinks too long-term. James says to Dani “You just play at a higher level than others in the house. Don’t worry too much.” James is talking about how Howie and himself were shocked by the DR calling Janie to make nominations before they could speak to her (I can’t wait! This should make some good TV!). Dani asks James; if Erika is removed from the block, who does he think Janie would put up. James says the other half of Chilltown.

Dani left the room and James says to Erika: “We (Janie and James) talked about nominating floaters and I said Marcellas and Janelle said you. There was a big confrontation.” Erika: “Why is she targeting me?” James: “Because you are her main female competition.” Erika: “But that’s stupid to make an enemy of me.” Dani returned.

Boogie and Diane are talking at the dining room table. Will says he's going to have a shower then go to bed, his back hurts. Boogie asks Diane if he should pick her for veto. She said she'd try to win it, but she doesn’t commit to using it. She says if she uses it Will will probably go up. Diane and Boogie are at the kitchen table talking about how the veto challenge is going to be huge, because of the setup and the all night lockdown.

11:00 PM Could it be? The POV competition starts tonight!
BB called Janie to the DR. She came out just before 11:30 and said ‘it’s time to pick the veto players!’ Will says “this is going to be a nightmare of a night.” The players are; Diane, Howie, Will, Erika, Janie and Boogie.

Will tells them to throw the competition and just put him up, it’s too late and he hasn’t got the stamina to compete. Will up in HOH says “I’ll let Erika win this, Erika takes herself off, I go up and me or Boogie goes home.” Janelle says “Do whatever you want. Do you want to go home?” Will: “I want to go home. The whole point is I’m willing to go home, everyone will be super happy, I don’t want Erika to feel weird, and I want Erika to feel really comfortable that she is not being back doored. I am totally willing to do that plan.” When he leaves HOH, Janelle tells James, Howie and Marc that she will not go with Will's stupid plan. Janelle thinks she has an advantage over Will because he is a doctor and his day starts early and she as a cocktail waitress can function well late at night.

James says to Kaysar “The live feeders are like ‘Wow, we get to see them stay up all night’, the rest of the world is like, why do we have to watch them wake up...all night.” Kay responds "It's stupid."

Marc and Howie yell out ”HI Jokersupdates!

Elsewhere Janelle is telling Howie she is ready for battle. Chicken G says he is glad he isn’t competing because he can’t stay up all night. Janie caught on that Will is telling everyone to let Erika win the veto. Janie asks him “what are you doing? That wasn’t our plan.” Will goes to Boogie and tells him “let’s stay loyal to the original plan we made with Janie.”

James is telling Kaysar that he can not believe Janie picked Howie to play veto. Kay asks “why?” James says “Doesn’t she want to win veto? If Will wins it we are f’d!” Kaysar says “I told Janie to pick you, but in any case we have to put her up....err, I mean ‘him’ up, dude.” (Major slip there by Kay giving away putting Dani on the block). James says “If Jani is going to go after Dani, I'm going to stand firm against that!”

Janie came into the bug room where James and Kaysar are talking. James is upset that the other HG’s can't see the power of veto competition as it's going on. James wonders if someone will throw it. Janelle said “Erika”.” Then Janie leaves and leaves James mad (calling her a dumb bitch) that she didn’t answer his question, except for saying ‘Erika’. Kaysar says “maybe she said that because she associates Erika with throwing competitions.”

12:30 AM Wake up calls start – they will be in intervals of every 15 minutes!
The first one was a noise form the movie Dumb and Dumber. A person says ‘Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?’ Then a very loud screech!! The next call went “Rise and shine it's morning time, it's Caroline from Houston, TX.” Will kindly responds “Hello Caroline from Houston TX, f*** you.” They are starting figure out that they are viewers that have called in wake up calls.

*It seems as though at this point, once a wake up call has been aired they must all go to the back door within one minute. If the back door is opened the competition will start then.

Another wake up call, it’s a man's voice saying "Wake up....wake up!" accompanied by a loud crashing noise and laughing. Erika says “This is demented, that first one was scary!” Will says at this point if they don't put him out, he's putting them all out. Janie snaps “Win an HOH.” Howie says to us, “if you are reading this right now, you need to go feed your 7 cats.” Will shouts out to ‘kirby4ever’. Janelle called a certain poster here a nasty whore. Will asks if she hot, Janelle says no. Will says he bets she's hot. Janelle says she sends Janelle hate mail. Kaysar says she’s obsessed with Will then James says "Well, her screen name is Kirby forever."

In the next call girls screaming are, hens clucking, and a deep, evil voice says “BB All Stars, be careful who you align yourself with. They are not always who they seem to be. Watch the rooms you're in, it could hold the key. Remember, we are always watching you.” Howie says he thinks this is funny and laughs.

1:00 AM
Janelle and Kaysar are whispering in the HOH. Janelle says they can't let James work with Dani the whole game. Kaysar says it’s too early. Kaysar says Dani isn't coming after them. Janelle says she is. Kaysar says it's up to Janelle and asks what she has in mind. Janie says she is getting rid of a floater this week. Kaysar says to wait until after veto competition. Kaysar says Dani isn't an issue at this point. Janelle argues that she is an issue and that James isn't true to their alliance. Kaysar says James said he would pick the S6 over Dani, he tells Janie “We can't jump the gun. If you mess up this week, the whole house will be against us.” Janelle says “what about Diane?” Kaysar says “it’s up to you Janie. I don’t think it’s the right time to put Dani up, she wants to play this game with trust.”

The next wake up call is two crazy people singing "Bet you can't, bet you can't, bet you can't..... sleep!" This one is really long. Kaysar counts and says they will get 36 more calls.

Kaysar is now out praying and Howie is in HOH. Janie is whispering to him to let Diane win the veto, but to make sure Erika does not win it. In the next call there is a guy reciting a poem and at the end he says ‘Who will ‘float’ by?’ Janelle starts to laugh. Janie tells Howie again how important it is that Erika not win veto. Howie asks if the plan is the same to take out a floater...Janie says yes. He asks her “who is your target?” She says she will tell him later, that it is not Erika. Janie says she put Erika up there and now she (Janie) wants to win the veto, “trust me this is a good plan.” Howie asks if she's told Kaysar. She says yes and admits she hasn't told James because he'd freak out if she put up Diane because she's his ally.

Erika is in HOH when the feeds return. She says she didn't nap today and she's tired. Janie tells her not to worry about veto and reassures Erika that they are not after her. Erika says she isn't after them. Janelle says she knows that.

Erika is downstairs now and James tells her to watch out, “you are the furthest away from the back door.” She says she knows and doesn’t care.

Diane’s mom left a wake up call…Diane jumped out of bed she was so excited. Some of the HG’s were saying how cute it was and Will was saying “Diane, tell your mom to quit bugging me when I’m trying to sleep.” LOL

LOL, the next wake up call is a song: “Slop is nice, slop is good, I don't think I'd ever stop eating this delicious slop.” Then laughing…All the HGs like it and are laughing. Howie, Will, Janie and I’m not sure who else are downstairs now eating and looking at the memory wall talking about past HG’s. Janie tells Will Jen loved Will. Will asks if she's hot. Janie says “she's okay.” Howie says “she’s cute.” Dani says “Janie, you said she looked like a clown.” Janie says “only when I was mad.”

Will asks Janie if she and Howie talk outside the house, they both say they do Will asks how often, they say once every 2 weeks. Will asks what they talk about. Janie says "How are you doing? When are you coming back to Miami?" Will asks why she asks that. Janie says Howie used to live there. Will says Howie should live with Janelle. Janie said Howie could live with her. Will says that wouldn't be a bad gig. Howie could sleep on her couch and when Janie's friends are on ecstasy…Janelle says her friends don't do E. Will asks what they do. She says nothing. Janelle doesn’t want Will telling the other HGs that Janie and Howie are friends outside the show. Janie starts talking about sharing the prize money, and then Kaysar comes out and asks what they are talking about. Janie lies, saying they were talking about HGs coming back.

Talk turns to Boogie, Will says “Boogie runs Hollywood” Will says Boogie is a millionaire, he owns the biggest restaurants; Friday night at Geisha does 60-70K. Howie says that Boogie is there to promote his clubs, not play the game.

In between talk, there have been several wakeup calls; most of them the same in nature ‘watch your back’, ‘who are the floaters’ and things like that. Apparently Ali and Jase did wake up calls. Jase sang his inner tube song..LOL!! Marc gets out of HOH bed and yells "I"m about to throw myself over this balcony! This is driving me crazy!" He rolls around on the floor, and then goes back into HOH room.

The next wake up call was from Canada. Janie wants more calls from people that they know. Marc and Janie are sitting at the chess board and Marc is complaining about his boredom and how the lights are too bright etc. Janie offers to show Marc how to play chess and he asks if she would just kindly beat him in the head with the chess board. Marc can not believe that Chicken G can sleep through all of this. Right then there was another call; pots and pans, someone yelling “Wake up, everybody wake up! WAKE UP RIGHT NOW!” Marc is losing it, LOL…Marcellas yells to BB that he is going to throw himself over the balcony; he will be the first BB suicide.

It is just before 4:00 and some of the HG’s are asleep on a couple of feeds. Marc is in HOH bed and Janie is there now, lying down. Ivette did a wake up call and so did a friend of Boogie’s. He shot up in bed very excited. Marc is talking about the BB pay scale. He is talking about how much they have earned so far; $5000 for participating as a top 20 finalist. $2000 for the time spent in pre-show sequester, $1500 for each week in the house (or in sequester). He added it all up and said that after 4 weeks in the house they had earned $13,000.

Janie’s mom does a wake up call. Her mom made mention of wanting her Janie doll. Janie tells Marc that Howie will like that wake up call. Janie and Howie and their families are really close, she says her mom is always asking why she and Howie don’t date. Janie is like “never!”

After one of the wake up calls, Howie moons the camera and says kiss my ass! Then he said one of the callers was a moron. A couple of the wakeup calls were masked by flames, so this recap is missing quite a few calls. There was also repeat wakeups from people earlier.

Boogie won the POV!
The feeds cut and when they returned Boogie had won the veto. Jani is pouting and telling Marc that she really wanted Boogie out before Will…Boogie is injured. He is limping and someone mentions that he needs to go to the hospital.

Janelle has called her S6 up to the HOH, but outside and asks them what to do?! James says “why aren’t we inside the HOH?” Janie: “Because Marc is in there.” They decide they will talk later.

Inside HOH, Janie is explaining to James and Marc why she knocked out Diane from the veto comp. Marc just keeps repeating that she has to get rid of Will. Janelle says it was the dumbest Veto comp ever, and she says she wants to go home. Howie is in HOH now and Janie is very frustrated.

6:00 AM
As you may have guessed the HG’s did not go to bed this day..so, this ends my recap. NCH will recap from this point on and include it in her recap for Saturday. Boogie got some sort of medical aid either from BB staff or the hospital, it is unclear at this point, but he is back in the house.