Big Brother Recap July 29, 2006

James turns the tides, Janelle hibernates and threats are flying in the compound!

Starting at 6:30 am where Disney left off!

Marcellas still going on and on to poor Janie about nominating Will. He has been really going at her for about an hour and a half. Janelle is really confused. She wants to honor her agreement with CT but everyone wants her to put Will up. She keeps looking for Kaysar, but he is homesick or depressed and sleeps 12 hours a day.

By 8:30 am all house guests were in bed and finally sleeping.

At noon Boogie comes back and Dannie gets up. Boogie confirms that he got stitches; he said it didn’t hurt then but it was starting to hurt. Will gets up and joins Danni, and boogie outside. They have this conversation: Boogie asking what happened while he was gone.
Will says he told Janelle to put him up if boogie vetoes himself and Janelle just gave him a blank look. Then she & Kaysar went to the HOH room.
Danielle says, "Something is wrong."
Danielle says it sounded like there was a stormy argument in HOH last night. They said S4 was there plus Marcellas. Danielle worried about Marcellas having Janie's ear.

Boogie puts on a big front that he is shocked by the idea that Will could be safe.

Then he agrees that you just don't know what Janelle or Season 6 is thinking.

They talk about Diane. Danielle is saying Diane has no clue how much it was all of us working that saved her. Danielle is saying she has no idea how much Danni’s working with them.

1:30 PM
Will and Boogie were whispering in the store room. Boo

Will relating a story about something that maybe just happened upstairs, (hard to hear it )but maybe Will was talking to Janelle and Marcellas was there but Janelle did not know and Marcellas saw her talking to Will and Janelle had to cover it up.
Will says that Janelle may not be able to go with her plan to keep Will safe because of the pressure (From her alliance).

Boogie and Will talk about a new realignment with s6 split up. And who they should align with, Janelle and Howie, or Danielle and the floaters . They debate the options.

Boogie feels Janelle and Howie, because Janelle is a badass. And to take out Danielle is great because Danielle is the glue that keeps the floaters together

While James worked out Danni came in. James told her that if Diane went this week that Janelle would be out the following week! He said she will be gone – gone – gone! Danni said that Janelle is only happy being surrounded by guys and that she wants to get rid of the girls. She told James that they needed to get HOH to really push this game up to the next level!

While Erika was talking to Chicken George in the pool, she said that she is OK if she gets evicted, if it was meant to be it was meant to be and she was OK with it.

Kaysar and James wake up Janelle and Howie at 4:30 PM. They had a major meeting again telling her that she had to put up Will, that the whole house wants this. James went on and on, Kaysar just shook his head and agreed. James put Howie in charge of Janelle and he was not to leave her alone and be present when CT approaches her!

All the house guests have speculated why all the competitions are speeded up and being held before they normally are. Many think it will be a double eviction week or that someone is coming back!

5:00 PM
Kaysar and Janelle have a heart to heart in the HOH. They had the following conversation: changed in his life. He doesn't want to talk about it. He didn't think it would be this hard & tedious. Janies says it’s because of the people this year. Kay is looking forward to getting back to his life. Janie says Kaysar was looking forward to all-stars he said he was. Janie then asks if it’s because of the people in the house He say its because of the folks the left behind. He says he’s don a lot of growing & changing he was just starting to settle in & find his place. Janie asks if he’s hitting rock bottom like Jase said they all would because they didn't have time to decompress from last season. He says maybe a little. Janie asks if there is someone in particular he misses Kay doesn't want to talk about it. Because they didn't sign releases. Kay then talks about how much he hates the pink hoh room. He says its very Anna Nicole Smith very fake. Like I'm such a princess. Janie’s says that’s why she likes it. Jane asks if Kaysar thinks Erika will be made at he Kaysar: no but we have to send Will home this week then Boogie then Diane. Janie asks if she should go talk to Danni she feels she made her nervous. Kay says that if you put up a floater then other floaters get nervous. Janelle: said Kaysar didn't think it was a bad idea. Kaysar says she needs to talk to as many as people as possible so she feels comfortable with her decision.

Erika and Dannie chat and Danni said she couldn’t understand where Janelle was coming from. Erika thought that Janelle was over whelmed with everyone telling her what to do.

Not much activity in the house on this night. It seems they are on a all night hangover. They cook and smoke the hookah. In the early evening there really isn’t much activity except hanging by the pool or in the yard, and cooking. Will did make something out of the slop mixture, he baked it and made it crisp, and the slop people seemed to enjoy them. Will also made tea popsicles for the slop people.

We finally get some talk about whom to nominate in Boogie’s place around 7:30 PM. Marcellas told Janelle to nominate Chicken George if she didn’t want to nominate Will. That the girls are not going after her. (If he only knew!). Janelle asked him what he would do and he responded that he would nominate Will because it was good PR for the house. Janelle is concerned because she just wants to stay in bed. She thinks everyone is looking to talk to her and she doesn’t want to talk. Marcellas told her Diane is scared. Marcellas thinks the main target is Kaysar of the S6 people. Will entered the room and they just chit chatted; Erika entered and didn’t say much of anything. Marcellas and Erika left, Will stayed for a bit then he left. Will never talked strategy or anything. It was like he went in there to break up the discussion Janelle and Marcellas was having.

Howie and Janelle talk. Howie is pushing for her to get rid of Will. He compares Will’s talk with them yesterday with Maggie’s talk with him last year. He tells Janelle that Will was just trying to manipulate her. He said the floaters can wait that she had to get out the big fish. Janelle said that Marcellas would go after chill town. Janelle thinks that Diane would not target her (wrong), and that Danni wouldn’t target her because of James (wrong) and that Erika would target her (right). Howie commented that if anyone puts them up he would threaten them and tell them they would be gone the next week (and your team would be down to 3 too Howie!)

Boogie and Erika have a quick strategy meeting. Erika believes Janelle wants to take out Diane but is being forced to put up Will. She also said that she will put up Janelle and Kaysar or Janelle and Howie next week if she got HOH because Janelle had to go. Boogie agreed to take out Janelle.

Well looks like Chicken George’s out fit for the live show this week will be that of a Geisha Girl to promote Boogie’s restaurant! He will wear a Geisha girl t- shirt and he took some dancing lessons from Howie (of all people) incase he has the opportunity to dance!

1:30 am
James and Howie talk again about Janelle and the VETO competition. Here is there conversation;

Howie: Why wouldn't Boogie take Erica out or Janie, b/c she would leave noms the same...

James: Janie wanted Will or Boogie off the block...she didn't say for us to take them out in POV...only Diane and Erica

Howie: She wants to take floaters out

James: But who are you more worried about, floaters or CT

Howie: I don't know what the story is, but she is deadly afraid of Diane

James: It's bullsh*t, because she doesn't want to focus attention on keeping Will

Boogie and Will went after you, not her. The real pawn here is Boogie, not Erica

James: Erica is a floater...we need to get them out of the way

Howie: What Jani did is not good. We got the whole house after us.

James: It was intentional

Howie: It was intentional and stupid, but she thought she was doing the right thing

James: How did she think that?

Both: We have to deal with CT next week...have to

Howie: Janie gets worried about you not doing what we want to do

James: I didn't want to vote Jase out and I did that...I've been doing what you want...She's the only one not doing what we want

James said that Will called Janelle a bitch to her face and she is worried about nominating her.
Howie: so stupid. the girl's done everything we've asked her to do.

Howie says what Janelle did isn't good. f'in stupid f'in move. I was pissed.

James: was it a stupid move or was it intentional?

Howie: it was intentional but it was stupid, she thought it was a smart move.

Howie; we've got to threaten her.

Howie says we've got to drill it in her head every day until Monday (to put up Will)

James: we're f'd if she doesn't put up Will. We’re f'd.

James talks and talks and talks about how bad Janelle is.

Howie: let's go wake her bitch ass up now. f'in dumb bitch.

Howie: our alliance and the game depend on it.

James: if it's not Will, the entire house comes after us

Howie: including Will and Boogie

James: and they're still in the HOH competition

James: you guys may not trust Danni because she's my friend, but I’m telling you she won't go wrong as long as you don't f' her

James: it's all about actions speak louder than words. Anyone can lie to you in this game.(As they all will find out James once they see your actions upon their evictions!)

Everyone heads to bed except Howie who decides to work out a bit. He does his routine and seemed to be upset because they are on inside lockdown and he can’t use his “jack shack”. He spots a blanket and decides that will do and politely thanks BB for the blanket. After flossing his teeth for like 5 minutes he gets ups to do his deed just when Janelle wakes up. She tells him she can’t sleep anymore, that she has slept too much. They briefly talk about who to put up. Seems they both agreed that Diane would be the best choice and cause the less controversy around the house. Howie said James won’t vote out Diane, and Janelle seemed to think he would do what everyone else agreed to do. Howie leaves to due his “stuff” and Janelle is left sitting in the kitchen alone and awake for the day. Howie heads to the shower after his “alone” time. Janelle still sits waiting and thinking. When Howie returns from his shower they briefly talk about Kaysar and how home sick he is. Howie whispers to her and asks Janelle if she joined another alliance? She said no and asked her why he asked her that. He said a typical Howie response with “I don’t know”. (Should have said because James told me that). Howie finally heads to bed at 5:15 and leaves Janelle pondering what to do next, she is lying on the couch and is very restless.

What web will tomorrow bring?????? James will keep bashing Janelle until she does what HE wants, (save Danielle), Howie will jump on any train going by and add his two cents, Kaysar will pout and want to go home, Danielle and Marcellas won’t shut up long enough to let anyone think or even play the game, Will and Boogie have to go in for the kill with Janelle and lay it all out to her and of course Diane, Erika and Chicken George will sleep, play in the pool and fart, doing anything they can to avoid playing the game!