The day begins with James and Boogie having a heart-to-heart before they even get out of bed. James explains how the Sov broke apart last year when Howie made the fatal bathroom deal with Maggie. Boogie is more interested in whether James thinks Janelle will put Will up as the replacement nominee. James says it’s better than 50% that Will is going up. Boogie asks James if he thinks the Sov will work with Chill Town…James dismisses the idea, saying Chill Town cannot be trusted. After James leaves, it’s agreed Will will work on Janelle some more and Boogie will work on Kaysar.

Meanwhile, the BB crew is pounding away in the backyard. The Houseguests have the idea it’s preparation for a luxury competition. Janelle goes to the Diary Room and when she comes back, she confirms there is a luxury competition today. In fact, the consensus is that it will be a movie.

Will follows Janelle to the HOH room, and they again discuss who Janelle will put up. She insists she does not want to put him up. Will reiterates to her that all of the floaters are going after Season 6, Janelle in particular. Janelle confides that Erika wants him to be the replacement. Will surprises Janelle by telling her Erika came into the house with a secret deal with Boogie, and tells Janelle to confront her about it. Janelle doesn’t respond, and the conversation moves along. As the mutual protection deal is worked out, it is confirmed that Will and Boogie are going to vote out whoever goes up against Erika, no matter who it is. Janelle won’t tell him who she has in mind, but it’s clear that Will’s “smarmy dazzle” is working. Janelle is noticeably concerned with the backlash she is going to receive. Will rightfully tells her that if members of her alliance are yelling at her, she should tell them to “STFU”!

As Janelle and Will plot their alliance upstairs, Danielle and James plot Janelle’s demise downstairs…essentially, if Will does not go up, Janelle will be put up along with Marcellas if Danielle wins HOH. Simultaneously, Marcellas and Howie are in the Red Room going off about Janelle’s resistance to putting Will up. There’s change in the air, and it is clear to everyone that Janelle is making a deal with the devil!

Just before the luxury competition, Boogie and Kaysar have a discussion about the possible alliance of Season 6 (with or without James) and Chill Town. Kaysar is non-committal, but does not reject the idea outright. He never discussed it with other team members.

For the next hour or so there are flames, and then the Houeguests are shown in the backyard competing for luxury. There are two teams: Red team--Kaysar, Erika, Chicken George, Howie, and Marcellas and Blue team—Janelle, Boogie, Will, Danielle, Diane, and James. To win the competition, the fastest “pit crew” to jump out of the car, put on helmets, change a tire, gas the car up, and get back in the car wins. The Blue team wins by 11 seconds, and meet up in the HOH room for “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.” The Blue team wins a deck of cards and play poker while the others eat candy and watch a movie.

After the movie, Janelle finds Kaysar to ask him what she should do. She gives Kaysar all the reasons why she wants Diane out, namely that Toni Ferrari called her before the show to tell her Diane would be gunning for her and Diane’s interview here at Joker’s where Diane said she didn’t believe Janelle’s apology for saying she was ugly last season. Kaysar seems to have checked out of the game, and tells Janelle to do whatever she thinks is best. Kaysar probably realizes she is not going to put Will up no matter what he says.

Meanwhile, Boogie and Howie discuss how close Danielle and James have become. Boogie says he will vote with Season 6 to take out whoever is against Erika. The conversation is cut short when Danielle comes in the room. Will and Boogie agree that they will stick with Season 6 and Janelle.

Erika finds Janelle in the HOH, and Janelle confirms Diane is the replacement. Erika tells Janelle to do what she thinks is best. They discuss whether or not Diane should be told. Marcellas is there and he also keeps saying to do what she thinks is best. Erika and Marcellas want Janelle to have a talk with Diane before the decision is final. Janelle says she doesn’t want to change her mind. It’s agreed that they will not tell Diane before the veto ceremony. When Erika leaves, James and Howie come up and Janelle tells them about her plan and why. James and Marcellas yell at Janelle for a while and James grills her about her original intention to get Diane out. Janelle tells him Boogie was the first choice but he got off with veto. James isn’t buying it and rips on Janelle before going downstairs and venting his frustration to Erika. James then wakes Danielle up and together they decide that the “revolution” has begun. James and Danielle decide now is the time to get Janelle out, and if either wins HOH, Janelle will be put up. James goes back to the HOH to pretend all is well.

Marcellas has an epiphany! He just realized that Season 6 have been plotting all along to leave Chill Town in and go after floaters. He is beyond pissed when he finds Danielle and Erika in the backyard. Marcellas begins bashing Janelle, calling her names reminiscent of the NH and Jase. (Little does he know that part of her deal with CT is protection for him.) The three of them spend an hour or so dreaming of winning HOH and putting her and Season 6 on the block.

So, at the end of the day where does this leave the house:

Janelle: Putting up Diane; aligned with S6 (minus James, she just doesn’t know it); aligned with Will and Boogie
Howie: aligned with Season 6 (and W/B, he just doesn’t know it)
Kaysar: aligned with Season 6; uncommitted about W/B
James: aligned with Danielle and turning on the rest of the Sov
Erika: on the block as the pawn; aligned with no one and friendly with everyone; plotting S6 demise with the floaters; thinks she in with W/B
Diane: going on the block and probably out of the game; aligned with no one; attached to James
W/B: aligned with Janelle (so they say)
CG: aligned with no one
Marcellas: turning on Janelle with the floaters
Danielle: aligned with James; plotting demise of S6; think she aligned with W/B