10:00 AM
Kaysar was up this morning around 7:00 to do his prayers. Other than that all feeds are on sleeping HG’s until after 10:00! At 10:20 BB announced that the veto ceremony will be in two hours.

There was just a little snippet of Marc telling Janie not to put Diane up, but to put up Chicken G. Janie says she needs to talk to Kay and Marc mentions that Kay helped her lose in their season. Marci says Janelle has three options. What she should do is nominate Will, what she won't do is nominate Will, what she could do is nominate Diane.

Janie finds Kay and tells him that Marc suggests putting up Chicken G instead of Diane. Kay thinks the idea is stupid and tells her not listen to Marc, that he makes bad decisions. Kaysar says it should be Will or Diane that go. Then Kaysar tells her that she sits up in HOH and lets Marc fill her ears. She says “Well you aren’t up there talking to me.” Kay is very short with her; he tells her she can't just go around making promises to everyone. This is a game. Janelle tells Kaysar that James was pissed last night. Kay says he knows, it’s because James heard about Diane being put up from Boogie, then he says “We have to keep James.” Janelle told Kay that James accused all of them of lying.

We were switched over to the SR at the end of a conversation between Marc and Dani. He is telling Dani “I have done all I can but she won't listen, she's gonna do what she wants.” Dani shakes her head and walks out.

Back to Janelle and Kaysar and him telling her he is going to talk to James and do some damage control. He asks Janie what her fascination is with Marc. Janie in her buxom way is telling Kay that she loves Marc...Kay seems annoyed by her actions and everything she says right now. Kaysar tells Janie that he is taking Marc out in a couple of weeks. Janie seems surprised by that. Kay says “I like Marc, but he is a leak; he'll ride us to the end. Just because he's up there all day and talks about fashion with you, doesn't make him a good ally." Janie says “Doesn't it?” Kaysar: “Don't play dumb with me. You're smarter than that.” He tells her that taking out Chicken G is the easy way out.

Kaysar tells Janie that Marc is emotional and makes bad decisions. Janie relents and says “Alright, I'll stop hanging out with him so much.” Kaysar says “You can hang out with him, just stop giving him info.” Janie: “On a scale from 1-10, how bad are my nominations?” Kaysar: “If Erika goes home, terrible, if Chicken G goes home, terrible. With Di, we won't know until after it happens.” Janie doesn't think Marc, Erika, and Dani will put them up. Kaysar says they might if they think we made a deal w Chill Town. Kaysar says evicting Di is a risky move, but he understands. Janie wonders if James will try to break them up. Kaysar says he doesn't know. They both agree they don’t want to make a formal deal with Chill Town. Janie tells him that that Marc thinks they both have a deal with Chill Town. Kaysar says “Marc is infuriating me.”

The feeds switch to Di asking Erika if she thinks Janie will put her up and Erika saying she doesn’t know.

12:00 NOON
James and Kay are I the gym. James says he likes the idea of putting up Chicken G up because then all the threats are gone. Kaysar says he told her he told her not to do that and was kind of yelling at her. James says he had to apologize to Janie for yelling at her so much about her decision. Kaysar says he needs to go apologize too. James says that if Janie doesn't put up Will, then it will be evident that there is a deal between her and Chill Town; there is just no other rationale. Kay starts to say something, but James interrupts, saying he has to go to the bathroom.

In the BY Erika says she has so much gas “I'm about to blast off.” James says “there's nothing more attractive than a woman talking about her flatulence. Chicken G says there's nothing you can do about it; it’s the slop. George says Howie's clock is messed up; he stays up all night and sleeps all day. Howie is out there too and announces that he's getting a boner. Dani says she's gonna have to leave. (ROFL!)

James, Dani and Marc were talking about the nominations and how the S6 have a strategy to vote out the floaters. James leaves and Marc and Danielle agree that James is the smartest one of the BB6ers but will be the first to go; using the analogy that ‘this is like a chessboard and they decide to take out pawns instead of the king and queen and what it does is push all the pawns to the other side of the table’. Marc says that what happened the first time that Nak and Diane were nominated and now this just confirms it.

1:30 PM
The feeds were cut for about 45 minutes and we come back to Diane outside smoking and talking to Dani and Marc. Diane says “there is no playing one side or another, there is only one side, and I don’t get it.” Marc says “they are just handing Boogie and Will the game week after week...without a 2nd guess.” Marc then says “The internet people ruin the game!” The he says to the camera “you guys got what you wanted!” Apparently Janie had tried to apologize to Di before they came in the house (about something that happened outside of the game) and it was over the phone. Di didn’t accept Janie’s apology because she didn’t think it was sincere, she said she could hear people talking in the back ground. Di mentioned this in some interviews (one of them here at Jokers), and Janie didn’t like that. Di is sure this is the reason she was put up. Erika doesn’t understand why them and Di says “I understand.” Boogie came out and they are on to talking about his injured foot.

James and Kaysar are hashing it out
Kaysar and James are talking and Kaysar wonders what they should do next week. James says “save our butts.” James points out that Janie didn't want to go after floaters last week and that all Di wanted was to make it to sequester; she's living out of her car, she wasn't a threat to anyone. James says they're repeating last year's mistakes. Kay doesn't think so. James says “all the potential allies we had are going to turn on us.” Kaysar says “Erika won't.” James asks about Marc and Kay whispers that he wants Marc out. James: “I guess we'll have to get an HOH.”

Feeds return to James and Kaysar and James calling Janie a stupid f’n bitch! Kaysar says “Take it easy there Chief.” James: “She lost her cool and f'd us all.” Kaysar says that from what he got from Boogie is that Boogie isn't going to put up S6. James counters and says that Dani told him (James) that Boogie is very much coming after S6. Kaysar: “Great...” James: “I'm going to request that people stop playing stupid.” Kaysar: “We know Boogie is lying to somebody? Who? Both?” James: “We knew ahead of time that next week was the most important week and now we've made an enemy of everyone in the house.” Kay doesn’t say anything; he is lying on the bed looking thoughtful.

James says Marc is upset, between him and Chill Town they might keep Diane, “The floaters could swing, being led by Chill Town.” Kaysar says they'd be f'd if Diane stays. Kaysar says Boogie said he'd vote with them as a sign of good faith. James doesn't trust them...says they're setting Janie up like they set up Jase last week. Kaysar says the only people he trusts in the game are James, Howie and Janie. James says “The only people I trust are you and Howie.” With that James is off to wash up and use the bathroom.

2:00 PM
Outside the small group there has been playing some kind of movie trivia game for the last half hour or so. Not a whole lot going on at the moment. I guess they are lacking for food in the house. James keeps checking the SR to see if any has arrived, there was no food to be found, but he did bring out an arm full of condiments and gave them to George to fix up his slop.

James and Kaysar are lying down in one of the rooms again. James says “Marc is an emotional player, which makes him dangerous.” Kaysar: “M is an emotional wreck I told Janie that already.” James say (sarcastically) ‘Hey Janie I'm glad to see that you are playing the game selfishly and hiding under the guise that you are playing as a group.” Kaysar says “She’s stupid.” James: “You can’t describe Janie as stupid she may not be a rocket scientist but she’s not stupid, she’s cunning.” He says her move was legit, but that she shouldn’t claim she made it for the team.

George is in the kitchen pounding the heck out of some of the dried slop, making it into a powder form. In the bedroom, James says the incessant noise is making him crazy. Kaysar tells James to settle down a little bit, he's losing his mind. James says “Can you blame me?” James covers his face with a pillow and they both get quiet.

Diane comes into the kitchen and George says to her “sorry…” Diane says “That’s ok she’s been after me since day 1. I don’t think I have a fighting chance. I have to talk to some people and I’ll let you know.”

Outside Erika walks away from the group in the BY and Dani says “Erika is the stronger Alli. Diane can’t win HOH’s. She pretty much told me to my face that I'm her biggest threat.” Dani says Kaysar is mad and she says “I’m so important in this game because I get the truth out of people.” Will says he thinks they can control Chicken G. Dani says they can't throw the next HOH. Dani says Kay and James are both mad at Janie and that James may be mad enough jump ship, but not Kaysar. Will says he worries about James “because 1st James wanted us up, now he wants to work with us?” Dani tells them that James said he wanted to backdoor Janie.

Will leaves the group outside and Dani says “Janie nominating Erika created another enemy for the ‘four’.” Dani asks Boogie if he'll nominate Janie. Boogie says he's thinking of putting up Janie and Marc. Dani says “You have to take the power away from the S6...give them no say in the vote.” Boogie says he wants Kaysar out before Howie. Dani disagrees and asks Boogie about the deal they cut with Janie. He says it was mostly about Diane, but that they offered ‘some’ protection to the S6, but he never said he wouldn't put them up. Boogie wonders what Janie’s problem is with Diane. Dani fills him in on the apology thing with Janie saying that Janie & James had talked trash about Di in some chat rooms and said how ugly they thought she was. That Di was hurt by this and didn't go to the wrap party. So James felt bad and called Diane to apologize & gave the phone to Janie whose apology was less than sincere…then Di comes outside and finishes the story.

3:00 PM
There’s quite a bit of game talk going on outside with Dani, Boogie and Will. Whenever anyone comes out, they smoothly change to movie talk. They've talked about who they want to come back. Dani says Diane, Boogie says Ali, Will says Jase. Dani tells them they don't want Jase, Jase thinks Chill Town threw him under a bus (he’ll be out for revenge). Someone said the reason Janie didn't come after Dani was that she didn't have the votes. Chill Town both say they will protect Dani.

Erika is back outside now. Dani, Boogie and Will are talking bout All Stars casting. Dani talks bout the residents at her job & how she kept lying bout going back into the house. Will says his patients were calling him asking if he would be on TV. Dani says the first time she was recognized by someone she was so excited. Will says when people recognized him, but didn’t know why that he wouldn’t tell them where they know him from. Will says him & Erin get recognized quite often. Erika says people would trip out when they see her & Josh together. Will says “Boogie gets lots of love and attention from people at Dolce.”

Will asks Boogie if he wants to have a conversation with Chicken G “because he clearly thinks I’m a snake.” (Janie told him that.) Will says his relationship with Boogie is strong but his relationship with Dani is 2nd. Dani says the way she plays the game is that if someone is after her she doesn't let on, like she knows Marc is after her but she acts as if she doesn't know that. She suggests that Will doesn’t let on that he knows George doesn’t like him. Some one comes out so the talk turns to movie talk.

James & Diane are in a room talking. James she said that he saw in chats online that she was gunning for Janie. Diane says “that’s f’ing BS. I said I didn't believe her apology that Janie wasn’t being sincere. It sucks that I have to get back-doored like Jase was.” Diane says “I know I can get Will, Boogie and Chicken G.” James says “When you figure out who you can get you need to let me know.”

Now it’s James and Kay in the bug room talking about relationships and James missing Sarah. Some think Kaysar is lovesick, but he won't talk about his own situation. He asks James pointed questions about how he is dealing with missing Sarah and how he would have handled it last year if he had come into the house without Sarah, since their relationship was so new. James says that he separates his emotions and focuses his negative energy on the game. James says talking about missing Sarah will only weaken him emotionally and take his focus away. He says that Will is having the same problem, but has also not been talking about it, in order to deal with it. Kaysar notes that it seems to be a common problem throughout the house, and that even Chicken George has been pining after his wife.

4:00 PM
Marc tells the BY peeps he was in the DR to discuss an issue with his passport. He was in the DR for more than an hour. Will got called to the DR and at that time, Kaysar tells Marc that he kind of yelled at Jani, so Marci goes to check on her. Now in HOH with Janie Marc says he had an hour long DR, to take care of some business (which he told BY earlier was about his passport) and then to talk. His hand gestures intimated he was talking in the DR about the veto. He says he has the all time record for longest DR, and that on his season, they would do his either first or last because of how long he would stay in.

Outside Howie, Dani and James are talking about Ivette and the Nerd Herd. Howie says that Ivette hurt her chances of being voted in to All Stars because she distanced herself from Nerd Herd fans and Sov fans don’t like her. Howie says her only chance to get in the house was by ‘producers pick’. James says people would ask him all the time on his website if Ivette really changed. Howie says Janie could have sat back and ate bon-bons & she still would have got in to All Stars over Ivette. James says “Janie has sat back & ate bon-bons and she’s still is eating them!” The subject is changed then to sports.

Erika complains aloud to BB: “This slope diet is killing me!” James says “Why don’t you go ahead and eat? You are already nominated.” Will is sitting next to Howie and Will says to Howie “I don’t know if I’m nauseated because I’m sitting next to you or from the bowl of salsa I just ate.” Howie tells Will that it has to be the salsa. Then Will says “Wouldn't it be great if I just vomited right here in the backyard? Wouldn't that make great TV?” They are laughing (and we are saying hell no! LOL)

5:00 PM
Will asks Howie if he ever thought of being a pro wrestler. Howie says yes. Will says you would be good because you are big as a house and loud as hell, you have no pride and you dress badly. Then off topic Howie asks Will if he ever ‘frenched’ a dude? Will says “No and what about me would make you think that I have?” Howie says “Your relationship with Boogie. Kaysar says you said Chill Town was portrayed as a showmance on your season.” Will corrects him and says “I said I am afraid that’s the way BB portrays it now.” Howie talks about getting calf implants and Will tells him “Chicks don't date you because you have skinny calves.” Will tells Howie “better yet, you should take that money and spend it on psychotherapy.” LOL! Dani says to Howie you know that he's insulting you, right? Will says, “No, it's my professional opinion!”

6:00 PM
The conversation outside turns to food as Chicken G goes out with his bowl of slop and Erika is like “whatcha got there George?” Will says that in his season they were gaining weight on PB&J. Dani says “we weren't allowed condiments on ours, like you guys could have.”

James just shared a hug with Marc after joking about evicting him. As Marc walked inside the house, James whispers “But I'll send your little bitch partner home." Then he turned toward the camera and said “shhhh….” Somehow George got James talking about how victimized he was by the editing on BB last year and how he wasn't as mean to Sarah like they made him out to be. James says he was just playing the villain role but he's not the asshole BB made him out to be. People who had the feeds knew this (so he says.)

Howie and Janie are talking in HOH. Janie just woke up and after a bit they say hi to BB Chatter. Janie is depressed and Howie tells her “it’s business, don't be upset. So far all the moves we have made have been good. We'll see on this one. Diane would have floated till the end.”

Dani, Erika and Marc are in the red room. Dani's wondering how their (S6) popularity is this year. Marc tells her that they (S6) will be shocked when they get out. Marc tells Diane that he pushed Janelle not to put Diane up all the way up to the ceremony. Diane says “It's a personal vendetta, you know?” Erika: “Some people choose to play the game strategically and some people choose to play personally, although I think she (Janelle) is the only one playing personally.” Marcellas: “Twenty years from now, I'll never understand that. If I was on House Calls and found that out, for weeks that would be one of those things that we'd reference months later. Because we do a segment called ‘Where They Lost The Game’." Diane: "She's causing more beef than there ever was."

Marc left the red room and Erika said that two of them (S6) have to go. She said that she trusts Dani and that Howie and Janelle need to be up. Dani: “OMG! I am SO right there with you!” Marc comes back in and says that taking out Howie will weaken Janelle. But that she'll only have men in the house with her and that all the boys will fight each other and she'll be the only one left standing. Erika said that she tried to hook up with Janie, but she said no. Marc said that Janelle would be the LAST one of the 4 that he'd go after now she's the first one.

7:00 PM
After hiding for most of the day, Janie finally appears outside, in her robe, looking unhappy. Howie tries to engage her in ‘oh boy Janie’ talk, but she doesn't say much. Will asks if she's mad at Howie and Janelle says no she loves Howie. Will tries to tease her about a rift between the two of them, but Janelle ignores him. Will talked her into a game of pool. Will asks Janelle & Howie who is gayer; Marcellas or Beau? Janie answers: “Both!” Will then asks if Beau is as grumpy as Marcellas. Janie says “No, Beau was happy. He got drunk a lot.” Janie says she had a lot of fun with Beau. They went to see Mission Impossible together.

LOL after Will comments about the slop and how Chicken G should win the game if he is on slop for the rest of the time, they start to talk about which HG you would eat. Will says CG is fatty and large but his meat would have fart toxins in them. Then Will says he wants to eat Howie, but just the calf because the back and stomach would have too much fat. Kaysar asks will “why not eat Marcellas?” Will says he's probably bony and bitter and Erika wouldn't be filling. Boogie says “you eat Nakomis and you get ink poisoning.” Will says “I guess I'd have to say Janelle, young, nice tight muscles...” Janelle says “gross!” Will says “you are built like a race horse.”

8:00 PM
Kaysar, Janelle, Will and boogie are inside at the kitchen table. Will Boogie and Kaysar are dong Chicken G impressions. Will imitating George says “Oh! A band aid! Why it tastes like a piece of gum. Hey doc, I picked a scab off my leg and ate it. It was like a potato chip.”

BB tells Will “please treat your microphone with respect.” Will complains “I’m not doing anything!” Will is telling the gang about a list of damages BB gave him including a chair that he broke, 6 microphones, the roof the car, the window of the car…then Will tells BB they need to get the audio crew from Survivor to do their job.

Apparently pizza is on the menu tonight. Will poured water down the front of him to make it look like he is drooling over the pizza (I guess a good slop diet makes you do these things, lol). Conversation is all over the place. Marc is saying that by 8 weeks in the house a gay guy will have sex with another gay guy, even if they don’t like each other; it’s all about pent up frustration. Will says “Cool! So you're telling me that if we vote Bunky back in here, in four weeks, you'd bang him?” Marc’s response was “it's like pent up crazy frustration!” Will: “America: vote in Bunky!”

LOL, Will says “if they bring a pet in here, I will eat the pet's food, and then I'll eat the pet. This is not a good week to bring in a pet. Tonight, for dinner, I'm going to have toothpaste.” (ROFL!) He imitates Chicken G again: "I ate Howie's ear drops, they’re pretty good! I ate the ashes from the burnt log; pretty good!" Howie walks past Will and touches him. Will says “Seriously, stop touching me like that.”

Will asks BB for alcohol for everyone else, so he can be entertained. (Seriously I question whether some of this stuff should be included in the daily recap, but I can’t help myself, I am ROFL!) Howie is asking Will how much it will cost to have some kind of splinter removed. Then Howie asks about his eyelids, if they can be fixed. Kaysar says “We have a new name for Howie: Joey Buttafupa.” These guys are playing pool and talking outside.

Dani and James are together saying they should get the vote flipped in order to keep Diane. Now Marcellas has joined them. James tells them that Boogie was saying that he would put Janie and ‘you’ (looking at Marc) up. Marc tells James and Dani that he has their back. Marc says “James, you are on the bottom of the totem pole in that group of 4.” Marc says he will do whatever James and Dani do. He says “What Janie did today was crazy.”

Dani talks to Boogie about switching it up to vote out Erika and Boogie tells her he needs to keep his word. Dani said that she will not ask him to go back on his word, but she would like to see this end in a tie vote, shifting all the responsibility on Janelle to do her own dirty work by stating, “Diane you're evicted.” Dani says “Why give the HOH what she wants?”

So Dani is outside now telling Diane that she is sorry but she's already promised Erika the vote and that promise was made before the ceremony. Diane says she understands. Dani says “You know James had nothing to do with this, don't you?” Diane: “Yes, he's the only one I feel I can trust...If I can use that word.” Dani: “Not in the BB house.” Diane: “I appreciate his honesty anyway.” Dani tells Di “Marcellas really tried to go to bat for you too.” Di: “Oh I know, I know.” Dani seems more upset than Diane. Erika is out there with them now and smoking the Hookah. Diane gets up to go get something and on her way back she stops and tells Boogie that Dani can not give her a vote and they need to talk later.

It’s somewhere before 10:00 and Dani tells Janie that Ali said ‘this house is the dirtiest house she had ever been in’. Janie asks “why?” Marc and Dani laugh and the three of them start to tour the house, pointing out messes. Janie has her stuff in every room. Dani tells Janie how filthy her HOH bathroom is. Although they are laughing Janie defends herself saying they call you to the DR and it’s hard to be forced to get ready in five minutes. Jani says “I love clean clutter.” Howie interrupts.

10:00 PM
Diane asked Marc and George if they had already promised their votes to Erika, she wants to know if it is worth trying to save herself. She said she felt like every time she tried talking to anyone about it that ‘someone’ tries to stop her (she points towards Dani, not sure if that was the intended target). Diane says “I feel like there is something going on and I don’t know about it, like there is a ring leader. I mean if you promised your vote to Erika, just tell me….” Marc told her that he had promised Erika his vote, but that was when Erika was up against Boogie, then ‘she’ (Janie) switched it. Diane says “everybody did that.” George says that Erika didn’t approach him for his vote.

Marc says to Diane that it’s not fair that Erika has made everyone promise to keep her, and then now Diane is getting back doored. He tells Diane she has every right to campaign to stay in the game. Marc says “But, I don’t want to lie to people. If they someone is coming back in the house, I will do everything I can to make sure it’s you.” Diane says the option of someone coming back in is not a guarantee. Diane says that at the most she will only get 4 votes which is a tie and Janie would put her out anyway, so it’s pointless.

All feeds were on Janie and Erika playing chess for quite a while. There was little to no conversation. Janie is eating chips and now asked Howie to bring her ice cream with M & Ms and ice water. She apologizes to Erika for eating in front of her. Erika isn’t bothered she said “I’m full anyway.”

11:00 PM
Boogie and Will are in the HOH bathroom. A lot of this conversation is muffled by running water and other noise. They are talking about which S6 they would put on the block if they got HOH. At one point Will asked Boogie “Is James with us?” Boogie says “yes.” Will says something about Kaysar not knowing much about anything, and that he (Will) only talks about business stuff with Kay; he thinks Kay is starting to like him and not think of him as a threat. Boogie said something about not wanting to switch the votes from Diane to Erika because he wants to be viewed as a man of his word. Will thinks it should be okay so long as Dani and James stick to the plan.

Boogie finds Janie up by HOH; she is playing chess with Erika. Boogie tells Janie that Diane thinks the nom is personal and Janie says "Well it's not, I feel really bad about it. Why would she think that?” Boogie: “I don't know have you ever met her before?” Janie says “No. Is she really sad?” Boogie: “No more like trying to save herself, but she seems ready to go. I'm hoping she'll be able to ease into it within the next day and get over it.” Janie: “It's like a slow kill, huh?” Boogie: “Yeah.”

When Boogie leaves them, Janie tells Erika she feels bad about Diane feeling bad. Erika says “I feel bad too. But, it's a good move for you.” Janie: “Yeah, because she would have come after me, if not next week than whenever.” Erika: “Yeah, there are not a lot of girls in here.” Janie: “I know!” Erika: “We've got to get out some of the guys.” Janie: “I hope it happens soon. They don't want to take out the girls because they know it's more physical.” Janie: “Do you think the guys know what I'm trying to do?” Erika: “I don't know.” Janie: “There are only 3 girls left after Diane leaves.” Erika: “I know! The producers are like ‘Maybe we should have put another girl here’.” Janie laughs and says “I know I wish they did.”

Boogie, Dani and Marc are playing that movie game in the LR and then Will joins them. Will says “The DR gets to sensitive now when me or Boogie complain in there.” Marc says “Oh! I don’t care, they aren’t in here!” Howie, George and James are playing badminton.

Kaysar and Janie are up in HOH. They think getting rid of Diane is risky but smart. Janie thinks Chill Town will vote out Di and Kaysar agrees. They still think the floaters will vote with them and go after Chill Town or Chicken G if they get HOH. Kaysar wonders if maybe BB did away with Americas Choice. Kaysar asks what they are going to do this week. Janie says we are keeping them (CT) safe in exchange for votes. Kaysar says Boogie thinks he'll be with us in a few weeks. Janie said let him think that; if they (CT) think that we're after them the will start telling the floaters.” Kaysar tells her bout James being suspicious about Janie having a deal with Boogie and Will. Janie says she doesn’t have a deal with them “James is so paranoid that's why he's saying they're coming after us; Dani's not after us, Marcellas isn't after us.” Janie is now eating Cheetos and offers some to Kaysar and he says “No, I am trying to get in shape.” Janie makes a face and says “Why?”

Janie asks Kaysar who he thinks Dani will put up. Kaysar says “I don’t know, maybe Marcellas.” Janie: “Maybe me and Marcellas.” Kaysar: “That’s a good possibility because you are a vote for him.” Kay says he is going to hang with James more, lift weights and stuff, to make sure that James sticks to voting out Erika, since he (James) isn’t happy Janie’s nominations.

1:00 AM
James is talking to Howie. Howie asks James “If Dani gets HOH will she put up one of us?” James says “Hell no. It's just the whole house views Janie as a big f'ing liar. Her nominations were just f'ing dumb.” Howie: ‘Marc tried to tell her, and so did I. I don't know about Kaysar, he just sleeps all day.” James: “He's just staying out of it is all. He doesn't want to deal with it.” James saying the biggest thing is Janie lied to his face.

Kaysar is outside now and James is really exuding paranoia. He says “OMG! We got played by Janie. It's a set up from the f'ing beginning.” Kaysar is trying to tell James “This is not a conspiracy!” He further tries to explain and put logic behind the nominations. James isn’t hearing it; he says “She told me Diane is safe, it's bullshit. It was a bad move because it was to serve her own agenda.” Kaysar says “She felt really bad….” James doesn't agree he says it was a bad move.

Janie joins Kaysar, Howie and James. Kaysar starts a conversation about how they all have to be careful. Again James says “The whole house thinks we are f'ing liars, we backdoored two f'ing people in a row.” Janie says “We didn't backdoor them.” Howie: “They competed.” James: “Oh, okay, "they competed"….” then FLAMES! When the feeds return everyone is a little quiet. They talk some about who might or might not come back and what they think the next HOH challenge might be like.

James and Kaysar talk after Howie leaves. James says “We're the new Nerd Herd.” Kaysar: “Why?” James: “Janie ruined it for the alliance and she's a liar. We are the new NH because we made deals, then lied.” Kaysar doesn't think she lied but says it was a dumb move. He suggests they all go for HOH next week and 100% put up Chill Town, “no ifs ands or buts.” James says “okay”, but says he is still mad that Janie told Howie to tell Diane two days ago she was safe. Kaysar says he wasn’t aware of that. James says if he gets HOH he wants to put up Marc; Kaysar says he's all for it.

It’s around 2:30, James is ribbing Howie (they are making food) and he says “If you make it to sequester will you use your stipend to get some help? Maybe put yourself in a home? Not a whore house, a hospital.” Howie says “let’s see first if my insurance covers it.” James: “They will feed you grilled cheese and lots of pills.” Howie: “Grilled cheese would be awesome.”

3:00 AM
Howie, Marc and Janie are in HOH. James asks if Howie thinks they will bring someone back in to the game. Howie says “Yeah it’s an All Star show!” James: “Yeah but it’s stupid for them to be coming back, they already had their chance.” Howie: “I agree. What’s the twist though; a million bucks?” Marc: “It’s definitely that. If those cheap f'ers don’t get off their butts and offer a million this year…..” Howie says “Its All Stars; the best of the best…”

Janelle says to Howie “So what else is James saying down there? He's freaking out!” Howie: “He thinks you made a decision that is going to make the house come after us.” Janie: “Who is coming after us Chicken G?” Howie whispers so Marc can’t hear and says “Chill Town, do you really think they will keep their word?”

Jan asks Marc what he would say about her if he were doing House Calls right now. Marc says “I would really be talking about this nomination.” Janie: “What? I never said I was smart!” Marc: “If I was watching the live feeds I would be talking about how much everyone in the house says this sucks, and how boring everything is (he seems to be back peddling, he doesn’t want diss her nominations).

4:00 AM
Janie tells them she is voting out Diane. She asks “Do you think Diane thinks I am a bitch? I would forgive Diane if she did this to me.” Marc laughing says “You didn’t give her a chance to do it to you.” Janie says “In any case Mr. and Mrs. Smith are wiped out, we took care of that problem!”

Finally Kay and Janie are having some fun together. They are playing chess and laughing and joking with one another. Then Janie explains why she slept all day until like 6:00, she says she was depressed and felt bad about her nominations. Kaysar says “Don't be depressed.” Janie: “You'd be depressed too if you were hurting people.” Kaysar: “Okay, I probably would. I do feel bad for Diane.” Janie: “I do too, I feel like the biggest bitch on the planet!” Kaysar says “You're just playing the game. I know it sucks.” Janie: “I feel like we've never had to play like this before.” Kaysar: “I don’t know why it's so difficult this time.”

Janie asks Kaysar how mad James is. Kay says that he's really upset. Discussing why James feels like he does. Janie says Diane has a similar relationship to James as Ivette did last season; that they have long personal chats together. Janie is glad she is at least limiting some of James power by evicting Diane. Kaysar thinks Dani and Marc will go after each other and Erika will go after Chicken G. Janie says she wants Chicken G gone before sequester. Kay thinks Chicken G would vote for them in the end, because of Howie and James. Kay thinks Chicken G is a fan.

Kaysar breaks things up and says he has to go and pray. Janie giggles and says “Pray for me too.” Janie went to bed and so did Kay when he was done praying. This was just after 5:00 AM.