Big Brother Recap July 6, 2006
So it begins the back stabbing, scheming and fun! BB All-Stars Begins!

Quick synopsis of the live show

Julie sent the houseguests into the house, first the women who were voted in by the public , Janelle, Erika, Nokomis and Diane, then the men voted in were, Howie, James, Kaysar and Jase.

Then Julie pulled out some more keys for the producer choices, Danielle, Allison, Mike Boogie, Marcellas, Will, and Chicken George.

So, Ivette, Lisa, Cowboy, Bunky, Dana and Monica were not chosen to go in the house (though later on the feeds someone mentioned that the ones that did not make it in were invited to participate in other ways like hosting a competition etc.) So they might not be gone for too long.

HOH Competition
The first HOH competition was held and two winners were announced as HOH. Under the new rules the HOH have to agree to who they are nominating or they themselves will be put up.
The competition was not a memorization question and answer type HOH, but one where alliances and friendships could be shown.

Half the houseguests stood on a raised pole on a rotating platform while the other half of the houseguests swung a large foam meteorite trying to knock someone off. They continued until only one houseguest remained standing. Then the houseguests reversed roles. Jase was the last man standing so he was the first HOH. Janelle was the last women standing in the next round so she was the second HOH crowned.

The new HOH room was shown. The two HOH’s have to share the room and the bed. The room has a spy window so people can spy on others in the house.

Also on the premiere were nominations. Danielle put her game mode in full gear and started thinking. She approached Allison and Chicken George with her plan. She wanted to convince Jase to not agree with Janelle and actually put himself on the block. She wanted to convince Jase that Janelle would be sent home, that they had the votes. Of course telling Allison was like telling the world so she helps spread this like wildfire through the house. She told everyone.

Once nominations were held, Danielle and Allison were keyless. They were the first two nominated. Jase told Danielle that her game was too intense and told Allison that she was nominated because she was too much of a player. Danielle then admitted that her game came back to bite her in the butt!

Allison was pretty upset about being nominated. She blamed it all on Janelle, saying "I don't care that America likes her I hate her I am gonna get her out by her fake hair and her fake boobs and I am gonna drowned her in the pool"

At 12:02 EST the feeds were turned on. After a few minutes they had both picture and audio and we were back in business for another fine BB season!

It does not take long to figure out that these people are all game. They constantly talk and analyze every aspect of the game.

One of the first conversations we hear was Diane telling Allison that she had nothing to worry about that even if she did not win the VETO she would still be safe.

Will did announce that the live feeds were up which sent Allison immediately into primp mode, tugging on her shorts and fixing her hair!

Alcohol is served! BB gives them beer and wine. This pleases many. They only get 2 beers apiece so they want to have a contest between themselves for the beer. James immediate chimes up with don’t forget VETO tomorrow, Jase calls James “Mr. Big Brother” and thanks him for the reminder. James replies that he was just warning the nominees.

Seems they already have access to the hot tub and pool table.

All are aware that the feeds are on. Primping, thanking people (James thanked Atlanta, Janelle thanked America!)

Some flirting at the pool table between Erika and Kaysar. Kaysar playing along with Erika. Erika then asks Kaysar who did he want out, James or Will. Kaysar responded with “Why don’t we just knock out the poor man’s Will – James” Erika agreed that James had to go.

Throughout the night the houseguests talk of their seasons on BB. Many make fun of other players.

James and Boogie (should grown men still be called Boogie???) discuss how many votes they have to get rid of Allison; they believe they have enough (James, Boogie, Kaysar, Howie, Will and Janelle. (Can Janelle now vote being HOH?)

The best conversation of the night! Janelle, Marcellas, Will are talking about the internet people. Will said the internet people do not know how to take a joke…then said that to get on the internet side just say www.jokers! They start chanting JU JU JU Yeah jokers! Will also said Jokers was the best internet site!

Later Boogie and Danielle talking. Boogie tells her that they want Alison out because she will go far in the game if they don’t move now. Danielle agrees and said that she likes James because he is smart. So the game is on and campaigning to stay has started.

A lot of the houseguest believes that Chicken George will win, that he will skate through to the end if they don’t get him out soon.

Basically all the houseguests seem a bit paranoid about someone else in the house. They chat about their seasons and what happened a lot. Will and Boogie seem to like making fun of Howie, Janelle and Marcellus believe that Erika is playing like Amber of Survivor and sliding through, Danielle is trying to get votes from the James/Kaysar side. George floats and agrees with everyone. Alison is in tight with Diane and Nokomis and was the first to bed getting ready for the VETO competition. Jase seems to be liked by all so he might be a skater pretty soon! All this adds up to a really fun and interesting season!

All were asleep by 3:17 am with visions of VETO floating through their heads!