Kaysar was up briefly this morning around 5:30 to pray using his prayer rug in front of the fire screen in the living room, when he was done he went back to bed!
7:00 AM
Nak was the first one up this morning shortly after 7:00. She showered, put on a little makeup and got dressed in a t-shirt that reads ‘Nacos Revenge’ on the front and the ever loved saying ‘Cool Beans’ on the back. The shirt is special to her because her sister made it for her and used her nickname rather than her real name (Jennifer).

As Nak heads to the kitchen to start to clean up the mess that it is, Danielle is the next person to rise and shine and heads for the kitchen as well. At this point it has become evident that they are on lockdown, so the ladies start to clean up and put away dishes from the day prior.

Nak asks Dani, "so what do you think about the random veto thing?" Dani says she thinks it's the fairest way to play it. Nak agrees that it’s fair and says that “maybe this is the season you will not be able to rely on alliances so much.” Dani agrees and says she thinks it was set up that way intentionally and that it makes it harder to backdoor someone.

While Dani was cooking her egg white breakfast, she was telling Nak how her daughter has OCD issues. She said her daughter will use a napkin to cover the mouse if she is using the computer in order to avoid germs and that she puts her toothbrush in a certain position, to make sure it hasn’t been moved or possibly used by someone else.

They move on to food talk and who did the cooking in past seasons. Also who ‘didn’t’ do the cooking, LOL. Nak made a point that Marvin was a great cook while CB was a terrible cook! Dani says she cooked a lot, maybe too much, in her season of BB and she does not want to do that this time around. Dani talks about how damn funny it was to watch CB cooking those steaks on the grill…they rib CB for a few about his cooking.

Nak says that she regrets her choice to sleep in the big bed; she says the room is too dark and she's afraid she's going to step on someone's head. Dani says she loves her bed, all the way in the corner. She thinks it's neat how they worked the beds this year. She said the ‘ant room’ has privacy but the beds are stiff like cardboard. The only room with comfortable beds is the one that's out in the open and has zero privacy. Nak says "what is privacy in this game?"

They agree that this house puts the houses in other seasons to shame. Dani says in her season you could walk to a certain spot and see where everyone was talking and then go back to where you were, “but, in this house, you don't know if people are up on the loft, over there, over here, it's just so big and you can't see anything.”

8:30 AM
Will and Boogie are up now. Boogie complaining about George snoring...Dani suggests he ask for some ear plugs, he says ‘how about a hatchet?’ Will is cranky and has bed head like I’ve never seen and wonders if he can go back to sleep on the couch.

Add James to the mix now. They are all talking about their fans. Nak and Dani say how weird it is when fans come up and grab at you or want to hug you. Dani mentions that although there are people out there that love you, there are people out there that will tell her how much they hated her on BB too. Dani said she was so creeped out, when someone showed up at her work to chide her for not following through with an internet chat she cancelled on.

Will attempts to go lay on the couch on the LR with Boogie not far behind, then BB says: ’Will this is a reminder that sleeping in the LR is not permitted’ . James laughs and says ‘dumbass!’ Both Will and Boogie are put off by this announcement and Will says that if they weren’t locked down inside, he could sleep all day outside, and then he says ‘I just won’t compete in any competitions then!’ (He’s really proving to be a worthy competitor so far…lol).

9:00 AM
Poor George, when he got up at 9:00 everyone was really giving it to him for his snoring. Will asked him how he slept…George says “not so well”. Dani asks George if it was the alcohol and George said no, he thinks it wall the ice cream. Boogie sarcastically says “George, you did sleep trust me. In response George says he will put on duct tape tonight and promises not to eat or drink before bed.

Talk turns to Naks shirt that her sister made her. She put Nacos Revenge on the front, it should have been spelled with a k, not a c, but it was the thought that counts. She said that the family watches the feeds but not the show. Will says people who sit and watch the feeds are weird and need to get back to work if they are not affiliated or related to someone on the show.

At 9:30 it was announced that the VETO competition will start in 60 minutes. LOL, Will asks Boogie if he is chosen to compete if he will get drunk first.

Diane and Ali are in the bathroom getting ready. Ali says it took all her might not to punch Erika last night (she heard Erika whisper something as she was going to bed – it was not audible to us what she heard). Diane thinks whatever Erika was saying was a defense mechanism and that Erika was nervous. Diane tells Ali that out of everyone Erika is the one she wants to like....Ali says ‘Oh really?’…in comes Erika and the conversation stops.

James and Jase are talking about the VETO comp. James says he wants to win the veto, but the ‘girls are no joke’. James says “I’m telling you I think Janelle will be able to take Allison, these girls are no joke, but that’s what’s fun, know what I mean?” Mid conversation they are both complaining about pain from sleeping in their beds. James asks Jase “have you even thought of replacement nominees?” Jase: “No”.

Enter Howie, on his way to the kitchen sink – to spit! Dani stops him, grossed out and tells him to go to the bathroom to do that. She follows him, so she can use the toilet and Howie says “sorry, I didn’t flush” LOL. Kaysar over hearing this says to Will “I would like to know how many calories Howie burns talking”, then says “or how many brain cells are we losing by listening.”

10:00 AM
Ali and Nak are talking about smoking and clubbing. Nak says “This isn’t my scene”. Ali asks Nak if she prefers lounges. Nak: “I like lounges, even though I’m a smoker I despise being in a smoky room. I’m the most anti smoking smoker there is. The Menthols smell the worse.” They talk about drinks, they both prefer beer. Nak says she is a social drinker only; she doesn’t like to go home and drink alone.

Jase, Janelle and Marcellas in the HOH
Janie says “who do we not want to win it? Alison, so she doesn’t take herself off?” Marc asks “who's the biggest threat if they stay in the house?” Jase: “Ali is stupid; she's already trying to rally everybody. She's involved in all of this just as much as Dani is.” Janie says “so we're going for?” Jase tells her to pick. Marc says that on a personal level, Dani ruined his life but he thinks that Ali is a strong player since she has the ability to win on her own, where Dani gets others to do her dirty work. Jase confirms this saying “riiiight, it was Dani's idea and Ali did the dirty work for her in this case.” Marc and Janie both agree.

Jase left the HOH room. Janie asks Marc “what do you think?” Marc says that Ali must go no matter what! Janie agrees. Marc tells Janie that they have to approach Jase individually after the veto competition and see where he stands. Janie wonders if she and Marc hang out too much together, if they will be perceived by Jase to be a "block". Marc says they hardly hang out in the day together, he is trying to hang out with everybody - except George - he just can't.

10:20 AM
Ali and Dani are in the bathroom. Dani says to Ali “if they are coming after us to get us out then we'll work….” Ali interrupts “to get them out.” Ali says she figured they would come after the two of them first. Dani says “we'll see, whatever it is, I wish you best of luck girl, seriously.” Ali: “me too, honest to God”. Ali tells Dani how pissed she was last night at what she over heard. She said she will tell Dani what it was, after the competition is over with.

Now there is a nice big close up view of Marc popping his zits in the bathroom mirror! LOL, he says “it’s like giving birth”…(sorry, I know this is bad visuals for some of you…lol). Janie says “but it feels good!” Marc begs, “Please tell me there will be no screen caps of me popping my zits!” Then he exclaims that he can't wait to have Will suck the fat out of his ass, “Keep sucking 'til you hit bone!”

Will is telling the story of Howie blowing his finger off with a bomb. How he lit it, and then hit it with a hammer. Will says to Howie “could you tell the bomb story one more time, for everybody?” Ali says “pleeease, I wasn't here..” Howie: “I don’t want to go into specifics.....internet users..” Howie says he was 13 and he was in the basement and his brother was there, but on the other side. Ali asks “what was the bomb, how did you make the bomb?” Howie responds “I'm not gonna explain that…” Will agreed that would be a bad idea. Howie said he started to hammer the thing and it went off, he said “imagine taking your ring finger and unzipping it. You could see the bone! I ran upstairs and my mom called an ambulance.”

It’s just before 11:00 and the HG’s are sitting around talking about E-bay and what they have bought or sold. Howie says he hasn’t really bought anything other than BB stuff, that you can get season 1-6 on ebay.

Jase and Janie have been summoned by BB to the DR. There is a quick shot of them explaining how the competition will go down.

11:30 Pre-VETO talk in HOH
The challenge is about to begin. The players for this VETO (some chosen at random by spinning a wheel) will be Jase, Janie, Dani, Ali, Kaysar and George.

Jase, Janie and Marc are in the HOH trying to determine the order in which they will play. They are also trying to figure out who goes up if Ali or Dani takes themselves off the block. Marc thinks it should be George. Jase says “George is the worst player in the house!” Marc says “that’s what makes him strong, he is being underestimated!”

Marc and Jase are convinced that George is putting on an act and really knows what he is doing. They go through past conversations where they have caught him lying about his knowledge of the past shows and contestants life outside the house. They are convinced George is lying and has done his research on the show and is playing dumb. He is also playing up to the public by putting on his "stupid hat" and "big glasses" seconds before the feeds come on. They compare George to being like Lisa or Amber.

Marc says if George wins the veto he will whisper in his ear while he sleeps to use it on Dani. Marc suggests they stop over thinking things and play it out, Jase and Janie totally agree.

They are looking at photos of past HG’s. Jase says “Maggie weighed a lot.” Janie says “she had a lot of weight to lose….sorry, do you agree Marcellas?” Marc says “yeah.” Janie asks “Marci, who had the best looking cast?” Marci: “I think your show. It had Ashlea - she was gorgeous, you were beautiful, Sarah was gorgeous! I think Sarah was the most beautiful girl to play BB.” Janie says “me too.”

Marc: “April looks better in person; she is tall and thin with these big boobs and great skin. But I don't think the guys were that great looking. Michael was the best looking but he wasn't that great looking. Kaysar was so sweaty when he came into the room for our Housecalls interview.” Janie: “I just noticed something more disgusting about Maggie, look at how high her pants are pulled up in this picture, she is just butt ugly. Ivette looks good in this picture.” Marc: “yeah Ivette looks good. I remember the guys filming the show were like "she is so hot". Jase and Janie both agree she looked good.

Enter Will who brings Marc some fiber stuff to drink. He says “there is only so much yelling I can take from Howie.” Will asks if they gave Janie any hint of what the competition is and she said none, she doesn’t even know if it’s something physical or not. Will asks if they want to switch things around depending on the outcome of the veto comp. Janie says “we want it kept the same…” Jase then says “we have to stop Ali and Dani from winning.” Will: “and then, who's the other person?” Janie says “Kaysar”. Will says, “that’s interesting, those are the two nicest guys.” (referring to George and Kay). Marc was exasperated by this comment and says: “what the hell is that?” Will: “you're taking it personally…” Marc: “I would say they are the two most ‘workable’ guys.” Will says, “that’s another way to think of it.”

Janie asks Will if he thinks George will use the VETO should he win it. Will says, “tell him if he uses it, he will be in trouble.” Jase agrees, but Marc says “I just dont think threatening someone is….” Jase: “that's not threatening.” Will offers a way to nicely tell George not to use it.

Howie has now entered the HOH. Janie & Jase discuss their bet about the veto comp. If Janiee beats Jase, she gets the HOH room. If Jase beats Janiee, he gets the HOH room. Janiee hopes it is a timed event. Jase offers to let Will sleep with him if he wins. Will says: “I'm going to put those ear plugs in Chicken George's nose, and just let him breathe out of his mouth.” Janiee immediately says to Howie: “NO HOWIE! If I win, you AREN'T SLEEPING WITH ME!” They all are laughing while Howie acts sad.

12:00 NOON
Some of the the others are talking about past games and people. Dani asked Nak if anyone thought to bring the twins to the end because the house hated them. Nak said after the twins pulled the Jesus/cult stuff, the house didn't want them to get the chance at 50K. Nak says the twins pouted and whined when they were nominated. Dani says Amy was the same, so she (Dani) refused to let Amy go to the end. Dani says she loves Amy but she didn’t like that Amy got a second chance to play. Dani said that Amy told her she would have won had she taken her to the end, and Dani agreed but just couldn’t do it.

The HG’s are still locked up inside and are eagerly awaiting the start of the veto competition. Kaysar talks about BB6 and how he didn't want to talk to people after the show. He said “there are websites like JOKERS and everyone wants you to do interviews and to come on their website and talk and I just couldn’t.” (He did eventually). Kaysar says people started to think he was arrogant. He wouldn't talk to them or go to clubs and party. He just wanted to sit on couch at home and eat popcorn. He didn't want a rock star lifestyle.

Finally at 1:00, the feeds went to flames and the competition is in progress.

2:30 PM Post VETO competition – A Dumpster Garbage Game
Whatever the competition was, it had to do with stinky food and or garbage, hockey sticks and colored garbage bags. We know this because after Ali showered twice she said she still stinks. Janie also took a very long shower, washed her hair twice, put hair gel in and said her hair still smelled like fish. Ali apparently was hit with some sort of metal cage or the trash can and caused injury to her head, but the doctor in the house (Will) told her not to worry, ‘it won’t leave a scar’.

VETO Winner: It took a while for us feed watchers to get who won, but alas it is Janie with the metal of honor hanging around her neck after her shower.

Janie is in the red room now with Marc and Erika and they are saying how nerve racking the competition was. (It seems Ali came close to winning it). Erika says it was almost anti-climatic for her because she wanted to be the one to kick Ali off.

Holding up her VETO necklace, Janie exclaims to Jase and Howie: “Jedi Janie did it!” Jase left soon after that and Howie and Janie whisper about the game. Janie says “I’m nervous now they are going to align against me.” Howie: “I worry most about Nak, the bitch was walkin’ around the house yesterday lookin’ at stuff!” Janie says “I couldn’t throw the competition, I didn’t have the chance.” Howie: “Good Job Janie!”

Just before 3:00 Jase and Janie head up to the HOH for a talk. Jase says “so we just decide who goes now right?” Janie says: “Allison.” Jase agrees. Janie says Danielle doesn’t have a chance at winning competitions. Jase agrees and says that Ali can totally win HOH or POV competitions. Janie says “Allison really scares me.”

Howie has joined Jase and Janie in HOH, they are going over competition specifics, like the colors of the bags and who did what in case they are asked about it later in a quiz type competition. Janie says that one of the 5 of them don’t win the next HOH, the rest will come after her in a big way. Howie says “James is due to win HOH, like Kaysar is due to get laid!” (ROFL!!) Jase isn’t saying much at this point, he is mostly observing Janie and Howie and their talk.

3:00 PM Pow wow in the HOH
Jase, Howie, Janie and Will are in HOH now. Jase: “Well we're cool for this week; we have to see who wins it next.” Howie: “Well, we're gonna do something about it. We are going hard for it, James is going hard and so will Erika. James is good; he competes like no one's business. James is due for an HOH. Neither Dani nor Ali has ever mentioned the game to me. All they ever mention to me is their boobies getting me their vote. It's stupid.” Jase: “You're like.. all right!” Janie: “It doesn’t matter if it’s Ali or Dani that goes.” Howie: “You know Ali and Diane and Nak will stick together.” Jase: “Who do you think Danielle is with?” Janie answers “No one.” Howie: “You don't know, maybe it's hidden!” Jase: “I think Alison and Danielle are together.”

Will walks in to HOH
Jase says to Will “Who do you think should go?” Will: “I don't know. I asked Marcellas what he thought and he said he thinks we should vote out Allison, so I was like okay. But he says he thinks Danielle and James are a team. But I am thinking that maybe Marc and Danielle are a team and they're hiding it, I don't know. Neither of them has approached me to talk about it at all, but it doesn't seem like Alison has any allies.” Janie: “How about Diane and Nak?” Jase: “Ali could be with them for the time being or whatever.”

Howie: “Put up Will, and I'll get him out of here. I just want to get you out. You're a dominant player and you rip on me every five seconds.” Will says, “Go take a shower.”
Howie: “Wanna take a shower with me, Will? It's an Allstar show; you gotta take a shower with me.” Will: “I wouldn't take a shower with you with all the clothes in the house on.”

Jase says he wants a big blow out between Ali and Dani. He want to instigate something to get them fighting, for tonight’s entertainment.

Janie says she thinks that Nak and Diane are an alliance. Will asks, “Why do you think they are together?” Janie says they are always talking. Will: “There are some people who always have loyalty to some people. Like I won't put you up because you didn't put me up….but James, I don't think he cares. He would put up anyone at any time. Howie, who would you put up?” Howie: “You.” Will: “I respect that.” Then Howie adds…“and….Boogie, maybe.” Will: “I wouldn't want to go to the finals with Boogie, he's incredibly charismatic.”

Will left to change his batteries. Janie says “James is with us, though, not Dani.” Howie tells Janie that Will is playing them. He is trying to use magic tricks on them. Howie: “It's comical, it's his old tricks. He can do anything. He'd be a great lawyer, a great porn star.. 24/7, he's hilarious. I don't wanna give the guy one word out of my mouth or I will have five people after me. I'm not gonna tell him who I wanna put up.” Jase: “He and Boogie going up together would not be a bad idea at some point. I like the guy, don't get me wrong.” Howie: “I love the guy, but unfortunately there's business. The guy's unbelievable.” Janie: “That was good, he's creating tension. But James is with us.”

Will returned to the HOH. They were talking about general game stuff and Will asked “What happened to Rachel, she didn't do very well?” Howie: “She did great!” Will: “I mean, in the game, when did she get out?” Jani said “second to the jury house.” Will: “Why did you vote that dude out (to Jase about the Don)?” Jase: “He was trying to start alliances and didn't even ask me. Why would you try to start an alliance without the HOH of the time?” Will: “You said in retrospect that it wasn't a good idea.” Jase: “Yeah, in retrospect, everything is in retrospect.”

Enter Kaysar now. Howie tells Kay “Dr. Will is planning to betray me.” Will: “Oh, it's not a plan.” Howie: “I like the way you play this game, William. You're a great competitor. That dumpster garbage game was built for you.” Will: “I would have loved to play in that. Seriously, I want to participate in stuff, you know? No matter how gross it is. This is the last time I'm going to do this in my life. I don't want to watch, I don't care if I win, I just want to participate.” Howie: “Well, starting next week you'll be nominated every week, so you'll be playing.” (LOL!!!) Will: “That's fine. I don't want to go to the sequester house.”

3:30 PM The doctor is up to his old tricks
Around the feeds, there is some banter with Marcellas talking about Housecalls and how the phone lines lit up when he commented to a 'Revenge of the Houseguest' Kaysar blog poster saying “That’s a bit much!” And he said he didn’t know who was doing Housecalls with Gretchen and that she’d better be doing it by herself!

Diane is doing dishes and Erika is cleaning out the fridge…there just isn’t much action in the kitchen right now.

But the real fun is still in the HOH. The Evil Dr. Will is telling group he wants to be voted out by week 3-4, he does not want to go to sequester (didn’t he do that last time around?). Jase: “What if no one votes you out?” Will: “They will want to because by week 5, I will start playing the game, I will have to.” Kaysar: “I kind of want to see what Dr Will is made of (smiling devilishly).” (I feel the All Star tension here folks, lol.) Howie: “Just keep floating like you are you are in a good position. No one thinks you can win a competition. You have never won one. So keep floating along. Everyone knows you are the luckiest man alive to have won BB2 without having ever done anything - never wining a competition.”

Back in the kitchen Dani and Marc are talking about the internet haters and all the hate threads there are. Dani kind of puts a pun out there like “If you are such haters, come find….” And before she finished, Marc says “Uh uh, don’t come find me!”

Will was talking about his season. Monica was awful at comps and not in an alliance, but would have won. He says he threw the last comp so Nicole would have to evict Monica.

Finally the HOH group broke up after covering the Justin and Krista knife incident and how Scott was ousted for his tantrum……

4:00 PM
Danielle was saying how her bag was filled with stuff from the house after her season. Marc said he got rid of his. He sold his Golden Veto on e-bay and Dani said she bought Lisa’s gnome on e-bay. Danielle said that during one of her internet chats this person was talking to her and she called them out in the forum and said “dude, you used to hate me!”

Janelle talking to James and Jase, asks James who he wants to stay and he says he doesn't know, but that he doesn't like that Dani played too hard too early. After Janie says that Dani and Will are the same kind of player; James suggests to them to take Dani off and put Will up, but they don’t agree with that. Janelle mentions that she is scared that Kaysar will give away strategy spending 24/7 with Erika, they never know what he is thinking, and he is never around. James says “the thing with Alison is we can't trust her but she is good at turning people against each other.”

Janie told James that Will came up to HOH and told her that she and Jase were an alliance (this was when he said they were an automatic alliance being they are both HOH’s), and now she is concerned he will run around and tell everyone this and try to stir it up.

Janie really wants to keep Dani in the game. The HOH crew will need Boogie and Will’s votes to get Ali out. Janie says that Kaysar was not happy that Will was not put up. Now their concern with Kaysar is him spending too much time around Will and spilling secrets. James says Kaysar couldn't handle Maggie how can he handle Dr Will? Janie: “Kaysar is the king I just hope he is not telling everything to Will. Kaysar was mad because we would not put up Will.” Jani: “Nak is not the kind of person who will trust Dani.” James: “Diane said at their rap party all she did was hang out with Ali and the good time they had.”

Talk turns to Chicken George. James asked Will who will go next? George? Janelle and James both said they think so. James thinks that George would go after BB6 people in a heartbeat. Jase thinks Chicken George is going to die in a competition. Jase says to them: "Chicken George will be the first medical evac in BB history." They all laughed….

Erika has now wandered into the HOH as they were talking about George. Erika tells the gang that Josh says George is a smart guy. James says he thinks George threw the VETO comp. He mentions how upset he was that Marc sold his VETO after he was allowed to keep it.

During the HOH happenings, Dani just so happens to say to Marcellas ‘no one is listening to us on the internet, everyone’s in HOH’…..LOL! (She’s got that right!) These two are pretty bored right now talking about starting a cooking show, saying the BB house is nice and big and a perfect place for it. This gets Dani back on talking about how small the house was in her season of BB.

In the kitchen now Howie and Marc are eating away chips and Howie asked Marc who will be doing HC’s in his place and Marc said he doesn’t know and he thinks the last season of HC’s he did, will be his last season of HC’s period.

5:00 PM
Most everyone is in the BY right now. Janie, Nak and Marc are talking about BB starting the rough competitions early this year. They talk about Ali's injured head and Janie’s big bruise on her leg.

Ali and Dani are talking. Ali is upset, she says “look at me; I look like a rhinoceros with this huge bump on my head! I honestly I want to go home now!” Dani says “that’s not my AliBear, you’re not having a good time at all?” Ali says “No, this is a horrible place and I am having a horrible time here! Erika hates me and it’s been 3 years! I’m not gonna beg those assholes to stay.” She said Janie has wanted her out since day 1 “so I wouldn’t worry if I was you.” Dani says “I always worry.”

Marc, Jase and Nak are talking in a little group outside. Marc is telling them how he over heard Dani say she should have won BB3. Marc says what a crock of sh*t! The game has little to do with the DR and what is said in there, she wouldn’t have won it either way, the people would have voted for Jason had her plan worked. He says everyone thinks she is the Grand Master of the game; however, she fought to take the wrong person to the end.

Will and Janie are in the SR. Will was trying to put an idea in Janies head that as HOH she should cut a deal with the person she doesn't want to send home yet (which would be Dani). Janelle was totally playing it up and asking Will lots of questions to try and get him to reveal who he thinks she should save. Will is asking her how it was in her season and why she didn't know this already. Will tells her she seems very laid back like she doesn't really care. Janie seems content to let him think that. At the same time Janelle was playing dumb and asking questions to try to get Will to talk, he was being noncommittal and not revealing anything either in this awkward talk but they were both kind of smiling and laughing. The both leave the storage room and Janelle thanks Will for the help and he laughs and says something like what help?

6:00 PM Things are not so friendly between Howie and The Dr.
Just before 6:00, most of the gang is outside working out and hanging out. Howie says “Me or you, Will?” Will: “Are you going to strip or not?” Howie: “I'm done naked already!” Will: “Get outta here, you suck. Boo! We thought you were the cool guy on the show, but I guess not.” Howie: “We thought you were the athletic, in shape, good looking, tan guy on the show, but I guess not *laughs*.” (Quad cam shows Danielle and Janelle watching intently.) Howie: “And when I saw your interview you were like ‘yeah I'm the best looking guy in Big Brother history’, I actually thought you were thick and fat, that's what the camera did. But I'm like, he's pale white. But I mean...” (Danielle appears to laugh but act like she's coughing to cover it up.) Will responds, but it’s not audible. Howie: “Yeah, you dared me not to vote you in. But, like you said...” Will: “Oh, shut up!” Will says: “If I were you, I would have enough pride to take my own life. I would go up to HOH, slit my wrists with that butter knife. Be the first suicide in Big Brother history. Hook us up with some ratings, Howie. C'mon, go up there and kill yourself.” Jani and Dani were stunned saying ‘wow!’

Will is telling someone his relationship with Howie is akin to Ike and Tina Turners relationship. Then Will says to Howie “Let's do an alliance, you wanna or not?” Howie: “What are you suggesting, me, you and Mike Boogie ride rough shot through this house?” Will: “Not too hard. The most dangerous players are the ones not afraid to go home. I'm willing to take the biggest risks here.” Then as if on cue, Will looks at the camera and says “….and so the fly falls in to the spiders web…”

Finally a word or more from Diane. We haven’t seen or heard much from her. Right now she is in the hell room with Jase telling him not to fall for anybody. Not to get caught up in any crushes. Then they talk about Janie; and Diane says how hot she is that even she has a crush on her.

Janie and Nak are playing chess and talking strategy. Nak says that Ali is starting to freak her out. Janie says Ali's plan was to get rid of her (Janie) all along. Nak says she is in the dark in this game and denied being asked by Ali to vote out Janie when she could. Janie says Ali is getting people to do her dirty work and there is no way she is taking Ali off the block. Nak promises if everything stays the same she is voting out Ali.

Earlier Ali was packing and wanting to leave. Now she is talking to Diane about the votes she will need to stay in. Diane says the way to get James to vote to keep her is to make it seem like she has his back. He'll just vote to keep whoever he thinks is good for him in the game. Diane tells her she needs to work on Will, Boogie, James and Chicken George to keep her safe. Diane says she doesn't think they give a sh*t either way who goes. Ali says “I don't either.” Diane and Ali both think Janelle wants her gone even if she hasn't said it. They can see it in her eyes. Ali says Janie probably doesn't like her just because she won't become all buddy buddy with her. She says she won't. Diane says she won't either.

Diane and Ali say that Janelle isn't someone they would hang out with outside the house. She's too high maintenance. Ali: “It's not even pretty, it's fake.” Diane: “But at least she got laid right before she got in the house. Did you check out the rug burn on her neck?” At this Ali is dying laughing. Marc came in and the conversation came to a halt.

7:00 PM Boogie and Diane - it’s Hammock time!
Boogie and Diane are outside on the hammock talking game. Boogie says Dani could never fade into the background but Ali can, and you might never get her out of the game. Boogie asks “Are you tight with James?” Diane: “I have tried to talk to him but....I don't get this kissing butt with the six.” Mike: “I think they think they can run this because they are so tight. When I look at that wall the one I have the problem with is James. We have to let them have their way this week.” Diane: “But he is the veto king!” Boogie: “We can't plan on it, because of that wheel (that chooses the veto players by random). We will just sit tight. I don't want to try and play the majority of this game with him. He can flip at any time. Just keep sucking in the outcasts, like Nak and George.” Diane: “Nak feels the same way about the six.” Howie came outside and interrupted this conversation.

Diane says to Boogie: “I don’t know about Chicken George (she thinks he does have game). Boogie: “I don’t think it’s a total act. I don’t think he is a threat.” Diane: “He was not playing the game today, let's not kid.” Boogie: “You think he is totally putting on?” Diane: “I don’t want another Cowboy, I will kill myself.” Diane: “So have u talked to the 6? You can talk to James anytime. He tells anything.” Boogie: “Yes he over plays everything.” Diane: “Here is my philosophy regarding the 6. Kay and Janie are the closest and they think Howie is disposable.” Boogie: “Really? I think Kaysar is more disposable, at least to Janie.” Boogie says “you know who else needs to go is Marc, he is playing everyone. He should go before George.” Diane: “Yes.” Boogie: “Janelle needs to go before James, if it comes down to it; she is more of the leader.” Diane: “Jase feels the same way. I know he feels like Janie is the leader and needs to go.” Boogie says that Kaysar is like a snake lying in wait. Diane says “let’s send him back to America.”

Diane says she would love to take full credit for evicting Janelle. She says “We have pre-game tension, me and Janelle. She talked about me the whole season. She was saying I was way too ugly for Drew and she couldn't believe that anybody would give me attention.” Boogie: “Most people in here I like more in person than on TV, but her I like less in person. She has a weird thing about her.”

Boogie says “You know, if Danielle survives this week, we can bring her into our midst.” Diane: “You think?” Boogie: “I think if we say let's get Janelle out, she'll do it.” Diane: “I think if the attention isn't on her, yeah, she'll do it.” Boogie: “Janelle is a target. America loves her, third place last year, wins an HOH, wins a veto, smashes the veto today, I mean it wasn't even close, that's how cocky they are. She's a smart girl, she has to know she's making such a big target of herself, but she doesn't seem to care because she thinks she's gonna run it.” Diane: “Yeah, yeah.”

Just like old times! Kaysar and Janie are having a friendly game of chess. Kaysar is pushing for Dani to go. He says she is one of the best players in house. Kaysar says he thinks James is playing all sides, trying to be friendly with everybody. Janelle tells Kaysar about Will's rap that BB6 should go, but because the information came to Janelle from James, Kaysar says he thinks James is just paranoid.

Now Kaysat and Janie are on the floor by the chess game. Kaysar and Janie both realize or think that Nak is playing her own game and will not be swayed by anyone. Kaysar asks Janie if they should try to get Marc to align with them. They discuss next week. Janelle says she thinks Chicken George needs to go. Kaysar looks shocked. “WHAT?! If we put up George and Dani do you think people are going to vote out George over Dani?”

8:00 PM Kaysar and Janie – Just like old times!
Kaysar and Janie are still talking on the floor by the chess game. Kaysar saying they have to keep their alliance with Jase a secret. He says that if the BB6ers keep winning it and putting up people like Diane and Will, it's going to be obvious that they're not targeting Jase at all and will think something is up. He says “Everyone is coming for us. We're a huge target. And it doesn't help that you won first HOH and veto.” Janie: “But if we had lost it, we would have been up.” Kaysar: “I know, we can't lose it either.” Janie: “We have to keep winning it, or else we're screwed.”

Janie says “Nobody is going for Marc.” Kaysar: “It's day four, we don't know what's going to happen. Think about it. Don't you think these people already have these things in the back of their heads? People already know all the different games. People know there are going to be floaters; they know people play the game in different ways. They know how Dr. Will plays. As much as people say they do things for strategy, sometimes they vote people out because they're annoying. Whatever happens happens. We'll try to stay alive. Maybe next week James, for god's sake, maybe he will finally win HOH. You know if he does, we'll never hear the end of it.”

Kaysar is telling Janie not to do the ‘Oh Howie and Janie thing’, it’s too showy and it won’t help things. Janie: “Howie is doing that. It’s not helping me at all. Howie is making it worse.” Kaysar: “Be yourself. All we know is that people are going to act differently towards you because you're HOH and to me, because they know I'm close to you. We need to get as much information as we can. No one is talking game with me, no one. Not a single person.” Janie: “Not James or Howie?” Kaysar: “No. All Howie said was you gotta make sure to study the house, study the house. James didn't say anything. We'll see what happens.” Janelle moves the chess board pieces around to make it seem like they played, then gets back on the floor to talk.

Kaysar says that Will and Boogie have no allegiance to anyone. He asks Janie if she believes Will when he says he doesn’t want to go into sequester. Janie says no.

Kaysar: “Maybe that was the way to make sure alliances from the outside didn't have any relevance in the house, by having that double HOH.” Janie: “Do you think it's gonna be like that next week, as well?” Kaysar: “I don't know. I think they're gonna do it again.” Jan: “You do? It'd be like crazy if Boogie got it, and you got it. What would you do?” Kaysar: “I don't know. Because it still has the effect that people can sabotage it so that both people have to go up on the block. So it makes you think twice before wanting to get HOH.” Janelle gets up and leaves. She comes back a couple seconds later and says “No one can see that I'm here. Nobody can see me right now.” The feeds switch to the BY.

8:30 PM
In the red room Ali and Diane are talking game again, talking about the votes, of course. Ali saying she needs to work on getting votes tonight and that she was gonna pull Boogie, George and Will tonight and promise them if she wins HOH she wouldn't put them up. Diane says Janie, Kaysar and Dani act as though they are running the house and that they have another thing coming. Ali says Janie was right at home in the garbage can competition.

9:00 PM
Janelle, Kaysar and Howie are in the kitchen. Janie says to Howie she is not to be called Jedi Janie anymore; it reminds people of their friendship too much. Kaysar says “It makes the alliance too obvious.” Howie: “There's no one stupid in this house, if they don't know we're together by now, they are retarded. Will tried to get me in an alliance with him. I'm sarcastic with him, I can't tell if he's being serious or not. Whenever we're alone, he'll look around and start talking. He asks who my alliance is, and I say "Danielle and Alison", and he laughs.”

In the red room, Diane and Ali are still talking. Diane: “I was talking to Boogie out in the hammock. But I couldn't feel him out yet. He is still in that stage of pros and cons (as far as who he wants to vote off). Ali: “Really? What were her (Dani) pros and cons?” Diane: “That you were a better game player, better at competitions.” Ali: “Well, she beat me in the veto comp.” Diane: “Oh yeah, and he said Danielle is playing the game harder, which is bad for her.”

3 or 4 HG’s are in the HT and another 6 or so HG’s are sitting around outside by the fire pit. Will and George start talking about banner planes, yelling for the internet fans to send banner planes for free advertising. Will mentioned Jokers twice saying he wants us to fly a plane that says ‘Howie blows goat!’

Earlier Will gave a BIG shout out to Jokers! He exclaimed "the best internet site is Jokers!! Give me some love Jokers!” Someone in the background was chanting, Jokers, Jokers, Jokers,…

Inside the house James and Ali are trying to give comfort to Janie who is in much pain after being banged up on the leg and in comes Howie from the kitchen telling the girls how HOT they are! LOL!

Boogie tells BB to cut the feeds, and he starts to talk about how he found out Diane was one of the potentials, by going to his Early Show interview, where he had seen she also had signed in on the sign-in sheet. We caught just that much before BB did what he asked and cut the feeds…

There is a lot of talk about past seasons. Dani and Marc talked about the Sheryl Crow concert at the BB house. Marc said "It’s one of those things you had to muster up excitement for.” Jase: “You don’t like Sheryl Crow?” Dani: “I’d never buy her CD but I really liked her CD. We got it with every HOH CD so we got sick of it. She did three songs, talked to us and signed autographs. She seemed frightened of us.”

Dani mentions she would like for them to resurrect the water polo game from BB3 because it was so much fun.

10:00 PM
The chat moves on to banter about game shows and other TV shows. Jase says “what day is it, day 30? (They’re so bored already..lol). They were talking about the Price is Right and Family Feud and Diane says “You have to be 5’7” to be a model on Deal or No Deal.”

Marc talks about a friend of his that was a guest star on Fresh Prince of Bel Aire..and he says “the internet viewers are probably trying to do a search to find out who it was!” (ROFL!)

Things are relaxed in the house tonight. Jase is upstairs listening to the Dixie Chicks, Janie and James are working out, Ali is getting ready for bed……Diane says “I’m people watching, there’s nothing else to do.”

Speaking of working out….you know James and Janie weren’t going to stay quiet long! It was difficult to hear their conversation, especially with Janie’s machine being loud. Bottom line is, James tells her that if George asks who they are getting out, to tell him Dani (when they are really going to gun for Ali), because George will talk. Then, they can say they 'saved' her (Dani) and she'll owe them. Then he says he will vote with the group as to who should go between Ali and Dani. Then they agree that if their side wins next week, they go after George. Janie says to James “You are not going to flip sides are you??” James replies “No! Howie didn’t know how to play last year, but he has more brains this time.”

Dani and Nak are talking about how slow the time passes in the house. Nak says a day in BB time is like a week! In their conversation, Nak says she feels like she doesn’t get straight answers from anyone in the house, but other than that, she is having a great time.

Back in the gym, George has joined Janie and James. They are talking about the stress of the game. James says he was stressed out last year, because it was him against the whole house. George asks James “Did you feel at any time like you were going to crack?” James: “Not really, but if I had gotten HOH I would have been the biggest jerk these guys had seen.” James is trying to explain the back door strategy using the gym equipment for people, but George does not get it. James has explained it over and over and tried to simplify it, but……

Janie and Jase are in the spider room and Janie tells him that Ali has already packed her bags. Jase says he thinks it is so people will feel sorry for her. Jase, at this point has expressed his boredom over and over again. James comes in and tells them how George was curious about the back door plan, and how he tried to explain it to him to no avail. Jani says “Why was he asking about it? Does he think we are going to do that to him?” James: “No, he probably wants to use it himself.” They got a good laugh at George’s expense.

11:00 PM
Jase, Janie, Marc and James were in the spider room, goofing around, playing house trivia. They gave names of the HG’s not voted in to the spiders. One of them is CB and the others are Monica, Lisa and Ivette. They said they gave the hairiest one Bunky’s name!

Janie is talking to Erika now about how Ali has her bags packed already. Erika says she doesn’t think Ali will campaign, that she already seems to be defeated. They talk about the numbers and Erika says that people generally feel outnumbered by the ‘6’. Janie says “Really!? Do you think they are coming after us?” Erika says “No.” and promises Janie, she wouldn’t put her up and will do what she can to protect her. Erika says she will push for having Dani and George put up next week.

Just before midnight Boogie and Will are in the bathroom brushing up and saying how they want James gone. Enter Dani…Boogie then whispers to Dani “don’t worry; I think you will be fine, we’ll see. I want to see if Jase can get Jani to veto you and put up James.” Dani says “that will never work”. Boogie says “I got Diane and Erika today. This is our chance to get him out now, but either way I think you will be fine!”

Dani, Ali, Nak and Kaysar are talking about missing home. Dani misses home, worries about food in the fridge and the kids. She says this is a huge sacrifice. Nak says “not for me! Don is making a life size cut out of me to put in the living room!” Ali says she has nothing to return to, no home and no car (not a whole lot of sympathy her way from the others). Nak says

In the kitchen, Nak, Dani, Kaysar, Erika, Will & Marc are talking about past HG’s Scott and Justin. Will says that the HG's were roused from hangover sleep to be told by Alison that all the cameras were off and that Justin wasn't coming back, but not the reason why. Erika says that there was no real meeting off-camera about Scott. She says Scott was upset about his ex-fiancé, who he was still in love with, was in the house. Then there is a LONG discussion about HPV (Human Papalloma Virus) lead by Will and Dani. Marc is alarmed by their talk and says he is going to bathe in alcohol every day.

Note: Ali is asleep with an icepack on her head. (Keep in mind she is packed, I am wondering if she will use this injury in order to exit early. Not that she isn’t really injured…)

2:00 AM
The HG’s are almost all ready for bed. Will is talking about his season and about his final speech. He says the jury questions were brutal. They wanted to blame him for their evictions. He said he went off on them because he wasn't responsible for them. "I was on the block. You voted each other out." He said Bunky's charity question was lame. Dani asks Will if he was shocked he won. He says he wasn't sure, but thought everyone saw through Nicole's act. Di says CB played that same game (crying for votes).

When they were talking about who they brought back into All Stars, Kaysar says "not only did they bring him Will back, but he put Boogie in his contract." LOL! Will says “That’s not true! Not true!” Kaysar kind of back peddled, and then the feeds lit up!

Will walks outside and talks to the camera and says “listen up internet, tomorrow I want a banner plane…”, then FIRE.

Will, Diane and Dani get together and talk about the 6. Will says he still doesn’t get Howie, he just can’t wrap his brain around Howie. Dani says season may be together but may also be playing separately. Will is pretty sure that Howie is smarter than he lets on. They feel like they are on to George, Diane says he slips about certain seasons after saying he didn’t watch them all. Danielle thinks that it’s weird how everyone is keeping their cards hidden, not letting on their strategy at all. No one is playing the game yet. Diane says that she has broken up lots of conversations about strategy, and not just with people from the same season.

There was some more strategy talk with Diane and Will and Dani, but not much, it’s late. The HG’s were fast asleep, or in bed at least by 3:15! Nighty Night! In the words of the evil Doctor Will: The best internet site is Jokers, gimme some love Jokers!