Big Brother 7 Recap July 8, 2006
Boredom, Bullies and Blondes!

Nakomis was the first houseguest awake this morning at 9:15 am. Danni awoke next and her and Nokomis chatted over coffee about shoes etc. George joined them and it was a nice relaxed morning. George did complain about sleeping in the HOH room with Howie, he claims it was too dark. Once Ali gets up she still had a headache from falling in the VETO ceremony. Her head and nose hurt.

Once Will and Boogie woke up they immediately started whispering and laughing. Will started right away on Monica and competitions etc.

Howie did tell Will that he hangs out with him so he can maximize his air time! Will responded that it is a good job to be an understudy, but Howie came back with just incase your evicted then I can take over.

Real lazy morning, some relaxed in the pool or lying out catching rays, Will, Boogie and Janelle all worked out. We were blessed with a lot of fire cams (bring back the fish at least they were alive), This group likes to sing, talk about actors and actresses and keep making the internet feed people cut us off!

Nakomis and Diane talk strategy, Nik told her that Janelle approached her and Diane told her that Jase was a bad dude, not to trust him. Diane said she “had her back” (already we have to hear that phrase!). Diane told Nik that Will and Boogie were out to break up the S6, that first they want to backdoor James then Janelle. They talked about how Danni is a better game player but keeping Ali would be their smart move because she can’t keep her mouth shut and that would take the pressure off them. George comes in the room so the strategy session ended.

Howie was Howie all day talking about Boobies and how BB7 could never have happened without him. He also taught George how to be a Jedi. He did make up the “Kaysar Clause”. That is if anyone is put back into the house then they immediately get voted right back out.

James and Janelle talk some strategy. They said if they don’t get HOH next week that they will pull the “Dr. Will “ card and try to get them to get rid of him. Janelle thinks that if one of them do not get HOH that she will be the target. When Howie joins them Janelle tells him to make Diane his new “Busto” and Howie agrees to it when the time is right. Howie did tell James that he was not coming after him this year… that he learned his lesson last year (Duh!).

Jase did plug Joker’s again- Go Jase

At about 7 PM Will looked up to the sky and there was a sky writer. Of course once Will said sky writer we went to flames! When we come back it is a very quiet kitchen, James breaks the ice asking what everyone did today and then stating that the traffic volume was way down…. They were in lockdown inside mode. Will a couple of ties said to everyone “if we just quietly said plane look up.. But we never heard the end because we get flames each time, he said this like three times.

James is looking for one of the girls to make a banana cake, Diane and Erica each told him at separate times that they can bake but need a recipe, each time James responded with you can read but not bake.

You know the houseguests are bored. They tried very hard to entertain themselves. Yet you know you’re really bored when you go to the bathroom just for something to do…Will did this!

Erika did lead the grouping some Pilates. Will and Boogie commented all through it on how hard it is to do. They call them painlates!

Boogie and Nakomis have some hammock time, they talk about lying low for a few weeks and let the others just hang themselves and get evicted. They agree that Ali has to go because they figure Danielle will go anyway they want to stay in the game and get rid of the S6. Nak thinks that Janie si the brains behind the group. She wants James out first, she feels James is going after her. Boogie comments that he can’t read Marcellas and does not know where he is coming from. Boogie thinks that Howie has everyone in the palm of their hand.

Howie, James and Janelle talk about chicken George. They believe he knows more then he leads on and that he sucks everything in and does not react. They know he knows more about other seasons that he claims he never watched. All agree that he is the most nervous.

Marcellas brings it to Danielle about BB3! Will moderates Marci lays down the law. He says that Dani being 'robbed' was a total crock. He even mentions that Dani coming in, saying she was doing it for her kids constantly, made everyone not like her.

Marc says that emotional distress from Diary room, or Roddy's feelings, were not the factor in Lisa winning. They DID vote the best player, according to Marc.

Will questions him, saying that why wouldn't they vote the best player (at the end)?

Gettin' all fired up and letting it out, he goes on to explain how Jason was the leader and Dani basically took him to the end. It didn't make sense to take the most winnable vote-getter to the end. Marc thinks that Amy was the right target, probably, for Dani to take to the end.

Marc: Lisa played a great game and the game that was appropriate for her season. She had transitional deals with a bunch of people, did what was appropriate, gained huge points when she didn't take the $ when others did.

Now they go on about sequester being fair or not fair. Marc says that BB3 wasn't a bunch of wusses cowering to Dani. He just thinks they all spent so much time protecting Jason - "don't hurt the baby" - and they hurt themselves.

Dani snaps back quickly, saying it's hypocritical of Marc to call her heartless while also saying she was protecting the best guy and being loyal. Marc questions her, asking if she thinks loyalty to just one guy is loyalty. Dani says that at the end of the day, she would have been happy if Jason won.

Will is tied to moderate, Dani is keeping everything at arms-length. Will notes that it's only opinion, but he still thinks Danielle was robbed in her season. Will thinks that Jason didn't do a lot - Dani disagrees, saying Jason was "the executioner." Will said that the reason Dani is here from her season, not Jason or Lisa, is that Dani was robbed. Will blames the "aberration" of the Sequestering House on the Danielle factor.

Will came out of the diary room and said that he was not allowed to talk anymore! He said BB did not appreciate the plane or his comments.

Howie and Janelle talk about the “Amber Alert” They call anyone flying under the radar as someone on the Amber alert (named after Amber of survivor).Howie voices his opinion on Nakomis, which is very low. He said she was ugly and never laughs at his jokes. Jas interrupts and Janelle tells him that Howie is just hating on Nakomis, then Ali walks in and all talking stops.

Kaysar admits to Danni that he is much more laid back this year and that he is still trying to figure the game out. He also said that Will likes to put the house in turmoil and cause trouble.

Marcellas is really campaigning to get Will out. He believes he starts all kinds of stuff with people then plays the hero. He is sick of it. He thinks he is playing dirty. He then tell Janelle that she is at the low end of the S6 alliance that she will need to find a new alliance soon. Janelle said that there was a lot of mini alliances in the house and that basically you had to get along with everyone (go girl! ) Marcellas thinks everyone is after him because of house calls. Marcellas then said that Janelle should not use the VETO because Ali had to go to cut the head off the monster. He then wanted Will gone, then Howie then George. Howie joins them and said that he was going to do his hurricane Howie thing on anyone that puts him up for personal reasons, that it was lame that someone would put him up just because he made a comment about their boobies or something. Marcellas tries to tell Howie to tone it down some but Howie does not listen- typical Howie being Howie.

So as the house winds down to bed we have Marcellas wanting Will and Danni out. Janelle wanting Erika gone because tf the “Amber Alert” Howie really hating Nakomis, Kaysar trying to figure things out. Will wanting the S6 gone and to have more fun. Boogie following Will around like a big boogie. Erika just going with the flow, Ali’s head hurting and not caring if she goes or not. Chicken George trying to be cool and in with everyone, James already playing two sides, Diane wanting to keep Ali but actually keeping her mouth shut and Jase playing the smartest game yet (I never would have thought that a week ago!) What a difference a day can make. Maybe BB will throw them some play dough tomorrow and watch what else they can sculpt!