As usual, Danielle and Nakomis wake up first. By 8:15, they are sipping coffee in the backyard. Both of them swear they entered the house alliance-free.

BB announces at 10:00 that the POV ceremony will begin in two hours. Fifteen minutes later BB tells the HG’s it’s time to get up for the day.

The houseguests scatter about getting their morning routines in. Howie starts his day in the kitchen with Janelle. He takes yet another opportunity to bash Nakomis, saying the “Daugher of the Moon can kiss my ass.” They move to the HOH room as Howie’s hourly Nakomis bashing continues. {For the rest of this recap, I will simply write HBN for Howie bashes Nakomis.} Janelle, the voice of reason, wonders openly why Howie’s anger is directed at just one person. James drops in and the conversation turns to Jase. They all agree that Jase is their "5th", but that Marcellas needs to believe he is the number 5. Janelle also likes having Erika, but is disappointed that Erika will not compete and is useless when it comes to numbers on their side competing for HOH or veto.

12:30 HBN

1:30 HBN

By 1:30 and almost an hour of FIRE, there is confirmation that Janie did not use the veto. The nominees will stand.

Back from FIRE, Janie and Jase are discussing Alison. They both agree that she is not the nice girl she pretends to be. Janie and Jase have a long, friendly conversation where it is discovered that both of their mothers watch the live feeds and are huge fans of the show. Jase tells Janelle that his mother voted for her for last season’s America’s Choice. {Jase is good!}

Meanwhile, Marcellas, Diane and Nakomis have an impromptu strategy session in the backyard. They agree that if Danielle is getting tight with the SOV, then it’s better if she goes this week instead of Alison, saying Alison will target Janelle and “that is better for us”. Marcellas really wants to be part of the Nakomis/Diane alliance, and says so openly.

2:30 HBN

As the day drags on, Janelle agrees to teach Boogie how to play chess. Soon James, Jase, and Danielle join the lesson on the balcony. James is trying to help Boogie, but first needs to teach him the names of the pieces and where they stand on the board.

3:30 HBN

4:30 HBN

Howie and Janelle spend a little while surveying the house again. They are memorizing everything. They are suddenly realizing that they are the absolute targets in the house along with Kaysar and James.

The feed jumps to James and Erika in the HOH room. Of course, Erika isn’t capable of strategizing… which is her strategy. They talk about how difficult life was in their respective seasons. Erika tells James he’s due for an HOH. They discuss the eviction vote and both agree that Alison needs to go because she’s great at competitions.

As boredom grows in the backyard, someone suggests kickball. Boys vs. Girls…The boys dominate…then kick the ball out of the yard.

By 7:20, the game is over and the cameras move inside to find Chicken George and Diane talking about CG’s game. Diane tells him he’s playing the listening game, but that he needs to be playing the talking game. George listens patiently as Diane explains how she lost in her season but was proud of herself for going so far. George feigns surprise and praise. He moves on to the storage room to get food. While there he encounters Danielle and they discuss who George will vote for. George tells her not to give up….that he will vote for her. {strange, painful conversation}

7:30 HBN

8:30 HBN

Janelle and Erika both agree to play kickball again with the house, and they are the team captains. Janelle picks Jase, Boogie, Diane, James, and Howie. Erika picks Danielle, Kaysar, Nakomis, Will, and George. Just a few minutes into the game the ball goes on the roof. No one knows who won. I’m not certain that anyone cares.

9:30 HBN

Next we find Boogie, Will, and Jase in the backyard. Boogie is telling them about who he will nominate when he gets HOH…he says it’s James and Janie. {No surprise there.} Jase says he’s 100% with that. {OOOH Jase is playing a dangerous/superb game!} They think Danielle is with the S6 folks, as is Erika. They reckon Howie would nominate George and Danielle…{they obviously haven't heard the hourly HBN's} As for James, they think he’s with season 6 but will peel off with Danielle as the game moves along and a few of his friends are in sequester. Will confirms his strategy of apathy, and thinks it will buy him a few more weeks. None of them understand George! {Does anyone understand George?}

Will believes Janelle is the most dangerous player and that she is a master of the game. The conversation moves to the eviction vote…they agree that Alison should stay because Danielle is probably with the season 6 alliance. They’re sure Diane and Nakomis would go for this vote. As for Diane, they want to use her to go after Janelle at a future time.

Jase is assigned the task to work on Alison, which he does immediately. He finds her in the bathroom and tells her about the season 6 plan to keep Danielle. As Jase leaves, Diane comes in and Alison explains the conversation. Jase says she (Alison) has Diane, Nakomis, Will, and Boogie.

Diane then talks to Howie about how he will vote. Howie discusses the merits of voting both of them out but is noncommittal with his choice.

Alison approaches James about voting. She says he is not her target and that she wants to get rid of Kaysar, Erika and Janelle.

Diane talks to Nakomis. Nik says she has already told Danielle she has her vote, but could get out of it because she told her “as of right now”. Diane and Nik wonder if Jase is lying and they’re afraid to trust him.

Jase and Janelle again...he's saying she should tell everyone the opposite of what she wants because so many in the house are planning to vote opposite of her. Thus, if she wants Alison out, she should tell everyone she is voting to keep Alison in. BRILLIANT!

At midnight or so, Marcellas and Janelle are in the HOH talking about Will, Boogie and Diane. They think Diane want the other girls evicted, and that she is trying to get in with Will and Boogie. They think Alison will want the same thing if she stays. Janelle doesn’t think Nakomis will join that because she thinks Will is evil. They agree Nakomis should stay around to help them get rid of Will and Boogie.

Meanwhile, Danielle and Kaysar are on the hammock chit chatting. Danielle is trying hard to get Kaysar to believe her about how she played the game during her season.

After FIRE, Janie is heard saying she likes Jokersupdates and “Jokers are the best”. Thanks Janie!!!

James tells Danielle that he is working his a$$ off to keep her in the house. He tells her that he needs to keep her around for his game. Diane and Nakomis hear the talk and wonder if they should bust it up and tell James they know he is working with Danielle.

Diane, Alison, and Nakomis in bed—and the Janelle bashing begins. Her hair is fake, boobs are fake, lips are fake, etc. One of them found a strand of hair and think it’s a weird texture. Alison says her hair is the color of pee on snow. Diane says she’s a female Frankenstein. Alison says she wants to bop Erika and Janie’s heads together. Diane says Janelle thinks she runs this “shit”. Nakomis reminds her that Janelle does, in fact, run it right now. Nakomis is not taking part in the bashing and appears to be asleep…doubtful that she is.

Janelle, Kaysar, and Howie meet up in the kitchen where they discuss the very fluid situation in the house. Kaysar and Howie are wondering about James’ allegiance because they saw him whispering with Boogie. Janelle reminds them that James will be with them but will always have a backup plan.

4:30 a.m. HBN

The last conversation of the night is about Jase.

Howie: “He loves us. He’s with us. Janie: “He saved me”
Janie: “I feel bad because Marcellas thinks he’s with us. He doesn’t know about Jase.”
Kay: “We’re in a bit of a predicament”

The party breaks up and Janelle goes upstairs to sleep with Marcellas. Howie goes to the bathroom to floss, and Kaysar goes to pray.

5:17 a.m. FINALLY!! Everyone is asleep