10:30 AM
Everyone slept late this morning. Boogie was up and wanted to go outside, he asked BB if it was okay and they whispered “You have 10 minutes.” (Boogie is wearing his basketball outfit; the one he wore in season 2 when he proposed to Krista! Chill Town is on the shirt with a bunch of sparkly stuff around it. LOL, he got it with his HOH stuff). On his way out, we got a nice shot of the filthy dirty kitchen (so soon after CG is gone, the kitchen is a disaster!) The BY is a mess too and Boogie says “where the f*** is Chicken G when you need him!”

Once Boogie was outside he talks to the camera and says to his buddy Joe Vance that “per usual, things might get ugly. The veto will dictate a lot. For you internet fans, as a rule I know that you are probably rooting against me and you thought I was the biggest long shot, but you better recheck your odds. I'm not saying I'm going to win, but there's a little something called the driver's seat and I'm sitting in it.” Then he says “for all you people out there who don't have big Labor Day plans or if your Labor Day plans find you in the LA area, go to dolce.com; visit one of my establishments…” Then flames!

Erika comes outside now. Boogie says good morning and she tells him she is sorry she couldn’t sleep up in HOH and went downstairs. He says “no worries.” Erika says "who's going to clean this place now?" And Boogie says "yea, I was just saying ‘where's CG’?” Erika says "yesterday really happened, didn't it?" Boogie talks about how he woke up this morning and was stunned at the events of yesterday. Erika starts to clean up the inside and pick up the inside as well.

11:30 AM
Will and Janie are up now. Will finds Boogie and says “please tell me you haven’t worn that shirt in the last 5 years…”

Everyone is outside; Erika and boogie are in the pool and Will and Janelle are on the couches. It is very hot in the LA area today, over 100 degrees. Will wants Janelle to go to the pool but she says she doesn’t want to talk to Erika. Will says, “Just come sit by the pool then and talk to me.”

Erika went inside for something and Will says that if they have an America’s Choice that Janie will probably win it. Boogie says that Will would probably get it too for hanging around with Janelle. Boogie said "Scrubika's (his words) ratings went down when she started hanging out with me.” Will comments on his choice of words and Boogie ask "Did I just call her that? I didn't mean to…." they talk about him creating that word for her and Janie adds she's used it in the DR. Janie also adds that Erika does look like a scrub walking around the house all hunched over sliding her feet. Boogie gets up to go make food and W/J follow him inside.

1:30 PM
Everyone is inside now; fixing food in the kitchen, Erika is cleaning up. Will says Chicken G would be good for the Home Shopping Network or to work on a cruise ship. Boogie says he could entertain the kids on the ship and live on it. Will says “he should never be able to cook though.” LOL!

Outside Will is talking to Erika. Will is telling her that they need to get Janelle out now; otherwise ‘the big picture’ won't work with her here (talking about the money split). Will wants Erika to stay and he doesn't want her to be down or sad. Erika said Boogie was very sweet to her in on the HOH last night. Will says Boogie wants a baby; the DR even asked will about Boogie wanting one. He goes on a bit about how Janelle is taking things too far. Erika knows Janie wants her out and she is stressing about the POV competition and the fact that she thinks Janelle will win it. Will gives her a pep talk about it and tells her he's playing for it because he wants to be the one to kick out Janelle to prove that their relationship was just strategy. Will asks her to pump up Boogie; tell him to play balls out and not to wear his Chill Town suit.

Boogie and Will are now in HOH telling one another that the girls can not win POV. Janelle is now up in HOH with them. Will is telling her that Erika is down in the dumps about her winning the POV and Janelle says "I'm gonna f'in evict you you dumb b***!” Will and Boogie laugh and Janie asks what else Erika said. He's telling her everything Erika said.

We had flames for about 20 minutes and we came back to a house full of sleeping people.

3:30 Time to get up and nominate!
BB had to wake up (everyone except Will who was awake) to get ready for the nominations ceremony. Everyone is primping and getting ready. Will says “I don’t know if I just got here yesterday or if I’ve been here 5 years.” He tells Boogie that he can’t believe Boogie isn’t going to wear his Chill Town jersey for the nominations and Boogie responds that he is saving it for something bigger. Boogie at one point looks toward the camera and says “are we ready to rock this?”

4:00 PM Nomination Preparation
There’s a lot of small talk with Will and Boogie and separately. Will and Boogie are talking about a friend that they know that owns a Firebird with a Firebird painted on it has the word ‘donk’ on it (I left out the full plate number for privacy, I felt weird putting that info out there), neither Will or Boogie can figure out what ‘donk’ means. Will keeps singing all throughout this talk, so we are getting constant flames! Janie and Erika are talking about bands and friends who have dated band members.

Will says to everyone "this is the most annoying, egotistical, self centered, self righteous (etc.) group in reality TV in the history of the world! And I love it!” Everyone laughs! Boogie yells "You are correct sir, I am a golden god!" Janie says "should I wear my crown for nominations?" Will says “yeah, that would be so cool."

Will and Boogie say they are the Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn of reality TV. Janelle suggests reenacting a scene from Starsky & Hutch and they (Janie and Erika) can be the cheerleaders. Erika says "OK" and we get flames!

5:30 Nominations are in!
When the feeds return, everyone is sitting around the table, except for Erika who is at the kitchen counter and there is complete silence. Erika isn’t even looking up. Janie and Will go upstairs (outside HOH) to play cards and Will calls down to Erika “Want to play?" She says “No thanks.” Boogie says “Actually, I'll play…" What we see is that Will appears to be wearing his key, which indicates to us that Janie and Erika have been nominated.

Erika is wearing the tiara; she looks straight at the camera and says “They are building something out there.” Will says “I hear it, I hear it. Luxury comp I think POV and luxury are combined this week!”

Will asks the girls if they will be on Dr. 90210. They both start to talk about work they would want done. Erika wants Botox (she’s had it before) and she talks about some other work she had done. Boogie is in HOH listening to tunes.

Will mentions something about ice cream and abs (I’m not sure how this all got started…LOL, but you know he mentions it, it becomes the girls idea then he protests the whole idea). Janie tells Will she wants to eat ice cream off his abs. He says no; then says only if Erika does it too, that way it will be less weird. Erika agrees but then Will changes his mind - says it’s too dumb even for him. Then Will says he will eat it off their stomachs instead. The girls agree. Will asks “what’s worse, me eating ice cream off your abs or you eating off of mine?” The girls say its better for them to eat ice cream off him. They're going back and forth on it - all laughing and smiling. Will sounds like he's caving...he ask "butter pecan or mint chocolate chip?" What ever the flavor, the girls proceeded to eat ice cream off of Will’s chest; they added candy and whip cream. Sorry folks, this doesn’t excite me much, but you can check out pictures and video of this in the ‘media’ forum at Jokers.

6:00 PM
Will tells Janie he is going to do a puppet show about her because he has her "wrapped around his finger" and she gets mad. Then Will says how about a game of 52 pick up? Then he tosses the cards over the balcony and says “let’s make this the dirtiest BB ever.” Erika, Boogie and Janie all say “NO!” Will goes down and picks up the cards.

Finally some game talk. Will, Boogie and Erika are outside and Will tells Erika that if she wins the POV, she should just let the nominations stay the same and he will vote out Janie. He tells her not to worry, that no one can beat Janie in the end, so she will definitely go.

Boogie says the sequester house must be off the hook tonight. He says Dani has plenty of wine, CG has scissors to make costumes and he says that James is going to die when he sees Danielle. Will talks about Dani knocking on the door, he says “We would have stayed in the bathroom and drank water out of the sink before we would come out and see Dani.” Erika said Dani lost her mind.

Erika and Boogie talk about how many times they have been nominated. Erika says to him “you nominated the mother of your children!” Boogie says “I couldn’t nominate their godfather and my physician.”

Erika leaves the BY and Boogie asks Will “there is no way you could go home right?” Will says “Erika could send me home. You need to tell Erika that I will drop out when it is final 3. If Janie wins POV; Erika is going home.” Will stresses that boogie needs to talk to Erika; he is worried.

Will says to Boogie "Operation Double Date worked too well. Why these girls would want us scumbags is beyond me.” Boogie says he told the DR that they set things up well. Boogie says the fact that they voted out CG, the guy who couldn't win anything....is amazing. Erika comes back outside and Will says they were talking about an endurance competition. Erica says that her strongest thing, because of her strong will, she could hold on to a key for a month.

Boogie told Erika and Will to remind him Thursday is Lonnie's birthday because he wants to give him a shout out. Erika has been begging Boogie all night to take his shirt off. She says to him "now can I get a shirt off? Your body looks awesome, show it off."
Boogie says “I like working out with a shirt on, I know it’s bizarre." Erika: "You're no fun." Boogie: “I know I'm a bore."

7:00 PM
Will went inside to see what Janie is cooking. Boogie tells Erika that Will is cool with 3rd place; that 5 years of guilt have worked. Boogie says Will will be happy if we can throw a Vespa his way. Boogie says he has talked to Will about this and he still cool with it.

A whistle blew (like a referee whistle) and then BB called the HG’s to the SR, they have KFC and Biscuits! They are very excited! They wish Chicken G was there, he said that was all he wanted was some KFC. At this point they speculate that there will be an America’s Choice to go to a football game. Will keeps annoying Janie by whispering in her ear and she finally tells him to f*** off after he makes some comment about her antics on an airplane. She says she will take Boogie to the football game! Boogie says to her that he is not as cute, but just as funny as Will and he promises to treat her like the lady she is. Will gets upset and says “you wanna play that way? Fine, I'll have a baby with Erika!” Erika says that’s fine with her! (There has been talk about Boogie wanting to have a baby, I am not clear if this was started by Will or what).

While they eat their KFC, Boogie asks if the people in sequester can talk about the game and Janelle said only when the handlers are around. Will is done with his food and said “well that killed 5 minutes.”

Janelle heads outside mad at Will. He follows her. She is having a cigarette and he says “are we going to fight?” She tells him she is sick of him being mean to her and then getting mad when she gets mad. He does it all the time! Will says he is sorry, that he gets bored and Janie is his playmate. Janie told him he called her vain and that was offensive. Janie tells him he really hurt her feelings and she is really mad. Will keeps apologizing.

Boogie is outside now and Will says to Boogie “we have a problem, if you win football, you have to take me and if Janie wins she has to take Erika.” Janelle says “hell no!” Boogie says “Will, you don't like football.” Now that the fight has blown over for now, Boogie says he would give anything to go to this Americas Choice. Janie says “how about your golden egg?” Then flames!

8:00 PM
Nothing much is happening at this hour. Boogie and Janelle talk about Boogie’s JayZ album he got in HOH and what songs they like. Everyone was being called in one by one to the DR. When Erika’s turn came, she was asleep on the couch. After BB said “Erika come to the DR.” Will said (mocking BB) “Erika you have narcolepsy.” Then Will tells BB he call him in instead of Erika, he says “You guys don't have to be bashful, just call me if you want me." Pause. BB: “Will, please go to the Diary Room.” LOL!

9:00 PM
Will is out of the DR. Janie says “What took you so long?!” Will; “I was just goofing around. Did you say anything about our whispering?” Janelle: “Nothing. I wouldn't tell 'em shit (funny she says that as she drinks Metamucil LOL).” Will: “Oh good, me too. I was like 'I'll never tell'.” Janie: “Yeah it's great, soundmen can't hear, internet can't hear and people watching television show cannot hear.” Will whispers to Janie twice, and Janie says “Really?” Will: “Are you okay with that?” Janie: “Yes.” Will: “Alright.” Janie says “I want to talk to you.” They grab the cards off the kitchen counter and head outside.

Outside Janie tells Will that the DR 'There's been a lot of whispering going on. How did Will hurt your feelings?' and Janie told them that's none of their business, only we know! Wills says “Is that what you said?” Janie: “I think they're frustrated.” Will: “Oh! I love it!” Janie: “I know (laughing).” Will says “I was like 'you want to know a secret?' then I said ‘I'll never tell! (in a sing-song voice).” Janie says “They hate us.” Will asks Janie what else she talked about in the DR and BB says “YOU are not allowed to discuss your DR sessions with other HG’s!”

Later Will and Boogie are working out in the BY. Will has some grave concerns about the fact that Erika could take him out of the game if she should win the Diamond POV. They both agree to keep Janelle and send Erika to the jury. Boogie says “The reason that Erika needs to go is that she's an endurance freak." Will: "Definitely and in her case, you don’t go around telling people that you can hold onto a key for a week!" (LOL, I believe Erika said she could hold it for a month.) Will thinks he can be flirty with Janelle to get her to drop out of an endurance competition. Will mentions that he didn’t think his flirting with Janelle would work so well. He gives Danielle the credit saying that she told him "You better go up there and get Boogie off of the block! Flirt with her!" Will warns Boogie that they should be careful about how cocky they get, in case it pushes Janelle and Erika together; then if one of them gets POV one of Chill T will be gone for sure.

10:00 PM
Will and Boogie talk about how to handle the jury presentation during the Q&A at the finale. Then Will says it's better to talk about the POV for now. Will says that Boogie should focus on getting married to Erika. He says that Boogie should tell Erika tonight that he (Will) will bow out of third place and Boogie says he's already done that. Boogie says that Erika believes it. Will says the most dangerous people to have in the house are the most desperate ones like James and Danielle. Erika is outside now.

LOL, Will tells Boogie he wants him to get in a trash can so Will can roll him into the pool. To Will’s surprise, Boogie says “Okay, let me finish this game first.” Will was like “really?”

Now in the SR, Will and Janelle are getting the wine BB left them. Will starts with his analogy using a grapefruit, possibly meaning it represents their relationship. He touches it and says "I have concerns about this, all good. I think it's going to be delicious, but I can't cut it on my own." Janelle whispers to Will that she doesn't understand why Will can't just discuss it. Will picks up the apple (or nectarine, not sure) and says "This is a joke to me, it's gone on for months and it's just causing me distress." He picks up the grapefruit and says "This is something I didn't expect. I like grapefruit and I'm glad to have grapefruit in the house." In the end he promised Janelle that as long as Will, Janelle or Mike win POV, Erika is gone.

Outside Boogie and Erika are playing pool and talking about Janie and Will. Erika mentions something about Janie falling for Will and they both talk about how much weight Janelle has put on. Erika thinks it is like 15-20 pounds. Boogie says Janie’s ass has grown.

Now in HOH, Boogie and Erika talk about Dani and the spider web challenge and how Dani yelled ‘black widow’! Boogie thought it was cool, but Erika says (to Dani) “I gave that shit to you, don’t get so cocky!”

11:00 PM
Erika and Boogie are back outside and Janie and Will are inside showering (each in their own stall). Will is singing so the feeds keep getting cut with them.

Once they are done showering, everyone gets ready for bed. Erika is already trying to fall asleep in the green room. Will tells Boogie to go showmance her. Boogie says "dude, she's not like that, it’s totally fine, I'll go do it but....fine…” and he reluctantly walks to Erika’s room. He basically went in and told her good night and that was it.

Janie asks Will to sit on her bed and talk to her. Janelle tells Will about having a small part in Jennifer Anniston’s movie Bruce Almighty and they cut her lines, but paid her to well to just look good as a hot girl (her part is one of the deleted scenes that can be seen on the DVD). Janie says that commercials pay the best.

All feeds are on Erika who is up and outside playing cards and smoking by herself.

Janie and Will can not sleep, so Janie scoots over to Wills bed. Janie is talking about S6 what happened after Janie's eviction and the finale. She says that after the finale she had to fly the red-eye to NYC for Regis and Kelly and then fly back immediately to make the wrap party. Janie and Will agree that the wrap party was not worth attending. Will is wondering if they will get to go to Regis and Kelly. Janie says some of them will. Will asks Janie if he will be one of the ones. Janie replies that she hopes Will, her and Boogie will go to Regis and then she adds Erika to the list. Will and Janie laugh about how clueless Regis is about BB.

1:00 AM
Still talking about Regis and Kelly, Will asks if Maggie went with Janie. Janie says that Maggie and Ivette were with her, but didn't fly on the same flights. She tells Will that Kelly introduced her as not having won BB6, but the most loved HG. The audience went crazy. Then Maggie, the winner, was introduced and no one clapped for Maggie when she entered. Talk moves back to wrap party and Janie starts to say something about Arnold...then we get FLAMES!

Will asked if Janie keeps in touch with Maggie and Ivette. She says that she doesn't keep in touch with Maggie and she only stayed for a little of the wrap party. No one wanted to take pictures with Maggie because she was so hated. Janie tells Will that she is in contact with Ivette and she likes her a lot. After the finale and wrap party, Janelle missed her plane to Miami because she was shopping in a boutique at the airport. She ran into Ivette in the boutique and they ended up on the same flight back to Miami. They talked the whole flight. Ivette thanked Janie for voting for her in the finals. Janie apologized for calling Ivette names. Ivette also told Janie that she would have totally worked with her in hindsight. Now Janie runs into Ivette all the time because they live in the same neighborhood.

Will asks if Janie thought Ivette would get into All Stars. Janie thought they she would have gotten in and one of the other S6 would not have. Janie asks why Nicole didn't want to do the show and Will tells her that Nicole's husband wouldn't let her. He adds that it is a big strain on a relationship. They think that if Nicole and Hardy had agreed to participate, it would have been wild.

Will and Janie are back in their own beds and Janie says "I know this is off topic but what do you think about cloning?" Will says that we're a long ways off from it but Janelle disagrees. She says that we're already cloning humans in Great Britain. Will says that is so not true. Janelle insists that it is, and says that there's a 45 year old woman in England that cloned herself. Will asks her if she read that in Star magazine.

They are trying to sleep now; Janie and Will are tossing and turning. She asks Will to come over to her bed. Will tells her that he can't. Janie promises not to do anything. Will says, "I know you won't do anything, Sweetie, I just can't." Will is asking why Janie can't sleep. Janie says she's thinking of stuff. Will says he's got so much going on in his outside life. They discuss which day they finish BB. Janie figures out which day she got let out of BB6. Right after BB she went down to Orange County (which is the next county over from LA, about 40 minutes from BB house.) Will asks, "What for?" Janie explains that she was down there with Howie, Kay, Dani, and Erika and it was a little annoying because she just wanted to be alone. After that she was able to go back to Minnesota and her family took care of her.

Janie tells Will about meeting her boyfriend at Bar G, she didn’t know he played football and he didn’t know she was on a reality show. They were just chatting and getting to know one another and the waitress asked her “do I know you from somewhere?” Then this whole family came up and said ‘we love you Janie, can we have your autograph’? So the boyfriend was like, ‘why are people coming up to you and know you’? So she filled him in on her reality show status.

Will and Janie talk about fan mail. Will says a lot of his came from young school teachers. Janie and Will trade stories about fans. They get people staring at them, coming up to them for pictures and autographs, and ask them to speak on their cell phones. Janie tells how Hardy got mad that a lot of the Canadian fans come into the Mansion at various times and ask Hardy to take their picture with Janie. Hardy was okay with it at first, but then got pissed off about it. He gave Janelle a lecture about not having her picture taken with her fans while she is working. Will says that it totally sounds like Hardy.

Will asks about Kaysar's business and wonders why his website is so whack when he is a computer graphic design guy. Will brings up James too and Janie tells Will that James is fun outside of the house. He is just so nervous about the game. Will doesn't know why James was so shady in the house. Janie describes what James did in S6 by back stabbing them and she says “Unfortunately, he was not to be trusted in All Stars either.” Will tells Janie that he tried working with James a lot and he just could not be trusted with how he was acting.

2:00 AM
Janie and Will talk about who they liked and didn’t like in the house. Janie says to him “Everyone thought you were rude.” Will says “Oh I know I'm rude. I'm painfully obnoxious and will fully admit I'm rude.”

Janelle comes back into the bedroom after being in the bathroom and putting on lotion. She goes to her bed and sits in it, and says, look at me Will. Will sits up in bed and the two of them stare at each other very intensely for maybe 10 long seconds. Will says I can’t sleep. Janelle makes a sound of longing. Will makes the same sound. They both know what it means. They both lie down in their separate beds. FINALLY after much tossing turning, getting up and going back to bed over and over they are sleeping somewhere in the dead of night.