Ok, not really, but I needed to do something to get you to read this because honestly, there is nothing going on in that BB house to make anyone wanna read this, much less watch the feeds. These have to be the two most boring people on the face of the planet.

They slept.

They finally get up. Erika says they are like an old married couple who never talks. She said even after five years she and Josh always had things to talk about. Boogie heads to the BY, he tries to get the camera man to let him know if he is on the internet. Erika talks to the camera, says she has lost her mind. [I agree] Erika says she loves Mike, but he is moody boy, she is keen girl. Boogie spends a while picking his ears and nose. Erika slams what she calls the Legion of Dumb....... Chilltown..... Misfits. [Is there anyone she doesn't slam?] Flames.

Boogie uses the bathroom, puts on deodorant and forgets to wash his hands. Erika goes into the DR. When she comes out, she tells Boogie it's his turn. Erika then offers her sage advice to those watching the feeds... If you ever get injured, you are never the same. If you are thinking about applying to the show, don't, the slop is bad and will f*ck you up. She is glad to be in the final two, but it was war to get there.

They talk about Jase, if he is doing HC, etc. Boogie goes to work out and Boogie says 27 hours!!. Erika pacing. Erika works out on the treadmill for twelve minutes, then complains about her ribs. Flames. Lockdown inside. Erika says to the workers in the BY "I'm glad you guys are out there enjoying yourselves while we're locked up in here like animals". [No Erika, they are probably bored to tears as well].

Erika tries to choose an outfit for the finale show. Boogie says he is bringing the heat tomorrow. Boogie and Erika get cryptic, talking about whatever happened must not be to bad since planes are still flying overhead. [I imagine they are wondering if something occurred on this, the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.] Erika tries to get Boogie to admit she is the reason Will is out of the house... He refuses, says it was all Janie. She looks pissed.

They talk about Jonah over and over, each time causing flames. Erika asks Boogie if she was his favorite alliance member. Boogie says the smartest thing they did [CT, him and Will] was Will befriending Janie. Erika continues to strain her arms, patting herself on the back while Boogie contemplates the huge pile of mail that must be waiting at his apartment. Erika claims everything she has done was to protect him.

Boogie gives a shoutout to him mom. Boogie asks BB if they can turn off the spotlight on top of the tv when they play the DVD, it gives him a headache. Erika makes some comments about how she has been a good girl all season, to justify her being demanding etc now. She says she knows why she was cast, she gave them the bikini and a hook up. Flames for two house while they watch a DVD.

Evening - after movie
Boogie is out back with his feet in the pool. Erika models clothes she is thinking of for tomorrow. They talk about freaking out a bit about leaving the house. Boogie asks for wine, then climbs in the HT. Erika trying on more clothes. Boogie digs into his ears, first one, then the other. Meanwhile Erika bangs on the kitchen counter asking someone to shot her. [Tweeds volunteers]. She finally heads outside. Erika tells Boogie she knows she is not going to win, Boogie asks her if it's because of Janie. Erika says no, Janie is just jealous.

They get wine and beer and Boogie puts a pizza in the oven. They trash Will and Janie, saying it would be messy if they were in there. Erika pats herself on the back again, saying isn't it nice she cleaned up. They toast to their last night together in the BB house. They both say they will be very happy for the other if they win. Boogie says he will call his grandmother tomorrow night.

Erika sends shout outs to Cat at Jokers and Boogie wonders if the internet is on. Flames. Boogie sends shout outs to his Dolce buddies. Flames. Erika comes out in a blue bikini, Boogies says it is the best of the season. Erika mentions the pink one of Janie's. He says that one was the best. Boogie wonders if Josh will call her after the show, Erika says no. Erika mentions Nathan and sleeping nude, flames.

Erika tells Boogie he is a leading man, he says she is massaging his ego. Erika talks about her casting job, casting Aris for Survivor and some people on TAR. She tells Boogie if he ever meets anything good for reality tv, he should call her. Erika and Boogie suppose they will be overwhelmed by throngs of people at the wrap party and airport. Boogie says there will be a cat fight between Erika and Janie. Erika says Janie has to be the vixen, the last woman standing. Erika thinks BB protected Janie last year, probably the same as this year, but it wasn't going to happen this season.

Boogie mentions his ears bothering him today, like it did five years ago during BB2. They talk about if they go out of the house to talk to jury, or do it from inside. They wonder what the jury has seen on the tapes. They imagine everyone speculating as to who will vote for whom. Erika thinks the fans hate them. [Why on earth would she think that?] They decide to shower, with the curtain between them. They stroke each others ego.... she is the hottest girl he has ever hooked up with, he is a leading man. Erika mentions that she is just a modest girl.

BB comes on over the speaker and starts to say what movie choices they have but the feeds go to flames. When the flames vanish, Boogie and Erika are sleeping in the bug room.

Thus ends another riveting day with our final two!! I know I was on the edge of my seat all day. How bout you? Well it all ends tomorrow, thank God!! So this is my last recap of the season, thanks for reading and visiting JokersUpdates.com. Thank you to all our wonderful feed watchers who posted updates, thanks to all our recappers. You have all made this an amazing season, despite the ending. :D