12:00 NOON
The final two did not rise before noon today. Boogie complains about how stuffed his head is and that there is no way he can fly in his condition the 4 ½ hours it takes to go do The View. Boogie says he is so excited to get out and that he knows his mom is in LA right now. Erika says her mom is in LA also, she says “I keep thinking about hanging out with my mom, my girlfriends, Shae you better be there tonight!” Boogie says “she will be there.” Erika: “We're gonna hug for like 20 minutes straight. We're the type of friends that are on the phone for 2 hours.” Boogie says the one thing he has not missed is text messaging.

Boogie says he knows how busy it is ‘back there’ and his doctor request will get lost in the shuffle, “but we need to prioritize me seeing a doctor today….please, please, please. 12 other HG’s, 14 families, all the execs coming, it’s an f’ing nightmare out there.” At that he heads inside to put more drops in his ear.

1:00 PM
Pretty much all that is happening for a long time is them trying to figure out what to wear; they are packing and picking up things around the house. They both had some time in the DR.

It appears that during flames a while ago the two had jury questions, I am not exactly sure, but when Erika comes outside she tells Boogie that Marcellas said “Congratulations on F2, I really can’t believe it’s you two, but congrats anyway.” Boogie says “I really can’t believe it either, but I am not surprised you aren’t here Marcellas with that negative attitude of yours.” That was it, now they are back to cleaning and trying on clothes.

Erika says the producers should give you money or some other incentive to sleep in the same bed with someone at least once. Boogie says he would've slept in the bed with Nakomis for money. He also says that they should put bounties on people's heads for kicking them out.

Around 2:30 the two were told they had to go outside for a lock down and Erika was very upset that they were given no warning. She was in the shower when they told them and she is worried now that she will not have enough time to get ready. Boogie says, "It would be different if it were two guys, but to do that to you!?" When Erika doesn’t head out right away, Boogie says “In case you were wondering if the show was all about YOU (referring to Erika in a joking manner), here's an announcement, there's a lockdown outside.” Erika: “I know!” BB says "Thank you" (for her finally going outside) and Erika responds “You are absolutely NOT welcome.”

Outside Erika is trying to shave her legs with the hose and Boogie says “being in the final two isn’t as glamorous as I thought.” They both say how thankful they are for getting TV to watch movies the last couple of nights.

Erika is shaking, she is nervous. Boogie tells her to think about her family, that they'll be here in like an hour, even though she won’t be able to see them much in the next couple days. Erika says she wants to feel normal again and wants her normal life back. Boogie says he understands and he says “this evening won’t feel anything like your normal life, but you’ll get a taste of it by seeing your family. When you get in the car, you can talk to them all you want.” Erika: “I don’t even have a cell phone; I turned it off for the summer.”

Boogie says that while he is on the plane (headed for the View) he wants to find out what significant news has happened in the last 3 months. What seems most important to him is what has happened with sports and the entertainment industry.

They talk Erika's HOH and wonder if Danielle threw it. Boogie thinks that Will was 90-95 percent honest with him and that he didn’t throw that one. Boogie says “We were in great shape because no matter who won, no one would come after us. We were worried about Dani cuz we just got rid of James.” Erika: “The one where Janelle got all 8 right, you tanked that one right?” Boogie: “I didn’t have to, I honestly froze on the Marcellas one...it was probably the only time all season when she was like “answers please” and I was the one she was talking to, the one thing I was good at…who knows what's honest and what isn’t, I was always focused on what other people were doing. I knew once I missed one, Janelle was one ahead.”

We had flames for a while and we come back to Boogie saying "You and Danielle are like normal people outside of this house, but she (Janelle) has no morals. She can read the Bible all she wants, but she doesn't live a life...She's an f’in immoral bitch." (Nice way to end the live feed action Boogie! LOL).

Anyway, that’s a wrap! The feeds flamed and never returned. See you next year!