Big Brother Recap September 2, 2006

Erika is playing hard core…… Janelle listening but not hearing!

Boogie was the first one up today at 9:45. Will was the next one up at 11:30. at noon time a LAPD helicopter flew over the back yard and Will waved at it, it blew its siren for Will. Will ran in and got Erika and they watched it together. BB got everyone else up at 12:30.

The houseguests spend a lot of time drilling each other throughout the day for the upcoming POV competition. They all talk about how important it is and the power it holds. Of course talks badly about Janelle and how he does not want her to win it, she is ruining his life etc to Erika. He also tells Erika that she has to help him when he gets out with Erin, telling her nothing happened. Then tells Janelle how bad Erika is and how good she is at endurance competitions and how he can’t wait for her to leave!

Boogie did get to see the doctor about his ear. The doctor blew out a bunch of junk (he was more detailed). It made Boogie feel so much better. Boogie think sit was the slop from the competition where they had to get the rats out of the vat. Boogie thanksed the doctor and said now he will be able to hear clearly when Julie said Congratulations Mike you are the winner of BB all stars.

When Boogie and Will were in the pool alone they congratulated each other on the success of “operation double date” They patted themselves on the back because they got Janelle to evict three alliance members and her best friend and then got Erika to evict her best friend.

Janelle joins them by the pool and Boogie asks her what she will say to Erika if she wins the POV? Janelle responded “bye bye Bitch”.

The houseguests were on inside lockdown most of the day as the crews prepared the backyard for the Veto ceremony. They played cards together, in pairs they studied for the competitions and slept most of the day away.

Finally at 10 PM after a day of listening them drill about the past competitors and Veto competitions we get flames. At 10:55 the feeds return and Janelle has the Veto necklace on.

Erika complaining about her hook breaking at the end. She is blaming the hook breaking on her losing the POV. While Janelle was in the shower, Erika said to Boogie “I can’t believe you missed some of those questions” Boogie said he did that he was nervous. Erika then replied that she thought Janelle would pick her to go. Will affirmed this with she probably will. Erika said she was going to campaign to stay.

The Veto competition was based around the food competitions. Boogie said he didn’t study them and could not put the names with the food competitions. He also said he had a hard time recognizing Allison in the picture. Boogie kept telling Erika he was sorry.

Meanwhile in the BR Janelle was showering and Will joined her (well on the other side of the two man shower). They complain about the food coloring used in the competition. After they finish, Will picks her up and twirls her around in victory. They laugh.

When Boogie and Will finally get some “man” time alone they celebrate as well. They said it will be “Good vs. Evil”, that their plan worked perfectly. Boogie said he fu#$i^&% hates himself for leading Erika on the way he did. Boogie said the Hollywood writers couldn’t have written this any better!

Will headed to the DR to ask for beer...asks Boogie to join him.

Janelle was in the bathroom...Erika alone in the kitchen.

Erika asks Janelle who she will evict. Janelle said it's 50/50. Erika said that everyone who's left will vote for Will...she wants Janelle to vote out Will.

Janie points out that if she keeps Erika, Erika will take Boogie to the end, not her.

Janelle points out that Erika is a better competitor than Will.

Erika really wants Will to go, but Janie isn't giving up anything...they're talking about CG's eviction now...Janie saying that Erika should have evicted Boogie.

Erika said she's fine with going...just wants to know.

Janelle said she just wants to think about it for a day.

Erika said Janelle can't beat Will, but can beat Erika and Boogie.

Janelle said again that Erika wouldn't take her to the end and neither would Boogie.

Erika then said: I didn’t evict chicken George because Will said if you evict Boogie I’m coming after you next.

Janelle reminds her that they had an agreement, they shook on it, and she did the opposite.

Erika said well then I misunderstood it.

Janelle asks why?

Janelle said it could be final 2 if she had followed the agreement to evict Boogie but she didn’t.

Janelle making a point that both Erika and Will will not take her to the end. She is fighting an uphill battle.

Erika: Why would you want to take a doctor or Boogie, they are both rich?

Janelle told her that during her last HOH when they were talking right before the vote, that she told Erika to evict Boogie, but she didn’t she evicted Chicken George.

Erika says she f8cked up and didn’t understand.

Janelle asks why I would want chicken George out; I wanted you to evict Boogie.

Erika said well it doesn’t matter,

Janelle makes a face like this is ridiculous.

Janelle tells her that she cannot believe her because of that.

Erika said she is playing for second place; she cannot win over Janelle or win over Will. so she should keep her .

Erika asks Janelle : You know who the biggest liar is in this house, don't you?

Janelle: Uh huh. Boogie.

Erika: Janelle???

Janelle: Boogie and Will.

Erika: And Will says all kinds of mean things about you when you aren't around.

Janelle: Like what?

Erika: That you're ruining his life, that you’re a pimple that he can't wait to vote you out...

Janelle then tells her she has to use the bathroom that she wants to continue this conversation later. Erika heads to the shower. After Janelle uses the restroom she heads out back.

Will follows Janelle out back. He asks her why she is ad. He tells her Erika must have told her lies. Janelle responded with maybe they are not lies. He asks her what she said. He said he wanted to know so he could call her out on them. Janelle then told Will that Erika said Will said mean things about her. That he wanted her out and that she was ruining his life…. Will said that Boogie probably told her that. He then asks her if she thinks she is ruining his life. She responded no, so he said so what is the problem (he is such a good manipulator!). He then told her Erika is grasping for straws. Janelle then said Erika swore on her Mom’s life that Will wanted her gone and said she is ruining his life. Will then changed the subject and said that the DR is going to tell her that they can’t whisper anymore, that it is a breech of contract. Erika comes out back and everyone gets strangely quiet.

Janelle leaves to go fix herself something to eat. Will follows and basically told Janelle that Erika is a butt kissing floater and that he is upset now because she is invading his territory. Janelle said she didn’t care about most of the stuff she said except the stuff about she was ruining his life. Will moves the conversation to how much he admires about her and how he has said bad things about everyone etc. Janelle tells him that she has loved him since day 13 when he jumped in the slop. Erika comes in and said she didn’t want to interrupt the campaigning but she is alone because Boogie has been called to the DR. They discuss James and how bad he wanted Janelle out of the game.

Janelle and Erika leave to go outside to smoke. Erika is going over the voting in the sequester house and that Erika can not win. Danni, CG, Howie and James will vote against Erika. There is much repeating of the reason she can't win and the votes in the house. She says that Janie will be a hero if she evicts Will. Janie will win by a landslide Erika leaves to join Boogie now in the hot tub.

Boogie comes out of the DR and has this conversation with Will:
Will told Boogie that Erika is just making it bad for herself. Boogie says that he noticed that Janie was affected with it. Will said it's because Erika has gone hard core. She told Janie about Will playing her. Boogie asks if he's got things under control. Will replies that he's fine with her now. Janie is so into him. She's even begging him to kiss her in the DR on camera. Will says that he was driving a little bus and now he is driving a big bus.

Will sits with Janelle and asks her what Ericka said about him. He said he could tell by Janelle’s face that Erika is saying mean things about him. He also told her that he does not want Janelle hurt by the things that she is telling her. Janelle said that Erika is only giving her reasons why she should stay and that she has some valid points.

Boogie and Erika talk about Janelle. Erika thinks she wants to take Will to the end because it will be a story book ending. Boogie said that those tow chicks took Janelle out last year and he and Will will do it this year. Erika said she has faith in them doing that.

Janelle and Will head to the RED room to sleep. Will thinks this room is cursed that everyone who slept in that bed was evicted. They talk about all the pre game alliances, James, Marcellas, Kaysar etc. Janelle still can’t believe that Kaysar was with CT. Will said he has lots to tell her but can’t right now because she will get mad. Will tells her that she does not know him outside the house, that he is really quiet and boring. Janelle said she is quiet too. He tells Janelle that he does not want her talking to Erika alone anymore, that she is trying to hurt her and he does not want to see her hurt (or for Erika to hurt his chances either).

Boogie retires to the HOH with his music and Erika sits outside and has another cigarette saying she knows she is done and that no one can beat Janelle. Erika leaves and stands by the red room door listening, she then opens the door and sees Will and Janelle and said I didn’t know who was in there (duh there are only four people in the house!). She finally leaves and the house is finally quiet at 5:45.

Sooo will anyone bother getting out of bed till Tuesday? Janelle pretty much knows what she wants to do, Boogie is happy following Will and trusting Will to keep his “pet” under control. Bb has nothing to excite them! What can they possible do???