Janelle and Will have still not gone to sleep
They are discussing former BB contestants that contacted them before the show. Will says that both of Erika’s former boyfriends (Josh and Robert) called him about 5 times.
Robert wanted to hang out and be buddies, but Will told him no. Will claims he didn’t know who Robert was. He didn’t want to know everyone. (Past BB contestants) They both settle down to try and sleep. Janelle gets up to go to the bathroom then comes back. They seem to be holding hands under the blanket. Will announces that he can’t sleep. He tells Janelle that he is glad she is there with him. He starts his whispering to her and she replies, “Don’t ask stupid questions you already know the answer too”
He finally looks as if he will once again attempt to sleep.
Will pulls Janelle closer to him and wraps her arm around him.
It looks as though all are asleep, but Janelle wakes up or was never asleep. She rolls over on her back and Will immediately wakes up and rolls over to face her holding her hand.
Mike is sleeping in his HOH room while Erika is asleep in the ant room.

Several minutes later Will sits straight up in bed and announces “I swear to God I can’t sleep!” He grabs Janelle, whispers more in her ear. They joke a bit and he puts his tshirt back on, rolls over and tries to sleep again.


The two still can’t seem to fall asleep. Janelle asks, “Will can you sleep?”
He replies no he can’t and asks her if she wants to get breakfast, hang out and they can sleep all day. She agrees and then Will decides they should try to sleep for 5 more minutes. Will has wraps his leg completely around Janelle’s leg in the bed. Looks to be trying to get comfortable.
10 minutes later Janelle is whispering in Will’s ear. He replies “Are you sure?”
Janelle ”Uh-huh, really sure”
She has her arm around his neck playing with his hair.
A couple of minutes later Janelle again complains she can’t sleep. Will asks if she wants to get up and she says no.
Will has his back facing Janelle but inches closer and closer towards her. She rubs his back. Will has removed the last pillow separating the two of them and they are now “spooning” and look to be falling asleep.


Erika is up and goes to the backyard to smoke a cigarette. She wanders around the house.
After checking out her face, a drink and going to the storage room, Erika goes back to bed.
Janelle and Will are mumbling a little to each other. Will has taken his shirt off again, and is now facing Janelle. They are very close to each other, face to face and it looks as if Will has his hand lying on Janelle under the covers.

Approximately 30 minutes later, Erika is up again. She is in the bathroom putting cream on her face and tweezing her eyebrows. She then again goes back to bed.
Janelle and Will are still restless in their bed.


Boogie is awake in his HOH room with his headphones on listening to his music.
There is still a lot of tossing and turning between Janelle and Will with a little mumbling here and there.
Janelle and Will also snuggle with Janelle’s arm around his neck.


All houseguest’s appear to be sleeping now. Will continues to toss and turn a bit though.


Janelle and Will are awake in bed. Will tells her that her friends will tell her not to be friends with him when they get out. She replies that she will just tell her friends why she likes him. He asks, “You’ll stick by me?”
She says of course she will.
She then asks, “Why would they say that?” He replies because she is “America’s sweetheart”
He continues that she (Janelle) “Hurts his ability to play the game because he tries to play without emotion and he can’t when it comes to her.”
They continue to talk a bit and they hug each other.
They begin to whisper to each other again.
Will - They are going to give me a bad rap.
Will leans over and whispers to Janelle again.
Janelle - uh huh
Will - Oh boy.
Will whispers to her again.
Janelle - what?
Will whispers again.
Will now lying with pillow on top of his head, he is on his stomach.
Janelle is facing Will.
Will again brings up that after the show people will tell her not to be friends with him. He says the people that tell her not to be friends with him are just “bitter.”
They are again holding hands under the covers.
Will pulls the covers over his head, turns facing Janelle with Janelle on her back. You can see Will's arm reaching under the covers towards Janelle

Erika is once again awake, wandering around the house. She goes to change her clothes in the bathroom.
Boogie gets up as well.
BB announces to the houseguest’s that it is time to get up for the day. Will replies to BB “Eat a dick!” Less than a minutes after BB makes this announcement, Erika crawls back into bed.
Janelle -I feel like I didn't sleep.
They move closer together.
Will tells Janelle to come here.
She moves closer.
Will whispers to her.
They are whispering more.
Will - Am I not perceptive or what?
Janelle - I guess not.
They roll further away from each other.
Will says he feels sorry for her because Erika will be bugging her all day long.
He moves closer to Janelle, puts his arm around her and they start whispering again.
Will rolls over facing away from Janelle, but he reaches his arm behind him towards her and reaches for her. Her arm is also under the covers, so you can't see exactly what they are doing, but can tell they are touching.

Boogie has taken a shower. He exits the shower to grab a towel, exposing his… well….you know!

Janelle and Will are still talking in bed. She says she would like to go on the “Price is Right.” Will would like them to be able to leave the BB and go somewhere together.
There is a lot of teasing, whispering, and flirting going on. Will rubbing Janelle’s arm/’shoulder under the covers.
They pull the blankets to cover their heads, whispering. We can not tell what Will said but we hear Janelle reply “Me too”

Meanwhile Boogie and Erika are in the kitchen. They are cooking and chatting. No game talk though. Erika announces that she isn’t cleaning any more. Boogie says that he is going to tell Janelle and Will to pick up after themselves when they get up. Erika is talking to Boogie about her leaving and says she just wants to go, she seems to have accepted it.

Back to Janelle and Will in the red room bed. They continue to whisper back and forth.
Will - I told Boogie that you were so good (then couldn't hear the rest of what he said)
Will then leans over onto Janelle and she wraps her arm around him and they hug.
Will then rolls over facing away from Janelle, but it appears he uses his feet or legs to touch her...Janelle looks towards him and then rolls so she is facing him.


Erika and Boogie are now discussing what the next possible competitions could be. Erika says she thinks Will will throw them for Boogie to win. Boogie hopes the season ends earlier than anticipated. He seems as though he doesn’t want to be stuck very long with just himself, Janelle and Will in the house. He says if Janelle wins the final HOH, it will stink. He asks Erika that in her remaining time left in the house if she would spend her “girl time” with Janelle, drilling it into Janelle’s head that she can not win against Will in the end. Erika says she will.
Boogie “I think she respects you as a player”
Erika “She’s so fucked up in her head”
Erika continues that in Janelle’s mind she thinks she can beat Will and she hates Boogie.
Erika “She can not win against him. He would have you and me solid. He would have Danielle solid. James solid.”
Boogie asks if she thinks he could beat Janelle. He thinks he may not have James’ vote against her. Erika says George and Marcellas would vote for Janelle against him. She continues that James said if Janelle gets to the end he has to vote for her (Janelle) to win. She then calls James a “Pussy” Erika agrees to work the jury in his favor when she leaves. Boogie tells her there might be a nice “present” for her in the end if she does.
Erika says that she thinks Will’s girlfriend has already broken up with him.
Erika informs Boogie that he can’t beat Will in the end. Boogie says he knows that.
They discuss that Janelle is being totally played by Will. Boogie says Will has “Worked the shit out of her!”
Erika “Oh my God, she’s eating it all up! It’s a wrap! Yesterday when we talked I asked her if she would date Will, she couldn’t form a sentence, she turned purple! She’s going to look like a really big fool when she see’s the diary rooms.”
Boogie replies “Wait until he sends her out! It will be ugly! It will make Drew and Diane look like General Hospital, like an afternoon special.”
They continue discussing Janelle and Will.
Boogie “What does she think is going to happen here? Will is in a very, very, very real relationship with a career woman who has her shit together!” Erika thinks Will has possibly lost his girlfriend. Boogie says that Will will make things right with his girlfriend when this is over (BB).
Erika says that her last question to Janelle will be “I know you have won like 20 competitions, but did you ever wash one dish?”
Boogie laughs.
Boogie says that BB wants Will to win the final HOH really bad, so he can pull a Drew on Janelle. He says Janelle would be an idiot and stupid to take Will to final 2.
Boogie goes inside.

He see’s Will in the kitchen and tells Will “I hope Erin Brodie was in the Hampton’s this weekend!”
He asks Will if he is going back to bed and Will replies said “Hell yea”

Boogie goes back to talk to Erika and says “He is screwing up, big time!”(referring to sleeping with Janelle in the bed and Erin his girlfriend)

Back to the red room Will says Scrubrika (that is what he calls Erika) told him “Doing some late night campaigning?”
Will tells Janelle that James will not be friends with her after the game. He says that James was very angry with Janelle. They laugh at the time Erika won HOH and it was taken away from her and then Janelle won it. They thin James will be most surprised about what is going on when this is over. That Janelle was with Chill Town. Will thinks Danielle will be surprised as well. Will brings up when Janelle was crying after Howie left. He asks her who supported her. She says, "You did." Will is talking about how everyone reacted to him talking to Janelle and what he told them "that he felt bad for her as a person but still wanted her out." Janelle is laughing about how Will made her put sunglasses on and go see Boogie's HOH and his comment "you look good in prada". They are laughing.

Will is laughing about how he talked to Danielle about Janelle and how she just "won't die" after they (Will/Boogie) had helped Janie win. Will talked about how he went to the DR and said, "it's fixed by me." Talking about how when James and Danielle see that episode they will loose their minds.
Will talking about how Erika is going to be really hurt when she gets out and sees the show. He tells how Boogie told him "Why is your showmance hot and fun and mine sucks." Janelle asks if Boogie is just tired of her. Will says Boogie just thinks she's (Erika's) kind of creepy.
Will says "I like talking to you."
Janelle “ I like talking to you too.”
Will telling Janelle that there are so many other things he wants to discuss with her (other than BB) but he can't. He apologizes to her. They then start talking more about BB...talking about how angry Howie got (over someone telling the Float herd that Howie called them the Float herd.)
Will tells her he was very proud of her yesterday.

Erika and Boogie have been playing cards and chatting. Erika has several times called Boogie “baby” in an affectionate way.
Janelle and Will look like they are falling back to sleep.
Boogie and Erika talk about the boredom and wonder why they can’t watch movies. Boogie complains he is missing the US Open Tennis. Erika goes to put her bathing suit on.
Erika goes outside with Boogie and tells him that Janelle is totally obsessed with Alison. Boogie comments that he has never noticed that.
Erika continues that Janelle will be hurt when she finds out that Will has been playing her.
Erika “She is REALLY into to him, I am telling you!”
Boogie “You think so?”
Erika “She is going to be so hurt”
Boogie “You think that she thinks they will have a relationship outside the show?”
Erika “When I asked her about him, she got all flustered, she is easily manipulated by guys.”
Boogie says that George was stupid by not putting up Janelle. He calls George a “Stupid Mother f@cker”
Boogie calls Janelle a “Fembot” and asks Erika who her one phone call will be too when she is evicted. Erika says she will call her mom. Boogie continues trash-talking Janelle.
Erika questions Boogie about the POV competition again and how he and Will lost.
Erika says she heard Will and Janelle whispering and talking at 7 am.

3:30p.m. BBT

Erika tells Boogie she is very depressed. They discuss what their mom’s are probably doing. Erika talks as if Boogie’s family is happy that Erika is with him.

Meanwhile, Will and Janelle are singing “Like a Virgin” Janelle tells Will that he is perfect. This is after he has whispered something in her ear.

Boogie complains that BB is letting Janelle and Will sleep all day.

Will asks Janelle “Want me to get you some breakfast pit-bull?” Janelle tells him don’t say that and he calls her “Princess pit-bull”
They turn the bedroom lights out and got in trouble from BB.


BB tells Will and Janelle to change their batteries. Will tells BB to change them for them.
Boogie and Erika still complaining about being bored.

Boogie goes into the red room where Janelle and Will are. Will tells Boogie to make them some breakfast. This doesn’t amuse Boogie.

BB calls an inside lockdown. Erika gets excited, thinking something will happen.
A few minutes later Janelle and Will finally get out of bed for the day.
Janelle goes to the storage room and Will comes in and hugs her.
They are all in the kitchen, cooking and Erika says she thought there was a crew in the red room last night.
A few minutes later lockdown is over and Will says that they told him they had to fix a broken camera.

Will and Boogie discuss operation “double date” with out the girls around. Will whispers something to Boogie and they both smile at each other. Boogie says they may need to tweak their game a little. (He seems worried that he will end up 3rd place)

They go back to the kitchen with the girls and discuss the Diamond veto vs. golden veto competitions. They are all eating. Janelle and Erika start playing a warm up game of rummy before they start a tournament with them all.

Boogie and Will are talking again. Boogie thinks Janelle would have a hard time beating either one of them. Boogie thinks that Marcellas, James and Danielle would vote for Will to win. That they respect Will a lot. He says Will would have his and Erika’s votes as well.
Boogie says if it were he (Boogie) and Janelle in the finals he thinks he would have Danielle, James and Erika’s vote, but it could be a long shot. Boogie says he doesn’t want Will with Janelle in the final 2. He says that Janelle has been pushing that. He tells Will that he(Will) has already won once before and he will probably win again. Boogie wants to be in the final 2 with Will. He wants 2nd at least, not 3 rd. Boogie says this “means everything to him”
Boogie says he swears they both can beat her. (It seems as though Boogie is trying to get Will to talk Janelle into taking Boogie over Will to final 2 with her incase she wins the final HOH. He seems very concerned about Janelle choosing to take Will instead of Boogie with her.)
Janelle has come outside. She and Will are playing “footsie’s” while Boogie is looking very stressed and concerned.
They discuss Metamucil.


Will teases Boogie about he accusing Will and his “doll friend” of stealing his cookies. Boogie barely cracks a smile.
Janelle does laundry and goes inside to change the sheets.
Will is trying to cheer Erika and Boogie up, but it doesn’t seem to be working on Boogie.

Will goes inside and finds Janelle. He tells her that there are so many things he wants to tell her, but he can’t while in the BB house. Will follows Janelle around the house like a puppy dog for a bit. He finally goes outside to lift weights.

Erika and Boogie are lying on the sofa’s outside. Erika comments that it must really suck to be in prison. Boogie replies yea, but at least they get to watch TV in prison.

Will says he needs a haircut. Boogie still lounging on the outside sofa’s. Erika gets in the pool.
Janelle and Will about to do their walking.
Will informs Janelle about the fact that he and Boogie lied about the prizes they won. He tells her about the graveyard veto. He says that he and Boogie took all the prizes and then blamed it on Marcellas. Janelle calls them jerks and says “Poor Marcellas!”
We get flames in and out while Janelle and Will continue their walk and chat.
Will says that Nick Lachey is an investor in the Dolce’ group.
Will tells Janelle that he has never hated her, but Boogie did.


Will tells Janelle about when Boogie almost went pee in Howie’s medicine bag. He says that Boogie was really drunk and mad and was going to urinate on Howie’s asthma meds.
He says the next day Howie went was about to use his medicine Boogie yelled out “NO!” Because he couldn’t remember if he had done it or not. (he didn’t do it) Will had to explain to Howie that Boogie almost urinated in his medicine but didn’t do it.
Will told Howie(and telling Janelle) that Boogie did it in a drunken confusion.

Several minutes later Will has Janelle cut his hair. He teases her while she is cutting his hair. Pretending she is doing it wrong. Will says Julie Chen hasn’t talked to him in weeks, but she will have to after he has his haircut. He makes a lot of jokes and being humorous while Janelle continues to cut his hair. He tells her to think about how Nakomis would want her hair cut and do the opposite.

Will goes in to look at his hair when Janelle has finished. The minute he goes inside, Janelle and Erika start laughing and say he looks like a mushroom head.
Will looks at himself in the mirror and freaks out saying “Oh my God! This looks terrible!”
He tries to cut it himself and fix it.
Boogie is asleep in the HOH room.

Janelle tells Erika that if she wins the final HOH she knows she can’t take Will to final 2. Janelle thinks she could beat Boogie in the final 2.
Erika is trying to convince Janelle to keep her over Will. Erika swears to Janelle that she will take Janelle to the final 2 with her if she wins HOH. She swears on her mothers life that she will take Janelle.
Erika tells Janelle that she never had a deal with Danielle.
Erika tells Janelle about Will’s dirty deeds, getting Janelle to nominate her friends so they could take them out.
Janelle says how does she know that Erika would stab her in the back if she kept her and Erika replies, “I’m not that type of person”
Erika tells her that the boys are already planning on winning the final 2 spots.
Will comes out and interrupts the talk.
Janelle leaves and Erika informs Will that she plans on pulling out all the stops in campaigning to save herself.
She tells Will that she is campaigning against him so she can stay. Will looks nervous about this. He immediately goes inside to Janelle to very annoyed and complaining about Erika.

Meanwhile Erika is talking to the internet informing us that she didn’t plan on playing bad this season but she has to pull out all the stops. She says after all she is up against Dr. Will. She says she has a few tricks up her sleeve and plans on telling Janelle that Will called her a “band slut.” She plans on turning the house inside out!

Meanwhile Janelle confronts Will about his backpeddaling. She tells him about Erika telling her that Will and Boogie plan on going to the final 2 together.
He skirts this issue, telling her that he and Boogie suggesting that the winner gets half anf the other two split the rest.
Will asks her to please keep him and kick out Erika. Janelle agrees that she will. She also tells him she will bring him to final 2 with her.
Boogie joins in and tells Janelle that he understands that it is uncomfortable for Janelle to hear but he and Will plan on taking each other to final 2 and that is the way it has been all along. He says that Erika is just using that to put doubt in Janelle’s head but he claims they have been honest to Janelle all along. Janelle keeps quiet just listening as Will and Boogie try to do damage control with her.
Janelle informs them that Erika said she can promise to take Janelle to final 2 but Will can’t promise her that.
Will finally admits that “I can’t mislead you, I would have to bring Boogie. My advice would be to do what is best for you. But Scrubrika has prove time and again to be untrustworthy!” He whispers more to her, but we are unable to understand what is said.
He then calls Erika and “old maid”
Will then asks Janelle to tell Erika she will no longer talk to Erika about game.

Boogie joins Erika and tells her she didn’t get to final 4 twice being nice. He says she is 10% devil. She informs him that she has a few more tricks up her sleeve and she isn’t just the girl next door he thinks she is.
He replies, don’t worry you don’t get to final 4 by being a nice girl.
She answers, “You calling me out?”
Boogie says, “I’m not stupid!”
Erika informs him that Janelle said she wasn’t taking Will to final2 she is taking Boogie.
Boogie replies that this is going to be a great showdown!
Erika says that he is right, 90% of her is angel but the other 10% is “awful fucking mean!”
Boogie on Janelle “They spent last night in the same bed, everything is getting heightened, I think she is falling for the romantic notion that they are going to spend a week in the house alone together, just the two of them. I think she is denying the reality. She must know that Will and I know other people.... Does he think that he is gonna look me in the eye and send me home? He's my best friend AND it's easier to beat me than it is to beat her. Why would he choose her? C'mon!”

Meanwhile Will continues to work on Janelle. He tells her that it hurts him that she acts weird around him after she talks with Erika. He doesn’t want her talking to Erika anymore. Will says that if he wins the luxury he has to take Janelle because he can’t leave her there with Erika alone. He says that Erika is using emotional blackmail on Janelle.
He continues to try and work his agenda on Janelle. He finally asks her is she wants to get in the pool.


Janelle and Will come outside to get in the hot tub. Erika quickly makes her way over there and sits on the side of the hot tub, in her robe. Janelle and Will chatting in the hot tub about if they will get more wine tonight. Will clearly looks irritated(at Erika)
Erika doesn’t say much, just sits there and listens. You could cut the tension with a knife as Erika just watches and listens to Janelle and Will. Janelle and Will start their whispering sessions again and Erika looks up and does the gagging motion with her finger in her mouth. (LOL!! Sorry I had to laugh about that. Erika is obviously not to going to make this easy for Will the next few days)

Boogie and Will talk about his hair and then Boogie goes to do push ups in the yard.
Erika continues to sit by the hot tub with Janelle and Will.
She finally talks and says it is so boring there. Janelle says that Sundays are always boring.
Very little conversation and all small talk. Will and Janelle smile at each other but seem annoyed that Erika is there. Janelle keeps looking up at Erika.
Janelle asked Will how to squirt water from your hand by making a fist and Will says "I dunno". (He was just doing it!) Totally blows her off.
Talking about how late they slept in today. A lot of small talk and a lot of tension. Janelle glances up at Erika then smiles at Will and moves in to whisper in Will's ear. Janelle giggles and smiles a lot and Will smiles back.
Erika: Should I leave?
Will and Janelle say “NO!”
Will talking about the BB being mad at them for whispering so much
More whispers, smiles and a lot of closeness.
Will: Boogie check in the storage room for liquor
Boogie: Why did you guys ask for it?
More whispers, a lot of hugging while Erika is starring at them and smiling
Boogie interrupts with a question about working out.
Boogie finally joins the others and they are talking and drinking with Janelle and Will still whispering at times. A lot of flirting between the two as well.
Erika and Boogie seem amused and smirk every time Janelle and Will start their whisper sessions.
Boogie goes to the storage room to see if there is more wine. He comes out with more liquor and Janelle gets excited.
There is intense flirting between Janelle and Will. Janelle seems a little tipsy. She tries to kiss him on the cheek after a “whisper session”
Erika leaves for a few second and Boogie hurriedly tells Janelle and Will that Erika wants to start trouble. Erika then comes back to the hot tub.


Janelle and Will decide to take a shower and Boogie offers them the HOH bathroom.
When they leave Boogie looks at Erika and says “This is gonna be a showdown. You have a look in your eyes that I have never seen before!” Erika laughs. She tells Boogie she is going to be campaigning hard against Will. She continues that she knows Will is his best friend but she has to do it! She tells him “Think of it this way Boogie, your chances of beating him in final 2 are slim!”
Boogie tries to discourage Erika from confronting Will but it doesn’t seem to be working on her. Erika claims she isn’t high maintenance like Janelle is.
Boogie asks if she is going to resort to lying to Janelle. Erika chimes in with “No! The truth is too good!”

Janelle and Will are in the kitchen eating and chatting. Nothing significant. A lot of flirting talk and Will saying Janelle has fallen in love with him. Will keeps singing and getting in trouble.

Will wants to know what Erika has been saying about him. Flirty stare and more whispering.

Erika and Boogie have been outside talking about the jury. They agree that the jury cannot give Janelle credit for winning competitions because everyone was throwing them. They talk about the Internet, boredom and the show being pre emp because of the fall line up.


All 4 are now in the kitchen. Will says that today was the most useless day of his life. Boogie mentions he wants a conference tomorrow with “Rich” and we get flames.
Will let Erika know he is going to stay up all night with Janelle and Erika does not seem pleased to hear this. (LOL!)
They are all making dinner.
When Will and Boogie get a moment alone together Boogie lets him know that Erika is going to tell Janelle about the “band slut” comment Will made about Janelle.
Nothing else significant at the moment happening.


Will is doing damage control with Janelle before Erika can get to her. He mentions to her that when they were making the rock video it sounded cooler to call her band slut instead of rock chick.

They all sit down to play cards and Boogie and Will start discuss their business/restaurant. Very boring and dull.
Janelle and Will start their whispering session, yes once again! Boogie asks Janelle if she has ever flirted with someone as much as she does with Will. She replies no, she hasn’t. They talk about going to Vegas after the show. Boogie says he and Janelle will get wasted and dance on the tables while Will and Erika take care of the two of them.

Janelle made some cookies and made a heart shaped cookie for Will. Once again the “whisper session” comes. They get desserts of warm cookies with ice cream, playing cards, chatting, joking. Will has Janelle feet lying in his lap. They finish the card game.

Janelle goes outside to smoke. Will tells Boogie he will help him with the dishes in the morning. He goes to brush his teeth.


Will tells Janelle that Erika looks like an “x-ray with hair!” He says that Erika looks like a creepy super hero with her sunglasses on. (He calls her scrubrika, but I refer to her as Erika to not confuse anyone reading this.)
They are flirting and teasing each other now. They make their way to the red room bed. They were going to play cards but decide to go to bed so they can turn off the lights and “flirt and fight” Once there they start a whisper session again.
Will tells her he is going to take her to final 2 because he can’t win anyway.

Boogie is in the HOH showers while Erika is in the downstairs bathroom messing with her face in the mirror.

Will asks Janelle what she would do with the money if she won. She says she doesn’t have any debt. Her car is paid for. She has a small mortgage. Will seems surprised that she owns her home. He talks with her about getting invested in his group. They are very close, with their arms hugging each other talking.

Erika makes her way up to the HOH bathroom with Boogie.
Erika whistles at Boogie then goes over to shower and peek in at Boogie.
She says she can't see anything.
Boogie says some things are better left to the imagination.
She says she's seen it many times this season.
She asks if there is still hot water.
Boogie says HOH shower is the bomb.
He asks Erika if "they" are still whispering.
Erika says she loves attention, she's an attention whore (Janelle)
Boogie says he hates people like that.
Erica gets in HOH shower in her bikini.
Boogie drops a contact lens.
He says he never does that.
Erika asks if he has ever lived with a woman.
He says he's live with Krista for a month, says he's not very good at it.

Back to Will and Janelle. Will is talking about Erika again. Working Janelle. He says that Erika is going to tell Janelle that he and Boogie called Janelle a “groupie” about the rock video. Janelle says she doesn’t care about that. She asks if he said it and he says no he didn’t.

Erika and Boogie are in the HOH bed. He talks about his relationship with both Krista and Chiara (BB2 & BB3) He says it wasn’t good because they both were maniacs on the streets of LA. He says he lived with Krista for a month and her “shit” would be all over his place.
Erika asks what his longest relationship has been and he replies only for a few months because he isn’t a good relationship type of guy, he doesn’t know why. He explains that his work is a big part of who he is, not like most people. He continues, “I'm at a time I can't really do that. I'm right on the verge of making this restaurant thing pop off. I'd love to have Wills schedule. It's just the good with the bad...I'm not going to have that. The way I see it is if I kill myself for 5 to 7 years, I could totally set myself up for life. You have to sacrifice things.” The talk continues on their philosophy of life.
Meanwhile Will talks to Janelle about his outside life as well.
Will said he isn't like this in his real life. He is much more fun. But he also lives a very regimented life. He has his practice and a lot of various investments. Will says he is scared about being a certified board member of something. Will says he's in his last year of 'school" for dermatology and he can become a certified member after he finishes this last year. Will says he went from high school to college, took his MCAT, then went to medical school, then did a year of government regulated internship and is now in dermatology. Will asks if Janelle wants to hear all this boring stuff. She says yeah (she doesn't sound interested though, to be honest) Will says he and Mike have started some new business ventures that he can't talk about. Will says he has an infomercial for some scrub brush. Will says he's addicted to trading stocks. He trades stock every day. Will talks about his investments. The test is in October. He has Dr. 90210 to do. Will says he's anxious because he feels like he's really behind in his life. Will says he's worried about things.
He asks her if she has her real estate license and she says yes. He asks if she has sold anything and she said yes. He seems impressed with this.
They talk a bit more and seem to be falling asleep.

Back to Erika and Boogie discussion.
Boogie wants to be the guy walking out the door as the winner. He describes to her how he sees’s it. It isn’t about the money he explains, it is about being the guy on top! He admits it is all about his ego. He and Will both are that way. He really wishes he could be happy doing regular things, reading a book watching TV...but he's more into getting the fame for his ego. He thinks it would be amazing to win, and it would CRUSH him if he leaves after Erica.
Boogie says he's constantly chasing something he can't satisfy...his fame seeking.
Erica says that's terrible.
Boogie says that's why he and Will get along so well, because they think the same way.
Erika says reality TV is bad because it creates this in people.
Boogie agrees. He says he and Will are very realistic about it, and he wants to be that.
They talk a bit more. Boogie puts his headphones on to listen to music after Erika leaves.

Erika goes to the backyard and starts talking to herself. She says “So what did you learn this summer? I learned how to play pool and to let Mike Boogie win because he is the biggest fucking baby on earth!”
She continues talking to herself and BB “Fucking veto! Fucking veto from Hell!”…”Whatever..Fucking whatever!”…”Can’t you just throw in one more twist?”…”Give me a chance, c’mon now! God this sucks!”…Sighs “I couldn’t get rid of her(Janelle)”…”Couldn’t use the power Mike won, C’mon lame!”
She says “HI” to Jack. “HI” to mom. She continues that she has lost to the best. She says “Will is pretty bastardly huh. Janelle is in love with him. Pretty scary huh?I feel bad for Mike, searching, chasing a dream..sad?”
She goes into the kitchen and continues talking to the camera’s or herself. “What kind of name is Boogie?”

Erika finally goes to bed and asleep. All HG’s are sleeping.