10:30 AM
The final 4 slept late today. Will has been tossing and turning a lot of the morning. He kept trying to wake Janie, whispering here and there in her ear and she would smile. You could see him under the covers touching her stomach and at one point he was caressing her face.

It wasn’t until after noon time that Erika was the first one up and out making coffee. Boogie is in HOH listening to music and Janie and Will are still tossing and turning and whispering.

Boogie finally makes an appearance. He gets coffee, heads outside and tells the internet that we should do something more productive today than watch feeds. He says we should go to the beach or fly a kite with our kids at the park.

Will was finally up a little after 1:00. Once he brushed his teeth he was called to the DR. Then just about 1:30 Janelle was up and she was next to be called into the DR.

While Janelle is in putting her face on, Will tells Boogie and Erika that the producers are making fun of his hurt thumb. Will says “Should I add to my lawsuit that the producers make fun of my injury?” Boogie says “I don’t think so.” Will: “I walk in and they're like "hey! The Fonz is here!" and I'm like "heyyy!" I mean, I play into it, but is that really ok?” Now Will is upset that BB hasn’t given them any paper towels, he wonders if they are messing with him.

1:30 PM
Will Boogie and Erika are in the kitchen saying they are pretty sure the show has been moved up and that someone is leaving the house tomorrow. Boogie thinks it is because of the new Fall line up and the original date they were given was tentative.

Erika says to them “I hope you guys left me good goodbye messages, did you?” Will says “I did, Boogie probably didn’t.” (No one laughed).

Will is saying that Corey (one of the producers) seriously hates him as a person. Boogie says that everyone in the back hates Will. Will agrees saying "Imagine if you had someone at Dolce 60 days in a row they had their food comped and they told you how you were doing your job wrong every single day…"

Apparently Boogie can read between the lines. The DR is telling them that they want their goodbye messages early to get them out of the way. Boogie says “I’m sure there will be an eviction and live show tomorrow.” Boogie says “I will say this; isn’t it weird that we left a goodbye message for Janelle? Why would we do that?” Will says “In case Janelle doesn't use the POV.” Will is not quite convinced that there will be an eviction tomorrow. He thinks maybe there is a luxury comp where the winner will be leaving for two days, and they didn't want to wait for them to get back for goodbyes. Boogie says this is a good option, and begs to be taken to the US Open.

2:00 PM
The girls are in the bathroom talking about Janelle’s hair extensions and hair color. Boogie and Will are talking about how many e-mails they will get when they leave the house. Will says he will delete his, there will be too many of them.

Janelle and Erika head out back to smoke. Will tells Boogie he should go out there too. Will says “Is Erika still working on Janie?” Boogie: “It's weird sometimes she is defeated and accepts it then sometimes she wants to take you on.” Will: “OK I want you to keep Erika busy and away from Janelle. Go outside right now and just sit there. Just your presence won't let Erika talk to her. I know what she's trying to do.” Boogie: “OK I'll go.” So now Boogie is outside with the girls. Janelle says “so no luxury or Americas Choice huh?” Erika says “Nope, nothin’.”

Erika headed back inside and is playing cards alone in the kitchen. Janelle, Will and Boogie are outside and it ‘looks’ like Janelle are holding hands underneath one of the pillows and are still doing that silly whisper stare thing. Poor Erika is talking to herself she says “Oh god! So close again, it’s heartbreaking...why couldn’t Boogie have used the power when he had it?!”

Will says “you know how you can tell someone is crazy is when they wear their sunglasses indoors like Erika and Dani.” Janelle says “and me…” Will says “We already knew you were crazy.” Will says “there are three options; a luxury comp where someone's going away for a few days, the game's ending early, or they're bringing someone back from sequester.” Janelle suggests that maybe America gets to choose who comes back. Will thinks maybe it would be Chicken George. Janelle says Danielle. Boogie says "No way! Not after America saw her smoking and acting like an East LA gang member! Chicken George is a lock, he is the favorite. He makes Kaysar look like Osama Bin Laden.” Janelle just rolled her eyes, then she got up to check the laundry and headed inside.

Janelle is inside reading the bible and the guys are in the kitchen with Erika. Erika says to Boogie: “You look really cute right now! Your arms look good.” Will then asks Erika who she had to say goodbye to. She says Will and Janelle, but she kept Janelle's really short, because she knows Janelle is using the veto.

Erika announces that Will, Janie and Erika’s suitcases are in the SR. She tells Will and Boogie that tomorrow will be the live eviction and she goes in to pack. Then they all start to pack and wonder why things are coming to an early end. Erika says she has no cute clothes left and asks Janie if she can borrow something of hers.

3:00 PM
Will and Janelle are in the red room messing around and giggling. Boogie calls Will outside, so Will heads out. Boogie wants to make sure he and Will are on the same page in case anything unexpected happens. Will says cool and asks if he can come back out in an hour. Boogie seems a little taken aback and he is somewhat snappy.

Erika’s ‘Wardrobe’ Malfunction
Erika is trying on everything Janie owns right now. She is saying to her “okay what else do you have?” She seems to be a little demanding when borrowing and going through Janelle’s whole wardrobe! LOL, Janelle tells Erika to wear a certain shirt that says ‘I don’t date CLOWNS’ on the front of it…they are all laughing (Boogie is not there).

When it came down to it, Erika took Janelle’s beautiful and favorite black dress, she begged Janelle and Janelle says “ok, but make sure you give it to Jonah in case I need to wear it later.” Erika asks Janelle when she would wear it (the nerve!). Janelle lists off “sequester round table or final two…” (Like she should have to answer this…Erika was uncooperative and demanding in this whole thing!).

THEN Erika tried on one of Janelle’s pairs of shorts and came out of the bathroom (not wearing them) and said “I so can not wear these they're too big!” Janelle says “really? They're too small on me, let me see, try them on again.” Erika says "Yeah but I am soooo skinny right now it's not even funny." Janelle just paused and went back into gym room.

In the end it looks like Erika will wear her own pink top and Janie is left to fold her clothes that were left in a heap by Erika after trying everything on.

Will announces that the DR said they will be on lock down for 20 minutes, then there will be stuff left for them to do to keep them busy in the SR, but just ‘bull shit stuff’…. Boogie says “it’s not soap kit stuff right?” Janie in the background says “It better be play figurines…” Will says BB will then give them more information on how much time is left in the house. Boogie is still stuck on the whole soap making thing and says he will be patient, but if the task sucks, he will bitch about to them big time.

4:00 PM
Everyone is outside on lock down. Boogie says he doesn't understand what Marcellas's problem is...he couldn't understand why Marc was complaining all the time. Boogie knows he himself complains, and he says "I get complaining 20 or 30 days in, but Marc started like day 2." Will and Boogie both say that Marc's wardrobe was severely lacking for being a fashion style expert.

Erika hopes that maybe they will get Twister...Janelle says it would fun, Will says then you guys can wear your Twister bathing suits.

They all talk about the show and how it’s ending soon. Will now speculating that some big news story has taken over the TV and Big Brother is only being shown one day a week. (He mentions Osama Bin Laden being caught or a big hurricane.)

Will and Janelle start whispering and Boogie says softly to Erika, "So rude, I'm so over that. It's so rude." Then BB called them back into the house, lock down is over!

They all run inside to the SR to see what stuff they got. They gave them a game called ‘Liar's Dice’ and some other game that Will is complaining about, having to do with rolling pigs and some thread for beading (? Not sure about that)…LOL, Janelle asks Will if he still wants a tuna sandwich and he replies “I just want a sweet, sweet death to take me over.”

Will is assembling a toy plane that he got. Once done, he says he wants to light it on fire. He says “I'm gonna spray down this plane with hairspray and then Boogie, you ignite it and I will go flying over the wall to the outside.”

5:00 PM
Try as they might, they have played both games and hate them. BB yells f-you to BB saying the games suck. Janelle wanted to do something else all together. Boogie says “Come on let’s go to the DR…” Erika says “I gotta go? (She is beading a necklace).” Will says “Yeah! Let’s go!” So they all head for the DR….soon thereafter, Erika comes back out alone.

The other 3 are coming out of the DR and Boogie made snide comment that the 3 of them were going to get to watch a movie, but Erika couldn't because she didn't stay there to complain with them. Boogie stomped his way up to the HOH room and made a beeline for some things lying on the table, looked like a hat, maybe 2 hats, and some lip balm, went to the balcony and threw them over. Erika didn't respond and didn't get up to see if it was hers or not. The lip balm was apparently Janelle's.

Will and Janelle are in the red room back to their whispering. Will tells her about when he called the S6 people characters from the Wizard of Oz. Howie is the scarecrow with no brain; Kaysar is the Cowardly lion, because of who he put up. James is the Tin Man with no heart and Janie is Dorothy running the show behind the scenes. He confesses further that he has said some funny stuff about them in the DR; like she is a band groupie etc…he admits to calling James a worm a lot.

Janie asks if Will if he called her a Fem Bot and a mannequin. Will admits that they have called her those things and he wants to know where she heard that, but she won’t tell him. He says they called her a Hot Barbie too…” Janelle: “Did you say ‘I'm going after Janelle, I hate her’?” Will: “No, we did call you guys sea sick…” Janie: “Why? Did we make you sick?” Will: “Because you guys kept winning stuff and everything.” Janie seems to be soaking in what Will is telling her and unfazed by it. They are still messing around with each others hands, whispering and staring at each other.

Erika is up in HOH with Boogie; she is asking Boogie if he finds it a coincidence that the 2 faulty comps (HOH and POV) wound up going to Janie. In the HOH they had to do it over again; and Janie wins. Then in the POV she says the comp didn’t work right but this time it wasn’t done over again because Janie won it. She finds that "funny" and asks Boogie what he thinks about it. Boogie says he will ask about it himself and agrees with Erika that it was not right.

Back in the red room, Will asks Janie if her condo is art deco. She says no, it was built in the 60's, but she likes art deco. Will asks if she bought it because it's close to the beach and she tells him yes. Now she's telling him about the different rooms and Will keeps asking her questions about it. What do your windows look out to? She says “Nothing, an abandoned building.” She has no neighbors across from her and its white, pastels like light blue. Will misses his condo a lot. He'd like to keep it even if he moved, but he probably couldn't afford to do that.

Will tells Janie that Jase really disliked her. Janie said maybe it’s because she didn't kiss up to him? Will says “I have no idea.” Janie asks what he said about her. Will said nothing, he just didn't like her. Now talking how Jase was when he was on the block and was trying to get out of it anyway he could. He was kissing up to S6 to try to stay, but then Will would have been gone. There was so much whispering going on to, some of this was hard to hear.

Still in a whisper, you could hear Will say Dani was really good at this game, only she was with everybody. Will tells Janie about the first time they had a real conversation with each other was when she was HOH. He said she was really cool and normal. Janie says “because you were by yourself!”

Will whispers something to Janie about Erika and Janie says she is so weird. Will gets up and closes door and now back to bed. They make fun of Erika for taking credit for everything. Will says “I said in the DR, ‘oh the sun came out today. Thanks Erika for making the sun come out’!” Janie says that Erika acts fake. Will asks Janie if she ever talked shit in the DR and she said no, she never did. Will is sure Marc was talking some shit in DR. Will tells Janie that Erika has always been against her in this game and how much she lied to everyone.

Now Will is telling her about his condo and all the things it's close to. His is brand new. He got to go to the quarry and pick out the granite and was so excited about it. More whispers. Now he's talking about investors and what they do; “Don't invest in Las Vegas, Miami or Arizona. The real estate bubble is going to burst and real estate will plummet.” Janie eyes are glazed over with boredom of this talk..lol.

Will and Janelle were going to work out outside, but realized they were on lock down inside and they were not told about it. Erika is in the gym room. Will and Janie head upstairs to pester Boogie who is fast asleep; so they just hang out on the balcony, laying down and talking.

Once they were aloud outside again, Will goes out to lift and Janie wants to walk. Erika approaches Will and asks if Janelle really thinks that she is going to F2 with him. Will says “she needs attention and I need attention and we give it to each other.” Erika says, “you really don't have feelings for her do you?” Will says “I adore her!” Erika: “Do you really?” Will says “she's hilarious, don't you think she's funny?” Erika asks how he thinks Erin is going to feel. Will says, “Not great. I don't know. I think I'll have a lot to assess when the show is over. I have a million things to assess and will see what happens in the next two weeks, take a deep breath and keep everything as simple as I can.” Will goes inside and tells Erika he'll be right back (he seems uncomfortable with this talk). Now he's doing pull ups on the stairs and goes back out. As soon as he comes back Erika says “this show is really hard to do with a significant other in your life.” Will says “NO shit!”

Will heads back inside and finds Janelle to tell her what Erika just did and the questions she was asking him. Janie asks him what he said back to Erika. Will says that he told Erika that he adores Janelle that way Erika couldn't use that against me and come tell you. I wanted to be like let me open up and tell you because you have a big blabber mouth and have told everyone for 6 weeks everything. Janie says “she's psycho!”

7:00 PM
Janie notices as she heads out that BB removed the big pole with the camera that was in the yard. She thinks it might be to prepare for the endurance competition.

Janie and Will are doing their walking outside now talking about how desperate Erika is in the game. Will does say though, that he thinks Erika is nice in the real world. Will says he is really worried about his life. Janelle says “You are?” Will: “I just can't get it out of my head.” Janelle: “What do you think Erika will tell the Jury house?” Will: “I hope she says eat a dick! No, I hope she tells them it was all Chill Town.”

Will says that he, Allison, Janelle and Danielle came in with targets on their backs. Will says that every single time Janelle's back was against the wall “you crushed it." He said Kaysar has great life skills, not game skills, James lacks trust and Chill Town is extremely loyal. The people who will be most respected in this game are Janelle, Danielle and Boogie. Will says he didn't win comps, but he didn't ride coat tails.

Janie said to Will "Let's ask (name whispered) if we can do Amazing Race." Will says he can't get into this conversation now and he starts whispering to Janelle and while they're walking he keeps whispering, putting his arm around Janelle and leaning into her whispering the whole time.

Janelle wonders aloud how loyal Marc was to her. Will tells him Marc was only loyal when she had HOH and that Marc was kissing up to Chill Town. Will asks if they can stop talking about the game. Janelle says “why?” He said he doesn't want their friendship to be solely based on this game. Janelle says “That's not why we're friends Will!” He says “I know it's actually the complete opposite why we are friends.” Will said "It's been a long painful summer, but thank God you and Boogie were here!"

Janie heads in to walk on the treadmill and Boogie joins Will walking outside. Will tells boogie about his conversation with Erika and how she is trying to bait him. Boogie tells Will that he has been practicing his speech if he is in F2 with Janie, that he will bury her with his words to the jury. He tells Will that he has to flirt Janelle out of the endurance competition. Will tells Boogie that he doesn’t want to hurt Janelle’s feelings if she isn’t in the F2. He says he respects Janelle SO much, that they should be careful about celebrating in front of her.

Boogie tells Will that he isn’t worried about Janie in the endurance competition. She isn’t in shape; “she’s been eating ice cream and smoking all summer.” Will defends Janie a little bit here and Boogie says “So let me recap here; we're questioning whether I can beat her in the finals?” Will: “NO, not at all!” Boogie laughs, “it's shaping up nicely for YOU, Will. As much time as you've spent whispering in her ear, I was working James, etc….” Will: “I know that.” Boogie: “You know, it's not the financial part because if you and I are final2 we've got the money thing....” Will makes some noise to indicate to Boogie not to talk about that. Boogie says “OK, I got it, but it's not financial so all we're playing for is THE GLORY.” Will: “I Want to be in the Final 2 with you, don't get the wrong idea.” But he warns Boogie that Janelle does not respond well to threats, especially if she feels that her back is up against the wall. Boogie said well, maybe we need to just go all out to win. Will said that if she feels comfortable she will be easier to beat. Will says that Janelle is a really good sport and Janelle said even though Will has been devious, she has been loyal to Chill Town. Will says if anyone but Boogie were left, he'd take Janelle to the end. Will says he told Janelle that and she was cool.

8:00 PM Erika lays it all out to Janelle
Erika found Janelle in the gym room and basically told her that if Janelle takes either one of the guys to the end, that Janie will lose her (Erika’s) vote. Erika also tells her that Dani and James will not giver her votes either. Erika pleads her case about how much money Boogie and Will already have; that Will is a doctor. Janelle tells her that she knows she can’t beat Will, so she will probably take Boogie to the end.

Erika makes sure to Janie about calling her a slut (in the DR) after the whole shower thing outside and laughed about it to others later. Will said “every band needs their slut!” Janie says “Will said he called me a groupie, he never said anything about slut.” Erika is promising Janelle that she will throw her the endurance competition if she kicks Will out instead of her. At this moment Will walks into the gym, Erika asks him to give them a minute, so he leaves (LOL! Will’s worst nightmare! He is so mad.). Erika: “He called you a slut on national television and laughed about it. I'm sorry. He's playing you. He has a girlfriend he's in love with and he's playing you.” Janelle seems more concerned with the fact that Erika will take Boogie, not that Will might be using her. Janelle keeps bringing up that Erika can win competitions and is close with Boogie. Janelle told her that she lost Erika’s trust when Erika said she voting out Boogie and she didn’t (earlier on).

Janie says to Erika “So you promise you would take me?” Erika: “ON MY MOTHER! I don’t care if I get 2nd, I’ll take 50K! Let's get out of this mess. Think about it.” Janie: “Your deal is very tempting.” Erika: “Do you want to go home and watch the tapes and them calling you a slut and wishing that you would have kicked them out that week?”

Janie says “I could beat them at the end.” Erika: “You can't beat will. Danielle said she is giving it to the best player. I am not going to vote emotionally. Will has worked everyone in this game.” Jani: “I don't know if I can beat you at the end Erica.” Erika: “Janelle, they won't take you. You have Wills vote, Boogies vote and maybe Danielle's. I don't have CG's; he loves you. So I have Marc, you will have 5 for sure.”

Janelle says “I don't know what to do Erika, I am scared.” Erika: “What does your heart say? All I know is that neither one of them needs the money. All they are doing this for is their f’ing ego, I am doing it because....” Flames.

Will is feeling the heat!
Will is outside now telling Boogie that Operation Double Date has ended up Operation Big Mistake. Will is worried about the girls talking too much; he is very concerned that Erika will convince Janelle. He's telling Boogie that they HAVE to keep Erika and Janelle apart all day tomorrow and that Will needs to get the last word in with Janelle.

Will says “the internet is loving this right now. It’s the first time they have seen us stress.” They are talking about Erin and Will indicates they should still be good. Will is agonizing over how much time he has had to spend with Janelle already and now, after this talk, he's going to have to spend more time and work harder to undo the damage Erika is doing, and it's not something he's looking forward to.

Will promises that if Erika doesn't leave next, Will will go to sequester and be an animal and trash Janelle big time in case she ends up in F2 with Boogie. They are really adamant that Janelle CAN NOT win. Will says “I’m about to get dumped on the outside and lose the show!” Will says he hasn't and won't kiss Janelle. He doesn't want to lose Erin. He's done everything he can without compromising his relationship too much and he wonders what else he could do to keep Janelle in line.

8:30 PM
Back in the gym, Janie says to Erika “the more I think about it the more I want to go up against the best in the end.” Erika says “Janie, think about it, he called you a slut on TV and he never slept in the same bed with you until you won POV. They played us hard, let’s get them back.” (Erika is referring to Chill T pitting Janie and Erika against one another, Erika is not on to Boogie using her – yet.) Erika says “I told Boogie last night I was going to tell you all the things Will said." Janie says “ah, that's why he confessed so much today."

Outside Will is getting more nervous by the second! He says he does not like how much time Erika and Janie are spending together. He says he will just deny, deny, deny. Will and Boogie are planning an attack on Erika to convince Janie that Erika lied about all the stuff Erika is telling Janie. Worst case, Will says just send me out and it's cool. Boogie says he doesn't understand how a few things Erika tells Janie could negate all the great hard work Will has done on Janie; Will agrees. Will and Boogie are not happy that they are so stressed right now, but they are laughing it off now, exercising, and planning to be nonchalant. Start cooking dinner. Get booze into Janelle to open her up and work her more.

Erika and Janie exit and go to the backyard. Will groans "not good, no eye contact." Boogie calls them bitches saying they are always causing problems. Will says “Can't live with 'em, can't get in a fake alliance with ‘em. Operation double date has become operation stomach ulcer.” Boogie plans to destroy Erika. Will: “if I stay, she should not have done this...I'm not happy.” Boogie: “I'm so glad its tomorrow and not Thursday. I can only fake being nice to her for so much longer. That's what so annoying about Janie, she's so phenomenal in all these ways but so malleable.” Will says “Janie is terrible at strategy...terrible.”

Will and Boogie are so mad that Erika got Janelle alone. Will says “if I had gone to work out with her when she asked this would not be happening right now. I have spent the last 48 hours straight with Janelle and I leave her for 20 minutes and Erika corners her.”

Erika and Janelle are outside smoking, Erika still working Janelle, telling her “Look, Will got you to vote out all your friends.” She says that Boogie doesn't even say anything anymore to her now that she is leaving and “I have done everything they want me to do for them.”

Finally, Janie and Erika shake on it! Say goodbye to Dr. Evil!
Jani agrees with Erika to go to final two! They shake on it. But Janie she says she has to keep saying she is voting Erika out. Erika says, “Say goodbye to Dr. Evil!”

LOL, Will and Boogie looking in from outside and Boogie says “Oh my god they are hugging and toasting to something!”

Erika says to Janie “Imagine how Howie will feel when he sees Will walk in. They will love you even more. It's the better game move.” Janelle: “I know it is.” Erika says she is sick of doing what those guys say and Janelle says “Me too, I am sick of Will telling me what to do.” She also says she knew Boogie was playing Erika, but she didn’t think Will was playing her (Janie).

9:00 PM
Boogie says to Will “if she votes you out I will sh** in her face, I'll piss on her face right there on the block, on TV. I will be an animal and go off! It's our show and these bitches think they're going to steal it from us.” Will says the only thing he learned is that he doesn’t have control over her.

Will says “if Janelle's like ‘I'm sleeping in the ant room’, its wrap city for me.” Boogie says “you're not even gonna try?” Will: “Oh no that's it (he's done).” Will seems to be planning to go off on Janie if she distances herself from him tonight but he won't do it until the morning. He thinks she might run to him later and say ‘you won't believe what Erika said…’ Will likes this line of thinking better.

Then Will says he will tell Janie that they could be the Rob and Amber of Amazing Race. Both of them are talking about how to sell Janie on friendship and opportunities after the show. They plan to give James the same talk at sequester to get him to do what they want. Will would rather both Janelle and James be in sequester and he in the house. Will really heaving and grunting while working out. These guys are mad. They are now planning to go inside to cook dinner. Will says “If I stay I'm giving Erika some DR’s.” Boogie: “Oh I'm burying her. I was walking a fine line. Now I'm just going to ...you and I are going to talk so much about it in DR that they'll have to pull all the footage of her smoking, being evil, just like you did with Hardy.”

Janelle tells Will that in the workout room she told Erika she was voting her out, “I told her I had to and I was sorry.” Will says "And she was okay with it?" Janelle: "I guess. We talked about ex-boyfriends and stuff like that." Will starts whispering to her. She seems a little less flirty right now. Will says “we’ll talk later tonight.” Janie says “Yeah.”

Erika is going swimming she announces as she walks through the kitchen. Nobody says anything to her. Janie and Will doing some whispering but not a lot; Will initiates it, asking her to tell him something, and she says no because she has nothing to tell him. Will tries to give her more wine but she says she already has some (1/3 glass) and refuses. Janie seems wary, at least it looks that way, like she is almost her normal self, but reserved.

Will is asking if Erika tried to bait her and Janelle says no. But then Janelle says, "She did say you called me a slut!" Will: “What? No, I never said that. A video vixen maybe or a pit bull, but not a slut..no….”

10:00 PM
Janie and Erika are outside and the boys are inside slamming dishes around stressed OUT! Will says “I don't know, Boogie....” Boogie: “What's with all the whispering?”
Will: “Oh, nothing to do with the game.” Boogie: “What did you guys talk about in there?” Will: “Nothing. She could be lying to me, though.”

Erika came inside from her swim and Will now asks Janie if she wants to get in the swimming pool and she says no. Will and Boogie shot a glance at each other, both of them clearly stressed out.

Erika refuses to eat Boogie's patty melt, she says it's too dry, not his cooking, just that the meat is too dry. "Sorry to hurt your feelings" she mutters after. Erika asks Janie to go for smoke. Janie agrees and they head out. Will says “I don't know…” Boogie asks him “what are you guys whispering?” Will says “I am asking her if I should be worried and she says Erika was just talking about her ex-boyfriend. But you know, Janie could be lying too.” Both Will and Boogie say Janie is a little standoffish and Erika has never talked to Janie about personal stuff so Janie is lying. Will says he's gonna chill, go to bed, see what happens. He says “If a deal was made she's not gonna tell me.” Boogie: “How I'm gonna keep my composure tomorrow I don't know.” Will: “You just be quiet, let me handle this.”

Outside Erika asked when Boogie told Janelle he was playing her. Janelle said, "You're not going to tell him are you?" Erika said no, and Janelle said, "I guess three weeks ago." Erika said, "What an ass hole."

Will heads outside with his food, while Boogie cusses the girls out under his breath and then heads outside too. Will asks Janie if she wants some food, but she declines and says “I’m smoking right now.” They are all very quiet…I mean deadly silent with crickets in the background..LOL.

Will looks very tense...and Janelle says to him “What?” Will: “Nothing - just got a lot on my mind.” Will asks if she wants to go hang out - shower and go to the red room and talk to him. Janelle says ok. Will says: “You look like you have a lot on your mind.” Janelle: “Yeah.” Will: “What do you do about that?” Janelle: “Think about other things.”

Outside Boogie walked up to Erika and said something inaudible and when he went inside she said “Go ahead and scurry like f’ing rats!”

Will and Janelle are showering and singing ‘Material Girl’… BB keeps saying: “Please stop singing!” Now, they just took them off the feeds, all feeds are on Erika and Boogie. Boogie playing pool and Erika is inside in the kitchen drinking wine.

Erika goes outside and Boogie says "So you really do want to lose? I haven't seen you like this in 60 days." Erika is emotional, she says "Honestly... I don't think this... I'm going to pack. I'm not meant to play this game." Boogie: “You made it to fourth!” Erika: “I'm not meant to win.” Boogie: “Why do you care? You have such a great perspective on life. What has you in this mood, because you think it's your last night?” Erika: “No, because I know I'm leaving.” Boogie: “Is it something Janelle said?” Erika: “Oh, no, not at all.” Boogie: “If you have pressed that button three seconds earlier, she'd be going home. You'd have had an awesome shot. It's so arbitrary, the whole thing.” Erika goes inside... clomps loudly, leaving Boogie upset and he saying she is acting so weird!

Boogie is so mad, he is still playing pool by himself and he demands that all the cameras be on him while he chastises the girls. The cameras go to him for a minute, and then all the feeds switch to Will…LOL.

Shortly after Will was in the DR, Erika was in the bathroom and Will approached Janelle in the gym room asking her about Erika’s demeanor when she talked to her. He asked her if Erika said anything about Boogie because she is acting weird towards him and Janelle said “No.”

Will and Janelle are now in the room, lights out, Will is shuffling cards and they are being very playful with each other, still whispering, but not quite as touchy feely. Boogie and Erika are playing pool and Boogie shouts out to Marshal Crane at Jokers. He says, "Marshall Crane, are you watching? I know you're on Jokers Updates, because you showed me what that shit was! I hope you're out here for the finale!" He and Erika continue to shoot pool, no serious relationship or game talk. Boogie keeps calling Marshall and he says "See if Dale and Lucy want to come out and check on their investments. They can meet celebrities like Erika Landin, she will be in a much better mood then, I promise." (He is so uptight! LOL)

11:00 PM
Erika says to Boogie: “I've conceded. I'm just aggravated.” They finally begin game talk during their pool game. Boogie says, "You're in a mood." Erika: "Well, I'm just aggravated." Boogie: "You're giving in to her?" Erika says “You are easily the craziest person I know. Walking into Geisha... was the beginning of my demise. How did I ever get involved with you?”

Back inside, Will tells Janie that he would never date a ‘slut’ and he wants to date her. She asks him if he really called her that and he said that if he did, he doesn’t remember. Will tells Janelle to tell him what she is thinking and she says no. He says how stressed and disappointed he is in the game. Will says he wants to hang out with Janelle after the game, not with Kaysar in Orange County or Dani and her dogs, just Janelle. He doesn’t want to hear from anyone about is game play. Will throws the Amazing Race thing out there saying how great it would be if they did it and how much flirt time they would have.

Outside Boogie is having a melt down when Erika beat him at pool. Boogie says to the camera “This girl is going home, I had to let her win the last pool game, since she's going home….I'm actually really a good sport.” Erika (now in the kitchen) says “I had to f’ing kick his ass in pool, I’ve been letting him beat me in pool all summer!! I'm also a f’ing good swimmer!!!!”

Janelle is asking Will now why he didn’t sleep with until after she won the POV. Will says “If you have concerns... like... about...” Janelle: “Your intentions.” Will whispers to her. Will says “I didn't want people to think... I'll say it; I don't think its right that we're laying together. I think it's weird. I know you lie with Howie. But the only reason this is okay is because it's a giant bed and my bed sucks.”

Erika goes back outside after a visit to the SR where she found BB left them a bunch of games, like checkers, backgammon and some others. She went to the red room and let Will and Janie know about the games.

Will is called to the DR and Erika goes to find Janelle. Erika says that she has Janie's back...not to worry...she isn't letting Boogie get to the end. Erika says she's angry and hurt and "F*** them!" Janie is stressing, but Erika is very passionate about it...says the boys have been playing them and it’s embarrassing. Erika tells Janie to please not tell Will, they have been used enough by Chill Town. Erika is VERY fired up. Janie still seems to be waffling a little. She says “You think Will is totally playing me?” Erika: “Janelle, look at me, OF COURSE he is. He didn’t sleep in here until after the veto.”
Janie: “I know, I asked him about that and he said it was because Danielle and Chicken George were still here.” Erika: “Janelle... come on now...” Then she says “Janelle, the internet is probably begging you to get rid of Will (LOL, I know I am!).”

Janelle is stressed out. She is inside staring at the memory wall and putting her hands on her head saying f*** over and over. Boogie is alone in the HT also stressed out and Will and Erika are playing a game of backgammon outside.

Will says to Janelle “It’s midnight, should we go to bed?” Janelle says “I guess so.” LOL, the camera zooms in on Will’s wrapped finger, then the word ‘Games’ on one of the game boxes they got. Will is trying to explain how to play backgammon to Janelle, almost as though he is teaching a child and he says “I will move your pieces for you at first.” Janelle says “okay (LOL, too bad she didn’t say ‘you mean like you have done in the BB house?’).” While they play, Erika is in the bathroom looking stressed and staring at nothing in particular. Boogie is up in HOH doing the same thing, basically staring at the ceiling.

Janelle says backgammon is kind of boring. Now the camera is going from a little angel to a devil aiming an arrow at the angel to Will over & over again…very funny! Will comments that the show is ending early...or that there's a twist. Janie says she has no idea.
Will turns off the lights; they are getting ready to go to sleep. The pillow wall is much smaller tonight. Erika is out of bed...heads to the BY to smoke. Will starts whispering to Janie...they are sleeping very close tonight.

Will tells Janie that the only reason that her suitcase was in the SR too, was that there is another twist or its there in case she doesn’t use the Veto. He says the only good thing about not using the Veto would be that he would be the one to evict Erika and Erika would give Janelle her vote at the end. He then dares her not to use it and she asks if he'd keep her. Rather than answer her questions directly he says “what do you think?” She says “I would hope you would keep me…”

1:00 AM
Will and Janie appear to have gone to sleep or they are really trying. Erika was in bed but she is up again and outside smoking. She says she will need to see Dr. Zachary big time when this is over.

It’s after 2:00 AM and no one is asleep yet. There is so much tossing and turning. Janie had her back to Will and was wide awake thinking hard. Seems like Will had his hand on Janie’s but she moved to scratch something. Finally Janie gets up, Will asks her to bring him some water and she says okay, but heads outside to smoke. Voila! Erika is outside now smoking too. Erika says to her “They're both so confident...” Janie: “It's weird because he's sleeping right next to me.” Erika: “I know Will will respect you afterwards.” They discuss endurance or Q and A and who would do better in which competition. Janie asks Erika about Boogie fake romancing her. Erika says “I am still f’d up because of Josh still.” Janie is still worried about betraying Will. Erika: “Didn't he tell you Howie was safe? I just think they're a couple of liars.” Janie: “I wish we would've voted out Boogie last week.” Erika: We both F'd up!” Janie: “I can't believe I voted out Marcellas, I'm soooo stupid.” Erika: “You can make it right by voting out Will. I told Dani that I would try to hook up with you to go after Chill Town, but she didn’t think I would be able to get you away from Will.” Janie: “Yeah. (pauses) the thing of it is he's so good.” Erika says “He is Dr. Asshole.”

Erika tells Janie that the boys knew they could ‘showmance’ them and it almost worked. Janie says “I'll be friends with them outside of here but I don't want to be embarrassed on national television.” Erika “I'm so fired up right now. They never thought of us coming together.” Janelle just said when she walks Will to the door, she is going to say "Showmance this!” (And she flips him off. LOL!!)

At this point Janie and Erika realize there is a deal to split the money with both of them. Janelle says “it's so tempting to take their offer and be like, "that's a great idea!" Erika “I know, I did! The internet's going crazy right now!” Janelle says they referred to the money as banana bread and Erika said “to me they called it ‘the big picture’.”

Janelle says “well it's not a total f-up because we got rid of Danielle, we got rid of James, we can get rid of Will, and then we can work on Boogie and be the final 2. Let's have the final 2 in the pool!"

3:30 AM
Will comes outside with is water. Janie tells him that Erika and she were just talking to the internet. Janie apologizes for not getting his water for him since she didn't want to wake him up. After drinking the water, he says goodnight to the girls and goes to the WC.

Then Will goes back outside...he is talking to Janie and Erika about past seasons and other HG’s. Janie says she is a forgiving person and is friendly with everyone from S6 except for Maggie. Will tells Janie that he wants to ask her something and there is no way to ask without it sounding like an insult. He asks her “don’t you think Marc was like a leech on you when you won HOH?” He thinks Janie overlooks people being deceitful to her too easily and forgives them. He gives James as an example too and how could she have trusted him when he was totally trying to get rid of her? Janie says that she was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. Will explains that he wanted to tell her many times but was worried that she would tell James and then she would believe James over him. Janie tells him that that she trusted Will over James. Will continues that he isn't as forgiving as Janie. If people are deceitful to him, he does not forgive as easily.

There was more talking and more whispering in bed by Janie and Will, but by now I think you all got the ‘Big Picture’…LOL Erika is trying to go to sleep. It is somewhere around 5:00 before everyone is settled.