The morning has been filled with lots of muffled background noises, apparently made by BB and staff building something or moving about behind the scenes. The hamsters all seem rather restless, lots of tossing and turning. At around 11am Erika finally gets up and walks around the house mumbling to herself. She flirts with the camera a bit then sits down and picks nervously at her face. Erika hears Boogie stirring upstairs and heads in to take a shower.

Around 12:20pm there are flames for a bit which may have been a wakeup call as all hamsters are awake and in the HoH room when the feeds return. Will, Janie and Boogie are on the bed and Erika is in the chair wearing her sunglasses. Will asks if they have confirmation on whether there is a show tonight? Janie says no. More flames. Boogie gets up to take a shower, Erika heads downstairs. Will and Janie stay in the HoH bed, Will pulls the covers over his face. Flames.

Boogie and Will in the HoH talking about the women. Boogie says she act fine, like she is going and is okay with it. He says he is going to work on the girls right now. Basically the guys think everything is fine and on course. Boogie cleans up the HoH, takes his food downstairs and comments that he will be back in the HoH in two days. Boogie and Will plan strategy for HoH comp and how to talk Janie into dropping out and letting them have it. Will says that he mentioned TAR to Janie last night and she is way into it. The guys try to figure out what to were for HoH comp.

Erika goes into the ant room, where Boogie is unpacking. She tells him that he can have her bed. Boogie says Thank you. No other words between them, Erika leaves. Later Will and Janie are talking in the insect room. Janie has a mask on her face but Will wants attention. He says he is going to work out and wants her to come keep him company, she says she wants to finish her mask and makeup. Will and Janie talk about being normal, Janie says Will is not normal. He tells her she is a psycho robotic Barbie, she gets annoyed. He asks her to tell him something sweet, she says she can't because she is just a robotic Barbie. Will whispers something to Janie and she says na uh and shakes her head, he says your loss, and she says No, its your loss. Janie asks Will why they call him Dr. Evil. He says he doesn't know, maybe ruthless, but not evil. Janie gets up after a while and goes to wash the mask off her face, she gets spooked in the BR by Boogie.

Janie heads to the kitchen and is doing dishes. Will comes in and looks shocked, asks BB to call a doctor for her. They are joined by the others. General chit chat, talk about former houseguests, who was the quietest, worst sense of humor, grossest, etc. Will and Boogie take a few jabs at Howie. Janie is making pasta with marinara sauce. Erika goes to lay down. Will moves to the table and lays his head down. Boogie and Janie talk about her going to MN after the party, her brothers and sisters and wondering who will come out for the finale. Not much going on and after a while it looks like everyone has laid down to take a nap to prepare for whatever might come tonight.

Everyone gets up and moving around slowly, not much talking going on until Erika finds Janie in the gym. Erika tells Janie they [BB] let her redo her farewell message to Will. They share a laugh. They make plans for the final two, seem certain that internet viewers are mad at them for letting CT slip by week after week. They are sure the fans are now glad that they snapped out of it and are planning to throw the guys out. Erika is saying hell hath no fury like a woman scorned as BB announces there is one hour until the live show. Will and Boogie ask Erika how she is, she says fine, ready to go home. She keeps winking and giving knowing looks to the camera. Will is all packed. Says he is disappointed with BB, its been a nightmare. Janie was using Will's brush, he asked for it back so she returned it and is using her small purse brush.

Erika and Will talk about life after BB. Will talks about how disappointing the season was and how he cannot believe he is here again. He blames Boogie and says he does not plan to go to the wrap party. Boogie asks him why, he says because Marci's mom is going to yell at me. Erika talks about being numb after her season, it took her six months to stop feeling numb. Will sitting in a chair looking very depressed, he says music would help. Boogie says his goodbye to Erika and thanks her for an awesome summer. As they hug, Erika smirks at the camera. Janie cannot find her competition gloves, Erika tells her where they are. Will cut himself shaving and it seems to still be bleeding and no one has a styptic pencil. They all get ready for the live show.

Review of last show, shots of Marci, James and Howie having to be evac'd for the hurricane. At the new sequester house we get a glimpse of sequester house, Howie acting like a horses butt to Marci. James just watches and laughs. Dani arrives and they are all shocked to see her, as they are toasting with champagne, CG arrives. As they are watching the DVD's, Howie goes off on CG, calling him names and such, CG acts like a grown up, Howie acts like a ten year old. After everyone calms down, they finish watching the DVD's.

The PoV is played out. Janelle wins it. Erika goes to work on Janelle, trying to convince her to vote out Will. Boogie says his now infamous line about it being "our show" and calling the girls bitches. Erika continues talking to Janelle, they begin to compare notes on what they have been told by CT and realize they have both been played. Julie has Janie do the PoV ceremony live, she takes herself off the block and Boogie has no choice but to nominate Will. Julie then asks Janie to cast her vote to evict. Janie says she has made a lot of mistakes in the game but she is done making mistakes after tonight. For Marcellas and Howie, she evicts Will. Will does not look to surprised but Boogie looks like he could have been knocked over with a feather.

Will talks to Julie, saying he was just playing Janie and yeah there was chemistry and they might be friends after. He sees the farewell messages, Boogie saying they almost made it... Erika gloating about them being busted.... Janie saying she did a lot of things because of him and made a lot of mistakes. Part one of the last HoH, a mountain form in the backyard, with footholds and a large key on three sides. Each of the final three climb the mountain and hold the key with both hands while standing on the footholds. After just moments, Boogie announces "Remember Richard Hatch? They have to take me to the final two!" and he jumps off the mountain, stunned, Erika just gasps, Janelle swings around and takes one hand off the key. The girls both look forward to the long haul, but Julie informs Janie she took one hand off and is DQ'd. Erika wins part one of the final HoH. Janie and Boogie will play part two to see who plays against Erika in the final challenge.


Janie did not think she let go with one hand, but moves on fairly quick. They look to see if there is any wine, then ask BB for wine. Janie stares at the pics on the wall. Boogie heads to the DR. Erika and Janie gloating over evicting Will. Janie says Will used to tell her he was the fox and she was the bunny....."who's the bunny now b*tch?" Erika says that Will said he would work the sequester house for Boogie, even offering money. Janie changes Boogie pics o the memory wall to black and white. They think Alison is like "girl power!" even though she hates them. Erika looks into the cameras and asks if she can be cool by association now. Janie says her stock went from strong to quite strong today. Janie says its like two women find out they are dating the same guy if they just compare notes.... Erika says Yes!.

Boogie finally emerges from the DR and is sniffing. They ask if he is ok, he says no, he has never been in the house without him. He heads into the BR and is digging through something. They continue chatting. Erika heads to DR. Janie asks Boogie if he is ok, he says you do what was best for you Janelle. Boogie says his chances are better now that Will is out of the house. Boogie tells Janie she will look like a bad@ss and she did a good job. He says Erika said checkmate to him when Will left. Janie tells Boogie he looked like he saw a ghost when he heard Will was evicted. He said he was just so shocked. They agree the jury house will be shocked when Will walks in. Boogie is trying to turn Janie. Janie says they will evict someone on Thursday and the finale will be next Tuesday. Erika comes out of the DR.

Janie tells Erika she did not reveal all that the two of them had talked about. Erika is saying Boogie is just making nice hoping one of them will take him to the F2. They both say they were played and so embarrassed. Janie tells Erika that Boogie said he promised his vote to Erika over Janie, Erika says that is BS. Erika says if she wins the final HoH she plans to say at the ceremony.... "Janelle, I am sorry, you're gonna wear the red dress and I'm gonna wear the black dress to the final two!" Janie and Erika talking in the kitchen, Janie is still wearing her tiara. Janie comments that Will took out everyone in the jury house but how she was the one that nominated her friends.

Janie talks about the look on Boogie's face when will left. She imitates him yet again. Erika tells Janie that Boogie thinks he is a pretty boy. Janie cannot believe he jumped off, Erika said she knew he would, she feels bad for the art department. Erika thinks Boogie will throw the next challenge as well, he is certain they have to take him to the final two. Janie does drilling with the cards, wants to be ready for the next part. She is upset with herself for not winning the endurance comp. She again mentions how she couldn't get over Boogie face. Erika heads up to the balcony and lays on the floor, her and her Teddy are looking out on the first floor through the bars. Erika asks BB if they can be let out in the BY and as if on cue they lift the door and let them out. They laugh that Erika gets everything she asks for. After the girls go out, Boogie says "I will make sure you do not win this show. I will do whatever it takes. Mark my words." The girls are smoking and Boogie is messing with the HT.

BB gives them one bottle of red wine and four beers. They get sushi for dinner. Erika asks Mike what's up and Boogie says he is kind of sad, the final three does not feel like he thought it would. Janie asks Boogie what groceries he asked for and he tells her he wanted Ragu and sea bass. Erika is in the BY, talking to herself and drinking wine. She wonders if the volcano would have erupted and spewed stuff all over. Janie joins her after a while, Boogie is inside washing dishes. Janie and Erika talk about their showmances. Boogie wonders if the feed watchers are happy, sad, indifferent about Will's eviction. He then lays out his strategy, he plans to try to win the second part of the HoH but has no pressure since he is convinced both women need to take him to the final two ala Richard Hatch. He says Erika cannot help to win against Janelle and Boogie says "I deserve to win!". Erika and Janie swap stories about CT. They are curious to see what the guys said in the DR, they think they will be mortified.

Erika tells Janie about a dream Boogie says he had, about stabbing Janie. Janie thinks Boogie is psycho. They talk about how Janie has to win the next competition, then on the third one they can just decide who wants to toss Boogie. Janie is pissed about how they manipulated her when she was HoH. Janie says Boogie helped her with the doll veto competition. Janie says they did a lot of work to end up fourth. Boogie is wandering around the house, looking a bit lost, then heads to bed. Erika says they threw the last veto for sure, Boogies board was a mess, they were just to confident. Janie gives a shout out to Jokers. More talk about CT, burning the CT shirt, Janie winning the prom queen makes them fairly sure America still loves Janie. They talk about CT being safe every week because they had people battling each other. They talk about the fans going nuts, saying there's our girls. Janie is just happy she was strong enough to evict Will. Erika says Boogie was a tool for pulling that whole Richard Hatch move, Janie agrees, he is not Richard Hatch.

Janie cannot find her competition gloves and finally goes in to take a shower and head to bed. The girls continue chatting in the BY. They apologize to Jokers and Survivorsucks for being blind for weeks but assure us they can see now. They wonder if Kaysar is watching. Erika goes in to shower. Boogie is sleeping on the floor next to a bed. They talk more in the bathroom then out in the living room and kitchen. By 3:30am they are all asleep, the girls in beds and Boogie on the floor.